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Strange Floatsam Indeed!
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Topic: Strange Floatsam Indeed!  (Read 2063 times)

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on: February 13, 2011, 02:08:42 AM Strange Floatsam Indeed!

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Bull Lannock: The images in his head weren't coherent anymore, the chronological order that they started in had long since been lost in the endless circular blows of the merciless seas.  Broken memories flooded his head, and yet he couldn't put anything in order before going into the sea.  He felt like he'd always been tossed about and beaten by it, gasping for air and three times out of four getting salty water instead.  His world had became dull, as seen through a small porthole in an otherwise pitch dark room.  That was about to change though, as the sharp pain from something solid, reignited in his side oncemore.  Rolling over instinctively, he managed to open an eye and see red on his hands before the waters crashed again.....and then another harsh pain.  Extending his arms clumsily, he found rock, solid rock.  He climbed, grabbed, did everything he could.   Things blurred again, and then his knees were planted in sand, no more water coming in, just fresh air. He huffed and wheezed a couple times before letting out a  curdling scream, primal and painfully animalistic, before falling into the wet beach and struggling for air.

  Naeve Greybeard: Awakens from her  light slumber  with a start.  She realizes as she stirs, muscles groaning, that she'd drifted off to sleep on the upper level of her house, lulled by  watching the waves pound the shore. Her eye is drawn back to the now familiar whirlpool and she sees someting out of place. Walking to the edge of the roof , she's now able to make out the shape of a man, laying half in and out of the surf.
 Grabbing her bag as she pounds down the ramp to shore,she hopes she's not too late

  Bull Lannock: Drifting in and out, his unreliable consiousness only adding to his complete loss of grip on time, he stumbles a step or two at a time further up the shore, trying to get away from the cold water.  He can only string a couple of strides together before falling and often planting into the water again.  His moans run the gamut from angry to feral to pained, suggesting mental damage of some sort.  He can make out movement but not much beyond a silhouette of the woman who runs to his aid....the salt water long since causing his eyes to strain.  He looks in her direction, lets out a sound that is almost pleading, and falls again.

    Naeve Greybeard: Heart racing as the adrenaline kicks in she  runs with all her might. As she reaches his side , she hears his cry. Splashing into the water she bends down to drag him out and is stopped by the sight of his torn and bloodied body. Although it will be painful for him,She knows she has to get him to safety . " Hello? can you hear me? I'm here to help you ."  She speaks loudly to make her words carry over the pounding surf

    Naeve Greybeard: Taking off her cloak she wraps it over his shoulders and turns him over onto his back. She gasps noting the wounds continue over his shoulders and across his chest. " Shards, what have you been up to ? "

Bull Lannock: Looking up at her, focusing very hard and getting a very blurred view of her face, he manages a neutral expression.  He doesn't really understand what she's saying, but he doesn't care.  To be out of the water and delivered into another's hands is something he didn't think would happen.  Feeling his survival instincts send the shivers of triumph through him, he roars with the most painful sound yet......but clearly puts as much load as he can on one leg.  He stumbles up to his feet for a moment before pitching wildly towards her, not able to maintain control of his orientation despite still having some strength in reserve.

  Naeve Greybeard: "Wait! let me help you." she slips his arm over her shoulder and her own around his injured back.  Taking some of his weight upon  her own shoulders, she manages to steady him.

 Naeve Greybeard: She glances up over her shoulder  to the glow coming from the window of the hold  far above and hesitates briefly,  then decides to take him to the closest fire, the one in her small cothold. taking it one slow step at a time they somehow manage to cross the sand moving slowly up the shore.

  Bull Lannock:  His moans turn to whimpers as she leads him.  He's clearly trying to communicate, but just not able to articulate. Grunting a bit and giving the signals as best he can to coordinate his movements with her.  In honesty, it was mainly her doing the moving, half the time he was pushing against her as much as he was pushing against the ground.  His body was lagging in obeying his commands, but luckily for him at least his perception of things was as well.  Ignorance was bliss, and he felt great.  The cave mouth had a warm air coming from it, no doubt from a fire.  he could almost smell food in the air, although his nostrils were so burned from the salt that he probably would never smell the same again.....he was just happy to be on solid ground.  He looked in the direction of his saviour and gave a deep, gentle moan, the closest he could come to thanks.
 Naeve Greybeard: Kicking open the half closed metal doors  she staggers under his weight. She takes a deep breath and nudges him gently forward into the warmth of the room. Finally they reach the sleep furs and she lowers him gently down, trying to inflict as little pain as possible.

