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by Varian on March 18, 2012, 07:35:00 AM

RP Rules

  • There is no prescribed style of play. ('Whatever works') Anything from short 'bullet' form to long-paragraph form is permitted. But please try not to mix & match styles in a scene.
  • NO godmoding, autoing, metagaming or teflons(if you don't know what those are, you need to take an RP class - we can recommend the one at NCI, we sponsor it)
  • Keep 'mature' or 'adult' play out of sight! (Our sims are rated 'mature', not 'adult'. If you don't know the difference, find out.)
  • NO PvP combat (except by prearrangement) - RP'd spontaneous brawls are one thing, but duelling doesn't happen on Pern.
  • Absolutely NO deaths (except by prearrangement and admin permission)
  • An RP admin or RP lead's word is final during play. Argue later. Feel free to submit any RP you think is questionable to the appropriate RP lead or admin, after the event.
  • If you do decide to argue, the RP admins will almost always have the last word. If they don't, the estate owner will. (It probably won't change anything, but maybe you'll feel better.)
  • Redo's and restarts are allowed (when appropriate - not a good idea during Threadfall, for instance!) Needs the agreement of everyone concerned, unless it's the decision of an RP admin.
  • The website governs the overall storyline. Depart from it at your peril. (Otoh, add to it and you'll be a hero!)
  • If you haven't passed your 'entry' interview yet, you don't yet have a main character.
  • Only your main character (the one on your character sheet) has a 'history' - but you can 'NPC' other characters (let people around you know when you're doing this, either by changing avatar or by telling everyone or by wearing a titler). You can also bring in an alt if you wish to play a second main character.
  • Dolphins and Firelizards are always NPC.
  • Except when approved by Weyr admins, only Dragons & Riders may play NPC Dragons, and only Dragons & Weyrfolk (including unhatched Dragons and unImpressed Riders) may play NPC Riders. Dragons & riders still in Weyrling training or not yet Impressed cannot fly Thread or Mating flights, even as NPC's, without Weyr admin permission.

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