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News: Sunday Meeting notes are here!

Know something we ought to talk about? An idea, a suggestion, a complaint... add it to the Agenda thread, or contact Vee inworld. Even if you can't make the meeting, we'll discuss anything relevant. (And usually a few things that aren't.)

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 1  Prattle in The Peaks / General Discussion / Colin's meeting notes - book 35 on: August 18, 2019, 02:24:36 PM

Started by Colin - Last post by Colin

   Tiers are covered. Vee's move is complete (except for unpacking). And she has job interviews coming up.  

Anne's memorial
   The 21st is a Thursday this year, the week before Thanksgiving. We'll try doing the event on both the Thursday and the following Saturday - the day itself and the day most people can make it. And one EU and one US time on each day.

   This was discussed in the RP committee. We can't keep calling the place Bai Long, since that RP is effectively dead. So what should we call it, and any suggestions on how to use it?
   It could be nice to set it up (some part of it) as a permanent hold, maybe name it. maybe we interact with those "folks".
   By sticking an Experience teleport in, we could re-use the tunnels as part of the hold, the Weyr, the mines, whatever.
    It seems like it would be good to keep some of it as a permanent hold. We used to talk about covert trips to Southern - usually by the riders - so would some island of Southern make sense? We can probably add an island or two on the other sims, too, if that helps.
   So, name suggestions - for islands and/or the 3500 hold - for next week.

A Weyr day
   Ludo had an idea to have a day of Weyr RP and talk about how we can get the Weyr moving again. Since each avatar can have a craft character, a Weyr rider, and a Weyr dragon, she thought we might make some Weyr characters and try them out. Our hope is to get former dragons and riders to come back, but to do that maybe some active characters need to be riders and dragons for a while. Spoke about using two avatars in a single RP - allowed - just not a single avatar switching between two NPCs.
   So, Weyr day next week. Don't have to play dragon or rider - Lower Caverns needs people, too. There might be eggs on the Hatching Sand... not only a conversation starter, might be good for the memorial, too. There could be a real hatching later on, if we get some pairs set up... but having them there next week might be a good start (and maybe lead some to think about becoming a pair?)

RP: "Halloween Hold, Redux"
Starting Point: Shaula (190,53,3433)  
    Plan A:
        One more opportunity for all to pass thru the Halloween Hold - this should give all a chance to experience the event, as last week SL had major logon issues. And some of us were in transit.
    Plan B:
        De-decorations, as needed in '3500' (OOC)


   Presumably OK, per Vee's statement last week.

SL service outage NOW and Tuesday
   Service outage now: as of 11:48 SLT, "During this time, some Second Life services may be unavailable including, but not limited to: logging in, and object rezzing. Please refrain from rezzing in-world, in addition to transacting in-world, on the Marketplace, or on the Lindex during this time." [Can't change outfits either.]
   Scheduled inventory maintenance    Tuesday - watch for notices.

   Celebrating the non-Pernese holiday this afternoon, see below.  

RP: ¡ Happy Halloween !
   Starting Point:
Plan A:
    Walk thru the GPoP Halloween Hold (find daylight)
Plan B:
    Once you find daylight, turn right and go up to the plaza, for Halloween mingling/socializing
    Semi IC/OOC


   Vee: "This should be a fairly quick meeting, so I'll dip straight into Finances, say we're still stable, all bills paid, here for another month. And announce that I won't be here next weekend. I'll be relocating, and apparently it's really difficult to be here and be driving a truck down the interstate at the same time...  I'll be back in place by Halloween, though."

Vee's schedule
   She's moving; won't be here next Sunday, and likely offline thru the following Wednesday.

Shanna's schedule
   She won't be here next Sunday.

Reviving the Weyr
   Ludo: "We now allow people to have a dragon and a rider in addition to a Hold or Craft character. So I thought if we really want to revive the Weyr maybe the regulars could make up dragon and rider characters and pair off with each other. For example, I might want to play a dragon more than I want to play a rider.  So I could find person A who wants to play a rider and is here often. Then I could also play a rider and impress to person B's dragon. So if A is here I'm a dragon, if B is here I'm a rider. Now some of the regulars might not want to play a dragon or a rider; they could make Weyr characters or find excuses to be in or near the Weyr. That's as far as we got. There's lots to discuss about that idea."
   Vee: "We might set a day in November - before the Memorial - to be a Weyr RP day, if enough people are interested."
   Ludo: "We'll need to talk about how to structure that."
   Vee: "Something to discuss next RP committee, while I'm away."
   Ludo: "Come to RP meeting, if you can. We can post the results of our discussion."  
   Vee: "And feel free to talk about it anytime <smiles>"

Starting Point: 3500 - @ Bai Long (caverns)
    Plan A: HALLOWEEN PREP activities
    Plan B: HALLOWEEN PREP activities
        Send Vee's 'Please Do' list, by end of RP
        All GPoP folks are invited to add spooky things, ideally somewhat medieval looking, to put in rooms in Bai Long. Every member of GPoP is invited to put some of their own stamp of decorations into the Bai Long caverns.
   Vee: "In case anyone's worried about land impact, Kuma has 3500 li free now, and Thread reserves 1000 of that. So, lots of room."
   Colin: "We're thinking of setting a starting point deep inside that Hold, so that folks can find their way out. It's not a maze, honest!"
   Vee: "If we want to put in links, point to point teleports where you walk into a door in one place and emerge somewhere else... we can do that, too."


   Vee: "Short term, still good. Tiers are being paid on time, ads too.
   " I'm also preparing to replace anything I deem critical that's owned by Bit or her alts. I keep holding off on the chance that I can talk to her and not have to worry about her coming through with orders to return everything she owns - and Mist owns a chunk of Gianfar. that ought to have been deeded to group, quite apart from Bai Long. Replacement costs of just items I deem essential will run to around L$4-5,000. Leaving out things like rugs or other decor. But we can afford it.
   "Longer term... my current contract is ending. Company is reducing its US IT projects and transitioning fulltime staff to replace the contractors, of whom I'm one. I'm planning to jump ship early, as i don't want to be entering the market next month, when companies stop hiring. Also, I made a nice pile of cash this contract, and I can afford it - and I'm already in interviews. I could apply for a permanent role, but that would mean moving to somewhere around Mississippi or Indiana, and not a major city... that's if they took me.  I'm also going to be relocating in about 9-10 days. Exact date & time TBD. Moving somewhere warmer. Anyway, I will be here for all foreseeable meetings, but I'll be missing for a few days after the next one. (Could do the move in a day, decided to be more relaxed about it and visit some old haunts en route.)"

   Colin: "Found references to wearing "clouts" for swimming... that'd be breechclouts/loincloths. No references to female swimwear in "Dragonriders of Pern". But Jaxom does *notice* Sharra as she helps him scrub Ruth. And near the end of "White Dragon" Robinton just tosses his clothes away and dives into the ocean."  
   Vee: "Ok, so maybe loincloths/clouts, with breast bands for women."

   RP planning group's working on something, maybe a mystery maze scenario. Stay tuned...

RP: "We work for our daily bread"
Starting Point: West Point Sea Hold Shaula (205,66,3504)
    Plan A:
        Continue on with the medical aspects of the tithe train being found
    Plan B:
        Recovery of the remnants of the tithe train @ West Point


   "Still good, but clouds on the horizon. I have a feeling contractors like me - remote workers - may be on the chopping block soon. But we're good for another couple of months at least. Also, I may be away next Sunday. Thinking of moving to another (warmer & cheaper) state - and if I do still have a job, that means I'll move over a weekend. (If I don't, weekdays are easier.)"

   Perhaps a tunnel search with creepy things and maybe a tunnel snake. More discussion next week.

RP: "Forget the frying pan - Out of the thread safe and into the thread"
Starting Point: West Point Sea Hold - Shaula (205,66,3504)
    Plan A:
        The long missing tithe train is FOUND!
    Plan B:
        All the people on the train are dead or ill from a mysterious illness.
        Naturally, we are totally un-equipped to handle that.

Dutch: "We've retconn'd a bit, (no pun intended) due to the southern issue. And, as always, should anyone have any storyline ideas they would like to pursue, please do not hesitate to bring it to the attention of the RP Team (myself, Colin, Shanna, Vee, etc)."


   Bit has left us, without a word, and taking l$13,000 of Ming Wu replacement parts with her. My guess is, she was ordered to do so, so I'm temporarily banning her & her alts from Gianfar while we figure out what prims she owns, and take steps to return or replace them. I can't risk her being ordered to return and do damage. Sorana's decided to leave us also, understandably - she's caught in the middle here. So this ends, for now, the Southern storylines, and freezes the Veekar storylines while we figure out how to rewrite them.

   Ad hoc, digesting the news and maybe figuring out what's left of our storyline.
    Starting Point: Runner's Rest - Kuma (209,90,23)
    Plan A: Ad hoc discussion


   "...still good. Bills are up to date. We're here for another month."

RP: "More ad hockity"
Location: Kuma, meeting room one floor below Council Chamber - Kuma (10, 111, 76).
Plan A: ad hoc conversation as most players will probably be absent.
Plan B: see Plan A.


Very short meeting today.

   "Remain good. All bills paid on time, all tiers are up to date, we're here for another month."

RP: "Do something, or not"
Starting point: Runners' Rest - Kuma (209,90,23)
Plan A: ad hoc chat, as many folks will be absent
Plan B: ditto


   Vee: "... remain good, all bills being paid on time, Novi is sitting on a nice reserve, all ads up to date."

   Dutch: "The RP Team put our heads together, and came up with about 5 different ideas for a Halloween RP. These will be developed over the next few weeks, etc. However, in the meantime - if anyone else has a good idea for a Halloween Special, please contact myself, Colin, Ludo, Bit or Sorana. This is YOUR Halloween, as much as it is ours."

RP: Just Deserts
Starting Point:: The HOLD's Main Dining Cavern (after a meal)
    Plan A:
        A report about the missing tithe train is received
        Far Cry's Holder to report on happenings in her Hold
    Plan B:
        Sorana continues to be a hard-ass about trade...


   Vee: "Still good. We're here for another month, full sim tiers were paid on time. And I paid all our ads last night."

Vee's schedule
   Have flight, will travel. I'll be offline most of tomorrow and on Wednesday evening.

   Vee: "We should start thinking if we want to do anything for Halloween... I'm likely to be around only intermittently on Sundays this month, and I know others are the same, and experience suggests we shouldn't leave planning until the actual month of an event."

RP: "No Hoc like an added hoc"
Starting Point: Runner's Rest
    Plan A: GPoP Pub Crawl (aka Ad Hoc)
    Plan B: Discuss events which have happened/try to make sense of them (aka Ad Hoc)
    What we KNOW:
        At the orchard (Napple Cot?)
            HNO3 tanks sabotaged.
            holder not present.
            suspect something is amiss.
            have sent for guards and smiths, from the hold to further investigate/guard the site.
            harvest left out on the open ground for wild beasts to eat.
        Did NOT do the Holder reaction to Far Cry’s silence.
        Lady Varian had recalled the holder from Far Cry (20190729), to report on why they didn't aid (or report on) the train.
            That still needs to be done.
            Second call for Far Cry holder went out 20190811
        (Colin) Idea: The train is missing because it never got to where we've looked. It arrived at a smallhold which had been taken over by (or defected to) Veekar... thus the beasts & wagons could be hidden... and all reports we've received could have been false.
        The Scout from the train has disappeared.
            The two guards set to guard him were found after several days.
            Guards were drugged/found in a storage cupboard.
            Did someone ‘renew' their drugs?
        There are NO ITEMS from the train which made it in. Nothing to be found.
        After fall @ GPoP Hold, HN03 tanks were empty/damaged/missing, damage to a pasture.
        Teela (played by Sorana) was the one stealing medical supplies.
            Is Teela is a spy?
            A saboteur?
            Or does she have some other ulterior motive?
        WHAT (REALLY) delayed tithe trains? Search reports received:
            One: Wagons found in Big Island lake - investigating
            Two: A FALSE FLAG Report (Train reported to be headed east from Far Cry to Neill’s Harbor or Sea Cry.)
            Three: Wagons in the lake are all OLD and worn out  (However, on investigation, they were all old, wrecked units, not modern strong wagons.) (old wagons, loaded with rocks, underwater a short time)
            Four: Roads in good condition/no sign of slides
            Five: Note from a minor hold (Far Cry? Other?) where the signature does NOT match known signatures. (Obvious false)
            Six: Shortages report from other holds
            Seven: Report on vanished apprentice and guards
            Eight: Downed fences near high paddock - herd-beasts loose
            Nine: Injuries on the search for the train (non-specific as to number and type)
            Ten: Shortages reports from the Weyr

Dutch's schedule
   He'll be on vacation on the 15th, 22nd, and maybe 29th. So let's all cogitate over the next week for Halloween ideas and circle back next week.


   "...still ok, here for another month, etc..."

Bai Long news
   Vee: "Bit and Sorana have left the Companion's Guild, so there's no more Companion association between our 3500 builds and the Guild. Discussions about why they left are *not* suitable topics for GPoP chat or meetings. Companion-related material has been removed from the build. Gianfar loses nothing, no backstory revisions."
   Sorana: "We are still there on Southern and we are still Bai Long and still Oriental themed."
   Vee: "Gianfar will be sponsoring Ming Wu, going forward. That's the theatre."
   Bit: "We'll be doing some more over there - and IC'ly, Ming Wu will end up our set for Southern Harper Hall. And Ming Wu needs performers! So if you like what you see.. please do poke me if you want to come play. We need everything.. front and back of the house."

RP: "Salient Points - Agenothree and A Holder Reacts"
Starting Point: The Orchard in Tyl (Tyl (61,52,24))
    Plan A: Investigate why the Agenothree tanks seems to be damaged/missing during a recent threadfall, causing damage.
    Plan B: Lady Varian (or her Minion) reacts as to why Far Cry's Holder STILL hasn't appeared for an interview
    Plan C: Wing It


   "still good, all tiers covered, HS tiers paid on time. Need to pay our ad bills today."

RP: "Fardles, again"
Starting Point: The HOLD Council Chamber
    Plan A: Sorana demanding more in return for trade, as trains seem to get lost in the north
    Plan B: Continued silence from Far Cry.
               No response to drum or flit messages,.
               Drugged guards are interviewed after recovery (reports or generic  - angry, but know very little)
               Further reaction/plans based on last week's reports
               Last week's reported injuries

 2  Prattle in The Peaks / General Discussion / Colin's meeting notes - book 34 on: March 24, 2019, 03:45:22 PM

Started by Colin - Last post by Colin

   "Still good, we're here for at least another month. Paid all our bills last night."

RP: "What the FARDLES?"
Starting Point: Council Chamber: Kuma (57,127,90)
    Plan A:
        Information is received back from both draconic and ground search - no sign of the missing tithe train
        Next steps?.
            Far Cry's holder has been summoned to report to Lady Varian (not arriving, as yet)
            Initial Dragon report: Some submerged wagons found on the north side of Big Island Lake.


   "HS tiers were paid on schedule, ads are up to date, we're still here for the next month."

Bit's news
   Thanks to all who turned out for her graduation party yesterday!

RP: "Gianfar Rescue 1"
Starting Point: Harper Hall Conference Room
    Plan A:
        Further trade negotiations
        Bad news arrives (from Plot B)
    Plan B (semi-NPC):
        GPoP dispatches a rescue team to help the overdue tithe train (which is NOT found)
        The advance scout from the train also disappears from the hold.


   "All tiers up to date, all bills paid or covered, we're here for another month."

   Bit  graduated her Companion training and is having a party: a 6 hour window for dancing and games!  Aug 3rd from 10 am - 4pm slt. Find the Notice, rez the invitation, touch the base for gifts and NC with all the details.

   Ariel is eager to build mesh dragons. Her friend Shaddowstarr has scripting experience. Drusella might be interested in becoming a rider.  

