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by Soo Novi on March 27, 2008, 12:56:00 PM

Rentals Currently Available or Nearly Ready

Shaula Sim (the entire sim is the Weyr)  These weyrs are in various stages of near-completion.  Renting/reserving will bump their priority for completion up.

25 Prim Minimum Weyrling Barracks - NOT PRIVATE


50 Prim Minimum:

75 Prim Minimum:

100 Prim Mimimum:

150 Prim Minimum:

200 Prim Minimum:

250 Prim Minimum:


Planned for Shaula:

Weyrling (bipedal) barracks on the floor above the kitchen and several more weyrs on the south side of the sim.  There is another weyr up high in the corner (you can’t miss it, it’s still plywood textured) that will be available in the near future too.

Kuma Sim (Valley of Ooc, Private Weyr Rentals)

100 Prim Minimum:
http://slurl.com/secondlife/Kuma/133/36/73  This is nestled high in the mtns, over what will eventually be the valley with the forest.  Currently only accessible by air.

Planned for Kuma:
There is a lot of space on Kuma that could be custom built.  At this time I’m leaving it gloriously low prim and low lag.

Tyl Sim (Beastcraft/Runners Hall, Weyrling Training Grounds, Mines & Smithcraft Hall, Farmer Cothold)

25 Prim Minimum Weyrling Barracks (dragons)

I moved the weyrling dragon barracks to the weyr, directly over the kitchen.  Now it's dragon/rider barracks.  See Shaula.

Planned for Tyl:
The smithcraft hall will be built into the mtn above the mines.  Residences on Tyl is yet to be determined due to lag management, but there may be some available for the beastcrafter/miners/smiths eventually.

Acubens Sim (Dolphineer’s Hall, Active Volcano, Dolphin Call Bell)

75 Prim Minimum:
http://slurl.com/secondlife/Acubens/37/45/41  This is NOT private!  Originally built for a watch wher.  Situated on the top floor above the dolphineer hall, with a private entry to the waterfalls, the stairs to the drum heights run through the center of this cave!  Top of the cave, and the 2nd floor patio area between the cave and the dolphineer hall, are available for use.

Planned for Acubens:
I have several on a waiting list for custom caves on Acubens.

Thuban and Gianfar sims will be added as I get closer to finalizing some of the preliminary builds.  Wander the south side of the Hold mtn on Gianfar, those caves are to be rentals after they are worked on more.  There will also be small spaces available on the bottom floors of the back of the hold.  We are considering rentals in or near the Harper Hall now, but have not finalized plans at this time.  There are currently three open slots in the Harper Hall on the Second floor.  They are small spaces and I will consider renting them if it doesn’t impede the Masterharper’s rp plans.


You may oooh and ahhh at the customs you will see in the sims, and you may want all the added features that the custom caves and homes have, and I am happy to discuss that with you.  Please understand that the customs are no fewer than 200 prim rentals, most of them are between 400 and 500 prims, and most of those renters also work for free in the sims to ensure we all have a wonderful time.  Please don't contact me to build you a cave with waterfalls, your own dolphin bell, boat docks, and want to rent 50 prims.  That's not in the cards.


First let me be clear - Because we are not open yet any rental agreement you may come into with The Peaks is tentative and subject to change.  I was not going to rent until we were open and I had worked all the bugs out of the process, but so many of you are so excited to be present in the sims that I decided we could move forward slowly with some caveats.  Therefore, if you rent in The Peaks you understand that your situation could change.  Terraforming, changes to living space, rules, and perhaps even pricings could change by the time we open officially.  Also realize that if you move in I may not be able to address your concerns immediately but I will give it my best.  Getting us up and going is my first priority, so know what you're getting yourself into.

Know that as a resident you are bound by the current sim rules as listed on this website, and you will be bound by any changes to the rules.  As a resident you will have increased abilities to rez and deal with group items, you will be given percs and free items as time goes by, deeper discounts on some items that will eventually be for sale.  You will have access to any 'group only' functionality and you will be added to the Gianfar Residents group on the website, which has its own private message board.  You must join the forums on the website.  In order to keep the number of in-world groups down we use the forums heavily.  There is a private forum for residents and, as time goes by, it will be where information for residents is disseminated.  “I didn’t know because I don’t read the forums” will not be an acceptable excuse.  In-world notices to read the forums when needed will be sent, so you don’t have to baby-sit the forum. 


