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Prattle in The Peaks / Gather Grounds / Re: Where is the Weyrleader? pt 1 (RP 8/23/15)
Bronze Wall

Threadfall was worse then normal.
The day started out clear and calm, but later the winds picked up and thread was due.
The Wings lifted into the air and we all betweened to where thread was expected to fall.
It was a bad fall.
Thread was pushed around by the winds and gusts.
Many Riders and Dragons scored.
Reserve Dragon Riders were sent out to help with the ground crews and swept over the area looking for any grounded thread.
I returned to the Weyr and helped with the Riders and Dragons scored.
After I went to my Weyr, exhausted, but not able to sleep or relax.
Ortath was bathed and oiled and ate to his fill.
I sat there watching him sleep on the ledge in the cool ocean breeze and decided I needed to climb / hike the peaks while he slept.
Maybe this would help clear my head and help me to relax.
I wrote a note to the Weyr's Dragon Healer and had my firelizard deliver it to him stating I shouldn't be gone long.
I walked by Ortath as he slept, pausing for a moment as I rested my head against his Bronze hide and listened as he slept.
Moving to the edge of our weyr, I began my climb.
Belior and Timor shined bright as my hands found the familiar hand holds of the wall as I ascended.
I pulled myself over the edge of the Bowl and I stood there looking back down into the Bowl, the moons shone their light all around me casting everything in it's glow.
I began walking letting my feet carry me over the rim of the Weyr and farther onto the peaks.
I headed east until I reached the cliffs and looked out over the sea that bordered the Island and watched the moons cast their light onto it.
Turning north I followed the cliffs north for a couple of candle marks or so until I came to a small crevice.
I looked to the other side an saw that I could make the leap over it.
I tossed my carry bag and rope to the other side and prepared to make my jump across it.
I backed up and started running, as I jumped, the edge of the crevice gave way and I saw I was not going to make it across.
I fell into the other side of it's wall and started falling into it's darkness.
I hit bottom, hitting my head.
I felt a bright white flash of pain pierce my head and I was out like a light.
I floated and was in a deep sleep that I never felt before.
I remember waking and seeing the stars above me and some of the light from the moons shining through the crack of the crevice above me.
I tried to sit up and and pain shot through my head and shoulder.
I got sick from the pain and passed out again.
It was light when I finally woke up.
I lay there trying to focus.
After a while I was able to sit up, groaning from the pain in my head and left shoulder.
I focused as best I could and started evaluating my injuries.
My head was bleeding and had a large knot on it's left side.
I felt my shoulder and found it to be dislocated.
My leathers were torn and tattered for the most part with small cuts on my legs, arms and hands.
I felt myself feeling sick again and was dizzy. I shifted my body to where I could lean against the rock and looked above to the edge above me.
I looked to the side and saw that the crevice had a slight incline that I could use to get out.
I tore part of my top off and made a sling for my arm and started crawling out of the crevice.
After what felt like a seven day and having to stop and rest many times, I made it out and onto the edge of the crevice.
I spotted a back pack and rope on the ground and started working my way to it.
When I got to the bag, I opened it and found a small med kit inside.
I opened a small vial of fellis and drank a small amount of that.
I lay back and waited for it to take affect.
I started to feel relief from the pain and started looking for a place to help me put my shoulder back in place.
I found two boulders leaning against each other and took my arm out of it's sling and wedged my hand between them. I began to lean back and felt it pop back into place.
I felt sick again and sat down, the pain edging back in and trying to make me black out again.
I sat there for a while with my eyes closed and just focused on breathing.
I put my arm back into the sling and went back to the bag on the ground.
I looked at it. This bag had to be mine, but had no idea how it got there.
I started thinking, where was I, how did I get there, ..... then, who am I?
Out loud I said, "My name is........".
Nothing came to me.
I looked around and saw that nothing was familiar.
Far out to the east I saw the sea.
to the north and west I made out peaks in the distance.
All around me was solid rock.
I focused on the bag again.
I found half a dozen meat rolls, the med kit, a small blanket and some water.
I took one of the meat roll and tried to eat it, but only felt nauseated again and put it back.
I sipped at the water and held that down ok and drank more.
I examined my cuts again and started cleaning and treating them.
My hands worked easily at it as they seemed to have a mind of their own.
