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Topic: A night at Healers, Harpers and The Rest  (Read 1487 times)

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on: August 27, 2017, 03:36:07 AM A night at Healers, Harpers and The Rest

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John is covered in dust, and sitting in the middle of a bunch of crates, up in the Master's work room in Healer's Hall. He's been opening crates, rummaging around and then opening more crates.
Rodney comes in and shakes his head. "What are you looking for?"
John frowns, "Something that was supposed to be in this shipment... and I can't find it."
Rodney comes over and peeks in a crate. "What is it?"
John says, distractedly, "Something for you... I think I need to hunt the apprentice that brought these up here..."
Rodney  "Should I not look then?"
John  shrugs eloquently, "You can now... you'll know it when you see it... Try the crates on the other side?"
Rodney does, peering into them.
Moira sets asides the scrolls she is holding, and stands up and stretches, thinking that a walk outside the Hall would be good.  Perhaps the wind will help blow off the dust from all the old scrolls she has been reading.
Moira takes a few deep breaths of fresh air and moves out into the sun.  As she walks around, she scans areas by the buildings, especially those hidden in shadow, to see if she sees any signs of the person who stole the cheese from her booth at the last gather day.
John decides to go see if he can talk to the person who brought the shipment to Healer hall, and heads down from the Master's workroom to the docks. He steps outside... and realizes it's night. He waits a few moments for Rodney to join him.
Rodney follows John outside with a yawn.
Moira walks over to the light from the little campfire in front of the waterfall, marveling at how quick the day passed.  She was really caught up in her work and completely missed dinner.
"We missed dinner, didn't we?" John says to Rodney, then frowns at the greenery, "Remind me to get someone to clear this out... that's just an invitation for Thread."
Rodney says, "Then let's go over to the Rest. They're used to us coming in late."
Before heading over to the Rest to see if she can get a bite of food, Moira marvels at how skilled the dragons and their riders have been in fighting thread.  The little flowers by the waterfall have not been hit once.
 "Sounds good to me... better food anyway until we train up the new cook..." John says as he heads off over the bridge on the path to the Rest.
Rodney follows distractedly.
Moira sits down with her plate of meat rolls completely focused on the food. Hearing a sound, she looks up "Oh! You surprised me!  Good evening, Master Healers".
"Good evening, Master Harper... Sorry we startled you. How are you this evening?" John says as he takes a seat.
Rodney yawns and waves a hand before going to look for a bubbly pie.
"A bit famished.  My office does not have any windows and I often lose track of the time of day.  I didn't want to bother our cook with a late request for a meal.  What brings the two of you over here?"
John sighs "We have a new cook... and he's not very skilled. I think that is why he was sent to us."
Rodney) mutters about the cook poisoning the people he's treating
Moira laughs and covers her mouth.  "You almost made me spit out my wine.  Perhaps our cook can come over to give him some pointers." Moira puts down her wine glass and pushes it to the side.
John "I would appreciate that." John shifts over so Rodney can sit down.
Rodney hands John a pie and a meat roll then sits down. "Eat."
Moira finishes the last bite of meat roll and wipes off her fingers.  "I gave the peppermint to our Voice Master, and told him your advice about the wine.  I'm going to let him handle how to tell the journeymen and apprentices that news!"
John rolls his eyes, but he's already grabbing the meat roll to eat, holding it carefully. "Just while performing should they cut back. After performance, well, that won't matter"
Rodney kicks John's leg before eating his own meat roll.
Moira smiles. "Yes, but for some, especially the apprentices, they will say that when they're performing is when they need it most!" Moira shakes her head. "Speaking of apprentices, I heard some of them talking about seeing a very large dragon fly over earlier this afternoon.  They were arguing about what color they thought it was.  Some were thinking it was a bronze, others weren't sure."
John winces and moves over, glaring a bit at Rodney. "In moderation, alcohol is fine... excessive amounts, well, that's a detriment to everyone. Yes, my cousin sent a message by his fire lizard. He says he's pretty sure it was a gold dragon."
Rodney glares back at just whispering "Someone has to take care of you." then he shakes his head. "Golds seem to have a problem with me...except for Ayla."
Moira says softly, "A gold....  "   A hint of sadness enters Moira's eyes.  "Hmm..."  She straightens her back resolutely.  "Well, I haven't heard of any news of this dragon landing.  I suppose we'll just have to wait and see if she returns and what she communicates before we'll know what's going on."
John nods thoughtfully, "If it's the gold I think it is, it's not the first time she's left and come back after a while." John nods in Moira's direction, "I understand." He then finishes both meat roll and bubbly pie rather quickly, having the cook here make up a package of meat rolls.
Moira stands "It was nice to have someone to chat with during dinner."  She smiles.
John gets up as Moira stands, and gives her a little bow. "It was pleasant, definitely. After our cook improves, you are welcome at Healers."
Moira finishes up by saying, "Thank you for that offer, and I'll check with our head-woman about sending our cook over to help yours get situated."
Moira smiles "But you don't get to keep our cook".
John smiles back, "Fair enough."
Moira says "Good night" as she heads out the door.
Rodney says in reply, "Good night."


Wheel and turn, Or bleed and burn.
Fly between, blue and green.
Soar, dive down, Bronze and brown.
Dragonmen must fly,
When threads are in the sky.

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