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Unexpected Events by Tanner Hall - Part 1 (RP 2/18/2018)
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Topic: Unexpected Events by Tanner Hall - Part 1 (RP 2/18/2018)  (Read 582 times)

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on: March 18, 2018, 08:07:53 PM Unexpected Events by Tanner Hall - Part 1 (RP 2/18/2018)

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Folks begin to gather in the Weyr bowl.  Ardrhys walks out of the weyr kitchen into the bright sunlight of the bowl and savours the last flavours of his meal. Moira slides easily off the dragon that landed on the platform outside the Jr. Weyrwoman's weyr, waves a thanks to the rider, and walks down into the Weyr bowl. Una's flit Tusse chirps and twists around on Una's shoulder, keeping an eye on the dragon. Mishalath keeps her tail and wings close to her body, but otherwise is relaxed, projecting teasing thoughts to the watchful flit.

Shanna, over at Fisher Hall, loads up with .... fish

Shanna decides to take another look at that place under the weyr on her way. She squeezes through the crack into the weyrling barracks.

Moira: "Hello, Ardrhys and Una."
Ardrhys: "Hello."
Moira: "It's so much more relaxing to get a ride over here on a dragon, than having to come over on a runner beast."
Ardrhys smiles in agreement.
Una smiles in greeting to Master Moira "Once you recover from the cold anyway.."
Mishalath cocks her large wedge head ~Dragons are more comfortable than runners, smell better too~
Ardrhys: Do you recognize those two Master?
Moira does a double take at the bald stranger "Yes, there is the cold, but that makes landing in the warmth so much nicer."

Mishalath rumbles greetings to the Blue
Taleth rumbles back to the green.
Una turns as the scuffle and shower of sand to see the blue land/

Adara Tae: "Greetings, how are you all today?"
Ardrhys: "Hello Adara, nice to see you."
Mishalath makes herself comfortable, neck held in a gentle curve and wings laying relaxed at her back ~There are many peoples gathering and it is not the day for Gather with the outside rooms and food and music~
Moira: "Greetings, Adara".  Moira turns to the tall stranger, "and greetings to you, also."
Zufreur bows courteously to the assembled.  "Greetings to you as well."
Shanna: "Good day dragons, heloo other people."
Una: "Hello Shanna."
Mishalath bobs her head with a happy rumble.
Moira: "Greetings, Shanna."
Taleth bobs his head at the many peoples.
Una: "Hello Adara."
Adara Tae: "Hello Una."

Moira looks at a small hide scrap, before putting it back into her belt pouch.  "I hope that we are closing in on this troublesome group."
Ardrhys: "Was that scrap helpful, Master?"
Mishalath listens to the peoples talking ~I do not understand why some peoples do badwrong things that hurt other peoples~
Moira nods "The scrap was very helpful,  though it still leaves some questions...  and threats of danger.  While we still don't know the identify of the ringleaders,  some of the wordings on the scrap confirmed some of our suspicions."


Una turns at the shout, looking skyward in alarm.
Mishalath snorts and sits up on her haunches, wings flaring out in her agitation, swirling eyes now more red than not
Una: "So soon?!"
Ardrhys: "Oh it sounds like we will have a thread fall to deal with here shortly, Master."
Zufreur looks skyward reflexively and shivers.
Shanna: "Is warm enough not to dust?"
Moira steps out of the way as riders and dragons gather firestone sacks and wings gather to take off.
Mishalath ambles off to join her wing, stilling long enough for straps and firestone sacks to be attached before fading into the organized chaos waiting for the signal to fly.
Moira: "The weather must have warmed up just enough to not be freezing the thread.  I wonder how much longer we'll have before thread fall resumes in all the areas."
Una: "Not much longer I think.  We may not have much time to try to track down what leads we have."
Shanna gulps her klah before it starts to taste of firestone.

