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at Harper Hall - Part 1 (RP 2/4/18)
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Topic: at Harper Hall - Part 1 (RP 2/4/18)  (Read 587 times)

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on: February 10, 2018, 11:09:55 PM at Harper Hall - Part 1 (RP 2/4/18)

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[Setting - Harper Hall dining hall]

Ardrhys: "Hello."
Adara Tae: "Hello."
Moira steps outside the hall and looks around "I thought I heard voices out here. Hello!"
Ardrhys: "Hello Master."
Colin: "Hello, all. Is it warmer in the Hall?"
Moira nods "I just came downstairs to get some klah.  Why don't you all come in."
Theman decides to wander in out of the cold
Ardrhys examines the stranger closely.
Ardrhys wonders if she is a weaver.
Colin: "Oh, that's better. I think my hair was freezing."
Moira: "I don't know how much food Cook has left out, but there's klah for sure, and maybe a few other things if you're hungry, so help yourself."
Ardrhys: "or maybe a drudge?"
Moira smiles "We seem to have a lot of new faces around lately"

Theman pulls Master Moira aside, to quietly update her on the latest happening up at the High Paddock.
Rodney looks around and finds his firelizard
Theman continues to whisper to Moira.
Moira looks concerned and nods.  "I've been away at my cothold for a few sevendays, and was wondering what the latest happenings have been."
Ardrhys: "Hello Una."
Una: "hello."
Theman proffers a pseudo salute to Master Moira and wanders off, in search of meatrolls.

Rodney picks up Ayla, hopefully before she can cause trouble.
Moira: "Ah, Master Rodney, nice to see you today.  I hope you're not here on official business - I don't think we have any illnesses here."
Rodney: No, just looking for Ayla. She flew off in a tiff earlier when an apprentice tried to rub oil on her."
Moira laughs "That apprentice is lucky if all she did was fly off."
Theman doesn't blame the flit for flying away from a cooking oil brandishing apprentice.
Rodney: "Oh, he has a few scratches. They're minor though."
Theman grabs abother meatroll from the platter.
Una: "Probably smelled too much like the kitchens she's been chased out of."
Moira: "Well, he was in the right place to get quick treatment."
Rodney chuckles and nods.

Moira sighs "I've been away for a little bit, so behind on some news, but I can report on a couple of things Harper Hall has discovered from the hide scraps that were found awhile ago by the Weyr."
Theman looks around at all those gathered here this eve, wondering if they all were preemptively summoned here for the same reason as he was.
Ardrhys leans forward attentively.
Moira: "The strange code on them has been deciphered, and refers to some type of group - not sure how organized - of people who want to join the mainland.  (I may have reported on this before).  We also have deciphered a disturbing bit of a poem."
Theman always thought that poetry was disturbing. He whispers "all that yucky rhyming and stuff."
Ardrhys looks horrified.
Moira: This is a fragment, we think...
Una holds breath in astonishment.

Moira: "Hall and Hold, Hold and Hall
      Whether large or whether small
      Keep the safety ever near
      E-lim-in-ate, the dragon weyr.

Theman whispers: that IS disturbing!
Moira: "It appears to have come from the same group who wrote the hide scraps with the maps of Gianfar and the major buildings marked out on them."
Ardrhys gasps.
Una mutters about that poem under her breath. "That is the same... " She bites her lip and breaks off.
Theman: "Is that ... SERIOUS?"
Moira turns to take a sip of her klah "It appears to be.   Do any of the rest of you have any news or unusual events to report?"

Theman: "There were those lights i told you about, strange ones, in the night. that and a sighting of someone who shouldn't be where he was...."
Una: "I  should probably add something that happened that disturbed me as well Master Moira. I wondered if it was related to this but it would seem now to be so."
Moira looks inquiringly at Una and nods her head.
Ayla chirps.

Una: "Last sevendday, I asked one of the young ones in my class at the weyr to stay behind. He really has one of the best voices of the children in my class and truly seems to enjoy singing and other aspects of music. Perhaps he has potential to be an apprentice.  I wanted to talk to him about music, get a better idea of his potential.  He seemed quite enthusiastic when I said I wanted to know how he liked singing and learning music. I know he is among a few fosterlings of one of the weyr women. When I asked if he ever sung with his foster family or his friends, he said yes, and his foster mother would sing too with her friends. I asked what kind of songs and he started to sing one, one he said he heard recently, then apologized because he couldnít remember all the words but it was a tune he liked..  It is one, Master Moira, I had never heard, and with good reason Iím afraid, as the words gave me a chill."

Una: "It was the same words you just said."
Moira raises her eyebrows.  "That is disturbing if that's being sang in homes."

