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Know something we ought to talk about? An idea, a suggestion, a complaint... add it to the Agenda thread, or contact Vee inworld. Even if you can't make the meeting, we'll discuss anything relevant. (And usually a few things that aren't.)

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by Varian on March 18, 2012, 07:11:00 AM

Rules for Visitors to Gianfar

Visitors ARE welcome to join in the RP.
Just explain that you are a visitor who has come through the Rift. No 'observer' tags required. But we do assume youíve read & understood our RP rules.
  • You are welcome to join in conversations, meals, dances and events, as your out-of-sim character of choice. And to come back again (and again).
  • You won't be asked (and please donít offer!) to do anything crucial, like deliver a vital message or fight Thread.
  • If you stand out in Threadfall you won't get hurt (but you may get moved on to make room for Thread-fighting dragons!).
  • And, please - no teleporting or going between, while in RP. (Itís ok if youíre OOC. Going OOC just to tp & go IC again will get you ejected.)
No weapons, not even display-only. No combat systems. No metered combat.
This should really be 'no scripted weapons'. But, since we can't tell if that sword of yours is just for show or can be used, and since scripted weapons are really laggy - sorry, you'll have to leave that Hellfire blade at home. And we don't usually do PvP combat on Gianfar (except by prearrangement), it's not part of our RP.
Your non-Pern RP is suspended when you arrive.
Kajirae lose their collars, vampires lose their thirst, jedi lose their connection to the Force, dragons lose their fire, redshirts lose their phasers and communicators... you get the picture. If your master, captain, king or whatever on another RP tells you you must or cannot do something, whatever it is, it does NOT apply while you are in our universe. While you're here, our laws supersede any external agreements you have made. No matter what your owner, vampire clan king or Gorean master thinks. After you leave... that's none of our business.
If you don't have wings, you can't fly.
This is a world of dragons, where humans have to walk on the ground. Even Superman's powers fade under Rukbat's rays.

Accounts that fail to follow the rules, or disrupt the RP, may be ejected and/or banned. There's not much of an appeal process - you can ask the estate owners to review your case, but they're unlikely to overrule one of their hand-picked Guardians, who will have reported the circumstances to them (with chatlogs) in any case. However, if you are banned, you are generally welcome to try again in a different alt. Only in extreme cases (deliberate griefing, for example) are bans extended to all known alts of the account concerned.


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