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Prattle in The Peaks / Weyr, Hold & Hall / When Golds Fly Part Two
The drums sound all clear, and people begin returning to Runners' to wash off the dust and relax. Seats are taken and drinks are passed. Ayla is perched on the windowsill looking tired and pleased with herself.

Colin spots her and says, "Think I forgot to finish my meatroll. No point in looking for it after the firelizards have been around."

Cyn walks out of the Beasthold, all sweaty and disheveled. Shanna looks at Cyn and grins.

Cyn brushes hay off her shirt and ties the closing. She makes a half hearted effort to smooth her hay flecked hair, then pours a glass of wine.

Colin mutters, "Good thing Leaf goes up in the hills every time she feels that way."

Drayven rolls eyes "I'm not even going to ask what Isa does."

Cyn scowls at them, then spots Ayla. "What was that? How dare you do that to me?"

Ayla chirps a tired happy.

Drayven chuckles and sips his drink. "It's good to be home."

Rodney tosses Cyn a pot of liniment and sits on the porch step. Cyn throws the pot of liniment back at Rodney, hard.

Rodney says to her,"You're going to need it in the morning."

Cyn bares her teeth at him. "You should really not speak, really should not."

Drayven chokes on his wine. Rodney just rolls his eyes.

Drayven grins, "Hey, if it works..." He tries really hard not to laugh and hides the grin behind his mug as he sips.

Yuki chews on the straps on Dray's boots. Cyn cuts her eyes at Dray, and hopes Yuki scratches those nice boots. Drayven gives Cyn a grin and a wink when he catches that look. He looks down at Yuki, "You again, huh?"

Yuki looks up as mouth opens to let the strap go. Shoves cup up. "You've had too much klah already, and I've got wine." Drayven smiles down at the flit.

Cyn wipes a hand up across her face and takes a deep drink. Ayla dozes in the window.

Shanna notes, "Flits can't have too much. Of anything."

Yuki smacks Drayven's foot with cup and offers it up again.

Shanna snorts.

Drayven smiles, "Have you seen a flit on too much klah? They're hyper to start.... Hey! That's no way to get anything."  He eyes Yuki sternly as cup smacks boot, glad the leather is thick or he'd have a bruised toe.  Yuki gives him a look, too, and growls with not happy.

Shanna stretches, "I think, the boats should now be out chasing fish chasing Thread. I might just sneak into bed"

Rodney nods "Sounds like a good plan."

Colin looks out over the water. "They'll be out all night, I suppose."

Shanna yawns. "Probably."

Colin nods, "And spending much of tomorrow unloading and cleaning and all. Aye, you need rest."

Shanna laughs, "So you are all volunteering for fish gutting tomorrow?"

Cyn goes to the pump and soaks herself for many minutes.

John points out, "Dray you are the first harper I've seen who doesn't wear blue..."

"I've been away," Drayven replies, "Not good to wear blue where I was."

Cyn slumps down on the bench, dripping. She looks down at her hay flecked clothing and mutters, "I should go change."

Colin remarks, "Ah, we're more civilized here. Do mainlanders really eat meat raw? I'm thinking that's only a granny's tale."

"We cooked meat, Colin." Cyn says dryly, "Not much different than here."

Drayven chuckles, "It's the fish they eat raw. I've heard Baos call it soo-shee, so they must eat it raw where he came from, too."

Colin shudders, "And they're welcome to it. I'll take me food cooked."

Cyn makes a nasty face, "Must be hungry people. I was so far inland all our fish was dried."

Colin reminisces, "The chance to eat fresh fish wasn't the only reason I decided to be a Trader after my first Gather, but I'll admit it did help."
Cyn is grateful to talk about fish or anything besides the afternoon. "Fresh here is definitely better than dried. But cooked."

Yuki bites at the straps on boots again. Drayven looks down and sees the wine still in the bottom of Yuki's cup. "Did you drink... no, you didn't, so stop messing with my boots."

Colin lifts his cup in the direction of Fisher Hall, "It's a good thing that we have the Fishers to keep us going with Thread striking our crops and herds."

Yuki sits down between Dray's legs and licks at the cup with wine in it. Trills. Drayven shakes his head and chuckles, sipping his own drink while the pesky flit is occupied.

Colin turns to Cyn, "At least you haven't a green looking to you. I'd be as bad, and less forgiven, if Leaf did that around here."

Cyn flushes deep red and frowns down into her glass. "Sorry about biting you, Colin."

John chuckles softly. "I've seen such things, participated in them even. In the Weyr it's much more, um, pronounced."

Colin queries John and R'iss, "So I've heard. Dragons must be much more, effective?, than firelizards at broadcasting that."

John nods, "It affects the whole Weyr, in one way or another."

Drayven joins in, interested. "I'd heard that too. And that it affects all, dragons and flits, as well."

Cyn shrugs, staring at the floor. "Ayla seems to have a strong effect."

John nods, "Golds do. That's why they send away all the queens who are not blooding their kills, or you would have queens fighting."

Cyn glances up at Rodney and John. "You know I didn't mean...."

John smiles at her, if his cheeks are a little red, he ignores it. "It's perfectly okay, Cyn. You might want to send something to M'thos, though."

Cyn remembers ripping a handful of chest hair out of M'thos and covers her face, mortified.

Colin smirks, "Good thing Ludo wasn't here, or we'd have a Harper song sooner or later."

Cyn gasps in horror.

Drayven laughs, "I like her songs. She could be music master just as well as me."

Cyn wails, "Shards, I've oggled a Music Master. I need more wine."

Drayven gives a wicked grin and a mock bow, "Drayven, Music Master of Gianfar, at your service."

Cyn curtsies, "Harper Apprentice Cynianne, back to farming during the troubles, at your service."

Drayven nods deeply, "Well met."

Cyn lifts her glass and sips at the MusicMaster.

Drayven lifts his own in return with a smile, then drains it.

on: December 30, 2013, 06:35:35 PM

Prattle in The Peaks / Weyr, Hold & Hall / When Golds Fly Part One
(This RP text has been edited for timestamp and last name removal, and cohesive conversation. It is also in two parts to deal with the 20K character limit.)

Cyn walks into Runners' Rest with wet hair and Ayla on her shoulder. She looks around the gathered crowd of people and firelizards.

"I would like to hear, my trip to the mountains was long," Rhys continues, looking at Colin.

"Rhys, in brief, I found a body on the rocks beside the waterfall. Turned out to be a thief who'd decided he knew where Ayla had stashed her 'shinies'," Colin explains. "and tried to climb down a cliff to steal them. Ayla disagreed with that."

Rodney glances up from the conversation. "Hello, Cyn."

Colin continues, "and what she left of him fell into the sea and washed up by the waterfall."

"Is it especially warm today, or is it just me?" Cyn asks, pushing her hair off her forehead.