When I finished, the sun was going down and I found a small over hang of rocks.
I settled under them and covered up with the blanket.
I made myself eat a meat roll and held it down better.
My head was splitting open with pain again and I took another sip of fellis and tried to remember what was going on with me.
I finally went to sleep, the pain in my head and body dull from the fellis.
The next day I found a small roll in the med kit with needle thorn and some sinew.
I used what little there was to sew up my torn cloths as best I could.
The pain in my head and shoulder persisted, and I took the last of the fellis I had with me.
I also used some of the numb weed in the kit and rubbed it onto my shoulder.
I ate two more of the meat rolls and knew I had to find more to eat soon.
I started wandering around the area of the peaks I was at looking for better shelter and water.
I found an over hang that went deep into the rock.
Upon exploring the deep shadows of the over hang, I found a wherry nest.
It had several eggs in the nest.
I looked around for the wherry that laid them and saw none.
I took the eggs and went a distance away and waited knowing the wherry would be back.
After a while it did and it went inside.
The wherry was in there for a bit and then left.
I returned and gathered the nesting material it used and wrapped it in my small blanket and returned to my original sleeping space.
There I unrolled the blanket and stacked the material on the rock in front of me.
I knew I could make a fire with this.
But I knew that if I waited, I could use the nesting material for a signal fire and not for cooking.
I cracked open one of the eggs and saw it was half developed.
I forced myself to eat the contents of the egg and saved the others for later.
During my days, I would get images of a Bronze wall.
these would come to me at random times and I considered it was due to the pain in my head.
At night the same image would come to my dreams.
I ran out of fellis and my numb weed was almost non existence.
I continued trying to find water and more food as the days went by.
I had to do this in a constant fog of pain.
At night I would fall asleep exhausted from the pain keeping me awake and spend the day exhausted from lack of any real sleep.
I felt I was hallucinating about the Bronze wall I kept getting mental images of.
But something comforting and a sense of safety and love was tied to it.
I also started feeling better when I was thing of it.
The pain I felt would subside a bit when the image would come or if I thought about it.
I was getting them almost constant.
Vivid images of this wall.
The days and nights began to run together as one.
The pain constant, the fog in my head thick.
One of these days, I saw far away and high in the sky what looked to be flames.
I watched, my vision blurring and doubling before I had to stop trying to focus.
I thought of this for the rest of the day and as night fell, it came to me....Dragons.
As I thought of Dragons, the Bronze wall was there again in my head.
I knew then that I had to get the nesting material ready to light if these Dragons fly again.
That night I fell asleep thinking of Dragons and the Bronze wall, and it felt that parts of me were coming back.
But I still didn't know my name or where I was.
I knew things that didn't make sense.
How I was able to treat my wounds, stitch up my leathers.....
I was getting flashes of faces of people I didn't seem to know, and images of places and buildings that I couldn't quite make sense of.
A large open area surrounded by high walls pocked marked with openings in these walls.
A name wanted to show itself to me, but wasn't quite there yet.
My name.......?
The next morning I got up and started searching the skies again.
The pain was back in my head and my shoulder by now was a dull throb.
I took my arm out of the sling and slowly started moving it.
Bitting back the pain as I did so.
I focused again on the "Bronze wall" and the pain was a little more bearable
I worked my shoulder slowly and continued searching the skies again for the Dragons I saw before.
Hoping against hope as I exercised my shoulder.
I stopped working my shoulder, put my arm back in the sling and sat down and closed my eyes.
I sighed and focused on the Bronze wall.
It the began to come to me, I saw my head resting against that wall.
It was warm and soft, my hand resting against it.
Then I saw it.
A small Dragon hatching and approaching me.
As it came to me, it told me it's name......
I tried to remember. It was right there.

on: September 19, 2015, 01:48:06 AM

Prattle in The Peaks / General Discussion / Re: How to handle rule breaking...
Thanks   Grin

on: October 13, 2014, 03:45:09 PM

Prattle in The Peaks / General Discussion / Re: How to handle rule breaking...
Would you mind if I added this to our RP class?
And can I get a list of guardians to put with this?

on: October 13, 2014, 03:20:45 AM

Prattle in The Peaks / General Discussion / Re: Cross-crafting: Proposed rules
Note card I shared on 12/15/13 at meeting.

