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2017 Fall Gather November 18 and 19
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Topic: 2017 Fall Gather November 18 and 19  (Read 1585 times)

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on: November 18, 2017, 03:20:46 PM 2017 Fall Gather November 18 and 19

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Gianfar Peaks of Pern Fall Gather 2017 Information and locations

Saturday and Sunday, November 18 and 19, from noon to 6 pm SLT each day.

Upper Gather Grounds Dance Floor
Upper Gather Grounds Market booths and Dining 
Upper Gather Grounds Market booths

    Dragon Races
    Egg Hunt
    7 Seas Fishing
    Music and dancing
    Join the ground crew for Thread Fall

* DRAGON RACES  - 2 locations
    - Rings course above Etamin
    - A second rings course which wraps around and through our upper Gather grounds above Shaula.

Both are one dragon, or dragon/rider pair, and both have a start controller for tracking time.  Feel free to make as many practice runs as you like.

* EGG HUNT - Starting location and instructions will be announced at the Gather.

* 7SEAS FISHING - 2 locations
  - ground level on Kuma, by our Fisher Craft covered docks area
  - in the waters surrounding the upper gather gronds, which has a little landing pier and boats anchored around for sitting in while fishing

Up at the upper Gather area: 
Race to the Hatching Sands Board Game
Bubbly Pie eating contest - by the upper Dance Floor
Runner Beast race course on Tyl   Rumor has it some may be gathering there around 4 pm SLT on Saturday...  but you're free to try the course out on foot or on your Runner Beast (horse) at other times also, and whatever wagers you make with others is, of course, between yourselves...

  - DJ Ayla will be here from 2 - 4 pm SLT on Saturday.  Feel free to dance to the parcel stream music during the times there is not a DJ present
 - at various times during the Gather, Harpers may be performing at the small stage

* THREAD FALL GROUND CREW - it is expected that there will be several thread falls during the Gather.  Keep an ear out for announcements and ground crew meeting locations, if you would like to be part of the ground crew to flame some thread.  Possbile ground crew meet-up locations:
 Runner's Rest on Kuma
 Weyr Bowl on Shaula

You are welcome to explore the sims.  On the ground level we have the Weyr, FisherCraft Hall, Healer Hall, Harper Hall,  a dining establishment (Runner's Rest), BeastCraft Hall and SmithCraft Hall.  Please do not enter any room where the doorway curtains are closed (those are private living areas).
Information signs which give a NC with this information (and includes landmarks for the various activities) are located around the sims.
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