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Informal Gathering at the Weyr Bowl (RP 1/14/2018)
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Topic: Informal Gathering at the Weyr Bowl (RP 1/14/2018)  (Read 609 times)

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on: February 08, 2018, 05:38:03 PM Informal Gathering at the Weyr Bowl (RP 1/14/2018)

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[setting - at the Weyr Bowl]

Ardrhys: "Hello Master."
Theman: "Greetings, Master Moira."
Moira: "Hello."
Theman: "How fares the hall, Master?"
Moira: "A little busier than normal."
Ardrhys: "Hello Adara."
Moira: "We've had a few more visitors than normal, as well, recently."
Adara Tae: "Hello."
Moira: "Hello, Adara."
Theman: "Greetings, Adara."
Shanna waves. "Heloo!"
Ardrhys: "Oh, here's Shanna."
Theman sniffs... "Fish? do I smell fish?"
Theman's eyes follow the dragon, finding not a flaw.
Moira smiles at Shanna "I assume Qat must be doing OK, as we haven't received her back yet."
Theman nods towards Shanna.
Ardrhys: "Hello Shanna."
Mishalath blinks and stretches from her position on a nice warmsunny rock, large wedge head peering at the gathering of peoples in the Bowl. the Green finishes her body length stretch with a snap of her wings and ambles over the sand to satisfy her curiosity.
Shanna: "Good day, good day dragon."
Jarth (Ardrhys' flit) chirps!
Shanna: "... and flits."
Mishalath's nostrils quiver as she gets near, hideinkwoodruuner and fish in the mix. She bobs her head sending general greetings with a rumble.
Ardrhys: "Well, have you heard Master the last couple of thread falls have just been showers of black dust?"
Theman unbuttons a few buttons of his jacket. "It's warmer here than up north, though still below freezing."
Moira turns at hearing the rumbling from the small green and smiles.
Adara Tae: "Maybe thread doesn't like the cold either?"
Mishalath snorts as she sits on her haunches ~No need for Dragon flame when dust rains down instead of thread~
Theman: "A welcome respite, I am sure for dragons and riders, and not unwelcome to those of us ground-pounders, either."
Ardrhys: "mmm never can be sure though so the wings still turn out."
Moira turns back to the others "Yes, there are records that extreme cold like this can turn the thread to black dust.  Other that the rest of us freezing as well, it is a nice break from thread fall"
Adara Tae: "It's the first time I've ever had something in common with thread!"

