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Gathered for a feast at the Hold - Part 2 (RP 12/17/17)
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Topic: Gathered for a feast at the Hold - Part 2 (RP 12/17/17)  (Read 607 times)

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on: December 20, 2017, 03:31:36 AM Gathered for a feast at the Hold - Part 2 (RP 12/17/17)

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********** continued from Part 1 **********
Theman: "So, will there be some sort of ceremony? Perhaps tossing her through the ice, to the waiting shipfi.. ugh, dolphins?"
Shanna snorts.
Shanna: "Apprentice is just apprentice, ceremony comes later."
Una Lunaqat shakes her head at Theman.
Theman: "In the Beastcraft, apprentices, especially new ones, get razzed - i can recall sending new apprentices out for the most absurd things, and, as an apprentice, being sent out, but that was ... many turns ago, too many."
Moira listens in fascination as Theman recounts some experiences that are clearly from his past...
Shanna: "They do? Different for fisher folk then, not as if they get promised land or money. Just hard work!"
Theman: "There was this one apprentice, spent two days looking for a bucket of runner pharts."
Colin: "We're usually too busy to spend time harassing new crew members, but I remember people looking for things like left-handed hammers."
Shanna pulls a face.
Theman laughs "... and skyhooks!"
Ardrhys: "and a 'long wait' hah!"
Theman: "Very useful, them skyhooks for lofting hay."
Theman smiles.
Shanna shakes her head at such frivolity.
Theman, noticing the fisher lady's face, adds "it's naught but a rite of passage."
Shanna: "Well, don't try it on my boat, or you'd end up being towed behind on a rope!"
Moira: "I'm sure different crafts in different times and areas probably have some different traditions.  I'm glad that Qat will have a chance to see if her apparent affinity with the shipfish holds up."
Theman to Shanna: "How fast do your ships sail? It almost can sound like fun."
Shanna: "Faster than you can run."
Una Lunaqat laughs and pours herself some klah.
Shanna: "Not my little boat though!"
Shanna: "Shipfish are the fastest in water."
Theman: "An old master of mine back ... home, used to say 'are they a fish, or a ship? tell them to make up their minds and come back'". He chuckles at the memory.
Una Lunaqat: "Now I am curious to see them.  I know nothing about them save what little I've heard.  I can't imagine working with them."
Shanna: "Except for giant watersnakes of course, they go as fast as runner beasts."
Theman: "How, large do the watersnakes grow, out here?"
Moira shudders.  "Are watersnakes related to tunnelsnakes?"
Ardrhys: "Hmm, Una we ought to pay a visit to Dolphincraft and get a lesson on shipfish. Journeyman courtesy to fellow Journeyman should do it!"
Una Lunaqat: "Perhaps.   We may find ourselves assigned there one day."
Shanna: "They look much the same, except fins."
Moira: "I have found some places along the beach where I can hear the shipfish chittering back and forth with each other.  Very relaxing to listen to."
Ardrhys: "Hah! Maybe we should ask Qat to show us around then - we could keep an eye on her that way if we spread our visits out?"
Concerned about that long trip past big island lake, Theman asks "Are these salt water snakes, or fresh water? or does it not make a difference. I confess, my training was limited on water creatures."
Shanna: "There are ones at sea, don't know about rivers."
Una Lunaqat: "It was her desire to explore that got her here.   She may think twice before setting off on her own."
Theman: "That is comforting, somewhat - I have a trip past big island lake, and would not want overly much trouble."
Theman notices the lady hold, nods courteously.
Moira turns at hearing footseps "Ah... Lady Varian"
Theman "Greetings, Lady."
Una Lunaqat nods to the Lady Holder.
Lady Varian nods to the table, picks up a roll, examines it. "I apologize for my tardiness. Snow is falling in the high passes." She takes a bite.
Theman realizes his trip home to the high paddock is going to more .. fraught ... than usual.
Moira thinks it unusual for the Lady to be genuinely concerned about the plight of others, so wonders what she was doing up at the high passes. Smiles "I recall your steward mentioning at other times that it can be a challenge keeping track of your whereabouts."
Colin looks up, stands up quickly... "Lady Holder, please have a seat."
Theman pushes the platter of still ... well, warm at least, roast beast towards the now vacant seat
Theman: "Eat Lady, you look famished."
Moira nods, "Yes, please sit and have some food while it's still warm."
Shanna: "Well if it's going to be snow, I'd better get going."
Theman pours a goblet of wine, checking the skin marker, domestic, not Benden....
Theman: "Take care, fisher lady and watch your steps on the ice."
Colin: "Safe travel. Shanna."
Una Lunaqat: "Safe journey Shanna."
Shanna: "Fair winds!"
Ardrhys: "Bye Shanna."
Moira: "Take care Shanna."
Theman moves over, making room for Colin.
Moira: "Has anyone hear of any more reports of thefts or missing supplies?"
Colin settles in beside Theman
Ardrhys: "There were many reports by those here with the tithe, Master."
Theman: "The Beast Master is constantly harping on - no offense, harpers - livestock going missing - more than might be expected than from simple predation."
Srdrhys: "And my Uncle reported the train he rode in on was hit by several attempts to steel the goods they were carrying."
Una Lunaqat: "I thought I heard that the smiths were also missing some items."
Una Lunaqat: "Very troubling."
Theman: "And weren't those minor holders and crafters also complaining of something similar, last seven-day Master Moira?"
