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by Varian on March 25, 2011, 03:48:00 AM
You'd like to be a Dragonrider? A Harper? Perhaps a Dragon searing Thread, or a drudge in the Hold kitchens, or even a Dolphin, guiding ships home... then read on!

First of all, we're what's called 'off-canon' roleplay. There's no island of Gianfar on Anne's Pern. This is to accomodate some differences between Second Life[tm] and Reality[tm] - and the rules Anne McCaffrey has laid down for off-canon roleplaying.

Second, the roleplaying (mostly) doesn't happen here. It happens in Second Life (SL) - an enormous, single-shard virtual world. ('single-shard' means that, unlike most game-based virtual worlds, there's only one Second Life.) SL is a user-created virtual world - almost everything you will see in Gianfar (and in SL generally) was made by people living in SL. Not by bored game developers with top-of-the-line PC's.

So, if you want to play, or even just come & visit, you're going to need a Second Life account and viewer (both free, and both available at secondlife.com - do note that there's several alternatives to the 'main' SL viewer).

Got your SL account? Good. Ok, you need to teleport to here, Kuma 103, 179, 90 - our 'welcome area' on Kuma sim. Take your time, read our visitor rules and take a look around. Meet a few of our players.

If you still want to join (and we hope you do!), create a notecard, give it your user or legacy name (so we know who it's from!), and put in it: your preferred website id; what you know about Pern ('nothing' is fine, btw, we just want to know), and what you know about roleplay, in or out of SL. (ditto - we will teach you if you want to learn.) Make sure there's less than 20 lines in your card. (Oversize notecards are rejected, because they crash the card dropper. Yes, we know...) And drop it in the 'hide dropper' in the welcome area.

One of our recruiters will contact you, and add you to our main user group, Gianfar Peaks of Pern - and they can tell you what you can do to learn more about Pern and/or RP (if you want to), and what you'll have to do to start playing a character in Gianfar (and renting a place to live here, if you want - rentals go towards the cost of renting the sims from Linden Labs, which isn't cheap). They'll also arrange for your account on this website.

Welcome to Gianfar!

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