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Prattle in The Peaks / Gianfar Hold / Re: Practice Hold RP - Petitions
Looking for your bio... stumbled on this...

Maybe we should do this.

Have most of us take temp roles for the day... or bring in alts.

Well, my bio's in the bio section.  Cool

Jaxx and I did run 'petition days' for a while after opening day, as I recall. Very few people turned up. I wouldn't mind running 'practice' style RPs again, we had some very good scenes, which sometimes fed into the live RP. But we had a much larger population back then. And even so, 'practice RP' would often be Jaxx, me, and a few regulars (which was ok by me, I was a noob at SL RP back then, too; half the idea was for me, the junior admin, to learn by example, from players like Nekome and Jaxx and Wendy - didn't actually expect to teach the stuff I was learning...).

Let's discuss this, see if there's a demand for 'petition days' or 'practice RP' again. Could be a way to show off some of the venues we're not using, at least.

on: February 03, 2016, 02:48:34 AM

Prattle in The Peaks / Weyr, Hold & Hall / That Roleplay Ideas Thread
posted with permission:
[04:02:38 PM]  Mishla Letov: ooc - nods, can't be all doom n gloom, fire and firestone
[04:03:29 PM]  M'thos (methos.menatep): ooc well there's been some sad things that happened, but we definitely need to work on some story lines.
[04:05:35 PM]  Mishla Letov: occ - can build on the seasons...like harvesting certain things, birthing of heardbeasts, gathering supplies like fish n wood. Also using NPs like the drudge I was witht he flit fire
[04:06:13 PM]  M'thos (methos.menatep): ooc yes we had considered a planning meeting, just a one time thing to come up with as many storylines as possible.
[04:06:49 PM]  Mishla Letov: ooc - getting ready fer gathers, or an important Turnday or aniversary and everythign that can go wrong does
[04:07:15 PM]  Ademith (littlecat09812): ooc - impatient dragonet
[04:07:24 PM]  M'thos (methos.menatep): ooc r'iss and nekome both wanted longer leadup to Threadfall.
[04:07:45 PM]  Mishla Letov: ooc - weyr /hold and hall brats run rampet
[04:09:44 PM]  Mishla Letov: ooc - so it can interrupt something, weyrlings scrambling to gather rock sacks, dragons rping impatience and agitation, rping wing operations..
[04:10:39 PM]  Mishla Letov: ooc - also  hold/hall/weyr interactions with tithes, greenery control, ground crew
[04:11:25 PM]  M'thos (methos.menatep): ooc we did tithes

Any other (reusable) ideas for roleplay? Post them here, and we'll include the best in our 'RP Toolbox'!  Cool

on: July 13, 2015, 05:47:14 AM

Prattle in The Peaks / Gather Grounds / SL12B
1. SL's 12th birthday party will be June 21st-28th.
2. Theme is 'What Dreams may come'
3. More details here
4. Yes, we have an exhibit application in - see below
5. Applications close May 13; we'll be notified May 25-27th if we're in. (Fingers crossed!)

And I'm wondering, do we want to maybe do an RP & Threadfall demo? Maybe in cooperation with other sims (Hi Pandora...), as performances should last an hour, which we'd have trouble filling...

For reference, the exhibitor application...

Other - Role Play

Gianfar Peaks of Pern

((subject to change...)) An island, Below the island, a cave, inhabited by dolphins (possibly rideable, within the parcel). On the island, a fair of firelizards, and a dragon - who may take up to 2 riders on a flight into a Threadfall.

Also, on the island, givers for notecards describing other roleplay sims in Second Life.

How does your exhibit reflect the theme:
By reflecting our shared dream - life on an imaginary island on a fictional planet in a distant future; life with dragons,intelligent dolphins, and cute or annnoying firelizards (miniature dragons).

And by describing other shared dreams - roleplay sims that won't be exhibiting at SLB this year, but which are nevertheless worth visiting: fantasy, science fiction, urban, historical, based on books, movies, tv shows, or pure SL Resident imagination...

Type of plot:
Water (at Wyn's request)

Special requirements:
Not essential, but... if it's possible to put a 30m-diameter sphere high up (500, 1000m+?), then the dragon & rider(s) can tp (llSetRegionPos) to it for a few seconds - 'go between' in Pernese terms. (We used the same technique, for a different exhibit, at this year's Sci-Fi Con.)

on: April 24, 2015, 04:50:31 AM

Prattle in The Peaks / Other World Musings / Re: Warner Brothers to do Dragonriders of Pern franchise!
I just saw it, too. Now if they can just attract a good, and enthusiastic, producer... and keep him...

WB has history with this - they were behind the nearly-made Pern TV series, and if they hadn't tried to make it into Buffy-with-dragons, Ronald D. Moore would never have shut it down & gone off to remake Battlestar instead. We need (well, Pern needs) a producer with that much integrity.