Bull Lannock: Slumping off her shoulder as quickly as he could, he was keenly aware of the load that he put on the woman.  She was stout and strong by any measure, but he was large and practically dead weight, and he knew it.  Sliding onto the furs, he slumps down and truly rests for the first time in.....well, some undetermined time.  The pictures are there, the order isn't.  He looks up at her again and gives the closest sound he can to an apologetic moan.  He sniffs the air, definitely smelling food for the first time in ages.  Warm meats and other things....spices.....he couldn't tell, but it was wonderful.  He rolled over and panted, looking up at the ceiling, shivering with his wet garments holding the cold in.

 Naeve Greybeard: Looking at him closely in the light  she takes in his pain filled eyes and bloodied torso.  Sympathy  is pushed aside as her healer training  kicks in.  She speaks to him slowly and gently, watching his  eyes to see if she had his attention. " My name is Naeve, and this is my home. I'm also a healer, and I'd like to help you ."

Naeve Greybeard: "I'll need to clean your wounds and get you out of your wet things" she waits for a sign from him that he heard." Do you understand what I'm saying?"

  Bull Lannock:Searching towards her face with his eyes, clearly hearing her and cognizant, but displaying signs that his eyes themselves weren't functioning properly. He moans and blinks, as quickly as he can, struggling to find her blurred image oncemore.  Moaning and shivering again, he nods.  He could sense when she carried him the nurturing drive in her, he couldn't imagine her as anything less than a healer.  He knew at some level that those cold clothes where what were making him he began to reach out, grabbing his gloves and casting them off, moaning quietly and without tone almost like he was trying to converse.

 Bull Lannock: managing to find the heavy buckle that had tried to pull him down into the surf time after time after time again, he unhitches the large metal latch and drops the garment off to the side, its ability to retain warmth long since spoiled.

Naeve Greybeard: Glad to see he heard her  she helps him remove his one wet boot....the other she presumes lost in the water.
  Bull Lannock: being conscious enough to realize that he was in the presence of a lady, he knew that he had to get the soaked remnants of his clothing off.  At the same time though, his sense of decency and gentlemanly conduct was somehow still active, despite the bitter cold and bashing waves he'd endured.  Rolling over onto his side, his back facing his healer, he slowly  reached down with a sound of grunting effort, undoing his tunic and pulling it down slowly, strugglin with the coordination.  The back seam of his pants finally slips down with his effort, revealing his cheeks but guarding the lady from having to bear witness to the rest of him.  He struggles the garment to his knees and then gives up, pulling the cover over his cold body, trying to accululate warmth.
 Naeve Greybeard: Seeing his efforts fading  she  moves to tthe bottom of the bed and reaching under the cover pulls the  wet pants the rest of the way off his icy legs and drops them  with the rest of his  sodden clothes in a heap on the floor  to deal with later,
 Naeve Greybeard: "Try to rest for a moment , while I prepare a draught for you "

  Bull Lannock: His shivering calms as the heavy furs insulate him properly, and he happily nuzzles into their warm embrace.

  Naeve Greybeard: She casts a worried glance at his restless form as she stirs up the coals in the fireplace and sets a kettle of water on to boil. She warms her hands for a moment then  hurriedly mixes a drop of fellis juice into a mug of wine and places it on a tray . Next she bustles about  retrieving clean cloths  bandages and her wound care supplies, while she wonders where he came from and how he ended up on her shore.

     Bull Lannock: feels absolutely heavenly as he can finally breathe well enough to yawn, feeling the neurochemicals in his system decrease enough to allow him to rest.  His mind drifts back to the images that he has, trying to make sense of them, pictures of beauty, of wonderful sunsets.....of fire.....of screams and pain and.....and then water again.  Odd colors as well....gelatin like substances......colors and shapes and fluids jumping and moving and undulating and it all seemed so damned nonsensical.  He shrugged and saw the woman making something on the table, which by some pavlovian trigger made his mind immediately go to FOOD.

 Naeve Greybeard: Taking the tray of supplies she crosses back to the bedside. " Now, there is no way around this , its will sting a bit, but I need to clean the sand and salt from your wounds.  " She kneeled at the bedside and pulls back the furs to expose his upper torso.

 Bull Lannock: sees the cloth that the healer carries in her hand, still not properly understanding her words but understanding the motions enough to nod and roll onto  his back, the pain still very dulled from days of exhaustion and aggravation.  His expression barely changes when the rag makes the open wounds burn once more, not from strength but from sheer exhaustion.

