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by Soo Novi on February 03, 2008, 06:00:00 PM

Grendel's is a land like no other.  Home of the widest array of avatars you can ever hope to find in one place, they have four sims of desert spaces to fly, wander, discover new and strange things.  They are always changing and adding.  No one puts out more new product on a regular basis than Grendel's!

Yes, you can find a dragon avatar here!  Or a tunnel snake, wherry, herdbeast, runner beast - whatever your imagination can think of.  You might need to modify your avatar to make it look more like you envision for your role, but that is no problem with a Grendel's avatar.  They like to see your creative juices flow and have designed their avatars to be modification friendly and priced for a wide spectrum of users. 

Gianfar Peaks has a mutually supportive relationship with Grendel's.  We're fans, what can we say?  They're excited and supportive of our new growth, and we're working with them on some surprises for you.  But - sssshhhhhh!  Don't bother them about it while they work or they'll NEVER get the surprises out!  Patience will be rewarded! 

Visit their website (flash required) or go in-world in Second Life
and check out their store and sims.  Don't forget to search both the ground and in the air, there are surprises waiting.
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