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News: Sunday Meeting notes are here!

Know something we ought to talk about? An idea, a suggestion, a complaint... add it to the Agenda thread, or contact Vee inworld. Even if you can't make the meeting, we'll discuss anything relevant. (And usually a few things that aren't.)

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Topic: Colin's meeting notes  (Read 24748 times)

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on: September 30, 2012, 12:14:36 AM Colin's meeting notes

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... continued in book 2 ...

2012-12-01 PM

Topics -
 - Tier
 - Wyn
 - Vee's viewer problems continue
 - Weyr leadership
 - Usual schedule tomorrow
 - Plus La Performance show at 2:30

   Tier for the full sims hasn't been paid yet, as far as Vee knows; she and Wyn haven't been able to coordinate. We've had offers of help from several people, so tier WILL be covered one way or another. Vee or Wyn will post a Group Notice and probably post something on the Web site.
   Wyn is sleeping a lot.
   Varian is still having viewer problems - constant immediate logoffs with one viewer, for one account, on one PC! There was much scratching of heads. So we'll likely see more of Varth for a while.
   randy and Varth will handle Weyr training as soon as there are dragonpairs to train. "We have to get the Weyr up and running again. But I won't compromise on the basics - no riders with NPC dragons, or vice versa. No flying a real Fall solo."
   Tomorrow: meeting at 10, Vee's class at noon, RP at 2, dancing at 4. And randy's dance group, La Performance, premieres "Love Is..." at 2:30 at Mahoney City - Shipstone 226,137,3202 .

2012-11-25 AM

Topics -
 - Applicant interested in being a runnerbeast
 - Restarting the Weyr
 - Turnover gather?

I received an application this morning from a player who'd like to be a runnerbeast. This isn't the first time someone's wanted a non-speaking part, but so far only one has stayed around. We'll see what happens this time.
   Discussed the duties of Weyr administration: (1) Training the pairs in flying, RP, and Fall; (2) Providing RP and general reasons to spend time in the Weyr; (3a) Teaching dragon players how to think like a dragon, (3b) dragon maintenance like modding, fixing the flamer, or just getting the hide looking right. Need people to be active in all those roles. Also need dragons and riders!
   Discussed having a Turnover gather. Sunday before RL New Year's seems like a good time.
   RP class at noon SLT, RP at 2, dance/social at 4 as usual.

2012-11-24 PM

Topics -
 - Welcomed Elysa, our newest member
 - Tier
 - Wyn's health is improving

Elysa Swansong attended her first meeting.
   Before the meeting officially started we talked about scripting chairs and lag, then about raising money for tier on Shaula and Kuma.
   The tier fund was at L$14,904 (around US$60) at the time of the meeting. We need about L$105,000 by 11/28 though LL gives seven days' grace.
   Vee reported that Wyn's medical people are pleased with her progress.
   We discussed recruiting and advertising and getting the Weyr functioning and getting listed in Search, and contacting non-SL Pern groups on the Web, as usual.
   Tomorrow: usual schedule - meeting at 10, Vee's RP class at 12 (at NCI), our RP at 2, probable OOC dancing / social hour at 4.

2012-11-18 AM

Topics -
 - Vee's advertised Wednesday celebration in Medi-Fantasy Events and will get it listed in SL Events
 - Nothing more to say.

2012-11-17 PM

Topics -
 - Homestead tier was paid on schedule
 - www.GianfarPeaks.com is working again
 - Discussed the fundraising ball
 - First anniversary of Anne McCaffrey's death is Wednesday - celebrations of her life at 2 PM and 7 PM.

      Next goal is to pay the tier for the full sims, due at the end of the month. The homestead tier pretty well emptied the tier fund, and we have less than two weeks to raise US$390.
   Discussed what went well at the ball and what could've gone better. The absence of the Fairports was because of a communication problem. There were a few problems with the auction, but all were worked out in a few days.
   We'll have parties Wednesday to celebrate Anne's life: 2 PM and 7 PM in the Weyr bowl. Possible activities include inviting people to tell what their favorite McCaffrey stories are and/or what was the first book or story they read. This will not be a recruiting or fundraising event, but a celebration of Anne's life. Please publicize it to any RP groups you belong to, especially to dragons of any kind. As you remember from last year, the Weyr bowl has plenty of room for them!

2012-11-11 AM

Topics - the Masquerade Ball

Any teleport to Shaula today will put you in front of the ballroom platform, about 600 meters up. If you need to get to the Weyr, go to Kuma and walk or fly over to Shaula.

The ballroom is ready and most of the auction items are out - probably all, by the time you read this.

The Fairports will be DJ'ing at 2 PM today; Gelgisith will be shooting fireworks at 3:30.

The silent auction is available now, in the first floor of the castle. Touch the item(s) you want to bid on. You'll get a menu offering 'get a notecard,' 'see the bid history,' and 'bid.' At the end of the event, the vending prims will be picked up and  the high bidders will be given the objects they bought.

All species are welcome, very OOC , any garb that fits a fantasy or medieval theme. As this is a masquerade, free masks are available at the ballroom door.

The ballroom is VERY impressive! Dragons and such folk will have plenty of headroom. And decorations include Northern Lights, moonbeams, and see if you can spot the will-o'-the-wisp.

2012-11-10 PM

Topics -
 - Wyn's doing better
 - Vee hopes to have more free time next week
 - Tier fund is almost L$41k, need $65k by the 15th
 - Ludo may miss the dance
 - Plans for the ball
 - Silent auction is open NOW, items are in the ballroom, more coming
   Wyn's doing better. Holding conversations and building. Talking (or typing) to her is good for her. That's not a licence to IM her about every little thing, but please don't avoid talking to her.
   Vee is settling into her new job, hopes to have free time next week.
   We have L$40,908 for tier; need to have about L$65,000 by the 15th.
   Ludo's prepping for a medical checkup and might miss the masquerade ball.
   We'll have a silent auction only, setting up a live one takes too much time. Items are being put on display in the ballroom (Shaula 147, 160, 603) and bids can be placed ANY TIME starting before this meeting. Not everything was put out at the time of this meeting.
   We'd planned to offer dragon rides but haven't seen any dragons but Ortath in weeks.
   Talked about when to ask Gel to do the fireworks show, vs. when the Fairports will be DJ'ing. As Gel is European we don't want to have his show too late in the SL afternoon. To be decided.
   In SL Search, the ball is in the Nightlife/Entertainment category and showed up... except that 11/11 was labelled "Today" for some cybernetic reason.

2012-11-04 AM

Topics -
 - Wyn is back
 - Fundraising
   Wyn attended the meeting.
   Discussed the fundraising dance. Cyn has gotten it into Events by replacing "Pern" in the text with "Anne McCaffrey's dragon world."
 - John's advertising poster is available for L$0 in the Council  Chamber. Look for places to post it.
 - Ludo's donating her Dragon Tower build and a dance floor in two sizes for the auction.
 - We could try a live auction during the ball (need auctioneers); maybe a silent auction, though that would have to run for several weeks.
 - Need items to auction... have to raise a pile of money.

2012-11-03 PM

Topics -
 - Vee has a job, Wyn's recovering
 - Tiers for full sims were paid on time
 - Rodney survived the Frankenstorm
 - We need to raise around L$40k by mid-month
 - The dance is on, 2 PM 11/11
    Wyn had a mini-stroke and is having trouble finding words - but can sing, draw, and build.
   Rodney's home even has electricity.
   We have about L$30k for the homestead tier, and need about L$67.5.
   The Fairports and Gel are ready for the Fantasy Masquerade Ball: music and fireworks, all we need are rich and generous guests.
   Vee will continue to be very much in First Life next week, the rest of us will take care of "minor" details like the dance.
   Looks as if we'll be able to have a silent auction as an additional fund raiser at the dance. We need donated items for both the auction and the fundraising skybox.
   Meeting tomorrow at 10 AM as usual, then Vee's RP Basics class at 12 N, RP at 2 PM, and quite likely the usual gathering on the dance floor at 4.

2012-10-28 AM

Topics -
 - Fundraising
 - RP at 2 PM as usual
   With Vee and Wyn out of touch for at least a week, we picked up the fundraising ball and ran with it (or swam or snowshoed).
   We need to raise L$62k by November 15 to cover the homestead regions.
   Ludo has built a 4-story castle and put it in the fundraising skybox; 22x22 footprint, 44 prims, specially scripted doors; price is L$500 and she'll give all of it to NoviPeaks.
   We decided that the dance will be held on Sunday 11/11 at 2 PM SLT.
   Cyn will handle the event announcement. I'll double-check with the Fairports for the music, Cyn with Gelgisith for the fireworks.
   We'll need a teleporter to take people from the Shaula bowl (the default TP landing place) to the ballroom in the sky. John found that he can change the default TP target. Cynianne has a great TP setup and will take care of the teleporter.
   The theme will be fantasy masquerade, compatible with the ballroom being in a castle. IC optional, no weapons, no sex.
   John will find the event advertising signs that he was working on.
   We'll have time to move the dance balls from the Kuma dance floor to the castle.
   We need to have donation jars, and maybe have the items from the fundraising skybox on a balcony.
   Shaula's tight on prims, though: 419 free. Folks might be willing to 'take' their furniture for the day; Firestorm, at least, has a "Restore to Last Position" function that makes that relatively safe (but you must be in the same Region when you use it because Position is relative to the Region!)
   Does anyone have a script that would run a silent auction?

2012-10-27 PM

Topics -
 - Vee starts work Monday, Wyn's husband in a couple of weeks  
 - Wyn is ill
 - Discussed the hurricane
 - Full-sim tiers due tomorrow are covered
 - NCI will demolish DreamSeeker tomorrow
 - Fundraising discussion at tomorrow's meeting
 - Fundraising dance postponed
   Vee starts work Monday, Van in a couple of weeks.
   Wyn has been ill since Wednesday.
   Rodney's in the projected path of Hurricane Sandy, Wyvern might get the edge of it.
   NCI's DreamSeeker sim will be demolished tomorrow, as funding was lost.
   Vee won't be at tomorrow's meeting, and very busy all next week. We'll probably use the meeting to check on fundraising - still need to cover our tier. Full sims, grandfathered, are US$195/month; homesteads (Etamin & Tyl) are 125. So we must raise at least US$250 by November 15.
   With all the RL... events... we decided to postpone the fundraising dance to Sunday 11/11. Yes, that's Veterans' Day in the US, Remembrance Day in the UK, but we're out of weekends.

2012-10-13 PM

Topics -
 - Money
 - Tier
 - OSgrid?
   Money is coming in, from donations and from sales in the fundraising skybox at Kuma (127, 127, 1251). Homestead tier is due on the 15th; as of the meeting we'd raised almost the US$250 that's needed for them. Full tiers (at a grandfathered rate) are due on the 28th and total US$390. So as we'll empty our coffers to pay for the homesteads, we have to raise about half again as much in the next two weeks as we did in the last two. And substantial parts of what we raised were from large donations that we can't expect to be repeated regularly.
   Homesteads can't be bought independently, they have to be owned by a person who owns a full sim. So if we lose a full sim we'll have to transfer the associated homestead to another full-sim owner. Transfers cost US$100... we couldn't afford that.
   We agreed that we must hang onto the full sims (and their grandfathered tier of US$195 instead of 295) if we possibly can.
   Folks who'd like to make substantial contributions should consider using PayPal ... WynNitely@yahoo.com ... to avoid the LL charges for changing to and from L$.
   Wyn has made donation boxes that we could put out in places beyond the Rift (where allowed, obviously). They give firelizard shoulder pets in exchange for the donation. When she gives you one it will say no-mod but that's just the script; the rest is full-perm. You should set the firelizard to "next owner no transfer."
   Ludo has reduced the price of her Hubble Telescope collages, which are for sale from her vendor in the fundraising skybox. They were much admired. All but L$1 of the price goes to the Gianfar tier fund.
   Vee and Wyn's husband are both getting lots of job interviews but no offers. In the worst case Vee and Wyn will have to sell the sims. They'll avoid it for as long as possible, and they'll try to sell only to someone who wants Gianfar to continue, and if they can keep just one sim, one of them will... but that's the worst case.
   In case we have to evacuate from SL, John's willing to provide space in OSgrid. But to actually run Gianfar there, Vee and Wyn would have to port the builds and scripts and animations. OSgrid doesn't have the Havoc physics engine so we wouldn't have Thread (barring massive work on Vee's part, maybe). Still, we could run as a sort of 3D MUSH... after all, this whole thing started on PernMushes in the text-only days.
   We discussed exporting things from SL to OSgrid. It's possible to export things that one originally created oneself. Not all of Gianfar's prims and textures were made by people who are still around, but Wyn said that "having built once, recreating most builds we have wouldn't be an impossible task." And where the creators are still active in SL, they might agree to make their works available in OSgrid.

2012-10-05 PM

Topics -
 - NCI is having money trouble too
 - NoviPeaks is collecting a significant amount of money; keep it coming!
 - Vee has job prospects
 - Kuma and Etamin are running in osgrid, our "backup site"
 - Firelizards will be available from Marketplace
 - Healers' Hall has new windows
 - Short 10 AM meeting tomorrow
 - OOC dances Saturday night?
   Dream Seeker Estates can't afford to sponsor NCI any more, because of changes LL are making to the discounts they give large estate owners. The NCI classes that DS were sponsoring are ending or getting new sponsors. Vee will be dropping her Tuesday night class for a while.
   NoviPeaks, which receives donations and fund raising revenue, now has around L$48,000 - the balance just about doubled overnight. For reference, the homestead tier comes to a bit over L$30,000 - PER MONTH! - so at least one is safe, and probably both, this round. Vee added, "So, anyway, we're *very* grateful, we really didn't expect to raise so much so quickly. But we're still asking you to keep it up, 'cos we don't know what's coming next..."
   Vee's having "final" job interviews yesterday and Monday, hopes to get an offer next week. Wyn's situation may be improving too.
   John reports that Kuma is up and running along with Etamin in osgrid. No issues that he can see. He also brought up Shaula and Tyl. So we appear to have backup for our sims. There aren't any dragon avs in osgrid yet - not much demand. It's possible to run osgrid in a PC... John's doing that for our sims. We discussed the possibility of having all the original six sims up in osgrid... even going to the nine that Soo originally intended.
   Meissa, the firelizard maker, has stopped selling inworld, but John convinced her to start selling them on Marketplace. They're the least scripted firelizards he knows of.
   John & Wyn found justification in Dragonlover's Guide for Gothic style windows, so Healers now has such.
   IC, Cyn is in Healers' recovering from the very serious injuries she suffered in last weekend's RP.
   NCI are calling a staff meeting at 11 tomorrow, to announce the closure of NCI Dream Seeker, so Vee will have to leave our morning meeting by then. They'll still have the other 3 campuses: Beach, South, and Kuula. The bigger loss is the class sponsorship money.
   We considered having a Saturday-night, utterly OOC, dance here. Depends on finding times without too many conflicting events.
   Orion's still working on the Dragon communication HUD but is sidetracked in RL.

2012-09-30 AM

Topics -
 - Notes are now on the Web site too
 - Backup sims on OSgrid
 - This afternoon's RP
 - Wyvern's sale area
   As decided recently, I'm posting my notes on the Web site too. This arose from the continuing problems of people not receiving Notices. The location is http://gianfarpeaks.com/
and after logging in follow the tree structure to Forums -> Prattle in the Peaks -> General Discussion -> Colin's meeting notes
   Wyn and John are working on backup sims on OSgrid. Eventually this would be the build, minus personal items, terrain and so on.
   Accepting donations is legal within our license as a Pern fan group, so long as we make no profit & make it clear we're not Anne. (Or Soo.). Rebuilding elsewhere shouldn't be a problem from that angle either.
   The afternoon's RP will focus on one of the consequences of the resumption of Threadfall.
   The area that Wyvern's created above Kuma will be filled with merchandise gradually. Please pass the word about it, minimizing the "gloom and doom" atmosphere.
   Wyn's resetting the tip jars to give the money to our alt, NoviPeaks Resident. Rents will continue to go to Wyn & Vee for now.

2012-09-29 PM

Colin's notes:

Topics -
 - Tier on the full sims will be paid today. Nothing certain beyond that.
 - IoW gryphons have been updated
 - Tomorrow: 10 AM meeting, 2 PM roleplay, 4 PM party
   Vee and Wyn are scrambling for tier. They'll be able to cover what's due today for Shaula and Kuma. Vee may get a job offer in mid-week. Renters, please help!
   John offered free backup space in OSgrid.org. We wouldn't be able to run fully there but could have a Gianfar. Any viewer but the LL one works.
   Sky is continuing to recover from his RL fall.

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Reply #1 on: December 02, 2012, 08:50:55 PM Re: Colin's meeting notes, this is book 2

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(Continued in book 3)

2013-01-19 PM

 - osgrid progress
 - Rentals
 - Tier

   John reported success with building a dragon in osgrid... it's full perm if someone wants to play with flying scripts. And he has an NPC bartender.
   We discussed the rules for rentals; a formerly active member had asked about ground-level IC rental spaces. We certainly have some, especially in the Hold and Healers and Fisher/Dolphin Halls. OOC rentals are possible too; the rule is that if the door stays closed, the interior doesn't have to be IC whether the renter RPs here or not. Shaula used to be tight on prims which made rentals difficult; it's improving and could improve a lot more as the old 10x10 prims are replaced with the new larger ones.
   Homestead tiers should be paid within the grace period. Don't know about full-sim tiers yet. Pay dates and tier deadlines aren't lining up well. Vee says renters are paying up, on the whole, even if not on time.
   Standard schedule tomorrow.

2013-01-13 AM

 - Roleplay arcs & style
We discussed what RP arcs or style we could invent that might draw people back from wherever they've gone.
   What makes Gianfar different from other RP sites in SL? We don't have character "levels" except for Craft and Weyr ranks. We don't have planned scenarios with monsters and NPCs to overcome; we don't have combat except during Threadfall. We're cooperative rather than competitive. We don't have many ways to provide a sense of achievement. We don't have things that can be done only by three Apprentice Miners and a Master Smith, for example.
   We've defined some tasks for newcomers to do... see the notices around the corner from the Hold Office. I don't know how many people have done those tasks. The Harpers and Healers have Craft ranks with specific requirements for advancement; I suppose the Weyr has something comparable.  The Hold has had at least one office, Steward; it certainly needs many functions like cooks and maintenance crews but how would we come up with RP scenarios for such? How about the refugees in the lower caverns?
   Perhaps the fact that we're non-combative would be a selling point, for folks in "typical" RP groups who are tired of constant combat.
   We also have regular Threadfall now: at 12, 3, 6, and 9 AM & PM SLT. That should attract Weyrfolk and flamethrower crews... perhaps we can develop scoring systems for number of Thread burned vs. number of Threadscores received.
   Ideas? Inspirations? Suggestions? Feedback?

2013-01-12 PM

 - Turnover party went well
 - Vee's working hard and being paid
 - Tier may not be so much of a swear word this time
 - NPCs in osgrid
 - Discussion of role play, in SL Wiki
 - Standard Sunday schedule
   John has managed to get NPCs working in osgrid... bots without Pathfinding. They could be shopkeepers, greeters, guards, and so forth. He's not sure that could be ported to SL. As I understood it, the mechanism creates a clone of the person who touches the control box. Apparently you can copy the appearance notecard and give the NPC av clothes, attachments and so on. A YouTube example of what can be done with NPCs is at
We weren't sure how the osgrid functions relate to SL capabilities: is osgrid ahead of SL, or has LL donated some beta code to Opensim, or... ?
   John found a discussion of SL role playing in
... Vee noted that it makes the common mistake of confusing combat with RP.

2013-01-06 AM

 - LL offer on Amazon was shut down
 - Facebook or Google+ links?
 - Turnover celebration is set for 4 PM today
 - Ways to communicate outside SL
The offer of an SL account, hoverboard, and L$1000 (just for creating an Amazon account linked to the SL account) was dropped shortly after I published yesterday's meeting notes.
   Discussed a suggestion that we put Facebook and/or Google+ links on our Web page. There's an official Pern site on Facebook...
...which requires a Facebook account. Question was whether we want to advertise to people who know nothing about SL and Pern. Also, Facebook is hostile to accounts that are SL avatars (or otherwise using "fake" names).
   Discussed how we could communicate within the Gianfar community while not logged on to SL. We might use the Forums on our Web site, though few visit it. Vee is considering reinventing the site with blog software rather than the present bbs style, but that will take time. We do have a Blogspot, though it hasn't been used lately...

2013-01-05 PM

 - Tier for Shaula & Kuma is paid
 - Turnover Celebration 4 PM tomorrow
 - SL starter pack now available on Amazon - yes, Amazon
 - osgrid experiment continues

Tier's paid and Vee's two days into her new job.
   We've booked the Fairports for Turnover, so all 150 of us should show up at 4 PM. Well, at least 15.
   LL is now selling a starter pack on Amazon, including vehicles. This weekend the pack is free (plus L$1000) if you link your LL account with your Amazon account.
   The version of Kuma on osgrid now has a tavern like Runners' Rest. The experiment continues, stay tuned. However, the opensimulator and osgrid.org websites state clearly that osgrid is and will always remain an alpha release.

2012-12-30 AM

Topics -
 - osgrid

The discussion of osgrid continued from yesterday.
   How could we recruit? We might keep one sim here as a welcome area and example, with a notecard giver telling people how to connect to osgrid and find us. Soo was thinking of that, long ago. We could probably do it, if it were a full sim and we gave most of the sky over to commercial rents. But we'd essentially be recruiting twice - to Gianfar and to osgrid. And we'd have to build all the buildings over again (the terrain can be transferred), and create our avatars again, and script everything again. Wyn's been using SL as therapy, successfully, but as she finishes recovering her RL will take over.
   But osgrid is "free" or at least much less expensive than SL, and we've been having money trouble for months.
   But it's not a short-term solution, just an escape hatch if we decide we're unable to sustain Gianfar in SL.
   And of course we have the problem that people won't go there until people are there.
   Viewers that work on osgrid include Firestorm (but a different version, without Havoc physics), Singularity, and Imprudence.
   We have a version of Gianfar (Kuma and Etamin) in osgrid. There are two Gianfar-related groups, one run by Buck (who hasn't been here in a long time) and Novi Peaks, run by Wyn.

2012-12-29 PM

Topics -
 - Tier
 - Turnover celebration Jan 6
 - Continued discussing osgrid
   Tier was due yesterday and, partly because of human and feline medical expenses... partly because no rent money has been paid by Shaula renters... we're very short. Tier for Shaula & Kuma is US$390 and we have less than $90. Some off-stage muttering is going on, Gianfar may not go off its fiscal cliff.
   We're still planning Turnover for Sunday, Jan 6; we'll see whether the Fairports would DJ for us.
   The question of moving from SL to osgrid came up again. There'd be no LL tier to pay, but we wouldn't be able to just pick up the island and move it there. And osgrid doesn't yet support the Havoc physics engine so Vee would have to start programming the dragons all over again. But there'd be no LL tier to pay.
   Stay tuned...

2012-12-23 AM

Topics -
 - New Fisher/Dolphin Hall
 - Tier
 - Guide system
 - Leader for Harper RP
 - No RP class at NCI today
 - The mall will move upward next year
 - Kuma terraforming
 - Turnover celebration
   Right after yesterday's meeting, several of us inspected the new Hall and applauded Wyn's work. The Hall has plenty of room; some of the former Healers' Hall rooms will be available  for other use - crafts, rentals, and so forth. There's a breakwater forming a harbor, and shelter for the fishing boats under the Hall.
   Tier for the homesteads was paid; now we can prepare to pay tier for the full sims.
   Vee has the new guide (formerly mentor) system almost ready, expects to show it off next week. The who's-online feature maps neatly into a who's-available-for-RP system.
   Ludo has been unable to participate in RP for several months (physical problems including an aching arm). She proposed to encourage other people to lead Harper RP whether they are harpers or not. She added that "harper RP is really easy to lead if you don't have a sore arm/wrist/shoulder." She's available weekdays, and maybe occasional Saturdays or Sundays, before noon SLT. We'll discuss this more after the holidays, when more people are around.
   Vee will probably cancel her NCI RP class today... not likely to be many folk about.
   Wyn plans to rearrange the Novi Peaks Mall (high above Kuma) and move it into a building, next year. We might move the fund-raising area into a section of the mall.
   Wyn is also considering terraforming Kuma - doing it on OSgrid first, where John has provided space for us.
   Sunday, January 6, looks like a good time for the Turnover celebration (and celebrating a First Life event).
   RP at 2, dancing at 4 as usual.

2012-12-16 AM

Topics -
 - Phoenix status
 - Scheduled falls are running; yes, Thread does bounce
    Support for the Phoenix viewer will stop at the end of this month. LL plans to release "server side avatar baking" next year, which will make all unmodified viewers unable to see avatars. Firestorm, Singularity, and Cool VL, at least, will be updated. Reference:
   Shanna reported that we'll also get mesh clothes that adjust to avatar shape!
   There were two automatic Threadfalls last night, so the new code has met reality and survived. Thread was noticed bouncing on the mesh mountains (and terrain and prims). Vee said, "When Thread 'hits', it takes half a second to go from a physical object to a static object, and the physics engine - which is now partly in the viewer - can make it bounce. Once it's static, Thread jumps to the position it hit in and changes its shape. [The code is] only a few lines: Get current, position, adjust for terrain height if it's a ground hit, change state, sleep half a second, move to position & change shape. But I don't have any control over 'bounciness' that I know of."

2012-12-15 PM

Topics -
  - Future of Phoenix viewer limited
  - Scheduled Threadfall is enabled
  - Kuma's tier was paid late but we seem to be OK
  - "Mentor online" system almost ready
  - Web site updates in the works
  - Usual schedule tomorrow

The Phoenix/Firestorm group were holding a meeting at the same time as ours. John reported they're going to stop maintenance on Phoenix, and it will break in a couple of months. Firestorm will continue to be updated, of course. Other third-party viewers including Singularity and Coolviewer will presumably still be maintained by their support groups.
   Scheduled Threadfall is ready to occur every  three hours as described in last weekend's meetings. It hasn't been triggered yet but probably will be, by the RP group tomorrow.
   Kuma's tier wasn't paid because of a PayPal problem. Wyn discovered that last night and paid the tier right away. LL hadn't notified us that they hadn't received the payment, so we're *probably* OK.
   However, that mixup means we're not sure that we have enough money to cover the homestead tier, which is due today. If you can spare a few L$ or US$ to keep the place running, that'd be much appreciated!
   Vee's almost ready to have a "mentor online" system ready. "It'll have a simple interface - an object which can be either a hud or inworld, or an attachment if you like. You just tell it when you want to be available, and a script in Gianfar will keep track of your online status." Mentors, or whatever we decide to call folks who've volunteered to help new members, would register (procedure TBD) with the system.
   Vee and John will be working on the Web pages: moving all the Craft descriptions online (after updating them) with the active ones getting more space than the inactive.
   Regular schedule tomorrow: 10 AM meeting, 12 N Vee's RP class, 2 PM RP, around 3:30 PM Threadfall reaches Kuma, 4 PM dancing for the survivors.

2012-12-08 PM

Topics -
 - Full-sim tier has been paid
 - Recruiting
 - Gianfar dragons
 - Regular Threadfall
 - Wyn's working on the Hold
Last minute generosity covered the tier with some L$ and US$ left for a start on the homestead tier that's due a week from today.
   Discussed how to finish the long awaited "official" Gianfar dragons. The avs were finished months ago but there's been considerable trouble getting the animations. Both the dragon builder and the animation designer have been absent from SL for long periods. Ortath will see about getting one of the non-animated new dragons for display in the Weyr bowl, as several were some time ago. Skylarian is helping us try to contact the animation designer.
   I've joined the "Looking for RP" group, where groups can post Notices inviting people. I've posted one Notice so far, received several. We have an applicant whom I've had trouble contacting because his IMs were capped; I'll keep trying. Invitations, like Notices, seem to be delivered occasionally.
   We'd like to have a Fall during the Turnover celebration, but can't do that with a Wing consisting of randy and Varth. Need to attract our dragons and riders. So we picked up the idea of scheduled Falls that we'd considered several months ago, with the goal that dragon/rider pairs could know that they could fly Falls at certain times (and the Hold and Hall folk could RP then too). Vee will set a schedule - for example, every three hours if there are people in the RP zones - and we'll tweak it till it attracts people. Running all the time should attract folk from all time zones.
   Wyn has most of the floating rocks out of Kuma's sky, and is working on the Hold entrance - adding doors along the stairway that will eventually open into the lower levels of the Hold. That will give us more room for minor Crafts, rentals, sheltering refugees, and so forth.
   Usual schedule tomorrow: meeting at 10 AM SLT, Vee's NCI RP class at noon, RP at 2 PM (possible Threadfall at 3), dancing at 4.