   How can apprentices advance when all our Masters have gone inactive? Vee has been the default Master and will keep approval of advancement requirements in her hands. But Seacraft needs to invent requirements, for Shanna, and Healers needs to dig out the requirements that John adapted from Harpers long ago, for Ris.
   And anyone who wants to be Master of an unMastered craft should talk with Vee. .

RP: "Oy VEY, what a trip!"
Starting Point: The HOLD
    Plan A:
        Tithe train
            Finally arriving late
            Problematic trip
    Plan B:
        Trade negotiations again
            Offers and Counteroffers.
            Exchange rates


RP: "All's fair in trade - as long as you do it my way"
Starting Point: Harper Hall
    Plan A:
        Discussion on missing/late tithe trains
    Plan B:
        Trade negotiations (Southern & Gianfar)


   "... are still good. HS sim tiers are due next week and are covered."

SL16B wrap-up
   Haven't had any applications since the event, which is no surprise.

   Decided to meet at the Weyr, encouraging folks to use alts today just for novelty. We'll see who shows up, and pick an RP thread accordingly.


   "... are still good. Tiers are up to date & covered for the next month, ads are a week in hand."

   ...runs till tomorrow afternoon, get one last look before it vanishes.

RP class cancelled today the teacher will be busy elsewhere.

RP:  Ad hoc day
Starting Point: Runner's Rest
    Plan A: Ad hoc day
    Plan B: Ad hoc day
If you want to develop a secondary character/alt - this would be a good opportunity.
   We assume that most people will be back in action next weekend.


   Vee: "...remain good. Tiers for the next month are covered, renewed our ads last night. And I'm still being paid to work from home Wink"

   Vee: "Today's the last day of the music side of SLB, I'll be working on the 'Festival' stage until 10pm, and then on the 'Spinmasters' stage until midnight, when we shut down. That's after class, of course... The Birthday sims will be up another week.
   "So I won't make RP this week, and whether I do next week depends on my hotel's wifi."

RP: "SLBD16 Weekend 02"
Starting Point:Smithcraft Hall (
    Plan A: Ad hoc RP & chat
    Plan B: Ad hoc Chat & RP
Dutch: "Hopefully next week we can pick up regular RP - if anyone has any storylines they would like to see, please IM me or any other member of the RP Team  (Liriel, Shanna, Una, Sorana, Bit, Colin, Ard)."


   Still good. All tiers & ads are up to date. Vee may miss the meeting on July 7.

   If you remove all scripted items, cut your draw distance as far as you can, cut max avatars 'way down, cut your own complexity and your max complexity ditto, and turn off advanced lighting, you may be able to get in. Using Firestorm's Contact Sets is supposed to help. Try riding pods, using page-down to slow them. Try turning off nametag display, or setting it to display only briefly.
   Don't be shocked at the fact that the Gianfar display is a diner - the event theme turns out to be 1950.

Vee's schedule
   She won't be in Gianfar today, or much this week. She'll be teaching her RP class at SLB today at 3pm. She may miss the meeting on July 7.

RP: "SL16BD Weekend"
Starting Point: Smithcraft Hall Tyl (236,150,74)
    Plan A: Ad hoc RP & chat
    Plan B: Ad hoc Chat & RP
In SLB during what would be our RP time if anyone showed up. you might want to attend Vee's RP class. She'll have the Auditorium stage to herself.


Leaders' status
   Vee is still racing to finish the Gianfar build for SL16B.
   Bit expects to be back around the start of July. Everything went really well with her hospital stay.

RP: Happy Sire's Day
Starting Point: The Runner's Rest
    Plan A: Ad hoc RP & chat
    Plan B: Ad hoc Chat & RP

We're still collecting ideas for things that folks might like to see happening in RP. If you come up with an idea for RP, do chat up Dutch, Colin, Shanna, Sorana, Jade or Bit and we will make it a topic in the RP planning meetings!


Finances, SL16B, 7th Sim  
   No info, Vee presumably busy with SLB and Bit recovering from successful surgery.

RP: "Why are the waves so BUMPY?"

Starting Point: Shipboard (Rastaban) (If we have more than five and Mish, move to Etamin). Anyone who shows up and doesn't have a character yet can be crew.

    Plan A: Sorana is returning to Gianfar aboard a ship Captained by Shanna (her first command, preparatory to being named ship master in her own right)

    Plan B: Thread fall @ Sea (Imagine, due to sim limitations)

Low RP attendance
   How can we get more roleplayers? Are we RP planners doing something wrong? Or not doing something right? Are there delays in getting the Bai Long characters approved? RFL was distracting, but has just ended; SL16B is coming soon. Is it just summer? No ideas were offered.


   Tiers are covered for this month, even without the reductions in the LL announcement. (But please don't stop paying rent!)

Linden price/limit changes
   Note that the changes have been changed - Basic members will still have a limit of 42 groups, no reduction, thanks to residents' protests.
   Vee: "Wyn & I get a small boost from the reduction in grandfathered tiers. Both Kuma and Shaula are grandfathered. Wyn's also going to be hit by the premium hike, but it's the first in 10 years and she'll take advantage of the chance to lock in the current rate for the next year. (I'm concierge, not premium; Wyn's concierge *and* premium.)
   Dutch: "They 'sold out' of the new style Linden homes within about 48 hours of announcing them (until they build more)."
   Vee: "Because they're on 1024m2 lots, not 512m2, and they're on mainland - or linked to it... But what sold out first, and caused a change in plans by LL, was the houseboats."
   Moira: "The second release of houseboats - 709 of them - sold out in 28 minutes."
   Vee: "They stopped building out Bellisseria - the new continent - for regular homes and added a whole new area to the east for more houseboats. Word is, the next tranche will be houseboats, too. Every houseboat comes with a dock, and it looks like - from a quick flyby I did the other day - most houseboat owners have at least one boat, which they can now use to sail to (a small part of) Sansara, or (much longer trip) most of Jeogeot. Kind of odd where they placed Belliseria, put just a few sims further east or west it could have linked up with Sansara's network of channels, but they placed it south of the Linden rental sims - the 6 sims reserved for major events. Which means they can't build a bridge from Sansara to Belliseria, and the Belliseria sailors can't take their boats to anywhere interesting in Sansara. Bet the seaplanes are having a field day, though."

Seventh sim
   Vee: "I believe Wyn intends to move the 'new' sim this week, but I don't think she's picked a name yet."

   Vee: "SL16B is going to be taking up my time and Wyn's - she'll be building, I'll be scripting and training. Lot of behind-the-scenes changes none of you need to worry about, unless you're a serial volunteer for SLB. And, to make things more interesting, I now expect to be travelling when SLB is on, in 3 weeks."

   Resuming "planned" RP in the now-standard time slot, 13:30-15:00 Sundays.
   Today's theme: Harper Hall: CSI
Starting Point: The Weyr
    Plan A: Healer supplies have gone missing. Harpers to investigate.
    Plan B: Watching for reports of delayed tithe trains... and for reports of things stolen from them, or from traders' trains... and if so, what was stolen


   Bit: "Vee is still employed and tier is paid, but keep those donations a rollin' in."

   Bit: "Gianfar might not have a booth at Sci-Fi con, but Bai Long Companion House does and there is a firelizard fair there." = SFC Scifi Stories (132,133,23)

Book club visit
   Liriel: "The tinies seemed to enjoy the visit, especially the flamethrowers. They particularly wanted to see the hatching sands."  

   No plans, this being the last weekend of the planned 'month off' plus a holiday weekend.


   "Still good, all bills up to date, and I haven't been fired yet, so we're safe for the next month at least."

7th Sim
   Waiting for Wyn to decide on the new name.

   "Quick note on SL16B, applications for everything except Performers (I think) are closed now, we're waiting to hear if we got a booth. SL16B sims are up and should be opening to the first non-Moles tomorrow. I happen to know my RP class will be Sun June 23rd at 3pm."

Vee's schedule
   "I may not be here next Sunday. Depends on flights, I'll be travelling next week (if all goes well) and returning at the weekend.  I'll have internet access while I'm away."

RP: "Are you reading that?"
   Starting Point: Kuma Landing Point (Welcome Center)
   The Raglan Shire Short Story Book Club is invited down to interact with us during RP Time today. They would like to be shown around - anyweyr.
   Otherwise, no set routine,
Welcome Center
Council room so we can tell them where we meet
Harper Hall
Mines for a craft
Weyrever we are at the time. - for flamers and threadfall
   IM Colin, Liriel or Ardhys if you come late


   Nothing new, which is good news.

   Liriel happened to overhear a book-club group discussing "The Girl Who Heard Dragons." Serendipity wins again! The folks were interested in seeing our bit of Pern. Because they're Tinies they'd be very OOC, and as we're not planning organized RP in May it seemed convenient to invite them to visit during RP time next Sunday. Several of us will be there to be hosts, guides, and enthusiasts; of course any GPoP member would be welcome. I hope we'll have at least one dragon.


   ...remain good, we'll be here for the next month, all tiers are covered. End of financial report.  

   There are no plans for planned RP in May, because of the planned absence of several of the players. But who knows what unplanned RP threads might appear?


   Vee: ".. still good, I still have a job Smiley All tiers through May are covered at present, and the fees for moving/renaming Wyn's spare sim. I need to go pay our ads after this meeting. But don't let that stop you paying rents or anything..."  

   Vee: "After my stint last year as a Stage Manager, I've been asked to be a Stage Coordinator this year. Which should be fun, except for anyone unlucky enough to be assigned to my team. Smiley I've also heard that the Moles will be running security directly. No news on our exhibit application yet." [The Moles are] "...LL's volunteer builders, aka the Department of Public Works. All have the surname 'Mole'. This is LL's first time running the whole Birthday in 7 years, and the Moles didn't exist back when M Linden tried to cancel it and the residents took over. So it's a learning experience." [Comment: "always thought it was done by magic and the exhibitors."] "As a long-time Exhibitor Assistant, I'm quite glad you thought that Wink One of the fun parts of volunteering for SLB is watching the whole thing come together and seeing how we hide all the problems and issues from the guests..."

RP: 20190428 - The ties which loosen those who are bound
    MAY will be an AD HOC RP month - no formal plans due to scheduled absences.
    Reminder, RP START time now @ 13:30, not 14:00 SLT.
    Starting Point: Runner's Rest
        Plan A: Ad hoc
        Plan B: Multiply hoc


   "... are good. We're here for the next few months, I hope. All tiers for the next month are covered."

SL16B plans
   "Just 2 things to note. My only news about this year's Birthday is coming through the Performance group - which runs the music stages - and they've had a number of changes; no more separate teams by stages, and the SLB DJ stages won't open until after the Lab-run SL Music Festival ends, a few days into the Birthday. And the second thing is our build - which is still in the 'Wyn's Imagination' stage. I think we've figured out a way to pull it off - *if* we can find a suitably low-LI 50's diner/drive-through that will fit in a 32x32 parcel. So please, keep your eyes peeled."

New land
   "Not east or west of the Fulls, Kuma & Shaula, because we want to reserve that row for future Fulls, for a longer Fall. But that's all. South or west of Rastaban may be limited by the map, there's another sim out that way and Wyn'd need the owner's permission to place a sim within 2 sims of another owner's sim. So if there's no consensus in 2 weeks time, Wyn and I (mostly Wyn) will pick a location and get the sim moved - and named. And announce how the terraforming 'competition' will work... your chance to literally shape a part of Gianfar Wink (Without having to buy a sim first!)"

RP: 20190414 - Forget To Name This
    Follow up from last time:
        Reminder, RP START time is now @ 13:30, not 14:00 SLT.

    Vee & Wyn announced a SEVENTH SIM!
        Where would we like it placed? (not E/W of Kuma/Shaula)
            North or East of Tyl?
            South or East of Thuban?

Starting Point: The Weyr Bowl

    Plan A:
        Renewed tales of minor things going wrong
        Slides and potholes on the roads
        Fouled irrigation canals

    Plan B:
        Tithe train is delayed, coming down from up north (west) way.
        Slowly increasing number of transients coming down into the main Hold Area (southern part of the island)


    New players (without an active {registered} character) would be considered as extras, being the people who run for others, clean up, etc. Suggested NPC background roles include:
        Apprentices (working under an established in-world Master/Journeyman)
        Healer assistants (working under an established in-world Master/Journeyman)
        Weyrlings (working under an established in-world Dragon Rider)


   Bit: "Vee has a job and we are paid up, but keep those sim donations coming please!"

Pern Day Party 'Till You Drop Marathon
   Bit: "Today we celebrate Pern Day commemorating Anne's birthday up by the Southern Cliffs Bath House.. so pack suits and beach wear and bring your friends.. it's OOC and there is no dress code but the sim's Maturity rating."

   Remember that next week, and continuing forever or until we change it, RP runs from 13:30-15:00 (1:30-3:00pm) SLT. We've been chatting about upcoming plot lines... the Return of Veekar is imminent.

Shortest meeting ever
   11:07 to 11:16

    Vee: "Applications are open - and we've applied! This year is 'sweet sixteen', and LL - who're taking charge of the Birthday again - have asked for a 50's theme. Therefore... " [see Group Notice]


   Vee: "I'm still employed, payday is this coming week, so, finances are good."

RP start times
   Dutch: "Four out of four people are good with moving the time earlier, split 50-50 as to 30 min or 60 min earlier."
   Vee: "And we are unanimous in that... Then let's move it half an hour earlier. If that works, we can see about moving it another half hour earlier. And we'll start this week, since we're doing Gather prep instead of RP so anyone arriving late will still be put to work."

RP now at 13:30 SLT
   NO RP Today - assist Bit in setting up for Pern Day in the "upstairs" Gather Grounds: Shaula (146,132,3531).

Next week: Pern Day
   Celebrating Anne’s birthday, 12:00-20:00, with four DJs


   Vee: "Are surprisingly good. Sim tiers are up to date, by a miracle or three. I paid up all our ads last night. And I've been employed for a week now! So, tiers are covered for the next month. We're still here." And she may now be around during the weeks.  

RP times
   Follow up from last week - reminder - send Dutch a notecard with your thoughts on changing the RP START time to 13:30 or 13:00 SLT - decision to be made @ next week’s meeting. Don't let that stop you RPing at other times!

Pern Day
   April 1st is also the day after our friends on the east side of the pond are hit with Daylight Saving Time. So we'll celebrate Pern Day on the 7th.
   It seems that we'll be able to get some DJ's for a party (we've already recruited a couple)... and our Pandoran friends... and possibly some Companions... and other dragon groups... a hatchie raid from Isle of Wyrms?... lasting 6 hours minimum, maybe noon to at least 6, maybe 8 SLT.
   We'll use the cliff-face baths in Bai Long; the view up there is great...and there's lots of room.

   Vee: "If you've been paying attention, you'll have seen the Lindens put out two notices (so far) on their blogs. So we have dates - but no timetable, yet, or any idea how this LL-run SLB will differ from the Resident-run ones. All I can say is, we're not going to miss it if I can help it. Wink"

RP for today: "A Bit of Bai Long"
Starting Point: The Weyr Bowl
   Bit is going in as Sorana's rep while Sorana settles in as Lady Holder. (And while Sorana's player deals with First Life.)
    Plan A: arrive back (at the weyr), and unload Bit, and then 'discuss' setting up a trade delegation, etc.
    Plan B: And that can always be interrupted by news of the latest disaster, etc.

 3  Prattle in The Peaks / Weyr, Hold & Hall / The Days of our Hold (RP 2/17/2019) Part 1 on: February 17, 2019, 10:07:19 PM

Started by Moira - Last post by Moira
Starting Point: Healer Hall (recovery room)

   - Start discussions as to how to get the Companions to Southern
   - How will the girls return to Bai Long?

