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Topic: The Missing Weyrling (or You Can't Take the Miner out of the Rider) Part 1  (Read 1726 times)

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on: April 04, 2016, 02:53:05 AM The Missing Weyrling (or You Can't Take the Miner out of the Rider) Part 1

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transcribed by Moira from RP session 4/3/2016 - with some minor editing and minor re-ordering of some lines to better group conversations where multiple conversations were occurring.

It all started out as usual, with a gathering of folk at Runner's Rest.  

Colin walks into the Rest.  "Well, hello, Ayla."  Shanna arrives from the FisherCraft hall, "heloo!".
Moira  wanders over from Harper Hall and greets Shanna out on the porch before entering the Rest.  
Ayla chirps  her greeting.

Hwyleth  waddles in and chirps to the Gold Flit. Ayla chirps back to the small green.  

Moira enters the Rest.  "Oh,  Trader, I'm glad you're still around.  We're in a need of a few supplies at the Hall."
Hwyleth  looks expectantly at the human just in case she happens to feel like you know..flinging meats.  
Moira looks around "Oh my, fire lizards and now baby dragons at the Rest. "  
Moira smiles and moves over to the counter and casually picks up a little piece of meat.

Colin "Hello, Moira... ah, there you are, Shanna."

Hwyleth looks up making soft croons.
Moira smiles and holds out the meat "Here you are.  But I should scold you for begging ."
Hwyleth delicately takes it off her hand with no excess goo.
Colin : "Hm. I think I know this little lady. I believe I was there when she Hatched."
Moira: "Oh, I think she was.  Has your family forgiven you for standing on the sands?"
 Hwyleth goes close to the Almost Rider.  
Ayla drops a meatroll on the floor
Hwyleth makes a beeline for the dropped roll!
Hwyleth noms it.
Ayla drops another one and watches.
Hwyleth chomps it and sends a wave of gratitude to the lovely perfect kind hearted Gold

Colin: " I'm keeping that quiet as best I can. The word doesn't seem to have gotten far yet."
Moira: "That's good.  Some rumor of it may reach them at some point though."
Colin : "I think this is the hatchling that Z'ron Impressed... mmm... what name was that? Hwyleth, I think."

Ardrhys : "Good evening"
Shanna: "heloo!"
Colin: "Aye, I'll have to deal with it. Hello, Ardrhys and Shanna."

Moira grabs a meat roll and holds it well covered as she makes her way to the bench to sit down.  "I think you're right on this being Z'ron's little green".

Ayla looks to see what else she can drop.
Hwyleth sends out a mental wave of mournful worried inquiry to all that can hear dragons <<my rider gone....>>
Ayla squawks.

Moira looks around.  "Where is Z'ron?  Unusual for her not to be near her little one".
Hwyleth meeps dejectedly to what Moira says.
Colin  nods...
Hwyleth looks at Moira
Moira holds her hand out.  "Don't be sad.  Would you like a skritch?"
Colin : "And Hwyleth seems upset. I surely hope Z'ron hasn't vanished the way S'ar did."

Una enters and is surprised to see so many here.
Colin : "Good day, Una. Have you seen Z'ron lately?"
Moira:  "Yes that was disturbing"  A sad look creeps into Moira's eyes.  Moira shakes her head and looks up." Hi Ardrhys.  Hello Una"

Ayla chirps softly to the little green.
Hwyl Lyric makes a sad noise.
Ayla nuzzles the little green.
Hwyleth  puts her nose down to touch Ayla's.

Ardrhys: "Hello Moira"
Una: "hello?  I was just sent out to gather herbs for the cook?  I haven't seen Z'ron.   Why, what is happening here?"
Hwyleth droops.
Moira: "We were just mentioning how unusual for a little hatchling to be here without it's rider.  This little green is Z'ron's we believe."
Ayla makes soothing noises to the little green

R'iss  pauses at the doorway and looks to see who is in the Rest.

Una smiles at the riders and holders here and raises an eyebrow at the news.
Moira holds out the last piece of her meatroll for the little green.
Colin : "And she seems pretty upset..."
Una: "oh,  indeed.   I did not see her on my way over this way."

Hwyleth sends out a plaintive message to all that can hear dragons << my Rider GONE!>>

Shanna : "What you need is another dragon that can ask this one if anything is wrong"
Hwyleth droops sadly.
Ayla looks at the humans and fusses.
Colin: "Greetings, Weyrlingmaster. We have a puzzle here, Hwyleth seems to have lost her Rider."
Shanna: "Ayla seems to think so."
Hwyleth makes a low moan.
Moira looks over towards the Weyrlingmaster expectantly.
R'iss looks alarmed for a moment then collects her thoughts together.
R'iss: "What? A weryling is missing?"
Colin : "It seems that way. If this little green is Hwyleth then she's without Z'ron... and no one here has seen Z'ron lately."

Ayla nuzzles the little green again.
Hwyleth makes a soft moan and touches her nose to Ayla.
R'iss kneels to comfort the little green.
Hwyleth leans on R'iss whom she looks to for leadership.
R'iss: "Don't worry Hwyleth. I am sure your rider is merely in a deep sleep."
Hwyleth makes a low cry like a bleat.

Moira looks perplexed "From what I understand, this doesn't seem usual".
Una: "The little green was found here, at the Rest?"
Moira: "She was in here when I arrived."
Colin: "She came in a few minutes ago... just before you did, Moira."
R'iss looks up at Moira, "It is not usual at all. The Weyr is not in the habit of losing a rider, no matter how inexperienced."
Una: "How odd."

