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At Fisher Craft Hall - Part 1 - RP 1/7/2018
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Topic: At Fisher Craft Hall - Part 1 - RP 1/7/2018  (Read 599 times)

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on: February 08, 2018, 04:01:15 PM At Fisher Craft Hall - Part 1 - RP 1/7/2018

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[Setting - action starts in dining area at Fisher Craft Hall]

Ardrhys smiles "She'll fit in well then."
Albert (one of the ship captains) notes "Shanna is a poet not a singer."
Shanna snorts.
Moira stands in the doorway, and then enters, seeing Ardrhys there.
Ardrhys: "Hello Master."
Shanna: "Master Harper, please join us."
Moira smiles at the fisher and the Captain  "Thank you".
Shanna's flit Blueball greets Moira's  blue flit Ming. "Welcome to MY kitchen."
Alec makes for the warmth of the stove, after the freezing weather outside.
Qatalina stops shyly by the door, unsure of what to do.
Ming chirps.
Alec motions to Qat. "Come here, girl - get some warmth!"
Qatalina rubs her hands "Oh, it does feel good."
Moira smiles a reassuring smile at Qat, and studies the other lady, sure that she's seen her before.
Shanna: "Heloo! I'd better make a pot of klah. There are nibbles on the table."
Alec, attracted by the smell of warm food,  moves to claim a seat at the dining table.
Shanna puts the kettle to work.
Qatalina " Hello,  Master Moira."
Moira nods "Hello, Qatalina."
Ardrhys: "Hello Qat.:
Shanna: "Chirp when it boils, if you please, Blueball."
Qatalina "Hello,  Journeyman Ardrhys."
Ardrhys smiles at Qat.

Alec: "Master .. Moira? Were you the, yes you were! the harper present when I spoke to the lady holder!"
Alec: "I am Alec, holder form the Far Cry minor hold, up north.
Moira turns to the lady across the table, "Ah... yes, I thought I recognized you.  Far Cry, yes, up north."
Mishla, the feline, makes her way from the lapping waters of the docks, sea spray clings to her fur and fish on her breathe. The feline peeks around the open arch, curious as to what the peoples are doing, with the smell of food an added incentive.
Alec: "Have you heard anything, Master, from the Lady Holder on our plight? So far, myself, I have heard nothing and would dearly love to give our people some welcome news of aid."
Shanna greets the feline, offering a hand to sniff. "Heloo there."
Moira gives Alec a kindly look.  "Yes, we would all like some welcome news....  No, I haven't heard anything conclusive back yet from the Hold, but I understand that there are investigations underway.  These things take time."
Alec: "Hopefully not too much time, Master. Starvation also takes time, but usually less than we would warrant,"
Mishla pauses, ears and whiskers perked, tail up, sniffing the offered hand of the fisher lady. She offers a dainty mew and rubs the hand.
Shanna calls back "not unless you come in Colin!"
Blueball chirps kettle!
Shanna: "Hm, well behaved felines are welcome here."
Moira nods to Alec, "Yes, I understand, and I'm sure that the Lord Holder does not wish her holders to starve either."
Qatalinalistens with interest and smiles to herself at the idea that felines may be at the hall.
Alec pointedly moves the platter of treats and morsels to eat closer to the harper "Hard to starve in the midst of plenty. What we face is real"

Shanna makes klah and brings the pot to the table
Ming leans forward on Moira's shoulder, watching the tail of this new creature.
Shanna: "or, there is yesterdays wine with some left"
Alec looks at the newcomer...
Moira pours herself a cup of klah.  "Thank you, Shanna"
Colin: "Hello, folks. Mm, good to be out of that wind!"
Mishla, the feline,  blinks happily and pads into the room. She is a veteran of the people docks but looks well kept and fed. The feline settles 'neath the table watching the goings on and on the alert for any morsel dropped that needs tending to.
Shanna: "I say 'wine' and here is Colin. Come and join us!"
Colin grins and settles at the table
Alec, noticing trader knots, asks "any news from up north? I ask after Far Cry hold, in the northeast"
Ardrhys: "Qat come and sit with us. Have some klah and something to eat."
Qatalina turns and heads over, hoping to get some hot klah.
Albert looks up at Shanna
Mishla the feline, weaves her way between shoes and boots, sniffing as she goes, every now and then rubbing the leather clad leg or foot with her head or furry body.
Albert: "You take my seat and natter, I'll go back to work."