John, The MasterHealer frowns slightly, "Not in particular."

Colin interrupts telling Rhys about the body, "It's surely not cool, good Thread weather, I'm afraid."

"Even a swim didn't help." Cyn is fidgety and distracted. Ayla launches off Cyn's shoulder and flies circles around the room.

Rhys worries Rodney's story in his mind, mulling, and shushes his flit from hissing at the little Queen flit. He croons, "Be quiet little one."

Ayla flies and lands, flies and lands, not able to settle for long. Cyn seems oblivious.

"So, Rhys, we don't know who that thief was," Colin glances toward Ayla, "and we DON'T know where the stash is. Probably never will."

Rodney is concerned, "I just hope he was the only one."

Colin nods, " Aye! But I'm thinking that he's not. There's too much hunger out in the smallholds."

Ayla lands on the table in front of Cyn, and paces the length of the table. Cyn reaches out absently to scritch her, which Ayla ignores.

"He's not the only one," Cyn adds, "I rounded up enough hungry people at the farm who have big men to guard us and ours there."

Colin raises his cup, "Well done. I suppose as time goes on we'll get accustomed to Thread. Those of us who survive, anyway."

Rhys stares at Ayla speculatively. "Aye, very well done."

John watches Cyn looking thoughtful. Rodney notices and asks, "Do you feel well, Cyn?"

Cyn shakes her head a bit, "Fine. Warm. I can't seem to sit still today"

Rodney speculates, "Too much klah, perhaps?"

Cyn frowns, "Never touch the stuff." Yuki shoves cup up and trills. Rodney laughs and fills the cup with a few drops of klah. Ayla takes off and disappears between.

Rhys turns back to the matter at hand, "Rodney, was this body hurt in any other way than the fall?"

Colin leans in and murmurs, "The body was pretty well slashed and bitten. Ayla had a slash on her leg. Far as we can tell, she attacked him while he was hanging on a rope; he lost his hold and was killed when he hit the shore, or maybe submerged rocks."

Rhys wonders, "Who would want shiny things badly enough to die for them?"

"I don't think he had death in mind," Cyn replies.

John looks up and does a double-take. "Harper Dray! So good to see you!"

Drayven walks in and laughs, "That flit lives for klah. Hope you made him fish for it." Yuki shakes cup at Rodney and trills more.

John gives Drayven a big hug. Drayven grins and hugs John hard. "Long time no see, my friend."

John says, "Very long time, it's been what, nearly 2 Turns? Where were you hiding?"

"I've been traveling. Came back late last night."

A faint smell of fish wafts into the room. John turns to look. He greets the Fisher, "Hi Shanna."

Shanna greets in her usual dour fashion, "Hello."

Looking back to Drayven he asks, "For two turns, where'd you go? Mainland?"

Cyn blows upward at the hair on her forehead and fidgets.

Yuki pulls at the closures on Rodney's shirt to get attention. Showing him cup is empty. All but hits him with it. Rodney protests "If I give you any more, Isarma will kill me!"

Drayven nods to John, "Needed some info on how they're dealing with Threadfall there."

John tells Draven, "Well we've had a sore need for riders, but managing somewhat. Oh, did you find anything useful?"

Drayven nods, "I may have. Though it's Baos from Fishers who figured it out. I came down here looking for the M'thos."

Yuki trills and pulls at the closures. Wants more. Trying to convince him to give more. Rodney pours a little water into Yuki's cup. Yuki plops down on bench and licks happily at the yummy in the cup. Rodney chuckles. "You sing for your klah?"

Rhys calms his flit down. Again. "SHH be quiet, silly beast"

Colin grins, "Hm, so we have a firelizard who likes "shinies" like jewelry and gems, one who likes ale much too well, now one who likes klah, and I remember what that did once! Never a dull moment."

Cyn inserts, "Ayla also has a thing for bubbly pies. And guard your towel at the bathing pools."

Drayven chuckles and Rhys laughs. Rodney nods, "Ayla will steal anything not tacked down."

John replies to Drayven, "M'thos is probably in the Weyr. I'll send my firelizard for him."

John fastens a scroll to his firelizard's leg and launches him his arm. "Find M'thos."

"Thanks. I'd try to send Yuki, but unless there's klah involved....," Drayven shrugs.

John asks, "I though Yuki looked to Isarma?"

"Oh, he does. But most of hers will at least mind another harper."

John nods "That's expected of couples."

Rodney notes, "Yours will listen to me, John."

Cyn helps herself to a glass of wine, drinks it down and pours another.

Rodney looks at Cyn carefully.

Rhys grins, "I remember another little green flit that used to fly around Rodney a lot."

Rodney  blushes. "I like flits and dragons."

Cyn smirks, "They like you."

John shakes his head slowly,  "I still don't know why you aren't a rider, Rodney."

Yuki tilts head and looks to Dray, talk of getting more klah. Licks the rest of the cup and shakes it to him to tell him klah or no person.

Drayven grins, "Because he's impressed to another Healer, John."

Cyn snorts, "Like we can afford to lose another Healer to the Weyr."

Rodney  "You'd be repairing me on a regular basis if I flew."

John looks a little sheepish. "Yeah, that is true..."

Rhys grins, "I remember a baby Brown nearly trying to Impress Rodney."

Drayven smiles at Yuki, "You've had enough klah, Yuki. Isa'll flip if you go hyper."

John chuckles, "And there is nothing worse than a angry Harper."

Yuki growls little and sets cup down. Best pout can do.

Cyn growls and removes the lid from the klah pot. "There, Yuki, a feast for you."

Rodney chuckles.

Rhys turns to the Harper, "Drayven, you should have seen this, what, two hatchings back? Rodney was sitting in the stands and this new confused hatchling scrabbled over many people right to his lap..."

John states, "Ordinarily, that would be an Impression."

Rhys continues, "...and stared right in his face. The ones in white were flabbergasted."

Drayven smiles, "Flits seem to flock to Rodney like they do to Isa. So I'd suppose dragons would too."

Rodney laughs, "Even Ayla won't ignore me, most of the time."

Colin watches Cyn's pacing with a concerned expression.

Yuki trills and dunks head in the pot and licks as fast as can. Drayven reaches over and puts the lid back on the klah pot.

Cyn looks at the back of Rodney's head, and lifts a lock of his hair in her fingers.

Rodney whips his head round, looking at Cyn. "What?"

Cyn shakes her head as if confused and walks away.

Drayven nudges the flit away from the klah, making sure the lid's secure. Yuki snaps at Dray's hand. Drayven snaps fingers at Yuki and avoids being bitten, "Oh no you dont!"

Rhys remembers, "That Brown impressed a nice girl Rider, but I suspect he was torn actually. He looked pretty confused."