Cast of Characters:
        Bit (Companion)
        Sorana (Companion)
        Theman (Beast Craft)
        Adara Tae (Holder)
        Zai (Holder)

    What we KNOW:
        Bit is healing
        Sorana's parents have been killed in a cave-in

The group is gathered in Bit's room at Healer Hall, as we join them just past the beginning of the discussion...

Zircon "Go on a litter? It's a long sea journey."
Sorana makes in impatient sound
Zai adds "A litter from here to the ship and then from the ship to her hold."
The canine eyes the black one with head cocked, then shakes and settles closer to nice Lady. He snorts at the smell of wet fur

Sorana : "I can't take a sea voyage. That would take too many sevendays."
Zai: "It's the sea that's more of a ... um...
Sorana : "I have to get back as soon as possible." She looks at Bit.
Zircon: "So you're talking dragonback."
Sorana: "It will have to be."
Shanna: "Turn? If you says so."
Bit stares back, shrugging her good shoulder. "It's gonna be what it is, Sor.. can't stop a fall."
Zai rubs her ear and sighs.

Theman: "HI Shanna ! Is it your turn to watch these two, now? The desk's all yours, Shanna."
Shanna: "Um, how do you watch people with a desk?"
Theman: "It gives you a place to rest your legs, Shanna."
Shanna: "Ah! That's what is usually doing with desks"
Theman adds "I've been keeping a log of their talk too, the Healer asked it."
Shanna: "Hm, well, can't do that."
Moira steps in looking around "Ah, I thought perhaps the MasterHealer might be here."
Theman: "Ah, Master Moira!"
Theman: "The healer was pulling an all nighter - something about a holder fell off the balcony. She might be here soon, though"
Moira nods at Theman, and then stands back watching and listening to the conversation.

Sorana : "Bit...Ar would be in charge right now...and he hates being in charge."
Zai: "um - a man who hates being in charge?"

Zai asks "When is threadfall due in your Hold, My Lady?"
Sorana : "I am sure the timetables here can help figure that out. Our flits warn us and we go inside..."
Zai mutters "but we don't know where your hold /is/, do we."

Canine woofs softly and leans into nice Lady, making sure to keep out form under moving feet.

Bit winces "so what you're saying is.. all the best of the rum's been drunk and it's going to take a ship load of sweet sand to get the smell outta the Hold and you need to get back.. without me..."
Sorana : "Oh Bit, I don't want to do that"
Sorana flops on the floor, looking despondent
Zai looks between the two women.
Bit  points to her arm, tilts her head saucily "well I ain't gonna be of much use with the scrubbing, now am I?"
Zai: "You could order about this miraculous man who doesn't like being in charge. I've never known a cast get in the way of that."
Sorana:  "Bit, if I don't get back, aside from the Hold being a mess, Ar will go on a Turn long voyage, he'll be so mad."
Sorana : "Ar is my mate, Lady...and he prefers to sail rather than stay in a Hold."
Zai: "For a whole turn?"
Zircon looks interested "Oh, then can he sail you two back?"
Zai: "Are you sure he's not married to his ship?"

Canine noses the Healer smelling arm, trying to lick the thing but snorting and pulling away at the chalky rock taste.

Adara Tae enters quietly to catch up on the situation

Sorana : "He can't come get me and leave the Hold without a leader."
Theman turns back to Sorana "If he'd rather sail, than spend time with you, he might not be such a good man, Sorana"
Sorana  glares at Theman. "He is a GOOD man to me. He is just going to be so frustrated."
Zai has a sudden inexplicable cough.
Zircon "Theman, we have no business criticizing the domestic arrangements of our guests."
Theman: "True. My apologies, Lady Sorana."
Sorana : "Apology accepted, Theman."

Zai: "Why can't you go back now and then your friend can travel when she's well? We can take good care of her here."
Bit sighs in exasperation "This is easy peasy, Sor.. you git on back and see what's doin'.  I'll come back home when the Healer clears me.." She perks up noticeably and fairly sings with glee, "on dragon back!"
Sorana : "I don't want to leave her here."
Canine glances back and forth between the people.
Zai looks at the blonde and rolls her eyes sympathetically.
Sorana can't help but chuckle at Bit's happy tone.

Zircon "There's still the question of how you'll get back, Lady Sorana."
Zai: "I think dragon back is called for somehow. or her friend will likely arrive back before her."
Sorana : "Why not on a dragon?"
Theman says, in an aside, to Adara "I suspect that Bit wants another ride, clutched in the claws of that dragon, Butterfingerth"
Bit : "Oh! I have this one too! *on dragon back* "She nods nods too hards and winces.
Canine whines at Lady's wince, pushing his shaggy head into her lap.

Zircon "Dragons can't go between without coordinates, and if they fly all the way to Southern without going Between it will take almost as long as a ship would."
Adara Tae smiles.
Sorana : "Well, how do they get the pictures?"
Zai murmurs "Told you so, My Lady"
Moira nods "Yes, the dragons will need good coordinates.  I don't know how they'd get them if the rider can't picture the location well enough"
Zircon "The dragon and rider have to have been there before, and the rider gives the dragon the coordinates by concentrating on her memories of the place."
Zai: "People as can talk to dragons can give them pictures."

Bit recovers immediately as her hands resume their quiet petting and stroking of the fuzzy furred head.

Una hurries up the steps, having finished her note and sent Tusse on with it. She listens to the conversation and explanations...

Sorana : "I could try to draw the beach?" Sorana looks dubious, knowing her art skills are...not good.
Zircon shakes her head slowly.
Zai ponders. "um... could she fly? um.... like with a dragon rider?"
Sorana : "She said that would take too long, Lady"
Adara Tae: "Could the dragon get the picture from a flit?  I don't know if flits and dragons talk to each other."
Zircon "People have used art to go between, but it is very risky. If the picture isn't good the dragon and rider could be lost between. I wouldn't even trust a picture from a flit unless it was my flit."
Zai rubs her ear.
Adara Tae: "Pictures sometimes take artistic license a bit too far."
Sorana : "Well what can we do?"
Zai: "I don't suppose either of you can speak to dragons? Some can, but it's rare."
Sorana : "I must get back.  I am Lady Holder now at Bai Long."
Zircon adds  "and of course, my flits have never been to Southern. We could ask the sailors if they have a flit that could give a dragon Southern coordinates."
Sorana looks hopeful.
Zai: "I don't think anybody can speak to a flit. all they think about is food. and. more food."
Zircon "They can be trained to take messages to people they know, and to go to places they know."

Theman: "Shanna, how fast is your fastest deep sea ship? How long would it take to sail to Southern? And, WHERE, in all of Southern IS Bai Long, anyway?"
Sorana : "Surely your sailors could help with this? They have sailed to our land."
Shanna: "Don't know. It takes maybe twenty days to the mainland either way from here. But the nearest Southern is nearer."

Moira: "If I was still a rider, I don't think I would want to take a risk on going between based on a picture."
Zircon "That's two ex-riders who agree on that."
Sorana : "Well, we have to do something. What would you two suggest?"

Canine pays no mind to the words floating around the room , content with pets and scratches, tail thumping a happy tattoo on the floor.

Sorana wrings her hands unconsciously, worry plain on her face.
Zircon waits for Moira to answer, since she was just a weyrling.
Moira sighs "A lot of complications for someone who shouldn't have even been here, and now needs to leave quickly."
Sorana : "I am so sorry my parents got killed..."
Zai: "What?"
Sorana gives the woman an angry look."
Zai stares at Sorana in disbelief and shock.
Sorana : "Believe me, madam, I sorely wish I had no need for such haste."
Moira shakes her head "I know - not your fault - and I'm not even sure how you ended up here.  It's a very slim chance, but perhaps we should see if a dragon can pick up any images from your mind if you were to think really hard about the landing area by your Hold."
Adara Tae: "Could we fly dragons in relays? One dragon and rider flies as fast and far as they can then send the picture of where they are to the next dragon and rider who would continue on."
Zai: "Can they send pictures of where they've seen but not been? Maybe that'd be fast enough. Zai sighs, "Except if it's over sea, because sea pretty much looks like sea."

Una steps forward holding a large scroll. "Perhaps if we studied a map it would help to determine the best course of action, and travel....."

Sorana : "I would send you to the beach  closest to our Hold Cave entrance. It is wide...and easy for a dragon to land."
Zai: "umm, Lady? Why not the hold entrance? Wouldn't that be easier for you to picture?"
Sorana : "The dragon can't fit on that ledge."
Zai: "They don't have to come out of between on the ledge though do they? And they can fly to the beach from there."
Sorana : "The little one we saw earlier wouldn't fit and you all have told me that they are much bigger when full grown."
Moira: "They will come out on whatever is pictured, so if the picture was of the ledge, they would come out on that."
Sorana : "I can picture the beach... The beach is on a lake...  even if the dragon lands on the water, it's not far to land..."
Zircon "Suppose we found a  sailor who has a well trained flit, and Sorana drew something and the sailor compared it with his flit's picture, and they kept doing that until the picture is accurate. That's all I can think of."
Bit : "Like from the top of a ship's mast?"
Sorana : "But in my head, I see the beach then the water, so that should put the dragon on the beach, right?"
Zircon "Dragons are in telepathic contact with their riders, not with you."
Moira: "I would think it would be best for the dragon to land on land, not water."
Sorana : "I would be picturing land."
Zircon "Did you hear me, Sorana? The dragon can't read your picture."
Sorana : "Yes, I heard you."

Zai sighs softly
Zai: "Oh /blast/. I just remembered who is preparing the bubbly pies. i had better get back before there is a disaster."
Sorana : "Good day to you, Lady."
Zai bobs a curtsy.
Zai: "I hope your solution comes to you before your mate goes on his turn long voyage, Lady."
Sorana: "Thank you."
Canine perks at the mention of bubbly pies but stays put sighing contently.
Bit mutters softly, singsong while she pets the canine "oh no not the pies! can't have that now can we? no.. no... "

---- continues in Part 2 -----

 4  Prattle in The Peaks / Weyr, Hold & Hall / The Days of our Hold (RP 2/17/2019) - Part 2 on: February 17, 2019, 10:06:17 PM

Started by Moira - Last post by Moira
---- continued from Part 1 ----

Moira thinks for a minute "The Weyr may have some dragons and riders that have been to Southern and might have some landing points already for someplace on the continent.  Perhaps they would be close enough to fly the rest of the distance to the Hold?"
Sorana grows more and more frustrated, her hands clenching and unclenching in her skirts
Zircon "Oh, yes, Moira. I heard tell of dragons that went to Southern and stayed there for some time."
Sorana : "Do you think you could find those riders? and then, maybe we could use your maps to figure out just how far it might be back to Bai Long?"
Moira nods "The WeyrLeader doesn't like it talked about, generally, but this seems like a situation where we may need to do some cajoling or pulling in favors..."
Zircon "That would certainly be the safest way to do it."
Moira: "Yes, my main concern is for what will be safest for our dragons and riders."

Canine wiggles happily, tongue lapping out every now and then to lick the hand.

Zircon "The Weyrleader would know who those dragonriders are, but he's out of touch just now. Mayhap  someone has a flit that can contact him."
Una: "I can send Tusse with a message as soon as he returns. Given we've been assigned at the Weyr, he is familiar with many there."
Zircon "Their pictures would be out of date, though. It's been a few turns since they were there, as far as I know."
Sorana : "Use the stars to guide them. The sky can get them to the right time. Sailors sail by them all the least, ours do."
Zircon "Really? in a mental picture?"
Sorana : "Sailors know the position of the stars."
Moira: "Perhaps some have been there more recently, but if not, it still seems to me to be a safer choice.  If they land on Southern, perhaps they can fly to find the Hold from a map drawing, and then get their own coordinates for the Hold.  Then they come back and get the Lady and take her right there."
Zircon "My training was not complete. I don't know how riders time it. That sounds good, Harper Moira."
Bit perks up at the strange tern of phrase, making a mental note to investigate what all that might mean for later.. mouths the words to herself reflexively "time it.. hmmmm..."
Sorana : "Oh please, can you have them at least try it?"
Zircon "It's rather fatal if they try and fail. We can ask, that's all.."
Sorana sits on the floor again dejectedly. " I have to get back..."
Moira: "We'll need the Weyrleaders approval and his selecting of the dragon and rider that he feels know that area the best."
Una: "To get that approval will require some explanations."
Zircon "Harpers are good at explanations. I"m glad I don't have to do it. I'm a bit scared of the Weyrleader."
Sorana leans on the big shaggy dog, half-listening to the talk around her as she worries.
Una: "Would it be best to ask the Weyrleader to come here?"
Zircon "It would be fastest."

Canine yips and nudges Lady as she stops petting, trying to gnaw at the white chalky thing on her arm.
Bit grins and covertly allows the destruction of the restrictive bandages, softly resumes scritching the creature behind the ears.

Sorana stands again, restive.  She begins to pace in frustration.

Tusse chirps and appears on Una's shoulder, wrapping his tail about her neck.
Una smiles at her flit, scritching his tiny eye ridges.   "There may be another errand for you my dear"...
Canine glances over his shoulder at the small flyer's appearance, bits and dust from the plaster coating his muzzle.

Sorana : "Can we please at least ask the Weryleader?"
Theman: "Wouldn't one of the Wingleaders be more approachable, for this?"
Moira: "I would not think that a Wingleader could make that decision, based on the risk."
Theman: "... but the Wingleader might be able to champion the cause, lending weight to any request to the Weyrleader. Would that not be so?"
Moira: "Yes, that is true."
Una: "hmmm.    Perhaps, but I think they would be loath to go around the Weyrleader like that.  They are quite loyal and would not want to be on the wrong side of favor as well. What then is the best way about this?"

Sorana absently scratches the canine's head as she listens
Bit snort/giggles "That's like when folks would ask me to ask Sor to ask Sor's mom..." rolls her eyes
Theman grins, "aye, same principle"
Sorana  smiles sadly at Bit "And now they will be asking you to ask me..." Her voice breaks off
Bit presses her lips together sadly, returns to her quiet scritching
Canine turns back to the willing hands, his destruction not noticed, now both his muzzle and her pants white with dust.
Sorana sighs softly, a tear rolling down her cheek as she thinks of her parents.

Zircon Pardon me. I came for a class, and it's about to start.

Moira turns hearing movement in the hallway.  "That might be the Weyrleader.  I'll go check.  Do we have a map of Southern with the Hold marked for me to borrow?"
Bit : "I um.. might have one in me doodle bag? maybe?"
Moira turns before stepping out into the hall "If someone can send it out if it's found, that would be appreciated."

Bit : "Not sure I can really.." She looks at the mangled bandages and bites both her lips.
Sorana looks over and makes a 'tsk' sound "Oh Bit..."
Canine blinks up at her innocently, tongue lolling with plaster bits.
Sorana : "Where is your bag, sweetie?  I'll find the map.  And Healer?" She looks around. "I think she needs a new cast."

Theman moves over to stand by the wall, to eavesdrop (unsuccessfully) on the hallway conversation, but also to avoid the Weyrleader's gaze. (He still owes the Weyr a Dozen herdbeasts.)
Bit points where her doodles were stowed when she was brought in for mending "over there Sor, they stashed 'em when I got here..."
Sorana spots her bag and picks it up, winking at Bit "I hope that plaster doesn't make the poor beastie throw up on YOU." She rummages through the bag.

Julianna arches an eyebrow "I gave 'er a casting. She fed it to t'a cur."  She shrugs her shoulders.
Bit  arches both brows in alarm at the thought, looks down at the pleased panting of the canine and inches just a tiny bit back in her chair.
Sorana finds several drawings, smiling as she looks through them then she nods "Ah!  Here it is..." She walks to Theman and hands him the map.
Sorana : "I'm sure you all would prefer that I stay in here under your watchful eyes."
Theman sighs.  "Gee, thanks.  Yeah, I'll take them out.  He grabs the pictures.
Bit lowers her chin to hide the sudden smirk, goes back to biting both lips.
Canine glances from person to person, tail thumping, white plaster dust stark against his dark fur.
Sorana steps back to the other canine and waits.