Theman: "I have heard tale, up north, that wings are turning out fewer dragons - I did hear one tale of a third-wing, led by a lone blue with ten greens."
Mishalath cocks her head ~peoples need hides and furs and not dragon fire when the outside is cold~
Ardrhys: "I haven't heard anything like that myself."
Moira frowns  "A Wing should be a Wing.  That's an unusal sighting.  Perhaps it was a practice flight they saw, especially if it was being led by a blue."
Ardrhys: "... but perhaps it was a training flight for weyrlings."
Theman: "It's the source of talk - well, one of them at any rate, back up at Northwest Passage. Could be - they don't have much congress with the Weyr, except for ground crew duty and tithing. perhaps they mis-judged."
Ardrhys: "Sounds like they are not big fans of the Weyr in that area?"
Moira: "It could have been practice.  The riders and dragons still need to keep ready even with the black dust, because we don't know when it will be warm enough for real thread again."
Theman: "It seems that, the further I go from the Weyr, the less well received the Weyr is."
Ardrhys: "mmm."
Theman continues "... and, last snowfall and threadfall coincided. I must say, it ws a sight to behold, such dark mottled snow - looked almost like an abundance of coal was spilled.""
Mishalath grumbles ~blackdirty snow not good for playing, peoples complain of mess~
Moira: "Considering the protection they get from the Weyr during thread fall, you'd think that they'd be a little more appreciative.  I don't think they'd be able to keep their areas protected just by ground crews, who mostly are just there for any little bit of thread that may get through.  They don't realize how much the dragons stop, I don't think."
Adara Tae: "A fear of the unknown or unfamiliar is quite common."
Ardrhys: "Perhaps if we visited more often Master, a'dragonback we could engage the youngsters and give them a different view of how much they owe the weyr?""
Mishalath sighs ~Dragons help peoples and peoples help dragon...~
Adara Tae: "Do you think they can read? We could setup some sort of news letter. Inform people of what is going on in the world."
Theman: "They seem a little agitated up there - and not the normal sort of 'hill folk' prejudice, either. More exposure to the dragons would probably help, Harper Ard. They don't see the beasts up close very often."
Ardrhys: "Well if we have some more contact with them we will find out and maybe could give some classes as well while we are there looking around."
Theman: "As for reading, seems to be the same all over, some can and do so very well, and some don't and do not want to."
Moira nods, "Yes, it does seem more than the normal fear of dragons or dislike of having to thithe.  That is what is worrisome.  Along with the elevated number of thefts we've been hearing about."
Ardrhys: "Yes I am sure it would help - we might also get a better idea of what is going on out there as well."
Mishalath shakes her head ~Silly peoples~
In a quiet aside to Master Moira, Theman asks "Did you receive the runner message i sent a few sevendays ago?
Moira: "We have all the Harpers we can assign already out at various locations.  If you want to visit some areas by dragon, you'll need to speak with the Weyrwoman and the Weyrleader, and see if they agree and can spare dragons and riders for that type of work right now."
Moira nods at Theman.  "Yes"
Ardrhys: "Thank-you Master - I know a few friendly weyrlings hoping for more flying hours with their dragons who might help me out."
Theman: "If they're hoping for flying hours - mayhaps be a good idea for them to fly straight there, not go between. and to also fly low - see and be seen."
Moira: "Just make sure they've cleared the flights with the Weyrlingmaster."
Ardrhys: "mmm yes , practice their skills and learn the aerial landmarks. Oh yes, of course, Master."
Theman: "I was thinking of them casting their moving shadows over the land." He grins. "I suppose sometimes, a training flight is not always a training flight for those doing the flying..."
Ardrhys smiles. "I am sure Una will come along too - she knows the same weyrlings I do."
Mishalath settles onto her stomach, head on fore claws, greenblue eyes casting moving light on those closest ~Dragons are always ready to fly~
Adara Tae: "Someone remind me not to get on Theman's bad side."
Moira: "The Weyr may already be taking some initiative about some of the other reports that have been received - perhaps that has to do with that less-than-a-full-Wing sighting."
Ardrhys: "Yes, could be Master - I will try and find out."
Theman: "Let them know that they can land and warm up at the high paddock - and we've some goats what can be culled, for the dragons, too. too much trouble to feed them throughout the full winter, anyway - what with natural pasture being snow covered."
Theman looks at Adara... "Why, my Lady - EVERY side is my 'bad' side..."
Adara Tae laughs "Now you tell me!"
Ardrhys: "Thank-you Theman - that is very helpful."
Theman: "Once, it was. I sat for a portraiture. Do you know, the canvas actually cracked and ripped? But, that was" said sadly, "another lifetime ago."
Theman looks at Adrhys "The help goes both ways. by the culling, i am aided"
Moira: "Wyerlings may be good for the 'shadow of wings on the ground' aspect, but the Weyr may choose to use more experienced riders and dragons for checking suspicious areas.  Sometime wyerlings can be a little too impetuous."
Ardrhys: "Indeed!"
Ardrhys smiles at Moira "... and Journeyman Harpers, Master?""
Moira smiles "Perhaps, but not as much as some of the Apprentices."  She shakes her head.
Ardrhys grins.
Theman grins "Apprentices. Appetites with feet."