I was wondering if it would be possible to have a "Tab / Patch" that could indicate the craft a person was studying in.
If someone was dedicated to be a Harper, then that person would have the shoulder cord indicating that it was there main field of study.
That would be there primary field of study.
If that same person was to want to expand later into Healer, for example, the person would maintain their shoulder cord and rank as a Harper but have a "tab / patch" indicating that they are also studying as a Healer.
But since they are first a Harper, they would need to stay with Harper Hall while studying an outside Craft.
They would have to answer first to their Mentor / Master in there primary first above what other craft they are working on.
The tab would only indicate that they have extended their field of study and are working through the ranks of their secondary Craft.
If a peson was to extend to another Craft, then they would have to clear it with both Craft masters involved and then the Craft Masters must both talk it over and agree to it before the person can start.
A rider is a rider is a rider.....
But a rider has to know Healer Craft to an extent along with Tanners Craft, (and I heard Weavers Craft?).
This is only fundimental as a rider, but the Rider is not an apprentice in any of these Crafts.
They are only learning what is in their program to be a rider.
So a person was searched while they are studying a Craft and attain a level in that craft.
They are now a Rider and all that they had done in their previous Craft is now out the window.
That's a lot of work for nothing.
But if that person was allowed to maintain their rank and studies in that Craft, then they would become not only a Rider, but also a specialist in that spicific field. Indicated by the tab that they would wear.
And just as in any other Craft, the Riders duties and learning would come first before any other studies of what ever field they were in prior to becoming a rider.
But later be able to pick up from where they had left off from being searched.
As for the "Tab / Patch" itself, it can be a small patch that can be worn on the shoulder or coller.
It can be of a solid color indicating the Craft that it represents.
A blank solid color tab would indicate an Apprentice level.
When Journeyman level is attaianed, a button can be added to the center of the tab to indicate this level.
When Master is attained, the tab, with the button can then be boardered with a braid to indicate that level.
I see it being similar to that of a military type ribbon in design.
The tabs can be availible to only the Lady Holder and to the Craft Master to be only assinged by them.
I had presented this to Lady Verian and she looked it over and stated that she saw no problem with this idea.