"The pictures, Master Moira, the girl found them." Theman holds out the gripped drawings.
Moira takes the pictures.  "Thanks, Theman" and then turns back to the Weyrleader.
Theman returns to his place, by the interior wall, grateful to have avoided any scrutiny.

Moira re-enters the room. "Whew.... we're in luck, perhaps.  Glad I have a good history with the Weyrleader. A dragon and rider will make a trial Between trip - which dragon/rider and how long since they've been there were not mentioned. Once there, they will attempt to locate this Southern Hold."

Lady Varian steps into the room. "Quite a meeting. Did I hear that the Weyr will be sending a rider to scout this new hold?"
Sorana : "Hello, Lady."
Adara Tae: "Greetings, Lady Varian."
Moira looks over "Greetings, Lady Varian"
Adara Tae: "I'm not sure if it's been arranged yet."

Canine glances over his shaggy shoulder, tongue lolling and muzzle ringed white with plaster dust.

Sorana : "My Lady, I have received word that my parents have been killed and I must get back to my Hold quickly. Sorana looks at the Lady Holder with pleading eyes.
Moira: "The Weyrleader does what the Weyrleader wants, but appears willing to help in this unusual situation."
Una: "They will want to know more about southern, I'm sure."

Lady Varian sighs. "I can't compel the Weyrleader. And it's a risk for the dragon and rider, to fly where they have no current coordinates. One mistake and they can be hundreds of years in the past, or lost forever. Now, how comes this news of the death of your parents, child?"

Sorana : "One of the Sailors brought the news yesterday, Lady.  Apparently they heard in on one of my home and were talking about it on the ship.  Your Shipcraftmaster knew I was here and sent word that my parents had been killed in a rockslide. After all, the Master knew we were trying to stowaw...I mean, find a ride back home on one of his ships.

Moira shakes her head and mutters "Sailors who have been to Southern, dragons who have been to Southern, it's a wonder we are still a secret."
Adara Tae smiles.
Theman: "The island DOES seem to eb at the confluence of many ocean currents.
Sorana looks around the room.

Moira: "The dragon being sent apparently has some type of coordinate for Southern.  Once they find the Hold and get a coordinate for that, the Weyrleader said that they will do several test betweens before attempting it with passengers."
Una: "It may then be a day.... or two before we know if this will work?"
Sorana looks hopeful for the first time today.
Bit: "Wow that's amazingly fast! Only that long! Dragons must be oh so very handy to have around." <looks wistful>
Moira: "A time frame wasn't given, but I think it's reasonable to think it may be a day or so.  I suppose it depends on how long it takes flying around to locate the Hold."
Lady Varian nods. "I shall politely ask the Weyrleader to direct his Riders to avoid being seen and to take no action to contact this Hold. One arrogant Rider and a Hold that has never seen a dragon or paid a Tithe... it doesn't bear thinking about."
Moira turns away and smiles a little, trying to think of riders that aren't arrogant in some fashion.
Sorana : "There is a boat on the beach at the Hold...and a small building near the caves to change clothes for swimming in the lake, if that helps?"
Moira makes a note of those details.  "I'll pass that information along."

Canine whines as the petting stops and heaves himself up to lick her face.
Bit giggles and buries her face against the fuzz.. stroking and patting the beastie obligingly.

Shanna: "And failing this, a ship can always go."
Moira looks over at Shanna and smiles "Another trading opportunity once we've located it."
Sorana : "I promise I will be happy to help you set up trade if I can just get HOME."

Bit looks deeply into the canines eyes "how do you like warm weather, my friend? you like it where it's hot? I know this place.... very hot..."

Bit : "doh!"
Sorana : "What Bit?"
Lady Varian raises an eyebrow.
Bit holds still, face all wincy "Oh nothin'.. I'm fine, really.. just getting a little tired I think. She stifles a yawn with her good arm.
Canine cocks his head at her words, leaning in to get in a last lick as she yawns.
Sorana watches Bit with concern.
Shanna: "Is time for rest then, and for reports."
Sorana sighs softly, knowing she has to wait and not liking it one bit.
Moira nods "This most be very tiring for the patient, all of our discussions in her room."
Sorana nods, fighting back tears
Canine sighs and leans into Lady's lap looking up at her.
Moira sighs "Well, I don't know if there's anything more we can do until we hear word from the Weyrleader."

Sorana : "May I stay in here with Bit? I promise I won't keep her up...I just need to be with my foster sister."
Julianna: "Ye may."  She stands up looking weary.  "But t'a rest of ye... need ta be about yer own business."
Sorana  smiles thankfully "I appreciate that, Healer." A tone of respect is in her voice as she speaks to the woman.

Theman: "The healer's giving us the stink eye, i guess we had best be leaving."
Shanna: "Is right. Going! Fair winds."
Theman: "Fair winds, Shanna."
Moira: "Fair winds, Shanna"
Sorana moves to the bed and lies down, sighing softly.
Adara Tae: Take care all.

Canine glances back to the Healer, plaster still smudging his fur.
Julianna say sternly "Don't t'ink I didna see you, mongrel. Every bandage ya eat is flour not made ta bread."
Una covers a smile.
Moira heads towards the door, "I need to get back to Harper Hall.  I'll send updates to the Healer as I hear news."
Theman: "I'll check with Gabe and the night watch crew, and then I'm off as well - have to finally get that dozen beasts on their way to the Weyr."
Una: "I will head back to the guest quarters.   good night   Do get some rest, both of you."

 5  Prattle in The Peaks / General Discussion / Colin's meeting notes - book 33 on: January 27, 2019, 03:35:28 PM

Started by Colin - Last post by Colin

Daylight Saving Time
   Most of the U.S. (except Arizona and Hawaii) is now living an hour earlier, and will continue to do so for 8 months or so. "Standard" time now covers only about 4 months.
   Across "the pond," British Standard Time (BST) will give way to British Summer Time (BST) on March 31st.

   Vee: "Still stable, so far. I *think* we have the tiers on the 15th covered. And last night I paid up all our NCI ads for 3 weeks. WoRPG should already be covered for that time. Reason being, if my references check out, I'll be flying out for training at the end of this week (and if they don't check out, I need new friends! Wink )  I don't know the details yet, but I should be on the clock starting a week tomorrow. I'll be away 'a week', but don't know when the flight back will be. So if we can hang on a few more weeks, we can breathe again.. fire or air."

Reminder: RP (duration time) change -
                Effective 3 March
                90 min duration
                Start time remains 14:00 (2 PM) SLT

Liriel is giving up SL for Lent.
                As a team, and individually, we will miss her greatly over the next few weeks.
                We all also wish her well.
                Both Colin and Dutch have her eMail address, and can relay messages, if you wish to send any.

Callahan's event
   A St Patty’s Day party (It Isn’t Easy Being Green) on Friday at 5:30 PM SLT. All are welcome. There will be a costume contest (come as your favorite green, or even the love child of Kermit & Miss Piggy). Linden prizes. (Callahan's  landing Spot is Conch Republic (142,139,22)

Next week's meeting
   Vee: "If I can't make next week's meeting, I've asked Bit to take it. If she can't, either, we'll skip a week. I'll let you know later this week - or possibly at 9:55 next Sunday."

RP: 20190310 - Just click your heels together
Starting Point: Harper Hall
    Plan A: The Packing up
        We pack up Sorana and Bit for their (triumphant?) return to Bai Long
    Plan B: The Return®
        Sorana and Bit are returned to Bai Long (for store credit)
        One Dragon & Rider (two would be better), and both Southern ladies

        New players (without an active {registered} character) would be considered as extras, being the people who run for others, clean up, etc. Suggested NPC background roles include:
            Apprentices (working under an established in-world Master/Journeyman)
            Healer assistants (working under an established in-world Master/Journeyman)
            Weyrlings (working under an established in-world Dragon Rider)

Follow Up for next week:
    The Great Gianfarian Trade Delegation and Pajama Party®


   Vee: "Tiers are still up to date, although goodness knows how. <grins> We're here for another month. I renewed [almost all of] our ads yesterday."
   She's pursuing one job and just got an offer from a previous interview. "So, in a few weeks, one way or another, I should have an income and the sims will be almost as saved as the daylight."

Bit's cleanup work
   "I removed the 7seas fishing from the Fisher's Hall area and I also managed to shift the 7seas beacon object and the Novi Peaks gear vendor all the way down and over and up to the new Bai Long Covered Docks area.
   "There is a trick here I want to explain. If you have edit rights and the items are not locked.. you can shift other folks' objects across sim lines.. but they pretty much become unmovable again as soon as you put them down there.. at least they do for me. But what you can do, is shift your avatar and relog on the next sim! When you get back in, you can move those objects again. It's tedious as all get out but it can be done. So.. no more fishing on the land level RP zone. Next week.. I'll see if anything can be shifted about those bumper boats, but I don't think I actually have rights to move those so that might take a bit longer." (Vee added, "Might have to ask Soo about that.") "So.. please assist in removing OOC objects and such from the land level RP zone and let's get things corraled over in the Welcome Center or up on 3500 level."

RP start times
    Reminder: RP (duration time) change -
    Start time remains 14:00 (2 PM) SLT
        Effective 3 March
        90 min duration
    After Daylight Saving Times have finished confusing everyone, we'll probably consider moving the start time to 1:30.

Sci-Fi Con & SL16B
   Vee: "Sci-Fi Con just opened for registration. But it's not being run by the same people as before - now it's the Expo folk. Wyn & I have decided to pass on it this year.
   "And I got a notice through the SLB Performance group; seems the Lindens are taking back (at least some) control of the Birthday this year. What this means is anyone's guess, but my guess is, it's likely that application season will be late and short... and we're *definitely* putting in for a booth, when the time comes."  

 RP plan: There's No Place Like Home
    Starting Point: Harper's Hall - Kuma (128, 122, 21)
            LearnMaster Tristin's Office (2nd floor, opposite Ludo's office) (upstairs, 2 rights)
        Plan A (probably not, Sorana's out sick):
            Sorana and Bit start their journey home
            Plan for their departure, @ the end of RP
            Dragon ride, dragon fright, first trip they take tonight
        Plan B:
            We TALK about Sorana and Bit starting their journey home
        Plan C:
            If we have dragons/riders - they can 'search' for Honshu; as we probably won't, we can always have people - either riders TALKING about the search for Honshu, or non-riders reading reports on the search

        New players (without an active {registered} character) would be considered as extras, being the people who run for others, clean up, etc. Suggested NPC background roles include:
            Apprentices (working under an established in-world Master/Journeyman)
            Healer assistants (working under an established in-world Master/Journeyman)
            Weyrlings (working under an established in-world Dragon Rider)


Vee's on the road for a week
   Bit presided, as "Vee has some rl things going on this week and will be traveling... she's going to be on the road until about Fri and won't be in world much at all until she gets home."  

   Vee paid everything up last night, so in the clear for now.. keep those donations coming for the next deadline!

RP plan
   Weather was expected to keep several people away today, so we are going to do some nice low-key transitional RP that fills in our story line.
   Starting Point: Healers Hall.
Plan A: Sick room - packing and prep day, show and tell with foreign instruments/dance?
Plan B: We may hear from the Weyr about whether someone can visualize Southern coordinates.
   Starting at 2pm SLT as usual, potentially ending a little early today depending on how much fun we are having and how many folks end up showing up.
   Present goal is to get Sorana back to Bai Long Hold, to pick up the Lord Holder job that was left vacant by her parents' deaths. That could take a few more RP sessions.


   Vee: "Ads are covered, but I haven't paid them yet. And for now sim tiers are covered. More news as it becomes available."

'3500' status
   Bit: "Just this week, most activity has been non Gianfar oriented... we've been teaching classes up there with great attendance.. I've done several show rehearsals... we have a reprise of our Winter show on Sat the 23rd at Noon.. and I've been asked to host a ballet troupe performance on the same day at 2pm slt. I put out games on the terraces by the bath house up there as well.  Cards Against Humanity and Greedy are out up there.. En Guard and 7seas are in the docks area...
   "I do have a question: when we originally created that platform a few years ago, we did it because we were trying to get the OOC functions off of the land level as that was to be more immersive RP. Now.. what's left undone from that original venture, would be to pull up some of the OOC prims from the land level and allow the platform space to take it's place. Is that still what we are headed towards doing?" The OOC prims include the 7Seas fishing in the Fisher/Dolphin docks, the long-unused bumper boats by the Smithy, and some things in the Council Chamber. Vee and Bit will work on that.

RP classes
   Liriel hasn't gotten an 'improv acting' class together yet. We have at least one potential student for the Gianfar Newcomer classes.

RP times/duration
   Following up from last week:
 - Majority seem to embrace a reduction of RP time from 120 to 90 minutes. If we were really into a RP situation when the 90 minute mark occurred we could agree to carry on to a good stopping point.
 - Retain start time as 14:00 SLT (2 PM SLT).
 - Suggest starting a shorter (90) RP duration on Sunday, 3 March. This is to give people time to accept, adopt and plan for the change in duration.
   Is there any interest in re-opening a 2nd RP date/time? We keep mentioning that anyone who wants to play here is welcome to get some planned spontaneous RP going, especially at "European times." .
    Impromptu RP is always welcome.
    Perhaps we could set up a website page to help coordinate RP at other times (scheduling).
    Else, just post in group chat, if you want to RP and see who shows up.

RP plans for today
   RP: 20190217 - The Days of Our Hold

Starting Point: Healer Hall (recovery room)

    Plan A:
        Start discussions as to how to get the Companions to Southern
        How will the girls return to Bai Long?

    Plan B:
        Does Bit have a relapse at potentially being left behind?
        New players (without an active {registered} character) would be considered as extras, being the people who run for others, clean up, etc.  Suggested NPC background roles include:
            Apprentices (working under an established in-world Master/Journeyman)
            Healer assistants (working under an established in-world Master/Journeyman)
            Weyrlings  (working under an established in-world Dragon Rider)


(This wasn't a full meeting - Vee's PC was down, and chairing a meeting from a tablet was impractical. She handed the virtual gavel to Bit.)

   Holding, but Vee still has no job.

RP times
   Dutch: "There was some more lively discussion, but still no hard and fast decision made. We will continue to bring this up, and give others opportunities to weigh in with their preferences (via notecard, please). Any decision, once approved, should be communicated out well in advance of an actual start of any new schedule."

RP plan
   "Healer Kildare"
Starting Point:
    Healer Hall 'recovery room'
    Kuma (39,33,34)

Plan A:
    Bit is in the Healer Hall, being treated, examined, observed.
Plan B:
    Sorana, mistrustful of healers, insists on quick return to Bai Long.
    Healers disagree, want her to remain in the hall for recovery.
    Someone arrives with news ....

Group gifts
   Are on the Ming Wu patio (Kuma, 3500m level) ready to be taken; there are several more in the new fishing area up in the Covered Docks.

New Player classes
   Bit: "We are still working on organizing the New Player classes again. I think we are at the point of looking at what times we should offer them. I think we should put it and the time for RP discussion smack dab in the meeting agenda for next week and nail it down to something. But I'm likely not going to wait too much longer to set it up. This is the last call for input."
   Liriel is proposing a class on improvisational acting. That's much closer to how we do RP than to D&D-type RP. Maybe she can get a guest teacher from the folks who are RP'ing based on the first chapters of The Silmarilion.


   Vee: "The good news is, tiers are up to date and I renewed our ads last night." In other news, maybe Vee has a new job... stay tuned. And "I'm not going to be around much for the next week, maybe a bit longer. I *will* be here next Sunday, though, ISPs willing."  

New members
   Nakima and Ar (The Sailor), and the way we're growing we could have more applicants before I get this report published.

