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Topic: When Golds Fly Part One  (Read 4791 times)

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*Cynianne Hellershanks

on: December 30, 2013, 06:32:55 PM When Golds Fly Part One

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(This RP text has been edited for timestamp and last name removal, and cohesive conversation. It is also in two parts to deal with the 20K character limit.)

Cyn walks into Runners' Rest with wet hair and Ayla on her shoulder. She looks around the gathered crowd of people and firelizards.

"I would like to hear, my trip to the mountains was long," Rhys continues, looking at Colin.

"Rhys, in brief, I found a body on the rocks beside the waterfall. Turned out to be a thief who'd decided he knew where Ayla had stashed her 'shinies'," Colin explains. "and tried to climb down a cliff to steal them. Ayla disagreed with that."

Rodney glances up from the conversation. "Hello, Cyn."

Colin continues, "and what she left of him fell into the sea and washed up by the waterfall."

"Is it especially warm today, or is it just me?" Cyn asks, pushing her hair off her forehead.

John, The MasterHealer frowns slightly, "Not in particular."

Colin interrupts telling Rhys about the body, "It's surely not cool, good Thread weather, I'm afraid."

"Even a swim didn't help." Cyn is fidgety and distracted. Ayla launches off Cyn's shoulder and flies circles around the room.

Rhys worries Rodney's story in his mind, mulling, and shushes his flit from hissing at the little Queen flit. He croons, "Be quiet little one."

Ayla flies and lands, flies and lands, not able to settle for long. Cyn seems oblivious.

"So, Rhys, we don't know who that thief was," Colin glances toward Ayla, "and we DON'T know where the stash is. Probably never will."

Rodney is concerned, "I just hope he was the only one."

Colin nods, " Aye! But I'm thinking that he's not. There's too much hunger out in the smallholds."

Ayla lands on the table in front of Cyn, and paces the length of the table. Cyn reaches out absently to scritch her, which Ayla ignores.

"He's not the only one," Cyn adds, "I rounded up enough hungry people at the farm who have big men to guard us and ours there."

Colin raises his cup, "Well done. I suppose as time goes on we'll get accustomed to Thread. Those of us who survive, anyway."

Rhys stares at Ayla speculatively. "Aye, very well done."

John watches Cyn looking thoughtful. Rodney notices and asks, "Do you feel well, Cyn?"

Cyn shakes her head a bit, "Fine. Warm. I can't seem to sit still today"

Rodney speculates, "Too much klah, perhaps?"

Cyn frowns, "Never touch the stuff." Yuki shoves cup up and trills. Rodney laughs and fills the cup with a few drops of klah. Ayla takes off and disappears between.

Rhys turns back to the matter at hand, "Rodney, was this body hurt in any other way than the fall?"

Colin leans in and murmurs, "The body was pretty well slashed and bitten. Ayla had a slash on her leg. Far as we can tell, she attacked him while he was hanging on a rope; he lost his hold and was killed when he hit the shore, or maybe submerged rocks."

Rhys wonders, "Who would want shiny things badly enough to die for them?"

"I don't think he had death in mind," Cyn replies.

John looks up and does a double-take. "Harper Dray! So good to see you!"

Drayven walks in and laughs, "That flit lives for klah. Hope you made him fish for it." Yuki shakes cup at Rodney and trills more.

John gives Drayven a big hug. Drayven grins and hugs John hard. "Long time no see, my friend."

John says, "Very long time, it's been what, nearly 2 Turns? Where were you hiding?"

"I've been traveling. Came back late last night."

A faint smell of fish wafts into the room. John turns to look. He greets the Fisher, "Hi Shanna."

Shanna greets in her usual dour fashion, "Hello."

Looking back to Drayven he asks, "For two turns, where'd you go? Mainland?"

Cyn blows upward at the hair on her forehead and fidgets.

Yuki pulls at the closures on Rodney's shirt to get attention. Showing him cup is empty. All but hits him with it. Rodney protests "If I give you any more, Isarma will kill me!"

Drayven nods to John, "Needed some info on how they're dealing with Threadfall there."

John tells Draven, "Well we've had a sore need for riders, but managing somewhat. Oh, did you find anything useful?"

Drayven nods, "I may have. Though it's Baos from Fishers who figured it out. I came down here looking for the M'thos."

