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Prattle in The Peaks / Weyr, Hold & Hall / The Days of our Hold (RP 2/17/2019) Part 1
Starting Point: Healer Hall (recovery room)

   - Start discussions as to how to get the Companions to Southern
   - How will the girls return to Bai Long?

Cast of Characters:
        Bit (Companion)
        Sorana (Companion)
        Theman (Beast Craft)
        Adara Tae (Holder)
        Zai (Holder)

    What we KNOW:
        Bit is healing
        Sorana's parents have been killed in a cave-in

The group is gathered in Bit's room at Healer Hall, as we join them just past the beginning of the discussion...

Zircon "Go on a litter? It's a long sea journey."
Sorana makes in impatient sound
Zai adds "A litter from here to the ship and then from the ship to her hold."
The canine eyes the black one with head cocked, then shakes and settles closer to nice Lady. He snorts at the smell of wet fur

Sorana : "I can't take a sea voyage. That would take too many sevendays."
Zai: "It's the sea that's more of a ... um...
Sorana : "I have to get back as soon as possible." She looks at Bit.
Zircon: "So you're talking dragonback."
Sorana: "It will have to be."
Shanna: "Turn? If you says so."
Bit stares back, shrugging her good shoulder. "It's gonna be what it is, Sor.. can't stop a fall."
Zai rubs her ear and sighs.

Theman: "HI Shanna ! Is it your turn to watch these two, now? The desk's all yours, Shanna."
Shanna: "Um, how do you watch people with a desk?"
Theman: "It gives you a place to rest your legs, Shanna."
Shanna: "Ah! That's what is usually doing with desks"
Theman adds "I've been keeping a log of their talk too, the Healer asked it."
Shanna: "Hm, well, can't do that."
Moira steps in looking around "Ah, I thought perhaps the MasterHealer might be here."
Theman: "Ah, Master Moira!"
Theman: "The healer was pulling an all nighter - something about a holder fell off the balcony. She might be here soon, though"
Moira nods at Theman, and then stands back watching and listening to the conversation.

Sorana : "Bit...Ar would be in charge right now...and he hates being in charge."
Zai: "um - a man who hates being in charge?"

Zai asks "When is threadfall due in your Hold, My Lady?"
Sorana : "I am sure the timetables here can help figure that out. Our flits warn us and we go inside..."
Zai mutters "but we don't know where your hold /is/, do we."

Canine woofs softly and leans into nice Lady, making sure to keep out form under moving feet.

Bit winces "so what you're saying is.. all the best of the rum's been drunk and it's going to take a ship load of sweet sand to get the smell outta the Hold and you need to get back.. without me..."
Sorana : "Oh Bit, I don't want to do that"
Sorana flops on the floor, looking despondent
Zai looks between the two women.
Bit  points to her arm, tilts her head saucily "well I ain't gonna be of much use with the scrubbing, now am I?"
Zai: "You could order about this miraculous man who doesn't like being in charge. I've never known a cast get in the way of that."
Sorana:  "Bit, if I don't get back, aside from the Hold being a mess, Ar will go on a Turn long voyage, he'll be so mad."
Sorana : "Ar is my mate, Lady...and he prefers to sail rather than stay in a Hold."
Zai: "For a whole turn?"
Zircon looks interested "Oh, then can he sail you two back?"
Zai: "Are you sure he's not married to his ship?"

Canine noses the Healer smelling arm, trying to lick the thing but snorting and pulling away at the chalky rock taste.

Adara Tae enters quietly to catch up on the situation

Sorana : "He can't come get me and leave the Hold without a leader."
Theman turns back to Sorana "If he'd rather sail, than spend time with you, he might not be such a good man, Sorana"
Sorana  glares at Theman. "He is a GOOD man to me. He is just going to be so frustrated."
Zai has a sudden inexplicable cough.
Zircon "Theman, we have no business criticizing the domestic arrangements of our guests."
Theman: "True. My apologies, Lady Sorana."
Sorana : "Apology accepted, Theman."

Zai: "Why can't you go back now and then your friend can travel when she's well? We can take good care of her here."
Bit sighs in exasperation "This is easy peasy, Sor.. you git on back and see what's doin'.  I'll come back home when the Healer clears me.." She perks up noticeably and fairly sings with glee, "on dragon back!"
Sorana : "I don't want to leave her here."
Canine glances back and forth between the people.
Zai looks at the blonde and rolls her eyes sympathetically.
Sorana can't help but chuckle at Bit's happy tone.

Zircon "There's still the question of how you'll get back, Lady Sorana."
Zai: "I think dragon back is called for somehow. or her friend will likely arrive back before her."
Sorana : "Why not on a dragon?"
Theman says, in an aside, to Adara "I suspect that Bit wants another ride, clutched in the claws of that dragon, Butterfingerth"
Bit : "Oh! I have this one too! *on dragon back* "She nods nods too hards and winces.
Canine whines at Lady's wince, pushing his shaggy head into her lap.

Zircon "Dragons can't go between without coordinates, and if they fly all the way to Southern without going Between it will take almost as long as a ship would."
Adara Tae smiles.
Sorana : "Well, how do they get the pictures?"
Zai murmurs "Told you so, My Lady"
Moira nods "Yes, the dragons will need good coordinates.  I don't know how they'd get them if the rider can't picture the location well enough"
Zircon "The dragon and rider have to have been there before, and the rider gives the dragon the coordinates by concentrating on her memories of the place."
Zai: "People as can talk to dragons can give them pictures."

Bit recovers immediately as her hands resume their quiet petting and stroking of the fuzzy furred head.

Una hurries up the steps, having finished her note and sent Tusse on with it. She listens to the conversation and explanations...

Sorana : "I could try to draw the beach?" Sorana looks dubious, knowing her art skills are...not good.
Zircon shakes her head slowly.
Zai ponders. "um... could she fly? um.... like with a dragon rider?"
Sorana : "She said that would take too long, Lady"
Adara Tae: "Could the dragon get the picture from a flit?  I don't know if flits and dragons talk to each other."
Zircon "People have used art to go between, but it is very risky. If the picture isn't good the dragon and rider could be lost between. I wouldn't even trust a picture from a flit unless it was my flit."
Zai rubs her ear.
Adara Tae: "Pictures sometimes take artistic license a bit too far."
Sorana : "Well what can we do?"
Zai: "I don't suppose either of you can speak to dragons? Some can, but it's rare."
Sorana : "I must get back.  I am Lady Holder now at Bai Long."
Zircon adds  "and of course, my flits have never been to Southern. We could ask the sailors if they have a flit that could give a dragon Southern coordinates."
Sorana looks hopeful.
Zai: "I don't think anybody can speak to a flit. all they think about is food. and. more food."
Zircon "They can be trained to take messages to people they know, and to go to places they know."

Theman: "Shanna, how fast is your fastest deep sea ship? How long would it take to sail to Southern? And, WHERE, in all of Southern IS Bai Long, anyway?"
Sorana : "Surely your sailors could help with this? They have sailed to our land."
Shanna: "Don't know. It takes maybe twenty days to the mainland either way from here. But the nearest Southern is nearer."

Moira: "If I was still a rider, I don't think I would want to take a risk on going between based on a picture."
Zircon "That's two ex-riders who agree on that."
Sorana : "Well, we have to do something. What would you two suggest?"

Canine pays no mind to the words floating around the room , content with pets and scratches, tail thumping a happy tattoo on the floor.

Sorana wrings her hands unconsciously, worry plain on her face.
Zircon waits for Moira to answer, since she was just a weyrling.
Moira sighs "A lot of complications for someone who shouldn't have even been here, and now needs to leave quickly."
Sorana : "I am so sorry my parents got killed..."
Zai: "What?"
Sorana gives the woman an angry look."
Zai stares at Sorana in disbelief and shock.
Sorana : "Believe me, madam, I sorely wish I had no need for such haste."
Moira shakes her head "I know - not your fault - and I'm not even sure how you ended up here.  It's a very slim chance, but perhaps we should see if a dragon can pick up any images from your mind if you were to think really hard about the landing area by your Hold."
Adara Tae: "Could we fly dragons in relays? One dragon and rider flies as fast and far as they can then send the picture of where they are to the next dragon and rider who would continue on."
Zai: "Can they send pictures of where they've seen but not been? Maybe that'd be fast enough. Zai sighs, "Except if it's over sea, because sea pretty much looks like sea."

Una steps forward holding a large scroll. "Perhaps if we studied a map it would help to determine the best course of action, and travel....."

Sorana : "I would send you to the beach  closest to our Hold Cave entrance. It is wide...and easy for a dragon to land."
Zai: "umm, Lady? Why not the hold entrance? Wouldn't that be easier for you to picture?"
Sorana : "The dragon can't fit on that ledge."
Zai: "They don't have to come out of between on the ledge though do they? And they can fly to the beach from there."
Sorana : "The little one we saw earlier wouldn't fit and you all have told me that they are much bigger when full grown."
Moira: "They will come out on whatever is pictured, so if the picture was of the ledge, they would come out on that."
Sorana : "I can picture the beach... The beach is on a lake...  even if the dragon lands on the water, it's not far to land..."
Zircon "Suppose we found a  sailor who has a well trained flit, and Sorana drew something and the sailor compared it with his flit's picture, and they kept doing that until the picture is accurate. That's all I can think of."
Bit : "Like from the top of a ship's mast?"
Sorana : "But in my head, I see the beach then the water, so that should put the dragon on the beach, right?"
Zircon "Dragons are in telepathic contact with their riders, not with you."
Moira: "I would think it would be best for the dragon to land on land, not water."
Sorana : "I would be picturing land."
Zircon "Did you hear me, Sorana? The dragon can't read your picture."
Sorana : "Yes, I heard you."

Zai sighs softly
Zai: "Oh /blast/. I just remembered who is preparing the bubbly pies. i had better get back before there is a disaster."
Sorana : "Good day to you, Lady."
Zai bobs a curtsy.
Zai: "I hope your solution comes to you before your mate goes on his turn long voyage, Lady."
Sorana: "Thank you."
Canine perks at the mention of bubbly pies but stays put sighing contently.
Bit mutters softly, singsong while she pets the canine "oh no not the pies! can't have that now can we? no.. no... "

---- continues in Part 2 -----

on: February 18, 2019, 03:07:19 AM

Prattle in The Peaks / Weyr, Hold & Hall / The Days of our Hold (RP 2/17/2019) - Part 2
---- continued from Part 1 ----

Moira thinks for a minute "The Weyr may have some dragons and riders that have been to Southern and might have some landing points already for someplace on the continent.  Perhaps they would be close enough to fly the rest of the distance to the Hold?"
Sorana grows more and more frustrated, her hands clenching and unclenching in her skirts
Zircon "Oh, yes, Moira. I heard tell of dragons that went to Southern and stayed there for some time."
Sorana : "Do you think you could find those riders? and then, maybe we could use your maps to figure out just how far it might be back to Bai Long?"
Moira nods "The WeyrLeader doesn't like it talked about, generally, but this seems like a situation where we may need to do some cajoling or pulling in favors..."
Zircon "That would certainly be the safest way to do it."
Moira: "Yes, my main concern is for what will be safest for our dragons and riders."

Canine wiggles happily, tongue lapping out every now and then to lick the hand.

Zircon "The Weyrleader would know who those dragonriders are, but he's out of touch just now. Mayhap  someone has a flit that can contact him."
Una: "I can send Tusse with a message as soon as he returns. Given we've been assigned at the Weyr, he is familiar with many there."
Zircon "Their pictures would be out of date, though. It's been a few turns since they were there, as far as I know."
Sorana : "Use the stars to guide them. The sky can get them to the right time. Sailors sail by them all the time...at least, ours do."
Zircon "Really? in a mental picture?"
Sorana : "Sailors know the position of the stars."
Moira: "Perhaps some have been there more recently, but if not, it still seems to me to be a safer choice.  If they land on Southern, perhaps they can fly to find the Hold from a map drawing, and then get their own coordinates for the Hold.  Then they come back and get the Lady and take her right there."
Zircon "My training was not complete. I don't know how riders time it. That sounds good, Harper Moira."
Bit perks up at the strange tern of phrase, making a mental note to investigate what all that might mean for later.. mouths the words to herself reflexively "time it.. hmmmm..."
Sorana : "Oh please, can you have them at least try it?"
Zircon "It's rather fatal if they try and fail. We can ask, that's all.."
Sorana sits on the floor again dejectedly. " I have to get back..."
Moira: "We'll need the Weyrleaders approval and his selecting of the dragon and rider that he feels know that area the best."
Una: "To get that approval will require some explanations."
Zircon "Harpers are good at explanations. I"m glad I don't have to do it. I'm a bit scared of the Weyrleader."
Sorana leans on the big shaggy dog, half-listening to the talk around her as she worries.
Una: "Would it be best to ask the Weyrleader to come here?"
Zircon "It would be fastest."

Canine yips and nudges Lady as she stops petting, trying to gnaw at the white chalky thing on her arm.
Bit grins and covertly allows the destruction of the restrictive bandages, softly resumes scritching the creature behind the ears.

Sorana stands again, restive.  She begins to pace in frustration.

Tusse chirps and appears on Una's shoulder, wrapping his tail about her neck.
Una smiles at her flit, scritching his tiny eye ridges.   "There may be another errand for you my dear"...
Canine glances over his shoulder at the small flyer's appearance, bits and dust from the plaster coating his muzzle.

Sorana : "Can we please at least ask the Weryleader?"
Theman: "Wouldn't one of the Wingleaders be more approachable, for this?"
Moira: "I would not think that a Wingleader could make that decision, based on the risk."
Theman: "... but the Wingleader might be able to champion the cause, lending weight to any request to the Weyrleader. Would that not be so?"
Moira: "Yes, that is true."
Una: "hmmm.    Perhaps, but I think they would be loath to go around the Weyrleader like that.  They are quite loyal and would not want to be on the wrong side of favor as well. What then is the best way about this?"

Sorana absently scratches the canine's head as she listens
Bit snort/giggles "That's like when folks would ask me to ask Sor to ask Sor's mom..." rolls her eyes
Theman grins, "aye, same principle"
Sorana  smiles sadly at Bit "And now they will be asking you to ask me..." Her voice breaks off
Bit presses her lips together sadly, returns to her quiet scritching
Canine turns back to the willing hands, his destruction not noticed, now both his muzzle and her pants white with dust.
Sorana sighs softly, a tear rolling down her cheek as she thinks of her parents.

Zircon Pardon me. I came for a class, and it's about to start.

Moira turns hearing movement in the hallway.  "That might be the Weyrleader.  I'll go check.  Do we have a map of Southern with the Hold marked for me to borrow?"
Bit : "I um.. might have one in me doodle bag? maybe?"
Moira turns before stepping out into the hall "If someone can send it out if it's found, that would be appreciated."

Bit : "Not sure I can really.." She looks at the mangled bandages and bites both her lips.
Sorana looks over and makes a 'tsk' sound "Oh Bit..."
Canine blinks up at her innocently, tongue lolling with plaster bits.
Sorana : "Where is your bag, sweetie?  I'll find the map.  And Healer?" She looks around. "I think she needs a new cast."

Theman moves over to stand by the wall, to eavesdrop (unsuccessfully) on the hallway conversation, but also to avoid the Weyrleader's gaze. (He still owes the Weyr a Dozen herdbeasts.)
Bit points where her doodles were stowed when she was brought in for mending "over there Sor, they stashed 'em when I got here..."
Sorana spots her bag and picks it up, winking at Bit "I hope that plaster doesn't make the poor beastie throw up on YOU." She rummages through the bag.

Julianna arches an eyebrow "I gave 'er a casting. She fed it to t'a cur."  She shrugs her shoulders.
Bit  arches both brows in alarm at the thought, looks down at the pleased panting of the canine and inches just a tiny bit back in her chair.
Sorana finds several drawings, smiling as she looks through them then she nods "Ah!  Here it is..." She walks to Theman and hands him the map.
Sorana : "I'm sure you all would prefer that I stay in here under your watchful eyes."
Theman sighs.  "Gee, thanks.  Yeah, I'll take them out.  He grabs the pictures.
Bit lowers her chin to hide the sudden smirk, goes back to biting both lips.
Canine glances from person to person, tail thumping, white plaster dust stark against his dark fur.
Sorana steps back to the other canine and waits.

"The pictures, Master Moira, the girl found them." Theman holds out the gripped drawings.
Moira takes the pictures.  "Thanks, Theman" and then turns back to the Weyrleader.
Theman returns to his place, by the interior wall, grateful to have avoided any scrutiny.

Moira re-enters the room. "Whew.... we're in luck, perhaps.  Glad I have a good history with the Weyrleader. A dragon and rider will make a trial Between trip - which dragon/rider and how long since they've been there were not mentioned. Once there, they will attempt to locate this Southern Hold."

Lady Varian steps into the room. "Quite a meeting. Did I hear that the Weyr will be sending a rider to scout this new hold?"
Sorana : "Hello, Lady."
Adara Tae: "Greetings, Lady Varian."
Moira looks over "Greetings, Lady Varian"
Adara Tae: "I'm not sure if it's been arranged yet."

Canine glances over his shaggy shoulder, tongue lolling and muzzle ringed white with plaster dust.

Sorana : "My Lady, I have received word that my parents have been killed and I must get back to my Hold quickly. Sorana looks at the Lady Holder with pleading eyes.
Moira: "The Weyrleader does what the Weyrleader wants, but appears willing to help in this unusual situation."
Una: "They will want to know more about southern, I'm sure."

Lady Varian sighs. "I can't compel the Weyrleader. And it's a risk for the dragon and rider, to fly where they have no current coordinates. One mistake and they can be hundreds of years in the past, or lost forever. Now, how comes this news of the death of your parents, child?"

Sorana : "One of the Sailors brought the news yesterday, Lady.  Apparently they heard in on one of their...trips...to my home and were talking about it on the ship.  Your Shipcraftmaster knew I was here and sent word that my parents had been killed in a rockslide. After all, the Master knew we were trying to stowaw...I mean, find a ride back home on one of his ships.

Moira shakes her head and mutters "Sailors who have been to Southern, dragons who have been to Southern, it's a wonder we are still a secret."
Adara Tae smiles.
Theman: "The island DOES seem to eb at the confluence of many ocean currents.
Sorana looks around the room.

