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Topic: The Missing Weyrling (or You Can't Take the Miner out of the Rider) Part 2  (Read 3565 times)

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on: April 04, 2016, 02:53:57 AM The Missing Weyrling (or You Can't Take the Miner out of the Rider) Part 2

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Ayla fusses at the humans before leaving to look in the tunnels
Moira: "It looks like Ayla thinks so too."
Shanna: "Ask the little one if her rider is in the dark"
Mishalath figits and watches the peoples talk ~Go there now?~
Hwyleth gets excited and moves restlessly.
Colin: "Well, it's at least a place to start. I'll show you the entrance room."
Ortath rumbles encouraging wishing he was smaller for once.
Colin stands and moves to the side door of the Rest.
Moira stands and follows the others.
Una offers to join the search party.   "Herb gathering can wait..."
Hwyleth follows meeping!
Ardrhys tags along.

Colin: "There's a lot of stuff stored back here, I inventory it now and then."
Una: "I have never ventured here"
Colin: "Up this way..."
Moira looks around in amazement. "I never knew this part was here"
Hwyleth  starts jumping around~!!
Una: "Oh...  look at her!"

They reach an area where the tunnel widens out, with three different tunnels branching out.
Moira: "Now which way?"
Hwyleth sends a picture of Ayla.
Colin: "There are three tunnels, let's take the left one. Hm, and someone take the middle."
Ardrhys: "There are three tunnels to choose - shall we split up?"
Moira: "I can take the middle one."
Una: "I can go with you Moira."
Moira: "Yes, company would be good!"
Ardrhys decides to go right.
Shanna: "No, no one."
Ardrhys calls out: "Z'ron,  are you well?"
Shanna: "Don't you get lost little green!"

As Moira and Una head down the middle tunnel,  Una looks over her shoulder for signs of tunnel snakes.
Moira: "That way leads out, so I guess we try this other side."
Una: "Oh!   They lead in circles."
R'iss Altman is concerned at losing sight of Hwyleth and doubles back.
Moira: "Let's follow R'iss back.  Before we get lost too!"
Una: "Yes".
Moira: "Which way?"
Una whispers:  "Did she come through here?"
Moira: "Yes ...I think"

R'iss: : "hmm no sign of her"

Meanwhile, in another section of tunnel... Hwyleth finds Z'ron:
Hwyleth: <<You are safe you are fine!!>>>
Z'ron hugs her dear Hwyleth.
Ardrhys: "Ah found! Good."
Hwyleth to Z'ron: << love you how are you where were you are you allright?>>
Z'ron: "I tried to tell you, dear. I guess you couldn't hear me."
Hwyleth was bocked in her mind>>
Colin: "Same here, but I'm getting a happy feeling from Leaf."
R'iss: "ah good"
R'iss : "That is a relief".
Shanna: "Ah, mystery solved".
R'iss: "I hope you know a quick way out of here."
Z'ron: "I think so."

Una and Moira are still wandering in the the tunnels...
Una: "hmmm...   I don't know about this"
Una: "I think we double back".
Una hears the faint sound of voices
Moira: "This goes back to the Rest, back here."

Moira and Una re-enter the Rest from the side storage room, and find that everyone else is already back there... in the midst of conversation
Shanna finds a meat roll for Blueball
R'iss rolls her eyes at the weyrling's persistence and bites her tongue, trying not to let her worry show.
Colin: "I've heard of it but not seen it for a long time."
Una is grateful to see Z'ron and so glad to be out of the tunnels herself.
Moira looks relieved.  "I'm so glad they found you Z'ron and that you're safe"
Z'ron: "I am a miner. I knew where I was."
Ayla fusses some more at the now found human .
Moira looks at Una "I'm am glad we finally found our way out!"
R'iss Altman plops down at the table, muttering to herself about weyrlings who ignore protocol and get themselves lost in tunnels.
Hwyleth just presses against Z'ron lovingly and send out perfect peace in her mind
Moira: "Well, you may have known, Z'ron, but it gave us all a scare!"
Colin chuckles, "I'm thinking those tunnels will be full of explorers for a while."
Moira "Yes, and I'm going to give the students  at the Hall a strict warning to stay out of them!"

