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The Days of our Hold (RP 2/17/2019) Part 1
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Topic: The Days of our Hold (RP 2/17/2019) Part 1  (Read 737 times)

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on: February 17, 2019, 10:07:19 PM The Days of our Hold (RP 2/17/2019) Part 1

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Starting Point: Healer Hall (recovery room)

   - Start discussions as to how to get the Companions to Southern
   - How will the girls return to Bai Long?

Cast of Characters:
        Bit (Companion)
        Sorana (Companion)
        Theman (Beast Craft)
        Adara Tae (Holder)
        Zai (Holder)

    What we KNOW:
        Bit is healing
        Sorana's parents have been killed in a cave-in

The group is gathered in Bit's room at Healer Hall, as we join them just past the beginning of the discussion...

Zircon "Go on a litter? It's a long sea journey."
Sorana makes in impatient sound
Zai adds "A litter from here to the ship and then from the ship to her hold."
The canine eyes the black one with head cocked, then shakes and settles closer to nice Lady. He snorts at the smell of wet fur

Sorana : "I can't take a sea voyage. That would take too many sevendays."
Zai: "It's the sea that's more of a ... um...
Sorana : "I have to get back as soon as possible." She looks at Bit.
Zircon: "So you're talking dragonback."
Sorana: "It will have to be."
Shanna: "Turn? If you says so."
Bit stares back, shrugging her good shoulder. "It's gonna be what it is, Sor.. can't stop a fall."
Zai rubs her ear and sighs.

Theman: "HI Shanna ! Is it your turn to watch these two, now? The desk's all yours, Shanna."
Shanna: "Um, how do you watch people with a desk?"
Theman: "It gives you a place to rest your legs, Shanna."
Shanna: "Ah! That's what is usually doing with desks"
Theman adds "I've been keeping a log of their talk too, the Healer asked it."
Shanna: "Hm, well, can't do that."
Moira steps in looking around "Ah, I thought perhaps the MasterHealer might be here."
Theman: "Ah, Master Moira!"
Theman: "The healer was pulling an all nighter - something about a holder fell off the balcony. She might be here soon, though"
Moira nods at Theman, and then stands back watching and listening to the conversation.

Sorana : "Bit...Ar would be in charge right now...and he hates being in charge."
Zai: "um - a man who hates being in charge?"

Zai asks "When is threadfall due in your Hold, My Lady?"
Sorana : "I am sure the timetables here can help figure that out. Our flits warn us and we go inside..."
Zai mutters "but we don't know where your hold /is/, do we."

Canine woofs softly and leans into nice Lady, making sure to keep out form under moving feet.

Bit winces "so what you're saying is.. all the best of the rum's been drunk and it's going to take a ship load of sweet sand to get the smell outta the Hold and you need to get back.. without me..."
Sorana : "Oh Bit, I don't want to do that"
Sorana flops on the floor, looking despondent
Zai looks between the two women.
Bit  points to her arm, tilts her head saucily "well I ain't gonna be of much use with the scrubbing, now am I?"
Zai: "You could order about this miraculous man who doesn't like being in charge. I've never known a cast get in the way of that."
Sorana:  "Bit, if I don't get back, aside from the Hold being a mess, Ar will go on a Turn long voyage, he'll be so mad."
Sorana : "Ar is my mate, Lady...and he prefers to sail rather than stay in a Hold."
Zai: "For a whole turn?"
Zircon looks interested "Oh, then can he sail you two back?"
Zai: "Are you sure he's not married to his ship?"

Canine noses the Healer smelling arm, trying to lick the thing but snorting and pulling away at the chalky rock taste.

Adara Tae enters quietly to catch up on the situation

Sorana : "He can't come get me and leave the Hold without a leader."
Theman turns back to Sorana "If he'd rather sail, than spend time with you, he might not be such a good man, Sorana"
Sorana  glares at Theman. "He is a GOOD man to me. He is just going to be so frustrated."
Zai has a sudden inexplicable cough.
Zircon "Theman, we have no business criticizing the domestic arrangements of our guests."
Theman: "True. My apologies, Lady Sorana."
Sorana : "Apology accepted, Theman."

Zai: "Why can't you go back now and then your friend can travel when she's well? We can take good care of her here."
Bit sighs in exasperation "This is easy peasy, Sor.. you git on back and see what's doin'.  I'll come back home when the Healer clears me.." She perks up noticeably and fairly sings with glee, "on dragon back!"
Sorana : "I don't want to leave her here."
Canine glances back and forth between the people.
Zai looks at the blonde and rolls her eyes sympathetically.
Sorana can't help but chuckle at Bit's happy tone.

Zircon "There's still the question of how you'll get back, Lady Sorana."
Zai: "I think dragon back is called for somehow. or her friend will likely arrive back before her."
Sorana : "Why not on a dragon?"
Theman says, in an aside, to Adara "I suspect that Bit wants another ride, clutched in the claws of that dragon, Butterfingerth"
Bit : "Oh! I have this one too! *on dragon back* "She nods nods too hards and winces.
Canine whines at Lady's wince, pushing his shaggy head into her lap.