Moira: "The dragon being sent apparently has some type of coordinate for Southern.  Once they find the Hold and get a coordinate for that, the Weyrleader said that they will do several test betweens before attempting it with passengers."
Una: "It may then be a day.... or two before we know if this will work?"
Sorana looks hopeful for the first time today.
Bit: "Wow that's amazingly fast! Only that long! Dragons must be oh so very handy to have around." <looks wistful>
Moira: "A time frame wasn't given, but I think it's reasonable to think it may be a day or so.  I suppose it depends on how long it takes flying around to locate the Hold."
Lady Varian nods. "I shall politely ask the Weyrleader to direct his Riders to avoid being seen and to take no action to contact this Hold. One arrogant Rider and a Hold that has never seen a dragon or paid a Tithe... it doesn't bear thinking about."
Moira turns away and smiles a little, trying to think of riders that aren't arrogant in some fashion.
Sorana : "There is a boat on the beach at the Hold...and a small building near the caves to change clothes for swimming in the lake, if that helps?"
Moira makes a note of those details.  "I'll pass that information along."

Canine whines as the petting stops and heaves himself up to lick her face.
Bit giggles and buries her face against the fuzz.. stroking and patting the beastie obligingly.

Shanna: "And failing this, a ship can always go."
Moira looks over at Shanna and smiles "Another trading opportunity once we've located it."
Sorana : "I promise I will be happy to help you set up trade if I can just get HOME."

Bit looks deeply into the canines eyes "how do you like warm weather, my friend? you like it where it's hot? I know this place.... very hot..."

Bit : "doh!"
Sorana : "What Bit?"
Lady Varian raises an eyebrow.
Bit holds still, face all wincy "Oh nothin'.. I'm fine, really.. just getting a little tired I think. She stifles a yawn with her good arm.
Canine cocks his head at her words, leaning in to get in a last lick as she yawns.
Sorana watches Bit with concern.
Shanna: "Is time for rest then, and for reports."
Sorana sighs softly, knowing she has to wait and not liking it one bit.
Moira nods "This most be very tiring for the patient, all of our discussions in her room."
Sorana nods, fighting back tears
Canine sighs and leans into Lady's lap looking up at her.
Moira sighs "Well, I don't know if there's anything more we can do until we hear word from the Weyrleader."

Sorana : "May I stay in here with Bit? I promise I won't keep her up...I just need to be with my foster sister."
Julianna: "Ye may."  She stands up looking weary.  "But t'a rest of ye... need ta be about yer own business."
Sorana  smiles thankfully "I appreciate that, Healer." A tone of respect is in her voice as she speaks to the woman.

Theman: "The healer's giving us the stink eye, i guess we had best be leaving."
Shanna: "Is right. Going! Fair winds."
Theman: "Fair winds, Shanna."
Moira: "Fair winds, Shanna"
Sorana moves to the bed and lies down, sighing softly.
Adara Tae: Take care all.

Canine glances back to the Healer, plaster still smudging his fur.
Julianna say sternly "Don't t'ink I didna see you, mongrel. Every bandage ya eat is flour not made ta bread."
Una covers a smile.
Moira heads towards the door, "I need to get back to Harper Hall.  I'll send updates to the Healer as I hear news."
Theman: "I'll check with Gabe and the night watch crew, and then I'm off as well - have to finally get that dozen beasts on their way to the Weyr."
Una: "I will head back to the guest quarters.   good night   Do get some rest, both of you."

on: February 18, 2019, 03:06:17 AM

Prattle in The Peaks / Weyr, Hold & Hall / A Wet and Rainy Day at the Weyr (RP 3/18/18)
Archivist note:  Yes, there were RP episodes between 2/18/18 and 3/18/18 - and there were some very exciting and dangerous events, but the Archivist was not present, so has nothing in hand to preserve in the archives.
In the Weyr Bowl, after a change in weather with the snow fall turning to rain fall, and a general thaw starting across the island....

Theman looks up, stopping his idle braiding of various grasses, "Greetings, Lady Una."
Theman: "...and as for now, I plan to get another cup of this fine ale,"
Mishalath ambles over to the peoples in the wet after a failed attempt to shake the mud off her limbs and tail. The Green rumbles greetings ~Why the peoples stay in the falling wet?~
Moira waves to the rider as she slides easily off his dragon, before turning to walk towards the gathering around the fire.
Una: "Ugh...  Wouldn't you know.  I come out for a little fresh air while it's still safer than most times and it rains."  She wipes the water from her face.
Theman shivers in the damp chill and rain, considers a warm hearth in the Weyr dining cavern might be more comfortable.
Theman: "Greetings, Master Moira.... tis a biting chill, this damp - should we move inside?"
Una: "Greetings Master Moira.   Glad you arrived before a deluge." Una looks up at the clouds.
Moira shivers as she heads closer to the fire. "Greetings!"
Shanna: "Oh, inside please!"
Una: "After you..."
Theman considers waiting for Master Moira to lead the way, but a shivver strikes him a mental bargain.
Mishalath blinks at the peoples curiously, the feeble fire sputtering and hissing its protest of the rain. The Green once again tries to rid herself of the clinging mud on her forelegs, shaking enthusiastically.
Moira jumps a little, realizing she's not far enough away from the green shaking off mud.
Una watches the muddy dragon.   "You're bit less green today young dragon."  She smiles.
Del: "I'll make sure the kitchen has plenty of hot klah."
Una: "You should come where it's drier,  too."

Moira follows the others into the Weyr dining hall.
Shanna takes off her boots
Moira rubs her hands together "The warmth feels good."
Theman relaxes in the smoky, warm cavern.
Una stops off in the kitchen to get a towel.
Una dries off her arms and hands and passes the towel.   Shakes the water from her hair.
As the warmth of the cavern, and the klah envelop him, Theman releases the catches on his jacket.
Una listens to the shouts from the storage room as people recover things knocked over as Mishalath follows.
Shanna: "As a little un mother was the head cook so lived in a warm kitchen."
Moira pours herself a cup of hot klah.
Theman: "I recall, when i was very small, my mother would make a great cake, and allow me to lick the batter off the mixer."
Una: "As much as I love a good fire, I have to say I'm happy to be out of the kitchens, warm or not."
Una looks around hoping the drudges and others did her her remark
Moira: "When I was first...  um, my first place away from home, I worked here in the the Weyr storage areas and kitchen. "

Mishalath peeks her large wedge head around the corner of the storage caves, rain still clinging to her emerald hide. She sneakily slithers into the warm room...ignoring the fact her passage through the storage caverns and kitchen was less then silent...she must have had a growth spurt.
Theman smiles at the look of dismay on the faces of drudges, as the great green enters, dripping, and tracking mud.
Shanna looks at the dragon. "Wipe your claws! Where are your shoes!!" Shanna laughs.
Mishalath makes her way to the peoples at the table, always one to search out peoples curious as she was. Her Rider always chided her for this...peoples sometimes did not like being near dragons. The Green took no notice of the trail she left, rumbling happily as the heat of the room took away the wet.
Moira smiles over towards the green dragon. "I suppose even dragons like to be in where it's warm."
Theman: "Master Moira, have the caverns changed much?"
Mishalath blinks and peers at her claws ~Dragons do not needwear peoples shoes~
            If dragons wore shoes they wouldn't last
            Dragons grow most awfully fast
            And when they got big their claws would poke through
            So they don't - which you already knew.
Theman looks towards the Harpers on his left and right, as the Fisher Hall lady does harpering without a license......
Moira looks over at Shanna "I wonder how the Hall missed you, letting you go to Fisher's instead."  Moira smiles and shakes her head.
Una: "Shanna, really   you could be a harper you know."
Mishalath huffs in amusement at Shanna fisher lady. The Green nudges Una Harper gently playfully ~Tennar food misses you in kitchens~
Shanna snorts
Una ducks  and laughs as a big green head nudges her.  Turns on the bench and reaches up for an eye ridge to skritch.
 Mishalath rumbles happily, she likes when the peoples laugh.

Theman: "Lady Una, have you spoken with Master Moira yet about what happened at the Healer Hall?"
Moira looks with interest at Theman and Una.
Theman: "That man, from up north they have there. He made the most outlandish claims."
Una: "I have not had a chance.   As I heard she was on the way here it was just as well to wait."
Theman: "Then I suspect you have some 'harpering' to do. Should I give you quiet? or do you mind if I remain?"
Moira: "I've been out at my cothold, so I have been out of touch a bit, and not easy to contact except by firelizard."
Una: "Well since we are all here, we can inform her.  It was quite an experience."
Shanna puts down her mug and looks at the pies.
Theman looks at Harper Una, eyebrows raised.
Mishalath settles her Green bulk on the stone floor, most of the mud washed off by the rain or left in her wake as she came. Keeping her large wedge head in easy reach for willing fingers, large swirling eyes glance at the clucking and muttering drudges cleaning.
Moira: "Now you have my interest piqued.  It's been very quiet down in the southern end of the island, where my cothold is.  Nothing like all the excitement around here and in the north."
Una: "The man we believe is behind the trouble was cornered, rather accidentally, by Martin, the one rescued at the beach.
Blueball, Shanna's flit appears ~ pie?
Shanna sighs and gives the flit a nibble of pie
Moira raises her eyebrows. "He was? Now, that is some news." She turns towards Dutch.  "You mentioned some claims being made?"
Una stretches her arm and lowers it, turning back around.

Theman: "He ... claimed to have thwarted assassins - on behalf of the - get this - PROPER Lady Holder of Gianfar!"
Mishalath grumbles at the absence of fingers but keeps still, sensing the serious turn of the conversation.
Moira raises her eyebrows even higher "Proper lady holder?  I didn't think there was any question about Lady Varian being Lord Holder..."
Una: "I suppose having been nearly killed in the altercation with Martin he was ready to start talking.  He finally gave us some information at after we caught up with him at Healer Hall."Theman continues "... and, apparently, the northwest of the island is having other thoughts on the matter of holding - a Lady Veekar was mentioned."
Mishalath snorts softly, not fully remembering the events, just knowing they made her uneasy.
Shanna: "One island, one Holder..."
Moira: "A Lady Veekar?  I don't think I've ever heard that name..."
Theman: "Cloudshadow Hold was mentioned, I believe. Seems she is making claim to be the legitimate child of Lady Vee."
Moira nods at Shanna, "Yes, one island, on Lord Holder.  We have some what might be described as little holds, but still all are under the one Lord Holder's jurisdiction."
Una turns at the contented muffled snuffs and snots behind her, and smiles at the dragon.
Theman: "The problem is, that this Veekar lady seems to be disrupting the island - down to at least the mid-north is in upset."
Shanna: "If everyone was a Holder, they'd all be rich and no one would need to work!"
Una: "I can't imagine someone challenging Lady Varian's right to hold."
Shanna grins
Moira shakes her head "The legitimate child of Lady Vee?  That would only matter if Lady Vee wasn't around any more, and she is very much still alive.  So her claim doesn't mean much at this time, even if it should happen to be true."
Theman: "From what 'Fran' said, Vee has no child."
Mishalath cocks her cock, not understanding everything ~Holder Lady is strong Leader~
Una: "We did wonder however, if Lady Varian might be in any danger.   Though we have caught this Koenig, he said his name was, we don't know how many others there are, and where they might be."
Theman: "And this is an organized group - they tried to stop the ships taking me and a herd up to Far Cry hold, to relieve the food shortages there. If it weren't for the fishing fleet from Neill's Harbour, we would be sunk, now."
Moira nods "I've been worried about Lady Varian's safety since we first started finding those hide scraps.  As to whether she ever had a daughter...   I didn't grow up ... where I would have heard any rumors about that."

Theman: "This Koenig mentioned naming traditions - kar - do you know of anyone, or heard of any man who has KAR in their name?"
Una wrinkles her brows.   "Have there been stories about someone with that sort of name?"
Moira wrinkles her brow thinking for a minute before responding.  "Well, whether there were or were not, I don't want to start rumors about liasons that may or may not have happened."
Theman: "Master, I think those rumors may already have been started, at least up in the north."
Una nods.
Shanna: "Rumours run faster than runnerbeasts."
Moira sighs "I don't dispute that, from what you've reported, and Harper Hall does need to be aware of possible rumors, but as a Harper, I need to make sure I am not contributing to or validating things that may be incorrect rumors."
Una listens to the advice.
Moira: "We do need to discuss them, so we can figure out where they're from, separate kernels of truth from not...  we just need to be careful in how we do that, I believe."
Una: "It is hard to keep the training (and your wits) about you in these kinds of situations.  You should have seen Koenig trying to drag himself out of Healer hall... "  Her voice trials away... still in a bit of shock.
Theman: "I think he was trying to make the balcony, to dive off - I think he's given up the will to carry on. Kind of understandable, in his circumstances. Not that i blame him - anyone would consider ending it as well, were they paralyzed."
Moira nods "Yes, 'in the midst of things' is when it's the hardest to do things other than what just naturally comes to you to take care of the immediate needs. Is this Koenig still alive? and at Healer Hall?"
Theman: "Last I saw, yes. but that's been at least a seven-day."
Una: "Yes, as is Martin.   Koenig is under supervision until we return.   So is Martin (laughs).  His wounds were looked at.  Master Rodney stitched him up again.  We suggested he stay there and rest until we return."
Theman: "Brave man, that Martin - took his sewing with equanimity."

Una: "In the meantime should we have sweep rider check the area?  Riders/dragons might be able to help patrol the area in case any of his accomplices followed us."
Mishalath perks at the mention of dragons, blinking sleepily. casting those near in strobing bluegreen ~Dragons see many things from up high~ her sending has a hint of a yawn
Theman: "Would the dragon riders just ... cooperate like that? Aren't they normally aloof from vulgar politics and such?"
Una laughs "Oh I wouldn't say that.  Not all anyway.  The younger riders and dragons seem to love any reason to go out and fly."
Moira glances over towards the green as she speaks "Yes, it might be a good idea to have some extra patrols .  Dragons do have good sight from up high - I wonder if they would be able to know when something they saw seems 'not right', if their rider wasn't with them"
Theman tries a nibble of the cheese from the plate, makes a face at the (clearly) poor flavor comestible.
Una: "I think they would."  She turns towards Mishalath.  "I think she would."
Mishalath rumbles happily ~flying is what dragons do, and flame bad green things and Thread, and carry peoples with Riders...she blinks and trails off~
Theman: "Do the dragons normally fly far afield, short of threadfall?"
Shanna: "They have to practice."
Theman: "... and if a practice session lies over a hold in questions...." His voice trails off.
Moira glances towards Del, "Well, the weyrling pairs should be getting permission from the Weyrlingmaster before doing extra flights.  Not sure if other need to have Wing Leader or Weyrleader permission - probably depends on where they're flying and how long they're gone, I would imagine."
Una: "Growing up here, I remember seeing individual riders, or small numbers going off somewhere.  Not a full wing.  I don't know where, but it seems not too uncommon."
Mishalath half opens her wings, mindful of the peoples and breakables nearby ~ I am strong and fly far and fast, with peoples or fire rock sacks~
Theman: "From where I come from, it was unusual to see dragons flying for any distance, short of threadfall - and if you see that, you have bigger worries....."
Una turns at the sounds of big wings unfurling.  " I think she is picking up on the idea of going somewhere"
Moira smiles at the green and nods "Yes, I think if we just asked the dragons,  they would want to help.  They always are so confident about what they can do."
Del: "Not part of my job, but I've seen dragons flying pretty often... sometimes singly, more often in groups. There'll be a lot of weyrlings and their young dragons flying now that winter's ending."
Una smiles. "Just need to talk their riders into it."
Mishalath bobs her head and settles her wings, happy rumble vibrating through the stones.
Theman, considering what he's been 'talked into' since coming to Gianfar, suspects that Harpers on this island are superior.

Shanna: "Hmmm. If I stay here any longer, there will be no pies left."
Shanna: "Come Blueball, time to go."
Theman: "Has the rain stopped, Lady Shanna?"
Una laughs and looks at Shanna and the flit.
Shanna points at herself "Fisher! Wet, no problem."
Theman laughs. "Well, until next we meet, then"
Shanna puts her boots back on.
Una: "Safe journey."
Moira: "Fair winds, Shanna."

Una: "I do think, Master Moira, Martin could use some encouragement.   He has had one thing after the other happen to him.   He is pretty shaken."
Moira looks towards Una,"Yes, he has been in the middle of a lot of unusual situations. I will see if I can meet up with him sometime soon."
Una nods.
Una: "I think Ardrhys and I should head back to Healer hall tomorrow and escort him to Harper Hall.  He was none too happy to be left there."
Una: "I do think, Master Moira, Martin could use some encouragement.   He has had one thing after the other happen to him.   He is pretty shaken."
Moira nods "That sounds like a good plan.  I'll make sure there is a clean bed made up for him in the apprentice sleeping area."

Theman: "Well, Master, Journeywoman, I'll be headed back up to the high paddock next sevenday or so - if you need anything from me while I'm there, please do not hesitate to send a message. and, with that, I had best be off as well. I have but two more days before I have to be at the BeastMaster's desk, accounting for my herd."
Theman: "Fare thee well, ladies."
Moira: "Speaking of which, I should probably get back on my way to the Hall..."
Una: "I should ready myself soon for this trip. With any luck, thread will hold off for awhile yet."
Theman bows, formally
Moira stands and wraps her coat around herself.  "Clear skies"
Una: "Safe journeys Theman."
Theman: "Would that we can be so lucky."
Una: "Will you be able to meet us at the Hall Master Moira?"
Moira turns back to answer Una, "Yes, I should be able to."
Una: "Good. Safe journey.  See you then."
Del collects plates and mugs for the kitchen drudges to wash.
Moira heads towards the kitchen and the ramp down to the Weyr Bowl.

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Prattle in The Peaks / Weyr, Hold & Hall / Unexpected Events by Tanner Hall - Part 1 (RP 2/18/2018)
Folks begin to gather in the Weyr bowl.  Ardrhys walks out of the weyr kitchen into the bright sunlight of the bowl and savours the last flavours of his meal. Moira slides easily off the dragon that landed on the platform outside the Jr. Weyrwoman's weyr, waves a thanks to the rider, and walks down into the Weyr bowl. Una's flit Tusse chirps and twists around on Una's shoulder, keeping an eye on the dragon. Mishalath keeps her tail and wings close to her body, but otherwise is relaxed, projecting teasing thoughts to the watchful flit.

Shanna, over at Fisher Hall, loads up with .... fish

Shanna decides to take another look at that place under the weyr on her way. She squeezes through the crack into the weyrling barracks.

Moira: "Hello, Ardrhys and Una."
Ardrhys: "Hello."
Moira: "It's so much more relaxing to get a ride over here on a dragon, than having to come over on a runner beast."
Ardrhys smiles in agreement.
Una smiles in greeting to Master Moira "Once you recover from the cold anyway.."
Mishalath cocks her large wedge head ~Dragons are more comfortable than runners, smell better too~
Ardrhys: Do you recognize those two Master?
Moira does a double take at the bald stranger "Yes, there is the cold, but that makes landing in the warmth so much nicer."

