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Gathered for a feast at the Hold - Part 1 (RP 12/17/17)
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Topic: Gathered for a feast at the Hold - Part 1 (RP 12/17/17)  (Read 613 times)

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on: December 20, 2017, 03:32:37 AM Gathered for a feast at the Hold - Part 1 (RP 12/17/17)

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No one was certain of what the occasion was, but nonetheless, everyone had gathered to dine at the Hold Dining Hall... where a feast had been set out, waiting for them, even though the Lord Holder was not present until near the end of the meal.

Colin enters and settles down at a table at the foot of the hall.
Theman reaches for a redfruit, commences munching.
Ardrhys pours himself a klah and grabs an apple.
Una Lunaqat takes a bowl of scraps requested from the drudges and sets it down for the canine.
Moira enters the hall and stops to take stock. "Greetings!"
Trickster, the sneaky creature hops onto a table and nabs a piece of food.
Colin: "Good evening, Master Moira."
Shanna: "Greetings to you."
Ardrhys: "Greetings, Master."
The canine pads closer to the table with people and wonderful food smells, his damp coat steaming slightly this close to the fire. He stops at the clink of a bowl and, with canine grin digs in, not one to refuse food given.
Theman watches the new creature, nibbling the gagh (serpent worms) .
Trickster starts to consume the chicken it has taken.
Theman "I am so glad the drudges finally got that fire started. imagine, leaving THAT off until the last moment...."
Una Lunaqat: "We will have to get the drudges to bring up another bowl of meat."
Una Lunaqat nods. "Getting nice and warm in here now."
Moira looks at the assortment of animal creatures and laughs.  "I see when there are no firelizards, there's no shortage of others to take their place and beg for food."
Theman: "Yes, and all these aromas are going to be calling in every canine and flit within a dragon's flight - best give them the tongues and other unsavory bits...:
Una Lunaqat: "Tusse likes to watch from afar."
The canine makes short work of the food, the bowl clacking and scuffing with his enthusiastic tongue. Once hunger is satisfied for the moment he looks around, cocking his head as he catches sight of the other creature..never smelled anything like that.
Ardrhys smiles.
Moira "I didn't realize that Lady Varian had so many pets."
Trickster slowly sneaks over to try and take another piece of food.
Una Lunaqat: "I have to admit, I'm surprised she would have."
Theman: "Good people have good pets, well behaved pets. You can tell the quality of a person, by their animals."
Jarth (Ardrhys's flit) takes one look at the odd creature and disappears with a squawk!
Trickster looks up and appears to smirk.
Theman slices off a bit of meatroll, for the harper lady's flit.
Dutch: "I cannot believe how fast this weather changed. I'm going to be hard pressed to get back to the high paddock."
The canine watches the other creature with curiosity, peeking around the table leg, staying for the moment by the nice people that give food. He leans into the nearest lady smelling of ink, wood, resin and runner, tail thumping...does the other creature want to play?
Theman keeps one eye on the two beasts, lest a fight breaks out. His other hand closes on a pitcher of water, to put out any such fight, should it occur.
Moira gives the canine a scratch behind the ears.  "Perhaps the Trader can help direct you to passes that might still be open."
Trickster gives the dog a glance and seems to scowl.
Theman: "The traders are known for their business acumen, sadly my marks are now few, but honest.  Perhaps, trader, I can work passage back to the interior high country, with one of your caravans?"
Ganav the canine, sighs happily and stays put for now...tail tempo increasing at the good feeling scritching. Ganav watches the other creature with laughing golden eyes, tongue hanging from his mouth.
Trickster the nine-tailed fox quickly hops onto the table, nabs another piece of chicken, then walks off.
Colin: Theman, my usual route to the high country takes me past many smallholds - full of customers - and I could use one more worker on my crew. If you're willing to help clear snow and such work, you could come along till we pass your paddock.
Theman: "That I can do, Trader. Hard work is not unknown to me. Further, I can also tend your beasts, as needed."
Theman: "Wind's home high paddock overlooks big island lake."
Una Lunaqat motions to the drudges..
The canine blinks and shakes his shaggy head, bold move snatching food from the table with people still there. He snorts in amusement but, since he already ate his fill, stayed with the people, ears twitching as they spoke.
Una Lunaqat: "Trader Colin, won't you join us?"
Theman cuts a small piece of the smoked cheese from the wedge on the platter, sandwiching it with some spiced meats.
Ardrhys: "Master, any more news on the efforts to understands those scraps attached to that wild flit?"
Colin: "Thank you, Una, I will."
Moira sighs and looks around.  "Well, there was some progress made - the letters appear to refer to something call "Join the MainLand".  The Hall is still researching to determine if that is a group, and if so, what type of group it might be."