Also, everyone is assuming this is a movie deal, and it probably is - but the boundary between movie, TVM, online miniseries/series, TV series isn't as clear-cut as it used to be... and it's possible that WB didn't just option the movie rights. Just speculating, mind.


on: December 16, 2014, 04:46:45 AM

Prattle in The Peaks / Gather Grounds / Re: Classes, Classes, Classes
... (excluding Vee's weekly NCI Roleplay Basics class - which all new people should take) ...

And some who aren't so new.  Smiley

on: October 21, 2014, 07:16:26 AM

Prattle in The Peaks / General Discussion / Re: How to handle rule breaking...
By all means! Guardians hold the Officer or Owner roles in Novi Peaks; from memory, that includes me, Wyn, Ludo, John, Rod, Mist, Elaya, and probably a few others (we need to revise that list, take off absent Guardians and add some more group owners). RP admins aren't automatically Guardians, or vice versa. All Estate Owners and Managers are Guardians, but - because there's only 10 Estate Manager slots, some of which Wyn & I reserve for our alts - not all Guardians are Estate Managers.

on: October 13, 2014, 03:45:38 AM

Prattle in The Peaks / General Discussion / How to handle rule breaking...
There's been a couple of issues recently with players telling other players they were breaking rules, or not to do things...

This tends to cause friction, annoyance, and, ultimately, Vee getting p*ssed, which is something we all want to avoid. Trust me on this. This demon's a bitch.

So I thought I'd explain how to handle things when you think someone is behaving badly in RP, or breaking a rule, or griefing us, or whatever.  Cool

There are three categories of potential rule-breaking:
  • Griefing or building in our sims
  • Breach of TOS
  • Breaking our rules

Griefing or building
This one's easy.
Call for a Guardian. The Guardians are our landgroup officers, they have the powers and they know the rules. If actual griefing is going on, AR the individual as well (see next section); if it's not griefing or ad-spamming, LL will ignore it - these are private sims, anything else is our problem.

Breach of TOS
If you suspect a breach of TOS (LL's rules, which we're all signed up to), you have two not-exclusive choices:

1. Abuse Report (AR). Bypass Gianfar admin and report it to the Lindens. Please don't do this for suspected clothing-rules violations. The rules for M-rated sims aren't as clear-cut as we'd all like to think, and one possible outcome from a 'nudity' AR is Gianfar getting a forced A rating, which could take months to clear up!
Go to your viewer's 'Help/Report Abuse...' menu option, and fill out the form. Make sure there's a relevant screenshot, select the perp (if you're not sure who, select Governor Linden - LL will understand you mean 'I don't know who'), include any relevant chatlogs (the rules about not sharing don't apply to AR's - and LL have access to all chatlogs anyway). Submit your report. And then leave it alone. LL won't tell you what happened to your AR. But they will read it, and act on it if they feel it's worth acting on.

2. Treat as Gianfar rule breach Because TOS is included in our rules, too.

Breaking our rules
This one's easy, too. Call for an admin. It's not your job to call people out. Ask for an admin - preferably one in whose jurisdiction the offence lies, but any admin in a pinch - and ask them to look into it. (Don't ask for me, Mist, Wyn or Elaya - see below. But any other admin who's online should come.)
Unlike LL, our admins will tell you what they decided. If you disagree with the outcome, contact Mist and arrange to explain your issue to me. But remember: I appointed the admins, I wrote the rules; I'm unlikely to overrule them. And my decision is final.
(Wyn is my co-owner, Elaya is the weyr senior admin, and Mist is my Steward and right hand; I trust them, their decision is effectively as final as mine. That's why you don't contact one of us first. If you do, we'll just ask another admin to look into it.)

As a rule, we don't ban, censure or otherwise sanction people for anything they do outside Gianfar. But there are exceptions to this, which fall under the general heading of 'except when I say so'. Known, proven griefers from elsewhere may be estate-banned. Stalkers, ditto. We don't bar people because their RP isn't good enough, or because they offended someone somewhere else. Exceptions are decided by Wyn and myself, acting together; like bans, they should be recorded in the forums, in a place where all Guardians can see the reasons. (Yes, we do keep records, however badly!)

So, in summary: don't go after rule-breakers, or people whose RP you consider to be too unbelievable or too poor; and don't start arguments in local or group chat. (You can start them here, if you like!) If it's ARable, AR it. If it's not, talk to an admin. (And if it's a griefer, call for a Guardian and AR it!)

Any questions?


on: October 13, 2014, 02:09:50 AM

Prattle in The Peaks / Other World Musings / Re: Warner Brothers to do Dragonriders of Pern franchise!
Theoretically, and assuming Wyn and I still own the sims... we'd try talking to them first, and we'd ask our friends in the IFT to help - they've assisted with other sci-fi fan groups who've fallen afoul of big-media (in the case of BSG, very successfully - eventually). But, ultimately, we can't afford a court case. The sims would survive - there's nothing here which is specifically or identifiably connected to Pern if we don't label it as such (and see our rules on using the names 'Pern' or 'Gianfar' in anything!). But, if we decided that we couldn't carry on being something close to an off-canon Pern RP, under whatever rules the lawyers come up with... the RP would close, we'd become just a fan group. Threadfall might survive (under another name) as a game, I've no doubt that 'my' Fall will prove very different to whatever the FX people come up with; but neither Wyn nor I would want to continue a non-Pern RP here.