Mishalath rumbles greetings to the Blue
Taleth rumbles back to the green.
Una turns as the scuffle and shower of sand to see the blue land/

Adara Tae: "Greetings, how are you all today?"
Ardrhys: "Hello Adara, nice to see you."
Mishalath makes herself comfortable, neck held in a gentle curve and wings laying relaxed at her back ~There are many peoples gathering and it is not the day for Gather with the outside rooms and food and music~
Moira: "Greetings, Adara".  Moira turns to the tall stranger, "and greetings to you, also."
Zufreur bows courteously to the assembled.  "Greetings to you as well."
Shanna: "Good day dragons, heloo other people."
Una: "Hello Shanna."
Mishalath bobs her head with a happy rumble.
Moira: "Greetings, Shanna."
Taleth bobs his head at the many peoples.
Una: "Hello Adara."
Adara Tae: "Hello Una."

Moira looks at a small hide scrap, before putting it back into her belt pouch.  "I hope that we are closing in on this troublesome group."
Ardrhys: "Was that scrap helpful, Master?"
Mishalath listens to the peoples talking ~I do not understand why some peoples do badwrong things that hurt other peoples~
Moira nods "The scrap was very helpful,  though it still leaves some questions...  and threats of danger.  While we still don't know the identify of the ringleaders,  some of the wordings on the scrap confirmed some of our suspicions."


Una turns at the shout, looking skyward in alarm.
Mishalath snorts and sits up on her haunches, wings flaring out in her agitation, swirling eyes now more red than not
Una: "So soon?!"
Ardrhys: "Oh it sounds like we will have a thread fall to deal with here shortly, Master."
Zufreur looks skyward reflexively and shivers.
Shanna: "Is warm enough not to dust?"
Moira steps out of the way as riders and dragons gather firestone sacks and wings gather to take off.
Mishalath ambles off to join her wing, stilling long enough for straps and firestone sacks to be attached before fading into the organized chaos waiting for the signal to fly.
Moira: "The weather must have warmed up just enough to not be freezing the thread.  I wonder how much longer we'll have before thread fall resumes in all the areas."
Una: "Not much longer I think.  We may not have much time to try to track down what leads we have."
Shanna gulps her klah before it starts to taste of firestone.

Del: "I hope this is just a freak puff of hot air that lost its way."
Moira laughs "You don't miss the commotion and excitement of riders and dragons flying in and out all the time?"
Adara Tae: "Maybe we should put up sign posts for the wind?"
Ardrhys: "Maybe but perhaps we had better get ready to dive fo the flamethrowers if it is going to fall here as well."
Del: "I bet there's a lot of running around upstairs, Riders grabbing gear they hadn't expected to need for a while."
Shanna: "That's a prank for apprentices, getting them to make "blow this way" signs."
Adara Tae: "It will keep them occupied and out of mischief."
Moira: "I imagine so, Del.  I'm assuming at least a lookout pair is going out when fall is expected, to confirm whether it is dust or not."

Una looks worried "hmmm     Will we still be able to get riders to help us look any further today now.."  
Adara Tae: "It's a fair way to the threadfall, the dragons might be tired after fighting it."
Moira: "After the fall is over, some of the wyerling pairs may be able to give rides.  Once they're done with fire stone re-supplies."
Shanna: "Is no fish emergencies here, but at Darkhold big shoals used to pass by and then every boat rushed out."

Una looks to the skys for signs of returning dragons, or .... thread...
Moira: "If I remember right, I think Etamin falls are after Shaula, so we should be OK."
Una: "Then we are very fortunate today."
Adara Tae: "Very, you all know how bad my aim is with a flamethower."
Moira: "Yes, we are fortunate for no fall here, and fortunate that the dragons and riders get most, and all we ground crew need to do is a little clean-up, if even that."

Una watches Taleth and S'fia land in a shower of sand.
Taleth lands with a huge untidy skid, obviously in great haste.
Una takes a few steps towards them at the look on S'fia's face.
S'fia, running over to the group, starts explaining..... "We saw a ship ... a ship landed.   Mishelath and her rider are keeping watch.   We need help".
Ardrhys: "Taleth can carry you and two or three more."
S'fia: "We will take some of you with us.   Come quickly."
Shanna: "Ship? Take us then."
S'fia  "It happened too quickly to see from above.   We must go!"
Adara Tae: "I'm not sure what I can do, but I'll come along if you need me."

Del: "I can't leave here - lots of work to do when Riders come back after a Fall."
Moira looks around for the dragon and rider that were one of her and Saarith'ss weyrmates, to see if she can get a ride.
Del: "Hope you find out what's going on. The rumor mill's spreading a lot of crazy stories."
Moira nods "I hope we get this figured out soon.  The worst part is that it seems some of the crazy stories end up with some truth to them..."
Moira accepts a hand up onto the blue that landed by her and Del.

SOMEWHERE along the coast of Etamin... not too far from the Tanner Hall

Martin: "A small cothold from the back of beyond.  My uncle told me to sail towards the Weyr after he passed to make my fortune there..."
Martin winces.  "I apparently have horrible timing."
Ardrhys: "Ah, and were you meeting anyone in particular here?"
Martin: "I hadn't planned to, Sir."
Una furrows her brows.
Adara Tae asks, "Are you injured? We have numbweed."

Moira gracefully slides off the blue and watches as the blue and his rider disappear, before heading down towards the beach.
Ardrhys: "Ah Master, I was just asking a few questions, perhaps you would like to take over?"
Mishalath lands to join the group after permission was given by Wing Leader. The Green was covered in soot and ash, smoke still trickling from her mouth.
Ardrhys: "But you must have noticed that figure on the beach running away from these fires?"
Martin points up towards the edge of thread.  "That had all my attention.  I saw the fires, thought that might mean a stone building, and tacked for it."
Ardrhys: "hmmm!"
Shanna looks up for Thread.
Martin turns to the woman who had mentioned numbweed.  "I am not hurt, but thank you."

Adara Tae asks her flit Isla to fly around and see if she can see anything of interest.
Ardrhys: "Well Master - the dragons that kept this ship safe and their riders report a figure running from these fires towards the Tanner's Hall. We should take a look around."
Adara Tae follows Isla's excited chirps;

Martin bows respectfully all around, clearly rattled.
Ardrhys: "Have a seat if you need and after we have looked around we'll get you back to the Weyr."
Una looks to the stranger while reaching in her bag for meatrolls. "Have you  any food with you?"
Martin: "I don't, but I don't think my stomach would take any just now."
Una nods "Very well then."

Moira nods to Ardrhys.  "Yes, a good search is in order." and nodding to the stranger, "Thank you for staying here until we all arrived."
Martin pulls a small carisak and a gitar case from the boat and settles in on the sand.
Moira spies the gitar and nods to herself.

Ardrhys looks over at Una, "Let's spread out and have a look around - then we can gradually make our way over to Tanners."
Una: "Ok  yes, good idea."
Ardrhys: "Perhaps the dragons will help as well - anything out of place we want to take a look at."
Mishalath watches and listens ~ Need to fly and sees?~

Shanna, referring to the boat, "Thread would have holed this one, not painted or anything"
Martin pales at Shanna's comment.
Shanna: "Depends if you could swim after that!"
Martin: "I can swim, somewhat.."
Shanna: "Then just keep underwater."
Shanna points at her Thread scars.
Martin looks, wincing as he does so.
Shanna: "Done that, didn't die."
Martin: "Good to know, should I ever have the future bad fortune."

Ardrhys wanders off to take a close look at the fire pits
Una: "Pretty large fires.I would say these could be seen from some distance."
Moira nods. "I wonder if these are some type of signal fires.  Haven't some signal fires been found in other areas?"
Una: "That would be consistent with someone seen running?   Did I understand that correctly?"

Ardrhys hears the dragon bellow and hurries over to a little shelter built half-way into the ground.
Moira starts as she hears the bellow. "I wonder what is going on." She runs up the hill..
Ardrhys shouts: "Over here! Taleth has found something!"
Una's flit Tussa chirps and flaps as another strange flit materializes right near.
Moira looks in curiously.  "Is it inhabited?"
Ardrhys comes back out of the submerged cothold looking green  "There is a body Master!"
Tussa in obvious distress chirps and flutters
Una: "Wait a moment..."
Ardrhys: "Please come and take a look Master."
Una: "This flit is trying to tell us something."
Moira stammers.. "A..... a ... body?"
Ardrhys: "From a Northern hold if I don't mistake the markings, Master."

Blueball, Shanna's flit, chirps! Thread at home?
Mishalath growls, nostrils flaring, something is not right.
Shanna: "Oh! Blueball. You were sent? Is fine, dragons here. Go home, say safe please."
Shanna nods.
Blueball rises, hovers, vanishes.

Moira sighs and mutters, "There was a reason I didn't join Healers." She takes a breath and steps closer to the body.
Ardrhys: "There is a map here Master."
Ardrhys: "... and crates... the crates are well, words fail me Master. There is so much here."
"Just a second."  Moira takes a closer look at the body.  "Yes those are northern cothold badges."
Moira looks towards Ardrhys "A map?  You found a map?"
Ardrhys: "There are clothes from southern regions, a lot of Marks! And what look like disguises - this is a veritable treasure trove Master."
Ardrhys: "Yes, the map is here Master."
Moira holds her sleeve up over her nose.  "I need to get some fresh air.  Bring that map out."

Shanna: "Can't see this from above, or from the sea."
Mishalath snorts the smell of death sharp and not right.
Moira pulls out a small scrap of hide from her carisak, quickly writes a short message and attaches it to her flit Ming's leg. "Off to Healer Hall" she tells him quietly.
Ardrhys does what he can to cover the body without disturbing anything
Ardrhys: "She is covered Master - it is up to the healers now."
Ardrhys: "While they are getting here we should continue the search towards the Tanners Hall, Master."
Moira nods in agreement with Shanna, and then looks at the map in front of her.

*** Continues in Part 2 ***

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Prattle in The Peaks / Weyr, Hold & Hall / Unexpected Events by Tanner Hall - Part 2 (RP 2/18/2018)
*** Continued from Part 1 ***

Adara Tae runs up to the group. "Oh, I'm so glad you're still here... there was a man, with a knife!"
Moira turns quickly, hearing Adara. "What happened?"
Ardrhys looks at Adara in surprise.
Adara Tae: "Isla found something and I went to have a look, he took me by surprise and tied me up"
Ardrhys: "Where Adara, where did this happen?"
Adara Tae: "A small cot, just up from here."
Moira's eyebrows raise "Are you all right?"
Adara Tae: "M..m..m..my hands are still s..s..shaking."
Ardrhys: "Towards the Tanner's Hall over there ?"
Adara Tae: "Yes."
Moira: "Did he leave? Is that how you were able to escape?"
Adara Tae: "Isla managed to bite through the ropes, I've never r..ran s..so fast in my life. He threatened to cut my throat if I made a sound, I don't know where he went after he left the cot."
Ardrhys: "We must go and take a look at the Hall, Master. Tanner Craft is understaffed at the moment so the building may be empty."
Adara Tae: "I never saw such and evil ugly, face."
Moira pats Adara's arm.  "You'll be OK.  Too bad none of these fires around here have any klah pots going on them. "

Moira and Ardrhys walk down the way to the TannerCraft building.
Moira: "Anyone here still?"
Ardrhys: "Let me check upstairs Master."
Ardrhys: "There is a map here Master."
Moira looks around "I hope nothing happened to that nice apprentice that brought the hides to the Weyr the last tithe train."
Ardrhys: There was a badge up there Master - from Cloudshadow hold in the North and a few bits of rope - Adara was certainly restrained!"
Moira mutters, "north....  again..."
Ardrhys: "Let's get out of here Master, I need some fresh air!"
Shanna arrives at the building.  "Is he gone now?"
Moira: "There's no one there, that we were able to see.  I hope the Master Tanner and his apprentices are safe, where ever they may be."
The group returns to where Adara was waiting.

Adara Tae gets shakily to her feet.
Ardrhys: "The tanners may simply be out visiting holds and halls - they are very thin on the ground at the moment so their hold is often empty for days at a time, but how opportunistic for whatever miscreant did this to do so in a Crafthall!"
Una: "I don't like the idea of someone still out there."
Moira: "Adara, you're from the Hold, correct?  Have you noticed anything different about the Lord Holder's behavior lately? Any signs of the Hold being more protected? I'm wondering if you being taken wasn't so much because you were at the wrong place at the wrong time, or if it was because you're from the Hold..."
Adara Tae: "She did make some changes when these strange goings on first started, I'm not sure what they were, exactly."
Moira: "We know the Hold was threatened in that scrap of poem...  "  She shakes her head, not wanting to continue further with that thought. Moira paces back and forth, watching the smoke from the fires.
Ardrhys: "Perhaps the body will tell us more Master?"
Adara Tae: "Body?"
Ardrhys: "... and there is a lot to examine in those crates - I think we have found a major cache of supplies for whoever is behind this."
Moira, to Adara, "We found a dead body - a northerner - in this shelter."
Ardrhys: "Although we also can't be sure the fellow in the boat is an innocent. He may just have been in the wrong place at the wrong time but he could be the ringleader for all we know!"
Adara Tae swallows nervously "Do we know what they died from?"
Ardrhys: "I couldn't see any obvious signs Adara."
Una: "Did any of what was there with him, look like what I heard was found at Fisher Hall?"
Moira shakes her head.  "Not yet.  We've sent a message off to Healer Hall."
Una: "I hope we are not again faced with a mysterious illness...."
Ardrhys: "Well at Fisher's we were dealing with bodies that died, we think, from the impact of their craft with Firelizard Island. They may have drowned but only because they were unconscious from the impact. Here there was no such impact - this was by another's hand!"
Adara Tae: "Murder?" Adara Tae shivers.
Ardrhys: "Or self defense - we don't know yet - Healers will be able to tell us more."
Moira: "Do you think so? After Adara's experience, I wouldn't be surprised, and I am so thankful Adara's flit was with her and able to chew through the ropes."
Ardrhys: "Yes, well, all we can do is wait for Healers to investigate and make their report and try and piece things together - but we may never know for sure."
Ming appears and sits on Moira's shoulder.  She reaches over and removes a small piece of hide from him. "Healer Hall has been notified and hopefully, sending someone out."

Rissaly (often called just 'Ris') comes puffing up, but stays well away from the dragon.
Moira looks over at the recently arrived crafter.  "Are you from Healer Hall?"
Ardrhys: "Probably an apprentice! Huh!"
Ris: "Aye, someone's wee beast threw a scrap of hide at me.....What's the fuss?"
Moira sighs in relief "We came across a dead body down in this shelter here..."
Ris perks up. "How dead?" She pulls her satchel around and begins rummaging.
Ardrhys: "Very!"
Moira smiles "Dead enough not to wake up?"
Ardrhys: "I pulled the rug over her but otherwise she is undisturbed."
Ris: "Right, let's take a look." Ris pulls the heavy rug back.
Adara Tae: "Healer apprentices are getting quite feisty!"
Moira resumes her pacing.
Una nods. "Maybe one has to be to deal with.... well  to deal with situations like this."
Ris squats beside the body.
Adara Tae: "One of my friends tried for a Healer Hall apprenticeship, fainted at her first sight of blood."
Ris: "Woman....  Tis from north"
Ris tries to move the arm....."Hmmm, stiff set in.  Skin is cold.  She's been here some time.
Ris gets closer to examine the body "Not rottin' but starten' to smell..... bruising all along the sides. That's burst soon enough. Been dead then... day or two."  She turns body to the side. "Well....  someone didna like our girl here."
Moira listens with interest to the Healer apprentice, as she keeps an eye on the stranger sitting on the hillside.
Ris wiggles a large knife sticking out of the woman's back a little bit.
Martin sits quietly on the hillside, mouthing something to himself as his fingers tap on his knee.
Ris: "Lass was stabbed to death... maybe tryin' to run away. You lot come take a look at the knife... see if ya know it."
Adara Tae feels a shiver running up her side as the blood drains from her face.
Ris: "Well?  Get over here ya lumps."
Una takes a deep breath, steels herself and takes a few steps.
Ris: "Tis a dead body... nuthin but meat now It won't be hurtin' ya."
Una "Ugh...".
Adara Tae avoids looking at the body.
Ris: "The body is sorta smelly and the hands and back side visible are livid with settled blood."
Moira covers her nose and takes a quick look at the knife and quickly backs out.
Ris: "Look here.  She fought back." She raises one of the stiff hands. "See ta blood and cuts?   She got a bit of who dun her in."
Una: "It doesn't look.."  she coughs "... like any I've ... ugh  seen."
Ardrhys walks back into the cot steeling himself for the grisly sight.
Una covers her mouth and hurries out
Adara Tae looks at the knife in horror "T..t..that l..l..looks just l like the one I..I was t..threatened with!"
Una gulps air and tries to settle her stomach,
Ris: "She's got a cut here, " points to the girls neck, "But not much blood so she died soon after."

Ris takes ahold of the knife and pulls it out with a slurrpy sucking sound.
Adara Tae: "It has the same dark leather on the handle and the same stone on the pommel."
Ris turns to Adara showing her the knife fully,
Ris withdraws a clean clothe and wraps the knife in it "An' who was weildin' it then?"
Adara Tae looks at the knife and looks quickly away nodding "I don't think it's the same knife but it might be made be the same hand."
Ris: "Hmm..."  She Carefully puts the wrapped knife in her satchel.

Moira strains to hear if the stranger might be singing, while she tries to keep an ear on the other conversation.  She walks up the little hillside.
Martin closes his mouth and looks up as the woman approaches.
Moira: "I'm sorry... I didn't catch your name earlier? and how you happened to be here?"
Martin: "My name is Martin.  As to how I got here..."
Martin: "The short version of the tale - I've spent the last Turn and some tending my uncle in a small cot down the coast."
Martin: "When he passed, he told me to sail to the Weyr and find my fortunes there.  That was his sailboat."  He gestures to the boat.
Martin: "I've been sailing along the coast for about a week, when that Thread came out of nowhere and actually started falling.  I saw the fires, thought it might mean shelter, and tacked for it."
Moira nods at Martin, and looks over at the boat.
Martin: "The green dragon popped in when I was probably a dozen ship lengths out."  He shudders.
Moira smiles "Ah, Mishalath.  She's a good dragon. You were fortunate. Your uncle's cothold - are there neighbors near there that know you?"
Martin: "It depends on what you'd consider near.  The closest one I knew of was probably three days on a good runner."

Ris: "Is there a weapons master here?  He could tell us more"
Adara Tae: "Yes, the same as the one I was threatened with. Surely the blue pommel stone is for harpers only?"
Ris: "I have a hard time thinkin' a singer as a thug."
Ardrhys: "Harpers don't routinely carry knives - certainly not with Craft markings."

