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At Fisher Craft Hall - part 2 - RP 1/7/2018
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Topic: At Fisher Craft Hall - part 2 - RP 1/7/2018  (Read 673 times)

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on: February 08, 2018, 04:00:04 PM At Fisher Craft Hall - part 2 - RP 1/7/2018

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[Setting - out on the beach outside the Hall's sheltered docks.]
continued from Part 1

Shanna sticks fingers in her mouth and whistles loudly.
Moira shivers as she comes out from the sheltered docks and the sea breeze hits her.
Qatalina shivers in the chilly breeze but looks hopefully into the shallow waters.
Mishla lifts her nose to the air, sea breeze ruffling her fur. The feline shakes her head in surprise at the loud, piercing noise, glaring at the other Fisher lady.
Shipfish1 makes a big SPLASH!
Qatalina: "Oh!!  There!"
Shanna sighs
Shipfish1 agains makes a SPLASH!
Shipfish2: "Squeeeeee!"
Shipfish1: "GAY-EM!"
Shanna: "Oy! Talk, not splash."
Cold water splatters Qatalina as she points and grins.
Shipfish1 splashes "gay-em!"
Shanna points at Qat.
Shipfish1 belly flops, making a BIG splash.
Qatalina kneels down on the sand, trying to peer at them in the water as they go under.
Moira stands back from the edge of the water, not wanting to get splashed by the playful shipfish that appeared.
Mishla, the feline, grumbles a complaint and scrambles for a dryer place to watch.
Shanna: "New human, come to see you!""
Shipfish1: "noo hew mon!""
Qatalina laughs with delight. "How wonderful and so big so close up."
Shipfish1: "gay-me?"
Colin wraps his cloak tighter.
Qatalina laughs.
Shanna: "Yes! Likes being splashed!"
Shipfish2: "squee"
Shanna grins.
Shipfish1 tail flips more waters on the people.
Shipfish1: "gayme!"
Shanna fatches some fish.
Shipfish1: "fysh? have fysh?"
Shanna: "Catch fish game!"
Shipfish1: "no bellel?"
Mishla, the feline, creeps closer now that the splashers have settled down, eying the shipfish. She yowls as a splash catches her, growling softly and looking a bit bedraggled in wet fur. The feline sits then and there and furiously licks.
Qatalina puts her hand in the water as if to reach out to them.
Shanna: "Here Qat, throw one. They only win if they catch it before it reaches the water."
Shipfish1 prepares to jumpses.
Shipfish1: "hay! myne!"
Qatalina takes the pail of fish and grabs one. She tosses it high over the water.
Shipfish1: "long t'row!"
Qatalina tosses another one and watches as they leap for it.
Shipfish1 approaches as close to land as he dares. "physh?"
Shipfish1: "Come swim! is fun! make gayme!"
Shanna: "Too cold for humans!"
Shipfish1: "come boatz! we pullz boatz! showz physhz!"
Qatalina: "Oh...still though, I can't wait to have the first lesson."
Qatalina: "What wonderful jumpers they are!"
Shanna: "Tomorrow, perhaps the boat."
Shipfish1: "No boatz?" Tail flicks water at Shanna. "no boatz.... " sounding disappointed.

Shanna: "Boats are out fishing today, back soon."
Shipfish1: "bluu? scrab bluufiz? boatz out? we help?."
Shanna: "Yes yes, you help."
Shipfish1: "we go, we help!"
Qatalina marvels at the experience of seeing someone communicate with them
Shipfish1: "byyyy eeeyyyyyy"
Colin: "It's time for me to be going, I've much to do before nightfall. Thanks for the chance to see the shipfish; they're amazing!"
Shipfish1: "we goez, get boatz!"
Shanna: "Yes, go see boats coming back!" Shanna waves goodbye.
Qatalina sadly watches the shipfish swim out to sea
Shanna: "Well, they seems happy enough with you."
Ardrhys: "Amazing!"
"Yes." Qatalina smiles broadly. "So wonderful!."
Ardrhys: "You will enjoy yourself here Qat!"
Qatalina: "Yes, I think so. I'm looking forward to it."
Shanna: "Aha! You have squee. I do not."
Qatalina: "Squee?"
Shanna grins.
Ardrhys: "I must get ready for the trip back so I will take my leave of you now. Good luck Qat. Remember to stay in touch - Harper Hall is only a drumbeat away!"
Shanna: "Going 'squee' over creatures."
Qatalina smiles "Thank you Jouneyman."
Ardrhys smiles.
Shanna: "Fair winds, Harper."
Ardrhys: "Goodbye Master, Shanna."
Qatalina laughs "Oh! I guess I do have squee."
Shanna: "Never used to, but flits got me in the end."
Qatalina laughs.
Moira smiles at Qat, "It looks like you will enjoy yourself here.  Good luck.  I should start back to the Hall."
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