"Roarketh will still call to me if he can't find K'trine. But he knows I don't fly." Rodney shrugs and looks away.

Rhys asks, "He speaks to you often?"

Rodney replies, "Now and then. Enough to know he likes my company."

Cyn tosses back the last of her glass and pours another.

Yuki sets cup down with a huff and sits. NOT happy with Dray taking klah away.

Rhys toasts, "Rodney, you are a mysterious person to be sure. And would have done well in Beasthall work, too!"

Cyn leans over toward John and inhales the confusing male scent of him.

"Thank you, but I'm happy where I am." Rodney smiles at John. Then notices Cyn and glares at her.

Rhys smiles "Oh I well know that. But folk with such skills are always welcome in the taming of runnerbeasts and such. If you meet anyone else like you, let me know alright?"

Rodney chuckles. "Of course, Rhys."

Drayven looks back at Yuki. "You've had enough. Why don't you find some nice fish, Yuki?" He turns and sees M'thos at the door. "Good to see you. I've got something you might want to see."

Yuki thinks of tossing cup at him, then runs over to the one just entered.

M'thos looks around for the Healer CraftMaster and spots him, "John? Your firelizard sent me a message."

John looks flustered, and then blinks at the Wingsecond, "Yes, Harper Drayven has news for you." He moves away from Cyn, and sits next to Rodney

Cyn runs her hand through her hair and shakes her head quickly, trying to clear it.

Yuki shoves cup at the other man and trills.

Cyn stares at Drayven's butt.

Drayven can feel the weight of her stare and is sorely tempted to wiggle his butt, but doesn't. He just grins.

M'thos crouches down to look at the firelizard. "Well, hello there."

Rhys drinks more klah. Yuki shakes and waves cup to M'thos and trills, wanting more.

Rodney teases, "Cyn, did you get into your farm's home remedies?"

Cyn scowls at Rodney. "No, but that may be just what I need."

"What do you want, little fellow?" M'thos says quietly.

Drayven tells M'thos, "He's Isa's, and he wants klah, but he's already had too much."

Cyn looks around the room at the men and settles her gaze on M'thos. She moves toward him.

Shanna thinks meat rolls are more interesting than people right now.

M'thos chuckles, "What is it with the dragonkin here? He's not the first I've heard of that likes human food."

Yuki sticks tongue out at Dray and growls. Turns back all sweet, shaking cup up to M'thos.

M'thos rising smoothly to his feet, he turns to the Harper he doesn't know, "You have news that is of interest to the Weyr, Harper?"

"No idea," Drayven replies, "but if you've got a few moments, the MasterHarper would like to see you in her office. She's got something to show you, M'thos."

Cyn is at his side. She quietly says, "No."

M'thos agrees, "I do, but only a few moments. There's drills in about 15 minutes..."

Cyn says more firmly, "No"

Drayven motions for M'thos to follow. "You'll want to see this, I think."

Cyn asserts, "No!"

Drayven nods to the others, "Clear skies, all."

Cyn reaches out her hand to M'thos and strokes his arm. She grabs a handful of leather sleeve. Rodney stares at Cyn, worried.

Yuki huffs and hits them both on the foot with cup, Dray and M'thos in turn.

M'thos shakes his arm loose, "I'm sorry, Cyn? You can come along if you want."

Cyn stares at M'thos, "You really should come with me right now."

M'thos looks over his shoulder in the direction Drayven took, "But the Harpers have news vital to the Weyr, I must see to that."

Cyn begins unfastening his jacket. She slips her  hand inside.

M'thos looks alarmed and tries to brush her hand off, "After Fall, perhaps?"

Cyn grabs a handful of chest hair. "Now."

M'thos bats at her hand again, forcefully removing her grip. He is stronger than he appears. "I must find out what the Harper Master has. Please, sit down and drink some water."

Rodney looks on in shock. Cyn growls in frustration

Rhys looks at Cyn's behavior, jerks his head in her direction. Raising a brow he whispers "Might her Queen flit be, you know...proddy?"

Colin looks over at Rhys, raises his eyebrows and whispers, "Clearly!"

Rodney looks around for Ayla, who is not there.

Cyn looks down at the chest hair clenched in her fist. She dusts her palms clean, then pours another glass of wine and surveys the room

Colin clears his throat, "Well, uh, nice day, isn't it? If it doesn't rain."

Rhys grins "Well well, I wonder about new clutches of flit eggs. They are always welcome."

Cyn glares at Rhys, "Not when they don't belong to you."

Rhys is curious, "Do eggs belong to anyone until they hatch?"

Yuki shoves cup to Rhys and trills to him.

Cyn hisses, "Yes, just ask Ayla."

Colin nods with a smile, "I can guarantee Ayla's belong to her! She made a huge fuss when Cyn found one of her nests."

R'iss pauses in the doorway before entering.

Colin looks up. Rodney follows Colin's look, "Hello, R'iss."

Cyn glances to the door, then turns her gaze to the back of Colin's neck.

Colin greets, "Hello, Rider!"

R'iss saunters over towards the table where most people have gathered and nods to each in turn as she approaches the table.

Rhys suddenly feels a tug on his shoulder guard where his flit perches...glad he has it on, the claws would have scored by now. "SHHHHH stop it, settle little one."

R'iss waves, "Good day to you all!"

John nods, "G'day Weyrling Master"

Rhys looks up "Heyla!"

R'iss nods, "Good day CraftMaster"

Cyn leans down and bites Colin on the back of the neck, sliding her hands down the front of his shirt.

Colin looks around in consternation at Cyn.

Rodney is shocked, "Cyn!"

R'iss slouches onto a seat and looks around for a barmaid.

Rhys pats his flit again, settling him, and surreptitiously spills some klah in the Yuki's cup.

John blinks. "Ok, I would recommend Cyn go to her quarters. I've seen this before. Ayla's proddy, isn't she?"

Rhys grins at Cyn and almost laughs, "Yes, we've just determined this.  If I knew her better I'd make sure she made it safely there." Rhys covers his mouth and winks at John.

John nods, hiding a smile, "It's the lady's choice."

R'iss watches the proceedings with interest and a knowing smirk.

Cyn turns to Rhys, "You wouldn't, too far to walk at the moment." She throws a leg over and sits on Rhys, facing him.

Yuki sits on the table and happily licks the klah in cup.

Rodney shakes his head. "There will be yelling when she comes to her senses."

Rhys grins, not totally upset that she does this and teases her, "Beasthall is far though, a long ride. Perhaps I could be invited to stay elsewhere"

Cyn bumps the klah pot with an elbow, spilling it all over the table. Yuki races to lick up klah before cleaned or taken away. Colin jumps up out of the way of the flood.

Cyn begins unfastening Rhys' jacket with trembling hands.
Rhys grabs her hands "Steady girl, you need help to not make hasty choices."