Founding member
   Suz (Soo Novi) attended the meeting.

   Bit: "This week, I've made some yukata as group gifts and put them out on the back porch of my Ming Wu Theater. There are 10 colors I'll cycle through, and 4 are currently in the Bai Long Covered Docks Fishing area. I finished setup up there, including adding in the other GPOP 7Seas custom and some games that are "smuggler fun". We still need to discuss OOC GPOP play areas up there at some point if anyone wants to give me input. Otherwise.. you know I'll just put something in from my imagination.. fair warning!  I'm likely to add Greedy to the cliff bath house too, cause I like to play it; and I have our Cards Against Humanity to place as well.
   The folks from the Southern continent will have developed a different class structure from Gianfar's. Vee: "So I'm going to make an executive decision. No matter how we handle them IC, OOC the craft admins will be the same. So, we might have a different player playing 'MasterWeaver' in each place, but the same OOC weaver craft admin will oversee both. Individual Crafts might RP 'merging', now or in the future." The Southern folks liked that idea.

Newcomer classes
   Bit and Moira had discussed resuming those classes. Volunteer teachers and students are more than welcome!

RP time planning
   Again, to be discussed next week. We did discuss whether to play this afternoon, despite that American-football game, and decided that finding Bit was more important.

   RP: 20190203 - The Day of the Finely Chopped Rodent

Starting Point: Harper Hall
    Plan A: Searching for Bit -
        Miner team in the tunnels with gangs of canines
        Dragon overflights

    Plan B:
        Finding a bit of Bit
        Taking her to a Healer for Ministrations (not Minestroné)        


   Vee: "I paid all last week's bills yesterday. Coming up this week - tomorrow - is our biggest expense, the full sims, followed by Rastaban. We think we have them covered, for now." Job interviews are continuing. "So, please keep donating and paying rent - technically, all rents are due today."

3500 rebuilding
   Brittany: "Today was a big day for visitors up there as the Firefly Companion's Guild held two events on the 3500 platform. Yesterday was our official start of term and we hold a fire lighting ceremony each time. The Hold and my Theater were both locations for ceremonies, so a lot of outside folks came and toured the build up there. We found a few folks who are interested in joining in the rp, so hopefully those will begin to show up and sign up! We've installed new teleporters continent wide that include all the public Gianfar locations both land and platform."
   Vee: "There was definitely some 'I didn't know there was a Pern sim in SL!' feedback."
   Brittany: "I've put the 7Seas fishing in over Thuban in the Bai Long Hold covered dock area. I will need to test that, so if anyone wants to go fish and tell me what they catch, would love that. There is room on the beach for an OOC dance location, as we had before the rebuild. I would welcome you all to that process and let me know what part of the beach you would like to use and what all you would like to return to the OOC equipment of the space. There is even a changing room near the beach and near the cliff face bath house Wink  If you find any holes or issues with the build, please let me or my building avatar Melissah Mistwalker know. There are rooms in the Hold for settlers and others from outside our Guild... but prim allotment is something folks will have to discuss with Vee directly. Please do go check out the build! I find it best to set draw to 800+ if you can manage it, and to fly a quick rezzing circuit around all the sims once to let your viewer rez it all in"

RP time survey
   Dutch: "Follow up on RP Time discussions: 4 responses - 3 for shortening from 2 hrs to 90 min with same 14:00 SLT start time, 1 for starting 30 min earlier - all (seemingly) with possibility to extend towards the full 2 hrs, if story warrants it. I would still like to see more responses (maybe even *I* should respond to myself) but it seems to be starting a clear trend towards a shorter (planned) RP time. If any more people would like to weigh in, just send me a NC with your vote - for either the same 2 hr window, a shorter window, or an earlier window, or some combination of the (however many options there are). Please, put comments on notecards and send to me. And also, please remember, we have members in Europe and associated environs, they like to sleep as well."

   RP: 20190127 - A Bit of LOST
Starting Point: Harper Hall Classroom - Kuma (208,106,40)
    Plan A:
        Bit was LOST in the tunnels behind the Rest (following up from last week)
        The rescue party is formed. Is Bit:
            Gnawed on by Tunnel Snakes?
            Run off to join the circus?
            Sleeping comfortably on a beach?
    [As Bit has a prior commitment this afternoon, we won't find her in the tunnels - so we'll give up and return to Harpers, and do Plan B.]

    Plan B:
        Further plans on sending a delegation to Honshu, to return Sorana and Bit


   Vee: "Good news, tiers are paid. Bad news, because Wyn & I used some credit, so technically all we did was kick some of the tier down the road... But we can use the same credit for the fulls and Rastaban, so we're here another month. [In longer-term news, jobs are still unsettled.] So please keep donating."  

   Bit: "The OOC platform has undergone quite the transformation! And it's not over yet! We've good bones down and are working on putting in some deco... we'll have to adjust for prim count after that. There are now palms on the beach, but the cliff face and the adjoining sims need finishing and there are a lack of support beams for sim crossings above the sea bed on all sims. Please do bear with us, it's a huuuuuuuge build and it's going to take some time to finish. Our 3 li sim sized mega prims exploded to 798 or so when we hollowed them to allow for the tunnels down into the Hold proper. so the beach got a little adjusting. Over Kuma, my theater is down.. more OOC event space that can be used and there will be shows that happen there. It's looking very pretty with large cherry trees on its little island. We need to see about adjusting teleports to accommodate travel up there again."

   We're continuing to welcome and settle the new folks.
   20190120 - Harper Hall, SVU
Starting Point: Across the river from Fisher Hall
    Plan A:
        Movement of the gang (runner back) towards Harper Hall for:
        Further Companion interrogations
    Plan B:
        Attempted escape & recapture
        Possibly one gets away, lost in the mines

 6  Prattle in The Peaks / General Discussion / Colin's meeting notes - book 32 on: October 07, 2018, 02:38:35 PM

Started by Colin - Last post by Colin
[Continued in book 33]


   All bills paid to date, but we'll probably miss the HS tier on the 15th. (Good time to feed the donation boxes!) However... Vee may have landed a job. And the company's already volunteered (without being asked) to give her a paycheck before she starts work!

Turnover Gather
   Vee: "Big pat on the back to all of us for a successful Turnover!" We used the craft hall, freshly decorated. Shanna and Liriel provided medieval/Renaissance dance animations. Members and guests had a good time.

3500 rebuilding
   Former Gather islands, at 3500 meters above Shaula, are being rebuilt as a bit of the Southern continent. The new members from the Companions group will have lived there 'forever.' Brittany: "We started laying in prims for hold and covered docks area. Feel free to wander, mind the sim crossings as I've not put in all the supports along the pier as yet. Feel free to IM me or my builder Mist (Melissah Mistwalker)."

   RP today is the initial integration work, for the Companions, joining Gianfar, and is designed to support their backstory.

"Barney Millcrafter, CSI"
Starting Point: Fisher's Hall - the (exterior) Wharf
Kuma (84,242,24)

    Plan A:
        Apprehension of several people, attempting to stow away on a ship, in a sneaky fashion.
            They were asking strange questions, alluding to possible smuggling operations.
            They appear suspicious.

    Plan B:
        Investigation, at Fisher's Hall


   For now, tier is covered through the 15th, maybe through end of month. And all our ads are paid up.

Southern as Companion home
   Our new Companions members needed a place where they could have been living, unnoticed, since before the Second Crossing. They have decided on an inland chunk of Southern near the old Honshu allotment or so. They're thinking of a cliff face Hold facing a lake. The sky islands at 3500m over the east end of the island are to be redeveloped into Southern for them. Anyone who has prims in '3500' should Take them right away, lest they be lost in the rebuilding. The mountains and old shops are scheduled for demo potentially even sometime today, so you might want to hurry.
   Melissa Mistwalker will be back, as maintenance lady of Gianfar.

RP time
   Our European members would like the time to be adjusted to be more "Euro friendly." We discussed either a move forward (½ or full hour) or shortening RP from 120 to 90 min (with possibility of continuing for 120). Dutch asked: "If people would - at their convenience over the next week or two - just send me a notecard with their thoughts on shortening RP, or moving it forward - I'll collate the info and report. Comment via NOTECARD, please - easier to gather data, that way." Vee is open to whatever works best, and can even shift class if necessary.
Altney Court
   We'll call the newly decorated floor of the Hold that unless someone comes up with a more popular name. That floor is two levels below the Conference Chamber, one below the bridge to the Dome.

Turnover Gather
   Dutch's friend Cysop has agreed to DJ for us this afternoon. So:
The Turnover Party
Starting Point: Altney Court, colloquially Downbelow (Kuma (37,129,65))
Starting Time: 14:00 SLT
    Plan A:
        Turnover Party
        Singing and Dancing
In and Out of Character - invite your friends


(Not an official meeting as Vee wasn't present.)

   Presumably unchanged except, one can hope, for the better since last week.

RP - Keeping to the idea of light RP during the holiday season.

RP:   Colin's Convenience
   (name taken from "Kim's Convenience," a TV show about a Korean family running a convenience store)

Starting Point: Kuma (57,129,90) (Lower level of the Hold (2 levels below council chamber) - "Altney Mall")

Plan A:
    Continue populating the lower level 'Altney Shopping Mall' in the Hold

Plan B:
    After-action review on the Great Gianfar Hunt


   Vee: "Tiers up to now are paid, all that's left for this year is the Full sims, due on the 28th. Money remains tight, but I have *two* final interviews, both of which *should* fall this week. So hopefully next week I'll be telling you I have a job and we'll be out of the woods, again."

   Sketched the idea of a semi-OOC party/dance in the Hold for Sun, Jan 6th.  

   Welcomed Sorana & Brittany to the RP Planning meetings. Discussed ways to have a backstory rationalizing a previously unknown group of people making contact with Gianfar.
   RP - "I'm hunting wherries....."
    Starting Point: Landing Point on KUMA
Plan A: Run thru the HUNT
Plan B: (tbd)


   Vee: "Just where they were last week, except I have one, possibly three, maybe four final interviews this week."

Turnover party
   To be scheduled when enough people are around.

RP: Hold for the Holidays
   Starting Point:   Runner Race Course
   Start Time:   2:30  (starting late due to overlap of other events)
   Plan: Evaluate the Runner's Course setup and see what to reconfigure/take/leave
[Gather market area is in the process of being cleaned out.]

The RP Plotters will consider this suggestion:   Given that so many groups are doing things on the weekends during December, we might look at light role-play for the remainder of the month.   That can give us time to enjoy those things and folks will be busier and busier anyway.


   Vee: "Big thanks to all of you who came out for the memorial last week. It meant a lot."
   Liriel: "It was a better memorial than usual. I loved it."
   Dutch: "Thank you for scheduling & organizing it, Vee."

   Vee: "Remain just where they were, meaning this month is covered. I'm talking to 5 or 6 (I lose track) different companies, and have second-stage interviews with some of them this week."

Responses to Threadfall
   Vee's written a script that we can use to appear & disappear covers on the outdoor stalls. She then rewrote it, so it became a pair of scripts. One to be triggered at fall start & end, one to do the work. So now it can be used to close shutters & disappear objects. Then she rewrote it again, added an optional delay... so, for example the Hold shutters should come down at the first alarm, but the Hold main doors should close much closer to the leading edge. Her plan is to release those scripts in the next few days, including instructions for anyone who wants to roll their own effects. Shutters & doors are just regular door scripts with an extra event, and the appear/disappear scripts are even simpler. She's future-proofed the 'alarm' script so she won't have to redo it everywhere when the next version of Thread rolls out. She may still want to replace it, but not for 6 months, and she'll add it to the updaters, like Dragonbreath.

Market stalls in the Hold
   Vee: "2 floors down from here is the original Hold main entrance. Wyn pointed out to me that we'd planned - and even started - to use that as a location for minor crafts. Makes sense that that's where the internal market would be. Wouldn't want those bubbly pies getting cold on the way from the bakers. It's a lot barer than when it was the main entrance, we took out most of the furniture when we moved that up a floor. But it might be where goods and traders first enter the Hold. Minor crafts - weaver, tanner, baker, any lesser indoor craft - Minor used to mean 'any craft without enough members to justify building a Hall' - could set up there."

   A Hold for everything and everything in a hold
Starting Point: Main Landing Site (Dome) Kuma (103,179,83)
Plan A: Explore the hold for places to move the gather market indoors
    explore interest in further sets/stages
    Inventory booths & owners (both IC and OOC)
    clean/partial clean of the gather square (during the week - OOC)
Plan B: Work on the Great Gianfar Hunt
Report on alliance with Whole Brain Health
   (Vee: As a reminder: going back to the start, Gianfar has a policy of sending notices supporting our players' businesses and charities, and cross-posting notices in allied groups - for us, that's usually Wyrms and PHT.)
   Liriel: "It started when Una asked me to ask WBH to come to the story circle last Sunday. I checked with one of their leaders to ask permission, and she suggested that we exchange permissions so that each group could post 'cross group posts' in the other group. I asked Vee and she said she was 'open to it.'  It turns out Tooyaa, the leader I spoke with, has read Anne's books and is enthusiastic about the idea. She'd even like to see Pern things happen on Inspiration Island, where WBH is - like the Companions performing here. So I guess the next thing is for Tooyaa and Vee to talk and find out how to set this up. I'm sure both groups don't give notice privileges to everyone. WBH is not a roleplay group, so they can have anything there, and do. So, for example, we could hold story circles there."


   Still good for another month.

This SL afternoon
   1:30pm SLT in the Weyr Bowl in Shaula: OOC memorial and keening for Anne
   2:00pm SLT in Fishercraft Hall in Kuma: Story circle, visitors welcome

Gather cleanup
   Discussed how much of the Gather area ought to be kept, how much ought to be preserved to be dropped into place for the next Gather. Discussed having slate roofs that would protect the outdoor stalls from Threadfall. Discussed having the people (statues) in the Gather area take cover (become invisible) during a Fall. Started to discuss having some stalls inside the Hold.


   Vee: "Finances continue ok, and I'm interviewing in <counts on fingers> 4 places. but it's Thanksgiving week in the US, so don't expect any major updates this week."  

   Congratulated ourselves that 5 or 6 people (especially Una, Ardrhys, Liriel, and Dutch) put together activities that drew guests from 5 other groups over a 10-day run. Dutch and Jade have Flickr pics of the Companions' performance. Dutch has the Callahan's PERN AND OTHER DRAGONS trivia on a notecard - just ask him if you want it. We're sending Notices of the play (2 pm SLT today; at Tyl (47,46,24)) to the Groups that have participated so far: Breakfast Club, Callahan's Crosstime Saloon, Companions' Guild, Isle of Wyrms, and Pandora Home Tree.  

   Discussed creating things for people to do during the week, possibly related to the weekend's RP. Ardrhys is creating a Hunt which introduces people to about two dozen places around the island.


   Vee: "Finances remain... stable. I'm interviewing, and my final invoices got paid, so we're good through December."

   The opening ceremony was held yesterday afternoon. Today opened with a Breakfast Club gathering on the Kuma dance floor. Big thanks to txep'ongokx (jAde) for setting up that event!
   The "Brave Gyoreth" play will be presented during our usual RP time (2pm SLT) today and next Sunday.
   Tuesday is open, so far. The race courses are available all the time - in Tyl for foot and runner races (with steeplechase jumps now) and high above for dragons.
   A story circle may be held at TBD place(s) on Wednesday the 13th with morning (time TBD) & evening (5:30pm SLT) sessions. Wednesday is designated Dolphin Day, so the circle may be held on a dock; dolphins tell good stories. (Hint to dolphin players!)
   The Companions Guild (from "Firefly") will be here to do a tea ceremony & dragon themed poetry and fan dance on Thursday the 14th at 6-7 pm SLT.
   The Callahan's Crosstime Saloon group will have a PERN (and other dragons) trivia contest on Friday night at 17:30 (5:30pm SLT), probably in one of the unused weyrs. Winning means writing questions and hosting the next week - so there's that down side.
   The Hatchie "raid" will occur on Saturday the 17th at 1pm SLT.
   We could hold a firelizard hatching; those are especially popular with IoW folks and new Gianfar members.  
   The last day of the Gather (with closing party and fireworks) is Tuesday the 20th.