2012-12-02 AM

Topics -
 - Tier
 - Membership: recruiting, retaining  
 - Tiny carolers?
   We're short US$264 for the tier that was due last Wednesday. There's a short list of folks who have offered to cover the difference. Best, at this late date, to send via PayPal; Wyn's account there is her Email address, wynnitely@yahoo.com
   Talked at length about how SL RP groups are losing members - it's not just us - and about what's happened to former Gianfar members. RL pressure, other RP groups, leaving SL permanently or temporarily, etc.
   Talked about how to recruit people. Talked about other RP groups. One problem may be that we're "not medieval enough" - i.e., not fantasy - perhaps unique in being low-tech SF with no PvP combat and magic spells. We fit best with "medi-fantasy" groups but could also try to advertise in SF groups. Possible groups include Roleplay Gateway and SL Roleplayers.
   Talked about retaining people, especially in the Weyr which is so empty. How do we find activities for unmatched riders & dragons? ... Might reinstate the "mentor" program. John and I, and likely others, could guide new folks. ... Ludo will do Harper classes by appointment, if there are at least two students who can attend at the same time - this Wednesday at 11 SLT is likely.
   Talked about how to reach out to SL folks who aren't in RP groups, rather than having groups cannibalize one another. How can we bring potential roleplaying folks into SL?
   John suggested having dances in the evening, up in the market area, completely OOC - rather like a club. Also suggested a sim-wide hunt (I remember that we were going to do that once). Those ideas suffered the same fate.
   It'd be helpful to have someone around when people drop in, but we haven't enough people to provide full time coverage - and those we have are mostly very busy elsewhere... "I'm at 42/42 groups, and not one I can leave."  
   "So, (a) advertise; (b) have something to do while we're here/find a way to get us here when we have visitors; (c) (re)build weyr membership."
   Wyn asked if we'd like the tiny carolers to perform this month. The question got lost in the discussion of other RP groups so I'm making a point of recording it here.

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(Continued in book 4)

2013-03-24 AM

 - Pern Day

   John has sent umpteen dozen notecards announcing Pern Day, and Wyn has created a poster. She'll be adding Pern Day to the NCI adnodes this week, and see about getting it in Search/Events..I'll post an announcement to "Looking for Roleplay."
   We'll have sales booths and a recruiting booth with a hide dropper.
   We're planning Threadfalls both in the usual 3pm time slot (about 3:20 in Kuma) and during the dancing.

2013-03-23 PM

 - Thread may fall off schedule for a while
 - Pern Day
 - Ancient badmouthing of Gianfar in a Pern mush
 - Weeknight activity, anyone?

Vee may be very busy in RL next week.

There may be a bug in the Thread timers, causing it not to fall when it should (just as in the books). Vee's working on it.

Pern Day: Monday, April 1 - Anne's birthday.
 - Gather from 2 till 4 SLT (with "bardic stuff" and firelizard hatching possible, Threadfall likely).
 - Dancing from 4 till at least 6 (with the Fairports as DJs and Pern-trivia hosts) (Threadfall possible).
 - How do we get the news out, with Notices so unreliably delivered and seldom read? Individual notecards to everyone in GPoP who'd logged on to SL in the past N weeks? We wrote an announcement on the spot and John's willing to send it. Also, an announcement in SL Events? An announcement from Isle of Wyrms? Wyn's working on a poster.

Back in 2008 someone posted a long unjustified attack on Gianfar in one of the Pern MUSHes. It still shows up sometimes, though most Pern sites deleted it quickly. That might be part of the reason that we don't get many people from the text-only Pern groups. Too bad they don't come see for themselves.

John hears complaints that nothing happens here during the week. All it takes for something to happen is for a couple of people to show up and start.

Usual schedule for Easter Sunday, using some RP time to set up the Gather booths.

2013-03-17 AM

 - Pern Day

For Pern Day, what to do when?
 - Ludo's willing to do some entertaining between 2:00 and 4:00 when the dancing starts. She hopes to run a bardic circle; if you'd like to participate, bring something you'd like to read or perform.
 - Perhaps we'll have a firelizard hatching.
 - Wyn will have the Gather stuff out.
 - We'll probably give guests a notecard explaining that a Threadfall might occur, and to get under cover.
 - We *might* have Thread destroy a Gather booth; would take some building and some scripting.
 - As many people don't get Notices, how can we tell out members about Pern Day? Maybe send a notecard to everyone who's been online in the past N days? Around 80 of our members have logged on to SL in the past week or so.

2013-03-16 PM

 - Homestead tier paid
 - Thuban returning
 - Wyn reworking the mall
 - Vee improving Fall scores
 - Our "Hi, visitor" message
 - Pern Day

Thuban, one of our 'lost' sims from long ago, is coming back. It was south of Shaula. Sylvia, who owned Al-Rami (an island south of Kuma) is letting us use it with her still owning it but Wyn as estate manager. So we'll be almost as large as we were five years ago.

Wyn will pay the tier at Thuban's grandfathered homestead rate, so donations are still appreciated.

Wyn's planning to rework Novi Peaks Mall. We might even try revealing its existence (as in advertising) and putting a TP to it in the Dome.

Vee's reworking the way Falls are logged; hopefully it'll be easier to get the Fall totals.

Talked about the message that our greeter gadgets send to non-members who show up on the island. It's very welcoming and points to the website and the Welcome Area.

Discussed Pern Day (Monday, April 1 - Anne's birthday - our major Gather and  dance celebration). Wyn will set out the gather stuff on Sunday so there is extra setup time available. We'll have the Fairports as DJs from 4 till 6 PM SLT, during which time there will probably be a totally unexpected fall, surprising everybody.

2013-03-10 AM

 - Pern Day planning

Pern Day is set for 4 PM SLT on Monday, April 1 - on the dance floor - with the Fairports as DJs. Some of Ludo's games will be moved from the Rest to a booth, leaving some in the Rest to catch visitors' attention. We'll have some IC merchandise for sale, such as Ludo's pouches and (non-playing) lutes (to which music and scripts might be added by the buyer). Other ideas welcome!

2013-03-09 PM

 - Pern Day is almost upon us
 - Tier for the 15th will be covered
April 1 = Anne's birthday = Pern Day, our annual celebration. It's during Easter break for some schools, which could be good or bad for attendance. We could have a Threadfall. We'll likely have the Fairports as DJs, so quickly memorize all Pern books in prep for their trivia contests! And we'll hold it in Gianfar. April 1 is a Monday, but we can't move her birthday. 4 PM SLT seems like a time that's not much too early for the West Coast and not much too late for Europe.

We cut the meeting short because DST starts tomorrow, making this a short night.

2013-03-03 AM

 - HUDs
 - Flamethrowers

The HUDs are staunchly resisting being debugged.
    I commented that the flamethrowers don't aim properly when the user has an AO active. That's fixable, some day.

2013-03-02 PM

 - Demo dragons
 - Full-sim tier has been paid
 - HUDs tomorrow?

John displayed a demo wyvern and dragon from [Manticore]. Very nicely done, mesh, good animation.
    Full-sim tier was paid Friday, so we're in great shape.
    Vee's IMs have been sent to her Email when she was offline (like most folks') and recently were being automatically filed with group notices. And she wasn't receiving them inworld. She just discovered them.
    The HUDs might be ready for a demo tomorrow.

2013-02-24 AM

 - Greeters are updated
 - Sci-Fi Con is June 27 to July 1
 - Other upcoming events
 - Recruiting!

Vee updated the greeters last night. All four sims now use the same greeter scripts (with minor variations).

Second Life Science Fiction Convention 5 website is
It's a benefit for, and the sims are hosted by, the American Cancer Society.

No news about SL10B. IoW Winter festival is going on now; we missed preparing for it because of the problems with tier. Their Spring or Summer festivals will come along.

To put in a good showing at all those events we need members, including trained dragons and riders... nothing attracts attention like a "real" fire-breathing dragon! So watch for chances to mention us to people who might be interested, being careful not to be seen as poaching on other RP groups' members.

2013-02-23 PM

 - Tier: good news
 - Greeter system being improved
 - News about the Sci-Fi con
 - No news about SL10B
 - NC about walking from Dome to meetings

Vee believes tier's covered for this month.
   She's updating the greeter system: it'll stop spamming her so much, it'll support the HUD system when that's released, and all four sims will be using the same greeter system. And, if it works, anyone not registered with the database but wearing a group tag will be asked if they want to register. Instead of having to go find the greeters.
   We also have a database table that remembers recent visitors, so that a non-member gets tapped on the shoulder by the greeters only once a day.
   Vee attended a meeting about the Sci-Fi con this summer (end of June?), in which we'll have a booth. This year is an anniversary for Dr Who, DS9, and Babylon 5.. Somehow the con is going to try covering that. And there'll be all sorts of sims & groups present, but the build around them will have aspects from all 3 shows. There'll also be space for groups to have demos... Vee instantly thought of Threadfall. The demo area might be about a quarter sim, about the size of the practice Fall zone on Tyl. So, no pressure, but a fighting wing ready by June would be awesome... and we have flamethrower givers for the ground crew.
   No news yet about plans for SL10B... maybe in May.
   Yesterday I wrote a Notecard showing how to walk from the Rift Dome to the Council Chamber, and pointing out places of interest along the way. Could be useful to new folks.


 - Improving looks of Weyr and Hold

Talked generally about making the old builds look better... spaces less rectangular, walls less smooth, textures more varied, generally more realistic.

2013-02-16 PM

 - Homestead tier got paid on schedule
 - Ideas to improve the Shaula & Kuma builds
 - Different GPoP titles?
 - Flamethrowers are a success
 - Usual Sunday schedule

Best news of the week, that first topic!
   Vee's been thinking about ways to make the builds more up to date... like replacing the ancient 10x10 prims. As she hasn't discussed this with Wyn, I'm giving no details.
   Discussed separating the GPoP list into the people who are around all the time (or would be if they could) and those who are seldom seen (at the moment). Didn't reach any conclusions.
   John reported that the new flamethrowers interested a lot of people.

2013-02-10 AM

 - Booth for Sci-Fi Con
 - Re-recruiting inactive members

Discussion brushed across planning a booth for the con next summer. We'll probably have around 30x30 meters; Wyn will build something but we need to decide what. We'll probably include a notecard giver for RP sites that aren't exhibiting.
   Talked about contacting people who've been members for years but haven't been seen in years. What would draw them back? Perhaps some kind of group event? Perhaps a quest of some sort, that might be aided by the guest HUD (like a GPS navigation system?) that Vee's developing.

2013-02-09 PM

 - No news about Soo except the Mysterious Boxes
 - Next tier payment is covered
 - RPC ad is renewed
 - Might be able to get another homestead sim
 - Seem to have lost access to the osgrid that John was using
 - Temp-rez flamethrowers
 - Sunday will run as usual

Our founder, Soo Novi, who hasn't been seen in a LONG time, has put "She's back from between" boxes in Shaula and Kuma. That's all we know at this point.
   Safe to say the next tier payment is covered (donations still welcome, of course).
   Vee has renewed our ad at the Role Play Center.
   We could again get a booth at the annual SL Sci-Fi con this summer. Basic booth is free, last year we sponsored one & got extra advertising.
   Sylvia, who owned Alrami (a homestead island sim south of Kuma), apparently might let us use it.
   The owner of the osgrid on which John was building parts of Gianfar seems to have become hostile to "children" (including young-looking adults) and maybe to furries - maybe to SL - so John's gone elsewhere.
   Temp-rez flamethrowers are available on the Runners' Rest porch.
   Usual Sunday schedule, with the chance to try the new flamethrowers on Thread.

2013-02-03 AM

 - Acting Weyrleader
 - Demo HUD
 - Songs about our history
 - Backup storage
 - Free basic clothes in the Welcome Center

   Clarification of yesterday's notes: M'thos is Acting Weyrleader.
   Vee is still working on the demo HUDs.
   Ludo is still looking for songs that we have, and that we need, about Gianfar's history. Each entry in the contest is to be a song (poem, with or without tune) and with each entry the IC source is listed. The eventual goal is to have an IC history of Gianfar in song, that we can use to teach newcomers and entertain ourselves.
   That morphed into a discussion of how to save data, as SL is tending to swallow notecards. Dropbox, Google Drive, Mozy, Evernote, and Springpad got about one 'vote' each.  
   There's a box of free basic clothing in the Welcome Center: a purple cube under the table. It would be helpful to collect a list of good places to get clothes suitable for us. Shanna suggested KnickKnack Mainstore - Medieval, and Dysfunctional Designs.

2013-02-02 PM

 - Tiers are paid
 - HUD scripts are coming along
 - Dancing dragons needed
 - New Weyrleader/dragon

   Full-sim tiers have been paid and there shouldn't be problems with the Homestead tiers in mid-month.  
   Vee may have a demo of the HUD guiding scripts ready soon.
   Saffia, from the Isles, is making a film and wants dancing dragons. They have the dances. Interested dragons should go to the Limbo region at 2 PM SLT; our contact is Skylarian Isachenko. The 24-hour dance will support "One Billion Rising in Second Life," which is part of a global "One Billion Rising" campaign to stop violence against women and girls.
   Had a long discussion of getting the Weyr reactivated. The new Weyrleader is John's alt Methos Menatep (M'thos), rider of bronze Ortath. Backstories being developed.

2013-01-27 AM

 - More on the route-finding HUD
 - Songs of Gianfar history
 - RP in Skype or the like?
 - Recruiting

   Vee has played with several variations of the route-finding & questing code, and thinks she's found something she likes which doesn't require extra prims or scripts outside the HUD. She can definitely arrange for visitors to be given challenges or questions to answer as they travel, too, in a way that's easy to maintain - because it'll be on the website.
   LONG term project: pathfinding and tunnelsnakes that would follow the unlucky explorer. Not even on the agenda, yet.
   Ludo will publish a list of what songs of Gianfar history she knows we have, and what she thinks we don't have, but she'd love to get suggestions from you activists about what else we don't have. For example, we have two songs about the double cross, but none IC about the great quake or great storm. Then she'll come up with rules, and either send them to the active members or pass them through Vee before announcing them.
   Skylarian brought in a question from a non-Gianfar friend: have we considered doing RP over Skype or similar connections? General reaction was that voice or text RP is possible but wouldn't be suitable for the immersive RP that we do.
   Once the HUDs are in place (and maybe flamethrower givers), Vee would like to blitz all the recruiting groups & locations we can hit. We could also finish setting up the mentor system that we discussed once: volunteers to help new folks merge into our RP, and a board in the Welcome Area showing what mentors are online. Possibly a box where the curious could drop questions; possibly notes about which mentors are in which activities, so that Harper questions could go to a Harper mentor and so forth.

2013-01-26 PM

 - Tiers paid
 - Navigation HUD for new folk
 - "Do not open until" script for gifts
 - Songs of Gianfar history
 - Standard schedule tomorrow

   Poseballs in the Council Chamber were still being strange.  
   Homestead tiers were paid, and looks as if the full-sim tiers will be paid on time.
   Vee has made the HUD that she thought about last week, that could guide people to places of interest. At the moment all it does is say how far it is from the Queen's Weyr, but the design's confirmed. And it detaches and deletes itself when the wearer leaves. ("Temp attach")
   Speculation ensued. The concept might extend to riding straps... a dragon/rider pair effectively having their own set of straps stored in the Weyr, ready for use but not needing to be stored in Inventory. The strap giver would create the straps at the push of a button, having remembered the specs for a dragon/rider pair. The straps would poof when removed.
   Orion's created a script that will hide gifts and release them at a certain time. Implements the "Do not open until Christmas" paper tags. And the recipient can't see what the gift is until The Time comes.
   Ludo realized she could almost teach a history of Gianfar, from all the songs she has. Perhaps we could have a Harper-sponsored quest to collect historical songs. They'd have to fit our story line, of course, and be approved by Vee (and absolutely not come within a dragon length of Anne's copyrights!).
   Standard schedule tomorrow.

2013-01-20 AM

 - Invisible poseballs
 - Recruiting, advertising
 - Tasks for newcomers
 - Signs marking rooms
 - Maps
 - Local dialects
 - HUDs and quests

   The poseballs in the Council Chamber have been rezzing very slowly lately, and not responding to Highlight Transparent for some folks. It happens in different viewers; walls and floors can also be invisible. Leaving a room and returning - forcing the viewer to redraw the scene - generally makes things appear. So did changing bodies, for Dezy.
   We discussed advertising (I've been sending group notices to Looking For RP without responses, but at least the folks in that group know we're here.
   We discussed creating tasks for newcomers to help them learn the terrain. The board next to the Hold Office mentions message carrying... "Take this to the MasterSmith." That would be a good assignment, and likely good for some "old members" too. (Do you know where the MasterSmith's office is? The Beastmaster's? The Master Weaver's?)
   That suggested that we might want to mark rooms with signs, as is done in Harper Hall and the Hold Office. That would be IC, as visitors wouldn't be expected to know where things are.
   And it would be good to have maps of the island, but they'd have to be easy to change. There are a few obsolete ones around. That would need someone who's good with graphics. It would also be good to have detailed maps of the Hold and the various Halls, but that would be tricky because of the many level changes.
   (Have you noticed all the gems in the mines on Tyl? One could use them for landmarks, and perhaps be able to find one's way out.)
   Talking about signs got us into talking about the level of literacy on Pern (probably most people can read or write at some level) and somehow got into the question of dialects. In a culture where most people can't travel for, but where the Harpers are trying to preserve the language, we can assume that there are regional accents. Vee remembers a mention of them in Dragondrums, especially in reference to Nabol.
   In conjunction with people finding their way around, Vee speculated about HUDs that could give info, or directions - at least, distance & direction of a 'target' to be reached. That's a project to be worked on some day.
   We could hold quests, as we were considering a year or so ago, where people had to go to place A to get a clue to place B and so forth, finally reaching the end and getting a prize. If we had the HUDs, we could have them keep score.

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(Continued in book 5)


 - K'tina is now riding Ortath
 - More publicity
 - New vineyard in Tyl
 - Mesh problems mostly resolved
 - Recruiting
John announced that K'tina is now riding Ortath and M'thos will slip into the background.
   But we need riders... have dragons flying holding patterns waiting.
   But Dramyn has a friend who's active in many RP groups and sims, and who's offered to spread word of our search for riders to his groups.
   But for that we need a good NC handout, aimed toward riders. Vee had one and gave it out.
   Could we come up with gifts to put in freebie sites? Need things that are uniquely 'us,' but need to avoid copyright infringements. Can't call something a Pern whatever (Anne's estate owns that word) or a Gianfar something (Soo Novi owns that one).
   Wyn reported that we have a new vineyard, and the mesh problems on Kuma's north shore are mostly resolved - one can get into the caverns now.
   We have idle dragons, what can we give them to do? Herdbeast or wherry avatars for them to chase? (Ludo made a wherry av.) Try planned early evening RP again? Runnerbeast races? The practice Threadfall areas? Everyone bring in a friend?
   We need things for both players and visitors to do.
   But we did have 14 people at the meeting, a healthier number than we've had till recently.
   Might start the RP in Shaula today... which means Fall would start at 3:00 rather than 3:20.


 - Rodney's back
 - Homestead tier is paid
 - No decision on use of IoW sim
 - Advertising

 Rodney's recovering from whatever happened, but needs to rest.
   We've picked up payments for a sim in Isle of Wyrms (see notes of 2013-07-07) but haven't done anything with it yet. Vee & Wyn need to talk with the owner of record.
   Nothing yet about the future of Thuban.  
   Cyne noticed that there's nothing about Pern in the RP area of the SL forums... except a query from five months ago asking if there was any Pern RP in SL. He's also got Notice-posting authority in a group for 1700-era style sites, which we more or less fit, so we may get some recruits from there.
   Discussed the Web-site registration that hasn't been allowed for years. It was stopped because of the number of spammers and the like. Vee is thinking she might open a Google Docs spreadsheet & form for website applicants.


 - Thuban terrain still pending
 - Still working on mesh in Kuma
 - Rodney's doing OK
 - Homestead tiers OK
 - Wingleader L'ron seeking riders

Varian is still hoping to get the raw file for Thuban from Soo.
   Wyn needs to get with the mesh maker to solve the inaccessibility problem in Kuma's north shore east of the river - tunnel mouths that can't be entered.
   Rodney's scheduled to be released from the hospital next week.
   Homestead tiers are due on the 15th, and they're covered. And Thuban is paid.
   Where have all the riders gone? L'ron has dragons who've been waiting for years for a rider. We need to actively recruit! Not just persuade former riders to take another look at us, but seek out new folks. Perhaps have Gathers with demo flights. Need an ad campaign; we have some money for that.
   We'll post a new Notice in the "Looking for RP" group.
   I'll collect names of places that will allow us to advertise our site. Like RP places, clothing shops, freebie places, etc. We can pay some rent for ad space.
   Invite people here to see a Threadfall, and ride one of our dragons if they're willing. L'ron and Vee will work on Demo Days and Meet-and-Greets.


 - Demo dragons?
 - Tier's paid

The Weyrleader suggested having 'demo' days to show prospective riders the training grounds, and a 'demo' dragon that prospective dragons could fly. Sounded very interesting and maybe possible.


 - Full-sim tier's being paid
 - Remote access to meetings?
 - Construction status
 - Copyrights

We discussed ways to let people attend meetings from elsewhere. Didn't come up with anything easy. A "Gianfar Meeting Chat" Group would work but would cost a Group slot that many of us can't spare. GPoP Chat would hit 170 people, many of whom are presumably not very interested  - and we don't want to give them a reason to block that Chat line. Vee was once working on a HUD for remote meetings.
   Recruiting came up as usual. John's been contacting folks. Mesh dragons and live automated Threadfall are rousing interest. Sounds like we have a lot of late night SL time folks; would be good to help them get something going here in the hours when SL's quiet.
   Wyn's continuing to work on Novi Peaks Mall.
   She's hitting some problems with the mesh rebuilding of Kuma near the new road tunnel.
   Vee's working on a 'crawl' animation for use in small tunnels.
   We discussed copyrights and movie studios again. Vee said we've let The Dragonriders of Pern, Ltd. know about our existence several times, so they can't use the 'we only just found out' line. But if things change - if a movie does actually get made, for instance - we may have to review. Soo had a copyright lawyer look at what we do when she was protecting the Gianfar name, so we should be safe. She was very careful to make sure we stay within the fan rules, and we have added the "not associated..." at the bottom of our ads. And Todd's said he wants to protect the fan RP's.


 - Novi Peaks Mall being rebuilt
 - Weyr leadership forming
 - Announcements from a Firefly group

Wyn has moved an enclosed mall building onto the Novi Peaks Mall floor and is arranging all the merchandise into it. Looks as if it'll be impressive.
   Acting Weyrleader M'thos is planning to step down in favor of L'ron and Bronze Cyneth. They'll be contacting everyone whom they know have expressed an interest in being rider or dragon. There will be a Dragonmeet. The possibility of getting real, working Gianfar dragons will be investigated again.
   Dezy is in a Firefly group that sometimes manage to get a great band, but not a crowd. He asked about announcing the events to Gianfar and got immediate approval.


 - Grendel's dragons
 - Tier paid
 - Better Threadfall?
 - Recruiting
 - Weyr is coming back!

Grendel's is advertising new dragon avatars with the possibility of having some Pernese characteristics.
   Tier has been paid for the Homestead sims (Tyl, Etamin, and Thuban).
   Vee's been playing with the Thread clumping algorithms... may have Fall looking more like the books. It might be ready for a test this afternoon.
   Discussed recruiting techniques like wearing one's Gianfar tag when shopping. Reminisced about the old days when we had eight dragon/rider pairs. Maybe we can contact inactive dragons and riders for a "meet and greet" party.
   Weyrfolk discussed advertising at length... the Weyr is awakening.


 - Laron has returned  
 - Cyneth is returning
 - Tier for Thuban is paid
 - We'll co-own Lethe

  The meeting table is filling up again, L'ron is back after a long time away. One more Rider in the Weyr!
  And Cyneth will be back soon. One more dragon in the Weyr!
  Lokiande is interested in becoming a Gianfar dragon... bet we can find a place for her!
  Lethe is an IoW sim that needed help; the owner needs only space & prims for her store, and it's grandfathered hence affordable. Plans are developing, stay tuned.


 - Welcoming Meynara
 - SL10B & SLSFC
 - Tier's been paid for the Full sims
 - Attracting people

Meynara Debbel is our newest member; she found us at SLSFC last weekend and attended the meeting. She'll be an apprentice Harper, if the harper masters approve of course.
   Skimmed over the shows, for which we had displays but not much staff or notecard givers.
   Discussed ways to draw people. Vee could put something in the Welcome Area saying that Threadfall would start [around X o'clock] if at least two members were in Shaula or Kuma and below 1000 meters. That might get visitors to come back to see the chaos. Anyone who's here, anytime, can invite other folk to RP, of course.


 - No meeting today
 - SL10B build is up
 - Kuma "landscaping" continues
 - RP storyline being discussed

SL10B opens today. The LM that Vee sent recently works, and the Gianfar site is reported to be looking good.
   Lots of construction work is going on, on the north side of Kuma.
   Had a discussion in the afternoon about an RP idea. Something might come of it.


 - Rory's poems on the Web
 - Songs on scrolls in Wordmaster's office
 - Performance classes
 - Fishing

Rory Kit has posted two poems  (more coming) on

In the Harper Wordmaster's office are scrolls with "SingEZ songs that we all know, and some that only harpers are supposed to know but they get around." A SingEZ is "A notecard reader that formats the songs in verses, one click, one 256 character verse with blank lines after, even." So anyone can perform anywhere by clicking on a HUD.

Ludo "will offer classes in performance to anyone who wants them at your convenience and mine before SL10B and the SciFi convention."

Rory is now apprenticed to Harper Learningmaster Tristin.

We speculated about publicizing Seven Seas fishing; there's a setup at Dolphin/Fishercraft Hall. Might attract people, especially if we could have some Pernese fish.


 - Work on Kuma continues
 - SL10B news
 - SLSFC news
 - Tier was paid on time, again
 - Meeting schedule change
Wyn and our mesh designer are continuing to landscape (rockscape?) Kuma.
   We claimed our SL10B space last week; Wyn will be working on our booths this week.
   Vee's working on an event for the Science Fiction Convention, June 22-23. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! What she's planning is going to need dragons & riders, at least 1 pair. probably not room for more than 2. We'll have a Threadfall in a 64-meter square; yes, the dragons will have to learn to maneuver well! Once a Thread rezzer's adapted to that, it'll be useful for future demos. And we'll have ground crew to clean up what gets past the aerial forces.
   And the Sunday of SLSFC is also the 'birthday party' event at SL10B. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED there, too. And we're going to need recruiting/advertising material again..
   There's going to have to be a change to the meeting schedule for a few weeks, and Vee's classes will be cancelled or taken by Zavarra for a bit, too. She'll be out of town. There'll be meetings - but they won't be at the usual times, and possibly not usual days.


 - Construction continues
 - SL10B news tomorrow
 - SLSFC news
Wyn will be working on the north shore of Kuma. Ariel is in the planning stages of making a cliff.
   Discussed access to Dolphin and Fishers Halls; we might install a ferry to cross the river.
   Vee thinks we'll get news about our application for an SL10B site tomorrow.
   Vee might have to chair a panel at the SL Science Fiction Convention. With that and SL10B so close, we might have to use the same display at both.
   SL10B will probably have its usual 'taxi' service at ground level, while SLSFC6 will have a monorail, above the paths. They'll be held at almost the same time, so we need to design just one display for both. Because of the monorail, it'll have to look good from the second floor. Given SL10B's theme, of 'looking forward, looking back', maybe the SL10B ground floor should be a gallery of 'then and now' Gianfar pics and/or dragon pics while the SLSFC6 one should be more RP-themed.


 - Kuma road is coming along
 - Vee's working on the pathfinding HUDs
 - Rory's back
 - Meeting about SL sci-fi con

   Wyn reports that the road tunnel beside the Kuma Passage is almost finished... just needs to be... what's the opposite of "straightened out?"... to make the trip longer. She's saved the mine maze intact, presumably for use somewhere sometime. The sky's still full of floating mountains, dragons beware.
   Vee is continuing to work on a HUD to guide visitors (and returning members) around. Do you know where the Mastersmith's office is?
   Rory Petrovic is back after quite a while. She'll be a Harper. She has a blog -  Kyotzeta.wordpress.com - and is thinking of adding one for Gianfar and Medieval-ish stuff.
   There's a meeting tonight about the IFT sci-fi con. It's for exhibitors, and also for potential volunteers - security guards, staff, guides, dancers... and that's all Vee knew at meeting time.


 - Tiers have been paid on time
 - Wyn's at work on the road
 - Possible trading post in IoW?
 - SL10B and SLSFC

Harpers' Hall and Runners' Rest have been moved eastward to make room for the Kuma north-south road. Watch out for floating mountains!
   Skylarian brought up the idea of some RP with IoW folks, perhaps a trading post somewhere off Gianfar. Sounded interesting.
   Awaiting response to our SL10B application; haven't heard anything from SL Science Fiction Convention.