Moira catches something about singer and thugs and turns back towards the others "What's this about Harpers?  No, we don't carry knives..."
Martin looks mildly startled.
Moira studies Martin's face, as if trying to memorize it.  "So, a little ways down the coast here?"  She takes out a scrap of hide from her carisak and makes a few notes on it.
Martin: "About a week's sail, the wind hasn't been the greatest until today.  Though I could have done without that it carried Thread..".
Moira nods "Yes, I'm sure the thread was unexpected and unwanted...   I trust that you will be continuing on to the Weyr?  I can let them know to be expecting you..."  She turns slightly and mutters under her breadth.  "another stranger in a suspicious situation..."
Martin opens his mouth, catches the undertone, and closes it again.
Moira looks at Martin. "I'm sure you can understand our predictament... " waving towards the shelter with the dead body.

Ris Looks around the hovel.  "An' what was our Northern friend doin' out here."
Ardrhys: "That we wish we knew!"
Ris turns the body again so she can rummage in the corpses' pockets. She withdraws a small handful of marks, then a white square of fine cloth. "Handkerchief ...."  She frowns.
Una still with a hand over her mouth says, "It seems there are plenty of marks around, doesn't it?"
Ris: "This needle work...." She shows them a line of red and blue swirls embroidered on the linen. "This is Northern work."
Ris uses her belt knife to cut the girls tunic open down the front.
Una: "Perhaps Weaver Hall can shed some light on that as well."
Ardrhys averts his eyes.
Una: "What are you looking for?"
Ris exposes the girls chest and sternum, andruns a hand over the girls ribcage.
Ardrhys cringes and turns away.
Adara Tae turns away.
Una: "ugh..."
Ris: "She's not hungry.   I thought maybe she was one o' the one's coming down the coast due to famine. But see?"  She runs her fingers over the abdomen. "She's fed. An' healthy with it."
Adara Tae: "I think I've seen enough, if you need me I'll be outside."
Una grimaces and leaves again.
Ris rolls her eyes a bit.   "Delicate ladies....."
"I'll know a bit more when I can open the body up.... get a good look"  Ris says a bit gleefuly.
Ardrhys: "ugh!"

Martin rises slowly and stretches. He takes a deep breath.  "Am I being invited to continue on to the Weyr, or expected to continue on to the Weyr?"
Ardrhys: "Oh yes - you are definitely gong to the Weyr!  ...and we may have a few more questions for you next week!"
Moira: "Yes, please continue on to the Weyr, Martin.  Ardrhys can see you get situated there."
Martin nods, slowly bowing more deeply than protocol would normally dictate and holding it for a few seconds before straightening.
Ardrhys heads back to Taleth and S'fia for a ride home to the Weyr, as the others also start back to their own homes or continue on their interrupted journey.

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Prattle in The Peaks / Weyr, Hold & Hall / at Harper Hall - Part 1 (RP 2/4/18)
[Setting - Harper Hall dining hall]

Ardrhys: "Hello."
Adara Tae: "Hello."
Moira steps outside the hall and looks around "I thought I heard voices out here. Hello!"
Ardrhys: "Hello Master."
Colin: "Hello, all. Is it warmer in the Hall?"
Moira nods "I just came downstairs to get some klah.  Why don't you all come in."
Theman decides to wander in out of the cold
Ardrhys examines the stranger closely.
Ardrhys wonders if she is a weaver.
Colin: "Oh, that's better. I think my hair was freezing."
Moira: "I don't know how much food Cook has left out, but there's klah for sure, and maybe a few other things if you're hungry, so help yourself."
Ardrhys: "or maybe a drudge?"
Moira smiles "We seem to have a lot of new faces around lately"

Theman pulls Master Moira aside, to quietly update her on the latest happening up at the High Paddock.
Rodney looks around and finds his firelizard
Theman continues to whisper to Moira.
Moira looks concerned and nods.  "I've been away at my cothold for a few sevendays, and was wondering what the latest happenings have been."
Ardrhys: "Hello Una."
Una: "hello."
Theman proffers a pseudo salute to Master Moira and wanders off, in search of meatrolls.

Rodney picks up Ayla, hopefully before she can cause trouble.
Moira: "Ah, Master Rodney, nice to see you today.  I hope you're not here on official business - I don't think we have any illnesses here."
Rodney: No, just looking for Ayla. She flew off in a tiff earlier when an apprentice tried to rub oil on her."
Moira laughs "That apprentice is lucky if all she did was fly off."
Theman doesn't blame the flit for flying away from a cooking oil brandishing apprentice.
Rodney: "Oh, he has a few scratches. They're minor though."
Theman grabs abother meatroll from the platter.
Una: "Probably smelled too much like the kitchens she's been chased out of."
Moira: "Well, he was in the right place to get quick treatment."
Rodney chuckles and nods.

Moira sighs "I've been away for a little bit, so behind on some news, but I can report on a couple of things Harper Hall has discovered from the hide scraps that were found awhile ago by the Weyr."
Theman looks around at all those gathered here this eve, wondering if they all were preemptively summoned here for the same reason as he was.
Ardrhys leans forward attentively.
Moira: "The strange code on them has been deciphered, and refers to some type of group - not sure how organized - of people who want to join the mainland.  (I may have reported on this before).  We also have deciphered a disturbing bit of a poem."
Theman always thought that poetry was disturbing. He whispers "all that yucky rhyming and stuff."
Ardrhys looks horrified.
Moira: This is a fragment, we think...
Una holds breath in astonishment.

Moira: "Hall and Hold, Hold and Hall
      Whether large or whether small
      Keep the safety ever near
      E-lim-in-ate, the dragon weyr.

Theman whispers: that IS disturbing!
Moira: "It appears to have come from the same group who wrote the hide scraps with the maps of Gianfar and the major buildings marked out on them."
Ardrhys gasps.
Una mutters about that poem under her breath. "That is the same... " She bites her lip and breaks off.
Theman: "Is that ... SERIOUS?"
Moira turns to take a sip of her klah "It appears to be.   Do any of the rest of you have any news or unusual events to report?"

Theman: "There were those lights i told you about, strange ones, in the night. that and a sighting of someone who shouldn't be where he was...."
Una: "I  should probably add something that happened that disturbed me as well Master Moira. I wondered if it was related to this but it would seem now to be so."
Moira looks inquiringly at Una and nods her head.
Ayla chirps.

Una: "Last sevendday, I asked one of the young ones in my class at the weyr to stay behind. He really has one of the best voices of the children in my class and truly seems to enjoy singing and other aspects of music. Perhaps he has potential to be an apprentice.  I wanted to talk to him about music, get a better idea of his potential.  He seemed quite enthusiastic when I said I wanted to know how he liked singing and learning music. I know he is among a few fosterlings of one of the weyr women. When I asked if he ever sung with his foster family or his friends, he said yes, and his foster mother would sing too with her friends. I asked what kind of songs and he started to sing one, one he said he heard recently, then apologized because he couldnít remember all the words but it was a tune he liked..  It is one, Master Moira, I had never heard, and with good reason Iím afraid, as the words gave me a chill."

Una: "It was the same words you just said."
Moira raises her eyebrows.  "That is disturbing if that's being sang in homes."

Una: "He is only 9 turns Master Moira, and I donít think truly understood what he repeated, particularly as he stumbled a bit over the word 'eliminate'. As lightly as I could, I asked where they had learned this song. Had his foster mother made it up?  He shook his head and said he didnít think so, he thought one of the other Harperís friends did. I asked what he main by 'other Harperís friends'. You know he said, the ones before you and Journeyman Ardrhys came to teach us. I nodded.  A friend of theirs made it up I asked. Yes he said, (and here Master Moira, my chill returned) I think he used to be a Harper too."

Theman looks at Journeywoman Una, suddently concerned for his adopted land.
Moira listens intently.  "Very curious and disturbing"
Ardrhys looks worried.
Una: "I do wonder now if that is behind the strange feeling I had when we arrived that there was something we didn't know about."
Theman: "Journeywoman Una - do you know from which hold or hall this youngling originated?"
Una: "No I don't sir.  I will try to find out."
Moira looks thoughtful, "Yes, they seem to be in a hurry to leave the Weyr when you and Ardrhys showed up."
Una nods.
Ardrhys: "Without wishing to add to the air of gloom, Master, is there any report on the crates that were delivered to the Weyr last week from Firelizard Island?"
Moira shakes her head. "I haven't been in contact with the Weyr this week.  But that does remind me that the holder who said he was from that sea cothold, does not appear as he seems.  One of our Harper newsgathers couldn't find anyone at that cothold who knew of him."
Theman: "The bald man? I thought i saw him up at Northwest Passage - and that's well far from the sea."
Moira nods.
Theman: "He ... seemed to be holding some sort of secret meeting."
Ardrhys: "hmm!"
Theman: "The runner station up there seemed to know him - at least he seemed to command the station master's attention - personal attention."
Una: "With an air of authority? Someone of rank?"

Harper Hall Drums -- .- ... - . .-. /  -- --- .. .-. .- /  - --- /  -- .- ... - . .-. /  - .-. .. ... - .- -. .----. ... /  ... - ..- -.. -.-- /  .--. .-.. . .- ... .  (Master Moira to Master Tristan's study please)
Moira listens to the drum message and runs upstairs.
Una looks startled, wondering what that is all about.
Una: "I can't believe how wide-spread this appears to be."
Adara Tae: Would they really attack the weyr?"
Theman: "I cannot really imagine ANYone attacking dragons."
Una: "It's unthinkable, but that song..."
Adara Tae: "Could they use poison or something?"
Una: "They would never make it into the weyr before... they would never make it."
Colin: "I've been hearing vague rumors from other Traders - goods being stolen, tracks in the snow where no one has a reason to be on foot, that sort of thing. But no pattern, just odd things all over."
Theman: "Dragon are, as I understand it, very fussy about what they eat. I suspect that any diseased or poisoned beasts would be left alone by hunting dragons, and on top of that, there are a LOT of beasts on the island, suitable for dragon chow. Corrupting all of them, in the time between draconic feedings would be a massive undertaking. Probably would lead to massive famine, island wide."
Una swallows hard at the idea of such treachery.
Adara Tae: "Might they attack the riders then? Maybe during a gather?"
Theman: "No gathers in the middle of winter, surely."
Colin: "There was that sickness, a couple of Turns ago, that made firelizards and dragons lose their balance. But Master Rodney found a cure for that. Still, I don't think anyone ever found what had caused the sickness. I wonder whether this... whatever it is... was starting up then, and they were testing something."
Theman starts to look worried.
Adara Tae: "This seems to have been in progress for sometime, winter won't last forever... Even if it does seem that way sometimes."
Theman: "Nothing, ultimately lasts forever, but, don't most dragon riders restrict their gather attendances to those events here in the south of the island?"
Una: "I hadn't considered that."

Moira slowly comes down the stairs, looking very thoughtful, and takes a seat at the first chair she finds.
Una studies Master Moira's face for any clues as to what the summons was for.
Theman , while grabbing another (his third, or was it forth?) meatrool, notices Master Moira, sitting alone, looking small.
Ardrhys gives up trying to decipher the Master's personal drum code.
Adara Tae: "Surely anyone can attend a gather, even someone just 'passing through'?"
Ardrhys looks expectantly at his Master
Theman: "True, Mistress Adara, but - travel time - it takes weeks of walking to get from north to south, and then back again.
Moira listens to the conversations taking place.
Theman: "That is, unless you have access to ships ... or dragons."
Ayla chirps to Rodney
Adara Tae: "We would also have to take note of anyone who comes here and stays?"
Rodney strokes Ayla. "Are you behaving?"
Ayla looks innocent.
Theman: "So what then, Mistress? Pen up all strangers?"
Rodney chuckles.
Una hears Ayla chirps and thinks of getting her Tusse later to see if he has seen anything after being sent out.

*** continued in Part 2 ***

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Prattle in The Peaks / Weyr, Hold & Hall / at Harper Hall - Part 2 (RP 2/4/18)
*** continued from Part 1 ***

Moira moves closer to the rest of the group. "I just received some updates from LearnMaster Tristan about the crates that were found."
Theman pays attention to Master Moira, all thought of meatrools forg... (what are meatrools?)
Moira: "More hide scraps (no suprise there), plus a lot of different clothing, like maybe for disguises?  and a lot of marks...  My understanding is that whoever was piloting the ship did not survive.  What we don't know is if they were coming or going..."
Ardrhys leans forward.
Ardrhys draws a sharp breath.
Una: "Does the type of clothing give any clues about them?"
Ardrhys scritches Jarth - any activity at the place I asked you to keep an eye on?
Adara Tae: "Are mainland marks the same as ours?"
Moira: "There were some 'shinies' on some of them."  She smiles toward Ayla.  "Some others looked more like regular holder clothes.  Hard to tell if they are from here or not.  We'll need to have the Master Weaver examine them."
Una nods, brows furrowed in thought.
Colin: "I've seen few mainland Marks. On those, the Craft symbols were similar to ours but clearly different."
Theman looks at the furrows on Una's forehead, thinking that Tilly Fields could plant in them furrows.....
Adara Tae: "So we could tell if they were ours or not."
Moira: "From my understanding, it seems to be a mixture of local marks and mainland marks...  yet the boat wasn't well made, especially for sea sailing."
Theman almost starts to say something in response to Colin, but stops just short of speaking.
Adara Tae: "If the mainland is involved their dragons and riders may be in danger too."
Moira: "Master Rodney, I hope that if anyone strange shows up at Healer Hall looking to have injuries looked at, or if Ayla spots anything unusual, you will let us know.  The more pieces we can put together, the quicker we can figure out what is going on.  Same for you, Adara, if any of the Hold people notice anything."
Rodney: "I will."
Adara Tae: "I'll have my flits be vigilant as well."
Ardrhys: "But we have no evidence of any Mainland involvement! even if there were Mainland marks on the deceased that may only be because it is a 'Join the Mainland' movement!"
Una looks at Theman wondering...

Theman: "Didn't i hear something - some rumor, somewhere about mainland interference on the island, previously? Or maybe, an attempt at interference?"
Adara Tae: "They think by destroying the weyr we will all be forced to go to the mainland?"
Una: "oooh..."
Moira sighs "Who knows what they are thinking, Adara. Perhaps."
Una sighs heavily.
Adara Tae: "I'm sure the mainland would be delighted to have a few thousand refugees turn up on their doorstep in the middle of a fall."
Theman: "or - maybe they want to come here? Is there any news OF the mainland?"
Moira looks thoughtful.  "I wonder if it's more about destroying Gianfar rather than actually joining the mainland.  One of our "news gatherers" has reported hearing,among people involved in this group, references to a "Karl".  We're still trying to discover if that's the Karl who kidnapped the MasterSmith a few turns before this pass started."

Adara Tae: "If they want to come here why threaten our Weyr, unless they are not planning to stay."
Theman looks at Adara "How many dragons, how many weyrs on the mainland?"
Una: "Good point Adara."
Adara Tae: "I thought there was just Benden? They may have others by now..."
Theman: "Six, they have six ...." his voice dropping off.
Adara Tae: "Six! How did they get so many, so fast?"

Colin: "There's some place to the east of us, I think that's where Qatalina stowed away from."
Theman: "Qatlina?"
Una: "Six ..." she says in wonder.
Theman repeats "Qatlina .... "
Una: "She stowed away on a ship looking for a lost island she'd heard rumors about. Harmless quest ....  She had not intended to remain.  I couldn't believe she..."
Theman: "Stowed away? i thought the ring islands were barren. is... WAS," he corrects himself, "she a ... Main Lander?"
Una: "From a small seahold, but really she couldn't be a part of this... could she?  I can't believe that...."
Ardrhys looks at Theman in surprise! "Let's not see enemies everywhere!"
Una nods "Yes , yes."
Colin: "The Harpers took charge of her - and watched her closely - till she accepted the fact that she couldn't leave. Last I heard she'd been transferred to Seacraft because she knows a lot about map making."
Moira nods. "All I have is my instinct, and that tells me that Qat isn't involved in this.  It may be something that was smoldering before she arrived, anyway. But that talk of a 'lost island' she referred to hearing on the mainland is a worry."
Theman: "True, an island is a large item to misplace, it's certainly not as if you left it in your other trousers."
Una: "I really do think it was a naive journey on her part, a challenge to solve something that was a rumor and a mystery."
Moira smiles at Theman "Or tucked it in a bag with a cheese roll."
Theman smiles as well, "True that.""
Una covers her laugh, her eyes smiling at Master Moira.

John slips in and heads for his cousin's dragon.
Colin: "A while back... well before this Fall started... some of my people retrieved a badly battered ship. They housed the crew, repaired the ship, and sent it away. According to one of our stories they never let the crew leave their seaside village. But I wonder if incidents like that got made into songs that "somewhere out there" is a populated island."
Meredyth bends his head for a scritch.
Julianna goes to follow the Master Healer... sees the Dragon... and backs away.
Adara Tae: "Should we ask her how widespread this idea of a lost island was, it may have just been some made up story that accidentally had a grain of truth."
Ayla yawns and stretches.
Moira smiles "Welcome Master John."
Una: "We could investigate that more, yes."
Rodney scritches Ayla absently.
Ayla chirps and croons.
John nods at Harper Moira.
Colin: "I think so. Don't know how closely she was questioned."
John then scritches Meredyth's eyeridge in just the right spot.
Meredyth croons.
Una: "I think we focused more on how she got here and making it clear to her that she could not leave.  I don't remember too much about why it was so important to chase down that rumor."

Moira: "I believe you have a cousin at the Weyr Master John? You might be interested in a scrap of a poem we've come across recently while investigating this 'join the mainland' group.   You might want to let him know to be on the alert for any strange goings on.
    Hall and Hold, Hold and Hall
    Whether large or whether small
    Keep the safety ever near
    E-lim-in-ate, the dragon weyr."
Theman shudders, involuntarily at hearing those words "It sounds so worrying"
Una shakes off the remembered chill of hearing the child sing it.
John just laughs, loudly. "Someone has forgotten the power of dragons."
Adara Tae: "Maybe, but dragon riders are only human..."
Moira smiles and nods "Yes, and if it was an isolated item, it would be easy to shake off like that." Moira looks away "Yes, human, but intensely connected with their dragon."