on: December 17, 2013, 05:22:40 PM

Prattle in The Peaks / Weyr, Hold & Hall / Searched / Long Walk

When I was younger, I remember rumors that thread would never fall again.
But now, well, those rumors have been proven to be false.
Thread falls now in its 9th pass.
I remember being found by the Tanner and his family as they were returning home from the Hold.
They took me in, loved me, raised me with their own children as if I were one of their own.
When I became older, I left home and journeyed from the northern end of the island to Gianfar Hold.
At the Hold I secured part time work at the Runners Rest and eventually became an apprentice in the Healers Hall.
And now I am here, standing in front of the Rest, pondering what has just taken place.
Earlier, while going about my normal task in the Rest, a crowd was gathering inside and out.
Nothing odd about that for the time of day it was.
My firelizard, Stelth, was sitting at his normal spot near the ovens and watched the people coming and going.
Trilling when a firelizard or dragon would appear at the window or doorway.
Then I heard the wings of more dragons arriving out front.
I looked up and saw several weyrlings, riders and the Weyr Leader, M'thos enter the Rest.
They all took a seat and I began setting out food and klah for them.
Cynianne came strolling in behind them, reached behind the bar, and produced a container of spirits.
She began filling cups for the riders and poured some for herself while they all talked about how their training went.
A green dragon, I just recently treated, came into the Rest and went to a corner.
I came from behind the bar and walked to her wanting to check how she was doing.
Her nose was still sore, so I applied a little numbweed to the area and assured her that she will be fine.
Ayla, the Gold Queen firelizard, was being herself for the most part and I walk over to her and gave her a little skritch and a smile.
I stood between Ayla and Cyn, blocking Cyn's view, while I slipped a small piece of meat to the Gold Queen.
Didn't want to catch hell from Cyn again for it.
I looked out the window and noted by the way the shadows fell on the porch, that thread fall would still be some time away.
I began to pick up the empty food plates from the table the riders were at and checking if they had enough to eat.
I was half way to the back of the kitchen, with the dirty plates, when the dragons became agitated and the firelizards started flying around.
I looked at Stelth and he planted a vision of "thread" in my head.
It was thread fall.
I was stunned.
At this time of day? There was still some time to go yet.
What happened?
I set the platters down and started for the doorway as the riders and other ground crew scattered and went outside.
As I reached the door, the Weyr Leader, M'thos, shouted for me.
I stopped and turned to look at him.
I was irritated about the unexpected thread fall and now being held up by M'thos.
He told me to come back in and have a seat.
I looked at him and began walking back inside and took a seat across from him.
All the time looking at him and wondering why I had to sit in here on my ass while others outside flamed thread.
I absentmindedly skritched Ayla as I looked at the closed door to the rest.
Listing to the dragons taking to the air and the ground crews starting to flame.
I can just hear Cyn shouting instructions to the ground crew and fought down the instinct to just get up and go get an agenothree canister.
I looked at M'thos and saw he was in a silent conversation with an old blue dragon that wandered in earlier.
Sitting next to me was another person I didn't recognize. A man who looked slightly older then me.
At that moment, M'thos said to the blue, "Really, you think so?".
He then looked at me and ask me straight forward, "Would you be willing to stand on the sands, as a candidate, for the next hatching coming up?"
I was taken aback by the question.
I thought quickly.
Thinking of my work here, my apprenticeship....
I knew I had to answer quick, so I looked M'thos in the eye and plainly said, "Yes".
He reached into his tunic and produced a scroll and handed it to me.
I opened it and it stated that I had just been "Searched" and instructed me in what I needed to do.
I sat there stunned, but held my composure, and thanked the Weyr Leader.
Then M'thos asked the same question to the man sitting next to me and he agreed also and was handed his scroll.
I continued sitting there listening to the ground crew outside.
Hearing that they had moved farther east in the Hold and still flaming.
M'thos stated that I need to clear all this with those involved with my staying in the Hold.
I told him that I would inform them of what had just happened and get my clearance to leave to the Weyr.
When the "All clear" was sounded, I went to the door and window and opened them back up.
I stepped outside and saw that a dragon was scored and my heart fell a little for it.
I saw a Healer was already tending to the dragon's wound, so I felt a little better.
The smell of burnt fire stone, burnt thread and the fumes of Agenothree was heavy in the air.
Thread ash swirled out on the ground and around my feet as the ocean breeze pushed it around.
Ground crews and dragons began coming back towards the Rest as I looked for my mentor.
I saw him in the distance, talking with Cyn, and began walking in that direction.
When I reached him he was checking everyone to make sure they were alright.
I gave him a moment and then told him that I had to talk to both him and the Craft Master Healer.
Rodney said that the Craft Master Healer will be here shortly and asked if it had anything to do with the dragon I just recently treated.
I said it did have something to do with dragons, but not that one.
Then I started to explain what had just occurred at the Rest.
I stood quietly for a moment letting it sink in.
"Master Rodney, I am torn between this".
"I know that the Weyr needs riders and dragons and understand that if it is where I need to be in my life, then so be it",
But I still want to keep working on my apprenticeship as a healer also."
Cyn was standing close by and listening.
She agreed with the Master Healer that the Weyr needed more riders, but could always use a healer in the Weyr also.
Just then Craft Master Healer John came up and I began to explain to him what had happened.
After listening to what I had to say, both him and my Mentor agreed to give me my leave from the Healers hall, but to continue my studies as  healer in the Weyr.
I felt both glad and heart broken.
I did not want to leave those that I had come to respect and love so very much.
But I also knew the importance of this search.
I stood there, looking around the Hold, trying to keep from crying in front of them, and barely succeeding.
And I thought of how a small stone can begin to tumble down a steep cliff face, bouncing off another and causing that one to fall and so on and so on.....
Until there is a major slide happening.
I thought of how my life has been so similar to that.
The events of growing up on the northern side of the island, to making that trek to the Hold, to becoming an apprentice.......
The land slide of my life is not over.
And another journey begins.