Moira mentally ticks off the items reported. "Yes, those are the ones we heard about last seven-day.  We at the Hall were curious as to whether any additional reports had been made, particularly in other areas of the island.  The Hall is deploying some resources to the areas we heard the most reports from."
Theman: "Only a seven-day, wow, how a few short days make for a major change in weather and circumstances...."
Colin: "I'd not care to steal from Smiths or Miners... don't want to anger someone who swings a heavy hammer all day!"
Theman: "Aye, they can be nimble, given the chance."
Una Lunaqat: "I wonder if the weather will make a difference."
Theman: "If anything, snow should make for easier tracking, if there are tracking teams out."
Theman adds "... and if they don't work to cover their tracks."
Lady Varian snags another roll. "It'll make the thieves less likely to come out and harder to catch."
Una Lunaqat: "Travel though is harder, and harder to get messages through."
Theman: Definitely harder for messages - high paddock is at least four hours walk/climb from the nearest drum relay - makes for a sense of isolation."
Una Lunaqat considers giving more earnest thought to seeing what her Tusse can be trained to do.
Ardrhys: "Eating and sleeping, I think Una!"
Ardrhys: "Jarth on the other hand, excels at sleeping and eating!"
Moira murmurs "If this 'Join the MainLand' is some type of organized group - and turns out to be related to the thefts - having them cooped up inside someplace for the winter may not be the best idea."
Una Lunaqat laughs "He is well accomplished at that." She thinks fondly of her little bronze "but we should really see if they are trainable."
Ardrhys: "Yes, and I am sure they are."
Theman: "You should change up Jarth's training, Harper Ardrhys. Have him sleep and eat, for a change."
Ardrhys: "I will, I will."
Moira adds "Would give them a lot of time to plan things for when the snow melts."
Una Lunaqat: "Oh I see, yes.   We must keep on watch for any more indications of something going on, or of any thefts."
Sky watcher: Threadfall sighted! Shaula east! Take cover!
Colin: "Theman, my cousins in the high country use firelizards to carry messages that are short enough for them to hold. It's far from hatching season, but next spring you might be able to impress one."
Una Lunaqat: "oh that is interesting to know."
Theman: "I shall keep my eyes and ears open for word on a clutch. I surely would not want to slip that up. Thank you."
Theman starts to think of what can be done with a fire lizard, and how to train one.
Moira: "It would be handy, Theman, if you ended up impressing a fire lizard."
Ardrhys: "Yes, they have a potential we haven't tapped yet, I think."
Una Lunaqat: "I must talk to you again Ardrhys, about that shoulder pad.  If Tusse will be clinging to me as I work with him, I will appreciate something against his sharp claws."
Ardrhys: "Yes, do, it is working well! I need to dye it a little more to blend in with my clothes but it certainly prevents the worst of the damage!"
Colin: "Training one to carry messages, once it's accepted you as its human, requires introducing it to the people and places that you want it to go. Then you can tie a message to its leg and think hard about it going to Cousin Sean or whoever. How they know where Cousin Sean is, is a mystery, but I've heard that the same sort of thing works between Rider and dragon."
Theman nods, gratefully.
Una Lunaqat: "Perhaps some of the riders can help us understand what to do."
Theman  reaches for another morsel of that wonderful smoked cheese. "Ask riders to give a 'dragon in miniature' class? Would they have the time?"
Ardrhys looks guilty as he promised his Master he would give a Firelizard Care class before too long!
Una Lunaqat laughs. "Well, I don't think I'll approach the Weyrleader about it, but maybe some of the younger weyrlings or riders.   I remember them being all to happy to talk about their dragons."
Ardrhys: "Yes and they have helped us in how to care for our flits."
Theman: "When it's scheduled, please send me word, it takes time to return here."
Theman: "But, with that, I must dash."
Colin: "And when Thread's falling as black dust they'll have much less to do."
Ardrhys: "Knowledge which I am duty bound to pass on and haven't got around to yet!"
Ardrhys: "Take care, Theman."
Theman: "Lady Holder, Master Harper, Harpers and Trader, I bid you, a fair night."
Una Lunaqat: "Go safely Theman."
Moira: "Safe travels home, Theman."
Theman: "Much appreciated."
Colin: "Good night, Theman, and good luck."
Theman: "Trader, I'll meet your caravan in the Bowl tomorrow? I haven't forgotten our deal for travels back to the interior."
Una Lunaqat: "I suppose it is time we all got back to our tasks."
Theman: "Good night."
Ardrhys: "Yes, I am ready for my bed as well. Good night all."
Colin: "Sounds good, Theman. Early tomorrow!"
Una Lunaqat: "Good night."
Lady Varian: "Good night, all. Safe travels."
Moira: "Yes, it is time I headed back to the Hall as well.  Thank you for the hospitality of the Hold today, Lady Varian, even when you were unable to be present yourself."
Una Lunaqat: "Good night Lady.."
 Una Lunaqat: "Good to see you again Master Moira."
Colin: "I've been offered a bed in the weyrling barracks for tonight, and it's time for me to head for it. Good night, ladies."
Moirakathleen: "Take care Una, and Trader, safe travels for you tomorrow.  I am glad that Theman will be traveling along with you.  Safer for  you both, I think, if there are storms along your way."
Una Lunaqat: "Sleep well."
Una Lunaqat heads up to her quarters.
Colin: "Thank ye."
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