2013-04-28 AM

 - Pre-meeting chat about SSB
 - Thread improvements
 - Kuma north-south road

Casually discussed latest viewers: Firestorm, Singularity, and Imprudence are working fine so far.
   Vee is considering Thread improvements "that might make Falls more interesting." For example:
 - an agenothree sprayer;
 - Thread susceptible to HNO3;
 - some grounded Thread burrowing and needing to be cleaned out with agenothree;
 - more clumping of falling Thread "so we can have that effect of a dragon burning the bottom of a cluster and seeing it flame all the way to the top."
 - random drops behind the leading edge;
 - possible effects of wind gusts;
and perhaps more later.
   Wyn's been planning a north-south road through Kuma - a project that Soo didn't get around to. Harpers, the Rest, and the stables would move east under the abandoned Smithcraft Hall. She'll try to contact everyone who owns objects in that area.

2013-04-27 PM

 - Saturday meetings dropped

Starting next weekend, there won't be a Saturday meeting (the decision was unanimous, all four of us at the meeting). Vee will have "office hours," scripting or working on other things if no one turns up.

2013-04-20 PM

Topics -
 - No recruits from IoW Spring Festival or Pern Day
 - Shaula improvements being done offline
 - Thuban planning continues
 - Grounded Thread now burns nicely

We don't seem to have attracted anyone from the IoW Festival... or they're still sitting and thinking about us.
   Nor from Pern Day.
   A friend of Varian's is working on modernizing Shaula (replacing 10x10 prims, for example). That's being done offline, we'll have a chance to review the work before it's 'delivered.'
   Thuban's future is still being pondered. If Soo can find the original 'raw' files, will they fit with the present shape of Shaula or will it be easier to terraform from scratch? What do we want to use Thuban for?
   The last batch of improvements to Thread scripts resulted in grounded Thread burning with a lovely cloud of black smoke when it's flamed. The ground crew now knows when they've scored a hit.

2013-04-14 AM

Topics -
 - Upcoming events
 - Thread bugs stomped

There was no formal meeting yesterday; Vee and Wyn had transportation problems, and the present release of RL doesn't support teleporting.
   A few of us chatted about the IoW Spring Festival, SL10B, and the SL Science Fiction Convention. The latter two overlap: SL10B runs until the end of June, SLSFC6 is at the end of June.
   Vee has fixed several problems with Threadfall, including one where the error included issuing the wrong error message.
   The scheduling conflict between SL10B and SLSFC6 will be slightly alleviated by both being in SL. And we can even link the two. We can have a 'gate' that TP's from one to the other - Vee thinks that's allowed by both events' rules, as long as the traveller is warned. At worst, we can give out LM's to both.

2013-04-07 AM

 - New dragon/rider pair
 - IoW Spring Festival
 - SL10B

Looks as if Heather and Teilyos will be coming in as adult dragon & rider. We don't have enough people to go through the full candidate / hatching / impression / training procedure.
   IoW Spring Festival is next weekend: theme is Celtic (Fae Dragons) and we have a booth. We can start setting up Monday and the festival is actually the 11th - 14th.
    Registration for booths at SL10B opens on the 15th. This year's theme is easy. http://slcommunitycelebration.com/theme/ - "Looking Forward, Looking Back" ...so we spent some time remembering the Good(?) Old Days.

2013-04-06 PM

 - Pern Day wrapup
 - IoW Spring Festival next weekend
 - Thuban is here

Pern Day went pretty well. A guest is delighted with her green firelizard. We met a few other new folks and very old ones.
   All we know about Spring Festival is that it'll happen.
   Thuban is just bare sand now, but it's here and can be walked on and sailed around.

2013-03-31 AM

 - Severe lag in Kuma
 - Thuban is almost visible
 - Pern Day

Kuma suffered severe lag till John found and returned four high-script objects left by someone none of us knew. Wyn planned a sim restart after the meeting.
   Thuban emerges from the mists sometimes for some people. Vee contacted Soo, who's looking for the ".raw" files defining its landscape.
   We'll set up the Gather booths during RP time. We may have a booth destroyed by Thread.

2013-03-30 PM

 - Tier is paid
 - Thuban is back
 - Rebuilding Shaula
 - Pern Day

As of this morning, we're back to five sims! Thuban is south of Shaula. May not be visible from Kuma for a while... Concierge told Vee it can take 24 hours for all the updates to filter through. It's visible & accessible from Shaula.
   Vee: "Some of you may remember meeting my friend Ariel, a former RP sim owner herself, a couple of weeks ago. You may see her flying over Shaula from time to time, and sometimes rezzing objects. She has my permission, treat her as OOC. She's figuring out how to rebuild our weyr as mesh... If Ariel can do it, we'll have more realistic mountains that can change their look with the seasons."
   Vee may not be present for Pern Day, or might be here and working at the same time. We'll set up the Gather Ground during RP tomorrow. Firelizard hatching is set up. We've publicized the event, as you've no doubt noticed... also with postings in the "Looking for RP" group and at NCI. Vee has fixed some Thread, is working on some more.

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 - Homestead tiers are paid, Full tiers are due
 - Boulder Ball went well

All donations toward tier will be gratefully accepted.
   The Boulder Ball game last evening was fun. No spectators were trampled, and one of the dragons won.

 - Ortath has developed an RP HUD
 - Discussed defending against rogue builders
 - Tyl's tier is paid
 - Welcoming applicants
 - Boulder Ball for the dragons

Ortath's HUD provides hover text, chatting with multiple aliases for RP, and more.
    We've had more trouble with griefers and speculated on whether building could be restricted to "us." Vee had a solution that returns objects whose owners aren't on a whitelist of users and groups... but couldn't implement it while her cable connection was out.
    Vee reported that Tyl's tier is paid. No word about Etamin's.
    Discussed the material we give to applicants. We should have something for people who are new to Gianfar, and something more detailed after they've found an interest in Weyr, Craft, or Hold. We should have ways for potential riders and dragons to get together.
    Ortath's Boulder Ball game (soccer for dragons) is working. Next session: Saturday around 6:30 PM SLT.

 - Questions on Gianfar RP
 - Vee's available hours changing
 - Homestead tier is due
 - Boulder Ball
 - RP market?
 - Gianfar marks?
 - RP rules & Welcome Center notices
 - Impressions made last Sunday

John met someone from Japan last night; person had read all the books; gave John a notecard of questions... many of those are covered in my "How to RP in Gianfar" outline... I'll expand that into a handout... would like to get feedback from anyone who's interested, especially new members... thinking of holding some discussion / Q&A sessions for new folks.
   Vee's new job has her getting up early but she might be around in the evenings.
   We got past the tier for Shaula and Kuma, now need to finance Tyl and Etamin. Donations eagerly accepted!
   Ortath is considering organizing Boulder Ball games for the dragons - think soccer with very large players.
   Discussed having an RP market, as we had before losing Altais sim.
   Orion has an idea for making Marks to be used in RP. That aroused interest, so long as they're not in any way pay-to-play. But as long as 'marks' don't exchange for anything usable outside RP and don't confer any big advantage in RP... interesting.
   We've had a rash of people not paying attention to our RP rules. How do we encourage people to notice them? Perhaps IM'ing some of us when a visitor arrives, perhaps having an "is online" board in the Welcome Center to tell visitors who they could contact with questions.
   Notices of current events and news should be posted in the Welcome Center to show visitors that Gianfar is alive.
   Last Sunday's Hatching/Impression gave us three new rider/dragon pairs: S'ar/brown Ortath, T'dyr/green Angeleth, and S'ona/green Forfith. S'ona was reImpressing.

 - Tier is paid and Vee has a job
 - Hatching at 2 PM

The full sims are safe. Homestead tier will be due by next meeting. We should be able to relax.
   Hatching planning ran off the end of the meeting and continued in the Rest.

 - We'll appeal to LL for an extension on tier deadline
 - Tour dragon
 - Visitors dropping in & out
 - Threadfall hasn't been told about Standard Time

Breath is being held and bank accounts checked. Vee's job is still pending.
   Ortath displayed the tour dragon he'd bought. It remains to be programmed with a path and tested for its ability to cross Region boundaries.
   Talked about visitors, often new to SL, dropping in. One seemed to know his way around, though only two days old. Puzzling unless he was someone's alt. Newbies have also been seen using us as a changing room.
   Had a Threadfall during the meeting - Vee hadn't yet changed its clock - so we could sit back and watch it.

 - Homestead tier is paid
 - Full-sim tier is due tomorrow
 - Thuban & Lethe tier are due in a few days
 - Gianfar RP class?

Now we can start stressing about the full-sim tier that's due tomorrow ($390). And the tier for Thuban & Lethe will be due in the next few days (around $275, I think). We have a little cash on hand, nowhere near that much.
   Vee's employed again but hasn't been paid yet. She and Wyn are sharing a cold.
   The RP committee didn't meet last week.
   Discussed restarting Gianfar-specific RP classes.

 - Tier
 - Website upgraded
 - RP committee report
 - Wendy Foxchase has returned
 - Status of Thuban
 - Need rider candidates

Looks as if we may need only around US$25 to make tier for the homestead sims. Vee will notify us after checking with Wyn. Vee has a job possibility..
   Vee managed to upgrade the Website to the most current version of the forum software.
   The RP committee reported on use of the Website, how and whether scenarios ought to track IC time, forms for proposing a scenario, posting the progress of a scenario on the Website (especially important for multi-day RPs and for ones done partly in group chat), and ways to define, play, and maintain NPCs.
   Wendy Foxchase returned, to great welcoming.
   Discussed the state of Thuban. We don't know whether Soo still has the '.raw' file that defined its landscape. She did find the one for Tyl, and the present Tyl is based on that; it needed some tweaking to fit against the modified north side of Shaula. Thuban would need a good deal of tweaking from its original state, as the south side of Shaula has changed significantly.
   We have only one or maybe two rider candidates, and several dragons waiting for riders.

 - Tier
 - Dragon AO
 - Dragon modding
 - RP committee
 - Need new graphics for the Website
 - Mating flights and the like
 - New riders & dragons need to practice
 - Need riders
 - Invite friends to join

As far as Vee can tell all the month-end tier is paid. Homestead tier is due in 2 days (but we have a week to pay it). We need US$250; Novi Peaks has something over 60; not sure about the Paypal account. Vee will report to us.
   Vee's testing a new AO & straps on Varth, thinks it's nearly done. It *may* be possible to use the AO with other dragons, if they're moddable. She thinks she can write a script that will flip between a dragon's 'natural' AO and hers. And if *that* works, there's nothing stopping us using other dragon models in Fall.
   Talked about standards & techniques for dragon modding. There's a very old (but still usable) tutorial notecard somewhere.
   The RP committee gave a brief report. Generally, "What we are creating is roleplay seeds to encourage different RP times and activities and to make sure they are fairly consistent with each other so there is no confusion." One thing we (especially new members) need is a statement of how much the mainland knows about us; Vee will dig that out, update it, and provide it. The committee discussed kinds of RP, use of the website, and NPCs. They noted that there are RP rules on the website, and a lot of information in the region Covenants. Setting up an RP framework is not an event but an ongoing process.
   We need new graphics for the Website, as we have for years (hint).  
   We need to publish clarification to prospective and new members that we don't RP mating flights as in the books. Gianfar is a Moderate region; naughty conduct, if any, happens offstage and no details of such are mentioned - or, of course, reported in RP narrative. That applies to dragons, riders, and everyone else. New members need not worry about being pressured to RP such things.
   New members should read the Notecard requirements for the positions they are aiming for. In particular, dragon and rider candidates must realize that a good deal of training and practice is required.
   It's OK, and preferable, for dragon/rider  candidates to fly as NPCs before Impression, to get their training started.
   M'thos announced that he is here, usually, from around 1 till about 8 SLT - and if not, gets IMs quickly in his Email.
   We have dragons who need riders! Had 5 dragons in the air at a recent practice.
   Remember to invite your friends to join us. They don't need to have read all the books ((except to answer the Fairports' trivia questions)).

 - Financial status: OK for now
 - Flame, both dragon & flamethrower
 - New dragon AO
 - Suggestions for RP structure
 - Tour dragon

Tier status: Kuma & Thuban are paid up. Shaula's payment is up in the air. Lethe hasn't been paid and Vee hasn't seen Atea online to talk about it.
   At the start of the meeting, Novi Peaks had the equivalent of about US$50 of the 195 needed for Shaula, and probably another US$25 in the PayPal account. So we needed about US$120 by Monday afternoon. Several donors covered that during the meeting.
   Vee's scripting is backed up outside SL.
   Vee's done an update to dragon flame, but it has problems for some Firestorm users. She's also working on flamethrowers and "on a new dragon AO, for use with new straps. This should work with adult Etherworld, and - if you have access to the animations, or at least their UUIDs - with other dragon models. This means the next model of straps will work best with the AO, and, if Grif doesn't reappear, I'll have to instruct dragons on how to swap out scripts... there may be a way i can automate that a bit." She's also working on code for the "Menolly's Run" game.
   Discussed Ortath's suggestions for RP structure. Forming a committee (Ortath, Ludo, Colin, John, Rodney) to consider how to have more planned RP sessions, and when. Talked about NPCs: offstage, onstage as prim pets, onstage run by a player. Talked about how to get a range of times for RP, from western US time zones to European ones. Want to preserve spontaneous RP too.
   Discussed having a good enough looking dragon to give visitors a tour of the island. Ortath may have found a suitable one, moddable to make it Pernish.

 - Vee's still looking for a job
 - Website improvements
 - Possible Smithcraft student
 - Searching and Impression
 - Watch for nonmembers entering the sims

Vee has job interviews tomorrow, but tier on Shaula and our share of Lethe was due yesterday.  There have been some substantial contributions including a large donation made at the meeting which gave us enough to cover Kuma. We're probably close to US$295 short for Shaula and our share of Lethe. That's around L$75,000 allowing for the LL charges to convert L$ to US$. Discussed less immediate fundraisers including, perhaps, an OOC Hallowe'en party.
   Vee added a subforum for suggestions to the Website, and has already received a good idea. She has other changes in mind.
   We have a new member who's interested in Smithcraft... the first in a long time... and the Weyr. And we have several other prospects.
   Discussed the next Search and Impression now that we have at least two candidates.
   M'thos suggested that those of you who hang in the sims, make a habit of turning on your sim radar if you use FS or Singularity so if someone TP's in you don't recognize, or doesn't show in any of the group lists, IM them and ask if there's any questions you can answer.

 - Griefers again
 - HS tiers are paid
 - Vee is out of work again, for now at least
 - IoW is cutting back
 - John had to ban another griefer
 - Healers now has two apprentices
 - Sheppeth as watchdragon for Healers?
 - Emergency fundraiser?
 - More info about the TOS change
 - Documentation updates in the Weyr

Our uninvited guests with the aircraft carrier, from last week, showed up again. We were waiting to start the meeting, so several dragons and the Holder met them.
   Vee's out of work and Shaula's tier is due on the 28th... US$195 or about L$85,000.
   IoW is cutting back; 3 of their 5 sims will be changing hands (at best); and Wyrms leadership is to be restructured.
   Another griefer has been banned. Vee is testing a script that would return outsiders' prims. We're letting NCI Mousie and her friends build above Thuban so will have to exempt that from auto-return.
   Healers now have two apprentices, Star and Mor. Great cheering!
   Discussed having Sheppeth take the role of watchdragon for Healers; rider to be decided.
   Discussed having a very quick fundraiser to at least cover Shaula's tier - something related to Halloween?
   John reported that LL has *ahem* clarified the TOS change.
   News from the Weyr: M'thos has updated/added items to a Weyr welcome kit, removed the info that was sketchy. Loki has been updating the dragonet/firelizard info. Tim and Angeleth are approved, pending Hatching, and Tim would like to be Searched. We have two, maybe three, unpaired dragons.


 - Dragon/Healer pairing?
 - LL change broke dragons
 - Thuban as a private sandbox
 - Pern panels overcrowded at DragonCon
 - Greeters
 - Recent TOS change
 - New Healer apprentice
 - New dragon straps this week?
 - Possible "Menolly's Run" game/RP

We discussed whether we could rationalize a dragon/Healer pairing for Rodney. One possibility: Sheppeth as a dragon too injured to fight Thread, assigned to Healers as a watchdragon with an aging NPC rider.
   Skylarian reported that recent LL changes had broken dragons. A transparency bug was introduced in one of their code changes, and prims do not properly go alpha. There are two of everything on the newer dragons, and changing states does not bring all the prims into invisibility, so you have parts from flight show up when walking and vice versa. That could probably be scripted around, but both IoW and Gianfar are dependent on one dragon maker, until someone else learns how. We can RP in any (modded) dragon; we just can't fly Thread or a mating flight.
   John and Star dealt with someone who thought Thuban was a sandbox... wouldn't have been so bad, but the build was an aircraft carrier at sea level. (Yes, we considered the concept of a dragon carrier!)  We discussed how to allow only group members to build there; Wyn is letting NCI Mousie and a very few others have a sandbox there, above 1000 meters.
   Talked about social media as a way to publicize Gianfar. Of course, there's no site that all of us are on. Sky said that at DragonCon there were three times as many people waiting as could fit into the Pern panels.
   Talked about greeting folks at the Welcome Area. When will we have people on the island most of the time, so that visitors won't think the site is dead? Our members could play any part they liked, such as barkeeper, to "put a green dot on the map."
   Vee has made small changes to Thread; Kuma is now on the same version of Thread controller as Shaula. Dragonpairs should expect more Threads on Kuma, better clumped.
   Halloween event? Whole site OOC for a short time? Can't have ghosts  or religion or superstition IC, per Anne's rules, but could do scary stories and songs; do other things OOC. Maybe a Harper event?
   TOS change several weeks ago concentrated on LL's total rights to all User Content. John reported that it has the creator groups in a uproar. Vee said that "LL, under recent court rulings, need content creator's permissions to share images of content, as long as LL don't assert their legal right to your Intellectual property (which they can, btw. US law isn't written for users.) LL have always had the right to take & use any content in SL, by claiming it as 'theirs'. They explicitly don't do that. But they have to avoid getting caught up in frivolous lawsuits, especially as there's a very anti-virtual-worlds faction in Congress."  
   Healer Hall has a new apprentice, Mor Blackthorne.
   Vee may release new dragon straps this week, possibly accompanied by some instructions on how to mod a dragon AO.
   Vee's considering whether we could do a "Menolly's Run" RP in which dragons swoop down to rescue people who are running from Threadfall. One problem is how the person could grab a strap and get seated in next to no time, without RLV.


 - Things lost & found
 - Proper Pern dragon heads
 - Updated free/cheap clothing list
 - Hatching at ONE pm today

John chased off some outsiders today, who were building things high over Etamin. Vee removed a few hundred prims from Tyl yesterday, and Linden "friendship bears" from her Outer Fleet skybox over Shaula. She's working on a script that would.return prims to people not on a whitelist (members, officers, etc.) when they leave a sim.  
   That led into a discussion of lost & found items... riding straps, a wine bottle, a piece of parchment, a dragon (inside a sculptie in Shaula!), and so forth.
   A place called Dragon Lore is making Pern-style dragon heads for Seawolf dragons. Might be useful for those who aren't talented at modding.
   John's updated his list of places to find free/cheap Gianfar-style clothing; it's in the blue box on the Council table.
   Lokiande will be hatching during the 1 PM roleplay time slot today.
   NOTE, 1 PM, not 2.
Looks as if Rodney will officiate. Spent a while redeveloping something we hadn't done in quite a while. Gather finery would be appropriate garb for this event. Sim rules: everyone's invited, even non-members.


 - New & missing faces 'round the table
 - Tier is paid
 - Discussing use of Lethe sim in IoW
 - Script tweaks coming
 - New bridge over river
 - Impression coming soon
 - Notecard for free/cheap medieval clothing
 Weyrleader L'ron and Dramyn have left but we have more than a handful of interested people, returnees, and applicants. We had activity on the island at night - three dragons in the air for the 9 PM Threadfalls Friday and Saturday nights! At the moment we have several dragons needing riders. Dragon rides are a hit. Maybe we could have some kind of scripted greeter in the Welcome Center... maybe with an Eliza script that could answer a few standard questions?
   Tier on the full sims (Shaula and Kuma) is paid, as is rent on Thuban.
   Vee and Wyn have been discussing use of the Lethe sim, which we co-own with Atea of IoW, about what we might do with it.
   Vee has some scripting ideas - tweaking flame, straps, and the recorders... stay tuned.
   Wyn has modified the bridge between the Hold and the Gather Grounds... asked that folks try it.
   Robin Wood, noted artist (The People of Pern), is the featured person this week in the Drax Files (http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Featured-News/The-Drax-Files-Episode-10-Robin-Sojourner/ba-p/2169745).
   M'thos has a notecard listing sources of free or cheap medieval clothing.
   We'll have a one-pair Impression some time soon, maybe next weekend.

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 - SL SF Con
 - SL11B
 - Tier
 - RP class will move to 1 PM

Met at the Con booth. Discussed the state of our booth, the horrible lag during performances, what displays and notecard givers should be put where, and had conversations with visitors including several Pern lovers. We have a tour dragon being used, rideable dolphins, hatching firelizards, and a greeting dragon. Also an infobot, free food in the Rest, and when time allows we hope to have a dragon bot flying over the booth.
    We have until June 18th to have our SL11B build done.
    Shaula tier is paid, we assume Kuna is.
    Vee's going to move her RP class back an hour - to 1pm - starting next Sunday, probably.

 - Pern Days & IoW April Fools Week
 - Chairs
 - Vee busy in RL this week
 - Griefer hit last night
 - Weyr leadership

Discussed preparations for Pern Days next Sat & Sun. Dolphin riding possible; boulder ball; dancing; an unexpected hatchie raid from IoW at 2 PM Sunday when we just happen to be baking cookies on the beach; maybe an OOC hatching; *maybe* a temp-attach flamer for guest dragons; fireworks by Gelgisith; music by XMarieX Fairport; merchants' booths with things for sale; Discussed how to advertise Pern Days, and to what groups; Vee will handle the spamming once we know what we'll be doing. Discussed scheduling; Blue will handle that.
    IoW will have a lot going on during the week, with a great deal of activity on Sunday 4/05. That will include a hunt; some prizes might be in Gianfar.
    Griped about the perennial poseball problem with the Council Chamber chairs. Vee has the chairs, Ludo could put animations in them.
    Vee will be apartment hunting this week.
    The Time Lord who keeps dropping in left a Tardis here last night and is now banned.
    Elaya, who's technically still Weyrleader, was here last night . She suggested coming back as Weyrwoman with Fire Saerwen, whom we met today, as senior queen. The Weyrleader would then be an RP lead role, held by an approved bronze rider, with 'real' mating flights. The Weyrwoman would be Weyr admin, the current Weyrleader would be an IC-only role. We discussed how to blend the change into our history.

 - Tier
 - Lethe
 - Anne's birthday
 - Problem with dragon flame?
 - UCSJ class postponed again
 - Class this afternoon, after 3 PM Threadfall

Tyl's tier is paid; Etamin's is paid or will be by tomorrow. Thuban's rent is up to date. Vee will be talking to Atea about Lethe soon.
    Vee expects to be offering rentals on Lethe.
    Anne McCaffrey's birthday, April 1, is a Tuesday this year. We decided to celebrate on the preceding Saturday, possibly in Lethe to involve IoW folks, and during the Sunday RP/dancing time. IoW's planning an April Fool's event with which we might connect. Ludo will contact Gertie and Snow from IoW to set a time.
    The latest release of flame breath works for two dragons, not for two others. Vee will investigate.
    The teacher from UC San Jose who was going to bring her class here to see real RP postponed the visit.
    This afternoon after Threadfall, Cynianne will teach an OOC/IC class on the differences between Gianfar and the mainland.

 - Tier status
 - Weyrwoman recruiting
 - Harpers are looking for teachers
 - Discussed OOC introductory classes
 - Recruiting

    Tier for Kuma and Shaula has been paid. Rent for Thuban is overdue but we should be able to cover it.
    We need a Weyrwoman and gold dragon. Ludo has talked with people who might take the Weyrwoman position. There was a long discussion, reaching no conclusion.
    Anyone who would like to (or might be willing to be talked into) teaching an IC class after Threadfall on a Sunday (or at other times) should discuss the idea with Ludo. "I wish someone would teach..." would also be welcome.
    Mentioned OOC "how to RP in Gianfar" classes, specializing what Vee teaches in "RP Basics" to what we do here.
    Star wrote a good recruiting Notecard, which Colin will post in a Notice to the "Looking for RP" group. Ortath has sent his "Gianfar DOP Weekend Events Magazine" to that group also. So we're known to a large number of people in the SL RP communities.

 - Getting people more active
 - Tier is OK
 - Vee's not going to be around much this coming week.
 Again discussed how to increase activity.
  - The Harper-sponsored classes have succeeded... the Wordmaster has needed to teach only one session of the four so far. We have one (first aid) scheduled for this afternoon and at least one more (colors and customs) being prepared.
 - Ortath's sponsored Friday evening and Saturday morning events.
 - We need Craftmasters who don't fade away. Harper Hall will be asking everyone to say what craft(s) they're affiliated with or interested in, if any, so that we can see where we need to recruit or try to regain Craftmasters. Then we can say that we have N people interested in X, and maybe others will jump in.
 - It would sure be nice to have more Weyr people - for example, a Weyrwoman and Queen Dragon. Perhaps temporarily to get some RP going? Someone's alt, perhaps? What backstory could we invent to rationalize always having had a Weyrwoman and Queen? Or suddenly having them? Perhaps a junior queen from long ago who inadvertently timed to our time? We'll discuss that whole topic next week.
 - Could we have a tunnel snake hunt, or a treasure hunt, in the mines? How would we handle what ought to be conflict between hunters and snake?
 - We'll advertise, in GPoP and the Role Play Center and elsewhere for dragons, riders, and craftspeople.
 - How about more staff for Runner's Rest? We could use a barkeep and others.
 - How about some people in the Hold? And dolphins?

Kuma & Thuban tier's been paid, Shaula's outstanding but should be paid by Friday..

Vee's new job's going well but she may have some travel coming up.

 - Tier for HS sims has been paid
 - Vee will be without Internet for a few days
 - IC & OOC classes
 - Historical artifacts

    A donation covered the mid-month tier with a little left over.
    Vee's awaiting broadband repair. However, she starts her new job tomorrow.
    Wordmaster Ludo would like to keep having IC classes after Sunday RP every week. Anyone who wants to teach something IC should talk to her about it. Anyone who'd like to see a class taught and doesn't have the knowledge or the time, tell her that too. The classes aren't just for or by Harpers; the more variety we have, the better. People could team up to do a class. Possible near-future classes include colors (as of insignia) and customs (such as forms of address); first aid (IC); RP, taught IC; and what would YOU like to teach or learn? IC or OOC?
    Does anyone have class notes from the original Gianfar RP classes? If you find any, please send them to John.
    John received a box of early Gianfar stuff from Ryu, whose spouse was our original Masterharper. It's "for sale" for L$0 from him or from most of the other folks who were at the meeting.

 - Financial stability is in sight
 - But not yet
 - So discussed fundraising
 - Riders needing dragons

Vee has landed a long-term job, so - in due time - we'll be in a sound position.
    However, homestead tiers are due today (US$125 each); and we're paying L$5800/week for Thuban; and the grace period on the full-sims' tier (US$195 each) will be over before her first paycheck.
    So how could we get enough money for at least one cycle of homestead and full tier, plus payments on Thuban? Advertise Novi Peaks Mall? Put a TP to the Mall in the Dome? Use a personal fundraising site on the Web? Move the Gianfar fundraising site, which still exists, to the Mall if there are enough prims available in Kuma? Set up a Classified ad in Search (would need funding and ad writing)?
    The Weyrleader's afoot again. Maybe Rory will come back as Rorth.

 - Gianfar history class
 - Threadfall schedule
 - NPC avatars
 - RP ideas requested
 - We have a Tanner ready to teach
 - Need Weavers and a Vintner

    Harper Wordmaster Ludo will teach a class on Gianfar history, immediately after Threadfall this afternoon. She'd like to collect memories from everyone.
    The new Threadfall schedule: Every two hours, about half past even-numbered hours on Shaula and about ten minutes before odd-numbered ones on Kuma. In each case it's triggered by the presence of at least two Gianfar residents in the Region, below 1000 meters.
    So the Gianfar history class will begin gathering around 3:15 today.
    Ludo brought up Ortath's idea of creating SL accounts for NPC avatars. This is what was done in the SL Shakespeare Company: all actors were such accounts, run by whatever player qualified to play that role. Someone would create the accounts; people would ask permission to play the characters; they'd get details about the character, and a password to the account.
    Ortath wants comments on his RP ideas, and other ideas.
    Star has a Tanner character who is ready to start teaching an apprentice. That role would fall under Leathercraft, a Hold craft. She's a leatherworker in RL, so well prepared to teach.
    We have a Weavercraft room in the Hold, and a vineyard in Tyl... just need people to take those roles.