Residential Space:

There are many residence options in The Peaks, from smaller weyrs in the Weyr to accommodate folks who simply want a residential presences in the sims, as well as larger weyrs for folks who want their primary residence in the Weyr.  Also, the four OS sims, Acubens, Thuban, Tyl and Kuma, are all ideally suited to larger, more private residences and I am currently building them out on a first come first served basis.  Right now folks are actually picking out their spots for the larger, private areas, reaching an agreement with me on prims and space, and I am building to suit - hence the waiting list.  Because of this I can build private and secure or open and available to roleplay, and caves or cotholds.  I build the shell of the structure, your internal walls and such you build from your prim allotment.  I can provide lockable doors with you as the administrator if you wish it, but know that doors are always closed, even if they are unlocked.  I can also offer you a texture changer that sets the door prim to phantom when the texture is “open” and solid when the texture is “closed.”  I do not have texture changing lockable doors, and have not yet found a script that does both and is low enough lag to justify the use.  You can have texture changers that don’t lock, or you can have locking doors that are always closed (even if unlocked) with your choice of solid stone or curtain texture.  I give all new residents a box with the land textures and the alpha texture that we use in the sims, so you can create your internal area to match the surroundings.  If you use our textures then your creations cause less lag.  It's not required, but it's encouraged.  Terms of use for these textures are that you use them ONLY in the sims, and you do not sell items with these textures without my written approval.  You will receive them full perm for your ease of use, but you agree not to distribute them in any way.  You understand that these are to be roleplay sims and anything outside of your residence is In Character (when we launch) and by the sim rules.  What you do inside your residence is your business providing you are not disturbing your neighbors.  Anything you set outside your residence must be in theme and approved.  If I find your prims on the other side of the sim they will be returned.

Be aware that I will be posting the script lists, with their lag toll, publicly.  Your scripts and their lag costs will be available for everyone to see.  We all should understand what our lag footprint is, and I intend to encourage peer pressure for lag management.  I will do my best to work with you to help you reduce lag, and our admins are all very well versed with lag management.  Ask them for help, they are happy to.

Residential Costs:

Current residential rentals are 5L per prim per week, if you pay a month in advance then the charge is month to month - giving you a few days per month on the house.  Week to week rentals are 7L per prim per week to cover my extra administration time.  I do not currently use any scripted rental boxes, to help keep the lag very low (and our sims are very low lag).  This could change, but what it means is currently I do all the receipts and tracking by hand (to facilitate a less lagged experience for everyone).  Weekly rentals quadruple my time spent administering the rental.  If you already rent by the week then you will stay at your current rate.

Before we open officially I will refund prepaid rents on a pro-rated basis to those that move in and decide the fluctuations were not what they were looking for.  After we launch pre-paid rents are non-refundable.  You may pay by Linden or Paypal.  At current conversion rates I am losing 20L on the dollar to convert your lindens to cash, plus fees.

There are signs in the areas that are ready (or nearly ready) to be inhabited with minimum prim requirements to rent that space.  Consider what you want to do with your cave when you think about how many prims you wish to rent and remember that you do not have to build your structure, only furnish it.  Your prims should go much farther than if you purchased vacant land and there are no upfront costs to buy, nor are you locked into a land investment if you wish to leave.


How to Get a Residence:

Look around the sims, explore all the existing caves and the areas that seem open and not built, as well.  There is a map at the spawning point with several areas marked in orange with the letters PR for “potential residence.”  Some of them are taken (even if there is nothing built on them yet), but it will give you an idea of places to look for customs.  Look at the mountains and how they are configured - I terraformed with cave residences in mind.  Note how existing residences are created.  Think about what you want in your residence, features, size, furnishings.  Do you expect the traffic to be mostly bipedal or do you expect to have a lot of dragons hanging about?  Do you want a cave or a cothold?  Think about whether you prefer to be in the thick of the roleplay or to be a bit more private - Shaula and Gianfar will be the central role play hubs and residences on these sims will be busier than in the outlying sims.  Think about whether you prefer a place you can lock down to be as private as possible or whether you'd prefer to have folks wander through in role play.  Pick a spot or two that you like, create landmarks to each and put those landmarks in a notecard, then tell me what you're looking for in the notecard and how many prims you intend to rent.  Drop that notecard in the dropper and wait for me to get back to you.  If you are under time constraints then tell me in the notecard.  Label the notecard "Residential Rental - (your SL NAME)" before you put it in the dropper.

Merchant Space:

The Merchant Area:

There is merchant space available on the Gianfar sim in a limited capacity, and I am willing to consider select locations in the other sims on a very limited and individual basis.  The Merchant Area is readily accessible from the spawning point (and currently is planned for three stories of shops) and your clients will not need to agree to the role play rules to be in the Merchant Area only, although they will need to agree to them to go into the role play area.

Current charges for Merchant areas are the same as for residentials – 5L per prim per week if you pay month to month, and 7L per prim per week if you pay by the week.

