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Unexpected Events by Tanner Hall - Part 2 (RP 2/18/2018)
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Topic: Unexpected Events by Tanner Hall - Part 2 (RP 2/18/2018)  (Read 555 times)

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on: March 18, 2018, 08:06:14 PM Unexpected Events by Tanner Hall - Part 2 (RP 2/18/2018)

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*** Continued from Part 1 ***

Adara Tae runs up to the group. "Oh, I'm so glad you're still here... there was a man, with a knife!"
Moira turns quickly, hearing Adara. "What happened?"
Ardrhys looks at Adara in surprise.
Adara Tae: "Isla found something and I went to have a look, he took me by surprise and tied me up"
Ardrhys: "Where Adara, where did this happen?"
Adara Tae: "A small cot, just up from here."
Moira's eyebrows raise "Are you all right?"
Adara Tae: " hands are still s..s..shaking."
Ardrhys: "Towards the Tanner's Hall over there ?"
Adara Tae: "Yes."
Moira: "Did he leave? Is that how you were able to escape?"
Adara Tae: "Isla managed to bite through the ropes, I've never r..ran fast in my life. He threatened to cut my throat if I made a sound, I don't know where he went after he left the cot."
Ardrhys: "We must go and take a look at the Hall, Master. Tanner Craft is understaffed at the moment so the building may be empty."
Adara Tae: "I never saw such and evil ugly, face."
Moira pats Adara's arm.  "You'll be OK.  Too bad none of these fires around here have any klah pots going on them. "

Moira and Ardrhys walk down the way to the TannerCraft building.
Moira: "Anyone here still?"
Ardrhys: "Let me check upstairs Master."
Ardrhys: "There is a map here Master."
Moira looks around "I hope nothing happened to that nice apprentice that brought the hides to the Weyr the last tithe train."
Ardrhys: There was a badge up there Master - from Cloudshadow hold in the North and a few bits of rope - Adara was certainly restrained!"
Moira mutters, "north....  again..."
Ardrhys: "Let's get out of here Master, I need some fresh air!"
Shanna arrives at the building.  "Is he gone now?"
Moira: "There's no one there, that we were able to see.  I hope the Master Tanner and his apprentices are safe, where ever they may be."
The group returns to where Adara was waiting.

Adara Tae gets shakily to her feet.
Ardrhys: "The tanners may simply be out visiting holds and halls - they are very thin on the ground at the moment so their hold is often empty for days at a time, but how opportunistic for whatever miscreant did this to do so in a Crafthall!"
Una: "I don't like the idea of someone still out there."
Moira: "Adara, you're from the Hold, correct?  Have you noticed anything different about the Lord Holder's behavior lately? Any signs of the Hold being more protected? I'm wondering if you being taken wasn't so much because you were at the wrong place at the wrong time, or if it was because you're from the Hold..."
Adara Tae: "She did make some changes when these strange goings on first started, I'm not sure what they were, exactly."
Moira: "We know the Hold was threatened in that scrap of poem...  "  She shakes her head, not wanting to continue further with that thought. Moira paces back and forth, watching the smoke from the fires.
Ardrhys: "Perhaps the body will tell us more Master?"
Adara Tae: "Body?"
Ardrhys: "... and there is a lot to examine in those crates - I think we have found a major cache of supplies for whoever is behind this."
Moira, to Adara, "We found a dead body - a northerner - in this shelter."
Ardrhys: "Although we also can't be sure the fellow in the boat is an innocent. He may just have been in the wrong place at the wrong time but he could be the ringleader for all we know!"
Adara Tae swallows nervously "Do we know what they died from?"
Ardrhys: "I couldn't see any obvious signs Adara."
Una: "Did any of what was there with him, look like what I heard was found at Fisher Hall?"
Moira shakes her head.  "Not yet.  We've sent a message off to Healer Hall."
Una: "I hope we are not again faced with a mysterious illness...."
Ardrhys: "Well at Fisher's we were dealing with bodies that died, we think, from the impact of their craft with Firelizard Island. They may have drowned but only because they were unconscious from the impact. Here there was no such impact - this was by another's hand!"
Adara Tae: "Murder?" Adara Tae shivers.
Ardrhys: "Or self defense - we don't know yet - Healers will be able to tell us more."
Moira: "Do you think so? After Adara's experience, I wouldn't be surprised, and I am so thankful Adara's flit was with her and able to chew through the ropes."
Ardrhys: "Yes, well, all we can do is wait for Healers to investigate and make their report and try and piece things together - but we may never know for sure."
Ming appears and sits on Moira's shoulder.  She reaches over and removes a small piece of hide from him. "Healer Hall has been notified and hopefully, sending someone out."