Memorial service
   The annual memorial service for Anne McCaffrey will be held on Nov. 21 as usual.


   Vee is looking for a job again, preferably with a client that pays invoices on time. "I'm already interviewing, and tier is covered - as long as they do pay my outstanding invoices."

Gather planning
   We had visitors whom we'd invited, from the Companions' Guild ("Firefly" TV series and "Serenity" movie). They were quite impressed and are planning to hold a tea ceremony, probably in the Weyr Bowl, on Wednesday the 15th at 6pm SLT.

   Continued planning the play. Will be rehearsing today (Tyl, at the amphitheater in the southwest corner, 2-4pm SLT). We'd love to have an audience!


No "business" meeting, thanks to Grid-wide login issues.

RP plotters did manage to meet:
    "The Play’s The Thing™
    Starting Point:
Plan A: Casting/Rehearsals for Simile’s play
    Overacting optional
        Cast of the Play:
            Captain (Dutch)
            Freeman  (Colin)
            Rider (Una)
            Gyoreth (Mish?)
            Dolphin (Ard)
            Narrator: Jade
    Critique of avatars/etc
    IC conversations, as child actors, etc (help with ideas)

    Plan B: More pre-Gather work
    Walk through of areas


   Vee: "...still good. Tier is set aside & covered for the next month. Paid all our ads last night. But please don't stop making donations or paying rent... Wink"

Rule change proposal
   In summary: the basic idea was that we could all have up to three main characters - one Holder or Crafter, one Rider, and one Dragon - without the need to create alts. (The idea behind having a rider _and_ a dragon was that people might pair up, sometimes one be the rider, sometimes the other.) [And those of us that already have the alts?] This is per account, though - because we can't have a no-undeclared-alts rule, it's unenforceable under TOS - so I suggest this applies per account.
   It was enthusiastically agreed that Ayla has PC status, "given how much character your firelizard has developed over the years". Vee will rewrite the rule so it's clearer, and add a rider so she can explicitly raise a non-human/dragon NPC to PC. Mish's canine would be another candidate.
   "The 'not playing 2 PCs at once' applies only to the same account. If Lady V wants to have a chat with Varth, she can - I can bring both inworld. But Varth couldn't chat with a (hypothetical) drudge character on the Thespian account with Varth."

   Vee: "Good news (I think), I started in on Thread yesterday, so I should be able to supply hatchie flamethrowers & a Fall-schedule-pause button next week - if I can keep it up."

Shoulder pet: mini dragon that flames
   Julianna: "Avalon's gift in the Fantasy Hunt is a really beautifully made golden shoulder dragon that roars and blows fire. AND set anyone who touches her ON FIRE. FREE. Avalon Island (212,156,26). You have to do a little "Mini Quest" but it's simple and entertaining. She comes with a HUD to change the color of the fire / turn the smoke on and off etc. That Hunt runs until the 28th."

Quarter HS available
   Liriel: "I'm thinking of leaving the quarter homestead I rent from Wyn, but I need to find another renter. I always offer to Gianfar first. The rent is the same as the tier, so that's as cheap as you can get it off the mainland. IM me if you're interested, or send a notecard if I'm offilne."

RP: This is like herding felines!

Starting Point:  the amphitheater on the west coast of Tyl - Tyl (51,43,26)

Plan A: Casting/Rehearsals for Simile’s play
    Overacting optional
        Cast of the Play:
            Captain (Dutch)
            Freeman  (Colin)
            Rider (Una)
            Goyreth (Mish?)
            Dolphin (Ard)
        Critique of avatars/etc
        IC conversations, as child actors, etc (help with ideas)

Plan B: Furtherance of plans/plots for the gather
    Advertising posters
    Anything else needed for the stalls?

Cast of Characters:
        Liriel (Simile @ 14:30))
        Shanna (Fisher)
        Theman (Beast)


   Finances are still good. Tiers should be covered for this month. HS's are due tomorrow, and as long as Vee's pay has cleared they'll be paid.

Gather planning
   Gather grounds look good, runner course awaits final check this afternoon, decided not to use the '3500' gather grounds, play's close to alpha test, PHT has moved their Sunday-morning meeting so as to not conflict with our opening.

RP: The Gathering Threads (at 14:00 SLT)

Starting Point:: Council room (

Plan A: Gather Planning (semi IC/OOC)
    Runner course
    Check on the play and required resources. (run thru)
    Dragon course (working order?)
    Other gather areas (check)
    Tour routine routes
    Marketing administrivia (posters for events, timelines, etc)

Plan B: Jade's story - leaving the hall for Firelizard Island


   Vee: "Still good, I've been working almost 2 weeks so far and haven't switched jobs yet Smiley Second paycheck is due this week sometime. Just in time for HS tiers. Thuban tier was paid on time."

   The runner race course is looking better/readier for gather day, and we have a podium (& condiment) set out in an amphitheater for Vee's RP Basics class. She'll be moving that class here for both Sundays. Advanced classes will only happen if she gets lots of time and/or another willing teacher... neither seems likely. Liriel might be talked into teaching improvisational theater as applied to RP - such as building & maintaining a conversation.

RP team meeting
   Meeting's been running long & taking some time from the general meeting. We'll try starting at 9:30 instead of 10:00 SLT.

Rule changes
   Beginning to get ready to prepare to discuss this, maybe next week. The URL is

RP planning
   RP: 20181007 - Hold Abbey
   Starting Point: Arriving at the landing at the top of the stairs near Weaver Hall.
Kuma (8,148,90)
   Plan A: Gather planning team to meet in the hall, have a tour and a meal and plan for possible inclement weather gather, if needed as an alternative.
   Plan B (if flits are available): Flits cause havoc in Weaver Hall, going after shiny shuttles, threads, causing general chaos.  

 7  Prattle in The Peaks / General Discussion / Colin's meeting notes - book 31 on: July 01, 2018, 03:10:54 PM

Started by Colin - Last post by Colin
[Continued in book 32]


   Vee: "now *very* good. banked my first paycheck from the new job on Friday, paid full sim tier Saturday."

Meeting timing for next week
   The new [Dr.] Who is being simulcast on BBC1 & BBCA next Sunday at 1:45 ET, aka 10:45 SLT, so next week's open meeting will convene at 10am, and RP class will be cancelled.

Gather planning
   Discussed the play that Liriel's writing about the landing on our island. Invited Vee to run some on-sim RP classes.

RP: What a Tangle
Plan A: Gather planning RP
    Starting Point: Runner Course, Tyl (212,38,25)
    Go over runner races again
    Talk about play
Plan B (time permitting):  Arriving at the landing at the top of the stairs near Weaver Hall.
    Start @: Kuma (8,148,9)
    Flits generate chaos in Weaver Hall: Flits cause havoc in Weaver Hall, going after shiny shuttles, threads, causing general chaos.


   Vee has landed a job. So the sims are secure again, just in time for the full-sim tier to be due.

Gather planning
   Discussed the runner race course... adding 'hazards' like livestock on the course, adding steeplechase gates. Discussed doing a (very amateur style) play about the founding of Gianfar.
RP - Gather Together to Plan a Gather
Starting point:
Runner Course, Tyl (212,38,25)
THEN Gather Planning Room (and other points, as needed) Kuma (8,112,77)

Plan A:    
        Plan for the gather (again)
            Race courses
            Second Landing Play
Plan B:
        Complain about planning for the gather (again)


   Aren't great, but HS tiers did get paid. Full tiers aren't due until after Vee should know if she has a job.

Gather planning
   Discussed how to run a long event with a very small staff; how to have us playing different parts in different scenes; how to manage runner and dragon races; maybe a Dolphin Day; and so forth. Should have an opening ceremony, as was done in Opening Gather.

   Devoted the RP-planning session and the RP time to Gather planning. Ardrhys and Una will be about a half hour late to today's RP session.


   Short term, remains good. Longer term, stay tuned.

Gather planning
   The dance floor in front of Harpers has been expanded, and many Gather stalls and the like have been erected. We're definitely asking the Hatchies to come raid; cookies and a chance to play with flamethrowers should do it. The Companions (from the "Firefly" TV series and the "Serenity" movie) are interested. We surely want to invite Isle of Wyrms. Could we set up tours of our sites, either a general tour or separate tours for each region? Vee will discuss inviting NCI folks; they might put up an info booth. And of course, Pandora... ikran/dragon races?  

   Gather Planning 1
Starting Point:  Runner's Rest
   Plan:  Meet at the Rest - then walk over to the gather area and then go into the Hold for a planning session. What would your character be wanting to do / how would they be contributing to a meeting held at the Hold, for planning a Gather?


   Short-term, Full-sim tiers were paid last week, and Vee paid up all our ads last night. The other 4 sims are covered this month.
   However, Vee's out of work again and can't guarantee the next full-sim tier, due 9/28, unless she picks up some freelance work this week, or gets an offer.

Sci-Fi Con
   Neither Jade nor Vee has heard a word from the Sci-Fi Alliance in ages, and Ari & Senet appear to be AWOL. So, regretfully, we're putting our plans for the con on hold, until we hear more - or don't.

   We're now one of the oldest continuously-open roleplay sims in SL. 10 years open (since Sep 6, 2008), and few sims survive their first year... that deserves celebrating! Let's make Gather preparations part of our rp in the weeks leading up to it. We should look for participation by other groups, especially Isle of Wyrms, our 'parent' group. When? Maybe a long Gather, ending on November 21 with Anne's memorial service.

Rule change tabled till next week

Building on Flit Island
   jAde (txep's new character, a weaver) would like to reside on the island, in one of the existing caves, with minimal furniture and weaving tools. Vee approved that.

Harper area in Weyr
   Vee's agreed that the Harpers can establish a few rooms in the Weyr. Some of us did a quick tour after the OOC meeting.  

   Gianfar Place
    Starting Point: The Weyr (Dining Cavern)
        Plan A: Now that the Harper quarters allocated by the Weyr have been refurbished,  general fall cleaning (haha) and Weyr maintenance required by all can commence.  Looking for repair needed for any damage, or wear/tear the Weyr suffered. Checking condition of tapestries, ramps, storage areas and dragon bathing areas.  
        Plan B: Investigate the general state of the Weyr:
            Look for signs of damage from activities of the dissenters, and the refugees from up north who stayed during the winter.
            Follow up on the old, rabble-rousing songs the Harpers encountered (disloyal songs).


   Short term, still good. All tiers for this month are covered.  

Gianfar 10th anniversary Gather
   It's just about time. Ideas? Pictures of the island in days gone by? Timeline of the major changes? Discussion to be continued... but next week's Labor Day weekend so might have to continue it again.

   "Flitting off to Class"
Starting Point:  Fisher Hall
   Qat gets confusing information from the dolphins of someone out in the water, an island, where is this person? Who are they? She reports what she keeps hearing. Those who are around talk about it, trying to figure it out. Leading up to a more developed story around Firelizard island.


   Finances are still good, HS tiers were paid on schedule, full & Rastaban tiers are covered. Vee will probably miss RP today, and next Saturday and Sunday will miss all but the OOC meeting.

   20180819 - Hazards on the Western Road
Starting Point: Thread Safe # 47
Shaula (24,247,23)
   Plan A: An Investigative Team (on runner-beasts, with no/few wagons) is in trouble. thread-fall imminent and their planned for (thread) safe is blocked!
     1)     The party was traveling to inspect the thread safes along the west coast of the isthmus.
     2)     The entrance is blocked.
   Plan B: There is a cache of contraband, inside.
   Any holders/crafters who want to participate, or any dragon/rider pairs who wish to come to the rescue, are more than welcome.


   Still good; tiers are covered through the end of the month.

   No one's posted replies to the proposed rule (on the Web site in Forum -> Prattle in the Peaks -> Membership -> Proposed new multi-PC rule). Will the rule pass by a vote of 3 to 0, in a group with over 200 members?

   Investigative Reporting:  rp scenario 12 Aug 2018
Starting Point: Thuban at the location of the collapsed safe, which is now Safe #300

>We meet at the "old" safe site which is now site 300
>Apprentices who were sent to other Safe sites have turned in reports
>We discuss what was found at each, namely that some were found to be tampered with.
How, how badly, evidence of by whom?, more investigation needed?, etc.

> Future plan:  This will lead us to ask the Weyr for assistance to do a couple site visits in a 7 day or so.  Does the damage of safes tie in to the Veekar story? How and what do we do about it?  


   Short-term are good. All tiers for the next month are covered. Medium-term, Vee's interviewing again. She'll be unavailable for most of this week.

New member
   Misty (mistymorningsw) just joined us. She's read all the books and will be exploring the island.

Some of the points brought up during the discussion: Alts are separate SL accounts and so are considered to be separate people within this rule. (We don't ask whether a new member is an alt of an existing one.) ... Two players, each with a rider and a dragon character, could be one another's partner (A could ride B at one time, B could ride A at another time); but one's rider couldn't ride one's dragon. ... NPC dragons may NOT fly Thread in RP. ... Watch the Forums for more discussion, and we'll continue this in the next meeting(s).

   Discussed how to have places for RP meetings and the like, vs. private places. It hasn't been clear what Weyr and Hold areas are available. (Del's 'office' now has lockable door curtains; that scripting could be used by anyone as a 'Keep Out' sign.) All admin weyrs - excepting the one marked 'SECRET BIOLAB, KEEP OUT!' - are available for RP, that's one of the conditions weyr admins agree to - IC weyrs that can be used for RP when not otherwise in use.
   20180805 - When is a Safe Safe?
Starting Point: Del’s Office in the Weyr (just off the ground level entrance to the dining cavern)

Plan A: Go over the initial reports of additional thread safe damage.
     Map out the damaged locations.
     Dispatch investigative teams.
     Talk over options/differences/similarities.

Plan B: Threadfall


   Vee: "The Full sim tiers got paid this morning, I just saw the notices."

New rules
   Vee wrote up the new rule Sunday but her Internet went down before she could post it; and she's been buried in RL all week. She planned to get it onto the website this afternoon.
   The first computer program - written by Countess Ada Lovelace for Babbage's Analytical Engine, in around 1843 - has been sold for $150,000.  It was an algorithm for the Engine to compute Bernoulli numbers.

   RP: 20180729 - The Words, Like Butter
Continuing the story line from the last two weeks, we'll have traveled to the Weyr on our way to the Hold, spreading the word about the vandalism to the shelter cave.

Starting Point: Weyr
     Plan A: Reporting to Weyr and Hold Representatives about Thread Safe # 298's apparent vandalism
          A)     Report to higher ups
          B)     Harper investigations/interrogations
     Plan B: Threadfall!


   Vee: "I still have a job - although the commute is still a killer - so we're still here. Upcoming full-sim tiers, due on the 28th, are covered."  Adboard payments are to be done today.

Rule changes
   Tabled till next week.  

Main & RP meeting times
   We decided to change the meeting schedule because we've been accomplishing little before Vee arrived. New schedule for Sunday:
10:00-10:45   RP Planning meeting (moved from Saturday in Harpers' Hall to Sunday in Hold Council Chamber)
10:45-11:30   OOC meeting
12:00-13:00   Vee's RP Basics class
14:00-16:00   RP

RP - continuing last week's episode:
   20180722 - The Trouble with Rubble
Starting Point:Thread Stop # 298 (

Plan A:
          Further debris removal and shoring up of the Thread Stop to return it to usefulness.
Plan B:
          Investigation of the cause.
                    Discovery of an unexplained object.
                    Suspicion and Harper investigation.