 - Full-sim tier is covered though shivering
 - SL SF Con coming up
 - SL 11th Birthday also
 - "The Second Life Dragon Riders" group
 - Chance to help a college class
Had to cover tier for Shaula & Kuma by Tuesday, and a donor laid on a blanket of cash.
    The SL Science Fiction Con (SLSFC) is scheduled for May 30 - June 9. We've been able to get a spot there every year.
    SL Birthday 11 will probably occur in May.
    Ortath's group notice mentioned a group named The Second Life Dragon Riders. We discussed that and another group, The Dragon Riders of Second Life.
    snow Scarmon, of IoW, dropped in and discussed having Gianfar help with a San Jose State College class on virtual worlds. It's a Master's level course in library science on immersive education, using a virtual world as a learning platform. This semester the subject is Renaissance Florence. One of the lessons is to visit an RP sim, because "that is immersive at its finest." The students are to pick a character from that time in history and live the character. snow is hoping the class can visit groups that do that. We worked on setting up a session with them from 6 till 8 PM SLT on Thursday February 27.

 - Seacraft
 - Threadfall timing

We discussed Seacraft. The Master hasn't been seen for quite a while; reactivating the Craft would give us more RP possibilities. Plans are brewing.
    We noticed that the new Threadfall schedule causes a Fall at 11:00, during the meeting. We'll try adjusting RP time to 1:30.

 - Tier OK
 - Thuban's a-building
 - Departures from the Weyr
 - "Filming"
 - Boulder Ball and Hunt Game
 - Flamethrowers

Homestead tier is paid, including Thuban, so we're a 5-region island.  
    Wendy's started terraforming Thuban; it's very mountainous now. However, eventually the original terrain definition file will be put on it.
    The news last week was that Lokianth had left us; this week Forbith has gone too. And T'dyr has a job that keeps him away on weekend. We discussed how to make Gianfar more interesting.
    A fellow was making a machinima recording at the NCI RP class last weekend, without asking permission. We suspected that he was recording the meeting too. We discussed that and agreed that it's legal but rude to secretly 'film' activity.
    Ortath is suggesting a variation of Boulder Ball that would be canon: toy boats for dragons to snort around in the ocean. ("Dragonsong," pp. 102 & 104.) He also suggested enhancements to the hunt game.
    Flamethrowers in Shaula have been upgraded to the same software level as those in Kuma. Vee is almost ready to release version 4. We mentioned offering flamethrower training. Vee's thinking of putting out more greenery on Kuma.

 - Thuban
 - The Weyr: staffing up
 - Tunnel snakes
 - Dragon/rider cross-crafting
    Sylvia, a former member of Gianfar who owns Thuban, has put it up for sale to us and will sell it to someone else if we don't buy it. She moved the sim back to us and let it stay there so long as we paid her the tier. If we buy it, there'll be a transfer fee and the tier will go up from grandfathered to full homestead rate - which we can't afford. Homesteads can be owned only by someone who owns a full sim, so most of us couldn't buy it even if we could afford it. Perhaps we could make it an OpenSpace sim, which is basically just scenery., as we've never used it. Wendy Foxchase, recently returned to Gianfar, will try negotiating.
    M'thos is again a Weyrleader without a dragon; Loki has dropped out. The Weyr needs more dragons, more riders, more people who are familiar with how a Weyr works, Weyrfolk besides riders and dragons, more Threadfall and flight-course practice, RP scenarios separate from that of Hold and Halls.
    It'd be nice to have a tunnel snake av. We used a Dune sandworm from Grendel's once, but it's too big; and tunnel snakes have legs (six, as they're native to Pern).
    Discussed Vee's idea (see her post on the website) about dragon/rider cross-crafting: if we have two dragons who get on OK, then maybe one could sometimes be a rider for the other and vice versa. A person wouldn't have to create an alt to switch between dragon and rider. There seemed to be no objections to the principle, but possible problems with how many Gianfar-related groups a person would have to join to be both human and dragon. Riders in the Shaula Weyr group can get riding straps, dragons in the Dragons of Pern group can get flame, so someone who wanted to switch roles would have to be in both groups. We might find ways around that.

 - New members
 - Tier is OK
 - NCI will be using some of Lethe
 - First test of the hunt game
We discussed the new folks who are joining us - Harpers, Healers, dragons, a few riders.
   Tier on the full sims is covered; homestead tier is due on the 15th.
   NCI is losing a parcel on Beach but Wyn will be building for them on Lethe (the sim that IoW lost but for which we've been paying most of the tier to keep it alive).
   People tried the new hunt game yesterday and enjoyed it.

 - Tier should be OK; rent is due
 - Chase game available soon
 - Discussed the Turnover event, part 1
 - Planned for part 2

Tier for the full sims should be paid by the end of the week.
   Ortath is expecting to have a chase game (e.g., dragons and wherries) available next week. We discussed what a wherry should look like and how to mod something to look like that; and somehow tunnel snakes got into the thread too.
   Discussed what worked and what didn't quite work at last night's gather. Topics included organizing the Boulder Ball games so players knew which side they were on, and what medieval dance music we could find.
   Planned for part 2 of Turnover. We'll have at least one person wearing tags like "greeter."

 - SL behaving badly as usual
 - Tier for HSs & Lethe is covered
 - Table & chairs moved in Welcome Area
 - Turnover gather next weekend
 - Evening events?
 - Ortath is now a Guardian
 - No RP class today
 - Memorial for Anne at 1:30 PM today in the Bowl
 - Flamethrower practice sessions

Shaula rebooted Saturday night; some poseballs around the Council chamber had gone transparent; Vee had trouble logging in. As usual.
    Tyl, Etamin, and Lethe are paid; Thuban status unknown at this writing; Shaula and Kuma due next week.
    With Wyn's help, I've moved the round table in the Welcome Area out onto the floor, and put chairs around it. Folks can now sit around a table to chat with visitors.
    We'd like to have Orlith, of IoW, move the sample dragon from the middle of the Dome... but she's rarely available in-world. It'd be nice if arriving visitors didn't land in the middle of a dragon.
    We'll have a gathering in the Weyr Bowl for Turnover next weekend. We'll probably have some games. Decided to have two sessions, Saturday at 6 PM SLT and and Sunday at noon SLT, to accommodate  several timezones.
    Talked about having more events in the East Coast evenings. Just need people to run them (hint).
    Especially for evening events we'll need more Guardians. Ortath has been appointed to that group. Guardians have land management and ban powers.
    Vee won't be holding an RP class this weekend, and Zav will do next Sunday's.
    We'll hold a brief memorial for Anne in the Bowl at 1:30 SLT today.
    Discussed flamethrower training sessions. Vee might come up with a training range to put in front of the Rest.

 - Cross crafting
 - Dragon games
 - Dragon shuttle service
 - New map of Gianfar

   Discussed Vee's proposed rules for cross crafting. Wondered whether a cross-crafter who had done work that would qualify for Apprentice, Journeyman, or Master in the cross-craft might wear some sort of insignia to indicate that - as cross-crafters wouldn't be allowed to use the titles in the cross-craft. Touched on the possibility of getting new shoulder knots to replace the ancient pre-sculptie, pre-mesh, high-prim ones.
   There's now a dragon games rock in Shaula; it has only Boulder Ball now but will have more.
   Discussed the new dragon shuttle service. Thought we might rationalize it by having (dummy) riders on the dragons. That would fit with the new mainland custom of having rider/dragons assigned to Holds for transport purposes, so it'd be close to canon.  
   Discussed replacing the old map of Gianfar in the Welcome Center with an up-to-date one. Last week, Shanna put out a prim panel with the Map's view of Kuma; that would be a good start. John has terrain files of the four regions and (somewhere) a tool to make sculpties from such files.

 - Boulder Ball is succeeding
 - Riders wanted
 - Most tier has been paid
 - Gianfar map in Welcome Area
 - Discussed finicky flame

    Last night's Boulder Ball game drew three guests and one of our new members.
    We're still short of riders. New Weyrfolk are all dragons.
    We were about US$100 short of covering the tier for Shaula, but donations may have come in since the meeting. LL usually don't shut down a region if a partial payment has been made. We haven't paid our share of Lethe.
    We discussed the map in the Welcome Area, which is from before we acquired Tyl and Etamin and Thuban. We may well have the resources to create a modern map. Talked about many ways to create a map, even 3D models.
    Problems have shown up with flame lately; it seems to be failing in ways that "can't happen."

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[Continued in book 8... seven 'books' of 20,000 words each so far!]

 - Classes in the 4-6 PM time slot weekdays?
 - 7Seas custom prize giver
 - Cleanup of lost items
 - Mating / Clutching / Search still pending
 - HS tiers are paid

We chatted about what might be done in Gianfar on weekdays during East Coast evenings. Perhaps some Harper classes could be taught.
    Mist is working on a custom 7Seas prize giver for us. We'll need to have our own game setup, as Wyvern didn't want to keep his here under LL's new laws about games of skill.
    John found and returned various lost items - poseballs that were inside the walls of Harpers Hall, riding straps all over the place. Vee is working on straps that will auto-delete when lost - note that straps don't work after being lost & returned.
    Fire is willing to do a mating flight alone if we can't find a time for both her and Elaya to be here.

 - Tier should be OK
 - Search and Hatching some time soon?

Tier on the HS's is due, but should be paid tomorrow.
    We have several rider/dragon pairs waiting for hatching. Began to discuss whether to RP a mating flight or go straight to Search and Impression.
    Discussed whether we could do a big Gather to draw folks for a Search, then combine a Hatching, which often attracts folks who had drifted away, with a Reunion gather where "old-timers" could meet again.
    Mist, M'thos, and S'ar will work on the planning of that/those event(s).

 - Tiers are up to date
 - LL's new rules on "skill gaming"
 - NCI RP classes move from noon to 1 PM
 - Clothing for NPCs

Discussed the new rule (see http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Featured-News/Coming-Soon-Skill-Gaming-in-Second-Life/ba-p/2771080 ) about games of skill. We'll return Wyvern's 7Seas fishing game, as he doesn't want to keep running it here, and set up one owned by one of us that will be allowed by the new rules.
    Vee has moved her RP class times to 1 PM, starting last week.
    The next mating flight / search / hatching / impression is still being planned.
    Star has developed new Pernish outfits for NPCs. We still have to come up with full-perm avatars and hair. This relates to the idea of having NPCs that anyone could play as needed.

 - Discussed SLSFC7 and SL11B a bit
 - Talked about people joining Crafts then going to the Weyr
 - All tiers are paid
 - 'Experience keys'
 - The new SL
 - Mating flight: a new way  
 - RP classes to be rescheduled to 1 PM

We have two new members from the summer shows - Epeth from SLSFC7 and Moira from SL11B. (I've likely missed others.) SL11B ended at midnight. The sims are closed to all but exhibitors, builders, and staff. Builders have two days to bulldoze their property; Vee is planning to dynamite Wyn's build tomorrow.
    Vigorously discussed the problem that we tend to have people entering Crafts only as a stepping stone to the Weyr. That starves the Crafts. Can we develop roles in the Weyr for people who are interested in becoming riders or dragons but aren't ready to start that training or don't yet have a flying partner? Can we build NPC avatars that can be used by various people as needed - that would need full-perm or at least mod-copy-no-trans shapes, skins, and clothing.
    All tiers are paid.
    LL have come out with this new idea called 'experience keys'. It's a one-time permissions grant. Vee's thinking of getting in one the beta testing. It would be interesting if Gianfar could get in on the ground floor of the new product. Reference: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Tools-and-Technology/Seeking-Creators-for-the-Experience-Keys-Beta/ba-p/2764864
    Be sure to read the Q&A with Firestorm & the Lindens. Lot of rubbish being talked about what the Lindens said. Vee suspects everything except scripts will be transferable. And she can handle scripting rewrites.  Animations may require converting, but the BVH format SL uses is a very old standard. SL's using a standard mesh format. Prims can be converted to mesh, or duplicated in mesh from their parameters, so even if it's an all-mesh or all-voxel world, we'll be ok. RAW maps can be converted to mesh or other landscape formats, we don't even need to lose terrain. Vee fully expects we'll transfer... when the time is right. And after trying it out. However, the whole thing is several years down the road.
    We'll be doing a mating flight soon (for some definition of "soon"), differently from all those before. All dragons will be allowed to participate, but only bronzes can 'win.' And no dragon or rider has to do anything they don't want to... for dragons & riders both, 'fade to black' is allowed. Riders can even exempt themselves from the Weyr - Anne herself wrote that rule. Dragons will be sitting on an object, based off the Straps scripts & appropriate to their colour. After the queen RP's blooding, the chase begins... and it'd better stay high - low-level flights tend to leave a lot of crashed dragons. If a bronze gets close enough, he can hit a button and try to catch the queen. But it's up to the queen to decide to get caught, and both have to be high enough up - maybe above 750m. Once 'caught', the pair will fall, at slightly less than gravity, until they're quite low, then be kicked off their flyers. How they, and the ground riders, RP this is entirely up to them. At the end of the flight, the 'winning' bronze rider will be Weyrleader. Which becomes an RP lead position, like any other bronze rider. OOC, the Weyrleader takes direction from the Weyrwoman, or - in extreme cases - Vee. IC, Weyrwoman & Weyrleader are equal, and senior to the Lord Holder in protocol. Which should make things interesting. Hold & Craft aren't invited to Flights... so we'll have to find an excuse to have other players in the Weyr at the time. And, the sims are *always* mature for flights. Anyone who wants to take advantage of this behind closed doors is welcome. But we're mature, not adult. The flight probably won't be done in GPoP chat; the flight prim isn't very stable, dragons will be too busy flying to talk.
    The meeting ran long as you might guess; RP class will be delayed to about 12:15, and will probably be scheduled for 1:00 from now on.

 - SL11B final week
 - Mating flight? Hatching? Impressions? Stay tuned

SL11B performances end today, site will be open thru next weekend. Without distractions, we might get more visitors. Vee said builders have an informal competition to see whose exhibit can be most spectacularly destroyed. We speculated about Threadfall...
    We have several possible hatchings that could happen... no specifics so far.

 - Tier status
 - SL11B
 - No RP class next week

Tier: Kuma, Shaula and Etamin are all paid up. Tyl, Vee's hoping, will be paid up in the next couple of days - it'll be late, but should be ok. Thuban rent is overdue.
    SL11B opened at noon. We could greet visitors... anyone who wants to be a dragon or dragon/rider pair could spend some time hovering overhead... tour the exhibits, talk to other rp'ers or potential rp'ers, see if we can find new ideas to use. We have room for dolphins, and one display one; not (yet) the active ones from SLSFC7. We can't have Threadfall or flamethrowers - no rezzers allowed - but there's a particle Fall overhead. We can't have anything for sale - or even advertise that something's for sale elsewhere.
    SLSFC7 brought us several new members. We had a much better response than in previous years.
    Vee will have to cancel the NCI RP class next week for RL reasons.

 - SL11B status
 - Lethe safe; new dragons coming
 - Dragon/rider pairs awaiting Hatching

Preparation of our SL11B site is awaiting the sim coordinator, who's needed to do more terraforming to make more room for Ortath's dolphins. Wyn's used our SLSFC7 booth, resized to fit. We won't be selling anything.
    The Lethe sim in Isle of Wyrms is funded now. People there are planning to build new dragons.
    We're picking up new members, and at least one old member (Y'sa) is planning to return. Three dragon/rider pairs will be awaiting a Hatching when they've completed the application process.

 - Tier was overdue
 - SL11B in 10 days
 - How to raise money?
 - How to expand to Australia and Europe?

Turned out we didn't have the money for the mortgage on the cow... uh, sim. We were short US$75 for Kuma, plus the rent on Thuban. But a mysterious stranger tossed us a bag of gold again.
    We have 10 days to get ready for SL11B. That plot has roads on all four sides. One neighbor is Caledon, another is Virtual Ability. We'll likely recycle the SLSFC7 build, compressing it slightly.
    Brainstormed about raising money for tier. We have people who could make clothing and furniture and maybe other things for sale. Perhaps we could turn the 7 Seas fishing site, at Dolphin Hall, into a pay game - perhaps moving it to an OOC area. Perhaps we could run some Gather-like yard-sale area where 'outsiders' could sell & buy... in Thuban skyboxes, perhaps? Maybe a book club, maybe focusing on the Pern books, accepting donations toward tier.
    Talked about having activity outside our "traditional" times. Maybe we could recruit in Australia (we have one new member there), the UK (one) and Scandinavia (one).

 - Tier & rent are OK
 - LL explains hardware/software problems
 - Harpers have new instruments for ensemble playing
 - Upcoming events
 - Classes last Sunday after Threadfall
 - Gathering tomorrow to build for SL SF Con

Tier for the full sims is due this week, and Vee believes it's covered. The rent on Thuban is due today, that's covered. So we're good for another few weeks.
    John pointed us to a Linden blog explaining the hardware and software problems that LL has had over the years, including last Tuesday's long login problems. For those who love to see behind the scenes: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Tools-and-Technology/The-Recent-Unpleasantness/ba-p/2730800?utm_source=TechBlog&utm_medium=Story&utm_campaign=SocialCM
    The harpers have a set of Mikki Miles ensemble instruments now so they can play for groups at gathers. Fascinating tech: people thousands of miles apart can play together despite lag.
    Our application for SL11B hasn't been accepted yet.
    SL SF Con starts soon: May 30 thru June 8, with an "end of the world party" June 9. (Thanks for the date correction, txep'ongokx!) We have a booth (105) but nothing to put in it yet. Link:
    Last Sunday, after the 3 PM Threadfall, there were impromptu class for Thread flying and flamethrower use.
    Wordmaster Ludo would like to get reports of all our activities; if there's no Harper present, anyone can be a Student Harper and report.
    Some of us may get together tomorrow to build something for the SF Con booth. Vee will put out a Notice when she'll be available.

 - Homestead tiers are paid
 - SL11B

Very light attendance at today's meeting; only the core of the hard-core members turned up.
    Vee applied for our SL11B spot, and expects to hear back on or after the 20th. We'll have a 32x32 parcel, can build as high as 100m... no skyboxes or sky platforms; overhanging 'Branches' at least 2m above the sidewalk are allowed.

 - Tier OK  
 - SL11B
 - Private spaces
 - New projects: kitchen, clothing, and more
 - Harper feast at 1:15 today
Thuban rent is paid and Homestead tiers are covered.
    Our application for an SL11B site has been submitted. We discussed what we could do in 60 minute performances.
    We had a visitor over in Shaula who was looking around and going into "private" areas. That started a discussion of lockable curtains (which renters may request from Wyn). Our rules say that one shouldn't go through locked curtains but that's hard to enforce on visitors. Defensive orbs are impractical in an "apartment house." So we have a continent-wide greeter that advises non-members of our rules, and if necessary we treat them as roleplayers from across the Rift.
    Kelly, our newest member, has built a Hold kitchen at the west end of the second floor below the Council Chamber floor. She's planning a line of clothing - starting with garb for new folk, expanding to clothing for all walks of life. Active members will receive clothes free, new members could get them for a very moderate fee; all proceeds going to tier. And more ideas next week.
    Could be that the Harpers are planning more than just a feast...

 - Flamethrower practice range is up
 - Tier is good
 - SL11B

The flamethrower range is open, above Tyl, but the 10-meter target isn't working yet.
    Full-sim tier is paid, and homesteads are covered. Lethe is lost to us.
    SL11B will be June 22-29, theme is "The empires of the future are the empires of the mind" - Churchill. Main blog is at http://slcommunitycelebration.com ...We'd have 32x32 meters, no higher than 100 meters, 10x10 meter floors. Considered a Threadfall with a tour dragon letting guests ride & flame. Considered flamethrowers (short range, disconnecting when taken off the parcel, 'bullets' with a short life span, etc.). A discussion of how to answer the application question about how we'd fit into the event theme continued into group chat.

 - Tier is covered
 - Status of Lethe
 - Rezzing problem on Kuma last night
 - Planning for classes
 - Moving plants?

Tier for the full sims is covered and Vee is pretty sure next month's  Homestead tiers are covered. But the company she just started working for has folded.
    Therefore she wasn't able to go through with buying the Lethe sim from IoW. This explains Skylarian's notice that Lethe is now for rent rather than for sale;
    There was trouble with Threadfall in Kuma yesterday. A guest in a skybox had rezzed a house of >300 prims which pretty well shut down the Threadfall rezzers.
    No RP class today.
    Journeyman Harper Cynianne got the Harper class notes from Ludo but didn't have time to prep a class for today. She plans to start the Harper Hall series next week. Anyone in any Craft who would like to teach a class should contact her. She'll be installing a flamer practice range.
    We talked about having the Thread-target plants move (when no one was around) to make the ground crew's work more... interesting.

 - Tier situation is good
 - Cynianne will handle Harper classes
 - Flamethrower class at 2:00 this afternoon
 - Harpers, report!
 - SL11B will be June 22-29, SL SF Con soon after

HS tiers are all paid, so is Thuban's rent. FS tiers are due a week tomorrow, and should be covered. And Vee is finally moved in and wired up.
    Wordmaster Ludo is turning the Harper class organizing over to Journeyman Cynianne. Ludo's not going to do anything in SL after 2 PM SLT. Cyn will most definitely be asking other crafts to contribute to the classes. And she's seeking apprentices.
    Cyn will teach flamethrower use this afternoon, prior to Threadfall.
    Ludo has received no replies to her Notice asking people who wanted to earn rank in Harpers to speak up. She'll send at least one more. The post of Wordmaster is open for anyone who can do a better job than she can.
    SL11B exhibitor applications will open next week, Performer applications are open now. Vee's wondering if we can do a Fall demonstration or something. Theme: "The empires of the future are the empires of the mind." Vee thinks a bunch of RPers who live in a world of dragons can probably cope with that.

 - Harper events
 - Tunnel snakes
 - Proposition about NPCs

The Harper masters gathered last week and had a long interview with someone... they emerged seeming quite pleased... and the Hall is to hold a feast this afternoon, after the 3 PM Threadfall. Clearly something's planned.
    Watch for tunnel snakes all over the island!
    The quintet of Harper Masters was partly made up of NPCs and went very well. Ludo's picked up Ortath's idea that we create specifications for some NPCs who could be played by anyone. The NPCs could be someone's alt, with another player temporarily having the password to that account, or could be a body... or just clothing... worn by someone else. The NPC's detailed appearance wouldn't have to be perfectly consistent over time, different players could create similar bodies/clothing with the approval of the NPC's 'owner'. Ludo suggested that each NPC be 'controlled' by one player, creating the back-story and characteristics, possibly creating an account, possibly providing full-perm clothing, hair, etc.

 - Birthday event seemed to go well
 - He who was Pathfinder Linden will lecture in SL tomorrow
 - Vee out for a few days, moving; no RP class today
 - Discussed spreading Threadfall to other locations

 The event went well, from the memorial ceremony through the song and story circle and the dancing / trivia contest to Gelgisith's fireworks. We agreed that the hatchie raid last Sunday was... interesting. Also exhausting.
    John Lester, once Pathfinder Linden, will speak tomorrow, 6 PM SLT, on “Finding the Balance between Pedagogy and Technology.” See http://becunningandfulloftricks.com/
    Vee is moving again and will be offline, possibly all week. But her new place has good Internet connections.
    We mentioned having Thread targets on more places, like the north side of Kuma, to give sweep riders tasks.

 - Birthday celebrations
 - Tier & rent are paid
 - Straps & flames

Discussed yesterday's very successful part one of the birthday celebration for Anne. Excellent song/story circle, dragon/rider practice, dolphin rodeo, hatchie scouts, boulder ball, fireworks, probably more. Weyrwoman Elaya arrived on gold dragon Miath, though after most folks had left.
    Discussed today's part two. Ceremony with Lady Varian, weyrling S'ar, Wordmaster Ludo. Hatchie raid expected; we'll be invited to IoW's April Fools week. Several new members.
    Tier and Thuban rent have been paid. We're back to financial security.
    Discussed riding straps and flame, with which several people have been having trouble for no known reason. Also discussed flamethrowers; some people have trouble with them, others don't. This is probably because, unless otherwise. We considered having a Google Docs form for bug reporting.

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Continued in book 9...

Old Business ('T' marks tabled topics - nothing to report)

  - Agenda - update, finalize
  - Finances - State of the Union
    A donation allowed payment of full-sim tiers. Homesteads are due tomorrow. Vee still has many job prospects.
  - Calendar - update on upcoming events
    Part 3 of Ludo's Event-Story-Song class is coming up, then she'll be asking old-timers to tell stories of the Old Days in Gianfar. Hint: that graduation exercise meets two or three Harper promotion requirements. Discussed how to lure old-timers.
T - 7Seas Fishing - update on progress
T  - Ortath's Telepathy HUD Icon Contest - update - Mist offered to discuss/demo it after the meeting
  - Classes (RP & Admin)
    Ludo's class will be at 3:30 SLT Tuesday. No news on Star's, Cynianne's, or Vee's classes.
  - Fall Scripting - adjustments to Admin control
    Vee hopes to get an update to the scripting soon.

T  - River Quest - status check on new completers
    None last week. Colin offered to give hints after the meeting
T - Newcomer Location Quest - update on set up
  - e-Hide Droppers
    Back end for Web-based application 'dropper' is mostly done.

Vee reported that Wyn's feeling a lot better and would've been at the meeting if not for RL conflicts.

  - Craftmaster Reports
        - Harper Class times (see above)
        - Smithcraft Hall improvements
    Mist has added three raft rezzers, and has raised the Harper/Healer bridge to accommodate the rafts. One can now sail all around from Etamin Bay through Thuban Beach.
        - Fall Scripting - adjustments to thread
    Little progress until recruiters stop phoning Vee constantly

  - Mating Flight/Search/Impression - update
    Have two pairs waiting at the moment: Rhys/Kiykia and M'thos/Epeth. Discussed how to have events to attract people so that we could have events. Discussed problems with getting dragon animations working. May do the 'out of time' storyline which starts with a mysterious dragon dropping off a close-to-hatching egg - or two - at a location distant from the weyr. (The weyr has determined that the mystery dragons are timing it from the future, although we don't know when.) That approach takes care of these cases when we don't have enough pairs to do a full Mating Flight, clutching, Search, Hatching, and Impression.

New Business:
 - Documentation Brush up & Recruiting
    Mist and Moira will be leading this. How do we recruit people? How do we keep people?  Need to draft new notecards for the Welcome Center. There are ideas in the new-player task board beside the Hold Office. Can we make Novi Peaks Mall a more productive place? How about some short monthly events to attract people? Could we set up an SF/fantasy bar somewhere for people from all the genres to meet and talk and maybe be attracted to Pern? But we have to have a way to lead new people into being active members. RP stories starting in other areas than the Rest? Weyr RP sessions starting in Shaula? Continuing Thursday-6pm Weyr RP sessions? Posting RP status to the Forum so people can keep up with a storyline?
    Need to clean up group membership.

 - We now have a meeting agenda
 - Finances
 - Calendar
 - 7Seas Fishing
 - Ortath's Telepathy HUD Icon Contest
 - Basic RP Classes
 - River Quest
 - Newcomer Location Quest
 - New application to manage applications
 - Fall scripting

Thanks to "Mist Jaxxdottir" we have a meeting agenda!

Old Business

 - Agenda - update, finalize
 - Finances
    Finances are going to be bad for a while. The full sim tiers are past due, but LL seem to be willing to give us some breathing room. The 2 full sims are US$195/month each. The 2 HS's are $125/month each. And Thuban is L$5800/week. The NoviPeaks PayPal address, for those who'd like to make donations in US$, is novipeaks@gmail.com.
 - Calendar - update on accessibility and content
    We have a bunch of new events on the Calendar.
 - 7Seas Fishing - update on progress
    Mist has a donation of boots to put in the giver, and is working on making more prizes. She has fishing-raft vehicles almost ready and there will be real boats that are just nice seating areas NWof firelizard island. We need donations of prizes, and hosts who will run contests, before we consider adding fishing areas.
 - Ortath's Telepathy HUD Icon Contest - update
    Ortath's Notice from last night clarified the rules and changed the item descriptions.
 - Basic RP Classes with Harper Cyn and S'ar - update
    Cyn needed to reschedule her practice RP class.
    No news on Star's RP class.
    Vee might have her RP admin class ready for comments soon.
    Ludo's Event-Story-Song class was fun but lightly attended and interrupted by Threadfall. (See "Fall scripting" below) There was much discussion of class times; she may try 4:30 Tuesday and meet in Tyl to avoid Thread. One goal is to record some Gianfar early history by getting "old-timers" to sit around a campfire and tell stories of The Old Days.
 - Findability - discussion
     Skipped this topic.