Long Walk

I took one last look around Healers Hall before I put on my back pack and headed for the main entrance.
There I looked out into the new night sky, to the east, and across the Hold.
Earlier I had arranged to have a trunk, with the rest of my belongings, to be delivered to the Weyr by a merchant that owed me a favor.
All was set and I began walking into the night.
I traveled east, along the shore line until I reached the river.
There I hiked up river to a bridge and crossed.
I remained inland as I hiked on.
Drawing myself closer to the peaks that surrounded th Weyr way off in the distance.
They looked so very far away and I could just make out the tops of them on the horizon.
Judging by the time I had already walked and what was left of the night, I decided to set up a small camp and get some rest before sunrise.
I sat there eating the hearty soup I made with grains and dried meat and listened to the sounds of the night.
Stelth would fly off and return after checking out the area.
I watched him as he sat there cleaning himself and listened to him croon with contentment.
Before falling asleep, I had instructed Stelth to make sure I was awake before sunrise.
We settled in and I slept deeply.
Before sunrise, Stelth woke me with Trills and chirps.
I smiled at him and felt the soreness of the previous nights walk throughout my body.
I made a pot of klah and warmed up last nights supper and ate my morning meal.
I was finished securing all my gear and had it on my back as the faint glow of sunrise began to meet the horizon.
I looked to the north of where I was and saw the ridge line of the peaks in the distance.
I knew I had to be closer to them before any thread would fall.
I hiked at an angle towards them and by early morning was there walking due east again, following a ridge.
As I walked, I noted every over hang and what could possibly be caves along the way.
Knowing that if thread did start falling, I would have a place to take cover.
After a few more hours of hiking, I started noticing thin clouds to the east.
I watched them closely and knew that my staying close to the ridge was my safe bet.
It wasn't too long after that, that Stelth alerted me that thread was coming.
I had just passed an over hang and backtracked to it.
There I found it to be nice and deep with plenty of space to sit out the fall.
The place I had chosen shown no evidence of greenery, so I knew my wait would not be long after the thread fell.
Besides it was close to the midday meal time anyway.
From my vantage point, under the natural shelter, I watched as the leading edge of the fall began to reach my position.
Stelth sat with me, agitated, while I gave him skritches and munched on a piece of dried meat.
I was taking a sip of wine from my bag when I started hearing dragons.
Stelth confirmed it by sending me a mental image of dragons and riders flying thread.
Just out side my shelter a tangle of thread had barely hit the ground when everything there suddenly lit up in flames.
I ducked back instinctively and just caught the glimpse of dragon and rider swooping past.
I stood there slightly shaken by the closeness of it and took another pull from the wine skin.
I looked at Stelth and said, "Shards, that was close".
After sitting and listening for a short time, I could tell the leading edge had moved away.
I gathered my things and went out into the open and looked around.
All I could see, was the remains of burnt thread ash and that was being scattered by the breeze.
I looked to the east again, took a drink of water and headed out again.
Stelth would fly ahead and about looking for anything that would capture his attention.
He was happy to be hiking with me.
It was all new stuff for him to see and explore.
Later, as evening drew in, I stopped again and set up my fire pit with some drift wood I gathered from the beach earlier that morning.
I was glad to have it, but also glad to be able to use it.
Less to carry now.
I started a pot of more grains and dried meat along with a small pot of klah.
It had been almost 24 hours since I had left the Hold and I decided to send Stelth to the Healers Hall to tell Craft master John of my progress and that I was well.
I watched Stelth "pop" out to between as I started to eat my supper.
Within the hour he was back and relayed to me an image of him and the Craft Master in the Hall along with Orion, another blue fire lizard.
We both sat there as the night went on and we both drifted off to sleep. Tired from the long day.
Early, before the sunrise again, Stelth woke me with his crooning and trills.