Cyn snatches her hand out of Rhys' and rips the front of his jacket open.

Colin quietly hurries to the kitchen area and finds a rag. Rodney gets up to help Colin. Yuki, seeing them stand, licks fast as can trying to get more klah up than they can take from him.

Colin whispers to Rodney, "Anything we can do for her, except the obvious?"

Rhys laughs, enjoying his strange predicament. He grabs Cyn's arms and holds them strongly behind her back. She wiggles her eyebrows and grins into his eyes.

Rodney shrugs "Not that I know."

Rhys tries to control his laugh, "Stop! You are not yourself."

Cyn giggles and squirms her butt into his lap, "Oh yes I am."

Colin takes a handful of rags back and starts mopping up the spilled klah. Rodney follows with his own handful. Yuki snaps, not biting, licks more hurried and pushes rags away. Colin stands on the far side of the table from Cyn. Rodney hisses "Yuki, enough!"

Cyn leans her weight on Rhys's chest, trying to tip him off the bench.

R'iss watches Cyn with growing amusement and wonders for a brief moment if the older woman has had the "greenrider talk," knowing what non-riders can be like afterwards.

Colin takes his soggy rags onto the porch to rinse at the pump

Rhys looks around, appealing to the others wordlessly as he hold the gyrating woman in his arms, not able to let her go for fear of being further pleasantly assaulted.

Yuki under the table to lick the drippings. Rodney sighs and keeps wiping the table.

Cyn takes advantage of the proximity of Rhy's skin and licks his collarbone.

Yuki sees something outside and races to it all hyper on klah.

Shanna dozes, disinterested.

Rhys whispers to Cyn, "It would be wisest if you were in your quarters. Obviously Ayla is close to a flight..."

Cyn mumbles against Rhys's chest, "Too far. Runners' beasthold is closer."

Colin mops up the last of the spilled klah, murmurs "'scuse me" to the Weyrlingmaster. He takes the rags back out to rinse, keeping a wary eye on Cyn.

Rhys sighs. Cyn struggles against her arms being pinned and sinks her teeth into Rhys's pec. Rhys gasps happily. Shrugging at Colin, he stands lifting Cyn in his strong arms, keeping hers pinned tightly. Cyn wraps her legs around his waist. "I see nothing for it, let's go then." With a wink at Colin and Rodney, Rhys carries Cyn in the direction of the small runnerbeasthold with a huge grin on his face.

Colin steps out of the way quickly. "I'm thinking I'll say nothing about this. She'll not be pleased, whatever we do or don't."

They all look up as the drums sound, "Threadfall sighted! Kuma east! Take cover!" Everyone glances back at the door through which Rhys and Cyn departed, then runs off to their duties. Runners' staff closes metal doors and shutters.

(continued in When Golds Fly Part Two)

on: December 30, 2013, 06:32:55 PM

Prattle in The Peaks / Weyr, Hold & Hall / Moving the Littles Pt 2
Colin Muircastle looks to his wide eyed audience " Now, ladies, we've got everything taken care of." He sits down and resumes singing happy songs to the littles.

Asalira looks to Colin, mouthing the words, 'Go to beach" and then looks at the large group of small ones and not-so-small ones, then to the stains on the sand, shaking her head.

Colin Muircastle murmurs between songs, "Did you folks come from up-country? My friend Cynianne, the lady who was hurt, has a farmhold up there."

The staring littles and aunties nod.

Colin shakes his head sadly, "Oh... that's too bad! I'd known some folks were caught by that Threadfall. So you've come all this way?" Heads all bob in unison again. "Easy now, you're safe here. We've lots of room, for now, and an ocean full of fish for food"

Asalira snuggles some of the small children who are finally starting to breathe regular again. She smiles at Colin again, not speaking, just humming soft lullabies. Wordless tunes like a mother would use on her own children.She strokes their heads and pats their backs. One very small child is curled up in her lap, asleep now from all the exhausting terror. Colin smiles and nods.

 Asalira pauses and whispers, very softly, "Should we move outside? The warmth and the clear skies may dust away the rest of these tears."

Colin stands slowly, "Yes, It should be very nice outside now. Threadfall is over, and it won't happen again for days. I'll take a look around." He walks out onto the beach, looking left, right and up. He looks back in at Asalira and nods.

Asalira stand up, cradling the youngest up into one arm and to her shoulder. Some of the smaller children start whimpering and try to tug her back down but she smiles warmly down at them, "Come, let's see the beautiful day!" She makes the slow walk to the mouth of the cave, littles clinging to her skirts, aunties hanging on to her arms.

Colin waves from the shore, obviously enjoying the sunshine, "It's warm and sunny here!"

She stands at the mouth of the cave for a moment to let everyone's eyes adjust, "See! Look at the water how calm and clear, and the warm sand beneath your feet. Come, children, let's go!" She walks forward with the wee ones in tow.

Asalira winks at Colin and murmurs, "And our rescuers will see us." Colin smiles and winks back.

Asalira gets dragged back down to a sitting position on the warm sand. She makes an oomph sound as she hits it and grins at the littles who brought her down. She could already see their spirits lift in the clear of day.

Colin shouts happily, "I see shipfish jumping, out there! Bet you've never seen one. They're very smart, Shall we go over there and watch?"

Some of the older children look in the direction Colin pointed. Colin walks slowly toward his skiff, seeing the dolphins jumping beyond it. Colin looks back... "And my little boat is over there too. Have you ever seen a boat like that? No? All right then, we'll sit here and watch the sunset."

Asalira murmurs to Colin again, "I hope they don't forget to send help.. haven't seen any dragons overhead like before." She quickly smiles at one girl who was watching her speak. "Oh is that a hole you're digging? Do you feel how the sand is cooler down below?" With that, some of the other children around started digging small holes or simply pushing their hands under the loose sand.

Colin shields his eyes, looking at the sky, "Ah, look over there - dragons! Mm, all colors, aren't they pretty? And landing near the water so they won't blow sand all over us. They'll take you over to the Hold where you can be washed up and get food and a place to sleep."

Asalira stands up with the smallest child who is still fast asleep and starts walking with the others to the dragons, smiling gratefully at the riders.

Mishalath spots the building and, responding to the peoples distress and the heavy load, the Green wings her way to the nearest landing spot. She knocks a bit of stone off the railing of the balcony, scraping her rear legs and tail as she delivers her injured cargo.

Rodney hears people in the Hall and shouts,  "John?!
MasterHarper Isarma Kytori climbs the stairs and sees the commotion "What happened to Cyn?"

Rodney turns to Isarma,  "Masterharper! She was trampled by a runner."

Isarma gasps and rushes to the group. "Oh dear. How bad is it?"