 - River Quest - status check on new completers
    No one had 'bought' the 'prize' since last weekend.
 - Newcomer Location Quest - update on set up
    Ludo has come up with some wonderful rhymes for most of the locations. Some places need maintenance so we'll start with just a few. Questers will be encouraged to ask for help with the clues - the idea is for them to succeed, thus learning what's where. The existence of the quest could be put on the info card in the Welcome Area which talks about runners. We could have several quests, serial or parallel, after we see how the demo works out.
 - New application to manage applications
    Vee's working on an app to replace the hide droppers with a Web-based process, available only inside SL.

 - In the Old Days this section was for Craftmaster reports.

 - Mating Flight/Search/Impression - update
    Moira would like to be a Rider but is also interested in Harpers. Not having found a dragon, she's been working as a drudge in the Weyr. She's planning to go through Hatching without Impressing, then write some stories about making the transition to Harpers. This was approved by the Weyrleader, Wordmaster, and Lady Holder. (I'm recording this because someone else might like to follow this path some time. -Colin)
    The Flight will be held today if Vee can get a few bronzes and Fire together.
 - Fall scripting
    There will, coming up, be a new Thread hud which will count flamethrower fuel levels, or a dragon's breathing (and, in due course, firestone). Vee figured out why the reporting system was losing Threads - she hopes - and has scripted around it. Later on, there'll be a flamer for firelizards, too. More like a flamethrower. Shorter range, but they won't run out of firestone the way she's planning on making the dragons run out. There will be a way for admins to prevent automated Falls - that will probably come first. Grounded Thread will, she hopes, burn any Thread it touches once it's set on fire. She's still looking into Cyn's favourite annoyance, Thread growing inside prims. The new reporting system and new Flame, which affects both dragons and groundcrew, and a new version of Thread code, all need to roll out together; this is a major change. A new flamer will be delivered to the dragons. The flamethrowers will be updated at the same time. Old perm flamethrowers will still 'work', but poorly. Old Flamers, ditto.

 - River Quest
 - Searchability of Gianfar
 - Lag on Tyl boundaries
 - Clutching next Sunday
 - Adding items to the Calendar
 - Ortath's contest about dragon-telepath HUDs
 - Classes
 - Location Quest
 - Threadfall reporting issue

Mist, Moria, Ayla, and Cynianne have found the source of the Underground River.
    Received an anonymous complaint in Elaya's application dropper about how hard it is to find us. Discussed that. We've never been able to use "Pern" in the land description without Search classifying us as an Adult place; Vee's filed many Jira entries with no result. We should be able to put "McCaffrey" in our Group and Land descriptions. We'd have to pay L$30/week to be listed in Places... and for a group-owned location, every member of the owning group is billed that much. Novi Peaks is spread among several owners, for safety... but all three have been out of touch at the same time at least once. Estate Managers can restart sims; each of our sims has 10 EMs plus the owner.  We could add the "Kuma" name to the Group descriptions. We can't create a tiny parcel under the Welcome Center, giving it a Searchable name, because LL has a rather large minimum size for a Searchable parcel.
    John's observed a lot of lag on the borders of Tyl... "there are straps littered everywhere"... and the complainer said s/he had been kicked out of SL when the Tour Dragon crossed from Etamin to Tyl. Probably nothing we can do about it.
    Clutching next Sunday, could do Search the following week and Impression the week after.
    If you have an event, and a Gmail account, and have been added to Novi Peak's calendar list, send an invite to novipeaks@gmail.com - it'll get added to the calendar automatically. Or, if you have a Google calendar, create an event and add Novi Peaks as a "guest."
    Ortath is running a contest for icons & messages for his dragon-telepath HUD. Needs graphics for the icons and suggestions for messages like "Thread sighted," "Need firestone," and "Injured." Riders and dragons should suggest messages they'd like to be able to send. Contact him for notecards.
    Cynianne's Basic RP classes would be scheduled during the week, once or twice a month, for people who can't attend Vee's class on Sundays. Cyn's available Tuesdays or Wednesdays, early afternoon SLT; Star could give the class at other times, perhaps evenings. Cyn suggested scheduling the class for an hour, expecting it to run over if there are many questions. Vee may slip her 'RP Admin' class in, in weeks when there's no Gianfar RP class. So, maybe the 'Basic RP' class first & third Tuesdays at 3 SLT and Vee's 'RP Admin' class in the other two weeks. We suggested that the classes be listed in the Gianfar events calendar (see above), in both the Web site and the Welcome Center. We could encourage a time for Craft classes, such as Ludo's Harper ones. Ludo might move those to Monday afternoons. We may be reaching the point where we need a class coordinator. but who would have the time?
    Mist volunteered to be agenda keeper for the meetings. If anyone has agenda items for next week, and gets them to Mist by Friday, we can post them to the group before the meeting. The old-timers remembered Jaxx Marjeta, once Hold Steward, who kept the meetings organized; Vee talked to Jaxx last week, she's recovering from shoulder surgery.
    Mist is working on a Locations Quest to help newcomers (and maybe not-so-new folks) learn where everything is. She's listed a dozen major locations so far, needs clues (perhaps poetic couplets) and prizes; and places to hide a prize in each location. Ran out of time, tune in again next week.
    Ortath reported an issue with Threadfall reports not registering Thread flamed yet registering threadscoring. As Vee is working on overhauling the whole of Thread, she's sure she'll find out just what the problem was.
    And we called a halt after 2-1/2 hours.

 - California earthquake
 - Tiers are paid
 - Classes
 - Dragons?
 - 7Seas fishing/quest
 - Firelizard hatching today
 - Cynianne will be away on Sundays

SL didn't seem to have been affected by the earthquake in Napa. No one at the meeting knew anyone who'd been hurt.
    Donations have helped pay the tier so far, but the payments for Shaula and Kuma are due this week.
    Ludo's class on poetry was enjoyed by the few students. Vee is working on an RP Admin class for NCI; it'll be in two parts, a general part about the theory & 'usual' practices, and a specific part for Gianfar. It will be for everyone, so players can find out what admins do, and what owners do. Cyn is also working on a Gianfar RP class, should be ready for a test run soon.
    There are no new dragon avatars yet, but Orion and others are working on them. We formed a committee (Hwyl and Myst) to contact avatar makers.
    7Seas fishing is running again in Etamin, thanks to Mist. Anyone who builds and is interested in making prizes for the fishing is welcome to do so. We'll have a fishing session after Threadfall this afternoon. Mist is putting out some boats. We're pretty sure that 7Seas is legal under the new LL rules about games with payouts. When someone buys fishing equipment from a 7Seas site, the site owner gets 20% of the price - so Novi Peaks will have a very irregular tiny income. More important, the game may draw visitors who might join us.
    Ayla's clutch will hatch today - three eggs.
    Cynianne will be starting a job. at the end of October, that will have her working full time on Sundays, for a few months at least.


 - Chatted about the Underground River
 - 7Seas fishing
 - Maintenance needed in Shaula
 - Another Quest
 - Classes
 - Cross-crafting

Mist found the River last week, at least one other person is searching.
    Discussed where & how to set up fishing without being too OOC... perhaps on rafts or small boats.
    John reported some things broken in the Shaula baths. This will be Looked Into.
    Mist is working on using the 7Seas fishing blueprint/salvage system in designing educational quests. The player would get a blueprint of salvage items that had to be found and loaded into the blueprint. Once fully loaded, the blueprint can be touched within 20m of a custom prize giver, to receive a prize - which would be Gianfar-related. This could be used as a teaching game, to give new folks a reason to explore the island - and just for fun.
    Star held a Character Background class last Thursday, which I'm told went well. Ludo's asking for suggestions for other classes folks might like to attend. "How to RP in Gianfar"? "History of Gianfar"?
    Discussed cross-crafting and the unofficial rank of 'student' in a craft. This was in the context of people joining a craft, or attending craft classes, while planning to be a rider or dragon. Vee's ruling: "Just so it's clear: until Search, potential Riders are just that, potential. They can be training on their 'own' time, but their primary is still their Craft or Hold. Weyr doesn't take over until they make candidate. Although I do expect Craftmasters to allow time for OOC weyr training."

 - Classes
 - Weyr clothing & objects
 - New strain of Thread?
 - Harper classes
 - Other topics

The classes on RP in Gianfar and on running bardic circles went well. There's some work being done on classes for drummers. Mist and M'thos are working on 'How to advance in the Weyr' like harpers and healers have.
    Weyr projects: candidates' robes. carryable glows (coverable, perhaps that dim until recharged), documentation of rules on dragon colors and dragon/player gender (Green & Gold are "girls;" Blue, Brown, & Bronze are "boys;" no restriction on players' genders). Long discussion about mesh clothing.
    There's a rumor, from reliable sources, that a new strain of Thread may show up - easier to hit when high, much harder near the ground. It'll be easier to be scored. Maybe it won't grow horizontally when it lands on a sloping surface - if SL can manage that.
    Ludo asked what kinds of Harper classes are popular. Responses: Bardic Circle, Joy of Song, Getting the Facts & Reporting the Facts, how to build a backstory for one's character (could be a class on Embellishing the Facts). Also, classes to teach new folk about our leaders, our history, and such.. and maybe a basic discussion on Pernese culture and such for the new folk. And a book discussion (OOC of course). And Gianfar history.
    There was much discussion of who can help with what, who has what roles, how to have a meeting of leaders when no two can be on at the same time, and related issues.
    Moira's been working on an NC of places around the Weyr. Perhaps we'll not be losing Weyrfolk who wander down a hall and never return.

 - Tier should be paid tomorrow
 - Quest in the Mines; getting lost in the Weyr  
 - Notecard givers in the Dome
 - Harper (& other) classes; Weyr advancement

Tier for Shaula and Kuma should be paid tomorrow.
    Colin's going to set up a Quest in the Mines, as a pastime. There's an underground river deep in the mines. He plans to put some kind of marker there that people can 'buy' for L$0 to prove they got there. Then they'll be honor-bound to get out of the mines without teleporting.
    That led into a long discussion of people getting lost in the Weyr... and making maps... and how to make dark passages and glowbaskets that would dim and fade after a while... and so forth.  
    The Notecard givers in the Dome are mostly empty or very outdated. There's a project to update them.
    John has started working on Weyr advancement.
    Wordmaster Ludo has received only one Notecard in response to her offer to organize some classes. With no more interest than that there's no incentive to hold the classes. But given interest, besides the ones that were listed in Ludo's Notice we could have classes on first aid, tanning, and other subjects.

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(continued in book... 10 already?!)

(omitted tabled items to shorten report  -Colin)

 - State of the Union
    - Finances
       - Full sim tiers are paid; Thuban due next week; HS's due on the 15th.
       - Ad boards at RPC and NCI are paid up.
 - Documentation Brush up & Recruiting
    - Recruiting
       - Updated NCs for Harper Hall have been approved by Ludo.
       - New Player Checklist has been sent to recruiters.
 - OOC Classes (RP & Admin)
    - Starting the new rotation; Basic RP this Tuesday at 10 AM or 3:30 PM.
    - Getting set up to advertise on SL Events Calendar & with standard Notices in GPoP.
 - 7Seas Fall Fishing Expo
    - Not allowed to advertise non-fishing interests at the Expo; can have sign saying who we are & can advertise the fishing competitions for the Fall Gather.
    - Could sell fishing-related items to raise money. Could put out a donation bucket.
    - v1 fish flits done! They circle the wearer, have names, breathe flame, respond to imminent Threadfall, and more.
    - Need a fishing adv poster
 - Fall Gather - locations, times, etc.
    - Need a fall gather poster
    - Need a few Fall-specific prizes
    - Planning meeting time: Tuesday at 8 AM
    - Keen for Anne (Nov 21st)
    - Tithe (Nov 23rd - 2pm?)
    - Campfire Tales (Nov 23rd - after Tithe)
    - Dance (Nov 23rd - ?)
    - Fishing?
 - Sci-fi Con
    - We have a plot 35x35x86 high. It's on the sim edge, next to water, and we're free, even encouraged, to use off-sim builds... Plus... we can use space in the sky. We'll also be sponsoring an event with the Fairports hosting. And Vee's going to have another go at dropping Thread on the con... possibly at the same time, since Kiva knows what to expect.
    - The con theme is 'Future Santorini'. Details here: http://slscificonvention.wordpress.com
    - When Vee suggested we might want a way for dolphins to get from the sea to our build, they got quite interested.
    - Perhaps the con will let us provide Ortath's dragon rides again this year.
    - Possible theme: recruitment center for the proposed PERN colony.
 - Sunday RP Discussion
    - Perhaps recovering a meteor from the sea floor in Etamin; that would need some building and planning, would likely involve dolphins and maybe dragons.
    - Perhaps we can get RP going at other times, which could attract more people allowing more RP.
    - Perhaps have a "Gianfar RP" group to allow RP in group chat without spamming everyone. To be discussed next week.
    - Send NCs of RP ideas to Mist, or drop them on the website.


(T is for Table.. either no news or no one to talk about it)

Old Business:

 - State of the Union
    - Finances - tier is covered!
T   - Where is?? - Soo, Wyn, Jax
T- Vee's Scripting Projects: tabled till she has time to work on them
    - e-Hide Droppers
    - Flame target on flying course
    - Fall Scripting - adjustments to thread, Admin control
    - Website

 - Documentation Brush up & Recruiting
    - Recruiting
       - Karo & Beli survived their Interviews
       - Hori would like to be a firelizard, Maia a Weyr kitchen drudge
    - Documentation Brush up!
       - Updated draft for New Player Checklist, addressing comments from website
       - Harper Hall scroll case still needs some updating
       - How much detail should be presented where? As a new member, Karo will help with this.
    - TOS Clarification
       Ludo found that the only way to get a clarification of the TOS rule about sharing chat logs is to snail-mail or fax the LL legal department. She'll draft a letter to offer to Vee and Wyn for their signatures.
    - SL Event Calender
       Karo & Beli will help get our events posted
 - Classes (RP & Admin)
    - Moira suggested doing the basic classes monthly, on a published schedule. Vee will set up a "Class" area in the website for class outlines.
    - There'll be a time slot on Tuesdays for Craft classes too.

 - Fall Gather
    - Keen for Anne (Fri Nov 21st)
       - Star is working on it. Would be run morning & afternoon to suit members from California to Scandinavia
       - John will do Gather & Keen posters
       - Might do a fishing contest
    - Gather (Sat Nov 22nd)
       - Moira, Star, others will plan
       - Discussed what time it is where; Germany is about 8 hours (depending on winter/summer times) from SLT so 9 AM SLT is a good time to start activities and hold meetings
    - Campfire Tales (Sun Nov 23rd) at 3:15
       Preceded by a Tithe RP at 2

T- Ortath's Telepathy HUD Icon Contest - update

T - River Quest - update and status check on new completers

 - Craftmaster Reports
    - Smithcraft Hall improvements
       - 7Seas Fishing - Expo build on Thuban, flaming flits & more prizes!
T      - Newcomer Location Quest - update on set up:

 - Weyr Baths semi-OOC club Tuesdays
    - Test run Tuesday went quite well
    - We'll see about recruiting a DJ and advertising

New Business:
 - Sunday RP Discussion
    - What can we do to make it more fun? Perhaps have themes like fishing, Healer work, Harpers, whatever
 - Sci-Fi Con
    - February this time, not adjacent to SL n'th Birthday. Theme appears to be Santorini, Greece. We'll find a way to fit in.


(T is for Table.. either no news or no one to talk about it)

Old Business:

 - Agenda - update, finalize
 - State of the Union
    - Finances
       - Thuban rent is paid, sims are covered.
    - Where is?? - Soo, Wyn, Jax
       - Some old members have been showing up, one who remembered Soo.
 - Vee's Scripting Projects:
T   - e-Hide Droppers
T   - Flame target on flying course
T   - Fall Scripting - adjustments to thread, Admin control
T   - Website
    - Realistic floating objects in Weyr baths (see Website)

 - Keen for Anne (November 21st)/Fall Gather/Tithe?
    - Hold it several times, for different time zones.
    - Star will organize it if we can find records of what we did in prior years.
    - Need to keep records of our events & doings.
    - Make it a LONG weekend: Friday the Keen; Saturday the Fall Gather Weekend; Sunday the Old-Timers' campfire tales.
    - And sometime, a formal Tithe from the Halls & Hold.
 - Documentation Brush up & Recruiting
    - Recruiting
       - Got three applicants yesterday, recruited by Ortath.
       - Discussed adding people to process applications. Star will join that team.
       - The improved notecards in the Dome should help a lot.
    - NC Brush up!
       - Moira's continuing to work on the Dome notecards. The Healers card is current.
T      - TOS Clarification
T      - SL Event Calender

 - Classes (RP & Admin)
    - Vee hasn't had time to work on the Admin class.
    - Colin did a "How to RP in Gianfar" class last week.
    - Moira will do "Gianfar is Different" Tuesday.
    - There are two threads on the Web site, under Gather Grounds: one listing classes and one for discussion about classes.
    - There's a scroll cabinet in the Harper Teachingmaster office for class outlines / teacher notes.
    - Want to be sure students don't think that reading a class outline without attending the class is enough.
 - Ortath's Telepathy HUD Icon Contest - update
    - Ludo offered the designs that she was working on, for others to finish. Star will hold them for her and give them as samples to anyone who'd like to work on them.

T - River Quest - update and status check on new completers

 - Craftmaster Reports
T   - Harper Hall Classes
    - Healer Hall
       - Tasha has been accepted as an Apprentice        
    - Smithcraft Hall improvements
       - 7Seas Fishing
          - 7Seas community Fishing Festival is Nov 14-17. Mist has the announcement NC. Applications to enter displays must be sbmitted by Nov 10. It's a tremendously well attended event. Good publicity for us if we could create a fishing site quickly.
T      - Newcomer Location Quest - update on set up:

 - Somehow, nothing came up.

New Business:

 - Weyr Baths semi-OOC club Tuesdays
    - (See Website: Forum / Prattle in the Peaks / Ideas & Projects / Games & RPs / Floating in the Baths) Vee's considering holding semi-OOC clothing-optional dancing there, after class time. Maybe with a DJ. Semi-OOC so we can have other-realm visitors, but be IC ourselves. Tuesdays because that doesn't compete with full-time clubs. Might do a trial run this Tuesday.
 - Ortath has a mesh dragon modded for Pern; needs animation, and work on rigging.

 - Calendar
    - OOC costume party in the Maze on Nov 3 in place of RP.
    - Turnover party around Christmas/New Year's time.
    - We need to recruit DJs quickly.

(T is for Table.. either no news or no one to talk about it)

Old Business:
 - Agenda - update, finalize
 - State of the Union
    - Finances
       Vee got paid! All tier is paid or covered, including HS's which are due on the 15th. So are upcoming bils for the website.
       Questions for Vee or Wyn can be sent to Mist on an NC with that in the title; and tell her it's coming as some NCs have strange names!
T   - Where is?? - Soo, Wyn, Jaxx
 - Vee's Scripting Projects:
T   - e-Hide Droppers
T   - Flame target on flying course
T   - Fall Scripting - adjustments to thread, Admin control
    - Vee modded the Dragonbreath flamer to make a Flitbreath flamer. This version doesn't burn anything (yet), it's just for show. It'll be installed in our custom prize flits.
    - Website maintenance
       Vee's list starts with changing the graphics
       No software change any time soon.
 - Documentation Brush up & Recruiting
    - NC Brush up!
        - Moira's Report
           "I am now moving on to reviewing the notecards in the Harper Hall scroll cabinet, and may be reaching out to various leads with questions, or to ask them to review the info regarding their area. I am hoping to be able to submit a set of notecards to Wordmaster Ludo to be installed in the scroll cabinet later this week." There was a suggestion that each official NC have the author's name & date written at the bottom, plus revision author/dates, to help with annual revisions.
           Ludo: "I have removed the scroll rack from the Harper Hall dining room and blocked the one in the Dragon Hall. When the new notecards come I'll put them in the scroll rack in the dragon hall. That way there's only one rack to update."  
        - Hold Task Lists
           Will be blocked until we have time to rewrite them. Good idea but not updated in 5 years or so.
T   - TOS Clarification
T   - SL Event Calender

 - Classes (RP & Admin) - Moira's Report
    - Star sent Moira what she has for some classes that she can do, and is writing up more.
    - There's a "How to RP in Gianfar" class outline that could be built up into a class. (see below)
    - We could use the 3:30 Tuesday time for RP classes if we have no IC classes ready.
    - Admin classes are still on hold.
T- Ortath's Telepathy HUD Icon Contest - update
      He needs three participants to hold a contest

T- River Quest - update and status check on new completers

 - Craftmaster Reports
    - Harper Hall Classes - Moira's Report
       "Just an informational item at this point, that I will be beginning research and then development of a new class series on the early history of Gianfar (based initially on the history buried in the web site, and supplemented with existing Harper Hall songs and other information gleaned from our elders)."
    - "Campfire Tales - November 23rd at 3:15 pm.
       I am particularly interested in any 'oral history' about our dragons, and in hearing about experiences of the first threadfall here after the long interval from a perspective of the weyr or other craft halls. If you have any names to suggest of people that would be good to interview for either of those areas, let me know so that we can encourage them to attend, or at least to submit their recollections on a notecard."
    - Perhaps we can build a display of our history so that we don't lose the information.
    - Ludo's new Bardic Circle
       Ludo found a circle with seats that have an applause animation. Very nice but no mod, no transfer. To be studied.
    - Smithcraft Hall improvements
       - 7Seas Fishing prizes - necklaces from Luna, flit flame from Vee. Everyone who donates prizes should also make up a NC to go with them with who the donor is and where their stores are and such.
    - Newcomer Location Quest
       - Mist has been working on hiding places for the Quest prizes.
       - We now have a Rift at the Welcome Center, a forge at Smithcraft.
       - Weavercraft furniture that was in a pile has been detangled.
       - Ludo and Luna have donated prizes. Mist is working on clothing for prizes.
    - Changes in the Weyr!
       S'ar is putting together a training program for weyrlings. We have one, she's adding detail.
    - Nude bathing in the weyr is 'canon' and fits SL Moderate rating. Soo's rule, from our earliest days: Nudity is permitted in the Weyr baths. Vee will discuss this with the Weyrwoman, whom someone hassled about the matter.

New Business:

 - Calendar
   - Keen for Anne (November 21st)/Fall
      Vee has found the script for last year's event. S'ar will develop a plan and clear it with Vee.
   - Upcoming events are on the Novi Peaks calendar.
   - Colin will do a class on "How to RP in Gianfar at 3:30 Tuesday.

T   - Gather/Tithe?
T   - Turnover

(T is for Table.. either no news or no one to talk about it)

Old Business:

 - State of the Union
    - Finances
       Thuban tier is paid for two weeks
    - Where is?? - Soo, Wyn, Jax
       No report
T- Vee's Scripting Projects:
    - e-Hide Droppers
    - Flame target on flying course
    - Fall Scripting - adjustments to thread, Admin control
 - Documentation Brush up & Recruiting
    - NC Brush up! - Welcome Center!
       New notecards are up. Welcome Center now has a sign pointing to Toureth. Application giver is now a scroll on the table and there's a scroll in the vase. Active notecard givers have hover text.
       There's now a thread on the Web site for the Welcome Center updates and for comments on the proposed new member check list.
       Discussed the perennial need to redesign the Web site.
       We now have a Tannercraft intro card; discussed whether it should go into the Welcome Center NC giver or the Harper Hall scroll case(s). Decided that only introductory NCs should be in the Welcome Center, specific ones like craft descriptions elsewhere such as the Harper Hall scroll case. Colin can update that object.
T   - TOS Clarification
T   - SL Event Calender

T  - Newcomer Location Quest - update on set up

T- Ortath's Telepathy HUD Icon Contest - update

  - River Quest - update and status check on new completers
     None. A fresh Notice to GPoP may be in order.

  - Craftmaster Reports
     - Classes? - blurbs needed!
        "Old timers' tales around a campfire" is postponed for a while. See below.
        Character Background class at 3:30 Tuesday, given by Star
        Mist needs blurbs to post, Star will provide one for the Background class. Mist also needs them about RP sessions, for the Events calendar.
        Discussed who's in charge of classes, now that Cynianne has a job that keeps her away a lot. Ludo will help anyone who wants to teach Harper classes.
  - Smithcraft Hall improvements
     - Haunted Maze!
        Maze is open. hunt prize is out, we're in the Hunt listing, Mist has seen a couple of folks up there. Maze has a TP to the center, and to the Welcome Center which has a TP to the maze.
     - Publicizing events
        Need to get quests into SL Events Calendar. Should have signs at entrances giving NCs describing quest.

  - Star would like to start a training class there. Weyrling training could be broken down into a series of classes.

New Business:

  - Calendar
    - OOC Halloween party Nov 2
    - Keen for Anne Nov 21, Star will "take point" on that. We usually have good attendance for that event.
    - Fall Gather maybe Sat Nov 22
    - Campfire tales Nov 23 3:15
    - Turnover

(T is for Table.. either no news or no one to talk about it)

Old Business:
 - State of the Union
    - Finances
       Tiers are paid.
    - Where is?? - Soo, Wyn, Jax
       No news.
 - Vee's Scripting Projects: (no updates)
    - e-Hide Droppers
    - Flame target on flying course
    - Fall Scripting - adjustments to thread, Admin control
 - Documentation Brush up & Recruiting
    - New application giver in Welcome Area
    - NC Brush up!
       - Proposed NCs at Welcome Center (Moira)
          How to Join
          Pern & Gianfar
          Roles Available
       - Proposed new member checklist
          Clothing (free in Welcome Center)
          Find some locations
          Scroll case in Harpers' Hall
          New Player Task List
          New Player Quest
          Interview with Vee
          Choose role
       - Those will be discussed in a new thread in the Web site
    - TOS Clarification (skipped)
    - SL Event Calendar
       - All our sims can be advertised on the calendar; now we need ads to post
       - For any event, write a blurb and toss it to the Herald on duty (currently Mist). She needs the help of writing those blurbs for the SL Events Calendar; anyone who has the time and capacity is welcome to donate both

T- Newcomer Location Quest - update on set up

 - Classes (RP & Admin)
    - Practice "Oldtimer Tales" session Tuesday 9/30 3:30 SLT
    - Star's RP class 10/7

T- Ortath's Telepathy HUD Icon Contest - update

T- River Quest - no new completers

  - Craftmaster Reports
     - Harper Hall Classes
        Remember the "Oldtimer Tales" event
        No Harper classes scheduled after that
        Moira has been documenting the classes so that someone else could teach them
     - Other possible classes: Healers (first aid, treating Threadscore, etc), other crafts
  - Smithcraft Hall improvements
     - 7Seas Fishing - more balloons! All colors of dragons, and a dolphin

 - Hatching occurred; needs to be written up for Web site
 - S'ar and Ortath were promoted

New Business:

 - Calendar
    - SL's Top Haunted Tour/OOC Halloween party
       Links to info & instructions are in Agenda notice for this meeting
       We don't believe in supernatural things... but this is OOC
       Mist has built a maze, 2500 m over Thuban... could have an OOC Halloween party there
       Will register that for the Tour    
    - Keen for Anne (November 21st)/Fall Gather/Tithe?
    - Turnover
    - Other ideas, please!, to Mist or to a meeting
    - How to shorten the meetings?
       Should we have committee meetings?
       Is 10 AM Sunday the best time for the general meeting?
       Do we need to have more than one general meeting?

Note: For problems with access to the Web site, Email varian.altney@gmail.com

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[continued in book 11]


Apologies for absence: Mist is out sick, will probably be off for a few days, and when she comes back will have to cut back her time for a while.
 - State of the Union
    - Finances: Tier is covered.
    - The renter for Wyn's extra sim got back and has paid tier on it, so that sim will remain with the renter for now. The Lethe project is shelved.

 - OOC Classes (RP & Admin): "How to RP in Gianfar" Tuesday at 10 and 3:30 if we have teachers.  

 - Turn Over (Rukbatstice): The Weyr dining hall is all decorated, thanks to Kiy and company. DJ Selene will be coming. And that's the site for this afternoon's 2 PM RP.

 - Craftmaster Reports
    - Farmcraft Hall: We'll move the orchard and possibly the vineyards to Thuban. The vineyards would be on the slopes of the former volcano, "ideal vine-growing soil I'm told." Vee & Wyn have other plans for the mountains. Healers will remain on Kuma, and if we ever get Acuban back, Dolphinhold will remain on Kuma as well - although we might add a shipyard at Acuban.

 - Congratulations to new Weyrleader S'ar, Ortath's rider!
 - No word from Nekome about when that egg will hatch.
 - Weyr Baths semi-OOC club Tuesdays: We could have a DJ if folks turned up regularly. In any case, it's a good chance for relaxing.

New Business:
 - Let it Snow... Wyn & Vee will be coating the island today. But once the sims are wintered, do we want to turn off Fall? That's up to the Weyr. There'll be no Fall during the Turnover feast; IC, it'll be just a little too cold. But "live" Thread's a great draw for Pern fans, so we'll leave it running in Kuma. We could decide at the time whether to play it as Thread or dust (with possible lung congestion).