Yuki trills and pulls at the closures. Wants more. Trying to convince him to give more. Rodney pours a little water into Yuki's cup. Yuki plops down on bench and licks happily at the yummy in the cup. Rodney chuckles. "You sing for your klah?"

Rhys calms his flit down. Again. "SHH be quiet, silly beast"

Colin grins, "Hm, so we have a firelizard who likes "shinies" like jewelry and gems, one who likes ale much too well, now one who likes klah, and I remember what that did once! Never a dull moment."

Cyn inserts, "Ayla also has a thing for bubbly pies. And guard your towel at the bathing pools."

Drayven chuckles and Rhys laughs. Rodney nods, "Ayla will steal anything not tacked down."

John replies to Drayven, "M'thos is probably in the Weyr. I'll send my firelizard for him."

John fastens a scroll to his firelizard's leg and launches him his arm. "Find M'thos."

"Thanks. I'd try to send Yuki, but unless there's klah involved....," Drayven shrugs.

John asks, "I though Yuki looked to Isarma?"

"Oh, he does. But most of hers will at least mind another harper."

John nods "That's expected of couples."

Rodney notes, "Yours will listen to me, John."

Cyn helps herself to a glass of wine, drinks it down and pours another.

Rodney looks at Cyn carefully.

Rhys grins, "I remember another little green flit that used to fly around Rodney a lot."

Rodney  blushes. "I like flits and dragons."

Cyn smirks, "They like you."

John shakes his head slowly,  "I still don't know why you aren't a rider, Rodney."

Yuki tilts head and looks to Dray, talk of getting more klah. Licks the rest of the cup and shakes it to him to tell him klah or no person.

Drayven grins, "Because he's impressed to another Healer, John."

Cyn snorts, "Like we can afford to lose another Healer to the Weyr."

Rodney  "You'd be repairing me on a regular basis if I flew."

John looks a little sheepish. "Yeah, that is true..."

Rhys grins, "I remember a baby Brown nearly trying to Impress Rodney."

Drayven smiles at Yuki, "You've had enough klah, Yuki. Isa'll flip if you go hyper."

John chuckles, "And there is nothing worse than a angry Harper."

Yuki growls little and sets cup down. Best pout can do.

Cyn growls and removes the lid from the klah pot. "There, Yuki, a feast for you."

Rodney chuckles.

Rhys turns to the Harper, "Drayven, you should have seen this, what, two hatchings back? Rodney was sitting in the stands and this new confused hatchling scrabbled over many people right to his lap..."

John states, "Ordinarily, that would be an Impression."

Rhys continues, "...and stared right in his face. The ones in white were flabbergasted."

Drayven smiles, "Flits seem to flock to Rodney like they do to Isa. So I'd suppose dragons would too."

Rodney laughs, "Even Ayla won't ignore me, most of the time."

Colin watches Cyn's pacing with a concerned expression.

Yuki trills and dunks head in the pot and licks as fast as can. Drayven reaches over and puts the lid back on the klah pot.

Cyn looks at the back of Rodney's head, and lifts a lock of his hair in her fingers.

Rodney whips his head round, looking at Cyn. "What?"

Cyn shakes her head as if confused and walks away.

Drayven nudges the flit away from the klah, making sure the lid's secure. Yuki snaps at Dray's hand. Drayven snaps fingers at Yuki and avoids being bitten, "Oh no you dont!"

Rhys remembers, "That Brown impressed a nice girl Rider, but I suspect he was torn actually. He looked pretty confused."

"Roarketh will still call to me if he can't find K'trine. But he knows I don't fly." Rodney shrugs and looks away.

Rhys asks, "He speaks to you often?"

Rodney replies, "Now and then. Enough to know he likes my company."

Cyn tosses back the last of her glass and pours another.

Yuki sets cup down with a huff and sits. NOT happy with Dray taking klah away.

Rhys toasts, "Rodney, you are a mysterious person to be sure. And would have done well in Beasthall work, too!"

Cyn leans over toward John and inhales the confusing male scent of him.

"Thank you, but I'm happy where I am." Rodney smiles at John. Then notices Cyn and glares at her.

Rhys smiles "Oh I well know that. But folk with such skills are always welcome in the taming of runnerbeasts and such. If you meet anyone else like you, let me know alright?"

Rodney chuckles. "Of course, Rhys."

Drayven looks back at Yuki. "You've had enough. Why don't you find some nice fish, Yuki?" He turns and sees M'thos at the door. "Good to see you. I've got something you might want to see."