However, all the PERNmushes and fan sites and online weyrs would have to close, as well, to get to that point. And if any one of them could take the studios on in court, we'd try to join the case.

As I said before, though, the movie isn't a done deal, and the studio lawyers won't start firing off cease-and-desist letters until they need to actively defend an actual movie's copyrights. All we think we know is that WB have optioned the series - meaning no-one but them can negotiate with Todd & co. for the rights to make a movie based on one or more of the books, for an as-yet-undisclosed period of time. That's not a movie deal; most options go nowhere.

(what follows is uninformed speculation on my part...)

It seems that Drew Crevello, recently appointed SVP for movie production at WB (and also, I gather, a writer and formerly a corporate lawyer) made the deal; several articles say he used to oversee movies as a VP at Fox - including some of the X-Men movies. Which is interesting, given that the most recent attempt to make a movie from Dragonflight was scripted by David Hayter, who worked on X2. Wonder if that's a coincidence... it's at least theoretically possible that the Hayter script could form the basis for a WB movie. ('Basis' meaning someone else comes in & rewrites it from scratch, of course. But an existing script is a starting-point for getting name producers & star actors attached to the project.) Which would save maybe a year on the production schedule - and WB are going to want a new series movie to debut in the next 2-3 years, to keep up the momentum.

However, I'm sticking with my original prediction: I don't think this is the movie series WB wants. They might make the movies - especially if this new SVP is a fan, which I'm starting to think may be the case - but, despite the hype, probably not as the 'next Hobbit/Potter series'. Pern isn't an especially cute, kid-friendly world, not even in the adolescent Menolly books; there's no magic or monsters, and Todd's not likely to let the studio add magic, monsters or big battles. So probably not getting the budget of a Potter or Hobbit, either - which is, imo, a good thing, but that's a whole other discussion. That doesn't mean WB won't make it, just that it won't be their #1 series project. (Perhaps something to release in the 'off' years for a more 'visual' main series?)

Might be nice to have some science fantasy for grown-ups on a big-studio budget...


on: July 31, 2014, 05:29:49 AM

Prattle in The Peaks / Other World Musings / Re: Warner Brothers to do Dragonriders of Pern franchise!
(John, you beat me to it  Smiley )

I heard this last night, and I've been doing a little research since.

First, it isn't confirmed yet - it's very likely to be true (Variety have the story), but neither WB nor Todd seem to have said anything official just now.

Second, it's an option, and we've been here before... WB do seem to have optioned the entire canon, Anne's and Todd's books both, but an option doesn't mean a movie - it means WB doesn't want anyone making a Dragonsdawn movie while they decide whether or not to make a Dragonflight movie (or vice versa).

Third, the story is pretty clearly coming from a single source. Although less plagiarising seems to be going on than is usual in entertainment journalism, virtually every article or post describes riders as 'warriors', every last one refers to '22 books' (only a couple mentioning the short stories in passing), none mentions Todd by name and most seem to think Anne is still with us. Single-source unattributed stories are suspect; they can be studios just testing the water, for instance. And movie options on books can be cheap, depending on the terms and duration of the option.

My personal prediction... I'd love Pern to be the next great fantasy movie series, but I don't believe it'll happen. Frankly, there's no magic, no battles, and no evil monsters. Hollywood thinks that's what we want - after all, as they see it, that's what LOTR and The Hobbit and Harry Potter and Avatar and the Marvel and DC franchises (and Transformers) all have in common - and I don't see Todd bending that far. I suspect WB will pick a lesser-known but more conventionally fantasy series to make. Or they'll make Dragonflight or Dragonsdawn, declare it a failure, and move on. Pern would have a better chance with a smaller studio (as LOTR did). I'd really like to be wrong on this...

But it might lead to some future TV series, maybe from HBO looking for another GoT... or another look at the series that so nearly got made, but was cancelled when the producer got so piannoyed with the studio's interference, he decided to remake Battlestar Galactica instead...

If a movie is made, what does it mean for Gianfar?

Short answer: we don't know.

Longer answer: both Todd and Anne have indicated that they'd like the present 'licence' for RP's to continue - but, if it comes down to either closing the RP & fan sites, or not making the movie, the movie will win. (I happen to agree, btw.) So it'll depend on the studio. However, after a lot of bad publicity over the last few years, movie & TV studios have become more forgiving of unintended fan-site infractions; also, this RP is based on the books (and our visualisation of the books) - neither the RP nor the build will ever be based on any future movies. So we shouldn't infringe on any look-&-feel copyrights or trademarks. We can also show that the McCaffrey estate has known about our existence for many years, and we've complied with the existing rules to the best of our ability (all of which is true for the many website RP's, too).