 - Hatching & Impression
    - Congratulations to Weyrlings Karo and Belith!

 - State of the Union
    - Finances
       - Next week's HS tier is covered, and Thuban's rent will be paid.
       - And we may have an extra sim. Wyn's been renting a HS sim, for cost, to a friend. Looks like the friend doesn't need it any more. So we're thinking of asking Wyrms if they'd like an HS version of Lethe. We couldn't save Lethe when we had the chance... and part of the logic behind Lethe was having a place outside Gianfar where we could play with other folks.

 - Housekeeping
    - Recruiting
       - One new applicant, Ian, who's read the books and has RP experience. He'll likely want to stay in the background for a while.

 - Turn Over
    - Scheduled for next Sunday, 2 PM, in the Weyr dining area. Selene has already said she would love to DJ for us.

 - OOC class this week: "Gianfar is Different"
 - Craftmaster Reports
    - Healer Hall
       - Rodney will be developing an ic/ooc class on dragon and flit care that Star can teach, though he plans to start it off.

 - Congratulations to Star and Rod on their promotions to Journeyman Weyr Healer and Master Dragon Healer.
 - Dragon Mealer's cave: the Weyr infirmary isn't big enough for a dragon, so the Dragon Healer asked for a large enough cave adjacent to it. Vee commented that "By design, the various RP venues all have excess space we can make over to other things. In this case, the cave next to the Infirmary was one." So S'ar has built a dragon infirmary there.
 - Nekometh may hatch an egg later this week.

New Business:
 - Pern Drinks
    - Ms. Kitty of KittyCat Creations, the infamous and long lived rp drink tray maker, was kind enough to rebuild the old Pern drink tray giver that Wyn had put out for us for the Gather into a new mesh: one prim, very nice. She would like to remove the book names from the drinks in the tray and make a new giver. She has asked us to come up with replacement names... some of them she already has on the list (attached to the Pre-Meeting Agenda notice) for examples. We can use our location names, characters here... whatever works for us... and she will make a new tray, use our names, and give us a copy for free as a thank you. Name suggestions should be notecarded to Mist by next weekend.  "Southern" can be used as a name. Vee thinks any common name can be used... we can't use Gianfar itself, but any Gianfar sim name, current or past, can be used.


News from the past week...
    Last week, Skylarian reported the loss of Lethe, the second sim of Isle of Wyrms, our parent group. "Just as Lyre was the birth of the Dragons of Pern group, so too, was Lethe, the birth of many of the original dragon riders, dragons and those that developed the presence of Pern in SL."
    On Sunday, a feast was held in front of Harper Hall. Rider S'ar was promoted to Journeyman Healer. She had been a Healer before she was Searched, and continued healing and teaching. Her Rider role comes first but she is entitled to have the Journeyman Healer shoulder knot. She was proclaimed Weyr Healer. Also, Master Rodney ("the man all dragons love") will be spending more time at the Weyr as Dragonhealer.
    During the feast a solemn toast was made in memory of K'tlyn, who went between in October.


Old Business:
 - State of the Union
    - Finances: Tier is covered. December's should be covered too.

 - Housekeeping
    - Documentation Brush up!
       - Suggested changes to New Player Checklist: more locations, whether people should have to find them on foot or boat, more flexibility about attending classes. Moira will be the contact, for now, for people who want to attend classes but can't fit into the regular schedule.
       - How about a Pern Book Club, with periodic discussions? Most of us love to talk about the books, and discussing them could help get new members involved. If someone's interested in hosting such a thing, contact Mist. Would be nice to have meetings in "American" and "European" time zones.  
    - Flit avi gift for folks to fly with? Ludo showed up as a wherry, an old av that could be the basis for one that visitors could wear if they wanted to fly, to see the place quickly and/or hover to take photos. It's based on the Library dragon, hence free. Could also be used by new members who didn't want to be human while waiting to qualify as dragons.

 - Fall Gather - debrief
    - Was much enjoyed. Definitely caused an uptick in visitors, post-Gather.
    - Could do two categories of "horse racing": one with everyone riding equivalent "horses" so that riding skill mattered most; one with a competition between horse makers, perhaps being evaluated on handling, appearance, ease of use - not just speed.
    - Could alternate runner racing with dragon racing, maybe in alternate months.
    - Maybe "do something, not *necessarily* on the same scale, in January."
    = Maybe do a First Harvest Gather, maybe around May Day.
 - Turnover
    - Dec 14 in the Weyr dining room; feast and DJ.
    - Mist will handle the change of seasons, Moira will handle the event.
 - Sci-fi Con
    - We're "bronze sponsors," get extra prims & space, have the tallest booth in the Red region. Also have some space in, well, space, if we'd like to replicate a Dawn Sister or something. And Vee's been volunteered for the transport commission, because of Ortath's dragons.
    - List of known exhibitors with website links (and yes ours is listed) here: http://slscificonvention.wordpress.com/exhibitors-list-2015/
    - We have an event booked, too, on the Thursday evening. The Fairports will DJ, at their request. All Vee's promised is 'Pern, and dragons'. There might be a little Threadfall in there somewhere, we'll have to see.
    - We have plenty of time to work out the details. Apart from the Midnight Cabaret, we were the first event booked.
    - Mist and Vee joined the Milkyway Cabaret's chorus line. Anyone else who feels like entertaining drunken Klingons and Ewoks by jumping on a poseball is welcome to apply...
    - The theme of the con this year is like planets and destinations... they spun off a 5th Element luxe cruise ship kinda image.
    - They are also doing some low prim lounge areas this year that are themed to anniversaries in the genre that are happening this year.
    - Our tour dragons were a minor hit last year. This year, we'll have them integrated into the build from the beginning.
    - We're also down to participate in the sim-wide hunt.

 - Craftmaster Reports
    - Healer Hall: Two advancements to be celebrated in the afternoon RP session. No Threadfall. Dance afterward, with DJ, on the Gather square.      
    - Vee's Scripting Projects: She's adapting the dragoncourse so two dragons can race side by side.

 - Hatching! Next weekend; early because Beli can't be on after 2 PM SLT; so a single-egg Impression at 10 and a short meeting at 11:30.
 - Expect some unplanned multiday events to crop up. Elaya has dusted off some of the old events that were planned but never executed because the RP mix wasn't right. We'll get group wide notecards explaining what's going on and then people participate as they feel their characters would. There will also be some rebuilding and improvements.
 - Star has finished the weyrling training tasks and passed them to Elaya.
 - John has just retired M'thos from the Weyr. We've already picked a new Weyrleader... who will, Vee hopes, be the last one picked instead of RP'd by mating flight into the role... and we'll make it part of an RP in the very near future. Like, next day or so. But it may need to be done OOV - to be discussed later.


(No formal meeting. Notes from conversation about Gather:)

Gather was going well so far.

The keen for Anne were held three times to accommodate people in time zones from California to Scandinavia. It was a double keen, also for rider K'tlyn who died in RL last month.

Got good crowds for dancing and for 7Seas fishing competition which was well attended, though no one from Gianfar won.

The runner races were enough fun that we discussed keeping a race course marked in Tyl, perhaps with a temp-rezzer for runners, maybe a route that puts a premium on maneuvering.

One of our early players is back... name not disclosed in the meeting.

Discussed the tithing train RP, including the possibility that some of the common people could be ambivalent or hostile about it, not really understanding why they have to support the riders. At 2 PM today we'll see whether anyone takes up that idea.

"Campfire tales" is scheduled for 3 PM; some of us who've been around "forever" will share stories from the earlier days.

We need to document our history. Not everyone knows how we formed from Isle of Wyrms. Talarus Luan, co-creator of the original Thread (with Ryu Darragh), was at the runner races and not recognized.

Dragon racing will continue until 4 PM today, awards to be given out during closing dance - probably around 5 pm.

Planning for Turnover (winter Rukbat-stice) should start soon.

We should have a hatching soon, too; we have at least one rider/dragon pair waiting.

Old Business:

 - State of the Union
    - Finances: all good.
    - Where is??
       - Former Healer Kaitlyn Odigaunt passed Between last month, according to sources in the Isle of Wyrms. IoW's holding a memorial for her today: their Gameday today at noon -  Isle of Gazoo (201,211,42) - is in honour of Kait. They have a candle memorial at the cathedral which you can leave her a message. Sometime saturday for honor guard. If the Isles send notices, we can copy them here - to both GPoP and DoP which is technically the Isles affiliate group.

 - Documentation Brush up & Recruiting
    - Recruiting (no applicants this week)
    - Documentation Brush up!
    - The scroll rack in Harper Hall, Dragon Room is updated.
    - TOS Clarification: Ludo gave Vee the address of the LL lawyer who handles such questions.

 - Fall Gather - update
    - Ludo's been teaching people the ((Mikki Miles New Ensemble)) instruments: violin, lute, drums. She'll keep teaching people as she catches them so we can give impromptu performances at the gather.
    - Planning meeting time: Monday night and Tues morning, times to be announced.

 - Sci-fi Con
    - Fairports party: Red sim, Space Park venue, Thursday 26 Feb. Currently scheduled for 6pm, may get moved back to 8. Also, the Milky Way Cabaret is recruiting for dancers for its shows - which last year were original, fun, and involved some audience participation. If you know any other sims interested in joining (it's free), tell them to apply soon. Over 80% of the booths are signed up. They'd love to have more fantasy sims, they're a bit overloaded with sci-fi. The Pandoran sims will be there, maybe including a German Pandora. We'll be offering Ortath's dragon tours again.

 - Craftmaster Reports
    - Harper Hall
       - Ludo held a class Wednesday at 11 am but hadn't sent out the notice until Tuesday night because of illness, so attendance was low. She'll do it again next week.
       - It would help if apprentices would report once a week by notecard as they are supposed to.

New Business:
 - Dragon avis: Orlith & Ortath have been working on some from Dreamcrawlers. Vee really liked the one Orlith modded to near-Gianfar standard in about 5 mins while she watched. They have a long saurian neck like the art does. The best is, the legs and wings move smoothly, and the neck bends. Orlith added our prim horns and some prim eyes, and one of our hide textures, tinted green. The bad news is that they cost L$5000! But the kit comes with a lot of other items and scripting for an applier for other custom textures he makes & sells. Plus his own flamer. So Vee will ask him how much for just the body, and enough info to make straps work. And he can keep all the profits - Gianfar *can't* take a cut of dragon sales, or we become pay-to-play, which is explicitly against Anne's licence.
 - 7Seas fishing Festival runs thru tomorrow. Mist's build has had very nice comments from folks at the booth. Maybe we can find a way to keep it in Gianfar.
 - This week Mist will be building on the sims for the Fall Gather. The beach south of the Rest is gonna be a little bit of a mess.

The meeting officially ended at 11:52.

SL will be having many restarts this week. Server maintenance. Watch the Grid Status Reports and be ready to evacuate any sim on five minutes' notice.


(Tabled items omitted to save space)

Old Business:
 - State of the Union
    - Finances
       - All tiers are paid.
       - Homestead tiers due on the 15th are covered.
    - Where is?? - Soo, Wyn, Jax
       - Vee talked with BlueAgate last week.
 - Documentation Brush up & Recruiting
    - Monitors/Guides/on-line indicators for newcomers in the Welcome Center
       - Vee's working on that.

 - OOC Classes (RP & Admin)
    - Vee's resumed work on the RP Admin class again. (For those who tuned in late, this would be a class like her "RP Basics" but for would-be administrators of RP sites.)
 - 7Seas Fall Fishing Expo - Sheltered Docks and Welcome Center spruce up, build nears completion, prizes in cpg
    - Expo will open Thursday if enough people are set up by Wednesday night; official opening is Friday; runs through Monday.
    - Our booth is above Thuban; anyone may hang out there, fishers or not. There are dragon landing pads on the roof.
    - If it all works, there will even be threadfall.
    - Posters for the Expo are in Welcome Center & Sheltered Docks (under Seacraft Hall); there are teleports both ways between those places.
    - Vee provided "MiniThread," a version that can trigger nearby flits.

 - Fall Gather - locations, times, etc.
    - Planning meeting summary is attached to the Agenda NC.
    - Fairports are booked for 4-6 PM Sunday.
    - Vee's talking with Hwyl about kidnapping her Dolphin Club DJs and hosts for the weekend evenings: Fri-Sat 6 PM-midnight.  We'll still have daytime dancing here; hoping to get Karo's Australian friend for that.
    - Report from last week's planning meeting was attached to the Agenda.
    - Next planning meeting will be Monday, 9 AM, in S'ar's weyr.
    - Will discuss where to hold the Gather, perhaps in Tyl with visitors able to TP to Kuma to watch a Threadfall.
 - Groups Review and Discussion
    - We'd talked about stimulating RP on the island by having a group specifically for RP chat. Long discussion continued. We won't have new groups but might have a Subscribe-o-Matic type setup that would let people get notices or RP chat without using a Group slot.
    - The Dragons of Pern group predates not only Gianfar but even Soo, and is our official link to Isle of Wyrms. It gives the dragons the ability to speak telepathically. In the beginning, there was DoP, a subgroup of IoW, using IoW dragons to fly our old 'calamari' thread, with dummy riders. Then came Soo, Who bought the first sims and founded GPoP as the land- & RP-group. Then, Vee and the other owner(s) pruned us back to DoP, GPoP, GCoP, and added Novi Peaks (for renters). Later still, Elaya & Vee added Shaula Weyr group & moved the riders out, specifically so dragons & riders and other weyrfolk wouldn't be in the same group. Which is where we are today.
 - Further discussion about Groups will be pushed off to the Website.

 - Craftmaster Reports
    - Harper Hall
       - Ludo offered to run bardic circles occasionally, but not on weekends and not in the U.S. evening. Decided on 11 AM SLT Wednesdays.
 - Weyr Baths semi-OOC club Tuesdays
    - Looks as if we'll be installing dive poseballs.
    - If enough people turn up, Vee will get us a DJ.

New Business:

 - Calendar
    - Turnover (possibly to be nicknamed "Rukbatstice" as it couldn't be "Solstice"... just kidding)

 - John has five boxes of free animations. IM him if you want them.

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[continued in book 12]

2015-02-01 (OOC)

Old Business:

 - State of the Union
    - Finances
       - Vee is between jobs again but with lots of interviews lined up.

    - Organizational Improvements
       - More Meetings?
          - Idea is to hold the OOC and RP meetings at more times so more people can get there.
          - Evenings are good for some.
          - Need not attend both Sunday-morning and evening sessions.
          - Few people are here weekday evenings except for Bath Night; maybe combine it with an OOC meeting? For anyone wanting to attend the meeting but not be in the baths, Vee will set up a repeater; or we could do it in group chat. Someone ought to take notes, as Colin's not likely to attend.
       - Marketing Brush up!
          - Calendar folks? The folks who were maintaining the calendar won't be in SL till March, so we need new volunteers. They'd need a group slot for Novi Peaks if they don't have it already. They'd work with whoever is doing classes or organizing RP to get notices out and to get events on the SL Events Calendar. They don't have to be on sim. We need to have someone who can make ads with the details - a bit of tech writing there. Moira will take the job, and we should have someone else as backup.
          - Proper notification of events; listings and notices guidelines: Our classes and stuff need to have notices going out at least one week in advance on our routine items, and if we can, more like two weeks in advance on our special events that are open to the public. This means they should be on the Google calendar, the SL Events Calendar (when that's appropriate) and they should ideally have a group notice that goes out like 15 - 10 mins prior then again at the start. A week or so ahead, and on the morning of the event, would be good... not essential, but good. We should maybe try advertising our events in other groups that allow it - IFT, RPC, Medi-Fantasy, etc - but that's another matter. We have to communicate things clearly and in a timely manner. (Case in point, today's event.) We could also really use a listing in the SL community RPs; Nekome may help with that.
       - Build plans & future developments
          - Suggestions: new builds having less wood, more glass & stone; skybroom trees; fewer open spaces.
          - John found an OpenSim "dragon tree" that looks a lot like skybroom.
       - Recruiting
          - New Recruits: voxcorvi and Ryland. And Sylvia applied during the meeting.

    - Sci-fi Con
       - Wyn's mostly done with her part. The ground level is complete depending on terraforming and land impact.... whether we can afford dolphins and flits. And she's just got the Red Star texture to add to the surround for the Yokohama and it will be complete other then sizing it to fit.
       - Do we want to be part of the Con hunt? It's on behalf of Relay for Life. Let Mist know if you'd like to coordinate making prizes for the Hunt or items for RFL sales.
       - The Milky Way Cabaret still needs dancers.

 - Craftmaster Reports
    - Smithcraft Hall
       - Mist is making new chairs for the Council table: one prim and multiple poses.

 - In Elaya's absence, Nekome is now deputy Weyr admin, OOC.
 - A brief reminder about ranks from Vee: "Pern's a surprisingly hierarchical society. Rank is important. And the Weyrleader, IC, outranks everyone. Including Craftmasters and the Lord Holder. Doesn't mean she can give them orders but she does get to go through doors first and suchlike. Holder comes next, Craftmasters third. This can get confusing with cross-crafting, and OOC ranks being different. But anyway, while we don't do the whole kowtowing & 'which fork do we use next' protocol stuff, do be aware of the rank of whoever you're talking to. The books make it clear there is an order of precedence - I think it's even stated in Dragonquest somewhere. Or Dragonsinger. The Oldtimers are very stuck on it.
 - On following the books: We'll make changes where appropriate for SL or our situation, like combining Smith & Miner crafts... as far as reasonable, though, let's stick to the 9th Pass books."

Today in RP (2 PM as usual):
 - Earthquake
    - Weyrleader S'ar reported that: at this time, because of the quakes, the Weyr has begun evacuations. Herd beasts have been moved (RP'd during the week) and they are down to essentials at this time. OOC, rental spaces can remain as is.
    - "The Weyr will be rebuilt, but this RP event isn't part of that. The rebuild may or may not affect rentals. The interior passages are definitely scheduled for a revamp, if not total replacement, and the mountaintops are probably the oldest 'temporary' build we've ever had. We'll never ask renters to pack up, unless we actually need to rebuild weyrs - and we'll give lots of notice in that event. The individual weyrs are way down the to-do list. Only the public weyrs - Queen's, Weyrleader's, Hatching Grounds - are on the potential rebuild list for now. Passageways are a priority, and other things may get moved around."
 - More Hatching
    - Because of the eggs on the sands and how they have hardened, hatching is imminent, At this time Weyrfolk are gathered at the Hatching Grounds waiting to be evacuated. They notice the eggs moving... looks as if hatching will take place unexpectedly.

2015-01-25 (RP)

Ortath showed a model of the Yokohama. The model's prim interior is 45x45, too large for our 35x35 Con parcel; if anyone has suggestions for cool space interiors - especially a more efficient interior less than 50 prims with cool features - for a sphere please let him know.

We discussed the shipwreck RP. The Weyr and Sea Craft were involved, with help from the dolphins to check below the water line of the wrecked ship. Survivors were treated by the Weyr's Healers; the ship's supplies were recovered as best they could be, and stored.

The flaming wine at Runner's Rest provided an excuse (or maybe it was a coincidence) to replace the tables with nice new ones.

We brainstormed ways to continue the shipwreck RP. Why was the ship there? Smugglers? People (perhaps renegades who stole a ship, perhaps loaded with rare wood and other valuable cargo) trying to escape from one mainland coast to another, and bumping into unexpected land? Perhaps carrying some sickness?

Ayla made a suggestion that blossomed. How about a volcanic eruption, preceded by  earthquakes? Perhaps triggered by the Red Star? If it occurred offshore it might raise new land. It could spread ash that could make parts of the island less inhabitable.
   We couldn't do a mass evacuation - the Hold alone has one to two thousand inhabitants, and most people live "out in the country." So we'd best limit the worst damage to one area. There are presumably outlying islands, probably lightly inhabited, where some people could find refuge.
   Coping with ash would be a major problem - it's very dangerous to breathe, airborne ash could block sunlight and hamper food growth, ash in the water would make it undrinkable for humans and unbreathable for fish. On the other hand, eventually it makes good fertilizer.
   The dolphins might well bring word of strange things happening in the ocean. Many of them left for warmer waters but we can assume that a few would be around to notice that the water around 'here' was strangely warm.
   We'll probably set up a Forum thread to plan this; and have tremors starting this week.

2015-01-18 (OOC)

Old Business:

 - Agenda Schedule (every other week OOC/RP topics and other innovations)
    - Weekday OOC meetings too? To be planned.
    - First RP Meeting
       - [Note: I hardly ever put exact quotations in this summary, but it seemed important to do so in this case. -Colin]
       - Vee's boundaries: "The RP meeting is for discussing current or planned RP. Which is a fuzzy area, but doesn't include rebooting the sims. That's a discussion for this meeting. And on that topic... I'm open to discussing a reboot, but there's a few preconditions: any rebuild must take less than a month, we must have new dragons first, and - the biggie - both the members and the owners have to agree. Until we have new dragons, and a few other build fixes, I won't be discussing it. I've had the reboot conversation before. Also, Wyn's less open to a reboot than I am. I'm not ruling it out - I just don't think we're anywhere near ready for that discussion yet." The discussion we're ready for is "what we need in new dragons. And, how to fix the build we have so it looks better. And how to keep people here and interested."
       - Ortath and Mist have prepared a wish list for specs for new dragons. Anyone who "does anything dragon" may IM Mist for a copy of the survey form. Ideas about firelizards should be included.
 - State of the Union
    - Finances
       - Homestead tiers have been paid, and full-sim tiers should be covered in two weeks.

 - Sci-fi Con
    - Ortath's dragon that will shuttle people to the Yokohama is available to test. We'll need to upload or invent a model of the ship.
    - Wyn's working on the ground end of the booth, which is going to be quite low prim.

 - Craftmaster Reports
    - Harper Hall
       - Classes are again being held on Tuesdays (having been skipped during the holidays).
    - Smithcraft Hall
       - New tables! Without pose balls! And sit poses for ladies in mesh dresses. Watch for them to show up in the Rest and anywhere else they're needed.
       - Vee will take a look at the Rest doors, which have been broken for a long time.
       - Walls and doors for the Harper Archivist's office are on Wyn's to-do list.
 - Snow & Fall?
    - Threadfall has resumed. Snowstorms have been turned off, at least on Shaula and Kuma.

New Business - none this week.

2015-01-11 (RP)

This was the first biweekly RP planning meeting.

The purposes of this meeting were to discuss our RP in both the topical sense, like the ship wreck and such, but also to start with, in a more general broad sense of.. what are we doing? and larger questions.

Attendees included Raziel, our newest recruit and builder, and Nekome, one of the founders and builders of Gianfar. Mist managed to keep the discussion from diverting to building.

Ortath is still waiting for people to make icons for his dragon-telepath HUD.

He has a working test of a tour dragon going between to a ship (for the Sci-Fi Convention) if anyone wants to ride it and comment.

He also has a dinosaur flyer avatar to use as a prey to attract dragon flyers to chase it.

He has the parts to make a version of snow that can be melted by dragon flame.

He reported that DreamCrawler hasn't been online so Ortath doesn't know when he will work more on this dragon. Whichever mesh dragon maker comes up with a saddle first will probably be of great interest to us.

The Dolphins have left for the cold season and will return when it warms.

The Weyr has been occupied with the snow removal and the shipwreck RP. They have two weyrlings, who have been given the complete training box to work on.

There's been an egg on the Sands for several weeks.

John discussed the question of separating administration from RP leadership; we tabled it for discussion when Vee is present.

Nekome brainstormed resetting the RP to just before the first Threadfall of this Pass, and having considerable separation between Hold and Weyr... parallel development of independent RP.

There was a LONG complex discussion of what we should do to appeal to Pern fans; for example, to bar female characters from being bronze riders or weyrleaders. There was a question of how far we could diverge from Soo's backstory and still call ourselves Gianfar (as she legally owns the name).

We came down to expressing informal opinions about three alternatives: keeping on with what we have now in terms of physical structure and organization; reset the RP, still in the 9th Pass, and continue; or reset and start from scratch.

Mist will confer with Vee, who will presumably be present for the next RP meeting in two weeks.


Old Business:

 - Meeting Schedule (CHANGED)
    - OOC & RP topics on alternate weeks starting next week.
    - OOC meetings on 1st & 3rd Sundays, RP on 2nd & 4th, Gathers on the 5th (March, May, August, November).
 - State of the Union
    - Finances
       - Full-sim tiers are paid
       - Thuban rent is due today and is covered
       - Homestead tiers are due on the 15th
    - Where is??
       - Wyn was right here

 - Housekeeping
    - Recruiting
       - Ian McDonald has joined
       - Raziel Starfall was recruited by Elaya as a consultant, to look over our build. (See below)

 - Sci-fi Con
    - Ground-level build will be a Weyr bowl, with a dragon in the bowl that takes visitors between and into the Yokohama (Ortath's adapted the tour dragons for that). The Red Star will be off-sim in the distance.
    - We might have a dragon flight course, and Threadfall, and a mountain.
    - The Pandoran sim will be visible from our parcel and will be very impressive. All parcels on that sim have been taken by Pandoran groups.

 - Pern Drinks
    - No new suggestions; Colin will go through chat logs and collect the suggestions made so far.

 - Craftmaster Reports
    - Harper Hall
       - Ludo will be away from SL for another month.
       - There will be music rehearsals Tuesday at 10 am, if we don't have anyone new show up for the RP class.
    - Smithcraft Hall
       - Vee's Scripting Projects:
          - Monitors/Guides/on-line indicators for newcomers in the Welcome Center: maybe this week.
          - Dragon course rescripting is in progress, and may be accompanied by new dragonstraps - which won't be required for the course.
 - Snow & Fall?
    - How long do we want to be snowed in? We'll probably have  snow this month and next with occasional thaws.
    - How much Fall should we have during this period? We are about the same latitude as Fort, but not continental so winters should not be so severe. Thread could easily fall in winter.
    - Technically, Thread shouldn't be viable while there's snow on the ground.  But we can overlook that if people want to keep flying Thread.
    - The Weyr has been RP'ing firestone training to help keep the main paths clear, and issuing shovels to the weyrlings.

New Business:
 - Build plans & future developments (MAJOR TOPIC)
    - We're building a new layer of Gianfar, "offshore" islands, at 3500m above the four sims.
    - All OOC functions including merchants and the maze will be up there.
    - We will all need to do a lot of prim clean-up at ground level.
    - Novi Peaks Mall will be rebuilt and advertised. There will be Gatcha booths and yard sale rentals.
    - There'll be an area for Gianfar-related fundraising stuff.
    - The Kuma build will include an event venue.


No formal agenda this week.
No meeting next week.
Possibly none the week after that, as Vee may be moving to her next contract. [although at the end of this meeting we planned one for Jan 4th]

Tiers are covered.

Mist is back, getting better.

Weyrleader S'ar will be here to RP with those who want to be here. After the Holidays, she will have a more formal schedule for the Weyr training and all.

Discussed the offer from Kitty, a long respected creator of things for RP sims, to make a drink tray with drinks named for Pern, such as Shaula Ale. She might like to make food trays too. We came up with some names after Turnover and are resuming the naming project. Perhaps we'll name some after founding members of Gianfar, as we did with Novi Peaks.

Mist is also interested in making other RP objects such as a draped animal that dragons could carry in their mouths... herdbeast food... and the like.

Fall Gather was generally agreed to have been the best event we've had in some time. Discussed making guidelines for event creators, based on what went right and wrong.

The website has a gallery where we could store pictures of our events. We'd need a way to organize them.

We spent some time rejoicing about how good a year it's been and how many good people have joined us, hitting the ground running. It's looking as if we could continue the growth spiral next year.

We need to work on getting more RP going and coming up with multi-week scenarios involving numbers of people and more parts of the island; and on getting Weyr applicants processed and active.

And speaking of projects, SciFiCon is coming at the end of February. We'll need to get going on that right after the holidays. We'll have more space (35x35 footprint) and the possibility of going 'into space' about 1200 meters... maybe a lounge in one of the Dawn Sisters! Maybe reached by a 'tour dragon' going Between, pausing inside a black sphere for that effect. So many ideas... but a 280-prim limit.

Vee and Mist would like to get Novi Peaks Mall active again. Wyn may be able to spend more time in SL.

Considered having the Sunday meetings move around as they used to, to acquaint people with different parts of the island. Considered having business meetings (open to all) and RP planning meetings (open to leads and RP admins) on alternate weeks. Decided to try that, with the first January meeting being open/OOC/business. We'll again try to keep more on topic to shorten the meetings.

A Pern movie's being discussed again. Still quite far down the road, no telling how or if it will develop. If it did, it would make us much more visible... to people who might have a very wrong idea of the stories. So we need to clean up the island, improve our socialization process, get ready for people who "know" how everything works.

We might also see if there are some long-dormant members who'd like to reactivate.

And so we wrapped up what was called 2014 in the Old Earth calendar.

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[Continued in book 13]

2015-04-05 (n/a)
No meeting: too many people expected to be absent for Easter.

