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The Days of our Hold (RP 2/17/2019) - Part 2
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Topic: The Days of our Hold (RP 2/17/2019) - Part 2  (Read 350 times)

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on: February 17, 2019, 10:06:17 PM The Days of our Hold (RP 2/17/2019) - Part 2

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---- continued from Part 1 ----

Moira thinks for a minute "The Weyr may have some dragons and riders that have been to Southern and might have some landing points already for someplace on the continent.  Perhaps they would be close enough to fly the rest of the distance to the Hold?"
Sorana grows more and more frustrated, her hands clenching and unclenching in her skirts
Zircon "Oh, yes, Moira. I heard tell of dragons that went to Southern and stayed there for some time."
Sorana : "Do you think you could find those riders? and then, maybe we could use your maps to figure out just how far it might be back to Bai Long?"
Moira nods "The WeyrLeader doesn't like it talked about, generally, but this seems like a situation where we may need to do some cajoling or pulling in favors..."
Zircon "That would certainly be the safest way to do it."
Moira: "Yes, my main concern is for what will be safest for our dragons and riders."

Canine wiggles happily, tongue lapping out every now and then to lick the hand.

Zircon "The Weyrleader would know who those dragonriders are, but he's out of touch just now. Mayhap  someone has a flit that can contact him."
Una: "I can send Tusse with a message as soon as he returns. Given we've been assigned at the Weyr, he is familiar with many there."
Zircon "Their pictures would be out of date, though. It's been a few turns since they were there, as far as I know."
Sorana : "Use the stars to guide them. The sky can get them to the right time. Sailors sail by them all the least, ours do."
Zircon "Really? in a mental picture?"
Sorana : "Sailors know the position of the stars."
Moira: "Perhaps some have been there more recently, but if not, it still seems to me to be a safer choice.  If they land on Southern, perhaps they can fly to find the Hold from a map drawing, and then get their own coordinates for the Hold.  Then they come back and get the Lady and take her right there."
Zircon "My training was not complete. I don't know how riders time it. That sounds good, Harper Moira."
Bit perks up at the strange tern of phrase, making a mental note to investigate what all that might mean for later.. mouths the words to herself reflexively "time it.. hmmmm..."
Sorana : "Oh please, can you have them at least try it?"
Zircon "It's rather fatal if they try and fail. We can ask, that's all.."
Sorana sits on the floor again dejectedly. " I have to get back..."
Moira: "We'll need the Weyrleaders approval and his selecting of the dragon and rider that he feels know that area the best."
Una: "To get that approval will require some explanations."
Zircon "Harpers are good at explanations. I"m glad I don't have to do it. I'm a bit scared of the Weyrleader."
Sorana leans on the big shaggy dog, half-listening to the talk around her as she worries.
Una: "Would it be best to ask the Weyrleader to come here?"
Zircon "It would be fastest."

Canine yips and nudges Lady as she stops petting, trying to gnaw at the white chalky thing on her arm.
Bit grins and covertly allows the destruction of the restrictive bandages, softly resumes scritching the creature behind the ears.

Sorana stands again, restive.  She begins to pace in frustration.

Tusse chirps and appears on Una's shoulder, wrapping his tail about her neck.
Una smiles at her flit, scritching his tiny eye ridges.   "There may be another errand for you my dear"...
Canine glances over his shoulder at the small flyer's appearance, bits and dust from the plaster coating his muzzle.

Sorana : "Can we please at least ask the Weryleader?"
Theman: "Wouldn't one of the Wingleaders be more approachable, for this?"
Moira: "I would not think that a Wingleader could make that decision, based on the risk."
Theman: "... but the Wingleader might be able to champion the cause, lending weight to any request to the Weyrleader. Would that not be so?"
Moira: "Yes, that is true."
Una: "hmmm.    Perhaps, but I think they would be loath to go around the Weyrleader like that.  They are quite loyal and would not want to be on the wrong side of favor as well. What then is the best way about this?"