 Blue Wyveth lands at the dragon door next to Mishalath. Wyvvy rumbles and nibbles Mishalath's head ridges

Rodney shakes his head and sighs, "Bad."

Mishalath crouches low and extends a forearm to help Rodney ease down with his burden. Rodney slides down cradling Cyn in his arms and  carries her downstairs. Ayla hisses at the humans, warning them not to hurt Cyn

Isarma is no healer, but tries to help Rodney get Cyn into a more comfortable position so he can help her. "What can I do"

Mishalath croons in anxiety and leans into the Blue who joined her on the balcony. She cranes her neck to see into the room and the woman she carried.

Isarma shushes Ayla, used to how flits react. "We're not hurting her. We're trying to help her. You need to let us do that, okay?" She sends images along with her words and helps Rodney settle Cyn on a nearby cot.

Mishalath rumbles at the firelizard in warning. The Green was exhausted and feeling her own and the woman's pain. Wyvvy rumbles and sends soothing thoughts to the agitated flit

Ayla lands on the table by Cyn with a worried chirp

" Rodney, what can I get to help" Isarma stays out of the way, but ready to fetch items he needs to work with.

" Bandages and water and better splints," he offers over his shoulder, focused on his patient. "Numbweed."

Isarma goes to the supply shelves and rummages quickly, finding the items easily in the well organized stock.

Cyn moans, still unconscious.

Wyvvy waddles in the dragon door and hooks his front talons over the balcony, peering into the little room. Mishalath trails after, anxious and curious about the injured woman whose blood still stains her green hide. She wiggles and squeezes into the hall and pokes her head into the room, ignoring her own stinging scrapes. Wyvvy nuzzles Mishalath and urges her downstairs, where there's a nice big bath to cleanse herself... and distract her mind as well.

Rodney smiles at green Mishalath. "Thank you."

Ayla looks at Cyn

Rodney starts bandaging Cyn properly. He looks up at Isarma. "You might want to tell Simile that Cyn will be here awhile."

Isarma nods "How bad off is she? And are there others? I'd just finished making room in harpers for people when my flits went crazy and I came over here."

Rodney sighs "The others are tired..and some scratched by Ayla."

Ayla squeaks unhappily

Isarma sets about getting some fellis juice. "Will you want this for pain?"

He nods at Isarma. "Not too much though."

Isarma nods to the green. "Good work, carrying her here." She carefully gives just a few drops of the painkiller to Cyn, sending to Ayla that it's to soothe and help.

Ayla curls up by Cyn's head

Isarma Kytori frowns "What happened to the green? Is there a healing bath for her, maybe?"

Rodney McKay-Sheppard glances over his shoulder "There's a pool in the corner she can bathe in."

Wyvvy nudges Mishalath again, gently. ~Come bathe. Downstairs, nice and big.~

Isarma Kytori nods "Go on with Wyveth, and get yourself feeling better too."

Wyvvy jumps over the railing and lands with a loud thump. Mishalath 's worried croon vibrates through the room, her eyes swirling in muddy yellows and oranges. Ichor slicks the front of her hind quarter and her swishing tail leaves a trail on the stone floor. She sighs and backs out to follow the Blue. Wyvvy sighs ~there's no sweet sand though~

Rodney concentrates on Cyn's injuries. Ayla gently noses Cyn's cheek and whimpers softly. Rodney pats Ayla in between bandages.

Isarma stands back again and lets Rodney work, though eyes note the trail of ichor as the Green leaves "That Green'll need looking after."

Rodney shakes his head "See if you can find an apprentice to help her?" Rodney sighs. "I can't leave here."

Cyn mutters, unconscious, 'tha's my girl" Ayla gently nudges Cyn's cheek.

Rodney glances at the flit "You'll have to be patient, Ayla." He looks worriedly at Cyn as he works. Ayla picks up on Rodney's worries and squeaks.

Rodney yes the firelizard in sympathy "Sorry, Ayla. She is really hurt." Ayla cries softly. Rodney presses the ribs in Cyn's chest, feeling the grinding of broken bone edges and bandages them, too.

Wyvvy awkwardly paws water toward the little green, drenching her. Mishalath nuzzles the Blue as she slides into the cool waters, her eyes slowing and loosing some of the frantic pulse. She blinks and rumbles in amusement, feeling well enough to send a wave his way with her muzzle.

Isarma nods at the scene, Rodney has it under control now. She goes looking for someone to help the little green, taking a jar of numbweed and some bandages with her in case she finds no one, trying to remember what they did for injured dragons in the Weyr when she was small.

Wyvvy soothes her with soft rumbles and little waves of water. He keeps glancing upstairs, hoping one of the humans will come attend to her, then finally sends to the MasterHarper ~Mishi needs bandaging and possibly numbweed.~

Isarma Kytori smiles as she nears the pool "Wyveth, move a bit, so I can see?" Wyvvy hastily shifts backward, giving her room to work.

She sets down the supplies and gets in the water, unmindful of her dress getting wet. "Where does it hurt, Mishalath?"

Mishalath wallows in the running water and eyes the woman ~ The cold smelly stuff to make the hurt go away?~ she cranes her neck to smell, then snorts. With a put upon sigh she moves so the woman could get to the fronts of her hind legs and bottom side of her tail rubbed raw and scraped by the rock railing.

MasterHealer John strides into the room. " Wyveth, MasterHarper, and Mishaleth...What's happening?"

Mishalath blinks as another walks up to them, the pool water murky with her ichor and the hurt woman's blood.

Isarma Kytori wades in,  "That's it.... you've scraped it raw here, and this cut isn't pretty either. Let me clean it and .... hello, John." smiles and steps back. "Mishaleth injured herself and I couldn't find an apprentice, and Rodney's busy with Cyn, so....."

Isarma Kytori gestures to the Green "I was washing it out and then was going to numbweed it, bandage it 'til one of you could look at her."

Mishalath grumbles and whines like a hatchling, wanting her Rider and not liking the smell of the nearby numbweed

John nods with a smile and wades into the pool "You did fine." John gently reaches to scratch Mishalath's eyeridge. "Hey there, easy.. I know it smells, but it will make the pain go away."

Isarma Kytori sighs "She got Cyn out of the cave. And got hurt doing it. I couldn't just leave her untended..." She moves further out of the way so John can work.

Wyvvy watches this, head tilting curiously. Blue fire lizard Orion flies in. Wyvvy looks up as a little blue arrives. He gives a little rumble of greeting then goes back to watching Mishalath.

Rodney McKay-Sheppard finishes bandaging Cyn and gives Ayla a piece of jerky.

Ayla ignores the food, watching Cyn closely, occasionally nuzzling her cheek. Rodney settles back "She needs lots of rest, Ayla."

John slathers numbweed generously, and keeps talking to the MasterHarper, "So what happened with Cyn?"