Colin: "Thank you., Shanna. News? None good. Bad weather, not much trading, and people talking of thieves."
Shanna "Rude person!" and grins.
Moira sees the feline under the table, and holds out a small scrap for her..
A delighted 'meh' sounds from under foot and the feline daintily takes the offering, rough tongue licking the juices from fingers.
Colin continues, "I could almost call this 'Renegade weather'.Seems as if the only people moving around are the ones we don't want to see."
Alec: "I am worried after my home hold - we had many supplies stolen."
Shanna: "Oh, this thieving..."
Alec: "There was a man who traveled down here with me - from Sea's Cry fish hall, but HE managed to leave for HIS home several sevenday ago."  She glares at the back of the departing Captain.
Shanna: "Oh, that fellow."
Alec: "The bald man, yes."
Moira nods, "The talk of thefts continuing is disturbing.  I will relay that information on, but Harper Hall is limited in what the Hall can do.  This falls under the jurisdiction of the Hold.  It is particularly disturbing if the thieves are other holders here... "
Alec: "We send out patrols, but they fall short and cannot find any miscreants. We need help! The day before I left to come down here, we had a half herd of milch animals stolen in the night! and not a clue after the river."
Shanna: "A herd? You mean lots?"
Alec: "Half a herd for us is about twenty head. All gone in the night."
Shanna: "Can hardly hide that lot."
Mishla the feline finishes the morsel and carefully licks her muzzle, cleaning her face with a damp paw. Curious, she sets her fore paws on the person's cloth covered chair/lap to get a closer look at the small flyer that could not be caught...always disappearing from sight and scent.
Alec: "We tracked them to the river, but then all signs disappeared."
Colin: "The holdless can live off the land most of the time, with only small thefts here and there - being just an annoyance most of the time. But in the winter there are no crops to *ahem* harvest and the herdbeasts are kept close to shelter. So they have to be bolder or starve. But this year's damage is much worse than usual."
Alec: One of the reasons I came south, besides to speak with the Lady Holder - who was of no help - was to buy much needed supplies for the winter. and here we sit, in the south and not on the sea heading back.  Sometimes I could just CRY in frustration."
Moira smiles briefly "The Harpers sometimes think of themselves as the 'eyes and ears' of the island, but realistically they can't be everywhere all the time, and can't hear and see everything that may be happening...  " Very quietly, after a pause, "... at least not recognizable as Harpers."
Qatalina listens to the talk of thieves and missing supplies, feeling very self conscious thinking of her first few days here.  At the time thinking her small acquisitions were justified and wouldn't matter to the owner so much.

Shanna: "You need a ship?"
Alec: "I've been waiting for several sevendays for a ship, but your captain ...." She shakes head.
Shanna sighs.
Alec: "Him, letting others leave, and me, stuck here like a wherry on a spit..."
Ardrhys smiles at the image.
Alec looks at the curly haired one, grinning like a fool wherry himself "What? Do you not have a care for starving CHILDREN, man?"
Shanna: "The weather has been difficult, but... we should be able to do something. I'll ask."
Alec: "Oh please do! it's just so ... so ... MADDENING, these delays!"
Ardrhys looks back in surprise at the irate holder.
Qatalina looks startled by the woman's abrupt speech.
Mishla, the feline, settles down on all fours as the small flyer seemed to be ignoring her. With a coy twist of tail she pads over to the ladyperson on the end, she seems nervous. The feline sat next to her chair and but her head against her cloth covered calf.
Shanna: "Been there. Stuck ashore, food running out, eating seagrass."
Alec: "Seagrass? Can it BE eaten? We trade for some of the weeds from the sea and use it as fertilizer."
Qatalina feels the brush of something against her foot and is surprised to see the feline at her feet.  Holding her hand down carefully as she'd seen Shanna do, she waits to see if the feline will accept her.
Shanna: "If there's nothing else, you'd eat it."

