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by Varian on March 18, 2012, 08:04:00 AM

Public dress code:

Read down the list until you find the situation that matches yours:

when a sim is G:
Linden 'G' rules apply (this is the only time that child avs are permitted).
for non-IC events or OOC meetings, any sim:
Nudity and partial nudity are forbidden; Linden 'M' rules apply.
for observing RP, any sim/location:
Nudity and partial nudity are forbidden; Linden 'M' rules apply. If you are wearing anything that may distract a player or disrupt play, you may be asked to leave.
for RP on Kuma, Tyl, Etamin land:
'Modest' unless RP requires otherwise, mediaeval/renaissance preferred.
for RP on Kuma, Tyl, Etamin beaches or in water:
As land, but additionally ‘period-type’ swimwear permitted.
for RP on Shaula, outside baths:
No explicit nudity or partial nudity,
for RP on Shaula, in baths:
Nudity permitted, no explicit sexuality, Linden 'M' rules apply.

Public means visible from a public location without camming! (A 'public' location is a location within the RP zone which is not within a rental.)

The Linden Labs maturity definitions can be found here.


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