 Naeve Greybeard: working carefully she gently bathes his wounds  dipping the cloth repeatedly into the water and wringing it out. Slowly she works the sand from the deep cuts on his back.  As she works she becomes more and more puzzled by the nature of the wounds. They're unlike anything she'd ever seen  in her travels. At first she had thought them to be caused by the sea , but closer inspection makes her doubt this.  She makes a mental note to  send word to Master Healer Jon as soon as she could find P'dranth.

  Naeve Greybeard: "where is that damned flit! never here when I need him " she mutters under his breat
  Bull Lannock: Finding one of the odd shaped wounds makes him bolt upward, the pain sensation suddenly coming back full force as he raises his leg and kicks the cover off a moment before pulling it back on, writhing back and forth.

  Naeve Greybeard: Alarmed that she'd hurt him  she  lays a reasuring hand on his shoulder. " I'm sorry  this hurts ,I'm done cleaning your chest wounds, and I have something to help the pain."

  Naeve Greybeard: "Just lay still a moment more while I cover your wounds with numbweed, then I'm afraid we'll have to repeat the process on your back and shoulders"

  Bull Lannock: calming the instant her hand meets his shoulder, he sighs and relaxes into the cushions.  He knows what has to happen, he just wasn't expecting the strength of pain that came from such a wound.  He won't be unprepared the next time.  Bracing and leaning to show his chest to her, he smiles up in her direction, thankful for the Valkyrie that picked him off the field

    Naeve Greybeard: Looks on amazed as he smiles at her thru his pain. She wonders anew what he'd been thru to cause such wounds, and grudgingly admires his courage as she gently applies numbweed to coat his wounds. As she works she hears the wise voice of her long time mentor in her head, guiding her actions " Always pour the salve into a dish first  and work from that, not the pot. less chance of contagion to the batch "

  Naeve Greybeard: A smiles spreads across her face as she wonders what the old man would say about a naked stranger in her bed.

    Bull Lannock: grins widely as a wonderful euphoric feeling sweeps over his wounds and many scratches......he wasn't sure if it was the stuff in her pot or the touch itself that was causing it, but he didn't care.  It was amazing, he made sure to smile extra hard in her direction in very happy to have washed into a beautiful doctor's home.  His world began to drift as the various treatments begin to take effect.....feeling as though he was sinking into the warm pillow.

  Naeve Greybeard:Sliding her hand under his head she urges him to drink the fellis laced wine. from the cup she held to his lips. " just a sip or two for now. It's kill the pain the numbweed misses."
 Bull Lannock: leans over and gently presses his lips to her arm, not really doing much besides running his head into her wrist gently, but the motion was unmistakably an attempt at a kiss.  He wished he could articulate more....but her kindness overwhelmed him as he drifted ever deeper....whatever happened before he was a blessed man to have washed into this woman's arms.

    Naeve Greybeard: Eyebrows shoot up at the touch of his lips on her wrist, and a shiver goes down her spine. She'd been thanked in many ways, and with many  fine phrases but never with such simple eloquence.  She smiled at him again, then placed the cup  on the floor next to the bed. Noting that the numbweed was doing its work she helps him roll over, turning his face towards her and he fire.  Taking up a new cloth and a second bowl of clean water she went to work administering to his wounds.

  Naeve Greybeard: " Can you tell me your name?" she asks as she wrings out the cloth then looks into his sleepy eyes

    Bull Lannock: struggles to bring his lips under and form the sounds....he can hear himself in his own memory, introducing himself to others, snippets of conversations.  Again, the memories are there, but his ability to assemble them just isn't back yet.  He could nonetheless glean what he needed, but couldn't coax his mouth and tongue to cooperate. "BHuuuu.....mmmmmm.....uuHHHHAAAA" he tries, quickly angering at his verbal impotence.

  Naeve Greybeard: "shhhh, not to worry . " She croons seeing his agitation.  She smooths the hair back out of his eyes and smiles at him. " You can tell me when you feel better."

  Naeve Greybeard: she returns to the work at hand, applies the numbweed to his cleansed wounds and  then applies bandages to keep the wounds clean.

    Bull Lannock: sighs as he feels perfectly at ease with the world now, thankful to the fates that he found such a kind hearted woman to nurse his wounds, to no less than save his life.  He was a lucky man, and he knew it as he drifted off into the deepest slumber he'd ever had.
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