Mishalath eyes hold a tinge of green at the scritching ~ I found them and the woman was hurt and I flew them here and did not drop them~ she puffs her small chest out even as her muscles and skin twitch at the cleaning and rubbing of her own wounds. She blinks and gives a sigh as the smelly stuff did its work...though her muzzle wrinkles at the smell.

Isarma shrugs "I'm not sure. I was making room in Harpers for the refugees she was brining today when my flits went crazy, something about an injury. So I came here. Just as they were bringing Cyn down. Rodney says it's bad."

Colin enters Healers quietly, looking around.

John frowns "She fall off a runner, or something else?" John says as he quickly bandages the green.

Rodney hears John. "Trampled by one." he shouts.

Colin joins them looking thoughtful, "She wasn't Scored but surely broken up. Yet she and the refugees were in a safe cave. I was thinking she might have been thrown from her horse, but there was no sign of it." sighs "But if she was caught in that Threadfall, she had time to get herself and them under rock. Did the aunties and littles get here all right? Some dragons came down from the Weyr to carry them. Took a lot of soothing to get them calmed down enough."

Isarma looks up "I've been here, but if my flits are right, they're settling in wherever we can fit them" she smiles to Colin. "I've already sent a message to Simile that Cyn'll be here awhile. She's in a bad way."

Isarma climbs out of the bath and sits on the edge, passing John bandages and such.

Mishalath grumbles softly still as the bandages are wound around her wounds, but stays still...even moving helpfully to get the Healer a better angle. ~I can fly still?~ she asks plaintively

John nods, "You should be able to, just be careful of the bandages for a few days. Have Sh'lenda change them in a day."

Mishalath rumbles happily, sending her Rider the Healer's words as he says them. ~ She is glad proud worried and will come soon~ she nudges the Healer's shoulder with her muzzle then stretches to nudge the Harper ~ She thanks those who helped with the hurt~ the Green croons.

John smiles "Glad to hear it... now, go easy with the getting out of the water..."

Colin Muircastle shakes his head "Quite an experience it was... never thought I'd be telling littles, "Look at the pretty dragons!" Much less getting close enough to touch one!"

John chuckles at Colin, "Yes, things you never expect 'til you're in the middle."

Colin Muircastle sighs "Indeed."

Colin Muircastle retires to a safe distance as the Green climbs out of the pool

Mishalath pulls herself out of the pool, water slopping over the edge and running off her hide. Her hind legs were a bit stiff from the wound and bandages and she held her tail off the floor a bit.

Ayla lays her head on Cyn's shoulder. Rodney pats Ayla gently. "I will let her rest now." Ayla sighs sadly.

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Prattle in The Peaks / Weyr, Hold & Hall / Moving the Littles
The cart is packed with Littles and Aunties ready for the move to the Hold. Ayla, perched on Cyn's shoulder watching everything, hissing warnings to the littles to keep their hands off. Cyn looks off at the horizon, the rising sun.

"Listen everyone." Aunties shush the littles. "This will be a long ride. We will stop two times along the way. Stay sitting so you don't fall out." The new runner, Red, swishes his tail and snorts, stamping a hoof.

Cyn glances back at the packed wagon, shakes out the reins and clucks Red into a fast walk. The wagon lurches forward out onto the track.

The sun is now high in the sky and the small hold has disappeared in the distance long ago. The first stop is still a bit ahead and the littlest are now fussy, the oldest restless and bored. Ayla thoroughly annoyed at the littles. She was forced to nip two that wouldn't heed her warning to not touch. Cyn grits her teeth, thanking the first egg this ordeal will be passed off into other hands soon.

Ayla has been perched on Cyn's shoulder the whole long ride, keeping watch, occasionally doing lazy loops over the wagon, but always coming back. Looking to the east she suddenly becomes tense, digging her claws into Cyn's shoulder before launching herself into the air with a loud shriek. She dives for the runner and slashes at his rump with her claws. Red tosses his head, snorts and tries to break into a run. The wagon lurches, tossing the passengers around. Cyn hauls back on the reins and curses them both, which has no effect on the fire lizard or the runner.  Cyn braces her feet and gives him a bit of rein. He breaks into a gallop.  Ignoring the cursing from Cyn, Ayla continues to use her claws on the runner.
Cyn hears a voice behind her scream "Thread!" She glances east over her shoulder and sees the now familiar greying at the eastern horizon. She yells, "Hold on! The shelter is just ahead!" She slaps the reins hard and gives Red his head. Ayla digs her claws deeper into the now terrified runner, drawing blood.

The wagon careens down the path bouncing off rocks and rough road. The noise of littles and women screaming behind him further panics Red as he hurtles down the straight path toward the low cliffs at the bend.

Cyn glances over her shoulder, but flying dust is obscuring the view. The cliffs with the small shelter are just ahead. Red is lathered with sweat and his panicked flight, and he is blowing hard. Cyn pulls on the reins, keeping steady pressure and hoping he stops before they all crash into the cliff instead of shelter under it. Ayla flies at the runner's face, flapping her wings, hissing, snapping and slashing with her claws. Red slides to a rearing halt, prancing and fighting the bit.

"Get down! Get under that cliff ledge, there is plenty of room. Hurry!," Cyn shouts to the terrified passengers as she keeps a tight hold on the reins. They stare at her. She shouts, "Thread!" Ayla flies at the passengers shrieking, using wings and claws to get them moving towards shelter, ignoring the cries when her claws meet bare skin. That brings them to their senses, women practically throwing the littles off and herding them under the deep overhang.

Cyn climbs down from the wagon, wrestling the reins, trying to keep control of the frantic runner. She finally gets the bridle and holds his head down firmly. She glances at Ayla and the Aunties and mutters, "hurry hurry," as they empty the wagon and run to shelter.  Ayla chases them flapping, using beak and claws to herd the people under shelter.

The leading edge is quite clear now, with flames showing the battle going on above and rapidly approaching. Cyn takes one hand off Red's bridle to stroke his nose and lead him under the ledge.

He rears, taking Cyn off her feet. He rears again and she falls, his hooves striking her as he takes off running again. The wheels pass over her, the front, then the back. He races away in a cloud of dust. She does not move. Ayla shrieks louder than she ever has and darts out to land by Cyn's head. With a worried squeak she tugs Cyn's hair trying to wake her, then looks back to the humans under the shelter.

Aunty Annpicci screams, "Help her!" The others freeze. Anpicci shoves the babe she is holding into other arms and runs out from under the edge of the stone to Cyn. She drags the limp woman under the ledge. Ayla flies frantic circles around Cyn's rescuer, crying piteously until Cyn is safely under shelter. Ayla lands again, poking Cyn, tugging her hair. When Cyn does not respond, Ayla sniffs her face, her torso, flicking her tongue, cheeping with anxiety. With a shriek she launches herself Between to find help.