Del: "I hope this is just a freak puff of hot air that lost its way."
Moira laughs "You don't miss the commotion and excitement of riders and dragons flying in and out all the time?"
Adara Tae: "Maybe we should put up sign posts for the wind?"
Ardrhys: "Maybe but perhaps we had better get ready to dive fo the flamethrowers if it is going to fall here as well."
Del: "I bet there's a lot of running around upstairs, Riders grabbing gear they hadn't expected to need for a while."
Shanna: "That's a prank for apprentices, getting them to make "blow this way" signs."
Adara Tae: "It will keep them occupied and out of mischief."
Moira: "I imagine so, Del.  I'm assuming at least a lookout pair is going out when fall is expected, to confirm whether it is dust or not."

Una looks worried "hmmm     Will we still be able to get riders to help us look any further today now.."  
Adara Tae: "It's a fair way to the threadfall, the dragons might be tired after fighting it."
Moira: "After the fall is over, some of the wyerling pairs may be able to give rides.  Once they're done with fire stone re-supplies."
Shanna: "Is no fish emergencies here, but at Darkhold big shoals used to pass by and then every boat rushed out."

Una looks to the skys for signs of returning dragons, or .... thread...
Moira: "If I remember right, I think Etamin falls are after Shaula, so we should be OK."
Una: "Then we are very fortunate today."
Adara Tae: "Very, you all know how bad my aim is with a flamethower."
Moira: "Yes, we are fortunate for no fall here, and fortunate that the dragons and riders get most, and all we ground crew need to do is a little clean-up, if even that."

Una watches Taleth and S'fia land in a shower of sand.
Taleth lands with a huge untidy skid, obviously in great haste.
Una takes a few steps towards them at the look on S'fia's face.
S'fia, running over to the group, starts explaining..... "We saw a ship ... a ship landed.   Mishelath and her rider are keeping watch.   We need help".
Ardrhys: "Taleth can carry you and two or three more."
S'fia: "We will take some of you with us.   Come quickly."
Shanna: "Ship? Take us then."
S'fia  "It happened too quickly to see from above.   We must go!"
Adara Tae: "I'm not sure what I can do, but I'll come along if you need me."

Del: "I can't leave here - lots of work to do when Riders come back after a Fall."
Moira looks around for the dragon and rider that were one of her and Saarith'ss weyrmates, to see if she can get a ride.
Del: "Hope you find out what's going on. The rumor mill's spreading a lot of crazy stories."
Moira nods "I hope we get this figured out soon.  The worst part is that it seems some of the crazy stories end up with some truth to them..."
Moira accepts a hand up onto the blue that landed by her and Del.

SOMEWHERE along the coast of Etamin... not too far from the Tanner Hall

Martin: "A small cothold from the back of beyond.  My uncle told me to sail towards the Weyr after he passed to make my fortune there..."
Martin winces.  "I apparently have horrible timing."
Ardrhys: "Ah, and were you meeting anyone in particular here?"
Martin: "I hadn't planned to, Sir."
Una furrows her brows.
Adara Tae asks, "Are you injured? We have numbweed."

Moira gracefully slides off the blue and watches as the blue and his rider disappear, before heading down towards the beach.
Ardrhys: "Ah Master, I was just asking a few questions, perhaps you would like to take over?"
Mishalath lands to join the group after permission was given by Wing Leader. The Green was covered in soot and ash, smoke still trickling from her mouth.
Ardrhys: "But you must have noticed that figure on the beach running away from these fires?"
Martin points up towards the edge of thread.  "That had all my attention.  I saw the fires, thought that might mean a stone building, and tacked for it."
Ardrhys: "hmmm!"
Shanna looks up for Thread.
Martin turns to the woman who had mentioned numbweed.  "I am not hurt, but thank you."