Theman, seemingly making up his mind on the spot, mentions to Colin as an aside "You may want to commission a supply train up to Far Cry. They're in a bad way. I even left them half a herd, their food stocks were so depleted"
Moira makes a note to talk with the Hold Steward, in case the Lord Holder isn't aware of their plight out there.
Colin mutters, "Bad traveling weather but I'll see if I can recruit someone. Any idea how many people are up there?"
Theman: "Tis but a minor hold. two, possibly three, hundred? I left half a herd of goats, and  all the fodder I could spare for them."
John: "Why don't you contact the Weyr for help in transport?"
Theman: "When last I went north, Colin, it was by sea. Storms aside, if but a few days up the coast, and then two inland."
Adara Tae: "Is transporting livestock by dragon a good idea? The animals will be terrified...Just think of the poor people below."
Moira nods at the Healer's suggestion "Yes,  weather doesn't affect dragon transport as much."
Theman: "Better a dragon carried goat, overhead, than a loose bowel cow."
Colin: "Master John, do you really think the dragons would be willing to be used as freight wagons? It'd be very efficient, if the animals were dead, but I'd not care to make the request. I'm planning to make use of my head for several more Turns."
Julianna stifles a snort.
Rodney: "Some might protest."
Una looks from one to the other trying to imagine this.
Moira: "Providing we can gather up surplus animals to send up there, couldn't something be given to the animals, Master Rodney, so they wouldn't be afraid of the dragons?  And it would be a very quick trip by dragon, I would imagine."
Adara Tae: "The dragons would probably be happy to help, a few skins of wine for the riders would be appreciated, maybe?"
Rodney: "Yes, they'd be afraid."
Colin: "I'm thinking it'd be better to send frozen meat than live animals that would need food that'd have to be carried... and then they'd just be butchered and eaten."
Adara Tae: "Yes, the load would be lighter or more could be taken."
Theman: "If you are willing to do this, I'll be speaking wiht the Beast Master next."
Adara Tae: "It would also mean they could keep their present stock alive."
Colin: "Exactly."

Una: "Well at least one problem will be resolved today."
Theman: "For one minor hold - shells only knows how many other cotholds are in a similar plight."
Una nods.
Colin: "Aye, but we've surely not got enough food to support them all."
Moira: "It has been a hard winter, even in the south where my cothold is, but at least they are getting by a little better down that way, than they are up in the north, it sounds like."
Theman shivers as the cold offshore wind brings some stray snowflakes thru the open door "This all should ahve been seen to months ago"
Julianna looks worried at the current conversation. But says nothing.
Moira: "The Lord Holder I'm sure is concerned about the plight of her holders.  I wonder if she's taking any action from the Hold. She doesn't always communicate well about what she's doing."
Una humphs.
Colin stifles a chuckle.
Theman: "Some dissatisfaction at that, up north, as well."
Moira looks frustrated "At that seems to bring the conversation full circle... "
Adara Tae: "I think we need information."
Ayla decides to go find a warm place to nap.
Colin: "Another idea: That place is only two days' trip from the sea; perhaps Fishercraft could send a boat or two up there, and leave crates of frozen fish on the shore."
Theman: "They're also two days INLAND, Master Colin.

Harper Hall Drums: -.. .-. ..- -- /  .- .--. .--. .-. . -. - .. -.-. . ... /  - --- /  - .... . /  -.. .-. ..- -- /  .... . .. --. .... - ... .-.-.- /  -. --- .-- .-.-.-   ((Drum apprentices to the Drum Heights. Now.))
Una: "We will see what if anything our flits have learned, and see if Qat can tell us anything to shed more light on this."
Colin looks outside, shivers, nods.
Moira: "Well, I should go upstairs and see if I can locate any drum apprentices that should be up at the Drum Heights..."
Una: "I am glad to be staying here for awhile before heading back to the weyr."
Colin: "Aye, wait for a break in the cold before making that trip."
Una nods.
Theman "I need to head on over to the beasthold - there's another herd I need to take north - and I plan to ask the Master for some extra culls to take along (easier to carry animals if they carry themselves, in my book)."
Una: "Go safely Theman."
Theman: "Fare thee well, all. Safe harbor to thee and thine."
Una: "Good night all."
Colin: "And I'm thinking there's a hot dinner waiting for me in the Rest."
Una: "Thank you for your help Trader."
Colin: "You're most welcome, Una. I hope all of us together can work this thing out."
Una nods.
Colin: "Good night, all."
Adara Tae: "Night Colin;"
Moira: "Good night!  Take care, all."
Una: "Good night."

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Prattle in The Peaks / Weyr, Hold & Hall / Informal Gathering at the Weyr Bowl (RP 1/14/2018)
[setting - at the Weyr Bowl]

Ardrhys: "Hello Master."
Theman: "Greetings, Master Moira."
Moira: "Hello."
Theman: "How fares the hall, Master?"
Moira: "A little busier than normal."
Ardrhys: "Hello Adara."
Moira: "We've had a few more visitors than normal, as well, recently."
Adara Tae: "Hello."
Moira: "Hello, Adara."
Theman: "Greetings, Adara."
Shanna waves. "Heloo!"
Ardrhys: "Oh, here's Shanna."
Theman sniffs... "Fish? do I smell fish?"
Theman's eyes follow the dragon, finding not a flaw.
Moira smiles at Shanna "I assume Qat must be doing OK, as we haven't received her back yet."
Theman nods towards Shanna.
Ardrhys: "Hello Shanna."
Mishalath blinks and stretches from her position on a nice warmsunny rock, large wedge head peering at the gathering of peoples in the Bowl. the Green finishes her body length stretch with a snap of her wings and ambles over the sand to satisfy her curiosity.
Shanna: "Good day, good day dragon."
Jarth (Ardrhys' flit) chirps!
Shanna: "... and flits."
Mishalath's nostrils quiver as she gets near, hideinkwoodruuner and fish in the mix. She bobs her head sending general greetings with a rumble.
Ardrhys: "Well, have you heard Master the last couple of thread falls have just been showers of black dust?"
Theman unbuttons a few buttons of his jacket. "It's warmer here than up north, though still below freezing."
Moira turns at hearing the rumbling from the small green and smiles.
Adara Tae: "Maybe thread doesn't like the cold either?"
Mishalath snorts as she sits on her haunches ~No need for Dragon flame when dust rains down instead of thread~
Theman: "A welcome respite, I am sure for dragons and riders, and not unwelcome to those of us ground-pounders, either."
Ardrhys: "mmm never can be sure though so the wings still turn out."
Moira turns back to the others "Yes, there are records that extreme cold like this can turn the thread to black dust.  Other that the rest of us freezing as well, it is a nice break from thread fall"
Adara Tae: "It's the first time I've ever had something in common with thread!"

Theman: "I have heard tale, up north, that wings are turning out fewer dragons - I did hear one tale of a third-wing, led by a lone blue with ten greens."
Mishalath cocks her head ~peoples need hides and furs and not dragon fire when the outside is cold~
Ardrhys: "I haven't heard anything like that myself."
Moira frowns  "A Wing should be a Wing.  That's an unusal sighting.  Perhaps it was a practice flight they saw, especially if it was being led by a blue."
Ardrhys: "... but perhaps it was a training flight for weyrlings."
Theman: "It's the source of talk - well, one of them at any rate, back up at Northwest Passage. Could be - they don't have much congress with the Weyr, except for ground crew duty and tithing. perhaps they mis-judged."
Ardrhys: "Sounds like they are not big fans of the Weyr in that area?"
Moira: "It could have been practice.  The riders and dragons still need to keep ready even with the black dust, because we don't know when it will be warm enough for real thread again."
Theman: "It seems that, the further I go from the Weyr, the less well received the Weyr is."
Ardrhys: "mmm."
Theman continues "... and, last snowfall and threadfall coincided. I must say, it ws a sight to behold, such dark mottled snow - looked almost like an abundance of coal was spilled.""
Mishalath grumbles ~blackdirty snow not good for playing, peoples complain of mess~
Moira: "Considering the protection they get from the Weyr during thread fall, you'd think that they'd be a little more appreciative.  I don't think they'd be able to keep their areas protected just by ground crews, who mostly are just there for any little bit of thread that may get through.  They don't realize how much the dragons stop, I don't think."
Adara Tae: "A fear of the unknown or unfamiliar is quite common."
Ardrhys: "Perhaps if we visited more often Master, a'dragonback we could engage the youngsters and give them a different view of how much they owe the weyr?""
Mishalath sighs ~Dragons help peoples and peoples help dragon...~
Adara Tae: "Do you think they can read? We could setup some sort of news letter. Inform people of what is going on in the world."
Theman: "They seem a little agitated up there - and not the normal sort of 'hill folk' prejudice, either. More exposure to the dragons would probably help, Harper Ard. They don't see the beasts up close very often."
Ardrhys: "Well if we have some more contact with them we will find out and maybe could give some classes as well while we are there looking around."
Theman: "As for reading, seems to be the same all over, some can and do so very well, and some don't and do not want to."
Moira nods, "Yes, it does seem more than the normal fear of dragons or dislike of having to thithe.  That is what is worrisome.  Along with the elevated number of thefts we've been hearing about."
Ardrhys: "Yes I am sure it would help - we might also get a better idea of what is going on out there as well."
Mishalath shakes her head ~Silly peoples~
In a quiet aside to Master Moira, Theman asks "Did you receive the runner message i sent a few sevendays ago?
Moira: "We have all the Harpers we can assign already out at various locations.  If you want to visit some areas by dragon, you'll need to speak with the Weyrwoman and the Weyrleader, and see if they agree and can spare dragons and riders for that type of work right now."
Moira nods at Theman.  "Yes"
Ardrhys: "Thank-you Master - I know a few friendly weyrlings hoping for more flying hours with their dragons who might help me out."
Theman: "If they're hoping for flying hours - mayhaps be a good idea for them to fly straight there, not go between. and to also fly low - see and be seen."
Moira: "Just make sure they've cleared the flights with the Weyrlingmaster."
Ardrhys: "mmm yes , practice their skills and learn the aerial landmarks. Oh yes, of course, Master."
Theman: "I was thinking of them casting their moving shadows over the land." He grins. "I suppose sometimes, a training flight is not always a training flight for those doing the flying..."
Ardrhys smiles. "I am sure Una will come along too - she knows the same weyrlings I do."
Mishalath settles onto her stomach, head on fore claws, greenblue eyes casting moving light on those closest ~Dragons are always ready to fly~
Adara Tae: "Someone remind me not to get on Theman's bad side."
Moira: "The Weyr may already be taking some initiative about some of the other reports that have been received - perhaps that has to do with that less-than-a-full-Wing sighting."
Ardrhys: "Yes, could be Master - I will try and find out."
Theman: "Let them know that they can land and warm up at the high paddock - and we've some goats what can be culled, for the dragons, too. too much trouble to feed them throughout the full winter, anyway - what with natural pasture being snow covered."
Theman looks at Adara... "Why, my Lady - EVERY side is my 'bad' side..."
Adara Tae laughs "Now you tell me!"
Ardrhys: "Thank-you Theman - that is very helpful."
Theman: "Once, it was. I sat for a portraiture. Do you know, the canvas actually cracked and ripped? But, that was" said sadly, "another lifetime ago."
Theman looks at Adrhys "The help goes both ways. by the culling, i am aided"
Moira: "Wyerlings may be good for the 'shadow of wings on the ground' aspect, but the Weyr may choose to use more experienced riders and dragons for checking suspicious areas.  Sometime wyerlings can be a little too impetuous."
Ardrhys: "Indeed!"
Ardrhys smiles at Moira "... and Journeyman Harpers, Master?""
Moira smiles "Perhaps, but not as much as some of the Apprentices."  She shakes her head.
Ardrhys grins.
Theman grins "Apprentices. Appetites with feet."

Moira: "Shanna, has Fisher Craft heard of any additional strange ships or seen anything suspicious while they've been out fishing?"  She glances at Theman, then back to Shanna. "We've received a report that the 'fisher' who was here with the last tithe train, may not be all that he described himself as."
Ardrhys: "Is there any more news on those hide scraps that were found, Master. Or have any more come to light?"
Shanna: "In Winter, you go out and fish and hurry back, not go looking for anything."
Adara Tae: "But you syill keep a look out for the weather and so on?"
Moira: "No more have come to light."  Moira looks around to see who all is in hearing distance.  "We've determined - in some of our follow-up and from a report - that Koenig is not out at the sea cothold he said he was from.  In fact, he appears to not be known out there.  We've also received some reports about some suspicious meetings happening up North.  We have some Master level Harpers on the ground up in that area right now, for further follow-up."
Shanna: "Weather, yes. Ships on the horizon, not going to look see."
Theman looks around sharply, making a note of that.
Shanna sighs.
Shanna: "This all sounds not nice at all."
Theman: "Master - the High paddock's doors are open to them, when and if they need."
Ardrhys ponders the news.
Shanna: "Suppose telling the Lady Holder would cause more trouble than it was worth."
Moira: "I will let them know.  They won't present themselves as Harpers, as that would be counterproductive for their mission.   We have received word back, that the holder that was looking for a ship ride back to her cothold, is in fact from that cothold, and is thought very highly of there. " Moira glances towards Shanna "That's the holder that was as FisherCraft Hall last seven-day.  I hope she's since been able to get back home."
Ardrhys wonders if fisherfolk are really so inattentive as Shanna suggests.
Theman snorts, "The Lady Lord Holder seems in about as good a grace in the north as dragons, I'm afraid. Though, mind you, she treated me fair, that one time."
Shanna: "You'd have to present her wioth evidence and names, not rumours."
Moira sighs "The Lord Holder appears to keep her own council and not share very much, but I've heard that she also has a circle of Friends that help with providing her information when needed, as well... "
Theman: "As I said, she treated ME fair, that time. but some of the things i heard..."
Theman watches the proud green fly up to her weyr, settling on the ledge in the waning light of the sun.
Moira: "I would hazard a guess that Shanna is right in the Lord Holder needing facts, not rumors.  I don't think she puts a lot of stock in rumors she hears."
Theman: "And yet, rumors are often the precursors of facts - at least the strong rumors, that is.""
Ardrhys: "mmm."
Moira: "Agreed.  And none of us know whether the Lord Holder is taking action behind the scenes or not, as she has not offered any hints one way or the other.  She is a hard one to figure out at times.  Though I do believe she cares about the well-being of her holders."
Theman: "I guess that's true. You never think of Lords Holder as being, well, HUMAN, I guess. I suppose she has the same hope and fears as the rest of us."
Adara Tae: "I suppose they have different problems to deal with."
Ardrhys: "Yes, I suppose they do."
Theman: "Yep. I guess her stubbing a toe hurts about as much as when I do that."
Ardrhys laughs.
Theman: "Well? doesn't stubing your toe hurt?"
Adara Tae: "I bet she swears more gracefully than you though."
Ardrhys grins.
Theman: "Well, THAT should be a 'given', but I bet I can keep on cursing longer, though."

Moira: "From what I've read of our history, she wasn't expecting to become Lord Holder, but when it became apparent to her she was the next in line, she did what she needed to do.  If she didn't care about Gianfar and the people here, I don't think she would have cared about becoming Lord Holder."
Theman thinks back to the pile of borrowed history scrolls by his chair, back at the high paddock, all (mostly) unread as of yet. Theman thinks it would be so much more convenient if someone would read the scolls outloud, as he worked about the paddock, or traveled around the island.
Shanna: "Do not wish away the Holder, or you might get the job yourself"
Ardrhys: "Yes but she has, if memory serves correctly, Master, also spent a fair amount of time on the mainland!."
Theman looks at Harper Ardhys "Do you know where she bided her time, there?"
Moira nods at Ardrhys "Yes, mostly before she became Lord Holder, I believe."
Ardrhys: "I don't Theman, but she was away for quite some time."
Theman: "and ... it's a big mainland." He sighs.
Ardrhys: "Yes indeed."
Shanna looks up at the sky.
Theman notices Shanna's glance, "Snow?"
Shanna: "Noo, my stomach tells me time to set off for home before dark."
Moira furrows her brow, "If I remember right, she had been on the mainland just before returning to find out her brother was on his death bed.  I think preparations were already under way for the election of a new Lord Holder when she showed back up.  Needless to say, she asserted her rights, convinced remaining family to support her, and the rest, as they say, is history."
Theman goes "whew"
Shanna: "Fair winds to all."
Moira: "Fair winds, Shanna."
Theman: "Fair winds, Shanna."
Theman: "Just family had to support her? Not a full conclave?"
Moira: "It's an inheirted position, unless there is no familly left.  She did have the support I think, of a majority of the holders, and other family without direct claims . I believe she did try to win over any opposition that there might have been."
Theman: "Well, would that she can regain and maintain that trust. It does seem to be dissipating, from what I heard, in the interior."
Ardrhys: "hmmm!
Adara Tae: "It seems a little reckless to be undermining the system during a fall."
Ardrhys: "Yes, but the Lady Holder is no fan of the Weyr."
Moira: "Yes it does.  We may have to do a little more teaching about how long a pass lasts.  That's always a problem I think, when the interval inbetween passes has been so long.."
Theman: "I remember, before the pass, we thought thread would never return."
Ardrhys: "In fact wasn't she one of the doubters that thread would ever fall again?"
Theman: "Some bet their lives on it - they lost."
Adara Tae: "She might not be a fan but I'm sure she recognises the necessity of the weyr."
Moira: "Her first Steward to the Hold was a rider candidate - in fact became a rider.  It's always hard with the Lord Holder to know what she's really thinking.  She was, however, one of the ones who thought thread would not return (at least that was her public thoughts on it)"
Theman: "If she was public with that thought, and to be so publically proven wrong *mimes thead falling from the skies*"
Adara Tae: "She may have said that to prevent a panic? I understand the Hold was in some turmoil just before first thread."
Ardrhys: "Yes, difficult to know her thoughts on it now - or just how she spent her time on the Mainland."
Moira: "I think that was the public sentiment at that time, except for in the Weyrs - not just here, but on the mainland as well,  if I'm remembering correctly."
Adara Tae: "She would have been quite young when she was on the mainland? Probably getting drunk and chasing boys... Please don't tell her I said that."

Ardrhys: "Well, it is water under the bridge now- we need to gather as much intelligence as we can and try and come up with the facts of the situation. Ardrhys smiles.
Moira: "Yes, it is water under the bridge now, but sometimes knowing about  a person's past in terms of struggles they overcame, or challenges they faced, helps shed light on their current actions.  We do still have some 'travelers' out gathering intelligence.  Let's see what this next seven-day brings to light."
Ardrhys: "Yes Master, of course."
Ardrhys stifles a yawn.
Theman catches the yawning craze - yawns full and long.  "Uh oh."
Moira: "Ardrhys, if you and Una are able to make some flights with some of the wyerlings, go ahead with that opportunity, and let me know of anything interesting you come across.  Or even anything interesting you may hear among the riders here at the Weyr that might have some bearing on things."
Ardrhys: "I will Master, of course. But now I must get some sleep. Goodnight all."
Theman: "Good night, Harper Ardhys."
Adara Tae: "Goodnight Ardrhys."
Moira: "Goodnight Ardrhys."
Theman: "I had best be getting some shut eye as well,. I'm trading the Weyr... looking at their livestock for a warm bed and food on the morrow. then, off to the main beastcraft, for another small herd to bring north. Good night, everyone."
Adara Tae: "Night Theman, sleep well."
Moira: "Good night Theman, and keep your eyes open as you travel (as you have been).  It's much appreciated."
Theman nods, turns and leaves.