Ardrhys: "hmmm."
Theman: "... and the scraps i found last time at high paddock, Master? Did they help?"
Theman: "You DID receive them, did you not? I sent them via a sweep rider which thankfully landed at my signal."
Moira nods "Yes, they did help, Theman, and the information you supplied - along with the maps - gives credence to this 'Join the MainLand' being some type of organization - and one that needs some observing to determine what they're about."
Colin: "Join the mainland? We've spent a very long time staying away from there. Why would anyone want to change that?"
Theman: "Join the main land? what, do they want to MOVE the island? Seems to be a big task."
Ardrhys: "There were many other grumbles and much discontent expressed after the tithe arrived last week, Master."
Una Lunaqat: "This must be part of what troubled the previous Journeymen."
Theman picks up his ears, that there is disgruntlement is news to him. and this was such an idyllic island, far from ... before.
Shanna enjoys tubers with a slice of roast meat
The canine noses his way around the table, two others with the same scent as the lady ink hides resin and wood, one smelling of fish sea wood tar and two of outside and the big beasts. Cold nose and tongue then large shaggy head finds a way to any hand or open lap as the canine goes.
Shanna scratches the canine as it passes.
Moira looks thoughtful.  "It is puzzling to us as well.  However, periods of folks being unhappy or disgruntled occur from time to time, but they usually die out as other parts of the situation change.  It's unusual to see a concerted movement effort, if that is what this is."
Theman: "Lady fisher, i notice you like the tubers. Have you tried them with this spiced wherry sauce yet?" Proffers the sauce bowl.
Ardrhys: "Do you think so Una, do you think they know any of the discontents?"
Sky watcher: Threadfall sighted! Kuma east! Take cover!
Theman looks at the master. "die out? the feelings, or the people?"
The canine pauses for any willing hand offered, his fur now warm and dry from the crackling fire.
Shanna: "Tubers were rare and special as a child, but will try that, thank you."
Theman: "I trust you will enjoy them with the sauce."
Moira smiles "Poor choice of word - the feelings pass as food supplies improve, or the weather changes, or fishing picks up, and so forth."
Theman: "But shouldn't that happen now, as thread falls as dust, now in this colder weather?"
Una Lunaqat: "That is a good thought Ardrhys.  It was clear they knew something was going on and wanted to be away before questioned, though why not report it I can't imagine.  Has anyone questioned them Master Moira that you know of?"
Ardrhys: "Not many crops growing now either."
The canine wrinkles his muzzle, the white pasty ground things are ok to eat but he would much prefer meat.
Una Lunaqat hears the panting close behind her and puts her hand back with a bit of meat for the canine..
Theman: "But weren't fields plowed last spring? Weren't fields harvested just scant sevendays ago?"
Theman: "Food should be abundant, as in this Hold."
Theman stabs another ripe redfruit.
Theman: "Lady fisher - is the seahold not brimming with preserved fish, put aside for the winter months?"
Moira, to Una and Ardrhys "I'm sure that the Senior Masters have spoken with them, but I have not heard any specific details.   I've always speculated if it was related to the decrease in dragons and the long wait for a new hatching - which is another unexplained situation. "
Nose twitching and ears perked Ganav closes in on the hapless prey, taking the meat from fingers with surprising gentleness and a thorough licking to be sure to catch all the juices.
Shanna: "The fish stores are fine."
Una Lunaqat: "hmmm    but "Join the Mainland" would be even more alarming if started in other areas. Have you ever heard of anything like this around the Fisher Hall Shanna?"
Theman: "That sounds somewhat ... underwhelming, Lady fisher."
Moira: "It's the situation of the individual holders out in the small cotholds which may be much different than what we see here at the main Hold, or the Craft Halls or Weyr."
Shanna: "No one at Fisher Hall has spoken like that."
The hand empty and as clean as a canine tongue can get it, Ganav moves on, large shaggy body weaving through table legs to the other side, cold nose and panting leading the way
Sky watcher: Leading edge is moving away.
Theman: "Good to hear the skywatchers are still diligent, despite thread frozen to crackdust."
Dutch drops the canine a small piece of the smoked cheese.
Una Lunaqat wipes her hand absently on her skirt.
Moira: "I think the Weyr would still send up at least one wing to check along the length of the edge of the fall, in case some areas were not as cold as others.  Inadvertently letting thread fall on a small cothold would not improve relations or feelings any."
Colin looks over his shoulder at the canine, smiles, drops a bit of meatroll on the floor.
Theman agrees "I should think they would want to be diligent,"
Tail thumps happily as the canine settles for a moment to clean up after the messy men, tongue taking care of any stubborn crumbs.