Rissaly (often called just 'Ris') comes puffing up, but stays well away from the dragon.
Moira looks over at the recently arrived crafter.  "Are you from Healer Hall?"
Ardrhys: "Probably an apprentice! Huh!"
Ris: "Aye, someone's wee beast threw a scrap of hide at me.....What's the fuss?"
Moira sighs in relief "We came across a dead body down in this shelter here..."
Ris perks up. "How dead?" She pulls her satchel around and begins rummaging.
Ardrhys: "Very!"
Moira smiles "Dead enough not to wake up?"
Ardrhys: "I pulled the rug over her but otherwise she is undisturbed."
Ris: "Right, let's take a look." Ris pulls the heavy rug back.
Adara Tae: "Healer apprentices are getting quite feisty!"
Moira resumes her pacing.
Una nods. "Maybe one has to be to deal with.... well  to deal with situations like this."
Ris squats beside the body.
Adara Tae: "One of my friends tried for a Healer Hall apprenticeship, fainted at her first sight of blood."
Ris: "Woman....  Tis from north"
Ris tries to move the arm....."Hmmm, stiff set in.  Skin is cold.  She's been here some time.
Ris gets closer to examine the body "Not rottin' but starten' to smell..... bruising all along the sides. That's burst soon enough. Been dead then... day or two."  She turns body to the side. "Well....  someone didna like our girl here."
Moira listens with interest to the Healer apprentice, as she keeps an eye on the stranger sitting on the hillside.
Ris wiggles a large knife sticking out of the woman's back a little bit.
Martin sits quietly on the hillside, mouthing something to himself as his fingers tap on his knee.
Ris: "Lass was stabbed to death... maybe tryin' to run away. You lot come take a look at the knife... see if ya know it."
Adara Tae feels a shiver running up her side as the blood drains from her face.
Ris: "Well?  Get over here ya lumps."
Una takes a deep breath, steels herself and takes a few steps.
Ris: "Tis a dead body... nuthin but meat now It won't be hurtin' ya."
Una "Ugh...".
Adara Tae avoids looking at the body.
Ris: "The body is sorta smelly and the hands and back side visible are livid with settled blood."
Moira covers her nose and takes a quick look at the knife and quickly backs out.
Ris: "Look here.  She fought back." She raises one of the stiff hands. "See ta blood and cuts?   She got a bit of who dun her in."
Una: "It doesn't look.."  she coughs "... like any I've ... ugh  seen."
Ardrhys walks back into the cot steeling himself for the grisly sight.
Una covers her mouth and hurries out
Adara Tae looks at the knife in horror "T..t..that l..l..looks just l like the one I..I was t..threatened with!"
Una gulps air and tries to settle her stomach,
Ris: "She's got a cut here, " points to the girls neck, "But not much blood so she died soon after."

Ris takes ahold of the knife and pulls it out with a slurrpy sucking sound.
Adara Tae: "It has the same dark leather on the handle and the same stone on the pommel."
Ris turns to Adara showing her the knife fully,
Ris withdraws a clean clothe and wraps the knife in it "An' who was weildin' it then?"
Adara Tae looks at the knife and looks quickly away nodding "I don't think it's the same knife but it might be made be the same hand."
Ris: "Hmm..."  She Carefully puts the wrapped knife in her satchel.