So we think we're fairly safe, as long as the studio lawyers aren't feeling too annoying - but if they wanted to shut us down, they could; and we would, reluctantly, comply. Because the movie comes first. And because, if we can't cut a deal, we simply can't afford to fight a studio.

But, even assuming the story is true, that's years away. So, in the words of another great author... DON'T PANIC! Cool


on: July 31, 2014, 12:09:06 AM

10  Prattle in The Peaks / General Discussion / Weekend Events Magazine
* * * P E R N   D A Y S   W E E K E N D * * *


   April 1st was Anne McCaffrey's birthday and we are celebrating this weekend with PERN DAYS WEEKEND.  This weekend's magazine is a schedule of the events.  Most of the activities are from Noon to to 6pm on both Saturday and Sunday except the Dolphin rodeo hourly contests start at 10am on Saturday and go to 6pm.  We can also squeeze in a boulder ball game at 11am on Saturday if there is interest.

   Visitors to our rp are welcome and we can help them with questions on the side privately in im or with local chat  formated as ((question)) or OOC: question. See below for more info.

    We are always excited to have new role-players join us.  We are always looking for more.  If you have the extra time, role-playing skill, PERN knowledge and the desire, there may something special  you could help with.. Perhaps you have a class idea you would like to do or a favorite role in a craft or you want to be involved in or a dragon rider or a dragon.    Attend the Sunday morning meeting and let them know your interests.  You can also talk to Ludo about classes.

In Character News
    Ayla (firelizard) recovered from her thread score wounds but is still a little peeved on being cooped up during her recuperation.  However this has given a few dolphins a chance to hide some jewels in the ocean of Entamin for you to find.  Of course it was necessary to keep the locations a secret from Dean (dolphin) as Dean would tell Ayla where to look.   Dolphins Carmina and  Tory have been practicing their tricks in preparation for the Dolphin rodeo contests.  A prize will be awarded on a hourly basis on Saturday to the person that stays on the longest each hour.

If you are coming for your first or second time you may use a non Pern avatar.  Please see the copy of our covenant visitor rules at the end of this document for minimum requirements. Visiting our welcome center is recommended as a start and you might enjoy a ride on Toureth our tour dragon.  Be careful not to fall off ((due to lag)) your first time.  You might need to see a healer.  Also if you find Clareth nearby, you can get a ride down to Runners Rest and Harpers.

Gianfar Peaks welcome area

Note there may be additions or changes to this schedule. Keep an eye out for updated announcements.

Saturday - 29 March (all times in SLT)

Threadfall in Shaula may happen around  8:35, 10:35, 12:35, 2:35, 4:35, 6:35
Threadfall in Kuma may happen around 8:50, 10:50, 12:50, 2:50, 4:50, 6:50

Dolphin riding contests from 10:15 am to 6 pm in Etamin.   Each hour the person that stays on the dolphin the longest that hour wins 500L.  Toureth the tour dragon at the welcome center can help you find them Gianfar Peaks welcome area.

Jewels may be found in the Etamin ocean  worth different amounts if you know the answer to a PERN question,  Both Saturday and Sunday.

Dragons might get hungry at some point and need to hunt.. It could be exciting to watch except for the gory parts.

Race to the Hatching Sands Game board available at the Runner's Rest

Gather stalls will be set up throughout both days.

10:15 AM - OOC  Questions and Answers.  OOC = Out of Character.  If you have questions or need assistance, this time is set aside for this.  Look around for Ortath (orion horsforth), Star, Colin or Ludo for assistance.  You can get assistance at other times private chat,  Gianfar group chat if you are a member or in local chat.   Note that during roleplay times, using  "OOC: comment"  or "((comment))" is requested for OOC.

11:00 AM - Boulder Ball Game in Shaula Weyr (the big ring)     Form 2 teams (Green versus Brown) and push boulders or small bells around to hit one of the two green boulders if you are on the Green team or the two Brown boulders if you are on the Brown team.  Be careful not to get trampled by any dragons.  Remember you can only fly if you are a winged creature like a dragon, firelizard or hatchie.  Contact Ortath (orion horsforth) for more information

12:00 noon - Weyr practice  in Shaula Weyr .  Dragons and riders report for training and drills (semi ooc as needed)

 1:15 PM - Song and Story Circle led by Harper Ludo  Runner's Rest
 2:00 PM - Continuation of Weyr practice in Shaula Weyr
 3:00 PM - Roleplay time at Shaula Weyr .  Something exciting is happening. Dont MISS it.  
 4:00 PM - Fireworks and Dancing Gather Grounds dance floor

 5:10 PM - Hatchie boulder ball game (mini version)  if there is interest. See 11:00 AM above for details   Runner's Rest

Sunday - 29 March (all times in SLT)

Threadfall in Shaula may happen around  8:35, 10:35, 12:35, 2:35, 4:35, 6:35
Threadfall in Kuma may happen around 8:50, 10:50, 12:50, 2:50, 4:50, 6:50

Jewels may be found in the  Etamin  worth different amounts if you know the answer to a PERN question,  Both Saturday and Sunday.

