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Recent Events at Harper Hall (following 12/10/17 RP) -- Moira's OOV
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Topic: Recent Events at Harper Hall (following 12/10/17 RP) -- Moira's OOV  (Read 629 times)

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on: December 18, 2017, 12:06:03 AM Recent Events at Harper Hall (following 12/10/17 RP) -- Moira's OOV

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While Moira had been at the Weyr earlier in the seven-day, others at Harper Hall, specifically some of those under the Drum Master, had managed to decipher some of the coding on the hide scraps that had been dropped/found on the flits a little while ago - "Join the MainLand".   There had been discussion among the senior Masters as to whether this was an organized movement, or a group of young ones having some fun with the elders.   The flits appearing more on the wild side led to some discussion that the sender(s) of the messages were not overly familiar with working with flits.  However, the senior Masters grew more concerned as the reporting of odd situations continued - Theman's discovery of the maps and recent activity of the supposedly vacant cothold, the reports of thefts and missing supplies as well as the strange boat reported by some of the travelers who came in to the Weyr last seven-day with the Tithe train.

When Moira returned to Harper Hall, after the Tithe Train gathering at the Weyr, she shared the notes she had made of the various complaints with LearnMaster Tristan.  Since then, she noticed a lot of activity around the Hall, and some strange faces she hadn't seen around before.  It is rumored that several Harpers - Masters, but not appointed to regular posts or classes - are on their way out to the Far Cry and Sea's Cry cotholds.  Without any apparent ties to any craft, and as itinerant holders stopping on their traveling by, they hope to be able to quietly observe and possibly infiltrate any clandestine organizing that they may come across.  

Moira's Journeymen and Apprentices have been tasked with looking through report records, looking for any references to unexpected strangers being seen (especially one recently from the mainland, or for any references to more than usual hostility against the Lord Holder or just more than usual 'disgruntledness'.  

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