Una: "He is only 9 turns Master Moira, and I donít think truly understood what he repeated, particularly as he stumbled a bit over the word 'eliminate'. As lightly as I could, I asked where they had learned this song. Had his foster mother made it up?  He shook his head and said he didnít think so, he thought one of the other Harperís friends did. I asked what he main by 'other Harperís friends'. You know he said, the ones before you and Journeyman Ardrhys came to teach us. I nodded.  A friend of theirs made it up I asked. Yes he said, (and here Master Moira, my chill returned) I think he used to be a Harper too."

Theman looks at Journeywoman Una, suddently concerned for his adopted land.
Moira listens intently.  "Very curious and disturbing"
Ardrhys looks worried.
Una: "I do wonder now if that is behind the strange feeling I had when we arrived that there was something we didn't know about."
Theman: "Journeywoman Una - do you know from which hold or hall this youngling originated?"
Una: "No I don't sir.  I will try to find out."
Moira looks thoughtful, "Yes, they seem to be in a hurry to leave the Weyr when you and Ardrhys showed up."
Una nods.
Ardrhys: "Without wishing to add to the air of gloom, Master, is there any report on the crates that were delivered to the Weyr last week from Firelizard Island?"
Moira shakes her head. "I haven't been in contact with the Weyr this week.  But that does remind me that the holder who said he was from that sea cothold, does not appear as he seems.  One of our Harper newsgathers couldn't find anyone at that cothold who knew of him."
Theman: "The bald man? I thought i saw him up at Northwest Passage - and that's well far from the sea."
Moira nods.
Theman: "He ... seemed to be holding some sort of secret meeting."
Ardrhys: "hmm!"
Theman: "The runner station up there seemed to know him - at least he seemed to command the station master's attention - personal attention."
Una: "With an air of authority? Someone of rank?"

Harper Hall Drums -- .- ... - . .-. /  -- --- .. .-. .- /  - --- /  -- .- ... - . .-. /  - .-. .. ... - .- -. .----. ... /  ... - ..- -.. -.-- /  .--. .-.. . .- ... .  (Master Moira to Master Tristan's study please)
Moira listens to the drum message and runs upstairs.
Una looks startled, wondering what that is all about.
Una: "I can't believe how wide-spread this appears to be."
Adara Tae: Would they really attack the weyr?"
Theman: "I cannot really imagine ANYone attacking dragons."
Una: "It's unthinkable, but that song..."
Adara Tae: "Could they use poison or something?"
Una: "They would never make it into the weyr before... they would never make it."
Colin: "I've been hearing vague rumors from other Traders - goods being stolen, tracks in the snow where no one has a reason to be on foot, that sort of thing. But no pattern, just odd things all over."
Theman: "Dragon are, as I understand it, very fussy about what they eat. I suspect that any diseased or poisoned beasts would be left alone by hunting dragons, and on top of that, there are a LOT of beasts on the island, suitable for dragon chow. Corrupting all of them, in the time between draconic feedings would be a massive undertaking. Probably would lead to massive famine, island wide."
Una swallows hard at the idea of such treachery.
Adara Tae: "Might they attack the riders then? Maybe during a gather?"
Theman: "No gathers in the middle of winter, surely."
Colin: "There was that sickness, a couple of Turns ago, that made firelizards and dragons lose their balance. But Master Rodney found a cure for that. Still, I don't think anyone ever found what had caused the sickness. I wonder whether this... whatever it is... was starting up then, and they were testing something."
Theman starts to look worried.
Adara Tae: "This seems to have been in progress for sometime, winter won't last forever... Even if it does seem that way sometimes."
Theman: "Nothing, ultimately lasts forever, but, don't most dragon riders restrict their gather attendances to those events here in the south of the island?"
Una: "I hadn't considered that."

Moira slowly comes down the stairs, looking very thoughtful, and takes a seat at the first chair she finds.
Una studies Master Moira's face for any clues as to what the summons was for.
Theman , while grabbing another (his third, or was it forth?) meatrool, notices Master Moira, sitting alone, looking small.
Ardrhys gives up trying to decipher the Master's personal drum code.
Adara Tae: "Surely anyone can attend a gather, even someone just 'passing through'?"
Ardrhys looks expectantly at his Master
Theman: "True, Mistress Adara, but - travel time - it takes weeks of walking to get from north to south, and then back again.
Moira listens to the conversations taking place.
Theman: "That is, unless you have access to ships ... or dragons."
Ayla chirps to Rodney
Adara Tae: "We would also have to take note of anyone who comes here and stays?"
Rodney strokes Ayla. "Are you behaving?"
Ayla looks innocent.
Theman: "So what then, Mistress? Pen up all strangers?"
Rodney chuckles.
Una hears Ayla chirps and thinks of getting her Tusse later to see if he has seen anything after being sent out.

*** continued in Part 2 ***
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