Sorana absently scratches the canine's head as she listens
Bit snort/giggles "That's like when folks would ask me to ask Sor to ask Sor's mom..." rolls her eyes
Theman grins, "aye, same principle"
Sorana  smiles sadly at Bit "And now they will be asking you to ask me..." Her voice breaks off
Bit presses her lips together sadly, returns to her quiet scritching
Canine turns back to the willing hands, his destruction not noticed, now both his muzzle and her pants white with dust.
Sorana sighs softly, a tear rolling down her cheek as she thinks of her parents.

Zircon Pardon me. I came for a class, and it's about to start.

Moira turns hearing movement in the hallway.  "That might be the Weyrleader.  I'll go check.  Do we have a map of Southern with the Hold marked for me to borrow?"
Bit : "I um.. might have one in me doodle bag? maybe?"
Moira turns before stepping out into the hall "If someone can send it out if it's found, that would be appreciated."

Bit : "Not sure I can really.." She looks at the mangled bandages and bites both her lips.
Sorana looks over and makes a 'tsk' sound "Oh Bit..."
Canine blinks up at her innocently, tongue lolling with plaster bits.
Sorana : "Where is your bag, sweetie?  I'll find the map.  And Healer?" She looks around. "I think she needs a new cast."

Theman moves over to stand by the wall, to eavesdrop (unsuccessfully) on the hallway conversation, but also to avoid the Weyrleader's gaze. (He still owes the Weyr a Dozen herdbeasts.)
Bit points where her doodles were stowed when she was brought in for mending "over there Sor, they stashed 'em when I got here..."
Sorana spots her bag and picks it up, winking at Bit "I hope that plaster doesn't make the poor beastie throw up on YOU." She rummages through the bag.

Julianna arches an eyebrow "I gave 'er a casting. She fed it to t'a cur."  She shrugs her shoulders.
Bit  arches both brows in alarm at the thought, looks down at the pleased panting of the canine and inches just a tiny bit back in her chair.
Sorana finds several drawings, smiling as she looks through them then she nods "Ah!  Here it is..." She walks to Theman and hands him the map.
Sorana : "I'm sure you all would prefer that I stay in here under your watchful eyes."
Theman sighs.  "Gee, thanks.  Yeah, I'll take them out.  He grabs the pictures.
Bit lowers her chin to hide the sudden smirk, goes back to biting both lips.
Canine glances from person to person, tail thumping, white plaster dust stark against his dark fur.
Sorana steps back to the other canine and waits.

"The pictures, Master Moira, the girl found them." Theman holds out the gripped drawings.
Moira takes the pictures.  "Thanks, Theman" and then turns back to the Weyrleader.
Theman returns to his place, by the interior wall, grateful to have avoided any scrutiny.

Moira re-enters the room. "Whew.... we're in luck, perhaps.  Glad I have a good history with the Weyrleader. A dragon and rider will make a trial Between trip - which dragon/rider and how long since they've been there were not mentioned. Once there, they will attempt to locate this Southern Hold."

Lady Varian steps into the room. "Quite a meeting. Did I hear that the Weyr will be sending a rider to scout this new hold?"
Sorana : "Hello, Lady."
Adara Tae: "Greetings, Lady Varian."
Moira looks over "Greetings, Lady Varian"
Adara Tae: "I'm not sure if it's been arranged yet."

Canine glances over his shaggy shoulder, tongue lolling and muzzle ringed white with plaster dust.

Sorana : "My Lady, I have received word that my parents have been killed and I must get back to my Hold quickly. Sorana looks at the Lady Holder with pleading eyes.
Moira: "The Weyrleader does what the Weyrleader wants, but appears willing to help in this unusual situation."
Una: "They will want to know more about southern, I'm sure."

Lady Varian sighs. "I can't compel the Weyrleader. And it's a risk for the dragon and rider, to fly where they have no current coordinates. One mistake and they can be hundreds of years in the past, or lost forever. Now, how comes this news of the death of your parents, child?"