Zircon "Dragons can't go between without coordinates, and if they fly all the way to Southern without going Between it will take almost as long as a ship would."
Adara Tae smiles.
Sorana : "Well, how do they get the pictures?"
Zai murmurs "Told you so, My Lady"
Moira nods "Yes, the dragons will need good coordinates.  I don't know how they'd get them if the rider can't picture the location well enough"
Zircon "The dragon and rider have to have been there before, and the rider gives the dragon the coordinates by concentrating on her memories of the place."
Zai: "People as can talk to dragons can give them pictures."

Bit recovers immediately as her hands resume their quiet petting and stroking of the fuzzy furred head.

Una hurries up the steps, having finished her note and sent Tusse on with it. She listens to the conversation and explanations...

Sorana : "I could try to draw the beach?" Sorana looks dubious, knowing her art skills are...not good.
Zircon shakes her head slowly.
Zai ponders. "um... could she fly? um.... like with a dragon rider?"
Sorana : "She said that would take too long, Lady"
Adara Tae: "Could the dragon get the picture from a flit?  I don't know if flits and dragons talk to each other."
Zircon "People have used art to go between, but it is very risky. If the picture isn't good the dragon and rider could be lost between. I wouldn't even trust a picture from a flit unless it was my flit."
Zai rubs her ear.
Adara Tae: "Pictures sometimes take artistic license a bit too far."
Sorana : "Well what can we do?"
Zai: "I don't suppose either of you can speak to dragons? Some can, but it's rare."
Sorana : "I must get back.  I am Lady Holder now at Bai Long."
Zircon adds  "and of course, my flits have never been to Southern. We could ask the sailors if they have a flit that could give a dragon Southern coordinates."
Sorana looks hopeful.
Zai: "I don't think anybody can speak to a flit. all they think about is food. and. more food."
Zircon "They can be trained to take messages to people they know, and to go to places they know."

Theman: "Shanna, how fast is your fastest deep sea ship? How long would it take to sail to Southern? And, WHERE, in all of Southern IS Bai Long, anyway?"
Sorana : "Surely your sailors could help with this? They have sailed to our land."
Shanna: "Don't know. It takes maybe twenty days to the mainland either way from here. But the nearest Southern is nearer."

Moira: "If I was still a rider, I don't think I would want to take a risk on going between based on a picture."
Zircon "That's two ex-riders who agree on that."
Sorana : "Well, we have to do something. What would you two suggest?"

Canine pays no mind to the words floating around the room , content with pets and scratches, tail thumping a happy tattoo on the floor.

Sorana wrings her hands unconsciously, worry plain on her face.
Zircon waits for Moira to answer, since she was just a weyrling.
Moira sighs "A lot of complications for someone who shouldn't have even been here, and now needs to leave quickly."
Sorana : "I am so sorry my parents got killed..."
Zai: "What?"
Sorana gives the woman an angry look."
Zai stares at Sorana in disbelief and shock.
Sorana : "Believe me, madam, I sorely wish I had no need for such haste."
Moira shakes her head "I know - not your fault - and I'm not even sure how you ended up here.  It's a very slim chance, but perhaps we should see if a dragon can pick up any images from your mind if you were to think really hard about the landing area by your Hold."
Adara Tae: "Could we fly dragons in relays? One dragon and rider flies as fast and far as they can then send the picture of where they are to the next dragon and rider who would continue on."
Zai: "Can they send pictures of where they've seen but not been? Maybe that'd be fast enough. Zai sighs, "Except if it's over sea, because sea pretty much looks like sea."

Una steps forward holding a large scroll. "Perhaps if we studied a map it would help to determine the best course of action, and travel....."

Sorana : "I would send you to the beach  closest to our Hold Cave entrance. It is wide...and easy for a dragon to land."
Zai: "umm, Lady? Why not the hold entrance? Wouldn't that be easier for you to picture?"
Sorana : "The dragon can't fit on that ledge."
Zai: "They don't have to come out of between on the ledge though do they? And they can fly to the beach from there."
Sorana : "The little one we saw earlier wouldn't fit and you all have told me that they are much bigger when full grown."
Moira: "They will come out on whatever is pictured, so if the picture was of the ledge, they would come out on that."
Sorana : "I can picture the beach... The beach is on a lake...  even if the dragon lands on the water, it's not far to land..."
Zircon "Suppose we found a  sailor who has a well trained flit, and Sorana drew something and the sailor compared it with his flit's picture, and they kept doing that until the picture is accurate. That's all I can think of."
Bit : "Like from the top of a ship's mast?"
Sorana : "But in my head, I see the beach then the water, so that should put the dragon on the beach, right?"
Zircon "Dragons are in telepathic contact with their riders, not with you."
Moira: "I would think it would be best for the dragon to land on land, not water."
Sorana : "I would be picturing land."
Zircon "Did you hear me, Sorana? The dragon can't read your picture."
Sorana : "Yes, I heard you."

Zai sighs softly
Zai: "Oh /blast/. I just remembered who is preparing the bubbly pies. i had better get back before there is a disaster."
Sorana : "Good day to you, Lady."
Zai bobs a curtsy.
Zai: "I hope your solution comes to you before your mate goes on his turn long voyage, Lady."
Sorana: "Thank you."
Canine perks at the mention of bubbly pies but stays put sighing contently.
Bit mutters softly, singsong while she pets the canine "oh no not the pies! can't have that now can we? no.. no... "

---- continues in Part 2 -----
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