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Prattle in The Peaks / Weyr, Hold & Hall / At Fisher Craft Hall - Part 1 - RP 1/7/2018
[Setting - action starts in dining area at Fisher Craft Hall]

Ardrhys smiles "She'll fit in well then."
Albert (one of the ship captains) notes "Shanna is a poet not a singer."
Shanna snorts.
Moira stands in the doorway, and then enters, seeing Ardrhys there.
Ardrhys: "Hello Master."
Shanna: "Master Harper, please join us."
Moira smiles at the fisher and the Captain  "Thank you".
Shanna's flit Blueball greets Moira's  blue flit Ming. "Welcome to MY kitchen."
Alec makes for the warmth of the stove, after the freezing weather outside.
Qatalina stops shyly by the door, unsure of what to do.
Ming chirps.
Alec motions to Qat. "Come here, girl - get some warmth!"
Qatalina rubs her hands "Oh, it does feel good."
Moira smiles a reassuring smile at Qat, and studies the other lady, sure that she's seen her before.
Shanna: "Heloo! I'd better make a pot of klah. There are nibbles on the table."
Alec, attracted by the smell of warm food,  moves to claim a seat at the dining table.
Shanna puts the kettle to work.
Qatalina " Hello,  Master Moira."
Moira nods "Hello, Qatalina."
Ardrhys: "Hello Qat.:
Shanna: "Chirp when it boils, if you please, Blueball."
Qatalina "Hello,  Journeyman Ardrhys."
Ardrhys smiles at Qat.

Alec: "Master .. Moira? Were you the, yes you were! the harper present when I spoke to the lady holder!"
Alec: "I am Alec, holder form the Far Cry minor hold, up north.
Moira turns to the lady across the table, "Ah... yes, I thought I recognized you.  Far Cry, yes, up north."
Mishla, the feline, makes her way from the lapping waters of the docks, sea spray clings to her fur and fish on her breathe. The feline peeks around the open arch, curious as to what the peoples are doing, with the smell of food an added incentive.
Alec: "Have you heard anything, Master, from the Lady Holder on our plight? So far, myself, I have heard nothing and would dearly love to give our people some welcome news of aid."
Shanna greets the feline, offering a hand to sniff. "Heloo there."
Moira gives Alec a kindly look.  "Yes, we would all like some welcome news....  No, I haven't heard anything conclusive back yet from the Hold, but I understand that there are investigations underway.  These things take time."
Alec: "Hopefully not too much time, Master. Starvation also takes time, but usually less than we would warrant,"
Mishla pauses, ears and whiskers perked, tail up, sniffing the offered hand of the fisher lady. She offers a dainty mew and rubs the hand.
Shanna calls back "not unless you come in Colin!"
Blueball chirps kettle!
Shanna: "Hm, well behaved felines are welcome here."
Moira nods to Alec, "Yes, I understand, and I'm sure that the Lord Holder does not wish her holders to starve either."
Qatalinalistens with interest and smiles to herself at the idea that felines may be at the hall.
Alec pointedly moves the platter of treats and morsels to eat closer to the harper "Hard to starve in the midst of plenty. What we face is real"

Shanna makes klah and brings the pot to the table
Ming leans forward on Moira's shoulder, watching the tail of this new creature.
Shanna: "or, there is yesterdays wine with some left"
Alec looks at the newcomer...
Moira pours herself a cup of klah.  "Thank you, Shanna"
Colin: "Hello, folks. Mm, good to be out of that wind!"
Mishla, the feline,  blinks happily and pads into the room. She is a veteran of the people docks but looks well kept and fed. The feline settles 'neath the table watching the goings on and on the alert for any morsel dropped that needs tending to.
Shanna: "I say 'wine' and here is Colin. Come and join us!"
Colin grins and settles at the table
Alec, noticing trader knots, asks "any news from up north? I ask after Far Cry hold, in the northeast"
Ardrhys: "Qat come and sit with us. Have some klah and something to eat."
Qatalina turns and heads over, hoping to get some hot klah.
Albert looks up at Shanna
Mishla the feline, weaves her way between shoes and boots, sniffing as she goes, every now and then rubbing the leather clad leg or foot with her head or furry body.
Albert: "You take my seat and natter, I'll go back to work."

Colin: "Thank you., Shanna. News? None good. Bad weather, not much trading, and people talking of thieves."
Shanna "Rude person!" and grins.
Moira sees the feline under the table, and holds out a small scrap for her..
A delighted 'meh' sounds from under foot and the feline daintily takes the offering, rough tongue licking the juices from fingers.
Colin continues, "I could almost call this 'Renegade weather'.Seems as if the only people moving around are the ones we don't want to see."
Alec: "I am worried after my home hold - we had many supplies stolen."
Shanna: "Oh, this thieving..."
Alec: "There was a man who traveled down here with me - from Sea's Cry fish hall, but HE managed to leave for HIS home several sevenday ago."  She glares at the back of the departing Captain.
Shanna: "Oh, that fellow."
Alec: "The bald man, yes."
Moira nods, "The talk of thefts continuing is disturbing.  I will relay that information on, but Harper Hall is limited in what the Hall can do.  This falls under the jurisdiction of the Hold.  It is particularly disturbing if the thieves are other holders here... "
Alec: "We send out patrols, but they fall short and cannot find any miscreants. We need help! The day before I left to come down here, we had a half herd of milch animals stolen in the night! and not a clue after the river."
Shanna: "A herd? You mean lots?"
Alec: "Half a herd for us is about twenty head. All gone in the night."
Shanna: "Can hardly hide that lot."
Mishla the feline finishes the morsel and carefully licks her muzzle, cleaning her face with a damp paw. Curious, she sets her fore paws on the person's cloth covered chair/lap to get a closer look at the small flyer that could not be caught...always disappearing from sight and scent.
Alec: "We tracked them to the river, but then all signs disappeared."
Colin: "The holdless can live off the land most of the time, with only small thefts here and there - being just an annoyance most of the time. But in the winter there are no crops to *ahem* harvest and the herdbeasts are kept close to shelter. So they have to be bolder or starve. But this year's damage is much worse than usual."
Alec: One of the reasons I came south, besides to speak with the Lady Holder - who was of no help - was to buy much needed supplies for the winter. and here we sit, in the south and not on the sea heading back.  Sometimes I could just CRY in frustration."
Moira smiles briefly "The Harpers sometimes think of themselves as the 'eyes and ears' of the island, but realistically they can't be everywhere all the time, and can't hear and see everything that may be happening...  " Very quietly, after a pause, "... at least not recognizable as Harpers."
Qatalina listens to the talk of thieves and missing supplies, feeling very self conscious thinking of her first few days here.  At the time thinking her small acquisitions were justified and wouldn't matter to the owner so much.

Shanna: "You need a ship?"
Alec: "I've been waiting for several sevendays for a ship, but your captain ...." She shakes head.
Shanna sighs.
Alec: "Him, letting others leave, and me, stuck here like a wherry on a spit..."
Ardrhys smiles at the image.
Alec looks at the curly haired one, grinning like a fool wherry himself "What? Do you not have a care for starving CHILDREN, man?"
Shanna: "The weather has been difficult, but... we should be able to do something. I'll ask."
Alec: "Oh please do! it's just so ... so ... MADDENING, these delays!"
Ardrhys looks back in surprise at the irate holder.
Qatalina looks startled by the woman's abrupt speech.
Mishla, the feline, settles down on all fours as the small flyer seemed to be ignoring her. With a coy twist of tail she pads over to the ladyperson on the end, she seems nervous. The feline sat next to her chair and but her head against her cloth covered calf.
Shanna: "Been there. Stuck ashore, food running out, eating seagrass."
Alec: "Seagrass? Can it BE eaten? We trade for some of the weeds from the sea and use it as fertilizer."
Qatalina feels the brush of something against her foot and is surprised to see the feline at her feet.  Holding her hand down carefully as she'd seen Shanna do, she waits to see if the feline will accept her.
Shanna: "If there's nothing else, you'd eat it."

Colin: "I've heard of a trade train being attacked, crew injured - one killed! - and all the trade goods stolen. Some of us can't afford to hire more crew... but if they don't they're not protected enough. Some of the cotholders I've talked with are going to send a delegation to the Weyr to ask for help. Sweepriders should at least be able to track the thieves."
Alec: "Hmmph. last wing of dragons i saw up north had a blue rider as their wingleader, and a young blue rider at that."
Mishla, the feline, stands her ground, looking at the hand with interest, whiskers twitching as her nose takes in sea and hide and ink scents. After a moment the feline leans in to rub the hand, keeping her head close in case fingers were willing to petstritch...
Alec looks around, realizing "My my, this is more people than i've seen here in days. Is something special happening?"
Qatalina giggles softly at the tickle of whiskers on her fingers, and with one gentle finger, rubs the felines forehead, wondering if they like to be scritched as much as the dragons and flits seem to.
Shanna: "Oh, wait till there's a storm, then the kitchen fills up with idle people. Right now, it's fishing they are."
Moira turns towards Ardrhys "Perhaps you can have a word with the Weyrleader, to see if the sweepriders are also looking for any suspicious activity."  She turns to Alec and the trader.  "The Weyr's primary duty is to protect us from threadfall, and from the Rift when needed, but given the unusual amount of strange activity occurring, it wouldn't hurt for us to ask for some more eyes out there."
Mishla's eyes slide half closed and a tiny purr vibrates through her furry frame. The feline moves her head slightly so the lovly finger in rubbing behind an ear.
Alec: "Thank you, Master."
Ming tilts his head curiously at this strange noise from the creature on the floor.
Ardrhys: "Yes Master."
Colin: "Knowing that there are eyes in the sky ought to keep thieves under cover. Riders can't see much at night but morning or evening light ought to make tracks easy to see in the snow. Still... we're dealing with people who know the land at least as well as those who live there."
Alec: "The winters up north leave little cover - it's easy to see across the valleys at the high paddocks."
Moira stares toward the fire thoughtfully, "It does seem more and more like we're dealing with holders already here - and that is disturbing.  Why would they want to impact their fellow holders in such a negative way?"
Alec: "There have always been those who want what they do not have, but at least they were willing to work for it. Now..... now, when I return, we'll be even more determined to look for newcomers, strangers."
Ardrhys glances at Qat.
Moira: "Many of these reports that we've been hearing sound like more than just a holdless family in bad times 'finding' what they need to survive.  It sounds like something more organized, on a larger scale.   I almost wouldn't be surprised if it turn out to not be newcomers or strangers, but fellow holders who you wouldn't have expected."

Mishla, the feline, stays near the nervous personlady, letting fingers give lovely skritches. The feline's ears twitched and swiveled as the other peoples talked, sometimes loudly.
Qatalina focuses on the feline as she rubs its head, wishing her sea hold had had felines about. Loosing track of the conversation she asks... "I wonder if the shipfish like to be caressed too..." Then realizing she's interruped and spoken aloud, blushes and stammers an appology.
Ardrhys smiles at Qat.
Ardrhys: "Have you seen any shipfish yet Qat?""
Alec looks at the young girl, suddenly reminded of her young sisters, and daughters.
Moira gives Qat a warm smile and nods.
Qatalina: "N-no... I mean I've, I've seen them follow my father's ships but..." She glances around, "Not up close."
Ardrhys: "There was one close by when I came into the Hall - I haven't seen them close up very often either."
Ardrhys: "Do they report at regular times Shanna, or just at need?"
Qatalina's eyes widen.  "Really?  At times during the night I thought I could hear them"
Alec: "I was watching a pair of them, earlier."
Mishla, the feline, blinks and mehs when the finger stops. She sets her front paws on the chair and mehs again, tail swishing softly.
Shanna: "They give news to anyone that will pass it on."
The mews getting her attention, Qatalina smiles and resumes her scritches.
Alec: "What are the shipfish to you, young lady? ... 'Quat', is it?"
Ardrhys: "How soon into her training before Qat gets to meet them?"
Alec: "Training?"
Ardrhys: "Qat has been apprenticed to this Hall. She will be learning all that Fisher Hall does."
Qatalina laughs "Qatalina. I've always been called Qat."
Alec looks at 'Qat'(now that she hears the name right), impressed at one so young, gaining such a posting.
Alec: "Congratulations, my dear."
Mishla, the feline, quiets to a dainty purr again and after a moment jumps solidly into the ladylap, right away getting comfortable.
Qatalina: "Oh!" She shifts around surprised as the feline settles itself in her lap.
"Thank you" Qatalina says over the ears in her view.
Alec laughs at the young girl's surprise. "It could be worse, my dear. At home the felines only bother with me is when i'm in the necessary"
Qatalina laughs heartily.
Moira smiles at the feline settling down on Qat's lap.  "You do seem to attract all the animals."
Shanna looks at Qat with raised eyebrows. "If felines and flits like you, then shipfish will no doubt."
Qatalina grins happily "I do love animals. I used to watch them when I'd hike ..." Her voice trails off as she realized she was about to speak of things she shouldn't.
Mishla, the feline, ignores the other peoples, kneading softly and turning once before bonelessly flopping on her side, purr louder now and some tummy in view for petting.
Alec: "My, they DO love you, child. I've rarely seen felines expose their bellies."
Shanna: "They just about put up with me, despite not appreciating their jokes."
Alec reaches for, and daintily takes, a glass of wine and a cheese roll.
Alec: "This IS good wine."
Qatalina smiles with happiness, rubbing the feline's forehead just between the ears with one hand and scratching under the chin with the the other.
Shanna: "You are no funnnn Shanna!" She shakes her head.

Shanna: "So. When do you want to have your shipfish introduction Qat?"
Mishla sighs happily, feline bliss, the purr now rumbling at full force, one eye cracked open to glance at the other Fisher lady then closes.
Alec looks around, realizing that is getting late, and even chillier with the sun down. She shivvers despite the warmth of the stove.
Qatalina: "Oh..oh any time. What do I need to do to prepare?""
Shanna: "Fish. In a bucket! And clothes you don't mind getting wet. I'm assuming you can swim."
Qatalina: "Alright."  She looks thoughtful. "I can just use the tunic and leggings I have now. I, I don't have much. They will be fine, left to dry later."
Qatalina: "Yes, I can."
Alec's eyebrows raise, thinking 'swim? in this temperature?' Alec feels chilled to the bone, just thinking about it.
Shanna: "It wouldn't matter if you couldn't, they LOVE rescuing people."
Qatalina laughs "I am used to the water."
Moira listens, in interest.
Shanna: "Today? Though it's getting late... We could go down now and ask for volunteers to play jokes on you - there will be plenty I'm sure."
Qatalina wonders what that means, but is eager to see the shipfish. Gives the feline a squeeze and tries gently to encourage it off her lap.
Alec looks around "You all go. I'm too cold, I'll take my wine and sit with some of the old aunties by the main fire. Maybe that will warm me."
Qatalina looks at the feline "Come on now.  Jump off.    Maybe it will follow us"
Alec: "Maybe the shipfish will rescue a feline?"
Moira looks down at the feline.  "If she hangs around the docks, she's probably seen - or at least heard - the shipfish"
Shanna: "Don't you worry about getting a ship home, I'll  kick some butt - that is, ask some people to sort something out."
Alec: "Thank you, Lady."
Mishla, the feline, gives a whiny 'meh', for a moment as heavy as she could be but, with a sigh, the feline flowed of the comfortable lap as if it was her idea, turning to wash a shoulder.
Alec: "Best of luck, young Qat, and try not to get too wet, it is some powerful cold out there.""
Qatalina reaches down for a final pet, smoothing her warmed skirts.
Shanna: "Right - down to the beach then."
Shanna: "Blueball, you are in charge."
Blueball: "Yes! Guard the pies!"
Qatalina grins behind Shanna's back, thinking it will be fun to get to know her and her wry humor.

*** continues in Part 2 ****

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10  Prattle in The Peaks / Weyr, Hold & Hall / At Fisher Craft Hall - part 2 - RP 1/7/2018
[Setting - out on the beach outside the Hall's sheltered docks.]
continued from Part 1

Shanna sticks fingers in her mouth and whistles loudly.
Moira shivers as she comes out from the sheltered docks and the sea breeze hits her.
Qatalina shivers in the chilly breeze but looks hopefully into the shallow waters.
Mishla lifts her nose to the air, sea breeze ruffling her fur. The feline shakes her head in surprise at the loud, piercing noise, glaring at the other Fisher lady.
Shipfish1 makes a big SPLASH!
Qatalina: "Oh!!  There!"
Shanna sighs
Shipfish1 agains makes a SPLASH!
Shipfish2: "Squeeeeee!"
Shipfish1: "GAY-EM!"
Shanna: "Oy! Talk, not splash."
Cold water splatters Qatalina as she points and grins.
Shipfish1 splashes "gay-em!"
Shanna points at Qat.
Shipfish1 belly flops, making a BIG splash.
Qatalina kneels down on the sand, trying to peer at them in the water as they go under.
Moira stands back from the edge of the water, not wanting to get splashed by the playful shipfish that appeared.
Mishla, the feline, grumbles a complaint and scrambles for a dryer place to watch.
Shanna: "New human, come to see you!""
Shipfish1: "noo hew mon!""
Qatalina laughs with delight. "How wonderful and so big so close up."
Shipfish1: "gay-me?"
Colin wraps his cloak tighter.
Qatalina laughs.
Shanna: "Yes! Likes being splashed!"
Shipfish2: "squee"
Shanna grins.
Shipfish1 tail flips more waters on the people.
Shipfish1: "gayme!"
Shanna fatches some fish.
Shipfish1: "fysh? have fysh?"
Shanna: "Catch fish game!"
Shipfish1: "no bellel?"
Mishla, the feline, creeps closer now that the splashers have settled down, eying the shipfish. She yowls as a splash catches her, growling softly and looking a bit bedraggled in wet fur. The feline sits then and there and furiously licks.
Qatalina puts her hand in the water as if to reach out to them.
Shanna: "Here Qat, throw one. They only win if they catch it before it reaches the water."
Shipfish1 prepares to jumpses.
Shipfish1: "hay! myne!"
Qatalina takes the pail of fish and grabs one. She tosses it high over the water.
Shipfish1: "long t'row!"
Qatalina tosses another one and watches as they leap for it.
Shipfish1 approaches as close to land as he dares. "physh?"
Shipfish1: "Come swim! is fun! make gayme!"
Shanna: "Too cold for humans!"
Shipfish1: "come boatz! we pullz boatz! showz physhz!"
Qatalina: "Oh...still though, I can't wait to have the first lesson."
Qatalina: "What wonderful jumpers they are!"
Shanna: "Tomorrow, perhaps the boat."
Shipfish1: "No boatz?" Tail flicks water at Shanna. "no boatz.... " sounding disappointed.