Dragons might get hungry at some point and need to hunt.. It could be exciting to watch except for the gory parts.

Race to the Hatching Sands Game board available Runner's Rest

Gather stalls will be set up throughout both days.

10:00 AM - OOC Council Meeting Gianfar Hold Council Chamber

 1:30 PM - Tribute to Anne for her birthday (performers:  Lady Varian, Ludo and S'ar to perform
 2:00 PM - Arrival of Fairports (DJs) and other guests - Dancing, cookies, trivia, boulder ball. Threadfall at Shaula and Kuma (see above times) Gather Grounds dance floor

 4:00 PM - Fireworks

Dancing and feasting till the harpers run dry or the last couple leaves the dance floor!

on: March 29, 2014, 05:34:13 PM

11  Prattle in The Peaks / General Discussion / Another potential change: Rider, Dragon <=> Dragon, Rider
Now I've started thinking about rules, so...

One rule that's been in place since day 11 has been: one Player Character per agent. If you want to play 2 characters (a Rider and a Healer, say), you have to bring in an alt.

Suppose we relax this rule, in one particular: a Dragon PC may have a human PC - a Rider (or potential Rider).

Why? Well, I'm wondering if there might be some dragons who might be prepared to be riders for one of their siblings, in return for the other dragon being their rider. Umm, I hope that makes as much sense in words as it does in my head...

This wouldn't be mandatory (Varth won't have a counterpart!), and it'd come with conditions - like (once we can field more than one Wing), the alternate pairs would have to be assigned to different wings, and could only be an officer/lead pair in one wing, and both pairs would have to go through Search and Impression. And it'd be tricky to play, it's honestly not easy to play two primary characters in the same RP2 - but playing an alien, like a dragon, takes a degree of skill with characters anyway, and playing 2 characters requires rather more commitment to the RP than turning up once a week to play one part (and that's ok; Gianfar will always cater to those who only want to play on a casual basis, just as much as those of us who virtually, or actually, live here); so I'd also propose that this dual-character option would need Weyr admin approval in each case. Or, each 2 cases.

V muses: it'd be nice if we could have a pair willing to play, on one side, a regular fighting pair, rider and green, and on the other, Weyrwoman and Gold...)

Anyway, that might be one way to relieve the rider/dragon player imbalance. But, I'm in two minds about it; I can see both pros and cons - and I'd like to see if anyone else sees possibilities and/or pitfalls.

Not something to be decided in the next few days.

So... thoughts, anyone?

1 Since day -180 or earlier, I think.
2 Yes, I've done it. The best part, for me, was writing stories where my characters could interact, something they could never do in the RP.3
3 Yes, Lady V and Varth have been in the same scene. They're on different avatars (and I can manage 2 viewers at the same time when I have to). Probably won't happen again.4
4 Probably.

on: December 11, 2013, 07:33:57 AM

12  Prattle in The Peaks / General Discussion / Cross-crafting: Proposed rules
Wyn & V have been talking about formalising the Cross-Crafting rules. This is what we came up with...

Proposed rules, and justifications, for Cross-Crafting:

Cross-crafting is one of our off-canon changes to Anne's world. We permit, under certain conditions, players in Hold, Hall or any Craft to 'study', and even achieve rank, in another Craft.

The OOC reason is SL RP-related, as usual. Gianfar Peaks may, in theory, have several thousand inhabitants, but, under normal conditions, we'll only have a few players insim - and they can easily be any combination of Crafter and Weyrfolk. And it's not always easy (or possible!) to find a good IC reason to RP between disparate disciplines. This is one way to enable RP.

And there's a little 'book' justification for this - Wansor the Starsmith's lessons, given to anyone (well, anyone important), not just to Smithcraft.

The IC reason is, we're a small island - the rigid separation of crafts practiced on the mainland doesn't work for us.

So, on to the rules and customs of cross-crafting. Some basics:
  • Rank earned in cross-crafting is honorary - no title is earned
  • As with primary crafts, Craftmasters decide who they will accept. There's no 'right' to cross-craft wherever you like.
  • Cross-crafters aren't eligible to hold IC administrative rank in the crossed craft. A cross-craft 'master' can't discipline apprentices, whether cross or primary craft.
  • The requirements for advancement in any craft are to be identical for primary & cross-crafters. But it's assumed that cross-crafters will take longer to complete the requirements.
  • If you want to avoid the whole 'rank' thing, you may opt to be a Student (like the paid students in Dunca's cot in Dragonsinger)

Rules for Crafters:
  • Your first or 'Primary' craft has priority. If your Craftmaster orders, you cannot say 'oh, but my other Craftmaster said...'
  • You must have a primary Craft.
  • Switches in Primary craft require the consent of both Craftmasters. Both the 'old' and 'new' primary can require the transferee to step down in rank to Journeyman or even Apprentice.