Colin walks out of Runner's Rest onto the porch and finds Master Healer Rodney there. Rodney glances back at the sound of boot on stone. "Hello, Colin." He looks back at the view.

"Good day to you, Master Rodney. Seems to be a quiet day so far." Colin looks off to the eastern horizon, obscured by the mountains, "And likely to remain so, I hope."

"Yes, it's a good time to finish the work at Healer Hall and make it ready."

Colin nods. "Aye, we'll surely be needing it. Too soon."

Blue fire lizard Dezy wakes from his nap on the roof at the sound of voices. He walks down to the edge, but still can't see the men. Dezy stretches his neck and leans down, looking under the edge of the roof at the upside down men with a squeak. Colin and Rodney smile at the blue.

" Ah, there's one of the folk who won't be worrying about Thread," Colin smiles.

Rodney laughs, "He likes the roof. When he's not trying to steal wine."

 "I see it's all been well sealed." Colin's smile widens into a grin, crinkling the skin around his eyes.

"Asalira has made sure." Rodney grins.

Colin nods still smiling, "And she is most wise!" Both men laugh, knowing Dezy has finally been bested by the Headwoman. Asalira hears this exchange from inside and smiles.

Just then a gold fire lizard bursts into the air in front of the men, greatly agitated and shrieking. The men recognize her.

Colin smirks,  "Uh-oh, speaking of covering and locking things…"

Rodney wrinkles his brow, " No..she just shrieked at me. Ayla, what's wrong?"

Ayla flies around Rodney's head, swooping close, squeaking frantically thinking of Cyn.

"Hmm, wonder what's got into her," says Colin.

Rodney ducks from the flapping, "Ok, ok! Where is Cyn?" Ayla grabs onto Rodney's hair and pulls. "OUCH, Ayla! I think Cyn is hurt, Colin." Asalira looks up from her inventory and hurries out on the porch.

"Cyn is hurt?" she asks. "She's bringing in the orphaned littles today!"

Colin's expression sobers immediately, "Where?" Colin calls his green, Leaf, to him. Leaf and Dezy stare at Ayla, intently focused on her.

"She's trying to tell me, I think, but she's pulling out my hair!" Rodney tries to think of familiar places, hoping to stumble on the right one. Ayla flaps her wings, battering his head trying to herd him. Colin strokes Leaf, silently asking her to get information from Ayla. Leaf cheeps at Ayla and suddenly all three fire lizards and both men are seeing Cyn lying crumbled on the floor of a shallow cave.

"Well that narrows it down to a few hundred places," Colin strokes Leaf, thanking her.

Rodney can now see. "Which cave, Ayla? Show me where!" Ayla flies off toward the river past Harper Hall, then back to the people, then back to the river tunnel, then back to the people trying desperately to get them to follow her. She darts to Rodney and grabs his collar, trying to pull him in the right direction. She adjusts her grip, grabbing flesh with fabric, digging her claws in and flapping her wings.

"Calm down, Ayla, we are doing our best! Colin, is your boat handy?", Rodney tries to protect his flesh from Ayla by covering his head with his arms, and she shrieks her frustration at him. "I know, Ayla, but the boat will help!"

"Yes, wait a bit…" Colin takes off at a run toward the south shore. A few minutes later Rodney has a few more scratches, and Colin appears sailing up the slew. Colin steers into the shore close enough for Rodney to hop in. Rodney holds out a hand to Asalira and assists her onboard. Colin steers the boat up Kuma Passage out to Etamin Bay, then up the coast with fire lizards wheeling before them.

Ayla leaves flying over the Bay and heads inland at a bend, followed by Leaf and Dezy. Colin beaches the skiff and they get out, shoving it higher up on the sand. Ayla hovers a bit uphill screaming at them. Rodney, Colin and Asalira hurry after her on foot. Ayla leads them to a rocky ledge overhanging a shallow cave and ducks inside.

Her shrieks set off human screams inside the cave. The people look at each other and hurry inside, crossing a track of runner hoof prints, wheel tracks and a bloody smear. Cyn lies broken and bloody on the floor of the cave. Ayla lands by Cyn, nudging her gently and looking up at Rodney with a querulous cheep.

Rodney kneels to examine Cyn, "She's in pretty bad shape. I'm feeling broken bones. Ayla, what happened?"  

Ayla hisses and shows Thread, frightened runner bolting, Cyn run over. Her fuss inspires more frightened whimpers from the back of the cave. Colin and Asalira look up to see the Littles of all ages huddled around a few Aunties. Colin walks back to the group.

"Now, now, everything is under control. You're safe, the Healer is taking care of Cynianne. Where did you get those scratches?" He kneels in front of a little girl with tears running down her face and bloody scratches on her arm. The little girl points at Ayla, her face screwing up to begin wailing again.

"Asalira, go see if you can flag down a dragon," Rodney directs, not looking up. Asalira's mouth opens and closes. Opens and closes again. She glances back at the group at the back of the cave, lifts her eyebrows, turns and hurries down to the beach again.

"How are they, Colin?" Rodney glances over his shoulder.

Colin takes a cloth from his belt pouch and dabs at the scratches, gently wiping away the blood. "Firelizards do get excited, don't they? These scratches aren't bad. You'll be alright." He smiles at the little girl, then nods at Rodney. "Scared... some scratched by Ayla... no deep scratches... don't see any more serious injuries. They'll need cleaning up, numbweed, and a lot of comforting."

Asalira waves her arms to get the green's attention. She waves the green over closer to the cave entrance. Mishalath drops down to the sand, wings sending a cloud out. She cocks her head at the frantic woman, dim images and emotions coming through of someone hurt...Mishalath snorts and ambles to the the woman, eyes tinged in yellows and orange at the residual pain and worry.

Asalira walks back into the cave again and takes a few deep breaths, looking everyone over. Panic is thick in the air still.

Rodney McKay-Sheppard looks up. "Did you find help?!"

Asalira looks at the healer and nods, 'Green dragon spotted me on the beach. Coming up behind me now.'

Rodney McKay-Sheppard sighs in relief "Thank you!"

Mishalath claws her way as close as she can, poking her head into a cave live indent in the cliff, eyes swirling faster and reflecting off the rock. Her croon reverberates and echoes...

Rodney McKay-Sheppard smiles at the green. "Hi! Can you help me transport my friend here?"

Ayla spots the dragon and squeaks

Asalira smiles at Colin and makes her way through the frantic young ones, picking up one child here and there that look the most fearful. She has to stop walking eventually and sits down on the ground, hugging and cooing at the wee ones. She rocks gently and whispers to them.

Colin Muircastle says gently to the littles, "Oh, I see a green dragon! They're pretty. And this one's going to help us with the lady who's hurt."