Moira: "Shanna, has Fisher Craft heard of any additional strange ships or seen anything suspicious while they've been out fishing?"  She glances at Theman, then back to Shanna. "We've received a report that the 'fisher' who was here with the last tithe train, may not be all that he described himself as."
Ardrhys: "Is there any more news on those hide scraps that were found, Master. Or have any more come to light?"
Shanna: "In Winter, you go out and fish and hurry back, not go looking for anything."
Adara Tae: "But you syill keep a look out for the weather and so on?"
Moira: "No more have come to light."  Moira looks around to see who all is in hearing distance.  "We've determined - in some of our follow-up and from a report - that Koenig is not out at the sea cothold he said he was from.  In fact, he appears to not be known out there.  We've also received some reports about some suspicious meetings happening up North.  We have some Master level Harpers on the ground up in that area right now, for further follow-up."
Shanna: "Weather, yes. Ships on the horizon, not going to look see."
Theman looks around sharply, making a note of that.
Shanna sighs.
Shanna: "This all sounds not nice at all."
Theman: "Master - the High paddock's doors are open to them, when and if they need."
Ardrhys ponders the news.
Shanna: "Suppose telling the Lady Holder would cause more trouble than it was worth."
Moira: "I will let them know.  They won't present themselves as Harpers, as that would be counterproductive for their mission.   We have received word back, that the holder that was looking for a ship ride back to her cothold, is in fact from that cothold, and is thought very highly of there. " Moira glances towards Shanna "That's the holder that was as FisherCraft Hall last seven-day.  I hope she's since been able to get back home."
Ardrhys wonders if fisherfolk are really so inattentive as Shanna suggests.
Theman snorts, "The Lady Lord Holder seems in about as good a grace in the north as dragons, I'm afraid. Though, mind you, she treated me fair, that one time."
Shanna: "You'd have to present her wioth evidence and names, not rumours."
Moira sighs "The Lord Holder appears to keep her own council and not share very much, but I've heard that she also has a circle of Friends that help with providing her information when needed, as well... "
Theman: "As I said, she treated ME fair, that time. but some of the things i heard..."
Theman watches the proud green fly up to her weyr, settling on the ledge in the waning light of the sun.
Moira: "I would hazard a guess that Shanna is right in the Lord Holder needing facts, not rumors.  I don't think she puts a lot of stock in rumors she hears."
Theman: "And yet, rumors are often the precursors of facts - at least the strong rumors, that is.""
Ardrhys: "mmm."
Moira: "Agreed.  And none of us know whether the Lord Holder is taking action behind the scenes or not, as she has not offered any hints one way or the other.  She is a hard one to figure out at times.  Though I do believe she cares about the well-being of her holders."
Theman: "I guess that's true. You never think of Lords Holder as being, well, HUMAN, I guess. I suppose she has the same hope and fears as the rest of us."
Adara Tae: "I suppose they have different problems to deal with."
Ardrhys: "Yes, I suppose they do."
Theman: "Yep. I guess her stubbing a toe hurts about as much as when I do that."
Ardrhys laughs.
Theman: "Well? doesn't stubing your toe hurt?"
Adara Tae: "I bet she swears more gracefully than you though."
Ardrhys grins.
Theman: "Well, THAT should be a 'given', but I bet I can keep on cursing longer, though."