Sorana : "One of the Sailors brought the news yesterday, Lady.  Apparently they heard in on one of my home and were talking about it on the ship.  Your Shipcraftmaster knew I was here and sent word that my parents had been killed in a rockslide. After all, the Master knew we were trying to stowaw...I mean, find a ride back home on one of his ships.

Moira shakes her head and mutters "Sailors who have been to Southern, dragons who have been to Southern, it's a wonder we are still a secret."
Adara Tae smiles.
Theman: "The island DOES seem to eb at the confluence of many ocean currents.
Sorana looks around the room.

Moira: "The dragon being sent apparently has some type of coordinate for Southern.  Once they find the Hold and get a coordinate for that, the Weyrleader said that they will do several test betweens before attempting it with passengers."
Una: "It may then be a day.... or two before we know if this will work?"
Sorana looks hopeful for the first time today.
Bit: "Wow that's amazingly fast! Only that long! Dragons must be oh so very handy to have around." <looks wistful>
Moira: "A time frame wasn't given, but I think it's reasonable to think it may be a day or so.  I suppose it depends on how long it takes flying around to locate the Hold."
Lady Varian nods. "I shall politely ask the Weyrleader to direct his Riders to avoid being seen and to take no action to contact this Hold. One arrogant Rider and a Hold that has never seen a dragon or paid a Tithe... it doesn't bear thinking about."
Moira turns away and smiles a little, trying to think of riders that aren't arrogant in some fashion.
Sorana : "There is a boat on the beach at the Hold...and a small building near the caves to change clothes for swimming in the lake, if that helps?"
Moira makes a note of those details.  "I'll pass that information along."

Canine whines as the petting stops and heaves himself up to lick her face.
Bit giggles and buries her face against the fuzz.. stroking and patting the beastie obligingly.

Shanna: "And failing this, a ship can always go."
Moira looks over at Shanna and smiles "Another trading opportunity once we've located it."
Sorana : "I promise I will be happy to help you set up trade if I can just get HOME."

Bit looks deeply into the canines eyes "how do you like warm weather, my friend? you like it where it's hot? I know this place.... very hot..."

Bit : "doh!"
Sorana : "What Bit?"
Lady Varian raises an eyebrow.
Bit holds still, face all wincy "Oh nothin'.. I'm fine, really.. just getting a little tired I think. She stifles a yawn with her good arm.
Canine cocks his head at her words, leaning in to get in a last lick as she yawns.
Sorana watches Bit with concern.
Shanna: "Is time for rest then, and for reports."
Sorana sighs softly, knowing she has to wait and not liking it one bit.
Moira nods "This most be very tiring for the patient, all of our discussions in her room."
Sorana nods, fighting back tears
Canine sighs and leans into Lady's lap looking up at her.
Moira sighs "Well, I don't know if there's anything more we can do until we hear word from the Weyrleader."

Sorana : "May I stay in here with Bit? I promise I won't keep her up...I just need to be with my foster sister."
Julianna: "Ye may."  She stands up looking weary.  "But t'a rest of ye... need ta be about yer own business."
Sorana  smiles thankfully "I appreciate that, Healer." A tone of respect is in her voice as she speaks to the woman.

Theman: "The healer's giving us the stink eye, i guess we had best be leaving."
Shanna: "Is right. Going! Fair winds."
Theman: "Fair winds, Shanna."
Moira: "Fair winds, Shanna"
Sorana moves to the bed and lies down, sighing softly.
Adara Tae: Take care all.

Canine glances back to the Healer, plaster still smudging his fur.
Julianna say sternly "Don't t'ink I didna see you, mongrel. Every bandage ya eat is flour not made ta bread."
Una covers a smile.
Moira heads towards the door, "I need to get back to Harper Hall.  I'll send updates to the Healer as I hear news."
Theman: "I'll check with Gabe and the night watch crew, and then I'm off as well - have to finally get that dozen beasts on their way to the Weyr."
Una: "I will head back to the guest quarters.   good night   Do get some rest, both of you."
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