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by Soo Novi on February 01, 2008, 11:45:00 AM

Welcome to the new Gianfar Peaks website.  We are a group of Pern lovers and fans who have come together in Second Life, a 3D metaverse comprised almost entirely of user created content, to create our own perception of Pern and to role play our ideas in 3D.  Real life and Second Life logistics require that we be off-canon to allow the most options for our members, but we try to remain as true as possible to the Pern we have come to love.  Our members play riders, harpers, crafters, healers, holders, weyrfolk and the like.  They also play dragons, fire lizards, tunnelsnakes, wherries, runnerbeasts, herdbeasts, dolphins (shipfish), felines, canines and nearly anything you can imagine and bring to life in our virtual world.  All the pictures you see on this website were taken from the Gianfar Peaks of Pern sims in Second Life.  The humans and beasts are humans in avatars playing those roles in-game, as both playing and/ or non-playing characters.

Yes, we have threadfall!  Our system is set up to require team work between the rider and the dragon.  The rider is the "pilot" and the dragon is the "gunner."  Yes, we have a hatching ground and yes, you too could be a candidate standing in a circle around twitching eggs about to become dragons, hoping to hear that special voice proclaiming its name to you.

Second Life
is free to join and Gianfar Peaks in Second Life is free to participate.  With the proper skills you could make anything you wished to use for role play in Second Life.  Without the proper skills there are literally thousands of merchants that have toys you might like to purchase, although it's not required.  This website is free to participate and you do not have to be a member of Second Life to participate here.

We are still under construction, both here on the website and in the sims, and therefore not really "open."  But we encourage you to wander and watch as we progress in the projects; and let us know if you'd like to contribute your skills.

For many of us it's been a life long dream to walk the Weyr Bowl, stand at the Star Stones and see the Red Star pass through the Eye Rock, enjoy a harper's teaching song at a gather, see a dragon's faceted eyes whirl, watch the fire lizards flit over the sands, and fly to meet the menace in the skies before it can burrow and decimate the home of our hearts.  No longer content to only dream, we have come together to create our vision.  We hope you will join us, whether you have longed to be in Pern for years, or are a curious passer-by.

Wander the website as a silent observer or register and participate; or install the Second Life software and create an account, go through the orientation and tutorials, then return to this website and click on this link, which will take you to our welcome area in the sims.  We welcome you to our little space in the metaverse. 

Soo Novi

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