Hwyleth looks from person to person with worry.
R'iss  knows that her duty it to keep the little one calm.

Moira: "Wouldn't she know if her rider was just sleeping?"
Ayla wonders where the little green's human was last seen.
Colin: " I'm going to call Leaf, she can communicate with Ayla. Maybe she can understand what's upsetting Hwyleth."
Una offers to go outside and look around the Rest.
R'iss : "Now, now Hwyleth. You know Z'ron would never abandon you. This is just a hiccup. We will get everyone looking for her - just in case."
Hwyleth cries and sends out a wave of sadness and worry.
Colin  gets that "looking beyond the walls" expression...

Ayla squeaks
Colin: "Ah, there you are, Leaf."
R'iss strokes Hwyleth's long neck soothingly.
Hwyleth  croons sadly and leans into R'iss.
Ayla leans on the little green and whimpers softly.

Colin: "Yes, Leaf's surely picking up that feeling of distress... I'll see if I can ask her to tell me more."
Hwyleth sends out a mental cry for her Beloved Z'ron.
Una re-enters the Rest "I see no signs of anything unusual nearby."
R'iss Altman looks up, a slight glazed expression on her face. "I will have Orlith speak with the other weyrlings and see if anyone knows where she is."
Moira watches with interest and pats the baby flit on her shoulder, murmuring "We need to learn more about communicating with the others".
Moira : "Thanks for checking around outside, Una."
Colin : "Yes...  Hwyleth surely doesn't know where her Rider is. I'm seeing if Leaf can pick up any more."
Una: "Of course...  so very strange."
R'iss: "hmm, nobody has seen her since morning."

Ortath arrives out on the porch of the Rest and rumbles a greeting to Mishalath, also out on the porch.
Shanna: "Eep! Here is Blueball, the flits think something is wrong"
R'iss: "Handa says she was mumbling about  going to look for something or other."

Colin: "Hard to ask a firelizard "When did you last see her?" but I'm trying."
R'iss gives Colin an amused look.

Hwyleth mentally cries to Ortath <<my RIDER GONE!!>>
Mishalath rumbles back to the Bronze, eyes flickering orange as the Green picks up the worries of peoples, flits and the young Green.
Ortath sends back to stay calm but shares the worries.

Moira looks up questioningly.  "There's Ortath and Mishalath at the window.  Maybe they know something?"
Una grows more concerned hearing the rumbles of the big dragons outside.

Hwyleth sends to Ortath a picture she can vaguely discern of a huge pile of rocks??
Ortath sends a questioning thought to Hwyleth unable to clearly picture the location... does your rider need help?
Hwyleth sends out a <<not sure... I thnk she searches... far far away...>>
R'iss looks to Ortath and Mishalath for help. "Has Hwyleth been able to give you any clues about where her rider might be?"
Mishalath shakes her head and croons comfort.
Ortath sends back.. stay strong little one and keep trying to contact.
Hwyleth cries softly <<almost cannot hear her thoughts so far>>.
R'iss continues to stroke the little green in a soothing manner.
Ayla nudges the little green and wonders where the human is.
Moira looks back and forth between the big dragons and the little green, while stroking her little firelizard Mysty, who is starting to get agitated.
Hwyleth puts her head on R'iss' shoulder and is comforted.

Ortath swishes tail in the sand nervously.
Hwyleth: << Ortath, Mishalath, help?>>
Moira sees a swirl of sand floating up and laughs "I'm glad I'm not out on the porch".

Colin: "Seems to me the freshest memory I can pick up about Z'ron is from somewhere around here".
Ortath sends how can we help little one... we need a landmark.
Una: "Around here?  Where can one be around here, but here?"
Moira: "Ardrhys, did you come down here from the Drum Heights?  Did you notice anything unusual on your way down?"
Ardrhys: "Yes Moira, nothing out of place on the Heights."
Moira: "Thanks.  I wonder where else..."
Ayla looks at the little green wanting to know where.
Mishalath croons again, sending comfort and questioning ~Rider is strong and loves you, where is here?~ the older Green tamps down doubt and fear from her own experience.
Colin: "Around here... but not where we've seen her... I wonder."
Una looks out the door and tries to imagine ... "Is she known to walk along the water?"

Hwyl Sends!! <<image of tight scary tunnel... probably too small for Large Cousin..perhaps Green Mishalath?>>
Orion rumbles and reinforces the images to Mishalath
Colin: "There's one place where someone could be..."
Moira: "Where would that be?"
Ayla chirps.
Mishalath perks at the hint she can help ~ I am strong and smaller then Ortath and can help?~
R'iss continues to sooth the little green whilst listening to Colin's idea

Colin: "There are old mine tunnels behind the Rest's storage cavern."
Hwyleth perks up as they speak of possibilities.
Moira: "Oh yes. I had forgotten about the old mine tunnels."
Colin: "Can't imagine why a Weyrling would be in there... still, she's Miner-born."
Shanna: "That lead to the other side? I came that way today, saw no one."
Una: "Mine tunnels?"
 Ayla makes an annoyed, frustrated sound.
Colin: "Yes, a whole network of them. Seem to have been worked out long ago."
Moira looks over  at the far wall "Is that the storage room that connects to the mine?"
Colin: "Right. I can imagine her going into the tunnels looking for gems or the like."
Shanna: "Easy to get lost in there if you don't know tunnels."
Una nods knowing how easy it is to forget her way in the weyr caverns.
Moira: "That sounds plausible, now that you mention it.  She always talked about gems and rocks a lot."

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