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by Soo Novi on February 01, 2008, 03:04:00 PM

The membership is ramping up to begin offering Pre-Launch Classes for anyone who might like to start getting ready for the launch and official role play in the sims.  These classes will be loosely structured and not "official."  Watch for:

  • Intro to SL
Put together for our new to SL members, and anyone who might like to sit in.  We expect it to be a good way to pick up resources, learn tips and tricks, and maybe meet a mentor that is Pern friendly!
For anyone who needs a brush up on, or introduction to, Pern lore.  Also covered will be discussions regarding how we expect our off canon policies to go and how we see them enabling us to accommodate real life and Second Life logistics.
Essential for any dragon (of any creator) in the sims, and for those who'd like to be as close to "Pern Standard" as they can get.  Also useful for brushing up on editing highly linked and scripted avatars of any sort.  Selectively stripping scripts will be covered in these classes to help you get your avatar as low lag as possible.
  • Target, Saddle & Flight Practice
We all know that saddles in Second Life are a difficult thing.  With the Havok4 Beta physics engine installed on all the sims saddles are trickier still.  Dragon/ rider flight and threadfall combat is a team work skill that must be honed if you are to be successful and get as much from it as you can.  Experienced fliers and teams can offer you tips and tricks to get you flying successfully much quicker, but becoming good will be up to you!  Practice, practice, practice!

Watch the Calendar (linked on the menu at the top of your screen) for upcoming offerings, or contact Soo Novi if you'd like to be a mentor or offer up some of your priceless wisdom and schedule a class offering!
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