Z'ron sighs in relief and scritches Hwyleth.
R'iss reaches for some wine. The thought of losing a weyrling still prominent in her mind.
Shanna: "I grew up in caves, we was taught to not go anywhere we couldn't find out way out of with our eyes shut"
Ayla shudders at distant memory of great loss and sadness.
Z'ron: "I should have realized Hwyleth couldn't hear me well when she was upset. I haven't been lost in a mine for turns. I just forgot how people worry!"
Moira sits down and looks between the wine flask and Cyn's jug , and then settles for the wine.
Hwyleth is very sorry she could not hear well!!

Z'ron: "I hope Colin is right. Maybe if others explore someone will find the cairn and tell me."
Moira: "Is that what you were looking for?  I've only heard rumors of it and didn't know if it existed or not."
Z'ron hugs Hwyleth again.
Shanna's flit Blueball finishes his roll and wonders if it might be lunchtime yet back at the Kitchen.
Z'ron: "I thought since it's around Pern day it would be nice to find it."
Moira: "Yes, it would be a good time".
R'iss decides the new weyrlings will need to learn visualisation sooner rather than later if they are going to go wandering off.

Una: "They will wonder what has taken me so long to gather herbs but I'm staying here for a while.   Let's see what I can fix for a snack.  Anyone hungry?"
Z'ron: "I guess I'll have to look for the cairn above ground."
Ayla chirps
Z'ron: "I am, Una."
Moira: "A snack does sound good after all that climbing around!"
Una smiles. "I can imagine ."
Shanna snorts.
Colin: "Seems more likely to still be on the surface. Might've been scattered by one of those earthquakes."
Moira: "We do seem to have had a few earthquakes in our past."
Z'ron gathers some meats and breads.
Hwyleth gently climbs into her Beloved Rider's lap...she barely still can, but she can.
Ayla chirps again .
Z'ron whispers "I'm sorry, Riss."
Moira smiles at the site of the little green on Z'ron's lap.
Z'ron rubs Hwyleth's horns.
Hwyleth wraps her tail round her Beloved and her neck on the other side and seatbelts her.
Z'ron chuckles.
Moira laughs.

Una makes a few extra large meat rolls for the little green who has had quite a day.
Ayla wonders if the human will bring a bubbly pie.
Shanna: "Those old tunnels are nothing to the mine they use now, don't go searching in there!"
Mishalath lands with a thump in front of the peoples eating place and pokes her large Green wedge head through the window ~Sending demands of whatwhyhow now that everyone is in one place and calmer.
Hwyleth:  <<love you stay here please no more tunnel today Beloved Rider?>>
Z'ron: ~No more tunnels. Riss says no.~

Una puts meat rolls in the oven to bake and looks to see if there are pies made...
Ortath thinks about going to hunt as worrying about lost rider is tiring
Colin: "That cairn was really just a pile of rocks... carefully set up but not made to survive a quake. Could be that someone's built a new one. There should be one somewhere."
Hwyleth relaxes and gloms her Rider in a full body seatbelt hug.
Moira smiles and looks at the two dragons watching through the window "They must be relieved that Z'ron was found".
Una discovers pies and has a funny thought, thinking of a pie and meat roll large enough for a full grown dragon. She chuckles to herself.
Z'ron: "I just hope it is sbove ground, because I want to find it"
Hwyleth makes a small unhappy meep at that.
Ayla wonders why human wants a pile of rocks.
Moira: "Well, just take your little green with you the next time you go hunting for it."
Z'ron: "She was asleep".

Una sets a tray of pies and meat rolls on the table.
Una: "Be careful, the rolls are right from the oven.   The pies are cooled though."
Ayla grabs a pie and drags it off the tray.
Una: "Oh!" and laughs at the flit.
Moira reaches for a pie "Thank you Una. Those smell delicious."
Z'ron carefully takes a meatroll.
Ayla settles down to eat her pie.
Shanna : "Well I will,  thank you, since unlike flits I can't just between to a Kitchen when I'm hungry"
Hwyleth sends <<<most lovely one I like to be where you are...>>
Z'ron: ~Maybe we will find it together, love.~
Z'ron: Thank you, Una.
Una: "The big rolls should satisfy a hungry little green if she likes."
Mishalath grumbles peoples want many strange things.
Colin takes a meatroll and breaks off a piece for Leaf . "Aye, thanks much!

