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A Wet and Rainy Day at the Weyr (RP 3/18/18)
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Topic: A Wet and Rainy Day at the Weyr (RP 3/18/18)  (Read 590 times)

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on: March 19, 2018, 03:08:16 AM A Wet and Rainy Day at the Weyr (RP 3/18/18)

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Archivist note:  Yes, there were RP episodes between 2/18/18 and 3/18/18 - and there were some very exciting and dangerous events, but the Archivist was not present, so has nothing in hand to preserve in the archives.
In the Weyr Bowl, after a change in weather with the snow fall turning to rain fall, and a general thaw starting across the island....

Theman looks up, stopping his idle braiding of various grasses, "Greetings, Lady Una."
Theman: "...and as for now, I plan to get another cup of this fine ale,"
Mishalath ambles over to the peoples in the wet after a failed attempt to shake the mud off her limbs and tail. The Green rumbles greetings ~Why the peoples stay in the falling wet?~
Moira waves to the rider as she slides easily off his dragon, before turning to walk towards the gathering around the fire.
Una: "Ugh...  Wouldn't you know.  I come out for a little fresh air while it's still safer than most times and it rains."  She wipes the water from her face.
Theman shivers in the damp chill and rain, considers a warm hearth in the Weyr dining cavern might be more comfortable.
Theman: "Greetings, Master Moira.... tis a biting chill, this damp - should we move inside?"
Una: "Greetings Master Moira.   Glad you arrived before a deluge." Una looks up at the clouds.
Moira shivers as she heads closer to the fire. "Greetings!"
Shanna: "Oh, inside please!"
Una: "After you..."
Theman considers waiting for Master Moira to lead the way, but a shivver strikes him a mental bargain.
Mishalath blinks at the peoples curiously, the feeble fire sputtering and hissing its protest of the rain. The Green once again tries to rid herself of the clinging mud on her forelegs, shaking enthusiastically.
Moira jumps a little, realizing she's not far enough away from the green shaking off mud.
Una watches the muddy dragon.   "You're bit less green today young dragon."  She smiles.
Del: "I'll make sure the kitchen has plenty of hot klah."
Una: "You should come where it's drier,  too."

Moira follows the others into the Weyr dining hall.
Shanna takes off her boots
Moira rubs her hands together "The warmth feels good."
Theman relaxes in the smoky, warm cavern.
Una stops off in the kitchen to get a towel.
Una dries off her arms and hands and passes the towel.   Shakes the water from her hair.
As the warmth of the cavern, and the klah envelop him, Theman releases the catches on his jacket.
Una listens to the shouts from the storage room as people recover things knocked over as Mishalath follows.
Shanna: "As a little un mother was the head cook so lived in a warm kitchen."
Moira pours herself a cup of hot klah.
Theman: "I recall, when i was very small, my mother would make a great cake, and allow me to lick the batter off the mixer."
Una: "As much as I love a good fire, I have to say I'm happy to be out of the kitchens, warm or not."
Una looks around hoping the drudges and others did her her remark
Moira: "When I was first...  um, my first place away from home, I worked here in the the Weyr storage areas and kitchen. "

Mishalath peeks her large wedge head around the corner of the storage caves, rain still clinging to her emerald hide. She sneakily slithers into the warm room...ignoring the fact her passage through the storage caverns and kitchen was less then silent...she must have had a growth spurt.
Theman smiles at the look of dismay on the faces of drudges, as the great green enters, dripping, and tracking mud.
Shanna looks at the dragon. "Wipe your claws! Where are your shoes!!" Shanna laughs.
Mishalath makes her way to the peoples at the table, always one to search out peoples curious as she was. Her Rider always chided her for this...peoples sometimes did not like being near dragons. The Green took no notice of the trail she left, rumbling happily as the heat of the room took away the wet.
Moira smiles over towards the green dragon. "I suppose even dragons like to be in where it's warm."
Theman: "Master Moira, have the caverns changed much?"
Mishalath blinks and peers at her claws ~Dragons do not needwear peoples shoes~
            If dragons wore shoes they wouldn't last
            Dragons grow most awfully fast
            And when they got big their claws would poke through
            So they don't - which you already knew.
Theman looks towards the Harpers on his left and right, as the Fisher Hall lady does harpering without a license......
Moira looks over at Shanna "I wonder how the Hall missed you, letting you go to Fisher's instead."  Moira smiles and shakes her head.
Una: "Shanna, really   you could be a harper you know."
Mishalath huffs in amusement at Shanna fisher lady. The Green nudges Una Harper gently playfully ~Tennar food misses you in kitchens~
Shanna snorts
Una ducks  and laughs as a big green head nudges her.  Turns on the bench and reaches up for an eye ridge to skritch.
 Mishalath rumbles happily, she likes when the peoples laugh.