2015-03-29 (OOC)

Finances: Tiers for the full sims just came due and are covered. HS and Thuban tiers should be covered, too.

Bad news:
 - Rhys is gone for a while, probably a long while.
 - Star (along with several others) is having RL conflicts and Internet issues.

Gather week:
 - Today
    - RP the Gather at or after 2:00
    - Looks as if the Holder will have to give a speech.
    - Party, IC, at 4:00 (we have a DJ) (and possible Threadfall)
    - Kyridel's birthday

 - Pern Day
    - Party will be OOC, sims will be General for the day.
    - We're planning to invite IoW and Pandora.
    - Maybe we can have DJs for 'early' and 'late' times.
    - Any day next week, Vee can only be sure of getting here after 6pm, 75% of the time.

 - Easter
    - Assuming that attendance will be low, we'll just leave games out, let folks make their own entertainment. No formal meeting.

 - RP after Easter: to be decided. Spring cleaning? Checking walls & boundaries, also looking for lost or drifted prims?

2015-03-22 (RP)

 - Mist will be out of RP for a bit.
 - Rhys will be out for a while, maybe in once a week.
 - Kykia will be around less for a while.
 - Cynianne ditto.
 - But Y'sa is back, with her dragon Tajalth.
 - Tried to sort out which dragon was paired with which rider at the moment.
 - Vee should be around from 6 pm most weekdays, CalTrain willing.
  - Saarith has about the same times, and will switch avs to fit whatever group is RP'ing.
 - Ryland comes in a lot, finds no one around.
 - Posting Notices about RP, as Y'sa and A'dri did last week, is a good idea.
 - M'ira and Saarith are now old enough to ask others into RP. They've developed quickly, which is how we do things - can't wait years as in the books.
 - HS tiers are paid; fulls are due next week.

RP planning:
 - Weyrleader S'ar has tasked Ryland with finding & blocking an underground spring that's flooding the lower caverns. He'll be working on that later today if anyone wants to join in. He was given several drudges and a watchwher to help with the excavation needed to shore up that leak.
 - In future, let's label IC notices as [IC] or something. With a note about who would see it, and where - like, posted on the Weyr notice board. And, if anyone wants to post RP logs (suitably cleaned up, please), mark those posts as [RP].
 - Rosie and Kyridel will be dragon & rider when they're ready. For now she's a Weyr drudge and he's a herder.
 - Ryland would like to set up a smithy. Wyn said there used to be one in Smithcraft Hall and could be again.
 - Ryland knows a lot about G&S, a system that involves collecting things that can be used to make things to use in RP: like tending fields to raise grain to feed beasts to be butchered for food and leather to make clothing. Vee has looked at such systems but they were specialized for other RP places. This is likely to get more attention here. A reference for the G&S system:
 - Nekome (Saarith) led an RP exercise: set up a scene, gave everyone 2 minutes to invent a character to act in it, then 10 minutes of RP. Theme was the Bar at the End of the Universe, from Hitchhiker's Guide. Much fun was had. We might do something like that in each RP meeting.
 - This afternoon's RP will be in the lower caverns of the Weyr, looking for and trying to stanch that spring.

Gather planning:
 - Looks as if we might have a birthday party after RP next Sunday, kicking off the Spring Gather.
 - Note that next Sunday is Palm Sunday so we may be missing some folks.
 - For the Gather, Vee will be setting out the latest iteration of the Egg Hunt, our contribution to Easter. Wyn will put out the Gather setting. What events? Runner races Wednesday, some time between 4 and 6 PM, and Sunday. Dragon course races.
 - It'd be nice to bring folk from Isle of Wyrms in on Pern Day, which was originally an IoW idea.

2015-03-15 (OOC)

This short meeting continued the discussion from last week.

Vee: "One thing I want to make clear... no matter what, these sims stay here. Oh, and tiers are up to date."

Focused first on leadership. Many of our leaders don't show up often, for one reason or another. Those who do aren't sure how much authority they have. That results in aimlessness, which causes new members to drift away. Thus we don't have people who might want to move into leadership positions... craftmasters and the like. And the spiral continues.

We need a good story; and planning for Pern Day is a good time to discuss that.

There are other Pern groups, one of which doesn't have a place to RP; we'll see if they'd be interested in joining us.

2015-03-08 (RP)

Threadfall has been adjusted for Daylight Saving Time.


Discussed the RP that was suggested before the SF Con - raiding the mainland for food for the Weyr. It needs further discussion.

The last of the snow and sea ice is melting. The seafolk from the wrecked ship are probably in the Hold, or in Dolphinhold, now that roads are open. The dolphins could start returning from warmer waters.

The Weyr is still short on supplies and still wet, ground is muddy from snowmelt. Weyrfolk are moving out of tents as the lower levels are cleaned out, and we'll probably have no natural disasters for a while.

Goal Statement:

Why are we here? What are we trying to do?

We could be a video game sim, dragons vs. Thread.

We could push the residences & rentals, to fund the sims, but then there'd be no RP.

We could be just a book club.

What we inherited from Soo is a sim intended to roleplay life on Pern in the early years of the Ninth Pass - the most popular books. Vee's goal has always been a functioning, believable, livable Pern roleplay. But what we were or have been is not what we are, and may not be what we want to be. We haven't enough people to maintain a functional structure.

What does "immersive" mean to us?
 - "I want to walk into the sims and 'be' on Pern... keep the OOC to a minimum, and try not to prescribe more boundaries than we have to."
 - "To me it is that we have a build and story that are contiguous.. self containing.. and that we don't have a lot of distracting white noise and dust bunnies."
 - "Mine is full rp, no OOC in any rp areas. a way of life story that carries itself with minor pushes from leadership in a setting that is all story oriented."
 - "Can't quite get away with no OOC, imo, RL has an annoying way of asserting itself... and if I was being technical I'd argue that immersive doesn't have to have a story, some of the best immersive RPs are freeform with no storyline - but we *are* a story sim, following a book story..."
 - "We're following a book story at a distance, living 'beside' it rather than violating copyright by living 'in' it. We're making our own stories in Anne's world."
 - "When I say "story" in my statement.. I mean Lore.. we have to have a backstory that is cohesive in itself and also congruent with the build. Right now we effectively have no back story and no lore. We direct folks to a web site that is horrible and almost impossible to use or find things on. We have lost so many players that the ones who *actually come to rp* have no idea what the story is, who we are and where we have been. Then we tell them to go talk to folks who never are on sim in order to make progress. None of this is functional."

We need to have people to make decisions, not leaders who haven't been here in a year. We need assurance that we can plan and do things without a leader suddenly reappearing and vetoing the work.

Do we want to 'reboot' with a new storyline, maybe a new build? Would that save or destroy the RP?

What do we do about dragons / saddles / flight scripts / Thread?

A rebuild takes very careful planning if it's to be done quickly.

The meeting ended in profound disagreements.

2015-03-01 (OOC)

Old Business:

 - State of the Union
    - Finances: Vee starts new job tomorrow; sims should be safe.

 - Sci-fi Con
    - RFL Sales (4450L +); dancing raised nearly L$4k; hoping to hit L$10k by end of Con.
    - Dragons were showing several hundred rides. Ortath's dragon tour of the Con keeps getting praised,
    - The cake that Mist, randy, Varth, Wyn, and Vee did for the Con competition is on the other side of the booth due west of ours. It won second prize despite randy/Varth having crashed three times while gathering the ingredients.

New Business:
 - Dragons
    - Griffyn is back, and has the models. they are all up in the mall to be looked at. Saarith has Gryffyn's list of what still needs to be done to get the new dragons out. Saarith is working with IOW for an animation set. But will need some help on scripting for the new hud, and someone to help with specific textures. (Ortath, if he has time, Vee, and Mist can help.)
    - These dragons will not be mesh, but they will be an improvement. Wyn told Vee that it's 'easy' to turn sculpted components into mesh and connect them. Mist says it's easy if you own the right gizmo. Vee has no idea about rigged mesh, which is where we'll need to end up Ariel's looking into it - but, one step at a time!
    - Animations are the big thing right now. Kiykia knows an animator who allegedly loves challenges. Vee has already asked if he can do a better flamethrower-holding animation. We will need to pay him and have clear rights to resale. We do need an animator. Everything else, we have on staff, or know people who can help. Including texturers.
 - New members
    - Rosie's been a Weyr drudge for a month. Kyridel is an Apprentice in Beastcraft.

Calendar Items
 - March 8th  - Daylight Savings Time, we lose an hour's sleep.
 - March 17th - St. Patrick's Day
 - March 29th - Gather Sunday, 5th Sunday of the quarter
 - April 1st  - Pern Day, Anne's birthday, we traditionally do something with IoW as it was their idea originally.
 - April 5th  - Easter Sunday

Since we have gather, Pern Day and Easter so close together, Vee suggests rolling them into one long event like Fall Gather.
 - Might have a firelizard egg hunt around the sims; Vee has the scripts from a couple of years ago. She gave a few people eggs to put out wherever they liked. Eggs were coded to wait a random time, go visible, and poof a random number of hours later... first person to touch a visible egg got their egg 'counted'. Because all the eggs poofed within a day or so, the game cleaned up after itself. Might give wearable firelizards as prizes. If there are prizes, must keep the egg hiders' identity and the time of hiding secret so that people can't follow the hiders around and camp on the egg locations.
 - We'll likely do runner races again as they were much enjoyed last fall.
 - Need to clean up skybox builds to have enough prim count. Kuma can't handle a Threadfall just now.
 - Mist will make a birthday cake for Anne. She's looking for a texture that would do for flit footprints around the cake, and bite marks of course.

Mist has to have uninterrupted time for building; can't do admin or RP and concentrate on building. She and Raz will set their autoresponders; please, if the response is "We're building," don't keep IM'ing them. If you need an admin and Mist is busy, ping Vee... until she appoints a Hold Headwoman, anyway. Her IM's go to Email and she can usually answer pretty quickly. If she's on autorespond she's usually either scripting or AFK, and will reply when she sees the IM.

Today in RP:
 - We'll be at the Con herding hatchies, possibly shooting some. There's a "Redshirts v. Stormtroopers" event. We're going to take it over (planned with the Con organizer) with hatchies as redshirts, trying to save one of their own who's been captured by the Empire. Once Lylia gets released - or all the hatchies are dead, whichever - we'll go party in the Space Park. The hatchies will assemble at 2pm on Limbo - that's a Wyrms sandbox sim - and head over to the con shortly thereafter. Vee thought we could best help truth, justice and the hatchie way by helping keep them in line and maybe volunteering as stormtroopers if necessary... plus, any excuse to get dragons to the con. Smiley We should be humans for the "shooty part," but have lots of dragons at the Con. We're the only dragon sim there, every dragon helps boost our visibility. There are other dragon sims, but as long as we're the only one there... we'll represent all of them. And maybe get our own sims better known.

2015-02-22 (RP)

The meeting was held in the SS Yokohama.

It looks as if Vee will have a job starting soon if all goes well, so the sims should be safe.

Vee wanted to bring up one other non-RP matter, just for thinking about... Mist's suggestion... would there be any interest in Gianfar having its own dance company and theatre, maybe using a Dawn Star set? It'd be one more way to get our name out.

Vee, Mist, and Wyn will be dancing in the cabaret at 6 pm. It's a high-lag area, leave your scripts home.

The Firefly Companions Guild was running a Space Cake Race at 1 PM today.

Apparently there wasn't much RP about the Weyr flooding. The Weyrleader reported that the Weyr is drying out and cracks are being patched up. The water system might have to be reworked. Other reconstruction ideas will come up at the OOC meeting.

RP suggestion for the Weyr: Raiding the mainland for food once (leaving a pouch of gems in exchange) might be workable. It would have to be done early in a morning and the raiders must not be detected (because they weren't, or Anne would have written about the strange incident). Also, individual dragon/rider trips could be made to Southern for whatever could be collected there.

SLSFC exhibit was getting good attention, maybe some recruits.

2015-02-15 (OOC)

Old Business:
 - State of the Union
    - Finances
       - Full sim tiers were paid yesterday. Homesteads will be billed today or tomorrow. Vee has more job interviews coming.

 - Sci-fi Con
    - "Sims are up. We grabbed our booth, which is now officially our 'exhibit', yesterday: Gianfar Peaks of Pern, Pern Sound (182, 255, 23).  For reference, 'space' level is 1000 to 1200, and there should be a build platform at 1100 left by the con builders."
    - Wyn has been setting up the ground level. She found an off sim rock reef that looks really good. Also she got the terraforming done. She also ran into an off-sim "moon" that could make a good Red Star. She'll be playing with that this afternoon. Vee and Mist - and possibly Wyn - will be dancing in the cabaret.
    - RFL sales
       - Mist is working on an RFL vendor for her collection of flits. They'll be in various non-Pern colors.
    - The dates will be put in the calendar.

New Business:
 - There are now grid teleport pads in all our OOC event locations. If folks land at Kuma Landing, there is a sign for the dance tonight and a TP pad to take them to it. Thanks to Raz & Mist for that. It also goes to the Harper classroom, the course on Etamin, Council Chambers, Welcome Center and Bath night.
 - And the party pier is now set up with 2 games! There is a pocket Greedy game (one need not sit at a table to play) and Cards Against Humanity in table form, 'cause that's how that comes. "Cards is fun Smiley Requires a warped mind... no, 3 warped minds." There are pool toys out up there too; couples' seating; the dance balls are there now; rings and mattresses and heart shaped couples floaties. And a rubber duckie and a dolphin, made during the meeting.
 - Vee's going to write up a notecard to plug our sims with. She'll stick it in a group notice and on the website for comments/suggestions.
 - We need to announce RP so that people can be thinking about it in advance. Could we create a Crier (like the Greeter that watches for non-members in the RP areas) to make current-events announcements to anyone who arrives in any of the sims? That would ensure that people wouldn't think the place is dead just because no one was around. The announcements should be dated so that people know they're getting "live" news.
 - Splitting the OOC and RP meetings, then repeating the OOC meeting, is making the meetings shorter as we'd hoped.

Today in RP:
 - The Thaw: all the snow at the lower elevations will melt, including some of the sea ice. The lower caves in the Weyr will flood, right after folk have moved back in! The lower caverns in the Hold will flood, and the Hold's food is stored down there! Ruined supplies will make for RP lssues later.

2015-02-08 (RP)

Did a post-mortem on the earthquake / hatching RP.
 - Stressful.  
 - Hard to get started.
 - Awesome!
 - A lot of fun.
 - "Too many thought they were there for a hatching rather than an evacuation... probably needed a seed plan of certain key players and what they will do."
 - Discussed how to recognize people for exemplary RP. We'll discuss that in detail next week.

What didn't work?
 - There was a lot of chaos at the beginning.
 - The transition between the earthquake and the hatching was difficult. So was getting people to pay attention to the earthquake.
 - "it worked out fine, but I do feel everyone should probably review proper RP technique, People who were "waiting in the hatching ground" were all using OOC info IC."
 - "Also, godmoding & auto-ing... we need to watch that. No telling other characters what to do."
 - "Both hatchlings did a great RP with the confusion of dealing with the evacuation. The blue's hatching was very suspenseful too."
 - Vee had to intervene at one point.
 - "The method of transport on an evacuation RP should be prearranged (as in just give coordinates or carry them) so we know how to RP it."

We need to be more afraid of dragons, especially hatchlings. "RP isn't about tea parties." "Pern was never a happy, sunny, green and flowers place. which is apparently an easy mode to fall into."
 - Do we need to add criminals and jails to make RP more exciting? What kind of punishment? For example, drudge work (the Weyr needs a lot of cleaning!).

So what will we do this week? Starting in the Thuban caves, Weyrfolk will clean up ash and fallen rock, and move back into the Weyr.

Next week, perhaps a sudden thaw resulting in flash floods.

There'll be a Valentine's Day dance on the 15th. It'll be an OOC event on one of the sky levels.

Still looking for a dragon we can use for fall/mating flights *and* RP.

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[continued in book 14]

2015-05-10 (OOC/RP)

Two RP meetings in a row will return us to our original plan of OOC on 1st and 3rd Sundays, RP on 2nd and 4th, Gather on the 5th (conveniently there's one of those each quarter).


Finances: HS tiers are due on the 15th and are covered.

"Sister sim" idea: Should come to a consensus what each sim expects - sharing events traffic and notices for events, and stuff like that. RP notices, probably; RP chat, definitely not. Some sort of prefix on Notice titles would be a good idea. We could prepare a notecard describing Gianfar and saying that Vee can post Notices to the other group.

 Star, Mist, and Vee are considering building a theater, to have a try at our own dance performance, along the lines of some of the acts at the Milky Way cabaret at the SL SF Con this year. Something dragon-related, and they thought about using a modified, possibly enlarged Yokohama as a theatre. Probably on the Shaula/Kuma border, definitely high up, and totally OOC. Jade has the basic stage given out at the first SL SF Con meeting - we could always customize that. The cabaret would definitely fall under the cross-sim notices category.

SL12B is asking for performances & demonstrations. We can do a Fall demo, but it'd hardly fill a 1-hour slot. What if we got together with other sims and organised a cycle of three or four demos? Could we get someone to animate dragons dancing? IoW's aren't participating directly but we could ask if some of their members would like to do a show of dancing dragons. If we can come up with ideas for a full hour, Vee will be happy to turn in an application. Because, surely a bunch of RPers can think up something that fills an hour with drama. Dance troupes actually have to cut their performances down to not overrun an hour. Vee doesn't think anyone's tried what she's proposing, not recently, except (iirc) when Antiquity did a demo pirate battle a few years back. Vee can't remember if they filled an hour or not but does remember it took a lot of setting up. Setup and teardown are part of the hour, 'cos you can't keep the next act waiting.

Teleports: Before the Valentine's dance, Vee suggested to Mist & Raz that we should have intersim teleports, specifically to get people up to the Shaula 3500 level from Kuma. She even scripted one of her own, but Raz found a commercially-available package we can modify. Rules for tp, dragon rides, etc, haven't changed: except for leaving the IC zone, players shouldn't use them without an RP reason. These are for visitors. We left the tps in place to see how long it'd be before anyone noticed... and we'd actually forgotten about them when Cyn noticed them and objected because they don't fit the decor. We do need teleporters for ooc events and the like, and they need to fit decor and be recognizable. She has built a monolith for that purpose. It's sculpt and prim, mod and easily resizable for the location. We need to somehow make them seem IC. Vee thought of calling them 'waypoints' and claiming they were some kind of markers the settlers put down during the first Interval, or something. Runners' routes? The 'fact' that some of them don't mark an obvious path just means we've moved things in two millennia. Vee wondered about putting the Weyr logo on the one or two that will be on Shaula, and/or Craft logos where appropriate... Fisher and/or Smith seem the likely candidates. The tp's were placed for places we might want visitors to go - except the one in the Council Chamber, which was here to see who noticed. So, classrooms, hatching grounds, elsewhere. And 3500, of course. Eventually, the mall, ballroom, etc. Landing and the Dome because they are where visitors land. They were laid out in a rush, mind, so suggestions for adding or removing places are welcome. But Vee stresses - they're for visitors, *except* for when we go OOC to, say, visit Wyn's Mall or have a party on 3500. Most players will have landmarks.

3500: Vee had an idea about getting there when that area's in use IC or semi-IC: she thinks she can script a boat to TP passengers to the docks.

Today is Vee's Rez Day! And several of the folks at the meeting have Rez Days this month or next. Possible party time.


We do want to rotate RP meetings; this should be the last one in the Council Chamber.

Two weeks ago, RP was at Harpers; one week ago, in the Weyr. We'll play in Healers this week, Mines next week (seeking firestone), then Fisher/Dolphin.

Mine RP: Zircon was an Apprentice Miner before she was Searched, so would be a good guide to the Mines if we can figure how to get her and her wheelchair up there. There must be a way to get heavy loads in and out of the Smithcraft/Minecraft hall, and the Mines. We might decide that there's "always been" some kind of freight elevator, powered by beasts of some sort, with major block and tackle. To be discussed further.

Next business meeting next week in the Council Chamber, next RP meeting week after next in Dolphin Hall.

2015-05-03 (RP)

Nekome is now available Fridays and Saturdays, but not Sundays. If you need her for RP, leave her a message, and suggest a time. She can't hang out here like she wants to, but she can get here by arrangement.

Karo and Belli will be back with us next week.

Jade is now authorized to announce Pandoran events in GPoP Notices, and once SL behaves Vee will be able to announce ours in their Notices. We'll see if we can make similar arrangements will other SF groups.

Wyn will be starting on the SL12B build 'soon.' Volunteer helpers welcome, of course.

Last Sunday, M'ira was promoted to Journeyman Harper, Cynianne to Master Harper, and Master Ludo relinquished the post of Wordmaster to Master Cynianne.

Suggestions for RP -
 - Rotate RP sites each week - Hold, Hall, Weyr - if we can come up with plots.
 - Develop more non-flying dragon/rider RP at the Weyr during threadfalls - coordinating firestone deliveries, checking for injured, ground crew stuff, etc. We'll try that this afternoon.
 - Develop NPC dragon Wings for sweep riders and watch dragons.
 - Rotate the RP meetings among Hold, Hall, and Weyr - perhaps in conjunction with rotating RP sessions. Let's put together a list of venues and locations for meetings. See if anyone has any suggestions. Then we can start a rota. We can always vary it for a good idea or a particular RP, doesn't need to be set in stone.
 - Having a firestone RP to replenish the Weyr's supply. We will set that up in today's RP: growing concern about the firestone supply, then next week collecting more. The earthquake may have revealed some firestone veins in the mines, and may have destroyed a firestone bunker in the Weyr: a problem and a matching opportunity.

Saarith and M'ira hope to be out at the Weyr Friday morning, around 7:30 am SLT. Others might drop in too.

2015-04-26 (OOC)

We've submitted our application for SL12B, which will occur June 21-28. The theme this year is "What Dreams May Come." We're hoping to have an island for dolphins and flits and dragons. About this time next month we'll learn whether our application was accepted; but we have to start building ASAP.

Parcel size is 32x32x75, including bounding boxes. No skyboxes, no floating signs - floating objects 'integral to the build' are ok', and, for the first time, none of the plywood skyscrapers we've all come to know & hate... And, 269 prims, no exceptions, must include temps in your count. Windlight allowed. Oh, and for us, the usual special rule: anything that says Gianfar or Pern anywhere on it had better include a disclaimer. All rights reserved, no infringement intended, refer to Anne's licence, etc...

Vee also asked for permission to have a dragon able to take a short flight between, since we can't do the Yokohama (no skyboxes, and out of our timeline). That flight Between was voted "favorite thing to do" at SL SF Con, and it would be nice to be able to have a dragon go somewhere (IoW? NCI?) and back. However, the SLB folks don't want teleporting so we're not likely to be able to do it.

There's to be a Harper ceremony during the 2 PM roleplay time; a Notice was published during the meeting.

Vee reported that "Full-sim tiers are due this week and are covered. Thuban's up to date."

We discussed the teleporters that were installed in February because the party was to be held at 3500 meters. We have them because we want people to visit 3500, the mall, and other areas (as they're completed). They need to be in theme, but obvious to visitors. The 'watch dragons' that shuttle between Hold, Harpers, and Weyr need to be moved but not removed; and no one should use them IC. This topic is to be revisited later.

We discussed having more interaction with other RP sites: attending one another's OOC events, perhaps working up to RP exchanges or people having characters in both sites. Not poaching but cooperative exchanges.

We have mesh builds at 3500 meters above all five sims (though there's land over Shaula only right now): "A whole extra archipelago to RP in - except, not usually for Gianfar RP. If we wanted to do cross-sim RP here, we can use that as a stage." It might be a good site for the Summer Gather on May 31. The build is intended to be handicapped-accessible; Zircon's been asked to check that in her wheelchair. The builds will be discussed further at the next OOC meeting.

2015-04-19 (RP)

Harpers are preparing for a table-walking.

All tiers are up to date.

No RP class today. Vee announced that she "may be less than usually available all this week, in fact, but IMs that scroll to my email will still be answered as quickly as I can manage."

Nekome/Saarith won't be around as much as usual; available evenings with advance notice.

Discussed what long-term RP plots we might create. Nothing generated excitement among the few people at the meeting. (Some people had RL commitments.)

Discussed what role Zircon might take, and whether that would be an RP topic. What could an ex-Miner, Searched but injured in the Impression earthquake, do?

Chatted about the less familiar stories and books, including "The Smallest Dragonboy" and "Ever the Twain."

Discussed what role Azdra might take; she's interested in dolphins.

Discovered some interest in Friday and Friday evening RP.

2015-04-12 (OOC)

New members today: Zircon, Delinny, and Azdra - all with considerable knowledge of Pern and RP experience.

Zircon, an apprentice miner, was Searched but didn't Impress; chose to stay in the Weyr; then was injured and uses a wheelchair.

Azdra has read most of the books, hasn't designed a character for Gianfar yet, might be interested in Dolphincraft.

Del proposes to be a jack-of-all-trades in the Weyr, having been born there (about 20 Turns ago) but not yet having settled on any one craft to follow.

Finances: FS tiers are paid, Thuban is paid, and HS tiers, due this week, are covered.

Banning: Discussed an incident that happened during last week's RP session. The person wasn't a griefer as such, but refused to leave and wasn't interested in joining.

Wyn found a site for flying gear that's not terribly expensive and has no zippers; she has LMs for both men's and women's versions. She also provided this link:
...but added, "But don't go nuts in the store as I'll be sending Novi to buy a bunch of stuff for the sim."

Upcoming events: Next SL Birthday party may be announced in the coming week.

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2015-06-14 (RP)

This meeting was held in front of Beastcraft Hall.

  Are good. Paid a month's rent for Thuban (usually we only pay 2 weeks).

  There's a beautiful pic of our site on the "front page" of our website!
That used one of the viewer's filters; and our parcel's Windlight which looks much better than SL12B's; and "old" lighting, as "advanced" lighting lagged the viewer too much for pics.
  Vee's planning to finish up the scripting today, then she and Wyn will spend the next few days tweaking. The only missing bit is the dolphin ride... we have the dolphin, just have to script the ride.
  It'd be nice to have a short movie to stream at SL12B... anyone any good at machinima? We can always stream Orlith's production of a few years ago; we don't think it's been used since then. John might be able to help.

John's news:
  He worked a little bit on a website last week.

Weyr news:
  Nekome is advancing M'ira & Saarith to full adult, "and she dropped about <counts on fingers> a few thousand notecards Moira's been writing" on Vee.

Ademith's news:
  She and her brother have entered a castle in a contest. She'd like us to check it out. She'll post an LM tomorrow when the contest officially opens. There's a kiosk for voting. RFL donations are solicited. She'll be DJ'ing from the castle, 3-5 pm SLT Wednesday, with all tips going to RFL.

  Playing in Beastcraft area today, possibly a theme of some sickness spreading through the herds. Perhaps a variant of Moreta's Plague, brought up from Southern when the dragons went there to feed after the quake/flood. Our beasts could have lost any immunity they had to it in the hundreds of Turns since then, and the Plague might have mutated.
  Next week, in the Hold (perhaps that Hold, Crafts and Weyr are negotiating tithe, in the wake of whatever happens to the herds today).
  Week after next, in Shaula prepping for our SL12B performance. Maybe a Tithing Train event.

  Jaxx Marjeta was spotted inworld last week, might be coming back to SL. Old-timers will remember her as Lady Varian's steward and maker of meeting agendas.

2015-06-07 (OOC)

Finances: HS tier is due a week on Monday and is covered. Full sims tier for next month is covered. And Thuban tier should be covered.

    Booth: Pandora will be on the sim next to ours, with a gorgeous build which is almost fully installed. Our booth is about 2/3 done. Vee gave particular thanks to Ortath for getting the dragon to work just so. What we have so far is an island with a cave through it, and a dragon sitting outside. Visitors can ride the dragon (Rimeth), which takes off, flames some falling Thread, goes between (we have an oversize Red Star overhead doing double duty as hyperspace) and drops you off on top of the island. What we're working on now is a dive into the water and a dolphin-related installation, hopefully a dolphin ride. Also some skybroom trees and a stand of bamboo on one corner of the plot. We've yet to find a cliff diving animation so Vee is planning on messing with the dive poseball. Divers may hit the water a bit faster. There's a sign to guide them down to where the cliff hangs out far enough to make sure they land in the water. There should be enough room for dolphin avis to swim through the cave but not all the way around it.
    (One of the exhibitors Vee checked in for SL12B makes sounds, so she finally has the sound Thread makes.)
    Performance: Vee has figured out the camera control part. We can control the horizontal and the vertical. [A moment's pause for the wave of TV nostalgia to pass...] She's thinking a basic construction in 2 parts. A dragon-sized phantom sphere up in the dome, and a path-cut hollow cylinder at ground level, to project background. The booth Thread and Dragonfire will, with a slight change, work perfectly both for flaming the audience and for the flying Fall segment. We can project the Weyr and Pandora onto the ground screen. She even has a solution for the particle problem: there are so many particles around SL12B, that viewers may not rezz them properly. But we can back-project the actual flaming, so 'missing' flame particles won't be as obvious. Should work because we control the audience's cams.
    We didn't get our first choice of time and day. We got noon on the second Sunday, the 28th. And Vee's sure we can volunteer some Gianfarians to be Na'vi for ten minutes if Pandora is short-handed at that time. All our avatars will be on movers - poseballs that move. The movers will handle movement & animation, and keep us all synchronised... we'll just need to handle chat.
    And we have basically 2 weeks to get this straight.