Una Lunaqat: "Was there anything more about the hide scraps to indicate where they came from?  Any more clues?"
Sky watcher: All clear!
Moira: "It may be that the best clues are going to be the locations from where we have heard there have been missing supplies or other strange things seen.  While it is still unclear if the two sets of events are related to each other, it won't hurt to examine them both together."
Theman: "The beast master DID comment that there have been some animals gone missing from the fallow fields,"
Ardrhys: "And there were reports of unknown ship sightings I heard - is that something the shipfish could help with?"
Shanna: "Ships look much the same from underneath!"
Ardrhys: "I thought shipfish were smarter than that?"
The canine licks his muzzle, looking very satisfied at cleaning up. He trots around the far end of the table and flops down by the people scented with ink and hide. They were still talking but nothing to catch his attention.
Dutch places his hand on his chin, thinking.
Ardrhys: "Isn't our stowaway due to join Dolphin Hall soon? Could we ask her to see if they could possibly help?"
Dutch: "Stowaway?"
Colin: "My train's had a couple of thefts - none since we increased our guarding - and I've supposed those were by scattered, starving Renegades. But this sounds much more serious. I'll spread the word among the other Traders to watch for thieves."
Theman loses his train of thought.
Moira listens to Ardrhys and Shanna, as she absentmindedly scritches the canine behind his ears.
Una Lunaqat: "I suppose it is about time for her to find a craft."
Ardrhys: "Sorry, Qat came to Gianfar as a stowaway on a ship from the mainland."
Theman: "We could always use someone to shovel, in the Beastcraft."
The canine pants happily, glad to provide something for the idle fingers to do, tail thumping against the table leg.
Shanna: "Shipfish are like dragons that way, they talk to people they like, not to those they don't."
Theman: "Really? From the mainland? Do you get many such ships?"
Ardrhys: "Well ships come and go, but they rarely carry such an unexpected cargo."
Theman tries to regain his train of thought - something about mainland and not the island......
Shanna: "One of our ships, coming back."
Una Lunaqat: "As I understand it, her father is a fisherman and somewhat a trader along the routes.   She'd heard stories about an inhabited island."
Theman: "A Gianfarian ship, ah."
Shanna: "That''s how I got here."
Theman's eyes open, wider.
Una Lunaqat pulls a passing drudge aside and whispers to them to bring a bowl of water for the canine.
Moira: "It's not very common, yet I wonder if it is more common than we like to (or want to) believe..."
Colin: "And I'm pretty sure we can trust you, Shanna. But a newcomer from the mainland, still not settled into a Craft here... and a "Join the Mainland" group starting up not too long after she arrived... I'd keep an eye on her, just in case."
Shanna: "Is why there was such a fuss the second time, ships are supposed to be searched before they set off."
Una Lunaqat: "She wishes to join the Fisher craft?"
Theman says, in an oddly inflected voice "it seems that you may have more mainlanders here than you realize, if so many from one conversation be counted among them"
Ardrhys: "hmmm, it is a tempting connection to make but  surely this must predate her arrival?"
Ardrhys: "No, Dolphincraft I believe?"
The canine watches and listens, enjoying the smooth warm stone. He scrambles to a sit with eyes wide and nose quivering as another creatures bounds into the room.
Moira: "I don't know that this movement or whatever it is predates her or not, yet.  We're still gathering information."  Moira turns to look at the latest creature to enter the hall "The weather appears to be driving in some unusual livestock."
Una Lunaqat nods approval to the drudge setting down a large bowl of water near the canine.
Trickster looks at the dog with a scowl
Theman: "This dining hall is starting to remind me of the Beastmaster's  dining hall - you moved your plate if the cow got up......"
The canine watches the new thing with wary curiosity, moving without taking his eyes of it towards the water bowl.
Trickster eyes the dog with mischief.
Ardrhys: "But surely there is no problem with Qat joining Dolphincraft in the meantime while we investigate what is going on?"
Shanna: "Asked about that already. No objections."
Ardrhys: "Good, I am glad to hear that - she will be relieved."
Shanna: "But, up to the shipfish, like dragons they pick riders."
Colin: "I don't distrust her, just noticed the timing."
Una Lunaqat: "Maybe it will help in her adjustment if we ask her to keep an eye out?  Could reinforce her loyalty to us?"
Moira: "If the MasterFisher has no objections, than it should be OK.  I've spent enough time with Qat to get a feeling that she's probably on the up-and-up with us, and genuinely wants to fit in."
The canine watches the other creature warily, not used to hooved things in people eating rooms.
Trickster smirks at the dog as it is leaving the room.
********** continued in Part 2 **********
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