Theman: "Lady Una, have you spoken with Master Moira yet about what happened at the Healer Hall?"
Moira looks with interest at Theman and Una.
Theman: "That man, from up north they have there. He made the most outlandish claims."
Una: "I have not had a chance.   As I heard she was on the way here it was just as well to wait."
Theman: "Then I suspect you have some 'harpering' to do. Should I give you quiet? or do you mind if I remain?"
Moira: "I've been out at my cothold, so I have been out of touch a bit, and not easy to contact except by firelizard."
Una: "Well since we are all here, we can inform her.  It was quite an experience."
Shanna puts down her mug and looks at the pies.
Theman looks at Harper Una, eyebrows raised.
Mishalath settles her Green bulk on the stone floor, most of the mud washed off by the rain or left in her wake as she came. Keeping her large wedge head in easy reach for willing fingers, large swirling eyes glance at the clucking and muttering drudges cleaning.
Moira: "Now you have my interest piqued.  It's been very quiet down in the southern end of the island, where my cothold is.  Nothing like all the excitement around here and in the north."
Una: "The man we believe is behind the trouble was cornered, rather accidentally, by Martin, the one rescued at the beach.
Blueball, Shanna's flit appears ~ pie?
Shanna sighs and gives the flit a nibble of pie
Moira raises her eyebrows. "He was? Now, that is some news." She turns towards Dutch.  "You mentioned some claims being made?"
Una stretches her arm and lowers it, turning back around.

Theman: "He ... claimed to have thwarted assassins - on behalf of the - get this - PROPER Lady Holder of Gianfar!"
Mishalath grumbles at the absence of fingers but keeps still, sensing the serious turn of the conversation.
Moira raises her eyebrows even higher "Proper lady holder?  I didn't think there was any question about Lady Varian being Lord Holder..."
Una: "I suppose having been nearly killed in the altercation with Martin he was ready to start talking.  He finally gave us some information at after we caught up with him at Healer Hall."Theman continues "... and, apparently, the northwest of the island is having other thoughts on the matter of holding - a Lady Veekar was mentioned."
Mishalath snorts softly, not fully remembering the events, just knowing they made her uneasy.
Shanna: "One island, one Holder..."
Moira: "A Lady Veekar?  I don't think I've ever heard that name..."
Theman: "Cloudshadow Hold was mentioned, I believe. Seems she is making claim to be the legitimate child of Lady Vee."
Moira nods at Shanna, "Yes, one island, on Lord Holder.  We have some what might be described as little holds, but still all are under the one Lord Holder's jurisdiction."
Una turns at the contented muffled snuffs and snots behind her, and smiles at the dragon.
Theman: "The problem is, that this Veekar lady seems to be disrupting the island - down to at least the mid-north is in upset."
Shanna: "If everyone was a Holder, they'd all be rich and no one would need to work!"
Una: "I can't imagine someone challenging Lady Varian's right to hold."
Shanna grins
Moira shakes her head "The legitimate child of Lady Vee?  That would only matter if Lady Vee wasn't around any more, and she is very much still alive.  So her claim doesn't mean much at this time, even if it should happen to be true."
Theman: "From what 'Fran' said, Vee has no child."
Mishalath cocks her cock, not understanding everything ~Holder Lady is strong Leader~
Una: "We did wonder however, if Lady Varian might be in any danger.   Though we have caught this Koenig, he said his name was, we don't know how many others there are, and where they might be."
Theman: "And this is an organized group - they tried to stop the ships taking me and a herd up to Far Cry hold, to relieve the food shortages there. If it weren't for the fishing fleet from Neill's Harbour, we would be sunk, now."
Moira nods "I've been worried about Lady Varian's safety since we first started finding those hide scraps.  As to whether she ever had a daughter...   I didn't grow up ... where I would have heard any rumors about that."

Theman: "This Koenig mentioned naming traditions - kar - do you know of anyone, or heard of any man who has KAR in their name?"
Una wrinkles her brows.   "Have there been stories about someone with that sort of name?"
Moira wrinkles her brow thinking for a minute before responding.  "Well, whether there were or were not, I don't want to start rumors about liasons that may or may not have happened."
Theman: "Master, I think those rumors may already have been started, at least up in the north."
Una nods.
Shanna: "Rumours run faster than runnerbeasts."
Moira sighs "I don't dispute that, from what you've reported, and Harper Hall does need to be aware of possible rumors, but as a Harper, I need to make sure I am not contributing to or validating things that may be incorrect rumors."
Una listens to the advice.
Moira: "We do need to discuss them, so we can figure out where they're from, separate kernels of truth from not...  we just need to be careful in how we do that, I believe."
Una: "It is hard to keep the training (and your wits) about you in these kinds of situations.  You should have seen Koenig trying to drag himself out of Healer hall... "  Her voice trials away... still in a bit of shock.
Theman: "I think he was trying to make the balcony, to dive off - I think he's given up the will to carry on. Kind of understandable, in his circumstances. Not that i blame him - anyone would consider ending it as well, were they paralyzed."
Moira nods "Yes, 'in the midst of things' is when it's the hardest to do things other than what just naturally comes to you to take care of the immediate needs. Is this Koenig still alive? and at Healer Hall?"
Theman: "Last I saw, yes. but that's been at least a seven-day."
Una: "Yes, as is Martin.   Koenig is under supervision until we return.   So is Martin (laughs).  His wounds were looked at.  Master Rodney stitched him up again.  We suggested he stay there and rest until we return."
Theman: "Brave man, that Martin - took his sewing with equanimity."