Recruitment & advertising: ...join some of the RP metagroups and start trying to recruit players. Put out regular notices, that kind of thing. What normal RP sims do... And we need a common spiel - a notice and/or notecard that defines us to other RPers. And we should overhaul our welcome area and website. So Vee's looking for suggestions for groups to join; ideas or text for a notecard and/or notices; volunteers to help spread the word; ideas for the welcome area; ideas for the website (moving to Wordpress?); suggestions on how we can improve our application process.

Today's RP: This week, it's the Weyr's turn. We're short a number of Weyr people, but we do have one dragon joining us. That dragon needs to hatch, but will Impress an existing rider. So, maybe the "egg out of time" plot? Then we could have a solo Impression today. We could find the egg on the hatching grounds just about ready to hatch at the beginning of the RP. A mystery dragon could be sighted diving into & out of the hatching grounds while the Weyr is occupied with Fall. The mystery dragon could come in and leave during the Shaula Fall, and then the discovery and hatching could follow. We have all the weyrlings from the last hatching who are now taking turns at watch, so they might miss an experienced dragon sneaking in. And we know, OOC, that the 'timing dragons' know the Weyr very well. The Queen would probably not be threatened by the new egg: it s on HER hatching ground, therefore... it MUST be hers... maybe she's very protective, especially as it's ready to hatch? And dragons, even queens, are generally protective of all eggs.

2015-05-31 (OOC)

This being the 5th Sunday of the month, Ancient Tradition (months old!) decreed that we'd have a Gather. We had a short business meeting on the Gather square (in front of Harper Hall) while Wyn was setting up; no one was injured by flying booths.

Finances: Full sim tiers were paid on schedule. Some people owe Vee rent. HS tiers are due on the 15th.

SL12B: Starts on Sunday, June 21st. We have a booth, and Vee will get our parcel Monday. And we have a performance slot: noon on June 28th. Vee will want vict- err, volunteers for 7pm on June 26th (Friday)... teaching her class in the Auditorium. And last night she scripted the first stage of the camera controls we'll need for the performance. It works. Smiley

June 27th is John & Rodney's anniversary.

Gather planning: Kuma Threadfall will be disabled, Shaula will run normally. John discovered a poster announcing our Grand Opening Gather, years 'n years ago (september '08?); Cynianne captured a copy for the archives.

There were lots of SL (and Web in general) problems today.

Announcement from Mousie Ballyhoo (mouseplay): "NOTICE: to all who have made sit animations for petites and petite based avatars, please be aware that they [LL] have broken them, they "fixed" the petite sitting wrong <sadly> they made the issue worse, so if you are one of the unfortunate people forced to go fix multiple builds let me know please first; we got to figure out how." The problem is in the 'sit' position, which wasn't  designed to allow for petites;  It's putting the avatar at the proper height now, but because of the shorter legs, the legs fall through the seat.

2015-05-24 (RP)

This meeting was held under water in Etamin, to the delight of the dolphins and mers.

Tiers are paid. Next week's full tiers are covered.

And a business notice. Wyn & Vee have banned one SeanCarlucci7 for building 5 houses here at 2600m - one on each sim. One of the houses was 2100 prims total.

Party at 4 PM today for everyone with a birthday in May, including Demon Vee and John.

RP in Etamin at 2 PM, dolphin avs welcome. We might explore a wrecked ship; there's one on the ocean floor at the meeting site and one on the Firelizard Island beach. ("Just a reminder, like firelizards, dolphin characters are considered NPC and can be played by anyone who has a dolphin avatar. You can NPC a dolphin whatever craft your main is in. or whether your main is human or dragon. Full-time dolphins are expected to be in Fisher, but we haven't had one for a while.") We noted that Grendel's has a good dolphin av but that there are no realistic controls for swimming. Zircon tested an inexpensive dolphin av from the Marketplace. She reported that it didn't move well, "We need a vehicle type animation."  

Triggered by Azdra's Notice and NC, "A Day in Dolphin Hall," we discussed Healer / dolphin interactions. Do we define a Dolphinhealer role? Probably not as a specialty, as they know more about their bodies than we do. But there could be other interactions... see "Dolphins of Pern," remembering that unlike the mainlanders we didn't forget dolphins.

Upcoming meetings:
5/31: Gather (in the Council Room before Gather starts)
6/07: Business meeting (in the Weyr)
6/14: RP meeting (in Beastcraft)

2015-05-17 (OOC)

This meeting was held on the sandbar in front of Dolphin Hall. There is now a raft rezzer there, as well as ones beside Harpers and on the north shore of Etamin near the Tyl border, so one can go to and from Dolphin Hall with dry feet. .

   "HS tiers were paid last week, Thuban's up to date. Even the NCI and RPC ads are paid up. And full sim tier in 2 weeks should be covered."

Cross-sim RP:
   This would come under the semi-IC rules, btw, so as not to break Anne's rules.
   Azdra has been talking "with one of the Star Trek ship Captains and with Lady Varian (with Azdra as the go between) for rp between the groups. The thought and idea was brought up for them to visit here, playing guests on the ground...undercover but exploring...during Threadfall and/or 'flying the Gather Flags' and have them as guests." Cordova Marabana, their Colony Administrator, is a Pern fan.
   Vee: "*We* know about the Dawn Sisters. The North doesn't. We remember the history, we know we're colonists. That doesn't mean every drudge can name the ships or anything... but certainly the Harpers, the Hold and the Weyr leadership should know or have access to records about them. Also, older folk may remember we used to have a telescope in the top of the Dome."
   We'll have to be very careful to stay within Anne's limit of "no spaceships arriving." Which means the shuttles are out of sight and not mentioned, which plays into the Prime Directive.
   Be helpful if the away team has studied the mainland and doesn't realise Gianfar is different.    
   Do they know about Thread? If they're in orbit more than 6 hours, they'll *see* Thread. Didn't say they'd know what Thread is, just that they'd know we're being hit... and they'd see dragons in a scan for lifeforms, but maybe not *as* dragons or firebreathers... but as life forms of various sizes. Or sentient telepathic betweeners? (There is one race in the Federation that is fully telepathic/telekinetic, but there are only 4 people playing it.)
   If they land in the middle of a Fall, in a deserted area, dragons could rescue them... (if we have enough dragons at the time). Or if they land during a fall among the ground crews, we could curse then soundly while chasing them off.
   The firelizards would come as a surprise. Smiley
   In Star Trek TOS the away team lands at one village and assumes that's all there is.
   If they wanted to continue to play here they should be "us." And we have to stick to Anne's rules for our 'main' RP.
   Azdra will pass all that info along to Cordova.
   They like to RP at 2pm on Sundays, coincidentally.
SL12B performance
   Vee has "this image of a performance, something like a dance crossed with an RP. Opens with the audience getting flamed, then following a dragon & rider into a Fall. Flaming thread. Dragon gets injured, goes between (invisible sphere goes black), arrives in weyr. is inspected by healers, who direct dragon to healer hall. Dragon launches, goes between... but somehow misses, and arrives on Pandora. Dragon & rider pass out of story (such as it is), and something Pandoran ensues - a dance, a hunt... which in due course is interrupted by the arrival of an Away team. Also lost. Away team may beam back to ship or explore the planet, but finally they transport away, only something goes wrong, and we finish with away team and na'vi appearing before a surprised dragon & dolphin. I know, this makes no logical sense - these universes don't intersect and the timelines are centuries apart, technically Smiley But, was thinking it might give an audience a feel for the variety of RP in SL." ... "And how people of different sections of fantasy/sci fi lore can interact."
   Vee can script something to control viewer cam positions, much like what the Milky Way cabaret theatre in SL SF Con uses. And has figured out how to choreograph Thread.
   "The Pandoran section, and the Trek section, can be whatever their people feel is most dramatic & works best. The aim is to blow the audience's minds."
   "I think, technically, we can do this. But I'll need to put in an application by tomorrow to get a spot at SL12B. Doc let me have a preview tour of the auditorium there... We'd have a circular space 40m across and 30m high. On a sim boundary, it runs through the stage. Audience is 2 rows of seats on 2 levels, in an arc on one side. There's also a 'backstage' area on each 'wing'."
   "But, we have to propose 3 times & dates we should be able to perform on." Azdra's ST group and we think Pandora do their RP at 2 PM Sunday, conveniently. The Sundays in SL12B are June 21 & 28. Performing at 3 PM would give us time to gather.
   We ought to expect that no more than half the cast will show up for any rehearsal or performance... especially rehearsals. So, we'll plan it so no one performer is the key to anything. And, if we do it dance style, poseballs moved by scripts, we both keep lag down and make it easy for anyone with the right 'costume' to step in... ie. anyone with a dragon can be the dragon.
   "Na'vi are, well, big. If we could petite the humans a bit, this might actually come across. And, incidentally, bring us closer to the real scale of human to dragon." "In PHT humans have to be reduced in size, as the Pandoran's are not." "Anyway, that's just a thought, not essential. If we control cam position & direction, we can achieve a lot through illusion anyway. I'm thinking a temp hud rezzer for the audience." "A simple shape change to reduce height for us shouldn't be difficult, providing all of us have moddable shapes."

SL12B build
   Vee: "We'll hear soon if we get a booth - I'm hopeful we will. We've asked for a water parcel this time, the plan being a prim or mesh island with water caves under (for dolphins). But I spoke to Diana at SLB and also let them know we'd be OK with a land parcel, if we can get it terraformed. So, we need to start planning the thing.
   They won't give us any skybox space, so a between ride like we had at Sci-Fi Con is out.
   Wyn will be wanting volunteers to help. And it will all depend on if we're a water or land parcel. The build will probably be done on Thuban, so it needs to be ready for Wyn to move it to the site. But then we have 2 weeks to mess with it, according to where our plot is.
   Vee: "We should know next weekend. When I talked to Doc, they still hadn't got enough valid applications for all the land parcels, so I'm hopeful."

Rezday party
   Vee's rezday was last Sunday, and she "kinda missed it... so I've booked the Fairports for next Sunday, for a rezday party for any Gianfarian with a rezdate in May. (John and Shanna, for two.) Theme Demon... can't think why... I'm thinking to use 3500, and hold the party at 4, right after the 2pm RP."

   Azdra sponsors an RFL fundraising concert once a month. She has a weekly DJ gig, too. Both can be advertised in Gianfar notices.
   We've had a rule permitting notices about members' events or shops for a long time now, we should make more use of it. And these sims have a long history of supporting RFL - from before we went live, in fact, before Vee was even in SL.

   Wyn has cleaning up planned for Novi Peaks Mall this afternoon.
   There are out of date decor prims all over, stuff left out from past events on all levels. For example, Christmas decorations in the weyr dining room. Cyn proposed that if these things are copyable that they be returned, and if not, the owner be notified to pick them up or they will be returned by a specified date. (Obviously not legacy stuff.) And that this be part of all decorated events, known in advance. Plus just every day "oops forgot to take that when we left" stuff. We've been a little (actually a lot) lazy about cleaning up after an event. It would be good if those with land rights be observant on all levels. It's polite to send a note to inactive players and maybe more than one notice before returning something that is not copyable. But for the rest of us, a couple days notice would work. And helpful *links* to where the prims are would go a looong way. Some of us have hundreds of items out and not knowing where stuff is.
   Legacy items are a huge problem; almost the entire Weyr baths aren't deeded to Novi Peaks. Returning legacy items would mean huge rebuilding in some cases.
   Returning all our own stuff and putting back what ought to be back is a quick cleanup and gets lost items.
   In related news, Vee discovered someone has been camping out in the Weyr infirmary & using it as their personal dressing room - without cleaning up.
   Vee doesn't consider folk rezzing the odd prim to be a major issue - and most of our dressing-room types clean up after themselves. John: "It's the people rezzing houses in the middle of flight course that is the issue." Vee still remembers the intergalactic stargate that was rezzed on Shaula soon after she bought it.
   So a politely worded note with coordinates that says pick up your stuff you litterbug.
   When they belong to members Wyn usually sends them an IM telling them "I returned the lost in the mountains stuff" and what it was. Then she returns it.

TP monoliths
   Cyn presented the latest version of her teleporter-concealing monolith. It will be on the sand bar in front of Dolphin Hall for a while. It's full perm so people can do as they wish with it (or ask Cyn to) except to pass it full-perm.

   This afternoon, gathering firestone from a collapsed mine (with a class on making and texturing sculpties).
   Next Sunday, at Dolphins... followed by the rezday party.

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2015-09-20 (business)

   Tier is paid up, ad boards are paid up, full tiers are due on the 28th and are covered.

   Star has returned after a sojourn in RL. She's planning to finish the story that she started in "Bronze Wall" in today's RP.

2015-09-13 (unofficial)

Vee cancelled the meeting (RL distraction) so attendance was low.

We've received two applications, an SL mother and daughter who'd eventually like to be rider and green dragon respectively.

2015-09-06 (OOC)

Finances: Tiers are paid on schedule.

Vee will be very busy in RL through at least next weekend.

Wyn has cleared Novi Peaks Mall from the skybox, leaving just Mousie's Family Store.

Weyr: Rodney has appointed Danny as his steward for the time being.


    HS tiers were paid on time, Full tiers will be due end of this week and are covered, Thuban is paid for, Vee will be paying the NCI adboards today, and we're also contributing to NCI's invite bot. We're surprisingly healthy, on paper.

    Star will be offline for a while... RL stuff.
    We won't be participating in next year's SL Science Fiction Convention.
    Pandora will be celebrating their fourth anniversary, and IoW their 10th, next summer.

    Wyn has decided to close the mall and move Griff's store to the building on the north shore of Kuma. That can be a gathering place for market RP (that we used to have) that could include real products. The other Novi Mall sellers have other stores elsewhere.

    Star asked Rodney to watch over the Weyr while she's on a secret mission to get info about meteorites, probably on the mainland. He intends to get started today with an RP that we can Notecard and hand to her when she returns. We'll need everyone to help out.

    Vee: "Thanks to scheduling, and our historically low core active membership, RP is pretty much grinding to a halt - again. Now, what Wyn and I have always said, stands. These sims remain, as long as we can pay for them. Unlike most other RP sims, we won't close if no-one comes - we'll wait it out, like the last, idk, half-dozen times. But... I'm thinking it might be time to try a big recruiting event. Also, need someone to test this, but... one of my alts, not adult-verified, was able to search for Pern and find us. Hoping that means we can post events & stuff with Pern in the description. But haven't dared try it yet. So, my question or request... what can we do to stage an event, some sort of open day, say? Something that might attract visitors, and hopefully players?"  Rodney will try to oil the RP gears. maybe an idea for open house will come from that.

    Vee just did a cleanup on all the sims Friday; someone had rezzed a bunch of swing sets on Tyl. And Wyn went over there during the meeting to check on visitors and return a house (in pieces).

New member:
    Our latest applicant is Viola (Roxi Rembrandt), an experienced roleplayer from the Australian time zone. We had a couple of members from that area a few years ago, if they're still reading our news perhaps we could get something going.

2015-08-16 (OOC)

NCI has gained a sim, but had a really major griefing incident and may be disrupted for some time. Most of the meeting was spent waiting for news flashes. No Gianfar business discussed.

2015-08-09 (RP)

txep'ongokx (Jade) attended the meeting, so those who were worried by John's Notice can stand down from yellow alert.

Apprentice Miner Zircon showed a meteorite that Smithcraft had sliced in two and polished to show the interior structure.  

Only Vee, Jade, Zircon, and Colin attended the meeting. With John, Nekome, and Ortath unable to attend, and Moira only every other week, it may be time to reschedule.

Vee reported that our finances continue fine. She starts her new job Monday week and probably won't be around much until then, and maybe for a week or so after.

We discussed how to shorten business meetings, at least, by keeping the discussion on topic and perhaps limiting the time allowed for each topic. RP meetings may or may not benefit from more structure but need to be kept on whatever the topic is.

As four people were far from a quorum, we decided to use this afternoon's RP time to discuss, and maybe do some,  RP planning.

2015-08-02 (OOC)

   Full sims were paid on time last week, Thuban was paid today, HS tiers for the 15th are covered. Rents are due. And all the ad boards are up to date.

Vee's news:
   Changing jobs again, later this month. Working for the same consultancy at a different client.

OOC admin stuff:
   Wyn and Vee have an open-build policy on Gianfar, deliberately. They also have a don't-ban-unless-you have-to, and expect to be told if people are banned. A couple of times recently, that hasn't happened. People were banned for building where they shouldn't, without being warned and, in at least one case, without letting Wyn and Vee know. So Vee's going to put the Guardian rules down on a notecard, and on the website, in public.
   Regarding applications, the idea here is that an applicant drops a notecard in the hide dropper, and a recruiter (usually Colin!) reviews it & adds them to group. But we've had a few cases of people being added to GPoP without dropping notecards. And Vee realised that's because all the GPoP guardians have 'Add' abilities. So, after consulting with Wyn, she's revoked that power. Only Recruiters can now add new members. (Guardians can be Recruiters, of course.)
   But having said that, it occurred to Vee that sometimes a potential applicant might turn into a convert if they could 'listen in' for a while, and get to know us. Since Vee can download our member lists, it's actually not hard to keep track of who's been added recently and who hasn't. ("OK, for a coding geek, it's not hard.") "So I'm wondering... if I throw something together for tracking new additions, how about we add interested players, and if they don't drop an app in, say, 2 weeks, we drop them? I'd still want the Recruiters to be the only group with add member abilities, mind. But there'd then be 2 sorts of Recruiter - those with the Add power, and those who can read the notecards in the dropper. OK, not that we have a huge membership, but I want to write the code and let everyone have a chance to comment before moving on that."

Breakfast club:
   Helping Haven (another learning center in SL; if Zircon remembers correctly it is/was one of the approved mentor groups) posts a notice every Sunday about the breakfast club. It's two hours every Sunday morning from 8 am - 10 am SLT. And it's a traveling breakfast; they visit places where they've been invited. Today's was well attended - maybe 12 or 14 persons. They had singers, who brought their own instruments, but dance balls may have been provided by the venue. So possibly an entertainer would need build abilities.
   Might we invite them here? Vee's heard of them. She has no objection beyond, '8am'. We have the space - the Weyr or 3500. Wyn's usually up & inworld then, she has her amazing dance HUD. (Vee checked and Wyn approved.) Jade gave Vee the invitation she'd received to this morning's breakfast. It will expose us to visitors (a.k.a. potential members). Jade suggested that at least one regular member of the group be present, to answer questions if visitors have them; Star would be glad to help if the event's in the Weyr. If it's held in the Weyr or in the Gather grounds (dance floor) in Kuma, it'd be interrupted by Threadfall - perhaps an added attraction. We might put out an information kiosk for visitors who were curious but didn't want to ask.

Wayfarer's stones:
   Jade found some stone pillars in her Inventory that could make good landmarks. They have several shapes, with a hole in the top - looking like a needle.

Additional RP times:
   John, Ademith, M'thos and R'iss have been scheduling some RP times. They might join the Saturday morning RPs. John's days off are Thursday and Friday, but he doesn't start work till 10 AM SLT. So he expects to be here Thursday evenings, Friday mornings, and early Saturday mornings.

Meteor rocks:
Vee created something in Etamin which drops randomly sized & rotated meteor rocks around the sim. As it stands now, you touch the rocks and they tell you you found them if you're close enough, but that's about all... but she was working on a HUD dolphins could use to 'scan' for rocks. They just tell you if the rock is near or far, and ahead, left, right or behind ...and make the rocks glow for a few seconds. And thinking, well, the rocks could be made to temp-attach to whoever 'finds' them. So they could be 'dropped' on a pile, which could count how many rocks were found by who(m), possibly by volume of rock. Using Zircon's sculpties, btw. Thanks. Smiley Of course, anyone could cheat by doing an area search or having a dolphin carry a rock or something. This is for roleplay, not competition, as it stands.

Today's and next week's RP:
   Several bags of rocks were gathered and the big one has been delivered. Presently we're waiting to know the results of the Smithcraft's analyses of the rocks,  maybe doing some infighting on the split and how. Some of the divers and gatherers did a little "high grading" (filtching).

2015/07/26 (RP)

This week, we met in the Smithcraft classroom high in the mountains of Tyl.

   FS tier is due Friday and is covered. Thuban is up to date. Vee checked our ad boards this morning and they're good for 2 weeks. So all's well.

People notes:
   John now has a good job, but the work hours - noon to 8:30 PM Central time Sat thru Wed - will keep him from attending RP and meetings.
   M'ira will be out of town the next two Sundays.

IoW Festival:
   Looks as if we and Avilion will be helping out with the next Isle of Wyrms 10th anniversary festival, mid-November. (The anniversary is actually in February.) As IoW is a non-roleplaying dragon-loving group, they'd like to have dragon races, dragon jousts, and Threadfall. We can do dragon races, might have a jousting system in Novi's inventory. Their Limbo sim is a sandbox, so setting up a Threadfall there should be fairly easy.
   Noted in passing: We can't have dragons wearing riding straps so that the riders could just get on. LL doesn't allow one to sit on an attachment; that was used for griefing in early SL. Saddles are basically vehicles, not wearables. The closest you can do to a sittable wearable is a worn follower - an attachment that tries to follow another avatar. But they're always jerky. But newer prim followers are using keyframes because they're smoother; maybe Vee can do something with that. It's actually the sim that causes the jerkiness - it ends up getting dozens of updates from the object and has to recalculate the position of the avatar, then hand it off to the viewers, who have to recalculate the animation effects. It's amazing that 'following' can work at all, says this non-scripter.
   Noted in passing: Vee has no problem with advertising Novi Mall shops - or any player-owned business, incidentally - in our groups. As long as we don't get spammy, and as long as it doesn't interfere with the RP or lag Thread. And anything that brings in more income for the sims is good.

Coming events:
   August has 5 Sundays so we'll have our quarterly Gather on the 5th one. Anne's memorial will be Saturday, Nov 21, the weekend after the planned IoW festival.

   Zircon has provided some meteorite-textured rocks. Textures are no-copy.
   Last week we recovered not only handfuls of small meteorites, but also - thanks to a dolphin, two dragons, and Vee's breath-holding HUD - raised a largish one and got it to Smithcraft. Now what? Once we know what's in them, we can have a fully-informed squabble over who gets what percent of the finds. Maybe Vee could make something that randomly rezzes meteorites on the seafloor, and there could be a non-RP game of scoring by finding and touching them. Zircon, our Apprentice Miner (and RL rockhound), can assay them. We might discover fragments of earlier falls with different composition.
      Today's RP: People gathering smaller rocks; maybe getting caught in a Threadfall; Smiths assaying samples; Hold, Hall, and Weyr arguing over who gets what and what Tithe means in this context. We'll start at the Four Corners area of Etamin.

2015-07-19 (OOC)

This week we met on the sea floor in Etamin, site of last week's RP of a meteorite shower.

   HS tiers were paid on time. FS tiers are due in a week and are covered. And Thuban is paid through the end of the month.

   Vee: "Apart from congratulating our wonderful builders - and totally agreeing with Jade! [that it was fun and inspiring] - we seem to have received a certain amount of attention on blogs and newsletters. One was 'see this before SLB closes!', one was a tour of SLB that said nice things about our ride, iirc...I think that's a first for us... I'd like to document it. So, if you happen to spot a blog or anything that mentions us at SL12B - good or bad - please either drop a nc on me or post it on the website..."
   Jade: "[Pandora] got two new members this week as a direcct result of our exhibit."

Meeting times, calendar
   Our Google calendar doesn't actually reflect what we're doing.
   Vee would like to give this meeting a second timeslot.
   Vee: "A few weeks ago, folk stopped turning up to bath night, and for the last couple of weeks, even I haven't turned up for it. I think, if nobody's that interested in it, I'll turn that into some sort of office hours crossed with RP for anyone who feels like it." She might move that around, in or out of Gianfar, from week to week.
   We have a calendar entry for a Weyr meeting on Thursday night, but it's not being held so Vee will drop it from the calendar. We'll try scheduling Weyr RP for 7 AM SLT Fridays.
   Anyone can add something to the calendar (if you have a Google or other calendar), just send an invite to novipeaks@gmail.com.

   Moira hasn't been able to teach classes for a while, due to RL pressure. We have someone interested in becoming a Harper but Cynianne is tied up in RL; GrannyZo will mentor Harpers, including M'ira who may want to work toward Mastery. (Vee: "A weyrwoman who is also a master Harper... has possibilities...") Zircon and Liriel are active contacts for Harpers.
   Star has a class on drum code (Morse Code) if anyone would like to teach it. We still have the drum-code translators, it would be interesting to use them in RP. Harpers wearing the translators would receive the drum messages. others would only hear the drums (if they had Sound turned on).
   Scheduled classes have had little attendance; perhaps we should hold them on request.

Meteor rocks
   Zircon is working on a texture.
   Weyrfolk have been collecting meteor fragments in the shallows. Dolphins would find many of the fragments in deeper water. Fishers will need to provide boats, lines, and nets for retrieval from there. The Smiths will have to smelt the ore (if they can, at our technology level), figure out what's in it, and discover what they can do with it. Healers would need to deal with problems like exhaustion and cut hands. Traders would find a market for small metal objects like buckles. Harpers would be keeping records of everything. How could divers stay down long enough to attach nets to large pieces? Could we make anything like air masks and hoses? Stay tuned...

Breath HUD
   The HUD that Vee distributed last week is an RP tool - it shows you that you've run out of air, how you react is for you to play.

2015-07-12 (RP)

We discussed how to generate RP ideas. At the end of last week's RP session, Mishla had suggested a number of topics. We agreed that assembling a full NC of ideas might help, so long as we didn't feel limited to using just those ideas.

"We could start a thread on the forums, for now. Somewhere for people to drop ideas. Then filter out the ideas we like into a shared notecard or something."

S'ar and M'ira will collect ideas and compile them into a Notecard which could then be posted to the website.

Something like this: a meteorite falls into the sea. We need to find it (fishers for boats, dolphins to help search), examine it (dolphin sonar saying it's not rock), figure how to get it to shore (fishers' cables and nets, dolphins to help attach them, dragons to lift/drag). Then smithcraft to examine it, find it's nickel-iron, great joy all around. A miner (Zircon) could show the dolphins a meteor sample to say that "this is the kind of rock we'd really love to find."

We discussed how many of us are how familiar with dolphins' speech. Seemed probable that the Fishercraft would be experienced 'tuning their ears' to it.

We discussed how we'd react to a meteor shower. There'd likely be more of them dragged along with the Red Star. Firelizards on their island in Etamin would likely be startled when something exploded in the sky and showered hot fragments across the bay. All 'our' firelizards would pick up on that alarm, and the dragons that hadn't been flying at the time would catch that along with thoughts from whoever'd been flying Sweep. Dragons have short memories so this might be new to them; miners would know about strange pieces of metal falling from the sky.

2015-07-05 (OOC)

No official meeting, as Vee and Wyn were both absent.

Discussed the Russian folks who keep showing up in our sims and sometimes leaving objects that have to be returned. John tried sending the current bunch a "this is not a public sandbox" message in Russian. They ignored that. M'thos ejected them from Shaula, they moved to Thuban. Guardians can ban from Regions; I banned today's three from Thuban, found no one below 4086m anywhere but in Kuma at the meeting. By the end of the meeting three more Russians (alts?) were found in Tyl.

Discussed the SL12B show: "It happened, and folks actually seemed to enjoy it," Kudos to the Starfleet and Pandoran groups for exceptional off-the-cuff RP.

Tried to come up with an RP plot for the afternoon. We'd thought of doing a scene in the Hold, as part of the program to play in every site on the island, but no one could come up with a theme. It was a day for being disorganized.

2015-06-28 (RP)

    Lacking time to finish preparing our planned presentation, we decided to do "some sort of short crossover RP between our 3 groups, and then morph into a 'meet the communities' chat about roleplay."
    Members of Gianfar, Starfleet, and Pandora kicked ideas around.
    How would we end up in the same place/time? Starfleet could have a holodeck malfunction, Pernese a Rift accident or dragon confusion, "na'vi can just assume it's a weird tree thing."
    What would we do? Pernese and Starfleet wondering where we were... Pernese and Pandorans surely wondering why these uniformed strangers were talking into little boxes... some Pandorans ready to shoot first and not bother asking questions. Beyond that it was classic "drop your character into a situation and act accordingly."

Regions full... massive lag... stage setup slow... audience maybe a dozen... "could have been worse." We did have three RP groups from different universes playing together.

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