There are some rules.  Expect to see requirements like in or near theme, low lag, keeping your signage within your own area, no holorezzers, and joining the land group and the website as a merchant.  Aside from these rules will be a very strictly enforced "NO PERN BRANDING" rule.  Infractions to the rule about branding will not even get a warning, they will just be removed.  Your gather outfit can be inspired by the Dragonriders of Pern books, but it may not be called a Pern Gather outfit, nor a Benden outfit, nor a Pern dress.  Call it gather wear, but don't call it Pern or Dragonriders of Pern, or any of the characters or locations from the books.  DO NOT claim any affiliation or approval from Anne McCaffrey or any of the entities of The Worlds of Anne McCaffrey, Ltd.  Don't expect a lot of leeway on this point, it won't be coming. 


From our Merchant Coordinator, Wendy Foxchase:

 Gianfar Peaks of Pern is a 6 sim role play area inspired by Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern series (copyright and trademark of Anne McCaffrey).  It is also home to the Tiny Empires Gianfar Kingdom. The sims are open to role-play and visitors during construction.
Gianfar Peaks of Pern is not sanctioned by or affiliated with Anne McCaffery, The Worlds of Anne McCaffery, LTD., or their licenses. Her works are copyright and registered trademarks. We diligently protect her copyright, trademark and explicit requirements as stated on her website.

Terms of use for the Gianfar name, and all it's derivatives, can be found at http://www.gianfarpeaks.com and is referenced below specifically for vendors and merchants in Gianfar.
 Having said that, there is merchant space available on the Gianfar sim in a limited capacity.  It is designed to be part of the role-play, but not role-play required. The Merchant Area is readily accessible from the spawning point and your clients will not need to agree to the role play rules to be in the Merchant Area only, although they will need to agree to them to go into the role play area.

Current charges for Merchant areas are the same as for residentials – 5L per prim per week if you pay month to month, and 7L per prim per week if you pay by the week.
During construction, rental agreements are handled via notecard receipts. Once we automate the payment system all rentals, regardless of duration, will return to 5L per prim per week. We are developing a low lag custom rental system now.
Signs indicating available space have a prim amount on them. This is the recommended minimum prim amount based on the size of the shop. Extra prims are available; let Wendy Foxchase know how many you'll need.
The Rules:
Merchants will need to join the Gianfar Peaks of Pern RP group. They will also need to join the Gianfar Peaks of Pern website. It is a privately owned website. All you need is your SL name and a valid email address. You will receive an e-mail if there is a change in the terms of service. The website allows you to leave feedback, request services, prepare for upcoming large-scale RP events, and is a means to enable private communication with merchants without requiring multiple in-world groups. Merchants have access to a merchant-only forum, moderated by Wendy Foxchase.
  *  Your creations must be your own. No reselling or affiliate vendors.
  *  Your creations must be in theme with the role play or Tiny Empires themes, or near in theme.
  *  Weapons MUST be unscripted.  We are developing the sim combat system and the rules for same. When we are ready there may be a developers API. At such time you may inquire to include them in your weapons, but you should know that scripted weapons usage in Gianfar will be heavily controlled and probably not a huge market at best.
 *  Lag is not your friend. All scripted items will be lag tested regularly, and we will work with you to keep things running as smoothly as possible. 
  *  Temp rezzers and holorezzers and any other rezzers are expressly forbidden.
  *  If you use vend boxes, landmark givers, gift bags with hovertext, pull the hovertext script from the item you keep rezzed in the sims. Same for any approved particle emitter or items with texture animation – pull the script, if you can without damaging the sale item, from the item you keep rezzed in the sims to help reduce script lag.
  *  Please keep your signage within your own area, and make it phantom.

****The MOST IMPORTANT RULE OF ALL is NO PERN AND/ OR GIANFAR BRANDING.  Infractions to the rule about branding will not even get a warning, they will just be removed.  Your gather outfit can be inspired by the Dragonriders of Pern books, but it may not be called a Pern Gather outfit, nor a Benden outfit, nor a Pern dress. It may be inspired by the off-canon Gianfar role-play, but it can not use the Gianfar name. Call it gather wear, but don't call it Pern or Dragonriders of Pern, or any of the characters or locations from the books.  DO NOT claim any affiliation or approval from Anne McCaffrey or any of the entities of The Worlds of Anne McCaffrey, Ltd. As required by her explicit rules for fan sites. Don't expect a lot of leeway on this point. It won't be coming.  Gianfar branding can only be done by written agreement with the owner of Gianfar Peaks. You may state you are a member of Gianfar, you may state you are located in Gianfar, you may state your support of Gianfar. You may not name your sale or free items Gianfar items without expressed, written permission. If you use vendors and name them after the location of the shop, please use “At Gianfar” rather than just “Gianfar” ****

If you'd like to vend in Gianfar then please place a notecard in the dropper at the spawning point on the Gianfar sim entitled "Merchant Space - (your SL name here)" and a general idea of how many prims you expect to need and Wendy Foxchase, our Merchant Coordinator, will be in touch.


Thanks for your interest in renting at The Peaks!

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