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at Harper Hall - Part 2 (RP 2/4/18)
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Topic: at Harper Hall - Part 2 (RP 2/4/18)  (Read 569 times)

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on: February 10, 2018, 11:07:45 PM at Harper Hall - Part 2 (RP 2/4/18)

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*** continued from Part 1 ***

Moira moves closer to the rest of the group. "I just received some updates from LearnMaster Tristan about the crates that were found."
Theman pays attention to Master Moira, all thought of meatrools forg... (what are meatrools?)
Moira: "More hide scraps (no suprise there), plus a lot of different clothing, like maybe for disguises?  and a lot of marks...  My understanding is that whoever was piloting the ship did not survive.  What we don't know is if they were coming or going..."
Ardrhys leans forward.
Ardrhys draws a sharp breath.
Una: "Does the type of clothing give any clues about them?"
Ardrhys scritches Jarth - any activity at the place I asked you to keep an eye on?
Adara Tae: "Are mainland marks the same as ours?"
Moira: "There were some 'shinies' on some of them."  She smiles toward Ayla.  "Some others looked more like regular holder clothes.  Hard to tell if they are from here or not.  We'll need to have the Master Weaver examine them."
Una nods, brows furrowed in thought.
Colin: "I've seen few mainland Marks. On those, the Craft symbols were similar to ours but clearly different."
Theman looks at the furrows on Una's forehead, thinking that Tilly Fields could plant in them furrows.....
Adara Tae: "So we could tell if they were ours or not."
Moira: "From my understanding, it seems to be a mixture of local marks and mainland marks...  yet the boat wasn't well made, especially for sea sailing."
Theman almost starts to say something in response to Colin, but stops just short of speaking.
Adara Tae: "If the mainland is involved their dragons and riders may be in danger too."
Moira: "Master Rodney, I hope that if anyone strange shows up at Healer Hall looking to have injuries looked at, or if Ayla spots anything unusual, you will let us know.  The more pieces we can put together, the quicker we can figure out what is going on.  Same for you, Adara, if any of the Hold people notice anything."
Rodney: "I will."
Adara Tae: "I'll have my flits be vigilant as well."
Ardrhys: "But we have no evidence of any Mainland involvement! even if there were Mainland marks on the deceased that may only be because it is a 'Join the Mainland' movement!"
Una looks at Theman wondering...

Theman: "Didn't i hear something - some rumor, somewhere about mainland interference on the island, previously? Or maybe, an attempt at interference?"
Adara Tae: "They think by destroying the weyr we will all be forced to go to the mainland?"
Una: "oooh..."
Moira sighs "Who knows what they are thinking, Adara. Perhaps."
Una sighs heavily.
Adara Tae: "I'm sure the mainland would be delighted to have a few thousand refugees turn up on their doorstep in the middle of a fall."
Theman: "or - maybe they want to come here? Is there any news OF the mainland?"
Moira looks thoughtful.  "I wonder if it's more about destroying Gianfar rather than actually joining the mainland.  One of our "news gatherers" has reported hearing,among people involved in this group, references to a "Karl".  We're still trying to discover if that's the Karl who kidnapped the MasterSmith a few turns before this pass started."

Adara Tae: "If they want to come here why threaten our Weyr, unless they are not planning to stay."
Theman looks at Adara "How many dragons, how many weyrs on the mainland?"
Una: "Good point Adara."
Adara Tae: "I thought there was just Benden? They may have others by now..."
Theman: "Six, they have six ...." his voice dropping off.
Adara Tae: "Six! How did they get so many, so fast?"

Colin: "There's some place to the east of us, I think that's where Qatalina stowed away from."
Theman: "Qatlina?"
Una: "Six ..." she says in wonder.
Theman repeats "Qatlina .... "
Una: "She stowed away on a ship looking for a lost island she'd heard rumors about. Harmless quest ....  She had not intended to remain.  I couldn't believe she..."
Theman: "Stowed away? i thought the ring islands were barren. is... WAS," he corrects himself, "she a ... Main Lander?"
Una: "From a small seahold, but really she couldn't be a part of this... could she?  I can't believe that...."
Ardrhys looks at Theman in surprise! "Let's not see enemies everywhere!"
Una nods "Yes , yes."
Colin: "The Harpers took charge of her - and watched her closely - till she accepted the fact that she couldn't leave. Last I heard she'd been transferred to Seacraft because she knows a lot about map making."
Moira nods. "All I have is my instinct, and that tells me that Qat isn't involved in this.  It may be something that was smoldering before she arrived, anyway. But that talk of a 'lost island' she referred to hearing on the mainland is a worry."
Theman: "True, an island is a large item to misplace, it's certainly not as if you left it in your other trousers."
Una: "I really do think it was a naive journey on her part, a challenge to solve something that was a rumor and a mystery."
Moira smiles at Theman "Or tucked it in a bag with a cheese roll."
Theman smiles as well, "True that.""
Una covers her laugh, her eyes smiling at Master Moira.

John slips in and heads for his cousin's dragon.
Colin: "A while back... well before this Fall started... some of my people retrieved a badly battered ship. They housed the crew, repaired the ship, and sent it away. According to one of our stories they never let the crew leave their seaside village. But I wonder if incidents like that got made into songs that "somewhere out there" is a populated island."
Meredyth bends his head for a scritch.
Julianna goes to follow the Master Healer... sees the Dragon... and backs away.
Adara Tae: "Should we ask her how widespread this idea of a lost island was, it may have just been some made up story that accidentally had a grain of truth."
Ayla yawns and stretches.
Moira smiles "Welcome Master John."
Una: "We could investigate that more, yes."
Rodney scritches Ayla absently.
Ayla chirps and croons.
John nods at Harper Moira.
Colin: "I think so. Don't know how closely she was questioned."
John then scritches Meredyth's eyeridge in just the right spot.
Meredyth croons.
Una: "I think we focused more on how she got here and making it clear to her that she could not leave.  I don't remember too much about why it was so important to chase down that rumor."