Una wiggles tired feet and is glad to sit a bit.
Moira: "This has been quite a day."
Una: "Indeed."
Una sets her basket down and thinks tomorrow is a better day for gathering.
Ayla knows sadness worry grief is tiring .
Moira smiles "Not many herbs for you to gather in the caves"
Una laughs "No.   Mostly I was gathering fear at being lost ourselves."
Moira: "Yes, and that was almost a reality!"

Ortath is overcome by an urge to hunt and eat and flies off to pursue his prey.
Hwyleth in her relief starts to fall asleep a bit heavily as she is draped around her Rider, her body goes limp.
Una thinks indeed only miners are comfortable in the tunnels.
Z'ron strokes Hwyleth soothingly.

Moira: "I'm just glad we didn't come across any tunnel snakes"
Una nods vigorously.
Colin: "Aye, being lost is enough trouble!"
Z'ron groans, having forgot all about tunnel snakes.

R'iss feels more even tempered with some wine and a pie in her stomach and nods to Z;ron, much calmer now.
Hwyleth relaxes totally, her warm skin pressed as much  as possible onto Z'ron as she dozes.
R'iss: "Apology accepted Z'ron, but I'm afraid there will be consequences if you distress your dragon like this again. I am sure that for now, knowing the  worry you caused her will be punishment enough.  Please consider your actions more carefully in future ok?"
Z'ron: "It has been so long since I was an active miner. I miss the tunnels. I miss finding gems."
R'iss nods. "i understand, but your old life is behind you now. You have new responsibilities."
Z'ron: "By the time Hwyleth is old enough to explore with me she'll be too big."
Mishalath shakes her head at silly Rider ~Dragons do not belong under ground~ The Green yawns, stretching out her limbs and wings and head to her weyr...thoughts of a wooly snake before a nap on her mind

Colin: "The Rest really ought to have a watchwher to patrol those tunnels."
Moira: "A watchwher sounds like a good idea."
Una: "I best get myself back to the kitchens and explain (yet again) my absence."
Una sighs and looks a bit worried.
Una: "Good bye all".
Ayla finishes her pie and goes off to nap.
Moira: "Take care,  Una."
Shanna: "A feline at least would keep them out of the stores."
Colin: "Aye... and a canine would at least bark an alarm."
Shanna: "Oh felines can yowl a lot at snakes."
Moira: "Would we need to approach the Lady Holder about getting a watchwher or feline or canine to patrol the tunnels?"
Z'ron: "I would think the mine craft could get one."
Shanna: "You have watchweyrs here? Never seen one."
Moira: "I haven't seen one either.  I was supposing there might be some around?"
Colin: "I've not seen any down here. My cousins use them a good deal, as we live in wilder country."
Moira: "Ah, so there are some back up in the hills."
Colin nods...
Z'ron: "I'll ask Master Wyn if she'd buy one from you if you could get one, Colin."
Colin: "Not much needed down here, I suppose, with dragons all over the place. Still, there's no way a dragon could get into those tunnels. I'll talk with my cousins next time I'm up there."
Moira: "That might deter some of the students and younger apprentices from going too far in to the tunnels, once they hear about today's adventures."

R'iss stands up.  "Well I must report back to the Weyrleader on events here today and that report won't write itself. I bid you all fair skies."
Moira: "Fair skies, Weyrlingmaster."
Z'ron: "Fair skies."
Shanna: "Fair winds.  And, thank you for the hot pie, I should be gone already".
Colin: "Good night, Shanna."
Moira: "It was nice seeing you, Shanna."
Z'ron: "Clear skies, everyone".
Ardrhys: "Good night, Z'ron".
Moira: "Clear skies Z'ron.  Glad you're safe."
Colin: "Take care, Z'ron!"
Moira: "Well, I should get back to the Hall.  Safe travels, Trader.   See you later, Ardrhys."
Ardrhys: "Good night,  Moira"
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