Colin: "I've heard of a trade train being attacked, crew injured - one killed! - and all the trade goods stolen. Some of us can't afford to hire more crew... but if they don't they're not protected enough. Some of the cotholders I've talked with are going to send a delegation to the Weyr to ask for help. Sweepriders should at least be able to track the thieves."
Alec: "Hmmph. last wing of dragons i saw up north had a blue rider as their wingleader, and a young blue rider at that."
Mishla, the feline, stands her ground, looking at the hand with interest, whiskers twitching as her nose takes in sea and hide and ink scents. After a moment the feline leans in to rub the hand, keeping her head close in case fingers were willing to petstritch...
Alec looks around, realizing "My my, this is more people than i've seen here in days. Is something special happening?"
Qatalina giggles softly at the tickle of whiskers on her fingers, and with one gentle finger, rubs the felines forehead, wondering if they like to be scritched as much as the dragons and flits seem to.
Shanna: "Oh, wait till there's a storm, then the kitchen fills up with idle people. Right now, it's fishing they are."
Moira turns towards Ardrhys "Perhaps you can have a word with the Weyrleader, to see if the sweepriders are also looking for any suspicious activity."  She turns to Alec and the trader.  "The Weyr's primary duty is to protect us from threadfall, and from the Rift when needed, but given the unusual amount of strange activity occurring, it wouldn't hurt for us to ask for some more eyes out there."
Mishla's eyes slide half closed and a tiny purr vibrates through her furry frame. The feline moves her head slightly so the lovly finger in rubbing behind an ear.
Alec: "Thank you, Master."
Ming tilts his head curiously at this strange noise from the creature on the floor.
Ardrhys: "Yes Master."
Colin: "Knowing that there are eyes in the sky ought to keep thieves under cover. Riders can't see much at night but morning or evening light ought to make tracks easy to see in the snow. Still... we're dealing with people who know the land at least as well as those who live there."
Alec: "The winters up north leave little cover - it's easy to see across the valleys at the high paddocks."
Moira stares toward the fire thoughtfully, "It does seem more and more like we're dealing with holders already here - and that is disturbing.  Why would they want to impact their fellow holders in such a negative way?"
Alec: "There have always been those who want what they do not have, but at least they were willing to work for it. Now..... now, when I return, we'll be even more determined to look for newcomers, strangers."
Ardrhys glances at Qat.
Moira: "Many of these reports that we've been hearing sound like more than just a holdless family in bad times 'finding' what they need to survive.  It sounds like something more organized, on a larger scale.   I almost wouldn't be surprised if it turn out to not be newcomers or strangers, but fellow holders who you wouldn't have expected."