Rules for Riders:
  • Your priorities are: your dragon, your Wing, your Weyr, and, last, your cross-craft.
  • If you were Searched from a Craft, you have the right to cross-craft there, starting at the rank you held as a primary Crafter. This is the only time a Craftmaster can't refuse to cross-craft, and this right must be exercised soon after Impression.
  • All Riders are expected to learn the rudiments of Tanner, Weaver and Healer craft as part of the care of their dragon and their riding gear. These will either be learned in the Weyr, from more senior Riders, or by cross-crafting.
  • The title of Weyrsinger may be granted to one Rider, not a Weyrling or a Wing or Weyr officer, who has, in the opinion of the Harper and the Weyr admins, and with the approval of the Owners, demonstrated the necessary skills & abilities for the role, and achieved at least Journeyman Harper rank in cross-crafting. This is an RP Lead role; it comes with responsibilities, and the expectation that you will generate RP and/or events. (Also, getting the RP Owner's approval won't be easy. I hear she's a bit of a demon.)
  • The Weyr Harper will not be a Rider, but a Crafter with primary craft Harper and rank of at least Journeyman. Likewise Weyr Healer. Either could be held by a former Rider.
  • Riders cannot transfer to Crafts without 'losing' their dragon. In this case, the player loses Weyr status completely, and becomes a Crafter. The Craftmaster decides whether to accept the former Rider at their cross-craft rank, or require them to start at a lower rank.

...and Dragons:
  • Yes, Dragons can cross-craft too!
  • How is at the discretion of the Craft. Some crafts are prepared and able to allow dragons to participate; others may require you to NPC human. (Any craft requiring the use of hands, for instance.) Or you may be permitted to audit, in dragon-form, and without achieving formal rank.
  • Dragons cannot transfer to Crafts. Sorry, you'll have to start over as a human. (I know, sucks. All that icky pink flesh, and no claws, or wings...)

And rules for Weyrfolk and Holders (the latter category including everyone else, Renegades not excepted):
  • Your priorities are: your Hold/Weyr first, your secondary Craft(s), well, second.
  • You can, with the Craftmaster's consent, transfer to your Craft, losing Hold/Weyr status and becoming a Crafter. The Craftmaster may accept you at your cross-Craft rank, or require you to begin at some lower rank. Consent of your Holder/Weyrleader is not required.

Dolphins and Firelizards are NPC; they can't cross-craft (although any primary character probably can, and there's nothing to stop you NPCing a human...)

Just to make it clear: nothing here changes anyone's current status (Ayer, Wyveth)...

So, now it's your turn. Any comments? Anything we missed? Any suggestions? Umm... relevant suggestions, please.

V & Wyn

on: December 10, 2013, 05:18:21 AM

13  Prattle in The Peaks / Abecedarium / Anne's books, and Gianfar
How off-canon are we, and how do we connect with Anne's books?

Will we see characters from the books?

No. Never. Some book characters will be mentioned in the RP; no-one will ever play a book character, and book characters may not appear in Gianfar stories or fanfic.

When are we?

We're at the start of the 9th Pass. That puts us just after the end of Dragonflight and Turns away from Dragonquest or Dragonsong/Dragonsinger. F'lar leads Benden, Lessa's Ride is over, T'ron (or T'ton) of Fort is the senior Weyrleader; Fax is dead, Jaxom is Lord Holder of Ruatha, but is still a toddler, with Lytol as his Lord Warder. Ruth hasn't been born, Menolly isn't old enough to be Petiron's lost apprentice yet.

Where are we?

We're on an island in an archipelago east - far east - of Benden, but at roughly the same latitude. We have the same seasons, but at a lower altitude. We're not on F'lar's Fall maps or schedules.

What does the North know about us?

((We made a decision early on, when creating Gianfar's backstory. What happens in the books, happens. Nothing changes that. Since we're not mentioned in the books, there has to be a reason we're not mentioned. The easiest reason is, they don't know about us. But we need to know about them. So...))
  • People in general know nothing about Gianfar. Their ancestors thought ours lost in the Second Crossing; their descendants don't even remember that event.
  • Along the coasts, Gianfar is a legend or myth, a Pernese 'Atlantis' story. No-one believes it.
  • Senior Masters of the Fishercraft, and some trusted crews, know about Gianfar. They've been here. We've taken some pains to make sure they don't find out about firelizards or dolphineering, but there's a long-standing & secret treaty between the Seacraft of the North (now under Master Idarolan), its counterpart of Gianfar, and the Lord Holders of Gianfar.
  • The Harper, and probably some of his trusted advisors, probably know about us. The Lord Holders have long assumed that the Gianfar Harper reports to the Northern Harper (currently Robinton); this may be inaccurate.
  • Dragons know about Shaula. The dragons of Shaula and those of the North, both Benden and Oldtimer, can talk together. The dragons have never told their riders simply because no-one has ever asked.
  • Friends of Gianfar, see below.

