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by Soo Novi on August 16, 2008, 05:58:13 PM
The Founding of Gianfar

When the Earth survey team was investigating Pern it noted an island in the middle of what would become the Great Barrier Islands, not large enough to be called a continent but larger than most of the other islands in the region.  Located on a latitude approximately half way between what would later be called Nerat Hold and Benden Weyr, they determined there was evidence of two long-dead volcanoes that were much eroded.  While the island had a significant amount of fresh water, there was no apparent geothermic activity and was noted as not having an easily viable power source because of it.  The terrain was inordinately extreme with very high peaks and it was presumed that agriculture would be unusually difficult.  Because there was such an abundance of land on the rest of the planet, the island was considered unsuitable for habitation and easily forgotten.

After the death of genetic engineer Kitti Ping her grandaughter, Wind Blossom, had attempted to engineer more dragons.  It was believed that her efforts produced only the watch whers, which were valued but considered substandard in comparison to the dragons her grandmother had produced.  What was not widely known was that Wind Blossom had been active with the team that engineered one small clutch, the fourth clutch hatched after her grandmother's death.  Further unknown to nearly all was that Wind Blossom had attempted to make her own notion of improvements to these dragons, and consequently there were differences.  These dragons  had the ability to speak.  There were other surprises with these dragons, but they were not learned for some time.  For one example, color seemed disconnected from gender except for the golds who remained the fertile females.  The dragons intuited from the beginning that this should not be widely known and therefore there was no grand showing of these talents.  Wind Blossom spent some time mentioning the possibility of dragon speech in passing discussions to gauge reactions.  She found several even tempered and rational individuals that considered the idea  extraordinary, but over all the reaction was vehemently against the idea, bordering on violence.  So she kept it to herself, as did the riders that impressed the dragons with these unique abilities.  This is why Wind Blossom turned her attentions to what others inevitably considered substandard stock, the whers.  She feared for these unique dragons and did not wish to produce more if they might be in danger of being harmed or ill received.   But her fear that these dragons might be discovered weighed heavily on her mind.

Knowing that it had been determined in the 9th year of the colony that the geological activity of the southern continent was going to make its habitation untenable, Wind Blossom and a few of those  who knew the secret of the dragons began formulating their plan and looking for an isolated location in which these special dragons could live out their lives in peace.  They found the forgotten island in the middle of the Great Barrier Islands and discovered that, like much of Pern, the renewed geological activitiy associated with the approach of the Red Star had sprung up a small volcano to the extreme southwest of the island.  The island now had a power source, was unnoticed by others, and was difficult to reach.  Slowly over the first two years of the dragons lives this small band of altruistic anarchists redirected small quantities of supplies for storage in the caves of the western side of the island they called "Gianfar" in preparation for isolation.

The mass and final exodus to the northern continent gave the unknown renegades the opportunity they had been waiting for.  The special dragons were barely out of the weyrling stage when the final move occurred and had not yet had the chance to prove themselves to the colonists.  And so it was that those among these special dragon dragons and their riders who could already fly slowly, one by one, went between but did not emerge on the northern continent.  By now the transports and power packs had been depleted and the last of the emigrants had to board sea faring ships to make the final journey.  One of these ships  was considered lost at sea in a storm, but the residents of Gianfar knew better.  The choas of the exodus, the need to fight thread, and the easy assumption that these  dragons were somehow also inferior because they came after Kitti's death enabled the colonists to only take note of the losses in passing.  The work of resettling consumed the northern continent, and so it was that those who chose to keep the special dragons secret, and the folk who did not wish to live under the yolk of the then current established leaders, began their self inflicted isolation.
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