Mishla, the feline, stays near the nervous personlady, letting fingers give lovely skritches. The feline's ears twitched and swiveled as the other peoples talked, sometimes loudly.
Qatalina focuses on the feline as she rubs its head, wishing her sea hold had had felines about. Loosing track of the conversation she asks... "I wonder if the shipfish like to be caressed too..." Then realizing she's interruped and spoken aloud, blushes and stammers an appology.
Ardrhys smiles at Qat.
Ardrhys: "Have you seen any shipfish yet Qat?""
Alec looks at the young girl, suddenly reminded of her young sisters, and daughters.
Moira gives Qat a warm smile and nods.
Qatalina: "N-no... I mean I've, I've seen them follow my father's ships but..." She glances around, "Not up close."
Ardrhys: "There was one close by when I came into the Hall - I haven't seen them close up very often either."
Ardrhys: "Do they report at regular times Shanna, or just at need?"
Qatalina's eyes widen.  "Really?  At times during the night I thought I could hear them"
Alec: "I was watching a pair of them, earlier."
Mishla, the feline, blinks and mehs when the finger stops. She sets her front paws on the chair and mehs again, tail swishing softly.
Shanna: "They give news to anyone that will pass it on."
The mews getting her attention, Qatalina smiles and resumes her scritches.
Alec: "What are the shipfish to you, young lady? ... 'Quat', is it?"
Ardrhys: "How soon into her training before Qat gets to meet them?"
Alec: "Training?"
Ardrhys: "Qat has been apprenticed to this Hall. She will be learning all that Fisher Hall does."
Qatalina laughs "Qatalina. I've always been called Qat."
Alec looks at 'Qat'(now that she hears the name right), impressed at one so young, gaining such a posting.
Alec: "Congratulations, my dear."
Mishla, the feline, quiets to a dainty purr again and after a moment jumps solidly into the ladylap, right away getting comfortable.
Qatalina: "Oh!" She shifts around surprised as the feline settles itself in her lap.
"Thank you" Qatalina says over the ears in her view.
Alec laughs at the young girl's surprise. "It could be worse, my dear. At home the felines only bother with me is when i'm in the necessary"
Qatalina laughs heartily.
Moira smiles at the feline settling down on Qat's lap.  "You do seem to attract all the animals."
Shanna looks at Qat with raised eyebrows. "If felines and flits like you, then shipfish will no doubt."
Qatalina grins happily "I do love animals. I used to watch them when I'd hike ..." Her voice trails off as she realized she was about to speak of things she shouldn't.
Mishla, the feline, ignores the other peoples, kneading softly and turning once before bonelessly flopping on her side, purr louder now and some tummy in view for petting.
Alec: "My, they DO love you, child. I've rarely seen felines expose their bellies."
Shanna: "They just about put up with me, despite not appreciating their jokes."
Alec reaches for, and daintily takes, a glass of wine and a cheese roll.
Alec: "This IS good wine."
Qatalina smiles with happiness, rubbing the feline's forehead just between the ears with one hand and scratching under the chin with the the other.
Shanna: "You are no funnnn Shanna!" She shakes her head.

Shanna: "So. When do you want to have your shipfish introduction Qat?"
Mishla sighs happily, feline bliss, the purr now rumbling at full force, one eye cracked open to glance at the other Fisher lady then closes.
Alec looks around, realizing that is getting late, and even chillier with the sun down. She shivvers despite the warmth of the stove.
Qatalina: "Oh..oh any time. What do I need to do to prepare?""
Shanna: "Fish. In a bucket! And clothes you don't mind getting wet. I'm assuming you can swim."
Qatalina: "Alright."  She looks thoughtful. "I can just use the tunic and leggings I have now. I, I don't have much. They will be fine, left to dry later."
Qatalina: "Yes, I can."
Alec's eyebrows raise, thinking 'swim? in this temperature?' Alec feels chilled to the bone, just thinking about it.
Shanna: "It wouldn't matter if you couldn't, they LOVE rescuing people."
Qatalina laughs "I am used to the water."
Moira listens, in interest.
Shanna: "Today? Though it's getting late... We could go down now and ask for volunteers to play jokes on you - there will be plenty I'm sure."
Qatalina wonders what that means, but is eager to see the shipfish. Gives the feline a squeeze and tries gently to encourage it off her lap.
Alec looks around "You all go. I'm too cold, I'll take my wine and sit with some of the old aunties by the main fire. Maybe that will warm me."
Qatalina looks at the feline "Come on now.  Jump off.    Maybe it will follow us"
Alec: "Maybe the shipfish will rescue a feline?"
Moira looks down at the feline.  "If she hangs around the docks, she's probably seen - or at least heard - the shipfish"
Shanna: "Don't you worry about getting a ship home, I'll  kick some butt - that is, ask some people to sort something out."
Alec: "Thank you, Lady."
Mishla, the feline, gives a whiny 'meh', for a moment as heavy as she could be but, with a sigh, the feline flowed of the comfortable lap as if it was her idea, turning to wash a shoulder.
Alec: "Best of luck, young Qat, and try not to get too wet, it is some powerful cold out there.""
Qatalina reaches down for a final pet, smoothing her warmed skirts.
Shanna: "Right - down to the beach then."
Shanna: "Blueball, you are in charge."
Blueball: "Yes! Guard the pies!"
Qatalina grins behind Shanna's back, thinking it will be fun to get to know her and her wry humor.

*** continues in Part 2 ****
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