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Title: That Roleplay Ideas Thread
Post by: Varian on July 13, 2015, 05:47:14 AM
posted with permission:
[04:02:38 PM]  Mishla Letov: ooc - nods, can't be all doom n gloom, fire and firestone
[04:03:29 PM]  M'thos (methos.menatep): ooc well there's been some sad things that happened, but we definitely need to work on some story lines.
[04:05:35 PM]  Mishla Letov: occ - can build on the harvesting certain things, birthing of heardbeasts, gathering supplies like fish n wood. Also using NPs like the drudge I was witht he flit fire
[04:06:13 PM]  M'thos (methos.menatep): ooc yes we had considered a planning meeting, just a one time thing to come up with as many storylines as possible.
[04:06:49 PM]  Mishla Letov: ooc - getting ready fer gathers, or an important Turnday or aniversary and everythign that can go wrong does
[04:07:15 PM]  Ademith (littlecat09812): ooc - impatient dragonet
[04:07:24 PM]  M'thos (methos.menatep): ooc r'iss and nekome both wanted longer leadup to Threadfall.
[04:07:45 PM]  Mishla Letov: ooc - weyr /hold and hall brats run rampet
[04:09:44 PM]  Mishla Letov: ooc - so it can interrupt something, weyrlings scrambling to gather rock sacks, dragons rping impatience and agitation, rping wing operations..
[04:10:39 PM]  Mishla Letov: ooc - also  hold/hall/weyr interactions with tithes, greenery control, ground crew
[04:11:25 PM]  M'thos (methos.menatep): ooc we did tithes

Any other (reusable) ideas for roleplay? Post them here, and we'll include the best in our 'RP Toolbox'!  8)