Adara Tae asks her flit Isla to fly around and see if she can see anything of interest.
Ardrhys: "Well Master - the dragons that kept this ship safe and their riders report a figure running from these fires towards the Tanner's Hall. We should take a look around."
Adara Tae follows Isla's excited chirps;

Martin bows respectfully all around, clearly rattled.
Ardrhys: "Have a seat if you need and after we have looked around we'll get you back to the Weyr."
Una looks to the stranger while reaching in her bag for meatrolls. "Have you  any food with you?"
Martin: "I don't, but I don't think my stomach would take any just now."
Una nods "Very well then."

Moira nods to Ardrhys.  "Yes, a good search is in order." and nodding to the stranger, "Thank you for staying here until we all arrived."
Martin pulls a small carisak and a gitar case from the boat and settles in on the sand.
Moira spies the gitar and nods to herself.

Ardrhys looks over at Una, "Let's spread out and have a look around - then we can gradually make our way over to Tanners."
Una: "Ok  yes, good idea."
Ardrhys: "Perhaps the dragons will help as well - anything out of place we want to take a look at."
Mishalath watches and listens ~ Need to fly and sees?~

Shanna, referring to the boat, "Thread would have holed this one, not painted or anything"
Martin pales at Shanna's comment.
Shanna: "Depends if you could swim after that!"
Martin: "I can swim, somewhat.."
Shanna: "Then just keep underwater."
Shanna points at her Thread scars.
Martin looks, wincing as he does so.
Shanna: "Done that, didn't die."
Martin: "Good to know, should I ever have the future bad fortune."

Ardrhys wanders off to take a close look at the fire pits
Una: "Pretty large fires.I would say these could be seen from some distance."
Moira nods. "I wonder if these are some type of signal fires.  Haven't some signal fires been found in other areas?"
Una: "That would be consistent with someone seen running?   Did I understand that correctly?"

Ardrhys hears the dragon bellow and hurries over to a little shelter built half-way into the ground.
Moira starts as she hears the bellow. "I wonder what is going on." She runs up the hill..
Ardrhys shouts: "Over here! Taleth has found something!"
Una's flit Tussa chirps and flaps as another strange flit materializes right near.
Moira looks in curiously.  "Is it inhabited?"
Ardrhys comes back out of the submerged cothold looking green  "There is a body Master!"
Tussa in obvious distress chirps and flutters
Una: "Wait a moment..."
Ardrhys: "Please come and take a look Master."
Una: "This flit is trying to tell us something."
Moira stammers.. "A..... a ... body?"
Ardrhys: "From a Northern hold if I don't mistake the markings, Master."

Blueball, Shanna's flit, chirps! Thread at home?
Mishalath growls, nostrils flaring, something is not right.
Shanna: "Oh! Blueball. You were sent? Is fine, dragons here. Go home, say safe please."
Shanna nods.
Blueball rises, hovers, vanishes.

Moira sighs and mutters, "There was a reason I didn't join Healers." She takes a breath and steps closer to the body.
Ardrhys: "There is a map here Master."
Ardrhys: "... and crates... the crates are well, words fail me Master. There is so much here."
"Just a second."  Moira takes a closer look at the body.  "Yes those are northern cothold badges."
Moira looks towards Ardrhys "A map?  You found a map?"
Ardrhys: "There are clothes from southern regions, a lot of Marks! And what look like disguises - this is a veritable treasure trove Master."
Ardrhys: "Yes, the map is here Master."
Moira holds her sleeve up over her nose.  "I need to get some fresh air.  Bring that map out."

Shanna: "Can't see this from above, or from the sea."
Mishalath snorts the smell of death sharp and not right.
Moira pulls out a small scrap of hide from her carisak, quickly writes a short message and attaches it to her flit Ming's leg. "Off to Healer Hall" she tells him quietly.
Ardrhys does what he can to cover the body without disturbing anything
Ardrhys: "She is covered Master - it is up to the healers now."
Ardrhys: "While they are getting here we should continue the search towards the Tanners Hall, Master."
Moira nods in agreement with Shanna, and then looks at the map in front of her.

*** Continues in Part 2 ***
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