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Topic: When Golds Fly Part Two  (Read 4663 times)

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*Cynianne Hellershanks

on: December 30, 2013, 06:35:35 PM When Golds Fly Part Two

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The drums sound all clear, and people begin returning to Runners' to wash off the dust and relax. Seats are taken and drinks are passed. Ayla is perched on the windowsill looking tired and pleased with herself.

Colin spots her and says, "Think I forgot to finish my meatroll. No point in looking for it after the firelizards have been around."

Cyn walks out of the Beasthold, all sweaty and disheveled. Shanna looks at Cyn and grins.

Cyn brushes hay off her shirt and ties the closing. She makes a half hearted effort to smooth her hay flecked hair, then pours a glass of wine.

Colin mutters, "Good thing Leaf goes up in the hills every time she feels that way."

Drayven rolls eyes "I'm not even going to ask what Isa does."

Cyn scowls at them, then spots Ayla. "What was that? How dare you do that to me?"

Ayla chirps a tired happy.

Drayven chuckles and sips his drink. "It's good to be home."

Rodney tosses Cyn a pot of liniment and sits on the porch step. Cyn throws the pot of liniment back at Rodney, hard.

Rodney says to her,"You're going to need it in the morning."

Cyn bares her teeth at him. "You should really not speak, really should not."

Drayven chokes on his wine. Rodney just rolls his eyes.

Drayven grins, "Hey, if it works..." He tries really hard not to laugh and hides the grin behind his mug as he sips.

Yuki chews on the straps on Dray's boots. Cyn cuts her eyes at Dray, and hopes Yuki scratches those nice boots. Drayven gives Cyn a grin and a wink when he catches that look. He looks down at Yuki, "You again, huh?"

Yuki looks up as mouth opens to let the strap go. Shoves cup up. "You've had too much klah already, and I've got wine." Drayven smiles down at the flit.

Cyn wipes a hand up across her face and takes a deep drink. Ayla dozes in the window.

Shanna notes, "Flits can't have too much. Of anything."

Yuki smacks Drayven's foot with cup and offers it up again.

Shanna snorts.

Drayven smiles, "Have you seen a flit on too much klah? They're hyper to start.... Hey! That's no way to get anything."  He eyes Yuki sternly as cup smacks boot, glad the leather is thick or he'd have a bruised toe.  Yuki gives him a look, too, and growls with not happy.

Shanna stretches, "I think, the boats should now be out chasing fish chasing Thread. I might just sneak into bed"

Rodney nods "Sounds like a good plan."

Colin looks out over the water. "They'll be out all night, I suppose."

Shanna yawns. "Probably."

Colin nods, "And spending much of tomorrow unloading and cleaning and all. Aye, you need rest."

Shanna laughs, "So you are all volunteering for fish gutting tomorrow?"

Cyn goes to the pump and soaks herself for many minutes.

John points out, "Dray you are the first harper I've seen who doesn't wear blue..."

"I've been away," Drayven replies, "Not good to wear blue where I was."

Cyn slumps down on the bench, dripping. She looks down at her hay flecked clothing and mutters, "I should go change."

Colin remarks, "Ah, we're more civilized here. Do mainlanders really eat meat raw? I'm thinking that's only a granny's tale."

"We cooked meat, Colin." Cyn says dryly, "Not much different than here."

Drayven chuckles, "It's the fish they eat raw. I've heard Baos call it soo-shee, so they must eat it raw where he came from, too."

Colin shudders, "And they're welcome to it. I'll take me food cooked."

Cyn makes a nasty face, "Must be hungry people. I was so far inland all our fish was dried."

Colin reminisces, "The chance to eat fresh fish wasn't the only reason I decided to be a Trader after my first Gather, but I'll admit it did help."
Cyn is grateful to talk about fish or anything besides the afternoon. "Fresh here is definitely better than dried. But cooked."

Yuki bites at the straps on boots again. Drayven looks down and sees the wine still in the bottom of Yuki's cup. "Did you drink... no, you didn't, so stop messing with my boots."

Colin lifts his cup in the direction of Fisher Hall, "It's a good thing that we have the Fishers to keep us going with Thread striking our crops and herds."

Yuki sits down between Dray's legs and licks at the cup with wine in it. Trills. Drayven shakes his head and chuckles, sipping his own drink while the pesky flit is occupied.

Colin turns to Cyn, "At least you haven't a green looking to you. I'd be as bad, and less forgiven, if Leaf did that around here."

Cyn flushes deep red and frowns down into her glass. "Sorry about biting you, Colin."

John chuckles softly. "I've seen such things, participated in them even. In the Weyr it's much more, um, pronounced."

Colin queries John and R'iss, "So I've heard. Dragons must be much more, effective?, than firelizards at broadcasting that."

John nods, "It affects the whole Weyr, in one way or another."

Drayven joins in, interested. "I'd heard that too. And that it affects all, dragons and flits, as well."

Cyn shrugs, staring at the floor. "Ayla seems to have a strong effect."

John nods, "Golds do. That's why they send away all the queens who are not blooding their kills, or you would have queens fighting."

Cyn glances up at Rodney and John. "You know I didn't mean...."

John smiles at her, if his cheeks are a little red, he ignores it. "It's perfectly okay, Cyn. You might want to send something to M'thos, though."

Cyn remembers ripping a handful of chest hair out of M'thos and covers her face, mortified.

Colin smirks, "Good thing Ludo wasn't here, or we'd have a Harper song sooner or later."

Cyn gasps in horror.

Drayven laughs, "I like her songs. She could be music master just as well as me."

Cyn wails, "Shards, I've oggled a Music Master. I need more wine."

Drayven gives a wicked grin and a mock bow, "Drayven, Music Master of Gianfar, at your service."

Cyn curtsies, "Harper Apprentice Cynianne, back to farming during the troubles, at your service."

Drayven nods deeply, "Well met."

Cyn lifts her glass and sips at the MusicMaster.

Drayven lifts his own in return with a smile, then drains it.

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