Yuki thinks of tossing cup at him, then runs over to the one just entered.

M'thos looks around for the Healer CraftMaster and spots him, "John? Your firelizard sent me a message."

John looks flustered, and then blinks at the Wingsecond, "Yes, Harper Drayven has news for you." He moves away from Cyn, and sits next to Rodney

Cyn runs her hand through her hair and shakes her head quickly, trying to clear it.

Yuki shoves cup at the other man and trills.

Cyn stares at Drayven's butt.

Drayven can feel the weight of her stare and is sorely tempted to wiggle his butt, but doesn't. He just grins.

M'thos crouches down to look at the firelizard. "Well, hello there."

Rhys drinks more klah. Yuki shakes and waves cup to M'thos and trills, wanting more.

Rodney teases, "Cyn, did you get into your farm's home remedies?"

Cyn scowls at Rodney. "No, but that may be just what I need."

"What do you want, little fellow?" M'thos says quietly.

Drayven tells M'thos, "He's Isa's, and he wants klah, but he's already had too much."

Cyn looks around the room at the men and settles her gaze on M'thos. She moves toward him.

Shanna thinks meat rolls are more interesting than people right now.

M'thos chuckles, "What is it with the dragonkin here? He's not the first I've heard of that likes human food."

Yuki sticks tongue out at Dray and growls. Turns back all sweet, shaking cup up to M'thos.

M'thos rising smoothly to his feet, he turns to the Harper he doesn't know, "You have news that is of interest to the Weyr, Harper?"

"No idea," Drayven replies, "but if you've got a few moments, the MasterHarper would like to see you in her office. She's got something to show you, M'thos."

Cyn is at his side. She quietly says, "No."

M'thos agrees, "I do, but only a few moments. There's drills in about 15 minutes..."

Cyn says more firmly, "No"

Drayven motions for M'thos to follow. "You'll want to see this, I think."

Cyn asserts, "No!"

Drayven nods to the others, "Clear skies, all."

Cyn reaches out her hand to M'thos and strokes his arm. She grabs a handful of leather sleeve. Rodney stares at Cyn, worried.

Yuki huffs and hits them both on the foot with cup, Dray and M'thos in turn.

M'thos shakes his arm loose, "I'm sorry, Cyn? You can come along if you want."

Cyn stares at M'thos, "You really should come with me right now."

M'thos looks over his shoulder in the direction Drayven took, "But the Harpers have news vital to the Weyr, I must see to that."

Cyn begins unfastening his jacket. She slips her  hand inside.

M'thos looks alarmed and tries to brush her hand off, "After Fall, perhaps?"

Cyn grabs a handful of chest hair. "Now."

M'thos bats at her hand again, forcefully removing her grip. He is stronger than he appears. "I must find out what the Harper Master has. Please, sit down and drink some water."

Rodney looks on in shock. Cyn growls in frustration

Rhys looks at Cyn's behavior, jerks his head in her direction. Raising a brow he whispers "Might her Queen flit be, you know...proddy?"

Colin looks over at Rhys, raises his eyebrows and whispers, "Clearly!"

Rodney looks around for Ayla, who is not there.

Cyn looks down at the chest hair clenched in her fist. She dusts her palms clean, then pours another glass of wine and surveys the room

Colin clears his throat, "Well, uh, nice day, isn't it? If it doesn't rain."

Rhys grins "Well well, I wonder about new clutches of flit eggs. They are always welcome."

Cyn glares at Rhys, "Not when they don't belong to you."

Rhys is curious, "Do eggs belong to anyone until they hatch?"

Yuki shoves cup to Rhys and trills to him.

Cyn hisses, "Yes, just ask Ayla."

Colin nods with a smile, "I can guarantee Ayla's belong to her! She made a huge fuss when Cyn found one of her nests."

R'iss pauses in the doorway before entering.

Colin looks up. Rodney follows Colin's look, "Hello, R'iss."

Cyn glances to the door, then turns her gaze to the back of Colin's neck.

Colin greets, "Hello, Rider!"

R'iss saunters over towards the table where most people have gathered and nods to each in turn as she approaches the table.

Rhys suddenly feels a tug on his shoulder guard where his flit perches...glad he has it on, the claws would have scored by now. "SHHHHH stop it, settle little one."

R'iss waves, "Good day to you all!"