I heated up the left overs again and made a fresh pot of klah.
I sat there drinking the welcoming warmth of the klah and watched as Stelth worked hard on a dried piece of meat.
Again, just as the sun began it's climb into the eastern sky, we set out east again.
At this time the peaks that surrounded the Hold were towering above me as we traveled.
I considered my routs I can take and decided to head south east towards the main entrance of the Hold.
It did cross my mind to go up and over the rim of the Hold, but my already aching body made the choice for me.
The sun was at the high point of the day as I was walking past a water fall.
I was so close to the end of the trip and was glad of it.
At that moment, I heard oscillating bellows of dragons far off in the distance and Stelth sent me an image of thread again.
I looked around for shelter and only saw the fall.
Water was ok if your a fish, but sucks if your not.
I headed for the cliff where the water was coming down and thought that maybe there might be an overhang there.
I got to it and made my way along the rock face and up under the falling water.
I was right, an overhang.
It's wet, but it's protection.
It was hard to hear what was going on beyond the falls. But I could still see through the sheets of water, as the leading edge of thread reach my position.
I looked around where I was standing again and saw a small hole in the rock face.
I looked closer.
It looked just big enough for me to crawl into, so I sent Stelth in to check for me.
After a few seconds I got an image of a space large enough to where I could stand, stooped over, but a short crawl to get there.
I also was relieved that there were no tunnel snakes to deal with either.
That would be all I needed, a tunnel snake in my face while thread trying to burn my ass.
I squeezed in and came to the small opening.
There was just enough light coming through the entrance that I could make out what was in there.
It was not as damp as I had expected it to be, but I was soaked and muddy.
I sat there waiting for the leading edge to move away, while examining the rock walls as best I could.
Occasionally I would hear something hit the water outside and could only assume it was thread.
I thought to myself, "drown you bastard, fish have to eat too".
After the leading edge moved away, I tied my back pack to my ankle and began crawling out of the small cave I found.
When I reached the entrance I secured my gear and went out from under the falls.
There on the bank, Stelth had caught himself a fish and was sitting in the sun with it looking at me.
I stood there, wet and muddy, and I could just imagine what he was seeing.
He went back to eating his fish while I stripped down and began cleaning myself in the pool of water.
After cleaning myself and my clothes, I put on some dry, clean cloths and took stock of what I had with me.
Rearranging what I had to help my load ride better on my back.
By then Stelth was already laying in the warmth of the sun basking and watching me with mild disinterest.
I said it was time for us to walk some more and he took to the air flying around my head as I headed towards the Weyr again.
It still took a couple more hours of walking before I saw the entrance to the Bowl of the Weyr.
As I approached, I saw a dragon high up on the cliff watching my progress.
But did not stir from his ledge.
I proceeded to the far end of the bowl looking to see who it was I needed to talk to about being there.
I stopped a drudge and ask if she knew where I needed to go and she pointed out the entrance to the weyrling barracks and said I could check there.
I thanked her and made my way there.
I also instructed Stelth to find the Healer Craft Master and let him know that I had made it safely.
I sat my bag down by the entrance and sat on my bag as I waited.
My mind went to the other night as I stood at the main entrance of Healers hall.
Those steps I had taken out of there were the heaviest ones I can ever remember taking.
That first night seemed to go on forever and weighed heavy on  me.
Each step feeling like I had a stone tied to my feet.
But as I traveled, the weight seemed to lessen as I grew closer to the Weyr.
I took another drink from my wine bag this time and thought of the coming days ahead.
Knowing that I will see those that I have come to respect, care for and love soon.
Seeing the few possible paths in front of me and not know what one I will be set on.
I'll know soon enough.

on: December 17, 2013, 07:05:58 AM

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