Moira: "From what I've read of our history, she wasn't expecting to become Lord Holder, but when it became apparent to her she was the next in line, she did what she needed to do.  If she didn't care about Gianfar and the people here, I don't think she would have cared about becoming Lord Holder."
Theman thinks back to the pile of borrowed history scrolls by his chair, back at the high paddock, all (mostly) unread as of yet. Theman thinks it would be so much more convenient if someone would read the scolls outloud, as he worked about the paddock, or traveled around the island.
Shanna: "Do not wish away the Holder, or you might get the job yourself"
Ardrhys: "Yes but she has, if memory serves correctly, Master, also spent a fair amount of time on the mainland!."
Theman looks at Harper Ardhys "Do you know where she bided her time, there?"
Moira nods at Ardrhys "Yes, mostly before she became Lord Holder, I believe."
Ardrhys: "I don't Theman, but she was away for quite some time."
Theman: "and ... it's a big mainland." He sighs.
Ardrhys: "Yes indeed."
Shanna looks up at the sky.
Theman notices Shanna's glance, "Snow?"
Shanna: "Noo, my stomach tells me time to set off for home before dark."
Moira furrows her brow, "If I remember right, she had been on the mainland just before returning to find out her brother was on his death bed.  I think preparations were already under way for the election of a new Lord Holder when she showed back up.  Needless to say, she asserted her rights, convinced remaining family to support her, and the rest, as they say, is history."
Theman goes "whew"
Shanna: "Fair winds to all."
Moira: "Fair winds, Shanna."
Theman: "Fair winds, Shanna."
Theman: "Just family had to support her? Not a full conclave?"
Moira: "It's an inheirted position, unless there is no familly left.  She did have the support I think, of a majority of the holders, and other family without direct claims . I believe she did try to win over any opposition that there might have been."
Theman: "Well, would that she can regain and maintain that trust. It does seem to be dissipating, from what I heard, in the interior."
Ardrhys: "hmmm!
Adara Tae: "It seems a little reckless to be undermining the system during a fall."
Ardrhys: "Yes, but the Lady Holder is no fan of the Weyr."
Moira: "Yes it does.  We may have to do a little more teaching about how long a pass lasts.  That's always a problem I think, when the interval inbetween passes has been so long.."
Theman: "I remember, before the pass, we thought thread would never return."
Ardrhys: "In fact wasn't she one of the doubters that thread would ever fall again?"
Theman: "Some bet their lives on it - they lost."
Adara Tae: "She might not be a fan but I'm sure she recognises the necessity of the weyr."
Moira: "Her first Steward to the Hold was a rider candidate - in fact became a rider.  It's always hard with the Lord Holder to know what she's really thinking.  She was, however, one of the ones who thought thread would not return (at least that was her public thoughts on it)"
Theman: "If she was public with that thought, and to be so publically proven wrong *mimes thead falling from the skies*"
Adara Tae: "She may have said that to prevent a panic? I understand the Hold was in some turmoil just before first thread."
Ardrhys: "Yes, difficult to know her thoughts on it now - or just how she spent her time on the Mainland."
Moira: "I think that was the public sentiment at that time, except for in the Weyrs - not just here, but on the mainland as well,  if I'm remembering correctly."
Adara Tae: "She would have been quite young when she was on the mainland? Probably getting drunk and chasing boys... Please don't tell her I said that."

Ardrhys: "Well, it is water under the bridge now- we need to gather as much intelligence as we can and try and come up with the facts of the situation. Ardrhys smiles.
Moira: "Yes, it is water under the bridge now, but sometimes knowing about  a person's past in terms of struggles they overcame, or challenges they faced, helps shed light on their current actions.  We do still have some 'travelers' out gathering intelligence.  Let's see what this next seven-day brings to light."
Ardrhys: "Yes Master, of course."
Ardrhys stifles a yawn.
Theman catches the yawning craze - yawns full and long.  "Uh oh."
Moira: "Ardrhys, if you and Una are able to make some flights with some of the wyerlings, go ahead with that opportunity, and let me know of anything interesting you come across.  Or even anything interesting you may hear among the riders here at the Weyr that might have some bearing on things."
Ardrhys: "I will Master, of course. But now I must get some sleep. Goodnight all."
Theman: "Good night, Harper Ardhys."
Adara Tae: "Goodnight Ardrhys."
Moira: "Goodnight Ardrhys."
Theman: "I had best be getting some shut eye as well,. I'm trading the Weyr... looking at their livestock for a warm bed and food on the morrow. then, off to the main beastcraft, for another small herd to bring north. Good night, everyone."
Adara Tae: "Night Theman, sleep well."
Moira: "Good night Theman, and keep your eyes open as you travel (as you have been).  It's much appreciated."
Theman nods, turns and leaves.
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