Rodney calls out to Colin, " "See if you can find wood. I need splints before we can move her."

Colin smiles at Asalira, buried in Littles. "Ah, and here you are safe and sound. No Thread can reach you here, you've a lovely mass of solid stone above you. Just settle... I'll be back soon" He stands and leaves the cave in search of any wood left after Threadfall.

Ayla sits by Cyn looking back and forth at Cyn and Rodney, whimpering softly. "I'm doing the best I can, Ayla. We need to get her to Healer Hall, somehow."

Colin returns with an armful of driftwood, setting it on the ground within Rodney's reach. "Someone collected firewood and left it in that abandoned home. Good thing, too... Thread has cleared the beaches." Colin turns back to the Littles.

Rodney McKay-Sheppard gestures to the other man "Colin, can you help me carry Cyn?"

Mishalath snorts again, pulling her wings in and watching where her tail and feet go as she glances around at the noisy small peoples and elders. She manages to get closer to the one in pain

Colin Muircastle nods " Aye, that I can. ... Children, the nice lady will take care of you while I help the hurt lady."

Rodney McKay-Sheppard cautions "Try to not move the splints."

Colin Muircastle pauses to mind his grip " Aye!"

Rodney McKay-Sheppard grabs Cyn's shoulders as gently as he can.

Colin Muircastle scoops up Cyn's legs very carefully

Ayla flies close around Rodney and Colin, still worried about Cyn

Cynianne Hellershanks moans as she is lifted, still limp and unconscious

Asalira watches the men move Cyn but tries her best to remain calm and pleasing to the mass of children and younger folk clinging to her. She starts humming a soothing sound, just loud enough to mask some of the sounds of pain.

Colin Muircastle murmurs, "Leaf, try to tell Ayla that we're helping Cyn."

A drop of blood falls from Cyn's ear to the ground.

Rodney McKay-Sheppard maneuvers Cyn on the Green's back. He spies the blood, worried, but knows he can't do anything about it yet.

Mishalath twitches her wings at the emotions running high, radiating pain making her eyes yellow. She cranes her neck to watch the transfer, tucking her wings as flat as they would go.

Colin Muircastle whispers, "not a... good sign..."

Ayla continues to fly around but does not interfere

Rodney McKay-Sheppard closes his eyes a moment "No, but don't scare the others."

Colin Muircastle whispers, "Surely I won't!"

Asalira looks to the men, 'I will stay with the younglings, get them cleaned up. You take care of her. The threat for us seems to have passed.'

Mishalath crouches a little to make it easier, her swirling eyes moving from the wounded to the ones moving her then the younglings and other peoples.

Colin Muircastle offers a somber smile "Thank you, Headwoman."

Asalira fear pinches at her eyes but she forces a smile and nods to them all, 'It will be fine. I'm sure of it.'

Colin Muircastle raises a hand in farewell and assurance "Headwoman, we'll send help for you as soon as we can."

Mishalath rumbles and tells her Rider at the Weyr where she is and there are peoples that need other Dragons and no she was not hurt but someone was and no she will not drop them....

Rodney McKay-Sheppard eyes the wounded woman "Ok, I think she's ready to go. Colin, do you want to come with me or help here?"

Colin Muircastle shakes his head "Think I'd best stay here... two people will be more comforting. Once we have the women and children safe I can take the Headwoman back by boat."

Rodney McKay-Sheppard nods, "Then it's time to go to Healer Hall, Mishalath."

Asalira shakes her head and shrugs, 'Makes no matter to me, as long as the.... sad parts are out of site of the wee ones.' She looks pointedly at the injuries and blood on the ground.

Mishalath carefully moves her wings in the confined space, glancing back at the prone woman on her back then to the men who tended her. She rumbles again and carefully backs out of the cave...

Colin Muircastle walks back to the Headwoman and the refugees.

Mishalath makes sure the three people were set before bunching her muscles and launching from the beach. She wobbles a bit but levels out and makes her way towards the Healer Hall...

Ayla follows closely

Cynianne Hellershanks drips blood out of her ear down Mishalath's green hide. Mishalath skin twitches where the blood hits, the crimson trail snaking down her sides...

((Continued in Moving the Littles Pt. 2

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Prattle in The Peaks / Harper Hall / Cyn's Report: First Fall and the Aftermath
To LearningMaster Tristin
sent via firelizard
From Cynianne, Harper Apprentice


I'll start by apologizing for the lateness of this report. My time at the Weyr has only been passing through on the way to my farm since Threadfall started. I've been spending a lot of time at the farm being sure my land and people are safe and keeping discipline.

First Fall was bad enough at the Hold. It was devastating in the outlying areas. My lands were protected by the Weyr because they value my crop and products, and my people were mostly safe due to the drilling I set the head man and woman to. They responded quite well and only one was lost due to panic. She was at the main hold for the gather and did not hold to her orders. A flighty thing to begin with, I'd hoped to marry her off or find her another post. No need for that now.

Farther out in the hills and fields, the people did not believe thread was ever coming back and were not at all prepared. Entire cotholding families were lost, along with their beasts and crops. Those who managed to find shelter in time are now starving and deeply grieving. I sent out runners to small cotholds I knew of and found a few old aunties and littles hiding in the deepest recesses of their holds. They are now with my people being put to use. A few littles were found frightened out of their minds out under small shelters bordering devastated fields, found by ground crews. They cry out in their sleep, but are mostly silent while awake. The found old aunties have been set to work caring for them all, and the older littles are being occupied helping in the hold. It's difficult to get them to go outdoors, but some have begun learning various outside tasks.

The real problem now are bands of starving people straggling in from the outlands. Some are good people, horrified by the events, and have lost family and all they worked for. Others are hostile and prepared to take what they want from those of us who managed to preserve our lands. There have been attempted raids, repelled by force. My people, even the women and older littles, were trained in the use of bow and sling to keep food on the table (a skill I thought they may need for defense). I'm glad I did.

Taking matters in my own hands, I ordered the raiding party staked out on the rocky hillside under minimal and very open shelter for threadfall. They are being fed scraps and watered. I have set guards on them and my land and have an agreement with the Weyr to take care of us as they would the hold.

The people are angry, Some stay, some move on leaving their littles behind. They blame the Weyr, they blame the Lady Lord Holder, they blame the Crafts, they blame everyone but themselves for not being prepared. These dissidents will be trouble, but are only complaining now. Those who leave are those who have chosen to not work. Good riddance. Those who stay are stuffed into every corner I can find. They are reluctant to occupy the other shelters and be away from people now, but I imagine the crowding will become bothersome and as we sort their skills and abilities, they will be happy to take shelter and work outside my small hold.

I want to send some promising littles to Harper Hall, once I can convince them the sky will not eat them. Any other halls you know of that can educate them and need young, please let me know.

Further reports to follow.

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