Moira: "I believe you have a cousin at the Weyr Master John? You might be interested in a scrap of a poem we've come across recently while investigating this 'join the mainland' group.   You might want to let him know to be on the alert for any strange goings on.
    Hall and Hold, Hold and Hall
    Whether large or whether small
    Keep the safety ever near
    E-lim-in-ate, the dragon weyr."
Theman shudders, involuntarily at hearing those words "It sounds so worrying"
Una shakes off the remembered chill of hearing the child sing it.
John just laughs, loudly. "Someone has forgotten the power of dragons."
Adara Tae: "Maybe, but dragon riders are only human..."
Moira smiles and nods "Yes, and if it was an isolated item, it would be easy to shake off like that." Moira looks away "Yes, human, but intensely connected with their dragon."

Theman, seemingly making up his mind on the spot, mentions to Colin as an aside "You may want to commission a supply train up to Far Cry. They're in a bad way. I even left them half a herd, their food stocks were so depleted"
Moira makes a note to talk with the Hold Steward, in case the Lord Holder isn't aware of their plight out there.
Colin mutters, "Bad traveling weather but I'll see if I can recruit someone. Any idea how many people are up there?"
Theman: "Tis but a minor hold. two, possibly three, hundred? I left half a herd of goats, and  all the fodder I could spare for them."
John: "Why don't you contact the Weyr for help in transport?"
Theman: "When last I went north, Colin, it was by sea. Storms aside, if but a few days up the coast, and then two inland."
Adara Tae: "Is transporting livestock by dragon a good idea? The animals will be terrified...Just think of the poor people below."
Moira nods at the Healer's suggestion "Yes,  weather doesn't affect dragon transport as much."
Theman: "Better a dragon carried goat, overhead, than a loose bowel cow."
Colin: "Master John, do you really think the dragons would be willing to be used as freight wagons? It'd be very efficient, if the animals were dead, but I'd not care to make the request. I'm planning to make use of my head for several more Turns."
Julianna stifles a snort.
Rodney: "Some might protest."
Una looks from one to the other trying to imagine this.
Moira: "Providing we can gather up surplus animals to send up there, couldn't something be given to the animals, Master Rodney, so they wouldn't be afraid of the dragons?  And it would be a very quick trip by dragon, I would imagine."
Adara Tae: "The dragons would probably be happy to help, a few skins of wine for the riders would be appreciated, maybe?"
Rodney: "Yes, they'd be afraid."
Colin: "I'm thinking it'd be better to send frozen meat than live animals that would need food that'd have to be carried... and then they'd just be butchered and eaten."
Adara Tae: "Yes, the load would be lighter or more could be taken."
Theman: "If you are willing to do this, I'll be speaking wiht the Beast Master next."
Adara Tae: "It would also mean they could keep their present stock alive."
Colin: "Exactly."

Una: "Well at least one problem will be resolved today."
Theman: "For one minor hold - shells only knows how many other cotholds are in a similar plight."
Una nods.
Colin: "Aye, but we've surely not got enough food to support them all."
Moira: "It has been a hard winter, even in the south where my cothold is, but at least they are getting by a little better down that way, than they are up in the north, it sounds like."
Theman shivers as the cold offshore wind brings some stray snowflakes thru the open door "This all should ahve been seen to months ago"
Julianna looks worried at the current conversation. But says nothing.
Moira: "The Lord Holder I'm sure is concerned about the plight of her holders.  I wonder if she's taking any action from the Hold. She doesn't always communicate well about what she's doing."
Una humphs.
Colin stifles a chuckle.
Theman: "Some dissatisfaction at that, up north, as well."
Moira looks frustrated "At that seems to bring the conversation full circle... "
Adara Tae: "I think we need information."
Ayla decides to go find a warm place to nap.
Colin: "Another idea: That place is only two days' trip from the sea; perhaps Fishercraft could send a boat or two up there, and leave crates of frozen fish on the shore."
Theman: "They're also two days INLAND, Master Colin.

Harper Hall Drums: -.. .-. ..- -- /  .- .--. .--. .-. . -. - .. -.-. . ... /  - --- /  - .... . /  -.. .-. ..- -- /  .... . .. --. .... - ... .-.-.- /  -. --- .-- .-.-.-   ((Drum apprentices to the Drum Heights. Now.))
Una: "We will see what if anything our flits have learned, and see if Qat can tell us anything to shed more light on this."
Colin looks outside, shivers, nods.
Moira: "Well, I should go upstairs and see if I can locate any drum apprentices that should be up at the Drum Heights..."
Una: "I am glad to be staying here for awhile before heading back to the weyr."
Colin: "Aye, wait for a break in the cold before making that trip."
Una nods.
Theman "I need to head on over to the beasthold - there's another herd I need to take north - and I plan to ask the Master for some extra culls to take along (easier to carry animals if they carry themselves, in my book)."
Una: "Go safely Theman."
Theman: "Fare thee well, all. Safe harbor to thee and thine."
Una: "Good night all."
Colin: "And I'm thinking there's a hot dinner waiting for me in the Rest."
Una: "Thank you for your help Trader."
Colin: "You're most welcome, Una. I hope all of us together can work this thing out."
Una nods.
Colin: "Good night, all."
Adara Tae: "Night Colin;"
Moira: "Good night!  Take care, all."
Una: "Good night."
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