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At the Weyr Bowl - Rumors, strange sightings - Part 1 (RP 12/10/17)
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Topic: At the Weyr Bowl - Rumors, strange sightings - Part 1 (RP 12/10/17)  (Read 597 times)

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on: December 17, 2017, 11:51:24 PM At the Weyr Bowl - Rumors, strange sightings - Part 1 (RP 12/10/17)

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This story starts out in the Weyr Bowl, shortly after the arrival of the last Tithe train for the season.  Besides the dragons and weyrfolk that are commonly out and about in the Bowl, there are still many half-unloaded wagons and associated beasts, and a large number of holders from all over the island, helping with unloading, or standing or sitting around in little groups visiting.

Theman: "Well met!, Master Moira! I've tried to engage these two in conversation, yet it appears as if their tongue is not their own."
Moira slowly makes her way to the camp fire, between some remaining carts and groups of people.
Theman: "Greetings, Del" Nods at the weyrman.
Moira: "Greetings!"
Del walks up to the group, looking around for anything out of place, finally settles.
Moira looks around "A busy place here today, but I've found there's always good company by a fire pit."
Theman: "Concerned about the chaos? Bah, you should have seen it at the height of the day - pure madness."
Theman watches the canine approach, no doubt looking for a snack.
Theman: "Sit! Master! Take a load off, as we say."
Moira surveys the remaining chaos and shakes her head "Glad I wasn't any earlier, then."
Theman brandishes a wine goblet.
Del: "Yes, the arrival of a tithe train is always a mess."
Ardrhys: "Hello Master"
A canine notices the two-legs and trots up curiously. Perhaps there'll be treats.
Ardrhys: "Busy isn't it?"
Alec looks around, frightened to be in the Weyr, but eager to meet the Lady Holder, who sadly does not appear to be here....
Moira nods in agreement "Greetings, Ardrhys."
"Hello 'Wavy' " Theman adds, mischievously.
Theman tosses a scrap to the dog.
Del: In a day or three we'll have everything put away... likely including some things that weren't supposed to be put away.
Ardrhys nods at the figure on the log.
The canine flops down and gnaws on a chunk of meat he, er, found.
Ardrhys smiles at the strangers
Koenig wakes, looks at the assembled figures, decides that none are the Lady Holder, nor the Weyrleader and returns to his sleep.
Moira nods towards Del and smiles, "And hopefully everything that is supposed to be put away will stay this time." Moira turns and smiles at the strangers.  "You've found a good place to sit a spell.  Don't let the dragons frighten you."
Theman: "Del, do the drudges have enough space for all this?" indicating the mass of stores.
Alec: "Dragons!? Oh Myyyy!"
Peri wanders up, glancing at the canine and others lounging.
Del: "Oh yes, the storage caverns go on for a long way. Which means getting the drudges to carry things far back, and later to carry them out again."
Theman smiles "Much better them than me," holding a sore back.
Moira looks around for Qat.  "Ah... there you are.  You should be able to meet some new people from other areas here today."
Taliesin: "Nephew, how are you keeping?"
Ardrhys: "Uncle, I wasn't expecting you, I am well, thanks."
The canine gulps the last of his meat and sniffs the new person near him.
Taliesin: "Hmm came in with the train - just thought I'd say Hello."
Koenig wakes as the canine applies himself to drinking his wine.
Qatalina Hunter turns to look at the stranger.
Koenig thinks "eh" and returns to sleep, warmed b y the fire and his own, earlier labors
Alec notices the young girl ... Qatlina? she looks so much like her youngest...
Moira looks with interest and the assorted group.  "Where are you all from?  I know this is the last of the tithe trains this year...  and that it has come from quite a distance."
Taliesin: "I'll get this runner settled then I'd like a word, Ardrhys. Oh and I have some messages form home for you."
Qatalina Hunter stands shyly by Master Moira, still surprised to be asked to accompany her and unsure of her status.
Alec: "Me? Oh, Far Cry cothold, ma'am - it's up in the north."
Alec: "We hold there - mostly rocks, but an occasional good crop - which we proudly tithe." she finishes.
Peri chuckles.
Moira nods "Ah... I've heard mention of that name from some of the other Harpers.  Yes, quite a distance. "
Peri: "Never have a problem with rocks where I'm from."
Alec: "More so the trip - almost two weeks by ship, barge and" rubs backside, "runner".
Moira smiles at the one who mentioned not having problems with rocks "Not a holder then I presume? or at least not farming?"
Alec: "Nay, we farm. it's the rocks which are the big crop, though we eke out some grains betwixt the bounders."
Alec: "Me man is holder there, he's even now, repairing for the winter."
Peri: "No ma'am.." Looks at the womans craft cords. "Master Harper.  I'm from the Smithcraft hall."
Alec: "SMITHCraft ye say? Can I interest you in some rocks? Cheap?"
Ardrhys: "Hello Shanna. I didn't see you arrive."
Peri: "Now I'd take you up on that if they had some useful metals in them to work." She grins.
Theman stirs, and seeing Shanna, nods in greeting, too addled by previous work, and current wine to do more.
Shanna: "Heloo!"
Alec: "I trust the smiths to find something useful in our rocks. Mind ye, any grain ye find is ours...."
Ardrhys: "Well how was the trip, Uncle?"
Koenig begins to softly snore.
Taliesin: "Tiring and tedious - as ever. How is the harpering business?"
Taliesin: "I see you made Journeyman! They'll never believe that at home!"
Ardrhys smiles ruefully. "Probably not, Uncle, but against the odds!"
Alec looks at the young lady to her left. "Such a pretty blouse. who is your seamstress, dear?"
Moira murmurs to Qat.  "Don't be too nervous.  A lot of strangers here today, so it's a good opportunity to mingle and meet some people from other areas."
Qatalina Hunter swallows and whispers back "Yes ma'am.  I guess so...."
Sky watcher: Threadfall sighted! Shaula east! Take cover!
Theman looks up at the sky and groans.
Del steps forward..."Time to move to shelter. There's cave space for all."
The canine edges closer to Food Lady, hoping for scritches.
Theman: "To the kitchen caverns? or just under shelter?"
Alec decides to wake grumpy.
Del: "Under shelter for sure, kitchen cavern is a good place."
Koenig wakes.
Moira nods and heads for the kitchen caverns.
Theman: "To the kitchen, then!"
Peri motions to the canine to follow.
**** continued in Part 2 ********
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