How do we know what's going on in the North? (ie. the 'book story')

  • Dragons talk to dragons.  This is how Shaula Weyr knows what is going on in the other Weyrs. Not in any detail, because dragons just aren't that interested in human affairs. But they know about hatchings, mating flights & leadership changes. The Weyr has always known about Lessa's Ride, and watched over the Oldtime Weyrs as they rode forward, keeping civilians from accidentally blundering into Weyr camps.
  • Fishermen talk to seamen, when ships come into port. And refugees sometimes come to Gianfar. There are some smugglers, too.
  • Harpers. Just like the mainland, the Harper plays many tunes. Harpers going to the mainland on the Gianfar Harper's business cannot take their firelizards, so their words move at the speed of ships. Harpers brought Fandarel's modified agenothree spray designs to Gianfar.
  • The Friends of Gianfar, aka 'Friends', is how the Lord Holders keep an eye on the North and actively hide the islands. Essentially a spy network, most of whom don't truly know who they're working for, the Friends listen to the doings of the various Lords & Crafts, and actively spread rumours & stories that help discount tales of Gianfar's existence. Information is passed back to the Lord Holder by firelizard; the only time firelizards are permitted off the island is on Friends service. The head of the Friends is the Librarian of Gianfar Hold; the head of the Friends on the mainland is sometimes called the 'master spy'. The Lord Holder knew about the return of the Weyrs within hours of it happening.

What's so different about us? (ie. apart from being somewhere which doesn't exist in the books, how are we off-canon?)

  • The Rift. ((We wanted a way to let visitors from other places in SL not just be shadows on the wall. The Rift is our solution. And, naturally, a major part of the backstory. Physically, it's the preferred landing-point in our welcome area.)) The Rift permits strangers from other worlds to visit Gianfar, and some of Gianfar's people to visit other worlds. Usually, it disables any magic or technology the visitor brings with them. Sometimes, the Rift will not permit the visitor to leave, instead transforming them into their Pernese equivalent. (eg. a visiting red dragon, unable to burn Thread, might become a Shaula green or blue. ((note: If you want to use this route to 'arrive' on Gianfar, you need to have a compelling RP story to go with it!)) )
  • Dragons can talk. ((Playing a non-speaking sentient creature is one of the more complex, and - imo - fun, problems of RP. But it's not something most players want to dive into straight off the bat. So, we decided our dragons should be able to talk to humans other than their Rider. But, obviously, this makes them different from Anne's dragons. And so, we had our first backstory point. - we're still arguing whether this is physical talk, or some sort of local broadcast telepathy. And it's not mandatory, some dragons prefer to play 'book' form.))
  • Firelizards. ((In the books, firelizards aren't (re)discovered until Dragonquest. But people like firelizards, our players wanted them around. So, we still have firelizards. Helpfully, Todd's books explain how the North 'forgot' their friends. We simply didn't have their problem, or their need to send them away.))
  • Dolphins. ((Who aren't rediscovered until Dolphins of Pern - but, again, players wanted the 'shipfish'. So, we still have dolphins, and Dolphineers.))
  • ReImpressing ((To put it simply, we don't think it's fair to make a dragon, or a rider, ftm, restart because their partner leaves the RP. So, instead of 'suiciding' - which isn't precisely what the dragons are doing - we allow ours to Impress another rider.))
  • Colour Change ((In the books, those with wingleader or weyrleader potential Impress bronzes. Unfortunately, it can't work that way in an RP... so we 'promote' pairs by permitting dragons to become bronze when their riders become wingleaders. Likewise, every dragon would be a bronze, or a gold, if they could - but Weyrs are over half greens. So, we expect most dragons to hatch as blue or green, and be promoted to brown, bronze or gold as pairs prove themselves.))
  • Merged Crafts Having a smaller population, some Northern crafts are merged on Gianfar. Thus, Dolphin is merged with Fisher, Miner with Smith. ((If we didn't do this, we'd have more Masters than apprentices!))

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14  Prattle in The Peaks / General Discussion / Event suggestion: 'Regular' Threadfalls?
I can script the Fall so it will always trigger at the same time every week (with a bit of randomness thrown in). It can even throw out an (OOC or IC) notice to anyone insim, some random time before it triggers.

So... anyone interested? Any days/times you'd like?  Cool


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15  Prattle in The Peaks / Gianfar Hold / Re: First Fall - the Lady's story
The problem was simple, or could be stated simply. The answer...

She reminded herself for the umpteenth time that she liked problems, she got bored when she didn't have problems to solve. Yes, when I can solve them. So why couldn't she solve this one? She had some first-class brains around her council table -

Her inner council. Guard Captain, Steward, Headwoman, Librarian, Chief Clerk, a representative from the merchants, two of the more loyal Holders from nearby Holds, and the head of one of the trading caravans that had been passing through when Fall hit. Except for her Steward and Librarian, each had a position to defend.