John nods, "G'day Weyrling Master"

Rhys looks up "Heyla!"

R'iss nods, "Good day CraftMaster"

Cyn leans down and bites Colin on the back of the neck, sliding her hands down the front of his shirt.

Colin looks around in consternation at Cyn.

Rodney is shocked, "Cyn!"

R'iss slouches onto a seat and looks around for a barmaid.

Rhys pats his flit again, settling him, and surreptitiously spills some klah in the Yuki's cup.

John blinks. "Ok, I would recommend Cyn go to her quarters. I've seen this before. Ayla's proddy, isn't she?"

Rhys grins at Cyn and almost laughs, "Yes, we've just determined this.  If I knew her better I'd make sure she made it safely there." Rhys covers his mouth and winks at John.

John nods, hiding a smile, "It's the lady's choice."

R'iss watches the proceedings with interest and a knowing smirk.

Cyn turns to Rhys, "You wouldn't, too far to walk at the moment." She throws a leg over and sits on Rhys, facing him.

Yuki sits on the table and happily licks the klah in cup.

Rodney shakes his head. "There will be yelling when she comes to her senses."

Rhys grins, not totally upset that she does this and teases her, "Beasthall is far though, a long ride. Perhaps I could be invited to stay elsewhere"

Cyn bumps the klah pot with an elbow, spilling it all over the table. Yuki races to lick up klah before cleaned or taken away. Colin jumps up out of the way of the flood.

Cyn begins unfastening Rhys' jacket with trembling hands.
Rhys grabs her hands "Steady girl, you need help to not make hasty choices."

Cyn snatches her hand out of Rhys' and rips the front of his jacket open.

Colin quietly hurries to the kitchen area and finds a rag. Rodney gets up to help Colin. Yuki, seeing them stand, licks fast as can trying to get more klah up than they can take from him.

Colin whispers to Rodney, "Anything we can do for her, except the obvious?"

Rhys laughs, enjoying his strange predicament. He grabs Cyn's arms and holds them strongly behind her back. She wiggles her eyebrows and grins into his eyes.

Rodney shrugs "Not that I know."

Rhys tries to control his laugh, "Stop! You are not yourself."

Cyn giggles and squirms her butt into his lap, "Oh yes I am."

Colin takes a handful of rags back and starts mopping up the spilled klah. Rodney follows with his own handful. Yuki snaps, not biting, licks more hurried and pushes rags away. Colin stands on the far side of the table from Cyn. Rodney hisses "Yuki, enough!"

Cyn leans her weight on Rhys's chest, trying to tip him off the bench.

R'iss watches Cyn with growing amusement and wonders for a brief moment if the older woman has had the "greenrider talk," knowing what non-riders can be like afterwards.

Colin takes his soggy rags onto the porch to rinse at the pump

Rhys looks around, appealing to the others wordlessly as he hold the gyrating woman in his arms, not able to let her go for fear of being further pleasantly assaulted.

Yuki under the table to lick the drippings. Rodney sighs and keeps wiping the table.

Cyn takes advantage of the proximity of Rhy's skin and licks his collarbone.

Yuki sees something outside and races to it all hyper on klah.

Shanna dozes, disinterested.

Rhys whispers to Cyn, "It would be wisest if you were in your quarters. Obviously Ayla is close to a flight..."

Cyn mumbles against Rhys's chest, "Too far. Runners' beasthold is closer."

Colin mops up the last of the spilled klah, murmurs "'scuse me" to the Weyrlingmaster. He takes the rags back out to rinse, keeping a wary eye on Cyn.

Rhys sighs. Cyn struggles against her arms being pinned and sinks her teeth into Rhys's pec. Rhys gasps happily. Shrugging at Colin, he stands lifting Cyn in his strong arms, keeping hers pinned tightly. Cyn wraps her legs around his waist. "I see nothing for it, let's go then." With a wink at Colin and Rodney, Rhys carries Cyn in the direction of the small runnerbeasthold with a huge grin on his face.

Colin steps out of the way quickly. "I'm thinking I'll say nothing about this. She'll not be pleased, whatever we do or don't."

They all look up as the drums sound, "Threadfall sighted! Kuma east! Take cover!" Everyone glances back at the door through which Rhys and Cyn departed, then runs off to their duties. Runners' staff closes metal doors and shutters.

(continued in When Golds Fly Part Two)

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