Una: "In the meantime should we have sweep rider check the area?  Riders/dragons might be able to help patrol the area in case any of his accomplices followed us."
Mishalath perks at the mention of dragons, blinking sleepily. casting those near in strobing bluegreen ~Dragons see many things from up high~ her sending has a hint of a yawn
Theman: "Would the dragon riders just ... cooperate like that? Aren't they normally aloof from vulgar politics and such?"
Una laughs "Oh I wouldn't say that.  Not all anyway.  The younger riders and dragons seem to love any reason to go out and fly."
Moira glances over towards the green as she speaks "Yes, it might be a good idea to have some extra patrols .  Dragons do have good sight from up high - I wonder if they would be able to know when something they saw seems 'not right', if their rider wasn't with them"
Theman tries a nibble of the cheese from the plate, makes a face at the (clearly) poor flavor comestible.
Una: "I think they would."  She turns towards Mishalath.  "I think she would."
Mishalath rumbles happily ~flying is what dragons do, and flame bad green things and Thread, and carry peoples with Riders...she blinks and trails off~
Theman: "Do the dragons normally fly far afield, short of threadfall?"
Shanna: "They have to practice."
Theman: "... and if a practice session lies over a hold in questions...." His voice trails off.
Moira glances towards Del, "Well, the weyrling pairs should be getting permission from the Weyrlingmaster before doing extra flights.  Not sure if other need to have Wing Leader or Weyrleader permission - probably depends on where they're flying and how long they're gone, I would imagine."
Una: "Growing up here, I remember seeing individual riders, or small numbers going off somewhere.  Not a full wing.  I don't know where, but it seems not too uncommon."
Mishalath half opens her wings, mindful of the peoples and breakables nearby ~ I am strong and fly far and fast, with peoples or fire rock sacks~
Theman: "From where I come from, it was unusual to see dragons flying for any distance, short of threadfall - and if you see that, you have bigger worries....."
Una turns at the sounds of big wings unfurling.  " I think she is picking up on the idea of going somewhere"
Moira smiles at the green and nods "Yes, I think if we just asked the dragons,  they would want to help.  They always are so confident about what they can do."
Del: "Not part of my job, but I've seen dragons flying pretty often... sometimes singly, more often in groups. There'll be a lot of weyrlings and their young dragons flying now that winter's ending."
Una smiles. "Just need to talk their riders into it."
Mishalath bobs her head and settles her wings, happy rumble vibrating through the stones.
Theman, considering what he's been 'talked into' since coming to Gianfar, suspects that Harpers on this island are superior.

Shanna: "Hmmm. If I stay here any longer, there will be no pies left."
Shanna: "Come Blueball, time to go."
Theman: "Has the rain stopped, Lady Shanna?"
Una laughs and looks at Shanna and the flit.
Shanna points at herself "Fisher! Wet, no problem."
Theman laughs. "Well, until next we meet, then"
Shanna puts her boots back on.
Una: "Safe journey."
Moira: "Fair winds, Shanna."

Una: "I do think, Master Moira, Martin could use some encouragement.   He has had one thing after the other happen to him.   He is pretty shaken."
Moira looks towards Una,"Yes, he has been in the middle of a lot of unusual situations. I will see if I can meet up with him sometime soon."
Una nods.
Una: "I think Ardrhys and I should head back to Healer hall tomorrow and escort him to Harper Hall.  He was none too happy to be left there."
Una: "I do think, Master Moira, Martin could use some encouragement.   He has had one thing after the other happen to him.   He is pretty shaken."
Moira nods "That sounds like a good plan.  I'll make sure there is a clean bed made up for him in the apprentice sleeping area."

Theman: "Well, Master, Journeywoman, I'll be headed back up to the high paddock next sevenday or so - if you need anything from me while I'm there, please do not hesitate to send a message. and, with that, I had best be off as well. I have but two more days before I have to be at the BeastMaster's desk, accounting for my herd."
Theman: "Fare thee well, ladies."
Moira: "Speaking of which, I should probably get back on my way to the Hall..."
Una: "I should ready myself soon for this trip. With any luck, thread will hold off for awhile yet."
Theman bows, formally
Moira stands and wraps her coat around herself.  "Clear skies"
Una: "Safe journeys Theman."
Theman: "Would that we can be so lucky."
Una: "Will you be able to meet us at the Hall Master Moira?"
Moira turns back to answer Una, "Yes, I should be able to."
Una: "Good. Safe journey.  See you then."
Del collects plates and mugs for the kitchen drudges to wash.
Moira heads towards the kitchen and the ramp down to the Weyr Bowl.
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