Shanna: "Boats are out fishing today, back soon."
Shipfish1: "bluu? scrab bluufiz? boatz out? we help?."
Shanna: "Yes yes, you help."
Shipfish1: "we go, we help!"
Qatalina marvels at the experience of seeing someone communicate with them
Shipfish1: "byyyy eeeyyyyyy"
Colin: "It's time for me to be going, I've much to do before nightfall. Thanks for the chance to see the shipfish; they're amazing!"
Shipfish1: "we goez, get boatz!"
Shanna: "Yes, go see boats coming back!" Shanna waves goodbye.
Qatalina sadly watches the shipfish swim out to sea
Shanna: "Well, they seems happy enough with you."
Ardrhys: "Amazing!"
"Yes." Qatalina smiles broadly. "So wonderful!."
Ardrhys: "You will enjoy yourself here Qat!"
Qatalina: "Yes, I think so. I'm looking forward to it."
Shanna: "Aha! You have squee. I do not."
Qatalina: "Squee?"
Shanna grins.
Ardrhys: "I must get ready for the trip back so I will take my leave of you now. Good luck Qat. Remember to stay in touch - Harper Hall is only a drumbeat away!"
Shanna: "Going 'squee' over creatures."
Qatalina smiles "Thank you Jouneyman."
Ardrhys smiles.
Shanna: "Fair winds, Harper."
Ardrhys: "Goodbye Master, Shanna."
Qatalina laughs "Oh! I guess I do have squee."
Shanna: "Never used to, but flits got me in the end."
Qatalina laughs.
Moira smiles at Qat, "It looks like you will enjoy yourself here.  Good luck.  I should start back to the Hall."

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11  Prattle in The Peaks / Harper Hall / Re: Harper Hall Logs
Entry from Moira's Journal   (OOV 12/20/17)

Harper Hall seems unusually subdued this seven-day - classes are still being held, apprentices are still given to bouts of hilarity and wild activity common with the young, yet, especially among the Masters, there is a more than normal undercurrent of seriousness.   

Learn Master Tristan has asked me to keep a list of the unusual events that started several seven-days ago, so that we don't miss anything that may be important and so that we can view the whole set of events as we decide on actions that Harper Hall will take or initiate.   I've been going through all my hide scraps to make sure I have not forgotten any incident:
    - 2 hide scraps both found on or dropped by seemingly wild flits in the Weyr Bowl.  Both included coded letters in drum code which were eventually decoded as JTML - Join the Mainland.  One scrap also contained a map fragment of a portion of coastline, as well as the word "Gianfar".   It is likely that the flits were not wild, but impressed by holders somewhere on the island.  (Some of Colin's relatives in the hill country and impressed flits and use them for communicating with others, so it follows that other holders could be doing so as well).
    - Several old hide scraps found by Theman at Wind's Home Paddock which was thought to have been abandoned the past hundred turns or so.  Still, Theman found recent signs of occupation plus the old hide scraps with a map of Gianfar with all major craft halls, the Hold and the Weyr locations marked on it, and the smudged letters JTML. Given this map that is clearly Gianfar, it is possible that the coastline in the map fragment on the earlier hide dropped at the Weyr is of a section of Gianfar coastline.
    - Reports of thefts of various supplies / stores / tools from Smithcraft, from Ardrhys's uncle while on his journey to the Weyr with one of the tithe trains, from holders at Far Cry cothold and Sea's Cry cothold (along the sea and mainly a fisher cothold).  A strange ship, ignoring the common rules off the sea, was also spotted by Sea's Cry.

While it is still not certain that all of the above are related, most of the Harper Quintet are of that view, and well as concern that this may be a organized movement, something generally not found in this scale on Gianfar. 

I am in agreement with this view, and am anxiously awaiting more news from the two incognito harpers sent out towards Far Cry and Sea's Cry cotholds.  We have heard that they have passed the last drum relay station out that direction.  Due to the apparent use of drum codes in the earliest hide scraps with the JTML code, the Drum Master has instituted several new drum codes for us (Harpers) to use in communicating about matters surrounding these incidents.  The new codes are being hand-delivered to the various drum relay stations.

The research into the recent past records looking for mention of strangers that may be pertinent to the current circumstances has not been too fruitful yet.  The most obvious recent strangers are Qatalina and Theman.  Personally, I have gotten to know both of them, and believe that they are both honorable people.  On the other hand, Qat was most upset on finding out she would have to stay here, and Theman's arrival and past were shrouded in mystery (and still are to some extent, but he has recently began making some mention of events in his past, prior to coming here, and they do support what we were able to learn about him, that he had in fact been trained in Beast Craft. Of the two, Theman has had the most opportunity to explore further around the island, while looking for good pasture for raising goats, as well as being present when the flits dropped the hide scraps, and also at Wind's Home Paddock where additional materials were found.  Qat's interest and enthusiasm in Dolphin Craft appear to be very genuine, but there is always the possibility that she is using that as a cover.  While I want to be able to cross both off the list, until we receive more information, it seems like I need to leave them at least marginally on the list.

Further back, is Karl.  He was before my time, but I have heard stories of some of his exploits, particularly his kidnapping of MasterSmith Wyn.  Supposedly he disappeared after the MasterSmith was found and rescued.  So, is he still alive? Did he return to the mainland or some other island?  Did he go into hiding here on Gianfar where he has been turning people against the Hold and the Weyr?  I imagine that, where ever he may be, he may still have a lot of resentment towards Lady Varian.

Even further back, is there anyone still on Gianfar who may still have resentments over Lady Varian becoming Lord Holder?  I have heard some hints that there may have been some opposition at that time, from some of the extended family.

An apprentice has just knocked on my door, informing me that Learn Master Tristin has requested that I join him and the rest of the Harper Quintet for a meeting.  Perhaps some new information has been found that will help in weeding out speculations from truths. or that will help us put the size of this concern in better perspective.

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12  Prattle in The Peaks / Weyr, Hold & Hall / Gathered for a feast at the Hold - Part 1 (RP 12/17/17)
No one was certain of what the occasion was, but nonetheless, everyone had gathered to dine at the Hold Dining Hall... where a feast had been set out, waiting for them, even though the Lord Holder was not present until near the end of the meal.

Colin enters and settles down at a table at the foot of the hall.
Theman reaches for a redfruit, commences munching.
Ardrhys pours himself a klah and grabs an apple.
Una Lunaqat takes a bowl of scraps requested from the drudges and sets it down for the canine.
Moira enters the hall and stops to take stock. "Greetings!"
Trickster, the sneaky creature hops onto a table and nabs a piece of food.
Colin: "Good evening, Master Moira."
Shanna: "Greetings to you."
Ardrhys: "Greetings, Master."
The canine pads closer to the table with people and wonderful food smells, his damp coat steaming slightly this close to the fire. He stops at the clink of a bowl and, with canine grin digs in, not one to refuse food given.
Theman watches the new creature, nibbling the gagh (serpent worms) .
Trickster starts to consume the chicken it has taken.
Theman "I am so glad the drudges finally got that fire started. imagine, leaving THAT off until the last moment...."
Una Lunaqat: "We will have to get the drudges to bring up another bowl of meat."
Una Lunaqat nods. "Getting nice and warm in here now."
Moira looks at the assortment of animal creatures and laughs.  "I see when there are no firelizards, there's no shortage of others to take their place and beg for food."
Theman: "Yes, and all these aromas are going to be calling in every canine and flit within a dragon's flight - best give them the tongues and other unsavory bits...:
Una Lunaqat: "Tusse likes to watch from afar."
The canine makes short work of the food, the bowl clacking and scuffing with his enthusiastic tongue. Once hunger is satisfied for the moment he looks around, cocking his head as he catches sight of the other creature..never smelled anything like that.
Ardrhys smiles.
Moira "I didn't realize that Lady Varian had so many pets."
Trickster slowly sneaks over to try and take another piece of food.
Una Lunaqat: "I have to admit, I'm surprised she would have."
Theman: "Good people have good pets, well behaved pets. You can tell the quality of a person, by their animals."
Jarth (Ardrhys's flit) takes one look at the odd creature and disappears with a squawk!
Trickster looks up and appears to smirk.
Theman slices off a bit of meatroll, for the harper lady's flit.
Dutch: "I cannot believe how fast this weather changed. I'm going to be hard pressed to get back to the high paddock."
The canine watches the other creature with curiosity, peeking around the table leg, staying for the moment by the nice people that give food. He leans into the nearest lady smelling of ink, wood, resin and runner, tail thumping...does the other creature want to play?
Theman keeps one eye on the two beasts, lest a fight breaks out. His other hand closes on a pitcher of water, to put out any such fight, should it occur.
Moira gives the canine a scratch behind the ears.  "Perhaps the Trader can help direct you to passes that might still be open."
Trickster gives the dog a glance and seems to scowl.
Theman: "The traders are known for their business acumen, sadly my marks are now few, but honest.  Perhaps, trader, I can work passage back to the interior high country, with one of your caravans?"
Ganav the canine, sighs happily and stays put for now...tail tempo increasing at the good feeling scritching. Ganav watches the other creature with laughing golden eyes, tongue hanging from his mouth.
Trickster the nine-tailed fox quickly hops onto the table, nabs another piece of chicken, then walks off.
Colin: Theman, my usual route to the high country takes me past many smallholds - full of customers - and I could use one more worker on my crew. If you're willing to help clear snow and such work, you could come along till we pass your paddock.
Theman: "That I can do, Trader. Hard work is not unknown to me. Further, I can also tend your beasts, as needed."
Theman: "Wind's home high paddock overlooks big island lake."
Una Lunaqat motions to the drudges..
The canine blinks and shakes his shaggy head, bold move snatching food from the table with people still there. He snorts in amusement but, since he already ate his fill, stayed with the people, ears twitching as they spoke.
Una Lunaqat: "Trader Colin, won't you join us?"
Theman cuts a small piece of the smoked cheese from the wedge on the platter, sandwiching it with some spiced meats.
Ardrhys: "Master, any more news on the efforts to understands those scraps attached to that wild flit?"
Colin: "Thank you, Una, I will."
Moira sighs and looks around.  "Well, there was some progress made - the letters appear to refer to something call "Join the MainLand".  The Hall is still researching to determine if that is a group, and if so, what type of group it might be."
Ardrhys: "hmmm."
Theman: "... and the scraps i found last time at high paddock, Master? Did they help?"
Theman: "You DID receive them, did you not? I sent them via a sweep rider which thankfully landed at my signal."
Moira nods "Yes, they did help, Theman, and the information you supplied - along with the maps - gives credence to this 'Join the MainLand' being some type of organization - and one that needs some observing to determine what they're about."
Colin: "Join the mainland? We've spent a very long time staying away from there. Why would anyone want to change that?"
Theman: "Join the main land? what, do they want to MOVE the island? Seems to be a big task."
Ardrhys: "There were many other grumbles and much discontent expressed after the tithe arrived last week, Master."
Una Lunaqat: "This must be part of what troubled the previous Journeymen."
Theman picks up his ears, that there is disgruntlement is news to him. and this was such an idyllic island, far from ... before.
Shanna enjoys tubers with a slice of roast meat
The canine noses his way around the table, two others with the same scent as the lady ink hides resin and wood, one smelling of fish sea wood tar and two of outside and the big beasts. Cold nose and tongue then large shaggy head finds a way to any hand or open lap as the canine goes.
Shanna scratches the canine as it passes.
Moira looks thoughtful.  "It is puzzling to us as well.  However, periods of folks being unhappy or disgruntled occur from time to time, but they usually die out as other parts of the situation change.  It's unusual to see a concerted movement effort, if that is what this is."
Theman: "Lady fisher, i notice you like the tubers. Have you tried them with this spiced wherry sauce yet?" Proffers the sauce bowl.
Ardrhys: "Do you think so Una, do you think they know any of the discontents?"
Sky watcher: Threadfall sighted! Kuma east! Take cover!
Theman looks at the master. "die out? the feelings, or the people?"
The canine pauses for any willing hand offered, his fur now warm and dry from the crackling fire.
Shanna: "Tubers were rare and special as a child, but will try that, thank you."
Theman: "I trust you will enjoy them with the sauce."
Moira smiles "Poor choice of word - the feelings pass as food supplies improve, or the weather changes, or fishing picks up, and so forth."
Theman: "But shouldn't that happen now, as thread falls as dust, now in this colder weather?"
Una Lunaqat: "That is a good thought Ardrhys.  It was clear they knew something was going on and wanted to be away before questioned, though why not report it I can't imagine.  Has anyone questioned them Master Moira that you know of?"
Ardrhys: "Not many crops growing now either."
The canine wrinkles his muzzle, the white pasty ground things are ok to eat but he would much prefer meat.
Una Lunaqat hears the panting close behind her and puts her hand back with a bit of meat for the canine..
Theman: "But weren't fields plowed last spring? Weren't fields harvested just scant sevendays ago?"
Theman: "Food should be abundant, as in this Hold."
Theman stabs another ripe redfruit.
Theman: "Lady fisher - is the seahold not brimming with preserved fish, put aside for the winter months?"
Moira, to Una and Ardrhys "I'm sure that the Senior Masters have spoken with them, but I have not heard any specific details.   I've always speculated if it was related to the decrease in dragons and the long wait for a new hatching - which is another unexplained situation. "
Nose twitching and ears perked Ganav closes in on the hapless prey, taking the meat from fingers with surprising gentleness and a thorough licking to be sure to catch all the juices.
Shanna: "The fish stores are fine."
Una Lunaqat: "hmmm    but "Join the Mainland" would be even more alarming if started in other areas. Have you ever heard of anything like this around the Fisher Hall Shanna?"
Theman: "That sounds somewhat ... underwhelming, Lady fisher."
Moira: "It's the situation of the individual holders out in the small cotholds which may be much different than what we see here at the main Hold, or the Craft Halls or Weyr."
Shanna: "No one at Fisher Hall has spoken like that."
The hand empty and as clean as a canine tongue can get it, Ganav moves on, large shaggy body weaving through table legs to the other side, cold nose and panting leading the way
Sky watcher: Leading edge is moving away.
Theman: "Good to hear the skywatchers are still diligent, despite thread frozen to crackdust."
Dutch drops the canine a small piece of the smoked cheese.
Una Lunaqat wipes her hand absently on her skirt.
Moira: "I think the Weyr would still send up at least one wing to check along the length of the edge of the fall, in case some areas were not as cold as others.  Inadvertently letting thread fall on a small cothold would not improve relations or feelings any."
Colin looks over his shoulder at the canine, smiles, drops a bit of meatroll on the floor.
Theman agrees "I should think they would want to be diligent,"
Tail thumps happily as the canine settles for a moment to clean up after the messy men, tongue taking care of any stubborn crumbs.
Una Lunaqat: "Was there anything more about the hide scraps to indicate where they came from?  Any more clues?"
Sky watcher: All clear!
Moira: "It may be that the best clues are going to be the locations from where we have heard there have been missing supplies or other strange things seen.  While it is still unclear if the two sets of events are related to each other, it won't hurt to examine them both together."
Theman: "The beast master DID comment that there have been some animals gone missing from the fallow fields,"
Ardrhys: "And there were reports of unknown ship sightings I heard - is that something the shipfish could help with?"
Shanna: "Ships look much the same from underneath!"
Ardrhys: "I thought shipfish were smarter than that?"
The canine licks his muzzle, looking very satisfied at cleaning up. He trots around the far end of the table and flops down by the people scented with ink and hide. They were still talking but nothing to catch his attention.
Dutch places his hand on his chin, thinking.
Ardrhys: "Isn't our stowaway due to join Dolphin Hall soon? Could we ask her to see if they could possibly help?"
Dutch: "Stowaway?"
Colin: "My train's had a couple of thefts - none since we increased our guarding - and I've supposed those were by scattered, starving Renegades. But this sounds much more serious. I'll spread the word among the other Traders to watch for thieves."
Theman loses his train of thought.
Moira listens to Ardrhys and Shanna, as she absentmindedly scritches the canine behind his ears.
Una Lunaqat: "I suppose it is about time for her to find a craft."
Ardrhys: "Sorry, Qat came to Gianfar as a stowaway on a ship from the mainland."
Theman: "We could always use someone to shovel, in the Beastcraft."
The canine pants happily, glad to provide something for the idle fingers to do, tail thumping against the table leg.
Shanna: "Shipfish are like dragons that way, they talk to people they like, not to those they don't."
Theman: "Really? From the mainland? Do you get many such ships?"
Ardrhys: "Well ships come and go, but they rarely carry such an unexpected cargo."
Theman tries to regain his train of thought - something about mainland and not the island......
Shanna: "One of our ships, coming back."
Una Lunaqat: "As I understand it, her father is a fisherman and somewhat a trader along the routes.   She'd heard stories about an inhabited island."
Theman: "A Gianfarian ship, ah."
Shanna: "That''s how I got here."
Theman's eyes open, wider.
Una Lunaqat pulls a passing drudge aside and whispers to them to bring a bowl of water for the canine.
Moira: "It's not very common, yet I wonder if it is more common than we like to (or want to) believe..."
Colin: "And I'm pretty sure we can trust you, Shanna. But a newcomer from the mainland, still not settled into a Craft here... and a "Join the Mainland" group starting up not too long after she arrived... I'd keep an eye on her, just in case."
Shanna: "Is why there was such a fuss the second time, ships are supposed to be searched before they set off."
Una Lunaqat: "She wishes to join the Fisher craft?"
Theman says, in an oddly inflected voice "it seems that you may have more mainlanders here than you realize, if so many from one conversation be counted among them"
Ardrhys: "hmmm, it is a tempting connection to make but  surely this must predate her arrival?"
Ardrhys: "No, Dolphincraft I believe?"
The canine watches and listens, enjoying the smooth warm stone. He scrambles to a sit with eyes wide and nose quivering as another creatures bounds into the room.
Moira: "I don't know that this movement or whatever it is predates her or not, yet.  We're still gathering information."  Moira turns to look at the latest creature to enter the hall "The weather appears to be driving in some unusual livestock."
Una Lunaqat nods approval to the drudge setting down a large bowl of water near the canine.
Trickster looks at the dog with a scowl
Theman: "This dining hall is starting to remind me of the Beastmaster's  dining hall - you moved your plate if the cow got up......"
The canine watches the new thing with wary curiosity, moving without taking his eyes of it towards the water bowl.
Trickster eyes the dog with mischief.
Ardrhys: "But surely there is no problem with Qat joining Dolphincraft in the meantime while we investigate what is going on?"
Shanna: "Asked about that already. No objections."
Ardrhys: "Good, I am glad to hear that - she will be relieved."
Shanna: "But, up to the shipfish, like dragons they pick riders."
Colin: "I don't distrust her, just noticed the timing."
Una Lunaqat: "Maybe it will help in her adjustment if we ask her to keep an eye out?  Could reinforce her loyalty to us?"
Moira: "If the MasterFisher has no objections, than it should be OK.  I've spent enough time with Qat to get a feeling that she's probably on the up-and-up with us, and genuinely wants to fit in."
The canine watches the other creature warily, not used to hooved things in people eating rooms.
Trickster smirks at the dog as it is leaving the room.
********** continued in Part 2 **********