"We have barely enough food for our people -" the Chief Clerk.
"You have more than enough to get us to harvest!" - the Holders.
"- if we have to get them through the rest of the Turn."
"If Thread destroys the harvest and we're dependent on the herds and the Fisher, you mean." - the Headwoman, in rare accord with the Clerk.
"You have to feed the Holds!"
"If we send caravans to the Holds, we'll have to defend them. The people are panicked. You heard the renegade's report." - the Captain.
"I don't have enough men to defend the caravans from thieves and the Hold from Thread."
The trader shook his head. "I'm not moving without guards."
"But you have to move! If you don't move, how will my goods - and the food, of course - get to the holds?" - the merchant.
"It won't get to them if renegades or panicked holders raid my train."

The Lady tapped the greenstone table with Anna's hilt. A quiet, tiny sound, which rang on and on, fading slowly. All eyes were on the blade, and then on its owner.

"Take a break", she said, returning Anna to her sheath next to Bella.

Her butler materialised. "The council will recess for half-" He caught sight of his Lady "- for an hour. Members will withdraw!" He struck the stone floor with the metal heel of his staff of office. Lady V was privately amused at the enthusiasm with which he fulfilled his duties during these meetings; his usual task was to oversee the drudges charged with keeping the Family apartments clean, and in particular to keep one step ahead of the Lady's ever-changing fancies.

Her Steward and Librarian looked at her, but she gave one tiny shake of her head. They withdrew into the Family apartments, to await her pleasure.

Alone at last, she sighed. Such a simple problem... her father's voice awoke in her mind. "Of course they think the answers are simple. They've got simple minds. Whatever made you think the questions are simple?1 If a question looks simple, but has no solution, you're not asking the right question."

Very well, Father. Let's re-cast the question. The problem is to supply the holds - and the renegades - all her people, in fact - with food, without starting riots. Her people were scared, they didn't trust the Hold or the Weyr; both had seemingly failed them. Thread had returned, people had died, land had been destroyed.

Put that way...

Her Librarian and Steward burst into the room. "My Lady!" They pushed a hide at her, the familiar outline of a Friends report. As she started to read, she felt a stirring in the air - a dragon landing. She read quickly, skimming, then turned the hides face-down as a rider strode into the council chamber, her butler in pursuit.

"You have a message from the Weyrleader, I believe", she forestalled him.

"Your ladyship, I have - yes. Yes, ma'am, I do."

"And where is it?"

"Oh, right here, my la- your ladyship." He pulled a hide out of his jacket and passed it to her.

She read it swiftly. "I see", she said without changing her expression. "Very good. Do thank the weyrleader for me. Do you or your dragon require anything? A glass of wine before you go? My staff will see to you. Good day to you."

"Err, umm, yes, your ladyship, clear skies!" He withdrew in some disorder, clearly surprised by her lack of reaction.

"Excellent", she said. "The solution is obvious. Request the presence of the Harper, please, and the Smith, if they can spare the Hold a little of their time. And recall my council." She smiled, content, now another problem had withered and died.

"But, my lady... what are we going to do?"

"Oh, didn't I say?" She shook her head. "It's simple. We'll send the caravans out without guards - but with Harpers, carrying this message." She tapped the Weyrleader's  hide. "Expanded with some of the details the Weyr unaccountably forgot about, like agenothree. The Harpers will tell the tale of Lessa's Ride. That's what the people need to hear now. The return of the Lost Weyrs, the defeat of the second Fall in the North. And if Fandarel can construct an agenothree pump in less than a day, I'm quite sure that Wyn can, too. Dragonsprays. I like that thinking.

"And the caravans will have orders to hand over their food to anyone who asks for it. If one Hold thinks it needs the supplies more than the next, let them have them. We'll send out more. It's the Weyr's job to protect the fields from Thread, and, with this news, we're going to assume they're going to do it. Oh, make sure Colin knows his people are to get their supplies, too. The Clerk is to hold back only those stores that we will need to keep the Hold and halls through to Harvest."

"My lady, are you sure-"

She cut her steward off with a wave. "Our people aren't rioting yet. We've never had gangs who will loot and kill whole trains on Gianfar, and - if we're quick - we won't have any now. I want that first caravan to leave tomorrow, with harpers and agenothree pumps. Oh, and I want a copy of those maps Weyrleader F'lar has drawn up. If there's a way they can be expanded to include Gianfar, I want it. And I'm quite sure the Weyr will appreciate it." Whether they like having it handed to them by the Hold, or not.

"We're going to have to rely on the Fisher's catch for a while. If we can just teach dragons to fish, as well... hmm. Perhaps I should talk to Master Ayer next." She shook herself. "Now, back to business..."

1 paraphrased from a line delivered by Titus Charlot in The Paradise Game, fourth book in the Hooded Swan SF series by Brian Stableford

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