   Vee: "I'm very happy to report that all the bills got paid, and the lower HS tier was very nice... Oh, and I got all our ads paid up last night. "

Rule change
   Vee "was thinking of something like this...
An avatar may have up to 3 main characters. One crafter/holder/lower caverns, one rider/candidate, and one dragon. If an avatar has both a crafter and one or both Weyr characters, the Weyr characters may not take part in Craft roleplay - this includes cross-crafting - except with admin approval. A dragon may not pair with the same avatar's rider. Dragons and riders are (still) required to be paired and to undergo training, of course. How does that sound?"
   [Dutch: per AVATAR, not per PERSON, then.]
   "Per LL rules, we don't try to find out who's an alt of whom. If you don't declare your alt to me, we don't know about it. But anyone who is idiot enough to both ride and fly during a Fall deserves all the crashes they'll get. So yes, per avatar. No playing more than 1 character *at the same time* on the same account."
   A long discussion followed, until Vee's ISP crashed her. Upon returning, she continued, "Before I was so rudely interrupted, I was going to say I'll post something on the website for discussion, later today. And if we all agree next week & online, and Wyn buys into it, we can change the rules. If not, we'll keep talking."

   RP: 20180714 - On the Road Again
Starting Point: Thread Stop # 298 (Thuban (131,90,26))

This builds off some of the discussions in last week's RP as well (so, continuity and all that). The beastherd being delivered also dates back to two weeks' ago RP, wherein there was a side discussion with the traders about bringing a herd north.

Plan A:
     Work party is repairing/expanding a Thread Safe Stop, to better serve the needs of Gianfar. As a trader train approaches with more workers, and a herd of beasts destined for the north, a Weyrling (or two) drop in to see what’s going on.
     This is an accidental disturbance.
     Chaos breaks loose, as the beasts stampede at the dragon’s approach.
     We have to gather up all the beasts, and the draybeasts.

Plan B:


   Vee: "All the tiers are paid up to date, and upcoming tiers are covered for the next month. It's so good to be able to say that.
   "I'm probably going to be unavailable midweek for the next few weeks, although I *should* respond to IMs. That's RL. But I should be free at weekends, still."

Weyr policies
   We're trying to reawaken the Weyr. Dutch posed a question: "Do we want to move towards a player being both dragon AND rider, in RP, as opposed to a pair (rider and dragon)? This would be a reaction to lower attendance. It seems to work, for Mish." Vee replied, " I've been thinking about that for a while... I'm ok with players playing both Rider and Dragon, without using alts, as long as they aren't their own dragonpair. I'm even open to allowing people to play Rider, Dragon and/or Craft/Hold, but there'd have to be a restriction, like the Rider can't play in scenes outside the Weyr other than Threadfall, or something. But I'd like to maintain the rule where every dragon applicant must have a rider, and vice versa, and I'd like to maintain Search and Impression, if possible."

   This is kinda planned to accommodate as many Weyr folk, holders AND crafters, as would like to participate.

20180708 - Where in the Weyr.....
   Starting Point: The Weyr - a conference room:  Shaula (88,208,47). This is the same room in which Theman had his 'trial'. It can be reached on foot from the Bowl, so it's easy to assume that visitors could get to it. It is 'above' the blacksmith who's working in the bowl. On the west (Kuma) side of the Bowl, to the right of the waterfall, is a disk of stone; a stair/ramp leads up from there to a ledge; the meeting room is just inside the entrance from that ledge.
   We were thinking about it as a logistics discussion among the Weyr.  Do they have the resources to cover more holds etc.? And recall, not only did Gianfar gain a 6th sim, in SL, but we also expanded/are working on expanding a cot hold, in RP (last week), so we also see this as timely.
   Vee: So, do we want to be Riders & lower caverns folk?
   Dutch: We would like to see not only riders and Weyrfolk, but also holders and crafters - the ornerier the better. Of course, each person can best decide who they want to be, and what position they wish to espouse.
   Vee: Hmm, interesting protocol point... Hold expansion is technically a Hold matter, but if the Weyr wanted to discuss it, then the meeting would be in the Weyr, because the Weyrleader outranks the Holder... but in the event of a dispute, the Conclave would have to be called to decide, and that's the Weyr, Hold and Craft leadership.

Plan A: Expansions of holds and halls - strategize on support for expanded coverage
     Weyr arguments:
          Those FOR and AGAINST hold / cot expansions
          Worries over dwindling resources/queen not rising/etc
     HOLD arguments:
          Worries on how the Weyr will protect Gianfar with limited/reduced resources

Plan B: Threadfall


    Vee: "Are suddenly good, I'm glad to say. All tiers are up to date, all ads paid up. All tiers for this month are covered. But please don't let that stop you paying rent or making donations."

   Our 6th Region is now up!
   Vee: "Today's the last day LL will sell Openspace sims to private owners. And they're dropping the tier on them to US$60 from tomorrow. So Wyn & I agreed to get one and fill in that hole south of Kuma. As we discussed last week. There's a few differences with Rastaban, because it's an OS... I can't deed the land to NoviPeaks. OS's aren't supposed to be used for anything except scenery and channels for light traffic, so they come with 1 parcel owned by the sim owner. So only Estate managers will have power in Rastaban, until I can script something. I did install a Greeter there, and the music stream setter (oh, and fixed the other Greeter systems), and put in the 1000m ceiling. [The fixes will] make sure [visitors] get the warnings, but I need to roll out the new Greeter code with the Experiences & height-related messaging soon. And add the ban/eject/return capability I'm testing on Tyl to Rastaban asap."

   Dutch: The current RP storyline "involves an EXPANSION of a cot-hold in the vast Gianfar interior (near the coast). Details as:

RP: 20180610/17/24/07-02 - This Old Hold
Starting Point: Tannercraft Cothold (NW Tyl) (Tyl (34,185,24))
Plan A:     Working to improve Seaview cot into a larger cot/minor hold
     ) A trader is falsely accused of cheating
     ) Opposition to founding a new (minor) hold/improving a cot?

Plan B:
     ) Spread rumors/lies/wild speculation (as always)
     ) Arguments AGAINST expanding the cot.

This 'stage' was set over the past few weeks (tannercraft cot) - please at least do a fly by - it's quite elaborate. Kudos to Una L for her hard work in rezzing and clicking and arguing with us all!"

   Vee: "Normal Hold service will resume next week, but today I have to help a cake fall down... (you're all invited, btw. 4pm, SL15B Magnificent (100,29,27).
   "I'd just like to thank Jade & Wyn for their work on our SLB exhibit. I was there yesterday, and we had a constant stream of visitors for the half-hour I was there, often bypassing other exhibits to look in ours. Also, Jade's Pandora Home Tree sim's exhibit (mostly built by Pat, I believe) was featured on the SLB home page."

 8  Prattle in The Peaks / Weyr, Hold & Hall / A Whole Lot of Bull on: May 12, 2018, 06:30:08 PM

Started by Dutch - Last post by Dutch
OOV Document 012 - A Whole Lot of Bull
2018-04-20 (thru 2018-05-12)
Dutch Galaxy

Well, as we’re approaching the endgame of the Varian/Veekar storyline, I thought I would prepare a two-section OOV to help celebrate the roundup. Of course, time ran away from me, so - this is Section One only.

Musical interludes are provided by:   Mean Mary on Fast Banjo: Iron Horse

Theman walked down the hall of the hold. While the halls and corridors of power, here on Gianfar wee not as crowded as they were, earlier in the season, he still had to duck and dodge to make his way. Only the first several caravans of holders and crafters had departed to return to the north, leaving a still overly large crowd in the south, pending warmer weather.

Peering over the massed heads and shoulders of a particularly unmoving throng, Theman saw the lady holder turn a corner towards her steward’s office. He checked the hide in his hands - good - that was where he was invited, to be. Theman walked faster, with purpose, heedless of the throng.

Still well down the hall from the office, he again saw the lady holder, her head even with a decorative work on the wall, walking into the open door. Approaching, Theman looked straight at the artwork - not up, but straight at it. Wasn’t the lady holder taller than he was? Curious.

Knocking, and entering when bidden, he was surprised to find the lady holder absent, the room’s only occupant a grizzled veteran of her lady’s service, a trusted lieutenant, sitting at a desk in front of an ornate wall hanging. The man looked up. “What?”

“I was asked here.” Theman opened. “Did I see the lady holder enter? Is she available?”

“The holder is out, on business and is not available,” the irascible man countered, looking over Theman’s invitation and then continued, “but we summoned you here, as we need your services, in service to the hold.”

“??”, Theman expressed his punctuation with a look.

“This is important. The hold needs you to deliver one to two dozen stout strong young bulls, ready to board ship for a sea voyage.”

“Are you looking to destroy your ship?” Theman asked, amused. “Young bulls are full of vim and vigor - they will fight, each other, you, the ship, just about anything all looking to assert dominance. That’s why we isolate them in separate paddocks, preferably not even in sight of each other. Your ship will not last an overnight. And by the way, sea voyage? Where on Pern do you need them?”

“Where we need them is not your concern. We just need them, is all.”

“Still not a good idea, if you value your life. Whatever do you need them for? Maybe I can suggest an alternative means of transport?”

“They are needed. We need them to charge a particular location, and we do not want animals which can be turned aside. Now, when can you deliver those bulls?” The lieutenant countered.

“How about this,” Theman demurred, “I deliver you a dozen steers. They’re altered, heavier, won’t want to fight, be easier to handle, AND,” he added, holding up a finger, “they won’t kill you getting to wherever it is you want to go.”

“No. I want big, I want aggressive. This exercise is designed around an animal stampede. We need the bulls.”

“Do you want to die before you get to where you’re going? Bulls require careful handling - who do you have… you were going to handle them yourself, weren’t you.” Theman’s question was less an interrogative, more of a statement - an accusation of idiocy. “I don’t want to see even you get killed by ignorance of the ways of these beasts. Better yet, I get you twice the number you ask for, in steers, and an apprentice to handle them. Deal?”

The lieutenant considered Theman’s words. “Will the animals charge? Without turning?

“Once they start moving, they’ll move, and not alter their tracks. They’re also heavier, so external influences are less likely to affect them, either.” Theman said, understanding this man’s strange needs, but for what?

Can I depended on your apprentice? We’ll have other animals as well, runners and burden beasts. How about - we’ll take the steers - and TWO apprentices, AND you.” The man’s request had a finality to it.

“I’ll need some time to gather the animals and people, maybe a sevenday or two. When do you want to depart, from where and two where?”

 9  Prattle in The Peaks / General Discussion / Colin's meeting notes - book 30 on: April 15, 2018, 03:14:12 PM

Started by Colin - Last post by Colin

This was a sort of unofficial meeting, as Vee was busy being a stage manager at SL15B.

Price reduction:
   As the change occurs at the end of June, we had to decide, right away,  whether and how to take advantage of this. Vee and Wyn were discussing adding an OS Region south of Kuma. New OS Regions won't be available after July 2. An OS Region has a land capacity of 1000 and an avatar limit of 10; looks as if we could use one for sailing and some RP. We seldom have more than 10 people in an RP session.
   There's no price change on grandfathered Regions (Shaula & Kuma, $195/mo ea, and Thuban, HS, $95/mo). So we'd save $14/month on each of the two HS's. That makes about half the cost of maintenance on a new OS Region. The setup fee for a new OS Region is $150 but that includes the first month's maintenance.
   As of 1pm SLT, no decision had been made.

   Was postponed again as we concentrated on the OS question.


   Vee: "We did get Wyn unblocked last week, but it took a couple of days longer when a support Linden suddenly changed the deal on us. But anyway, we drained Novi and Wyn's shop alt, and so Kuma, Etamin & Thuban are now officially up to date. Shaula & Tyl, not so much... I have a paycheck, but it's physical & was mailed on Friday and hasn't arrived yet, despite being Fedexed 'overnight'. And yes, Fedex do Saturday delivery as routine - but some of their drivers prefer not to, and intentionally leave packets at the depot, claiming residential addresses as 'commercial, no-one to accept package'. That's why your Amazon orders don't arrive on weekends as often as they should. (Fedex always apologise & issue a credit if you complain to them, btw.) But anyway, in a couple of days Gianfar will be paid up to date and the tier hell will be over."

   Opens at noon. Website is
It has schedules for all the Stages and links to all the Exhibits, this year.
   Vee: "Take a pod ride, anyway. Takes a few hours and the layout means the pods have to keep back & forthing, so our exhibit is passed 3 times, for instance. Pod barn is next to the Welcome Area, which is 2 sims this year - and in the very worst place for lag. Treat SLB as a *very* busy club, basically. Complexity down, avi impostors off, advanced lighting off, draw distance in... and wait a bit for all the graphics to download. But, try to get advanced lighting back when you're looking at builds. Also, heading to SLB in the middle of SL's 'night' is a good way to see the exhibits. DJ stages are open 24 hours, but they're actually a sim away from the exhibits, so they shouldn't lag anyone."
   Vee has posted a Notice with LMs to the Gianfar, Pandora, and WoRPG exhibits.
   Vee: "Jade & Wyn did an amazing last-minute-build for us. And Pat's Pandora booth is gorgeous. There's a lot of really good exhibits this year. But I'm going to highlight two SLB builds, one to look at, one to explore... Take a look at DJ Stage South. It's made by the designer who built the last two Cake stages. You may need to pull your draw distance out to get the full effect, DJ South is 2 sims. And, the Auditorium. It's only scheduled for 4 hours today, the last of which is my RP class at 3pm. There are roleplay sim builds that took months with less detail than the 'USS Crystal'... explore it. ... From 6pm, I'll be stage-managing at DJ Stage North, if anyone feels like partying."

   Dutch: "We figured most people would be out checking the SL15 build, so we kinda planned that RP would not happen today - to give people time to peruse the BD build. We are all set up for NEXT WEEK, however, with a nice 'plot' and the Tannercraft cot in NW Tyl is already staged."


   Vee: "I'm still employed, I get paid Friday, so tiers are covered. The bad news is, Wyn's main account is [temporarily] blocked. Other than that, I paid all our ads last night, all bills except Thuban (which was due Friday) and the full sim tiers are up to date, and the rest will be paid Friday. Assuming my pay arrives Friday. [We don't need financial help] at present, she'll be talking to the Lindens today, and if they won't unblock her, she'll phone Linden Billing tomorrow when the phone lines are up. We don't anticipate any issues. My main issue is with having my chief builder blocked 4 days before the SLB exhibit is due... But she has several alts, and they aren't blocked."

SLB volunteers' party
   Vee: "Some of you may remember I said I'd volunteered the sims to host a party for the SLB volunteers. That got bumped to today... So, from noon until 4pm (at least), you're all invited to a party on the 3500 level islands. OOC, and we're the hosts, so be nice. [Dress code?] M-rated. But I hear the sim owner's very flexible. Bring a friend or two, if you want. Don't bring whole RP groups, though - this is for the SLB, and on behalf of the SLB Greeters, so I'll be annoyed if Shaula gets full of non-SLB folk. If you can, be here for 1pm. We booked a live act, Donn DeVore... his show is... let's just say spectacular. I'll be at the party the whole time... feel free to turn up as dragons or firelizards, btw. We're unlikely to recruit from this crowd, but we can definitely show off on our own sims. I'll put [the landing LM] in a notice, but the slurl is Shaula (173,168,3523) which is at the top of a zipline to the dance floor."

   Vee: "No class today - oh, and next Sun is SLB opening day, I won't be here except for the 10am meeting. I'll be teaching my class at 3pm in the Auditorium, and stage-managing on one of the DJ stages from... 6, I think. And Greeting the rest of the time."

   Postponed because of the SLB party.  


Master Moira
   ...will be missed. We're hoping she'll drop in occasionally, RL permitting.

New member
   Welcomed John Zane (John Zane Helendale (bbj19728)).