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13  Prattle in The Peaks / Weyr, Hold & Hall / Gathered for a feast at the Hold - Part 2 (RP 12/17/17)
********** continued from Part 1 **********
Theman: "So, will there be some sort of ceremony? Perhaps tossing her through the ice, to the waiting shipfi.. ugh, dolphins?"
Shanna snorts.
Shanna: "Apprentice is just apprentice, ceremony comes later."
Una Lunaqat shakes her head at Theman.
Theman: "In the Beastcraft, apprentices, especially new ones, get razzed - i can recall sending new apprentices out for the most absurd things, and, as an apprentice, being sent out, but that was ... many turns ago, too many."
Moira listens in fascination as Theman recounts some experiences that are clearly from his past...
Shanna: "They do? Different for fisher folk then, not as if they get promised land or money. Just hard work!"
Theman: "There was this one apprentice, spent two days looking for a bucket of runner pharts."
Colin: "We're usually too busy to spend time harassing new crew members, but I remember people looking for things like left-handed hammers."
Shanna pulls a face.
Theman laughs "... and skyhooks!"
Ardrhys: "and a 'long wait' hah!"
Theman: "Very useful, them skyhooks for lofting hay."
Theman smiles.
Shanna shakes her head at such frivolity.
Theman, noticing the fisher lady's face, adds "it's naught but a rite of passage."
Shanna: "Well, don't try it on my boat, or you'd end up being towed behind on a rope!"
Moira: "I'm sure different crafts in different times and areas probably have some different traditions.  I'm glad that Qat will have a chance to see if her apparent affinity with the shipfish holds up."
Theman to Shanna: "How fast do your ships sail? It almost can sound like fun."
Shanna: "Faster than you can run."
Una Lunaqat laughs and pours herself some klah.
Shanna: "Not my little boat though!"
Shanna: "Shipfish are the fastest in water."
Theman: "An old master of mine back ... home, used to say 'are they a fish, or a ship? tell them to make up their minds and come back'". He chuckles at the memory.
Una Lunaqat: "Now I am curious to see them.  I know nothing about them save what little I've heard.  I can't imagine working with them."
Shanna: "Except for giant watersnakes of course, they go as fast as runner beasts."
Theman: "How, large do the watersnakes grow, out here?"
Moira shudders.  "Are watersnakes related to tunnelsnakes?"
Ardrhys: "Hmm, Una we ought to pay a visit to Dolphincraft and get a lesson on shipfish. Journeyman courtesy to fellow Journeyman should do it!"
Una Lunaqat: "Perhaps.   We may find ourselves assigned there one day."
Shanna: "They look much the same, except fins."
Moira: "I have found some places along the beach where I can hear the shipfish chittering back and forth with each other.  Very relaxing to listen to."
Ardrhys: "Hah! Maybe we should ask Qat to show us around then - we could keep an eye on her that way if we spread our visits out?"
Concerned about that long trip past big island lake, Theman asks "Are these salt water snakes, or fresh water? or does it not make a difference. I confess, my training was limited on water creatures."
Shanna: "There are ones at sea, don't know about rivers."
Una Lunaqat: "It was her desire to explore that got her here.   She may think twice before setting off on her own."
Theman: "That is comforting, somewhat - I have a trip past big island lake, and would not want overly much trouble."
Theman notices the lady hold, nods courteously.
Moira turns at hearing footseps "Ah... Lady Varian"
Theman "Greetings, Lady."
Una Lunaqat nods to the Lady Holder.
Lady Varian nods to the table, picks up a roll, examines it. "I apologize for my tardiness. Snow is falling in the high passes." She takes a bite.
Theman realizes his trip home to the high paddock is going to more .. fraught ... than usual.
Moira thinks it unusual for the Lady to be genuinely concerned about the plight of others, so wonders what she was doing up at the high passes. Smiles "I recall your steward mentioning at other times that it can be a challenge keeping track of your whereabouts."
Colin looks up, stands up quickly... "Lady Holder, please have a seat."
Theman pushes the platter of still ... well, warm at least, roast beast towards the now vacant seat
Theman: "Eat Lady, you look famished."
Moira nods, "Yes, please sit and have some food while it's still warm."
Shanna: "Well if it's going to be snow, I'd better get going."
Theman pours a goblet of wine, checking the skin marker, domestic, not Benden....
Theman: "Take care, fisher lady and watch your steps on the ice."
Colin: "Safe travel. Shanna."
Una Lunaqat: "Safe journey Shanna."
Shanna: "Fair winds!"
Ardrhys: "Bye Shanna."
Moira: "Take care Shanna."
Theman moves over, making room for Colin.
Moira: "Has anyone hear of any more reports of thefts or missing supplies?"
Colin settles in beside Theman
Ardrhys: "There were many reports by those here with the tithe, Master."
Theman: "The Beast Master is constantly harping on - no offense, harpers - livestock going missing - more than might be expected than from simple predation."
Srdrhys: "And my Uncle reported the train he rode in on was hit by several attempts to steel the goods they were carrying."
Una Lunaqat: "I thought I heard that the smiths were also missing some items."
Una Lunaqat: "Very troubling."
Theman: "And weren't those minor holders and crafters also complaining of something similar, last seven-day Master Moira?"
Moira mentally ticks off the items reported. "Yes, those are the ones we heard about last seven-day.  We at the Hall were curious as to whether any additional reports had been made, particularly in other areas of the island.  The Hall is deploying some resources to the areas we heard the most reports from."
Theman: "Only a seven-day, wow, how a few short days make for a major change in weather and circumstances...."
Colin: "I'd not care to steal from Smiths or Miners... don't want to anger someone who swings a heavy hammer all day!"
Theman: "Aye, they can be nimble, given the chance."
Una Lunaqat: "I wonder if the weather will make a difference."
Theman: "If anything, snow should make for easier tracking, if there are tracking teams out."
Theman adds "... and if they don't work to cover their tracks."
Lady Varian snags another roll. "It'll make the thieves less likely to come out and harder to catch."
Una Lunaqat: "Travel though is harder, and harder to get messages through."
Theman: Definitely harder for messages - high paddock is at least four hours walk/climb from the nearest drum relay - makes for a sense of isolation."
Una Lunaqat considers giving more earnest thought to seeing what her Tusse can be trained to do.
Ardrhys: "Eating and sleeping, I think Una!"
Ardrhys: "Jarth on the other hand, excels at sleeping and eating!"
Moira murmurs "If this 'Join the MainLand' is some type of organized group - and turns out to be related to the thefts - having them cooped up inside someplace for the winter may not be the best idea."
Una Lunaqat laughs "He is well accomplished at that." She thinks fondly of her little bronze "but we should really see if they are trainable."
Ardrhys: "Yes, and I am sure they are."
Theman: "You should change up Jarth's training, Harper Ardrhys. Have him sleep and eat, for a change."
Ardrhys: "I will, I will."
Moira adds "Would give them a lot of time to plan things for when the snow melts."
Una Lunaqat: "Oh I see, yes.   We must keep on watch for any more indications of something going on, or of any thefts."
Sky watcher: Threadfall sighted! Shaula east! Take cover!
Colin: "Theman, my cousins in the high country use firelizards to carry messages that are short enough for them to hold. It's far from hatching season, but next spring you might be able to impress one."
Una Lunaqat: "oh that is interesting to know."
Theman: "I shall keep my eyes and ears open for word on a clutch. I surely would not want to slip that up. Thank you."
Theman starts to think of what can be done with a fire lizard, and how to train one.
Moira: "It would be handy, Theman, if you ended up impressing a fire lizard."
Ardrhys: "Yes, they have a potential we haven't tapped yet, I think."
Una Lunaqat: "I must talk to you again Ardrhys, about that shoulder pad.  If Tusse will be clinging to me as I work with him, I will appreciate something against his sharp claws."
Ardrhys: "Yes, do, it is working well! I need to dye it a little more to blend in with my clothes but it certainly prevents the worst of the damage!"
Colin: "Training one to carry messages, once it's accepted you as its human, requires introducing it to the people and places that you want it to go. Then you can tie a message to its leg and think hard about it going to Cousin Sean or whoever. How they know where Cousin Sean is, is a mystery, but I've heard that the same sort of thing works between Rider and dragon."
Theman nods, gratefully.
Una Lunaqat: "Perhaps some of the riders can help us understand what to do."
Theman  reaches for another morsel of that wonderful smoked cheese. "Ask riders to give a 'dragon in miniature' class? Would they have the time?"
Ardrhys looks guilty as he promised his Master he would give a Firelizard Care class before too long!
Una Lunaqat laughs. "Well, I don't think I'll approach the Weyrleader about it, but maybe some of the younger weyrlings or riders.   I remember them being all to happy to talk about their dragons."
Ardrhys: "Yes and they have helped us in how to care for our flits."
Theman: "When it's scheduled, please send me word, it takes time to return here."
Theman: "But, with that, I must dash."
Colin: "And when Thread's falling as black dust they'll have much less to do."
Ardrhys: "Knowledge which I am duty bound to pass on and haven't got around to yet!"
Ardrhys: "Take care, Theman."
Theman: "Lady Holder, Master Harper, Harpers and Trader, I bid you, a fair night."
Una Lunaqat: "Go safely Theman."
Moira: "Safe travels home, Theman."
Theman: "Much appreciated."
Colin: "Good night, Theman, and good luck."
Theman: "Trader, I'll meet your caravan in the Bowl tomorrow? I haven't forgotten our deal for travels back to the interior."
Una Lunaqat: "I suppose it is time we all got back to our tasks."
Theman: "Good night."
Ardrhys: "Yes, I am ready for my bed as well. Good night all."
Colin: "Sounds good, Theman. Early tomorrow!"
Una Lunaqat: "Good night."
Lady Varian: "Good night, all. Safe travels."
Moira: "Yes, it is time I headed back to the Hall as well.  Thank you for the hospitality of the Hold today, Lady Varian, even when you were unable to be present yourself."
Una Lunaqat: "Good night Lady.."
 Una Lunaqat: "Good to see you again Master Moira."
Colin: "I've been offered a bed in the weyrling barracks for tonight, and it's time for me to head for it. Good night, ladies."
Moirakathleen: "Take care Una, and Trader, safe travels for you tomorrow.  I am glad that Theman will be traveling along with you.  Safer for  you both, I think, if there are storms along your way."
Una Lunaqat: "Sleep well."
Una Lunaqat heads up to her quarters.
Colin: "Thank ye."

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14  Prattle in The Peaks / Weyr, Hold & Hall / Recent Events at Harper Hall (following 12/10/17 RP) -- Moira's OOV
While Moira had been at the Weyr earlier in the seven-day, others at Harper Hall, specifically some of those under the Drum Master, had managed to decipher some of the coding on the hide scraps that had been dropped/found on the flits a little while ago - "Join the MainLand".   There had been discussion among the senior Masters as to whether this was an organized movement, or a group of young ones having some fun with the elders.   The flits appearing more on the wild side led to some discussion that the sender(s) of the messages were not overly familiar with working with flits.  However, the senior Masters grew more concerned as the reporting of odd situations continued - Theman's discovery of the maps and recent activity of the supposedly vacant cothold, the reports of thefts and missing supplies as well as the strange boat reported by some of the travelers who came in to the Weyr last seven-day with the Tithe train.

When Moira returned to Harper Hall, after the Tithe Train gathering at the Weyr, she shared the notes she had made of the various complaints with LearnMaster Tristan.  Since then, she noticed a lot of activity around the Hall, and some strange faces she hadn't seen around before.  It is rumored that several Harpers - Masters, but not appointed to regular posts or classes - are on their way out to the Far Cry and Sea's Cry cotholds.  Without any apparent ties to any craft, and as itinerant holders stopping on their traveling by, they hope to be able to quietly observe and possibly infiltrate any clandestine organizing that they may come across.  

Moira's Journeymen and Apprentices have been tasked with looking through report records, looking for any references to unexpected strangers being seen (especially one recently from the mainland, or for any references to more than usual hostility against the Lord Holder or just more than usual 'disgruntledness'.  

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15  Prattle in The Peaks / Weyr, Hold & Hall / At the Weyr Bowl - Rumors, strange sightings - Part 1 (RP 12/10/17)
This story starts out in the Weyr Bowl, shortly after the arrival of the last Tithe train for the season.  Besides the dragons and weyrfolk that are commonly out and about in the Bowl, there are still many half-unloaded wagons and associated beasts, and a large number of holders from all over the island, helping with unloading, or standing or sitting around in little groups visiting.

Theman: "Well met!, Master Moira! I've tried to engage these two in conversation, yet it appears as if their tongue is not their own."
Moira slowly makes her way to the camp fire, between some remaining carts and groups of people.
Theman: "Greetings, Del" Nods at the weyrman.
Moira: "Greetings!"
Del walks up to the group, looking around for anything out of place, finally settles.
Moira looks around "A busy place here today, but I've found there's always good company by a fire pit."
Theman: "Concerned about the chaos? Bah, you should have seen it at the height of the day - pure madness."
Theman watches the canine approach, no doubt looking for a snack.
Theman: "Sit! Master! Take a load off, as we say."
Moira surveys the remaining chaos and shakes her head "Glad I wasn't any earlier, then."
Theman brandishes a wine goblet.
Del: "Yes, the arrival of a tithe train is always a mess."
Ardrhys: "Hello Master"
A canine notices the two-legs and trots up curiously. Perhaps there'll be treats.
Ardrhys: "Busy isn't it?"
Alec looks around, frightened to be in the Weyr, but eager to meet the Lady Holder, who sadly does not appear to be here....
Moira nods in agreement "Greetings, Ardrhys."
"Hello 'Wavy' " Theman adds, mischievously.
Theman tosses a scrap to the dog.
Del: In a day or three we'll have everything put away... likely including some things that weren't supposed to be put away.
Ardrhys nods at the figure on the log.
The canine flops down and gnaws on a chunk of meat he, er, found.
Ardrhys smiles at the strangers
Koenig wakes, looks at the assembled figures, decides that none are the Lady Holder, nor the Weyrleader and returns to his sleep.
Moira nods towards Del and smiles, "And hopefully everything that is supposed to be put away will stay this time." Moira turns and smiles at the strangers.  "You've found a good place to sit a spell.  Don't let the dragons frighten you."
Theman: "Del, do the drudges have enough space for all this?" indicating the mass of stores.
Alec: "Dragons!? Oh Myyyy!"
Peri wanders up, glancing at the canine and others lounging.
Del: "Oh yes, the storage caverns go on for a long way. Which means getting the drudges to carry things far back, and later to carry them out again."
Theman smiles "Much better them than me," holding a sore back.
Moira looks around for Qat.  "Ah... there you are.  You should be able to meet some new people from other areas here today."
Taliesin: "Nephew, how are you keeping?"
Ardrhys: "Uncle, I wasn't expecting you, I am well, thanks."
The canine gulps the last of his meat and sniffs the new person near him.
Taliesin: "Hmm came in with the train - just thought I'd say Hello."
Koenig wakes as the canine applies himself to drinking his wine.
Qatalina Hunter turns to look at the stranger.
Koenig thinks "eh" and returns to sleep, warmed b y the fire and his own, earlier labors
Alec notices the young girl ... Qatlina? she looks so much like her youngest...
Moira looks with interest and the assorted group.  "Where are you all from?  I know this is the last of the tithe trains this year...  and that it has come from quite a distance."
Taliesin: "I'll get this runner settled then I'd like a word, Ardrhys. Oh and I have some messages form home for you."
Qatalina Hunter stands shyly by Master Moira, still surprised to be asked to accompany her and unsure of her status.
Alec: "Me? Oh, Far Cry cothold, ma'am - it's up in the north."
Alec: "We hold there - mostly rocks, but an occasional good crop - which we proudly tithe." she finishes.
Peri chuckles.
Moira nods "Ah... I've heard mention of that name from some of the other Harpers.  Yes, quite a distance. "
Peri: "Never have a problem with rocks where I'm from."
Alec: "More so the trip - almost two weeks by ship, barge and" rubs backside, "runner".
Moira smiles at the one who mentioned not having problems with rocks "Not a holder then I presume? or at least not farming?"
Alec: "Nay, we farm. it's the rocks which are the big crop, though we eke out some grains betwixt the bounders."
Alec: "Me man is holder there, he's even now, repairing for the winter."
Peri: "No ma'am.." Looks at the womans craft cords. "Master Harper.  I'm from the Smithcraft hall."
Alec: "SMITHCraft ye say? Can I interest you in some rocks? Cheap?"
Ardrhys: "Hello Shanna. I didn't see you arrive."
Peri: "Now I'd take you up on that if they had some useful metals in them to work." She grins.
Theman stirs, and seeing Shanna, nods in greeting, too addled by previous work, and current wine to do more.
Shanna: "Heloo!"
Alec: "I trust the smiths to find something useful in our rocks. Mind ye, any grain ye find is ours...."
Ardrhys: "Well how was the trip, Uncle?"
Koenig begins to softly snore.
Taliesin: "Tiring and tedious - as ever. How is the harpering business?"
Taliesin: "I see you made Journeyman! They'll never believe that at home!"
Ardrhys smiles ruefully. "Probably not, Uncle, but against the odds!"
Alec looks at the young lady to her left. "Such a pretty blouse. who is your seamstress, dear?"
Moira murmurs to Qat.  "Don't be too nervous.  A lot of strangers here today, so it's a good opportunity to mingle and meet some people from other areas."
Qatalina Hunter swallows and whispers back "Yes ma'am.  I guess so...."
Sky watcher: Threadfall sighted! Shaula east! Take cover!
Theman looks up at the sky and groans.
Del steps forward..."Time to move to shelter. There's cave space for all."
The canine edges closer to Food Lady, hoping for scritches.
Theman: "To the kitchen caverns? or just under shelter?"
Alec decides to wake grumpy.
Del: "Under shelter for sure, kitchen cavern is a good place."
Koenig wakes.
Moira nods and heads for the kitchen caverns.
Theman: "To the kitchen, then!"
Peri motions to the canine to follow.
**** continued in Part 2 ********

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