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by Varian on March 18, 2012, 03:35:00 AM
This is a summary of the sim rules. For the details, see the individual articles under Rules. However, be warned that getting too technical with the rules is likely to get you banned... we're not really into long courtroom scenes!

Estate Rules:

  • Do what a Guardian tells you (argue later);
  • No (humanoid) child avatars (except when the sim is G);
  • No high technology, no magic;
  • No voice (except when noted);
  • If a door is locked, don’t go in.

Visitor rules:

  • You ARE welcome to join in RP. (It’s not compulsory. Read the RP rules, though.)
  • But you CANNOT change a storyline or perform a service (eg. delivering a message).
  • No weapons. Ever. (Includes ‘natural’ weapons like dragonfire, fangs.
  • You aren’t a slave, you’re not subject to any outside will (while you’re here).
  • You aren’t a vampire, you don’t have a thirst for blood or a hunger for souls (while you’re here).
  • No wings mean no flying. (But most of this sim is underground anyway.)
  • No teleporting or going between, while in RP. (It’s ok if you’re OOC. Going OOC just to tp & go IC again will get you ejected.)

RP rules:

  • NO godmoding, autoing, metagaming or teflons.
  • Keep 'mature' or 'adult' play out of sight!
  • NO PvP combat, NO deaths (except by prearrangement)
  • An RP admin or RP lead's word is final during play. Argue later.
  • If you do decide to argue, the RP admins will almost always have the last word.
  • Redo's and restarts are allowed, by mutual consent or admin fiat
  • The website governs the overall storyline. Depart from it at your peril.
  • For members, one main character per avatar. But as many NPCs as you like.
  • Dolphins and firelizards are always NPC.

Public dress code:

when a sim is G:
per Linden 'G' rules (and child avs permitted);
for non-IC events or OOC meetings, any sim:
no nudity, otherwise per Linden ‘M’ rules;
for observing RP, any sim/location:
no nudity, exposure, otherwise per Linden ‘M’ rules;
for RP on Kuma, Tyl, Etamin land:
‘modest’, mediaeval/renaissance preferred;
for RP on Kuma, Tyl, Etamin beaches or in water:
‘period-type’ swimwear permitted;
for RP on Shaula, outside baths:
No explicit nudity or exposure;
for RP on Shaula, in baths:
Nudity permitted, no explicit sexuality, per Linden 'M' rules.

Public means visible from a public location without camming!


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