   Vee: "We just, as expected, missed the tier on the full sims. I'm still waiting for my first paycheck - was due Friday, hopefully it's in the mail. But that check's only for 3 days. First real paycheck will be on the 15th. Which is when tier will be caught up. That one will be direct deposit... so there's no excuses for it being late. On the other side, the client is nice and remote working is going well (after 1 whole day of it). So I hope we're through the worst of it... And I paid all our ads yesterday. Even paid our hosting bill for the website. So that'll be around for another year Smiley"

   Vee: "Just quickly, is looking very impressive this year! Still 2 weeks to opening. I had the first part of my stage manager training today - I'll be on the DJ Stages - and I've had my Moderator training... I'm not supposed to tell you anything about SLB or the exhibits, but I will say that people have really taken the 'Crystal' theme and run with it. More so than previous themes, which have tended to be a bit... vague.
   "I just agreed to host a party for the SLB Greeters, next weekend Wink Figure I'll use the 3500 level on Shaula. Just Saturday, from 1pm. And, feel free to drop by."

   RP: 20180603 - Cauldron Boil and Bubble
Starting Point: The Hills of Thuban - Thuban (167,90,38)
Plot A: Numbweed processing
Plot B: All those who are too slow to get away, end up chatting about events on the island, such as:
     What happened to Master Moira?
     How WILL the Weyr protect all these sharding cots which keep springing up?
     Did you SEE what she did to him?
     etc. & other gossip
   We also plan on a few group calls during RP, so ask people to reset their environment editors for time of day (morning/noon/evening and night) just to show off some of the great sights.


   Vee finally landed a job! So the sims are safe, after she and Wyn talk to LL in the next few days. They'll be asking LL to take a partial payment and let us catch up on the 15th. Should be ok, they've done similar before. We think we have Thuban covered on the 8th.
   The company wants Vee to be onsite (90 minutes away) for the first few weeks, so she'll be in a hotel room with hotel wi-fi starting Tuesday. After that startup period, the job will be mostly remote.
   Tiers are US$195 (due on the 28th) for the two full sims, US$125 (on the 15th) for the two homesteads, US$95 (on the 8th) for Thuban.

   Vee: "2 parts to this. We got our booth - and PHT got theirs. Wyn should be around this week, building our booth and transporting it to the SLB site. (We like to wait until we know where the pods are running and how many booths are looming over ours on which sides, before fixing the orientation.) I'm working as an EA - Exhibitor Assistant - up to opening day, and a Greeter thereafter - and a Stage Manager. Hopefully, I'll be working mostly from home by opening day. So even when I'm online, I'll be in Gianfar less until the Birthday is done and we collapse the Cake Stage, which is... 6 weeks? Something like that. But I'm carving out Sundays, so I should always be here for meetings and Sunday RP.
   "There's still time to volunteer for some roles, btw Smiley Stage manager requires being able to commit to 2-hour shifts, and cope with several potentially full sims full of laggy dancers at once - Cake is 4 sims, Auditorium and one of the DJ stages are 2 sims. Not sure if Greeter apps are still open, but Greeters set their own schedules and go where they want. Also, we have the best parties.
   "Oh, you're going to love the Auditorium set this year. I'm not allowed to say why. But when you get to see it, go explore it... not just the stage area,"

RP: 20180527 How Now, Brown Cow?

Starting Point: Runner’s Rest (on an evening)
(and please watch your step (you'll see why)

Plan A:
     HOW ON PERN, DID A herdbeast GET INTO THE storerooms of the Rest?
     An Apprentice reported LOST in tunnels, while exploring.... (VERY, VERY lost....)

Plan B:
     Pondering about the ring(s)

(All of which depends on how many folks show up on a holiday weekend.)


   Vee: "Amazingly all the HS's are paid for (or should be, I should check with Wyn). FS's are going to be an issue, but we've a whole week to work on that... and many thanks to everyone who stepped up and helped out!" She continues to have a stack of interviews scheduled.

   Vee: "In other news, SL15B is around the corner. We should find out if we got a booth tomorrow; I'm an EA again, so, if we get one, I'll be able to claim our plot on Friday. I'm also a greeter, a moderator, and (for the first time) likely to be a stage manager, so I might be a little busy for the weeks of the Birthday...
   "I think Doc's holding the volunteer applications open, if anyone else feels like being a Greeter or a Stage manager... and SLBs are always looking for DJ's & Auditorium performances. Biggest stage in SL - literally; Cake Stage is 4 sims, and there should be at least 2 other sim-sized stages... Auditorium is 2 sims, one for the audience, although the space you work in is a lot smaller. I put in an application to teach my class, again Wink Oh, and expect a Cake Stage looking as, well, 8-bit as the last 2. Same designer this year, Mikati. Nature of the stages is, a lot of scheduled DJ's can't make it, so they're always looking for last-minute fill-ins. Just getting into the Performers group and being ready to jump in for 2 hours on any even-numbered hour can get you several gigs, even if you're not scheduled."

   Vee: "The other big news of last week was Jade's installation at the Feminist Shrine, in a very nice little ceremony. It's a nice little forest parcel, and Gianfar gets a mention... go visit before someone else gets 'installed'. (Guys welcome, too.) Seeking Wisdom (16,17,22)"
   Dutch: "Amazon has more infor on the upcoming Gigi McCaffrey PERN novel - it will be 9th pass, and feature Piemur."

   Dutch: "Last week we investigated some rings which were found by Ayla in one of her .... whatever she calls her voyages of discovery... for today, we propose re-assembling at the Smithcraft Hall to further hear reports on the provenance of the rings, and to also report to the Holder on suspicions regarding Cloud Shadow hold and all. We also have a Harper and Holder mediated dispute between the Smithcraft Hall and the Beastcraft Hall over grazing rights in the land immediately outside and between both halls; and, we also have an apprentice, being an apprentice, all planned for your amusement. This week's chapter is entitled: Hold Improvement.
   "Starting point will be the Smithcraft Hall. I would (again) recommend any to show up outside and make the (long) walk up the ramp to the doors. Stage setting was not limited to indoors only."


   The HS tiers on the 15th are not covered, currently. Based on past LL practice, the HS's are probably safe if Wyn & Vee talk to LL tomorrow - they'll probably let us be a week or two late on the FS's, too. Vee's continuing to do job interviews.

   In today's RP - we will re-attempt that which we had originally scheduled for last week, but didn't have much in the way of participation to make it worthwhile. Over all, we have the following items selected:
   RP: 20180506 A Place to Call Hall
Starting Point: SmithCraft Hall (Outside)

Plan A: More on Ayla’s found ring.
                    Inquire of smiths as to provenance of ring.

Plan B: The Lusty Month of May
                    Preparations for spring planting
                    Plows and other farm implements
                    Upcoming numbweed harvests

   As always, if anyone wishes to have input to the plotlines, etc., please let any of us (on the RP team) know - or show up @ our 10 AM Saturday's meeting in the Harper Hall classroom.
   A few of us have thought about coming as alternate characters, so - come on down (everybody) and meet some new (to you) folk (the fun part of alts is trying to figure out who is driving ....)


   Vee: "Aren't great. I think we have Thuban's tier, due this week, covered, from Novi's funds." The job hunt is continuing to not go well. [Editorial comment: It's time to dig into our personal reserves, or we'll lose Gianfar.]

   RP: 20180506 A Place to Call Hall

Starting Point: SmithCraft Hall (Office)

Plan A: More on Ayla’s found ring.
                    Inquire of smiths as to provenance of ring.

Plan B: The Lusty Month of May
                    Preparations for spring planting
                    Plows and other farm implements
                    Upcoming numbweed harvests


   Vee: "Full sims were due this weekend; as advertised, we drained Novi's accounts and they're covered. I think we'll be able to cover Thuban on the 8th. After that, may depend on [interview results] tomorrow."

Music practice
   The ensemble continues to practice on Tuesday nights, 7 PM SLT. They're "still learning the ins and outs of our instruments" so this is a good time for potential musicians to join in.  

   Today at 2, we'll be doing a Gather in the '3500' skybox.
   If anyone has any plotline or story ideas they would like to see developed for RP - please let us know. "Us" includes Dutch, Una, ardrhys, Martin, and Colin at the moment.


   Vee: "We're going to be draining Novi's accounts in the near future, to cover the full sim tiers on the 28th. Once that's done, our reserves are gone... so please keep donating! AND renting!"
   (Two full Regions at US$195/month, plus two homesteads at 125, plus Thuban at 95 comes to around L$185000.)

   Looks as if we'll just do a Gather RP during our usual RP time next Sunday.  

   No news.  

   Starting Point: Harper Hall & Environs
Plan A: Ayla’s shinies and baubles
     Big and gaudy ring found.
     May be a ceremonial ring, similar to Lady Holder’s Ring - but slightly different enough NOT to be.
Plan B: The  murder or successful suicide of Koenig (can defer)


   Vee: " ...still stable, HS tiers due today will be paid. FS tiers on the 28th are looking iffy, though. I'm dealing with an (unrelated) dispute with LL at the moment, when that's sorted we'll be talking to LL about paying late this round. At least 1 FS tier is covered.
   "Meantime, I'm looking into freelance work, which means I may be around even less."

   Vee: "SL15B registrations opened on Friday, with little warning. SLB will be in June. I've already volunteered & applied to teach my RP class.
   "15 is apparently the 'crystal' anniversary, so this year's theme is Crystals. And, when I showed that to Wyn, she had an idea... This is what we put on the exhibitor form: 'Crystal mines. Visitors can explore the maze-like caverns & tunnels of Gianfar Peaks of (the planet) Pern, find and 'mine' crystals of various designs, avoid or make friends with our fire lizards, and possibly experience a short Threadfall on the mountain's peak. Visitors can also learn about the history and future of immersive, storyline roleplay in Second Life.' The usual SLB rules are in place - 32x32 plot, no more than 75m above ground & 10m below water, all connected to the ground unless it's a cloud, etc.." Perhaps we could fit a 3D maze into that space.

Spring Gather
   If anyone decides they'd like to volunteer for taking the blame for the Gather, contact Vee.

   We'll meet at the Rest. We might fight Thread if any dragons & riders show up; we might puzzle over Koenig's disappearance from Healers (escaped? rescued from the Hold-associated people? kidnapped?); we might puzzle over the impressive ring that Ayla dropped in the Rest "yesterday."
   Vee won't be holding an RP class today.


   Vee: "Short term, Novi is still well funded - thanks for that! - so the HS's will be covered - although we may ask LL to let them ride for a week or two, to be sure of covering the fulls."
   Vee won't be around much this week or next, as she looks for freelance work. She'll make sure to keep Sundays free.

Music classes
   ...are going well, practicing with Mikki Miles ensemble instruments. They do a pretty good job of keeping players in sync despite lag.

SF Con sim
   txep'ongokx has started a model based on ideas so far, but we still have a lot of unanswered questions about specs. Perhaps we could make it an Experience so that guests wouldn't have to always being giving exhibits permissions to interact with them. Vee's proposed making the whole Con an Experience.

Spring Gather
   There are five Sundays this month, a good time to get back to our traditional Gather schedule. Market Day would be a good theme for off-the-cuff RP; we could invite visitors to join in if they felt like it.

   Today we'll be dealing with the resumption of Threadfall, and working slowly toward the confrontation with the usurper Veekar who thinks she has a right to be Holder.
RP: 20180408: Gianfar Junction
Starting Point:  Runner’s Rest
    Plan A:
        Threadfall (if without dragons, would be ground crew actions)
    Plan B:
        Commentary on the preparations for a punitive action against CloudShadow Hold
        Holders trying to coerce Fisher Hall into providing transport to CloudShadow expedition

 10  Prattle in The Peaks / Weyr, Hold & Hall / Tickle Cove Pond on: March 24, 2018, 11:16:06 AM

Started by Dutch - Last post by Dutch
OOV Document 011 - Tickle Cove Pond
Dutch Galaxy

Theman’s life is slightly boring right now (and it should be - he deserves a respite). So, this time around I’m going to write up a short (stand-alone) story for a new NPC. For this effort, I am going to take a traditional Newfoundland song (Tickle Cove Pond), and write it up as if it had actually happened in the remote back country on Gianfar.

Wish me luck.

Musical interludes are provided by:
  • Sean Sullivan & Rob Slaney: Tickle Cove Pond

    Great Big Sea: Concerning Charlie the Horse (because sometimes, the rescue fails)

    The late winter snow had changed back to sleet, casting an icy sheen on the rocks, trees and shrubbery poking through the omnipresent blanket of white as Pol approached the pond. He looked across the expanse of snow and sleet covered ice towards the warmth of the hold on the far side. The sloppy wet snow which had dogged his feet this past sevenday lay deep and undisturbed on the trail. His runner, Kit, snorted at the delay, her breath forming twin clouds in front of her nose.

    Pol looked at the pond again. The hold was just an hour or so away, across the ice. Wind whipped sleet into his face as he glanced to the west, for the traditional ground route used this late in the season. That trail, the summer trail - wound around the perimeter of Tickle Cove Pond, adding half a day’s trudge to his journey home. A gust of wind blew sleet into his face, and ear. His hair hung limp, wet with snow. He shivered.

    Pol thought, mulling over the routes before him. While the past few seven days were warmer, today it had been cold and raw. The ice should be safe. He made up his mind.

    He bundled his cloak tighter as he flicked the reins with a “gee-yah” at the mare. The normally placid and obedient mare tossed her head and turned it around to look at Pol. The look i the mare’s eyes reminding Pol of his wife. “Git on, you beast!” Pol spoke, accenting his words with the whip he so rarely used.

    Reluctantly, as if unsure of the ice road ahead, Kit moved forward, dragging the heavy sled of logs forward, creaking onto the ice. Pol fell in step, behind the mare and to the left of the sled, a firm but very chill hand on the reins as the pair fell into the routine of slogging across the wet, sloppy snow of the ice road.

    Cold seeped into Pol’s boots, as he walked through the slush, thoroughly chilling his feet as he continued behind his mare and their load. The sun was high in the sky, casting a glare which made keeping his eyes open past slits a painful experience, when the mare halted, again on the ice.

    “Git on you creature!” Pol called, for the fourth time on the ice, as he stomped up to the mare’s head, brandishing his whip handle near white lined eyes. That’s when he heard it. Kit did too, from the way her ears twitched. A low rumbling, followed by a snap and a pop. Then, without warning, a sigh, as the ice released from under Pol’s footing and decanted him, his mare and the sled into the waiting cold waters.

    Luckily for the pair, the ice road across Tickle Cove Pond was over the more shallow parts. Still, Pol found himself up to his neck in cold water as both he and his mare lost breath to the icy water’s clutch. Mightily trying to gain his wind, Pol bellowed. He was scared, but did not lose his wits. He needed help.

    Quickly he moved to the harness leather around the great horse, releasing the ties to the sled, as logs, buoyed by water, floated free of their once neatly stacked piles. Pol used a closely floating log to lever himself up and back on the ice. Ignoring his freezing clothes, he moved to in front of the mare, a firm hand on the reins, all the while encouraging the mare to extricate herself. Kit was not able to exit the water, slipping and falling in her attempts.

    Pol tried again and again to help the mare out of the pond, once even re-entering the frigid water to try to guid the runner’s hooved onto the top of the ice. All to no avail. Depression stalked his footsteps as he face losing this mare who had been his work partner for these past twelve years. That’s when hope came running towards him in the faces and backs of his fellow holders, Ovier, Whyt and the others - men, women and children, the latter teaming to carry a stout rope.

    As two of the women escorted him to stronger ice - to shelter and warm with the heated stones, then men lost no time in belaying the stout rope around the mare’s breast. Then, all the rescuers, at once, grabbed the line, and to Ovier’s direction and cadence, each pulled on the great rope, creaking and straining, as Kit rose from the pond’s icy grip, water streaming from her flanks, as the boys rushed up - placing warmed blankets over the mare.

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