Moira strains to hear if the stranger might be singing, while she tries to keep an ear on the other conversation.  She walks up the little hillside.
Martin closes his mouth and looks up as the woman approaches.
Moira: "I'm sorry... I didn't catch your name earlier? and how you happened to be here?"
Martin: "My name is Martin.  As to how I got here..."
Martin: "The short version of the tale - I've spent the last Turn and some tending my uncle in a small cot down the coast."
Martin: "When he passed, he told me to sail to the Weyr and find my fortunes there.  That was his sailboat."  He gestures to the boat.
Martin: "I've been sailing along the coast for about a week, when that Thread came out of nowhere and actually started falling.  I saw the fires, thought it might mean shelter, and tacked for it."
Moira nods at Martin, and looks over at the boat.
Martin: "The green dragon popped in when I was probably a dozen ship lengths out."  He shudders.
Moira smiles "Ah, Mishalath.  She's a good dragon. You were fortunate. Your uncle's cothold - are there neighbors near there that know you?"
Martin: "It depends on what you'd consider near.  The closest one I knew of was probably three days on a good runner."

Ris: "Is there a weapons master here?  He could tell us more"
Adara Tae: "Yes, the same as the one I was threatened with. Surely the blue pommel stone is for harpers only?"
Ris: "I have a hard time thinkin' a singer as a thug."
Ardrhys: "Harpers don't routinely carry knives - certainly not with Craft markings."

Moira catches something about singer and thugs and turns back towards the others "What's this about Harpers?  No, we don't carry knives..."
Martin looks mildly startled.
Moira studies Martin's face, as if trying to memorize it.  "So, a little ways down the coast here?"  She takes out a scrap of hide from her carisak and makes a few notes on it.
Martin: "About a week's sail, the wind hasn't been the greatest until today.  Though I could have done without that it carried Thread..".
Moira nods "Yes, I'm sure the thread was unexpected and unwanted...   I trust that you will be continuing on to the Weyr?  I can let them know to be expecting you..."  She turns slightly and mutters under her breadth.  "another stranger in a suspicious situation..."
Martin opens his mouth, catches the undertone, and closes it again.
Moira looks at Martin. "I'm sure you can understand our predictament... " waving towards the shelter with the dead body.

Ris Looks around the hovel.  "An' what was our Northern friend doin' out here."
Ardrhys: "That we wish we knew!"
Ris turns the body again so she can rummage in the corpses' pockets. She withdraws a small handful of marks, then a white square of fine cloth. "Handkerchief ...."  She frowns.
Una still with a hand over her mouth says, "It seems there are plenty of marks around, doesn't it?"
Ris: "This needle work...." She shows them a line of red and blue swirls embroidered on the linen. "This is Northern work."
Ris uses her belt knife to cut the girls tunic open down the front.
Una: "Perhaps Weaver Hall can shed some light on that as well."
Ardrhys averts his eyes.
Una: "What are you looking for?"
Ris exposes the girls chest and sternum, andruns a hand over the girls ribcage.
Ardrhys cringes and turns away.
Adara Tae turns away.
Una: "ugh..."
Ris: "She's not hungry.   I thought maybe she was one o' the one's coming down the coast due to famine. But see?"  She runs her fingers over the abdomen. "She's fed. An' healthy with it."
Adara Tae: "I think I've seen enough, if you need me I'll be outside."
Una grimaces and leaves again.
Ris rolls her eyes a bit.   "Delicate ladies....."
"I'll know a bit more when I can open the body up.... get a good look"  Ris says a bit gleefuly.
Ardrhys: "ugh!"

Martin rises slowly and stretches. He takes a deep breath.  "Am I being invited to continue on to the Weyr, or expected to continue on to the Weyr?"
Ardrhys: "Oh yes - you are definitely gong to the Weyr!  ...and we may have a few more questions for you next week!"
Moira: "Yes, please continue on to the Weyr, Martin.  Ardrhys can see you get situated there."
Martin nods, slowly bowing more deeply than protocol would normally dictate and holding it for a few seconds before straightening.
Ardrhys heads back to Taleth and S'fia for a ride home to the Weyr, as the others also start back to their own homes or continue on their interrupted journey.

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