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by Soo Novi on February 03, 2008, 05:42:00 PM

The Isle of Wyrms is a multi-sim land of dragons of many kinds in Second Life.  You can browse or purchase dragons made by Daryth on the Cathedral sim, you can find a home in some of the residential sims, you can travel to the outer associated sims and explore the various lands and approaches of their inhabitants.  They have many events and ongoing activities for dragons and dragon lovers alike.  If you're a member you can use their Limbo sim as a sandbox or wander the citizen's market located there.  Pick up a copy of the free Herald they publish once a month while you're there to see the recent news. 

Here be dragons, some will roleplay and some just enjoy "being a dragon."  It's a magical place that is friendly to SL newcomers and old hats.

The Dragons of Pern group, now housed on Gianfar Peaks sims, was originated at the Isle of Wyrms and was their first affiliated roleplay clan.  Their members still travel back and forth between the sims and support and encourage each other.  We are all family, and we are welcoming to new family members.

Go to visit, say hello or just wander peacefully by yourself.  It's like no other place.
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